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The Purpose of Power

Sebastien Braxton
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"It has been said that 'power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' If this old adage is true, then why did Jesus promise the disciples power? What was the purpose of power in the movement of Christianity? This sermon explores further the topic of the Holy Spirit and the purpose of the power He bestows upon the church.  There is a purpose for the power that the Spirit gives. Without our commitment to that purpose, no power will be given."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • May 10, 2014
    11:00 AM
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good morning I hope it's okay that I breach from here on I don't like to be far wave lifted up if you've ever been to Europe and you seen a lot of the old Christian churches or Catholic churches what you will discover is that on when you walk into the place you can see there is an exalted lectern in the middle of the building can type turns completely three hundred and sixty degrees and so technically landing by the priest back in those days was going up to speaking would walk up his long stairwell to the top of the speed to speak you can turn in any direction is all circular and on he become exalted above the people and this was designed to be this way so this is Hollywood viewing and speaking down to the on button from myself and from what I understand from the word of God Jesus did not step into a high place to look down upon people can you say that he didn't do that he oftentimes I know one time he got on Peter 's boat and told him that Bush also did speak to the people but the situation according to the Bible and why was that it was so many people on the shore the pollution into the water and he wasn't the walk on water to speak at that particular point in time he decided to get on the boat so as a result I decided to speak down here and I hope that's okay as your guest I bring you greetings on behalf of our three ministries are three studies for redeeming rational and radical 3Rs are three and R three is a think tank it is a movement it is a collective mindset is not just the name of the organization it is how we think about everything that we do so we do something like a sermon he preached it needs to be redeeming that means Christ centered if we all sole reason we also believe that if you breach this should be something that appeals to the mind not just the emotions that irrational but not rationalism is rationalism is an ideal it exalts human reason above revelation and we don't believe in that and lastly is radical the word radical means to go to the rooms which means if you want to change it sure is fundamentally you must make sure that the change goes all the way down to the you can grasp on the new route on a plant but you haven't fundamentally changed the fruit that it will bear forever in the future and as a result radical means yes one of the Christ centered community focused on Jesus because if you lose sight of Christ you lose sight of everything but we also want to be rational because some people take the words of the apostle Paul when he says I have determined to know nothing among you sick Jesus Christ and him crucified they say that now what Paul is saying is not that he is abandoning the reasoning what he is saying is this is the power by which I reason with people all the way back in Isaiah God said come now let us what reason together so as a result God is not a God who is anti- reason anti- rational he created the brain he created the mind and you created it to be developed and things only grow when they are testing an exercise and use so as a result we don't have intellectual questions is because they're not using their brain and as I grew up in inner-city Chicago reading on billboards a mind is a terrible thing to waste a statement solely needs to be rational appeal to me understanding what lastly you need to be radical were not just here for show right were not just here to put off to check with him in this decided in ten years or twenty years or thirty years I can't say I can with the flu I came with Ebola virus I don't necessarily just so we can tell people I have found for forty years in a row that I wish a lot when we come into this place I cannot find a time in the Bible where people came in contact with Jesus and change and Jesus was with Peter three and half years so the way to go with Jesus to walk with Jesus there is an old song right that you know some old people in my church while the steps I used to always say when I would come and greet them on Sabbath morning say good morning sister whatever and she sounded like how you doing sister she says when I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus said okay and she said that I got in my car and I was walking and talking with my mind stayed on Jesus and the same sense when we talk about being radicals were talking about the fact that coming into this building these four walls is not just about special musics nice views make sure the air-conditioning is working with the sound system is functioning properly all those things are in need the bond which may come in contact with the Lord himself but the problem is like the woman who had an issue of blood is that many people were touching Jesus and macro but only one woman was healed and that's because she came with the touch of faith she saw something different in the humble man of God someone shoot destiny Jesus stopped and said we touch but I wasn't looking confused Jesus bin Laden into all the time people are constantly touching you know know know this touch with different as I wanted challenging a Sabbath morning don't come into this place for casual touch to pray this morning that morning I want to come into the sanctuary this building to see exactly what we say these the house law and God is always in his house the problem is he doesn't always find the NFL people come in and out every sound didn't know different casual touch saying the same hands as such but one song can change coordination because it was so interesting when I was in the Marine Corps in two thousand one happened September eleventh and I got these messages on my phone and phone calls to my house and all these things you know Mister in and it's time for you to report blah blah blah blah blah there is a system of emergency yada yada yada president is going to make a public declaration so my okay great both of the television watch the news and when it was time for the nation to accept and to grieve forward they several invite this wanted to see in the song that they are servicing was amazing Grace for the nation nobody was complaining essay on atheists why we having the songs they sure weren't they sure weren't in for so many people they said that Psalm was healing for them so as a result I challenge you to pray filmmakers casual touch don't come here for more of the same rich worship service we several gone of excellence in God is willing to give us abundantly above all we could ever ask or think if we can't with a touch of faith our twelve year problem was solved one such argument on the fingers it was it wasn't twelfth it was intended just to touch at all of our faith concentrated in one finger on the handling is documented touches my butt in her life she's as if I just suspect that is barmy if I can just make it into the mothers will begin disarming over the speaker the types of Basil pray pray pray with me I don't like to come to church to meet a God whose average who just does all more of the same no I want to be changed a lot of the different man when I'm done preaching I want to go home and think about what was spoken what was shared the mode of listening and to feel the fact that God was here he was telling me Sebastian it's time to go to the next level doesn't matter what you breached doesn't matter what you study doesn't matter what you been authors don't remember the things of before because I'm going to do a new thing and you know what he was talking about Egypt don't remember when I brought you out with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm don't remember that one of them to do a new and so this particular Saturday on received the power of God is encouraging us it doesn't matter how the church looks today it doesn't matter what we have accomplished in the past it doesn't matter whether Lord has brought us peace and forget about the blessings of the tax and look forward believing that God says I'm going to do a new you know what Ayman goes we don't believe the things that we claim to believe God will do a new thing and he doesn't need everybody he wants everybody but he doesn't need of it only needs a few and I pray that we would be among those what you say let's pray together as we get started with our message money everlasting father you know there is no one worthy to stand at this podium to open the word of God only the land is working to open the scrolls that gone skating ages and ages father it is impossible to exalt one verse of Scripture how can we understand God and his thoughts which are very deep but we pray father that like that humble woman told Jesus Lord just give us the crumbs from the master 's people and may our souls be nourished through the breaking of the bread of life we pray father that you would speak to us and we would speak through us that he would teach us the significance of this theme receive the power and would inspire us inspired us to do something we've never done before revive us again and father may this be the beginning of the end this is our prayer and we trust that you will help us to be our experience we ask in Jesus name but all of God 's people say and then today's message I have entitled the purpose of power the purpose of power if you have your Bibles are listening to the book of acts chapter one acts chapter one beginning in verse four when you navigate statement acts chapter one last night for those of you were able to make it for medical reasons we discussed the topic the promise of power going to be clear exactly what Jesus was promising when you said you shall receive power but today we build upon that because the promise of power must have a purpose you don't just promise to the people for no reason soldiers at least as unpromising new power Peter he is also assuming there is a carcass by which he will give such by want to build up to this for some of us we probably don't study this passage very deep summer starting first for a backstop to one and the Bible says and being assembled together with them this is talking about Jesus GE capital H commanded them not to depart from where Jerusalem did he ask them know the Bible says he commanded yesterday so he commanded this is not a suggestion right that means the issue here is not reasoning its obedience or disobedience when Jesus commands and is not a suggestion it is not up for discussion it is not awkward theological committees things a man he says he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem by contrast in conjunction to wait for the promise of the father when she said you have heard from me for John truly at times with water but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now therefore when they had come together they asked him saying Lord will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel and he said to them it is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth the Bible says in verse for that Jesus was assembled somewhere with his disciples they were together and the Bible says first of all that they were commanded to wait perhaps this is a little bit divergent from our previous understanding we conclude the gospel of Matthew by saying out of the great commission going he therefore entries all patients baptizing them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to observe all things whatsoever things I have commanded you and no I'm with you always to the end of the world but there's nothing in Matthew 's Gospel that says wait then you go to John and John says you know as the father has sent me so send I you nothing in there that says wait Mark says going in there and preach the gospel to every creature under heaven but there's nothing in there that says wait but according to the gospel Doctor Lu when Jesus was about to leave this art I commanded go he gave the command to wait he says Christian nation must be initiated by God it is not to come from walking in the sparks of our own kindred it is not a compliment motion of his or a series of CNN articles on because there were tornadoes that hit our neighborhood that is not the precipitation formation he says Peter if you want to preach the gospel if you want to bring the gospel to this neighborhood to the city to this community to this country to this world stockpiling anything don't wait you will be disobeying it is a command to week so when we talk about the pain received also dealing with the issue of training because he says listen apart from Jerusalem I'm commanding you to wait in Jerusalem but the question is what are they waiting for the Bible says if you look with me at first floor but to wait for the promise of the father you know there is something amiss often in Christianity when people are waiting for things that God never promised that a lot of people waiting for spouses but God never promised you a husband or wife that a lot of people waiting for that lottery break because they looking for a lot of money but God never promised you a lot of money some people are waiting for their but other bodies that allowed them to become physically mature so now everyone thinks she's pretty or nominally think he's handsome and athletic God never promised you some of us are waiting for new church elders or a new pastor or a new building but God never promised you and what does that not never promised means is waiting for a long time because Jesus and the promise it will come not many days from now in other words when you wait for things that God has promised you don't have to wait too long when you sent down and he says wait on the Lord I say is softly sending you don't have to wait too long when it comes down and says you know the Lord says I wanted to wait and those who wait upon the Lord they shall renew their strength not many days from now once we on the board so as a result this command to wait Jesus saw as the foundation of every mission but in the policy because one Christian writer puts it like this it was from the secret police appraiser that the power came to shape the world to the Reformation usually waiting is the reason why the man was five again beautiful was standing up and walking in the and praising God because the wheat the reason why three thousand souls were baptized on the day of Pentecost was because they waited on the Lord the reason why God was adding to the church daily was because they waited on the lower the reason why the church was growing so exponentially that Cornelius got the Holy Spirit before he was even baptized because they waited on the Lord the reason why Paul can shake all started when a billion was because they waited on the board the reason why an Laodicea and Colossae and Thessalonica and Berea and Ephesus all were planted churches in major Roman cities was because they waited on the Lord dog commands to wait she's since the secret police prayer on commanding you Jesus says to wait in Jerusalem it is important for us to know that the disciples were not from Jerusalem the disciples are prodigality Jerusalem is interview the Bible says the locus of Bethsaida itself as in Mark chapter one that Peter 's house is in Capernaum which is a young so we often use this Texas A&M the mission has to start at home but that's not leasing wasn't from Jerusalem it tells them not depart from Jerusalem in other words Peter don't even go home without a command yesterday yes it was about don't even go what stay in Jerusalem until you receive the promise of the father what when they should be given of the unholy delay in receipt what kind of an issue than unanimity in Galilee you haven't received power so as a result of this why would Jesus tell them to wait in Jerusalem because this is a hard place to wait for the promise of the father because on the soil of Jerusalem is the blood of Jesus that was built by the Jews in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is the blood in the bowels of Julius because he hung himself because he betrayed the board in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is the great coalition of priests that have no interest in proclaiming Christ as the Messiah in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is where Peter denied his lower in Jerusalem I want you to wait Peter were you fail I wanted to wait where it's not comfortable I want you to wait when you come to think in an upper room you think it's a mistake that it was an upper room wasn't a mistake that was intention I think I killed your master needing to come in for you UK propagating the same things better wing and so he says don't depart from Jerusalem allegedly in a place that is not comfortable allegedly in a place that seems completely contrary almost the antithesis of what you're trying to propagate that's where I want to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the father he says which you heard from me and what exactly is the promise in verse five the Bible says for John truly baptized with water but you'll shall be baptized with water the Holy Spirit what does he mean you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit is very interesting goal to John chapter fourteen voted John chapter fourteen and Jesus is here in the shadow of the cross he is about to die and in this dialogue before the cross Jesus begins to have a conversation with his disciples John chapter fourteen beginning in verse fifteen the Bible says if you love me keep my what commandments and an I will write now let's pause right he says and I will pray the father and he will give you only view but once he just said if you love me keep my commandments in other words when Christ says I'm praying that the father sends you see what he says I will pray the father he will give you another helper that he may abide with you for ever a person seeing the spirit to the only people that he gives the Holy Spirit to those who keep his commandments also allow in and keep his commandments if you love me you will keep my commandments and I will pray and is a coordinating conjunction continuing thought this is connected is not just a random if you love me keep my commandments you can just throw that out there like it was just the word of wisdom is reasoning within now Peter if you love me keep my commandments and eventually command to wait but before this he says I will pray the father he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever verse seventeen the Spirit of truth whom the world can not what will if the world can't receive the Holy Spirit they cannot receive what power is not knowledge of Bible doesn't so if you are worldly let me say it again if we are worldly we will not receive power goes the world cannot receive and you will receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon but we didn't know our it we are all the world so as a result every point of worldliness is countering the power of the church so people think they can go home and watch whatever they want on television it doesn't affect anybody guess it does it affect the power of the church people think they can go out with whoever they want and choose thinking it doesn't affect the church yes it does people think they can spend their money on what they want they can go to wherever they want you can do whatever they want and the guitar that my business religion is a private matter no was not because my Bible says the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit when you come in the church and if you come in charge and you will you cannot receive the Holy Spirit it doesn't matter how much we breached it doesn't matter how much we pray Jesus says the world cannot receive so if I am thinking what is the best way to neutralize the power of the church worldliness chart will be worldly as we used to say back in my day in the angel by day and by night the wings change when the sun goes down so as a result the question right now initially before we finish this verse are we worldly do we have worldly practices in because they were serious about having power and were serious about finishing this work and more serious about going forward in the gospel brothers and sisters we must make sure we are not of the world because of we are all the world the world cannot receive the Spirit of truth and you wonder why people find it through the church world you wonder why people are unkind world can't receive the Holy Spirit opting out of fruit of the spirit ring up the spirit it is that I'm talking about talking to manifest love joy peace you know why people don't listen to know joy no spirit why can't you receive the Spirit worldliness worldliness is killing the sound services of seven administered and people voted to search for their music is more likely the problem is not the music the problem and they handle can you say that is not the problem the problem is the home run leaders in the home so the result we wanted Linda charged with one of when things are going and that judges were no pastor baptizing people martyrs pastors and teachers you think you'll be very savvy someone else got reached and coming to come to the charges in America is a worse nightmare for the elderly people at all Lord this man he bought just read ministry of healing for his son what is the pastor coming back your laughing vision on telling the truth of who was Holbrooke the consensus have mercy Lord we might have to go over to know the church is sent what we do it is what we know and as a result of that we think the problem is the speaker the preacher the past or the whatever that is not the problem brothers and sisters what we need to come face-to-face with it we need people in the church who had received the spirit and in order for them to receive it they must not be wildly we can come herein complained that the church has no power when the ones in the legitimizing the power by one while watching by how well behaved me all yeah my job that's my business no cursing people auditor job is neutralizing the power of the church going off on people when well-managed neutralizing the power of the church goes that will cannot receive the Holy Spirit and as a result of my life I was wrong about persons kids with only his wife was wrong with her husband worldliness the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit is clear from the Bible you so if we are worldly we know what we are we got nobody to blame but the person in the near and ask myself the question and you ask yourself the question this morning and I will do I have worldly things in my life listen brothers and sisters when Jesus says these things the promises are beautiful the results are amazing but the conditions are clear and when it comes down to it let's be real when we talk about receive the power get the Holy Spirit many of us unlike the original will be go away sorrowful as we got great possessions they get rid of my cable can't stop watching grays anatomy does not show what a happy family worship the time for flappy bird on our phones some people know what I'm talking about I do use ministry on that I'm trying to get to the next level I never say nobody say I'll try to get to the next level spiritual for hours and hours and hours into the middle of the night praying studying the Bible into the next level of Bible knowledge as a result no power no power so God is calling us this morning to make sure we had decided which side of the line we are all and guess what Bradley is a don't care to black and white if you blew it it doesn't matter not a race issue eleven will do the black church is very energetic and got nothing to look on every time able to the Korean church every time ago it's not nothing to do what race worldly is worldly his world and the world cannot receive spirit but let's can finish the text he says because it neither sees him nor knows him I'm in verse seventeen box you know him for he dwells what would you I want you to know the prepositional change in this sentence the Bible says but you'll know him for he dwells with you and will be what can you did you notice the prepositional change all we know what a preposition is in other words Jesus is saying this after Pentecost there are two kinds of Christians in the church people of the Holy Spirit is with and people of the Holy Spirit is in this morning there's only two kinds of Christians people of the Holy Spirit is with the people of the Holy Spirit is whatever we pray for someone we always say will be with this person working with my wife being with my husband be with my son but because of our dearth of studies on the spirit of God we need to change our prayers and wake up in the morning is a Lord be in mice by understanding what is he talking about Peter so get this Peter walking on water the Holy Spirit was with him knocking him Peter casting out devils the Holy Spirit was within Nottingham Peter healing the sick the Holy Spirit was with him not in him when the time come for the Holy Spirit would be in him we know is talking about this for enforcement across this morning to ask Doctor Juan not many days from now the father 's promise is not for the Spirit to be with us the father 's promises for the Holy Spirit to begin talks so as a result of this you say what is the difference between Peter and timeless judgment whole city with more high priest and people warming themselves in the fire and he denied the Lord and afterwards same high priest same individuals and Peter says we ought to obey God rather than that whether it's good to obey God or not to judge but I cross right almost like Joshua answered me in my house keep region to go what happened to Peter the Holy Spirit change places he went from outside Peter inside the Athenaeum theater was perfect as we know in Galatians Paul rebuked them for playing offense with the Gentiles so Holy Spirit in us does not mean immediate perfection but what it does mean is what Peter had experience with Christ for three and a half years when he saw on that cross it came home to his heart when the Holy Spirit came in Jesus says this matter additionally do you want to go to John's under sixty John chapter sixty one hundred meter much longer to send one John chapter sixteen for thirteen are you there and when the Bible says this however when he the Spirit of truth we know that's the same one we read in John fourteen sixty and seventy when the spiritual test he will guide you into what also so we understand worldliness affects people 's understanding of the truth the people find the doctrines and the standards can be guided into all truth but let's keep reading he says for he will not speak on his own authority but whatever he hears he will speak and he will tell newbies to come verse fourteen he will glorify me for he will take him what his wife mine and declare it to you so in other words Christ is when the Holy Spirit comes into Jacob lifting himself so when the Holy Spirit draws in being with us to being in office he glorifies Jesus in us elitist like this I am lamenting what was Jesus 's number to reveal it on to you so as a result here is Peter he saw the crawl he saw Jesus dying and it wasn't Peter in with the implement processes remember me more was agreed Peter said I never knew so I will result what his son across many when is the resurrection what he saw and three and a half years of ministry Jesus 's teachings are you Jesus 's parables Jesus 's lessons Jesus 's instruction the Holy Spirit came home to his heart and when the Holy Spirit came upon this man when he preached on Pentecost he was preaching with a different power as he understood it in his heart now Peter and like as not just outside his mother 's and my notebook is not just in my I called my eye pages document is in mean any notes on clinical not abridging tomorrow three thousand are coming no the mother left the house and went outside and started preaching and some of us are like yet maddening it takes me hours and hours to prepare sermons I'm not knocking preparation for sermons what I'm talking used if you understand don't understand the gospel auto needs a little oratorical discourse way to structure it Peter Jensen of tell you what your looking at right now you see what these men are doing what you see happening this is according to the provincial so as a result the Holy Spirit be in peak this was the difference between a man who was a coward and amendment courage this is the difference between a man who was not even stand up to a little girl to say that he will kill a man who when he was imprisoned about to be executed into sleep knockdown constraints with sixteen soldiers around beautifully the Bible says the angel smoking the understand of us know somebody to wake them up the brother was deviously now learning the Bible says that angels know him wake up Peter get out get out it was not doubt that he wasn't aware you are going to shaking the Lord when we got into Jesus when getting in the oddities since the Roman soldiers for days to get out of the place the brother was not counseling and we wonder why we are worrying about some bills some final exams and got the spirit because when it was in him Peter was silly when a captain in the first time it wasn't worthy southerner with John Edward is not inhabited versus ninjas and eight no freeze-dried as Solomon 's portico and you know we were just arrested to write you can ask you that all right sounds good back to drinking and also when that although the letdown that undoubtedly to signal you know what they make trouble for us when the northern judgment on it I'll read it why be afraid why we afraid what we expect will happen you think the Devil dog patch on the back and wish you well all year I do outreach no problem the devil is not our friend when you are friends with Jesus UN enemy the devil so as a result it would obey him there is no way the double religion taken interest Motorola flip that alone a drive around the corner in the making of Cardinal bring down before you get up listen cars never broke down more than when I was called to order people gaining air corridor segments of bashing the top one hundred thousand miles not one issue everything is updated entente oil change everything so that I get in a car two days later what caused these people that like a bunch of synagogue was fine I'm surprised even when we got here in Oklahoma one of the missionaries came in we were finishing our weekly prayer and more he got in the van dignities and Cardinals and the Legion the drum is not for two weeks no problems to get in the car starts driving back to the missionary residents and literally the gas pedal is comfortable hundred and forty miles per hour is that in order to stop the car he had a point the parking brake and put it in park to stop the car so the mechanic look at it and he says you know what the problem was there was a diffuse where the fuel is coming on the gas pedal that controls this he says it was completely eroded because the problem is in vehicles that never happens your garden will be hundred thousand miles inevitably that part there's nothing touching there's nothing I will burn it there's nothing I will cutting but he said the pages look like so my chipmunk with five years of burning eight is enough and you know now why the devil in nothing but a gentleman flyer is all that is this all right so I'm a result of these you and I talked about the fact of the Holy Spirit being in someone and being with them Jesus told Peter James John Philip Bartholomew Nathaniel he said listen you will receive and this power will come when the Holy Spirit is not just come upon you when the Holy Spirit in when he's in-house which one are we this morning is the Holy Spirit with us with the Holy Spirit in us it metaphors himself in a restaurant on one downing here that he only spent one the Bible says it comes down with enough you can get more gentlemen don't comes down upon those who are praying for him to give back to finish off our message this morning the Bible says go back to accept a one suburban finish today ten more minutes will be done prompts are limited too much of your time accept a one Jesus told the disciples in verse eight that we read earlier don't worry about when God will restore the kingdom to Israel that's not for you to know and this is another lesson we need to get over week we always want to ask God to know things that God says is not for you to know and the things that God has revealed unto us know when I concerned about the younger one a lot of people ask questions about them is not in the Bible Jesus precious to what is not even relevant so when when Mary had usability issue change God 's diaper is that what you're trying to tell me Jesus soiled his diaper was either perfectly alike this is the most ridiculous is not for you and I'll but on top of that right let's get more closer home the heart Lord is this the person for me I want to know if this are is this error or Zimmer was it had more than his and were coming Jesus what will you at this time and was like missing is not for you to know is not regional but here's something for you to know you shall receive power when uninteresting were not interested so I result the text says you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be what witnesses but notice he doesn't hesitate to be a witness there is an identity change were talking about the purpose of power there is a fundamental identity change to a person upon whom the Holy Spirit comes in power is given you are not just yourself whatever your name is you are a witness or we said last night the power to be witnesses were not taught about witnessing when talking while Whitney sees the person the individual your identity who you are it doesn't matter if your doctor it doesn't matter who adventures a dozen out of your student has a lot of human fighter you are witnessed in these was supposed but notice he gives us the location Jesus wants to let us know where we shall be witnesses he says in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the one of the world this is what I have to offer such God this is what is about to see God has always been global in his mission when he called no one it was going to destroy how much of the earth all the NPR saves less people than he could hold when he came to Abraham and he called it out of the early counties he said Abraham on the lush RC and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed his mission was global when he jumped on the Mount Sinai in Exodus nineteen he said you're not likely to be a kingdom of priests unto me when you come to Isaiah he says arise and shine for your life is and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you and he says kings shall come to you when you go to Zachariah he said as Neville and in the mountain of the Lord eight men shall take hold of the start of indicted you say that I finally view because the nobodies with value comes in the New Testament he says the Peter Jennings and Johnny says you are delight all the world you are the salt of the our that he says at the end of the gospel of Matthew and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a wings then the end shall come Jesus 's focus has always been global knowledge share something with you as I bring this to a close about the purpose of power did you know that the number one issue plaguing our generation is the issue of meaning of purpose there was a book that I read some years ago it was by a woman named Lynn Lancaster and a gentleman and David Stillman it was about the millennial 's and a sadness generation is very interesting the book was entitled the end factor and this is what they said they said in different generations every generation has a different purpose listen to what I'm about to tell you this is what they said they said people were born before nineteen forty six these people they had a purpose they are called the traditionalist and the traditionalists they said their goal and the purpose of the generation was to have a better future for those that they love so they said I will work hard in a factory identity a minor on the go to World War II World War I whatever it is to work and save money so you can go to school so no single and live a better life and your mom and your dad that the next generation they called on the baby boomers we know nineteen sixty five to nineteen eighty one somewhere around there are nineteen forty six to nineteen sixty four this is the most educated generation of them all and harvest the way that they found meaning in line was to get into meaningful roles in society and in those meaningful roles create change in society because the superintendent of schools to change the school become a congressman become a lawyer establish a big firm establish the best research agencies establish the best air-conditioning installation company get into positions of power this is the baby boomers those are my parents but then you have generation X nineteen sixty five to nineteen eighty one and he said this generation because their parents were working so hard to help them to get somewhere this generation said I need to find meaning in life beyond my job as a result the generation said ominous signs of my hobbies to extreme sports the family vacations the major travel this is what airlines started pulling up and Generation X is not only travel on the blog where I want to know what it's like to sit in first class this is their mindset and he said this is how they find purpose and man from nineteen eighty two to two thousand they said that we come upon the millennium 's animal ideals is the only generation of them all that has no purpose this is the one thing is that millennial 's nurse problem is my meaning this is their desire to want meaningful work don't tell me to come to church as a millennial and say hey can you do cradle roll does not meaningful don't tell me to continue to Scripture reading fine persons thank you and send out and you wonder why a person was twenty one is not invested in the church but you know what a twenty one -year-old dies they go to class in their calculus teacher said he to solve all these problems by tomorrow thank you have a good night but by Doctor set-asides this is my only class that is a matter to me as far as I'm concerned decision in regards to my professor told Billy Gaultier she's not all need to read Beowulf and write a paper by Monday I worked on top of that also begin reading Julius Caesar then you love your next class and I like well as a history class better in the new communication class you need on your speech ready proper research this is the dark MLA style who is challenging and then when I was doing ministry in Boston and Harvard and MIT in all these top schools the ability to other students at the graduation you come to church the church says hey God bless you were so happy graduate you finished meeting be encouraged God has made it through a slightly just survived right only that's only describing this one you don't want Baptist preacher was speaking at a commencement and he says some of you graduated magna cum laude some of you graduated summa some of you graduated praise the Lord that's the way we do it but when you go to Harvard using an MIT they gathered them all there in Harvard Square this is a major person some Supreme Court justice or something that has he's talking there and I was definitely graduations they come out and the speaker every single one every single year I see missing you are the generation and you are the students from Harvard University to find a cure for AIDS you are going on to law school you will figure out how to create loss to my might to a minimum life crime you who are social workers will realize how to fundamentally change the way it all rests upon your shoulders he will graduate from this institution not to be average but to change the world so that when you leave your footprints in the sand will remain because you do not shred a sandwich rent in concrete and necessity link will always be there for everyone to see because you are those people that will change the world so as a result when Barack Obama graduate from such an institution it was out of his mind to become the person as he was told that when he left you will be the first but when we bring young people into the church of your witty young people to have a potluck to set up the tables you will be the people W Railroad am I telling the truth was the last time you told our young people you are the next generation of preachers he will be the ones to finish the work he will be the ones that help us to see Jesus come he will be the one that Peter will ask on the sea of glass what was it like in the middle will last out was her sister what was it like this e.g. is this guy will be that generation so when Christ loved at Peter and he says he'll shall receive power what was the purpose of power is to take it to the uttermost parts of the earth and in every generation in every major movements this purpose of power has always precipitated the greatest changes when you look at communism whenever they would speak that which Allah young people listed there is a global war going on in this world is over the hearts and the minds of men and it will be decided in this generation and when Carla Morris will be finished speaking he would say you have a world to win and he would send them a link company leave the church like we say probably how this whole and is someone gets up and says you have a world reminding the purpose of why we do what when you go to civil rights there is nothing more momentous than I have a dream speech that speech in an of itself that was watched by President John F. Kennedy himself from the Oval Office and as he began to say these words I have a dream and the funny thing is his friend told him the ball between part is kind of corny as a result I'm okay don't say I have a dream desk I'm according you know coping is notable for well and he edited it out of his notes but when he started speaking and he saw the people and it started coming home to his heart is like missing you know why I couldn't hold back because Wendy's looks out he wasn't looking at his notes watch the video I watch it every New Year's Day once the video you stop looking down at his notes and he says I have a dream today I'm not really given to myself anymore I don't care if it sounds corny I don't care to be with these his watch and because of it in his historic because he loved out black white male female gave them a purpose a segment of the degeneration to change segregation Nazi Germany I don't even need to say more Hitler made them believe there will be a one thousand year Reich on the earth in Germany will be prominent among the nations we will be the head and knocked suite and start thinking over Europe it took the whole world to fight after fifty million people died so I ask you this question we can talk about received the power of what is the purpose of Jesus understands brothers and sisters that to reach the city of Norman to reach the conference of Oklahoma to reach the state to reach this country to reach this world is going to take more than what we currently possess case statement is done okay more than what our schedule has been hitherto we can continue as we are expecting different results we can be praying as we are and expect different results that is the definition of insanity to do the same thing expecting different results if you let the ball go out of your head will fall to the ground know him cumulatively floats go ahead microcell but eventually there comes a time where people wake up there comes a time when people wake up and realize when I been continue church like to have a purpose we have to definitely and so I ask you as I conclude this message the words that I read many years ago young person older person doesn't what is the aim of your life what is the aim of your life not five hundred ten year plan of how to modify your plan what is the aim of your life because as a result people say well you know I'm Olivia mother what happens when your kids Robin at home now with your aim can be against so what is the aim of your life while once I become a PhD what I get my medical degree now you graduated you got your letter would agree your doctor know what the immigrant life when you choose a purpose in life it must be big enough for a whole life and must be so large so wrought so auspicious so bold so audacious about purpose by lazy boards that we say look either I will finish it I would do is I would die trying it has to be big enough to encompass my whole life because success in any line demands but definitely and I wonder what is the aim of this church what is the how do you know that Norman church is a successful church I'll be hitting the market or are we not getting the more audio that always this is a successful organization what is the is it hitting the mark is not giving the mark we must have a definite team must have a purpose for power otherwise this is a waste of time received the power to do what God 's power needs ability to do so what are you trying to do it we do not agree on this we do not decide on peace all of this is a waste of time is being Jesus then incumbent Doctor people to sit in buildings and air-conditioned that's not what he got as not watching King is not what he humbled himself the Lord of glory did not vote them down so we can be comfortable in the church while I found my salvation on good will come where to begin my praise on every week it's not like the board in the words of a good friend of mine if you're not a missionary your mission field if you're not reaching out to souls you need to be reached if you're not converting sinners you need to be converted is that simple no one had to tell Peter and urge him on Peter you can do this Peter was much more going to get training webinar alert I don't even know what to do one of the church is not ready we need to get in harmony with the immunity none of that you have the talking to go on Pentecost even care how many numbers in incurable they were what country they were from it was in his heart it was in his heart no what is the name of your life I finish my quote such as name has been set before the youth of our day to have been appointed purpose of taking the gospel to all the world in this generation is the most noble aim that can appeal to any human being that's a quotation on a nickel 's worth from the book education life work the first three sentences the aim has been set before us have been appointed purpose to take the gospel to all the world in this generation so therefore here we are receive the power and the purpose of the power is to fulfill the most noble aim ever given to mortals so we have to make an invitation ever had his bodily eyes closed into rapid service of every other spot every eyes close I want people looking around I want to know who's going to respond was not responding is between you and the Holy Spirit and if you're not going to respond to this invitation we need to be praying for those who need to respond to this and teach my first invitation is for that person this morning that says I do not have an aim for my life I don't have a definite aim for my whole life I have not embraced to have been appointed purpose to take the gospel to all the world but this morning I want to accept Jesus 's invitation to receive this purpose the most noble and the most noble purpose that can appeal to any human being I want to live my life what ever my calling what happened on my trade whatever my education to win souls for Christ below except that invitational asked me to send to your feet and say Lord I'm willing to except this invitation to receive this as the aim of my life I went in Rochester Seaboard only receive this part the most noble aim back in a few if any human being no matter what you know what your schooling when I want to do is your job your primary aim in life is to win such your primary aim in life is to win souls Lord help me to win souls for my second invitation is for that person a says are not ready are not ready I'm struggling with worldliness and if we are all the world we cannot receive the spiritual and there are some things I need to surrender to Jesus to be in your essay Lord am ready to medical committee to let them go I just want to invite you to spend your feet as well Jesus Armstrong worldliness and because of that I know that I cannot receive the Holy Spirit enter some things in my life that I need to let go invite you to step between you and the Lord utilities you know what it is in the world cannot receive cannot receive holders without the heavenly father we know that all of heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents and as a result some of us have stood to say there are things we need to surrender in our lives would we have one of the things in it is neutralizing the power of the church so as a result father we pray that you would pour out you Holy Spirit into our lives and give us power to resist evil to turn away from the things of this world and to know that is much as we indulge in these things we are neutralizing all the power of the gospel have mercy on us we knew it in our hearts but the conviction has revived again and now we want to let it go father for those of us was stood to receive this game in our lives this definitely is most noble eight to win souls no matter calling a matter are trained the latter are profession soul winning to be our priority and that's why we have stopped I we thank you Lord to giving this one is involved in prayer for us as a this media was brought audio 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