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Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • July 1, 2007
    7:00 AM
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him wanting everyone to my pleasure to see all of you here again today everyone here we are in before we begin like to cast the Lord one more time with us I asked that value hence while you loving father in heaven thank you so much for this day is given us thank you this we have the honor and privilege of worshiping you together and freedom and safety and the fellowship of those who love you want to serve you Lord thank you so much for teaching us throughout this weekend and I would like to ask thank you Lord for teaching me through this lesson I'm about to share I pray that I would be hidden on the cross of Jesus Christ that he may be seen and felt in love this morning Jesus all my presentations are always dedicated to the good Lord medications are some secondary dedications as well so I am actually couple secondary dedications I like to make for this talk there are actually two missionaries of potential listeners to the country and maybe talk about here in the audience Lauren Brian Brian and she was responsible for a big part of life-size presentation when have you blessed by what I said last night are you saying that no pictures of work at all if Brian had not helped out this weekend we were not allowed to use pictures and a gazebo because the projector wasn't strong enough and Brian told me associating is what we've got a great one at at my church I will get it right now is that great okay now any of your screen and projector summary grateful for your help Brian and unlocked I believe that seeing someone this is important for all of us because certainly we can all trust in the Lord and see how he is let us but it is very helpful we can see and touch someone and ask why the Lord as Providence uses us to reach people think of CS agent talk to me to hear us I also like to pray that Laurelwood be blessed as she prepares to leave for a year to Peru the end of this month I pray that this presentation help you on your way you recognize anyone in this picture of BS there's several people actually recognized this is just a part of our team from Peru and Mexico into Texas out Siebel freedom to move around what I like most about this picture is that it represents what I believe heaven will be like in many ways were told that heaven will have every nation tribe kindred tongue and people and say that they are people from every part of the earth in this picture from every race not every language that several languages and this is our group or an outsider hotel most of our time in Peru was sent in missionary work they neither advances are help but occasionally a time to spend with each other in fellowship eating out many times though our efforts were very primitive we were basically cheating in the open air doing evangelism with what very little resources that we had either just papers or sometimes we had a chalkboard occasionally everyone so while we could share in a church that was very nice and had a lot of supplies the most the time we just use what we could do for people we were sent in groups of two to the surrounding churches in the area of Peru northern Peru it was here just while any of them and the reason why we did that was twofold the Lord sent the disciples out how many at two eight two nine Peru there is a little bit more practical reason as well for that since multiple domestic Spanish so we had have one person speak Spanish and one person who didn't speak Spanish now the group decided and I will have a came up with this logic this is I can speak with things especially they just sent me off by myself as a way to into a building is not okay hey send me to the most remote church in the entire area is a remote is no roof on his church the no floor is no walls this is like a rebar with some concrete in some baby fat but I can tell you that I am so thankful that I was sent off into the wilderness because often times when we are in our greatest extremity that God has his greatest opportunity I arrived their insureds and how do you been to the federal country before hunting is beginning to a church in a Third World country before know when you arrive at that church if you are a foreigner outsider what is it assumed that you will do is teach what else you can enter your saying yes and what alternative beginning of the sermon yes what else to interview the children story the Vespers a wine that's right your basic entity responsible for every single program that they can possibly put you out there for us as soon as not an insult monopoly on violence is the norm in Third World countries so when I arrived they made sure that it was Teresa Berger for every presentation possible there the amazing thing was is that they were very appreciative it didn't matter to them if it was short or long it was well prepared or not they enjoy it and they were very very grateful the other thing that really impressed animal if you've noticed but we've been trying to do our best to keep the announcements away from some of the more sacred hearts our presentations now I want to share with you whether they did most the time the church will have its announcements at the beginning or the end of the service correct knowledge that wasn't the case with Peru they just didn't have enough sense at all they awaited not left the church service not until after the polyp not until after the luncheon nothing there were no announcements zero him the sun went down and it was dark and they were doing the investors program they had their nonsense and I was always very very impressed because the church also contribute to many of her notice that about twelve o'clock in every church service everyone seems to have this burning urge to look at their watch are the clock or something like that or everyone is a little impatient and I have cited in general like that they get their church early early in the morning with him might be seven this is like standard time for them this is not early for them right now and their song service to have their Bible studies they had their church service sermons data very briefly when they go back and may have lunch and dinner back again for an afternoon program a campaign in the evening and also campaign at night Vespers for sundown churches in a hole as a whole day event and if you're not a church he also happened church soon come to you going to send out a little delegation of the elders and church members to your house and if you want to come there to have church right there in your home is kind of a common practice in many Third World countries and I say he is worthy of imitation so we come to the end of the day and are having announcements and what they are announcing is the book that they're going to read for their midweek prayer meeting article you've ever noticed that there were several printings of the book great controversy made in Evernote they have different titles and things like that there was one printing annually recognizes this versatility they held up the book that they were going to be using for prayer meeting as a tag this is the spot from the six seasons our work is really not so gray called cost may conflict it was you that version of the piracy anyhow that I might well not really greatest cover or artwork are fine but that's okay I guess I is invisible permanently using and they held it up to the church members were just put off by the cover as I was it was sitting next to me and he is recording and Heidi and us and allow we wish we could have that book be fantastic we don't have the blood something is different prayer meeting continue to understand just because we're studying this book as a church doesn't mean we get the book when I are books can you imagine coming to school coming to a church having to pay for your vile study lessons are status quo lessons imagine that you pay for all the supplies and all the materials yourself we just wouldn't happen unless it really is oh yes where you have to pay for this on our own and in a we would do anything for it we would work as much as we could and if we were able to we would buy the book and message really is about expensive oh yes is way out of our price range it's it's probably a dozen soloists and as their currency the soul son now let him out out to the bottom dollar in US funds and it was really expensive it was out of their price range Vanessa really I'm in with you where they said we can work from now until when prayer meeting started and we wouldn't have enough money necessarily a simple what if it was possible for you to get this book Mohegan with about all I would begin remediate reading immediately I would study with my family I would share with my friends I would have all the chapters read already before I came to the midweek prayer prayer meeting I would share with everyone so it's interesting so I left the church and came back to my hotel and I have to define a couple copies of the gray converse in Spanish and I took the two copies and actually gave it to the pastor of this church and actually he's not just a pastor that sure she's a master about a dozen other churches and I said you know Corey and Heidi is going there the members of our new church has just started I think can get these two books that he said sure I said yes send thank you so much I said it's okay we had extra copies are I know they will appreciate this so he took the books question ask you have any of you ever given someone a book now have any of you in a later date ever ask that person you want a book that I gave you can read it ever asked someone that question later have you ever found them come in shifting nervously and looking around and saying over your house is a really great like when actually perhaps five minutes ago they were leafing through the last couple chapters to stick and I have something you José to finish the whole bullpen but what I've read is a real blessing to me and I live in the back cover error found that sometimes you give someone something they don't really appreciate it I was anyone ever given you about have you ever known I often times we find that perhaps what we think is very valuable is not as valuable to someone else I can tell you though that had the privilege and opportunity of seeing these two church members again we were asked to do medical campaign a different area of Peru left you but not so far away that the surrounding churches can come to we saw several hundred patients just in one day it was so busy I had to get everyone possible to help me out and I basically said love and the only physician here if you're a nurse or even someone is interested in how I talk to the patient and even figured out to steal do the best you can you really have figured out that the Senate is I was overwhelmed with patients but interestingly enough Heidi and Corey were actually helping out with the hydrotherapy station rathole it's about three days later a one effect on the book already and so I came over to Corey and I said digitizing the book is holy yes thank you so much we really appreciate it will will will see how much you appreciate the city to read the book oh yes we begun reading it already for Artie finished with the Chapter 11 estate for primary vitamin sharing it with my mom my friends unlike really very impressed there are really done to read this book is living days of the present of the proceedings against never plenty of seeds inside if if we can we move to the center a little bit and make room on the outside this is just a few more people like chassis thank you it was very refreshing to me to see someone desire God 's word so much it's also very refreshing for me to select the following water for me thank you to whomever did I really appreciate it I can tell you know that these the most impressive thing about the story was not really the fact that they appreciated against the wasn't really even the fact that they've started reading it although that was very surprising to it wasn't even the fact that they had started sharing it as well although that's very impressive to I think all three of those things are very important things to remember about the story that the wanted that book more than anything else they immediately acted on it when I received it and immediately shared as well but that wasn't the most impressive thing to me was the most impressive thing to me and honestly when I went back home and began contemplating this fact actually moved me to tears several times the most moving part of the story is that this is actually hiding corn honey right now this is at the bottom here's awaiting the arrival of her two front teeth she's six nine issue and I hated this realization I understand it I'd love .org I find it but my efforts in my zeal and desire for God to know him was nothing compared these little children has changed actually innovative you've ever read the great controversy that this is very very powerful chapters in one of them as his questions and leave all the status is called the origin of evil and all the chapters that are very very riveting I went back and read that section seven times whenever the whole thing twice I went through because I realized that I want to learn about what it means to serve God I want you to think very carefully about the sealed in your Bibles now open your Bibles to Psalm one nineteen in verse ninety nine and will be sharing with you the key to understanding the Bible I think just of the story alone you understand what the key is but will share a few tax to give you some more ideas Psalm one nineteen verse ninety nine and one hundred this is David speaking and what is you say I have more hello all my teachers all three impressive run how do you like to understand more than David Asher Doctor Pippin it does all my teachers now why is it that David has the understanding County because one because God 's testimonies of his meditation it was a meantime meditate on something hate about it digest how many things are you focusing on at the same time when your meditating on one thing one thing pretty straightforward Drive the car were you not eating your breakfast layer reading your Bible you not working out at the gym and listened your iPod not that these things are bad I think that you should listen to God 's word at every opportunity but let me assure you that that is not enough you must take time to focus on God and God alone every desire every feeling as the channel to one and single purpose what is hiding Corey want more than anything else they wanted Gosselin they were focusing on it they kind of plan to get it they wanted nothing else they focus on God and God alone when they receive them the they concentrate all their efforts on that book and want to play with a toy barn West didn't have any choice of a they are enjoying were this is a six-year-old remember GIC shared with her mother because she needed help understanding the bigger words that did not it was interesting but another appoint is related to some of the other types of presentations and it often will do health presentations and it's amazing to me whenever I get health talks it depends on my audience if I find a secular audience this is not so much a problem outside your religious audience and especially in this audience to be amazed at some of the questions I get you I can tell you that every health presentation that I've ever presented as a ninety percent of them whenever asked for questions as well raising his receiver need to know you would think about mushrooms I remember her that question before I hear all the time and he honestly I'm really tired of hearing about mushrooms because these questions when people eating meat and drinking alcohol and snacking between author meals eating late at night I like guys it's okay and deal with the bigger things first but is not the case is to focus in on things that are really an issue rather than obeying the things we know in us at a church in Holland one time and I shared an interesting article from JAMA which is the Journal of the American Medical Association visits basically our premier journal role physicians thirty five and it was an article on asthma and other respiratory illnesses and recommended various lifestyle treatments that one of the modalities that was a great help for asthma was cigarette smoking no this is nineteen thirty five in the most respected and prestigious journal in the United States and the reason why brought this out is because the Seventh-day Adventist church knew about the Hans of smoking in the eighteen sixties and I'm a sexy one of the things that got me interested in being in happiness as most of you know I've been grow as a Christian at all and became unanimous as junior-college now interestingly enough at the end of this presentation I had a physician and nurse come right up to me and he said the threesome or I have to have the citation for the article I need to have the article I want to be able to present the people God 's message for help and to show them that man's wisdom is so inferior and he was just wanting this argument okay I'll try and get a synergy with your wife is on his see her a little bit later he looks down at the floor shuffles nervously of this woman who is a member of the church is a member of the church they live together they were not married about saying you know what long I hold onto the article for a while on evenhandedness when first and then worry about sharing God 's health that is not the case we focus and I've been very careful on the areas we don't have a problem and we say that somehow will excuse us in areas we do have a problem and that is the second key to understand the Bible turning John chapter seven or seventeen John chapter seven verse seventeen and she liked the way some other versions render this verse of chapter seven for seventeen if any man will do what we'll do his will a commute can we move them again can we can scoot into the center little bit to sort friends here on the site can get a couple seats nearest move into the center of this way there we go if any man will what will do his will or another version renders it will left to do his will one as well then what will happen he was he will know of the doctrine you see the best way to understand God 's word is to do what with it is doing the best way to receive additional life is to do what with the life you have used it away exactly you're not does not give you something more complex and so you understand and obey the things that are more simple because you see the fact is to know and not to do is not really get to know his history the Bible uses the word no every serious plan me know and I have been incorporated into your entire being and existence and experience what Heidi according to when they receive God 's word they immediately did what shared and acted on it failed David they acted on the life they had him immediately they not only wanted it more than anything else they meditated on God 's word they desired it more than anything else but immediately acted on as president of PhD in theology it just need to do this and you don't need to be older in fact it's sometimes helpful for younger because are more dependent on God and he had fewer distractions that take you away from his word the last concept is also very simple and is actually found in James Luke chapter six Luke chapter six and verse thirty four we go there that share an illustration with you why do you suppose that God can use these little children better than someone like myself for someone more educated older white think that's the case submissive spirit there make absolutely interesting first Corinthians chapter one shows a very well Peter Hanlon frustrated chapter one verses twenty five to twenty nine first ratios chapter one verses twenty five to twenty nine because the what the foolishness of God now is gone foolish is interesting is wiser than who and the way the weakness of God is what stronger than men I think it is very important esophagitis weak or foolish but if there was a part of God that was weaker or not as smart as the other party but even that weak point of God would be smart smarter than you and I and he would be stronger than you and I even the smallest aspect of God is bigger than all of us can find for you see your calling brethren how that not many know what not many now the point here is is is not mainly as a non- and me and us to help not many wise after the flesh not many mighty not many noble are called but God has chosen what foolish things for what reason to confound the wise and guys chosen what the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty and the reason is verse twenty nine Wednesday that no one should boast us God is going to show us all that it is not the talents that you now possess forever will assess building success in spiritual life but it has to do with your as you say willingness to follow God to do things his way now why is that while posturing illustration of you have you ever had a teacher she review well to shrink the earth down to this size may cut even illustration here are that before college or high school I have will they sit if you shrink the earth down to about one eighty three inches in diameter you know basically kind of a handheld over if you were to look at the Earth 's would be lowest point on the surface of their little band death Valley the Red Sea inning there's a lot of wasted and eight at was the highest point honor Everest County if you were to take the earth in your hand and you are to slowly run your hand and compare the services of Mount Everest and the model of the Red Sea before feeling it would feel smoother than a cue ball on a pool table if you any see that's how reality is when God compares the very mighty of us the very pinnacle of spirituality the champion of his cause on earth compared to the very lowest disciple there is no difference because he is so much bigger than all of us combined it is not about being Mount Everest it is not about having a high Q is not about having many degrees because they're all the same time God can teach you more in one moment by his Holy Spirit and you could learn from all the great men of your wine because he's gone is he hiding Corey understood that concept and I believe I agree with you it's because they were childlike they were submissive unfortunately as we age the most of us tend to lose that aspect of our Christianity daily new ever like decline when you're young anyone I did acclimate everything you ever noticed that there is like the walls near sidewalk in a kind of start low and they get higher nursing those walls they could get lower again again I love those things can my dad ninety walking on the sidewalk and I would see one of those walls I hop up on my get higher and higher and higher block and balance and pretty soon in the ill quite a distance above the ground and as you come to the end right believing my dad would say at the end of a one ounce of them and I just go to when jumped out of his arms and he had no problem catching nothing a little older he probably still got economy when I got to the end and that's okay Tim don't when I say I declined down around that's right it wasn't because I didn't trust my dad with me I know so much included I trust more now myself him greater trust and dependence on what I could do and what my father to and unfortunately the dependence is legal to our spirituality and self dependence will destroy us it will keep us from understanding even the simplest passages in the Bible I'm very thankful and humbled me for jewel children in Peru and showed me how much I didn't love him and showed me how little I value his work and his precepts but there is hope there is hope for all of us it was interesting what are the other reasons I think that God uses young people and children is because let's take a look at hiding crater six and nine and they want to read the great controversy and insane that court is obviously working here when you look at this picture in their hearts it obviously God right whereas if you see someone like me or Doctor Pitman or David Asher is shallow enough exercise spiritual were tempted to say that I will let because they went to arrive when the they went to such and such institutional and legal line are the people who matter there were returned to the ceremony means nothing is absolutely nothing and not downplay Christian education praise the Lord we also knew that the reason why God has to use young and humble people is because not only won't they take the credit to themselves they can't I mean you look at them and they were talking about this is because I've been studying for years I haven't even lived for years you have no other option but to give the glory where the God you have no other option you know is not the six-year-old with a two front teeth missing is going on than a sense that I got has to use local children's alarm because someone like myself will take glory and I will lead people to believe it is somehow in you to understand God and his is somehow has to do with the efforts that you put forward to gaining more of an education perhaps the talents that you have insulin concentrations that you give to the Lord and independence that you have completely on him and was very interesting in others many things that we can learn from this lesson whenever the most important lesson is the one Jesus shares us in many of the Gospels turn them again on because ultimately this concept is important to know not just to understand God 's word but it's even more fundamental than that because Jesus shared concepts the disciples and he said that unless you are converted and become what will children you will never enter where you can this concept is not important understanding us Lord and to our salvation but the good news is if they the disciples responded and I couldn't believe it was possible I mean there was even an illustration where it wasn't was not just not a child they were wealthy and talents and Jesus says is impossible with men but the things which are impossible with men are what are possible with God I'm thankful that is gone growing up and though I am educated they still a chance for me because I remember that verse eight this is not any wise are not any as ignominy that means is a chance for you and I is within their icons grace I'm very thankful that the things that are impossible on my own and impossible with the world 's wisdom are possible with God I'm going to make an appeal right now to each one of you and I can ask you to come up to the front door and that I'm going to ask you to think very carefully by her life right now to think a few moments just to consider what you've learned here in this weekend I believe with all my heart that God is in moving this weekend only I believe with all my heart that God has has made what are broken Angels is mine perhaps you learned like me that you do not love God as he should they do not honor his word as even just a little child additional because it's it's it's not not any of me there's the whole for each one of us in the world we can still learn to be like a little child currently got to work a miracle and I don't know what the obstacle is in your life I don't know that besetting sin is I don't know when that character trait is actually treat other people think about other people I don't know but the good Lord knows and the good news is is that you can have it gone right now I remember as I discussed last night with some people about when we are ready for heaven well you know you got to go through processing occasion this and think and I share a passage that letting this is very simple and his law open it to were told that if our heart is right with God today we are ready of God should come today as amazing concept is you can have eternal life right now is not great as I said the adventure life right now the concept doesn't that is true because when God has your heart is everything else doesn't when you give everything to God he has you any has your future too he knows where to go Reading matter where you are right now where you're going it doesn't matter where you're at on the continuum it matters how far you're willing to go God would rather have you be one percent along the Christian walk but willing to go on a percent and ninety nine nine percent along a continuum and not be willing to take that last that make sense is rather happy on the bottom of Peter 's latter but willing to climb all the way to the top that in the last wrong and taking out currently need to go that far then extends and I believe that all this can do that right now you can have peace with God right now all you have to do is become give up your own ways give up your own thinking lady your preconceived ideas at the door and allow Jesus in your heart right now but you loving father in heaven we kneel before you know is a sign of our dependence and our desperate need for Lord Jesus thank you for humbling me through to little children in Peru thank you Lord for rebuking me and showing me how little I cared about you and your words the Lord I want to different want to change and I know many of us in this room I felt the conviction of your Holy Spirit showing us our profound need in our so destitute condition value for Jesus you know the decisions are being made in every heart for baptism for me baptism three consecration I don't know if they are going but you do and as we are all about here lower than our eyes are all closed I pray that anyone who wants to give themselves to you in whatever way for if they have felt your spirit on their heartedly with razor hands low you can see the hands you can see the mall take a look toward heaven Lord is the hands are outstretched maybe symbol of us reaching toward you reaching toward heaven for grace for strength for mercy for wisdom and salvation were Jesus help us all to learn from Heidi and Corey to become as little children and because of the tragic and Jesus


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