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Be Like Jesus: Brotherly Kindness

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training




  • July 1, 2007
    10:15 AM
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before I begin on this one also say personally a big thanks to all the different the coordinators you and those that that responded to a vision I think that was God 's vision so he gets the glory for that but they wanted to also be involved in giving guide boy to all the details I've received about fourteen phone calls from Rachel Mills naked coming Mills Nelson the main key is to be a mouse that was over the hill so and so so not everything is just in my estimation done very well and thank you to Weimar the staff here how about the food yesterday a name that alone should bring it back to Weimar right so was it has been a blessing to be here all right well let's this stud again asked the Lord to be with us today before we talk about this important grace on eleven today were thankful that we get again approach your throne and as we spend a few moments more in your word we recognize that when unable to go in or go out comment or go out and so so without your wisdom say if any man lacks wisdom and ask you with give approach not so I ask for wisdom today that transcends anything I've thought about and meets the needs of people here and those that may be listening wider audience I thank you become in Christ name brotherly kindness brotherly kindness problems nineteen twenty two says that though the thing that people want most from people from man is kindness added out yet you think I get fuzzy about what love is but everybody kind of knows what kindness is and they could make and sell when you're being kind or unkind than in the usable call you on it either with a look or or something else and especially young people and then can look through and see whether that some was really kind of thinking might be times the kind of person they don't need right the time got a kindly donate or you can be time truly time and were seen so when we look at disgrace in first Peter we notice it's in a chain that comes before love and why is that while I might answer that later I don't remind me and I will let us remind ourselves of the text again here for this reason giving all diligence that your faith virtue virtue knowledge knowledge self-control to self-control perseverance the perseverance godliness and to godliness brotherly kindness now we as a movement of been admonished that what we need is a revival of true godliness this is our greatest need now false godliness doesn't have kindness Drew is done as our white picture that remnant church in early writings page fifty four see pictured them as one of two groups that were in front of the altar of incense and there they were praying and they were sitting much light and power and that one group went by faith into the most holy place with Jesus in eighteen forty four and that other groups stayed out there by the altar of incense in the group that when an man light and power were also must love joy and peace amen so if you have love joy peace kindness we have to have a most holy place experience enough of God 's calling for a revival of true godliness he doesn't want outside the camp godliness or kindness he doesn't want courtyard kindness it doesn't want holy place kindness he wants most holy place time we went this morning on the icon among the dialogue biological preacher I don't hear you I started doing CPR and see where you are so I don't hear from you I might come down and do mouth the ear resuscitation on your cell timeliness comes from whom will let's look together distal Bible study this morning Nina Maye nine seventeen lenses X is the biggest Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth Calvinism can suck Kings and Chronicles as raw Nehemiah is sometimes actually have to say that's remember Windows so fundamental to juvenile bears speaking in the context of the hardened hearts of those who do not obey God the middle attack this is that you God even in spite of what they've done are ready to pardon gracious merciful slow to anger abundant in kindness and did not present himself kindness as we look at a concert will from God and these abundant in kindness Isaiah chapter fifty four verse eight with the development Isaiah chapter fifty four and verse eight with a little wrath I hid my face in it for a moment Isaiah fifty four percent but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you says the Lord to redeem so not only is it is as China's are bonded it's not a momentary confusion or explosion of guidance it is an everlasting kindness but if you must confess that here's this like the state momentary confusion it seems only to need some everlasting kindness you know the inconsistency of trying this is somewhat damaging the OU were times today but now you're a different kind tomorrow you add the character of Christ yesterday but now your character to the others these problems at all and this inconsistency so what we need from God is not only a abundance but it a ripening up LOI talked about when you get older you're supposed to write that up I want to be a young folk your phobias whatever the personable fogey 's likable person let's suppose we will be made but anyway the center when I was growing up by the point is this when we get older was supposed to have those Christian graces and they don't go away and Peter is writing here and he's an old man needs to the point where John says he's always a point where he can go out or going of people had to carry him around and has these ripening up he sang what is something innate in its kindness don't tell people 's air off like I used anything don't come to Jesus and say is it now time to call down fire on those people this is that you don't really know what kind of spirit you are when you're converted please send them the brethren don't blow them up so Peter was growing in this annual the Christian graces don't come in just a moment ally tells a very day they are developed over a lifetime but let me hasten to add how long do you know that you get to live long enough to develop interest in grades not let in July two thousand chance to have time I'll be presumptive and Sally Albee 's oldest theater some of the carrying me around in the lobby that doesn't usually work that way if your main have ever worked in a nursing home it really sets you up people are like you know with me speak to be kind about it but I think you're some old minister also have abandoned this minute follows that the unit was basically all some dance moves it terrifies me even you have to think about because I'm thinking Lord I don't want my children hear me say that God is the and the syllabus things were going to become saints were older because were too old to do anything wrong no God wants us to be holy now so God 's love is abundant etc. lastly just a children's toy I I will look it up with you to put it in your notes blue jackets over twenty I'm eat roast at the children's voices that you don't even presage people when their dad your triangle in their lives in your time when their death and speaking of her deceased husband and now God still was honoring his name and taking care of her daughter 's time we are alive in the God 's time when your dad so you're going this comes from God thou art juxtaposed as it's talking about brotherly kindness brotherly kindness is different than kindness this is the word brotherly added and brotherly is a wonderful wonderful are because while let's do a Bible study together Hebrews chapter two keepers just do tells us verse eleven he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all of one for which reason he is not ashamed to call them brethren you see the picture here is a spanking of who Jesus and he's not ashamed to call us to absorb that did the truest brother in the Bible is Jesus our Elder Brother can you say amen to that so all of these stacks this brotherly kindness he is not ashamed to call his brethren first board think insomuch as children partake in the flesh and blood he himself likewise shared in the same that through death he might destroy him the power of death that is the devil and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage did you notice that he partakes of the same flesh and blood in the same fears verse sixteen is not give a distant Angels but he does give aid to the seed of Abraham in other words he identifies with us genetically the seed of Abraham he enters into the human genome project which is a real project and therefore in all things he had to be made like his quote when I pause that means I'm exaggerating all things like his that he might be merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God self areas made like his brethren and the wonders of the incarnation are all found in that word brotherly so when Peter is saying brotherly kindness and told all way back to the time when Jesus was just a dot on a piece of paper that's how big an old poem is he entered in as just to cells the humanity think about that too sells them the number rule what is the next left I will be you remember the fetus and the embryo and well I guess as I go that you guys tell me you guys are in school it's a long time I know I went through all the stages twice as you must be born again and he identified with humanity he is our brother from cell number two all the way up amen so what it says rather late what a fun and we can talk about that all but Rachel has a timeclock so we won't Matthew chapter twenty eight look at this message of the twenty eighth he's our brother from the beginning but noticed something let's regularly see if you notice it has a really loved in the fact that you're looking at me glassy eyed this is the time of the more for multiple reasons number one looked at me number two look at your Bible Matthew twenty eight luck verse nine when he went to tell the disciples was is that the empty tumors one as they went to tell his disciples behold Jesus met them saying resides in the game and they held him by the state and they worshiped him out to worshiping someone that means there their God but notice they worship him as God because I don't do that than the nose the next text and Jesus said to them yes you should be worshiping man's God I came down among you sniveling people and now I'm again going to forget those of now look at what he said then Jesus said to them do not be afraid go and tell my drive room to go to Galilee and there they will see me think of the kindness of God and that's the thing of the identities of brotherly identification and when Israel's after his resurrection and so he is still our brother can you say hallelujah is that time all that the ultimate guide to wrote this out this morning from L H you will note that samples of sample and the tomorrow thank you he gave his only begotten son to come to earth to take the nature of man not only for the brief years of life but to return this nature are retained rather his nature and that heavenly cards and everlasting pledge of the faithfulness of God in the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and love of God rule on a test the inside of that brotherly kindness that is it an expression of the faithfulness of God is an and is stable this is so great to us is so faithful that he is going to be our brother forever and we see the nail prints in his hands will say that's my brother and he'll say you're my brother Joe is a good that's that's better than good so lithium updates three twenty paragraph three you might want to put in your notes desire of ages paid twenty five as well limitation on so choose us in the beginning out he was fine and at any Stella 's guide and all throughout he was guided in a hunger like sandwiches at school to say that physical lines but Jesus is like a vacation it's is like the sweetest of Saddam it's not sickeningly sweet but this waits than what it's like when when when I was drawn up my mom would get my speed of butter and jelly sandwiches sometimes the and if we were real good shape on honey on top that sounds a visit has its peanut butter and jelly eating is a man I mean this guy as the Alterman time is in through life he was five Peter knew he was dying they went to Peter 's house one day this mother-in-law was sick with a fever and healed her it was time to Samaritans do normally were seen as the scum of the earth they were called common and unkind and clean it was kind to women who were usually not looked at favorably especially Samaritan women and it says that he met that woman at the wound assessment he needed to go to meet her there in John chapter four they needed to go that way when you look at the map a new study that closely you need to go in or near there but it was just because of his kindness thirty one nine this is going out of the way it's living for others and not yourself he was trying to children he met a mother who lost her only son raised that son from the dead he was especially kind to mothers and mothers need kindness that all artwork my wife is so kind it rebukes me everyday I wake up in the morning and I save me I do know I'm living with a safe and I will do myself I know war worked on me thank you mothers were being tied Jesus loved Martha so brotherly kindness was expressed and brotherly doesn't just mean the brotherly it means the ultimate identification with every person p.m. brotherly kindness and that's why Ephesians chapter two says this will get a visa and step fees and septa to I met was a great meal saver felt in his real first undefeated government all I stays as is all-powerful worse one of due annually man alive who were dead in trespasses and sins that I and when she once walked according the course of this world according to the prince of the Pontiac who now works in the sons of disobedience now these people are free than ever the mind major among the walls only once conducted ourselves in the last of the four last of billing to the start of the flash and of the mind were by nature children of wrath just as the others but God who is rich in mercy remember word we get kindness from God 's abundant he has everlasting kindness of its kind is from what you while you're alive and then noticed God was rich in mercy because of his right love and would you like this game when we were dead in trespasses and sins made us alive together with Christ by grace have you been saying all he does is read that was only open now here it is and has raised us up together and that is sent together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the age is the Tommy might show the exceeding riches of his grace and is kindness toward artists and Bernstein alternates present is in this brotherly kindness of Christ in his alleluia thank you Jesus it's a wonderful thing is so time is comes from God brotherly kindness is the fullest expressiveness Davis and because of that he died on the cross was Jesus Gil agrees that Google still up to dog afraid of me is that Jesus was killed on a deserted Jesus laid down he said both are true we got it done we might understand the difference between these things luxury goods or announcement he laid down his life as Lord bring out the delay down his life in brotherly kindness jobs at the tents as he lay down and take it for me I laid it down that's tied greater love have no man than this that he would lay down his undoing of myself because love comes after time so excuse me that Isaiah was good answer question at some point of whether they serve an answer why brotherly kindness before love well I think it's this I've looked at the lofty heights of brotherly kindness but the other very basic level if you can't be loving to your brethren how you can ever love those are your enemies because the next speaker will talk about love and the ultimate cardinal expressive love is love your enemies don't bother trying to love your enemies if you can't love your wife and you can't love your brethren to understand why comes first you may not agree but I think that's what you see Jesus was bound to the cross was a Chapter 11 verse seven I drew them with gentle chords with bands of love and he was on that cross he got to come down to go dumb dog across it in the matter lay down his life to get a rose up any time but he didn't because he loved us in Psalm one eighteen twenty seven says that they used the tie those sacrificial animals to the consumer awards of the altar they would type in there and Jesus on the cross the males didn't hang America's love this kind this will then there the maintenance of the Barbara Lynn delighted that kind is what are we supposed to do how we act the book of Colossians which is built for life 's collisions talked about it in the ultimate collision chapter chapter three Woodstock about bitterness between husbands and wives and all manner of evil all kinds of things and like all the epistles these of the way to overcome it by looking at Jesus and verse one he says if you were raised with Christ 's sake those things which are above where Christ is seen in the right hand of God look on things above not on things under whenever someone tells me for marriage counseling and they're fighting with each other in a lab under the processing Iva memorize that deck and over again in a part of our problems is that I know that's your problem so I want you to memorize this text if you know I memorized it there are other counselors God bless you they memorized idols in executive and I labor movement and then I said look at that and every time you're tempted to say something or think something bad about your husband what to say the text will have to remember and also reviewed the double pretending you think something negative solo comeback in user that's all it takes because as they look to Christ as they look to Christ they start saying what a minute what kind of person am I and there drawn and it's like revelation fourteen verse one so Jesus on the top of the mount new member the singing about and forty four thousand where the latter part of our thousands start from the bottom of the mountain that mountains between them of difference the twelve disciples sermon on the Mount say you were to be sent out a passage in Matthew chapter five there many days is on the mountain they all had differences to but as they moved up the mountain towards Jay's us that mountain that was between them of unkindness and all those things kind of evaporated and Mountains where mom but the mustard seed of faith the faith of Jesus amen so as you move for anyway that's not one of them talk about timekeepers are here what's over the timekeepers they will get you in light of all this chapter three verse twelve is as therefore as elect of God holy and beloved put on tender mercies kindness humility meekness long-suffering on health reports that word put on me wrap your salvation with it I think wraparound that should be wrapping from the inside out this is not something that's asked startled but if the love of God is there it's like that rep comes right from the very middle of the enough to get her woman's right to say if you got a role of saran wrap and it was only one wrap around the outside to feel ripped off but as you keep on ranting illegals all the lights of the middle can you say hallelujah and I is what I'm trying to should be like rats from the inside out when it but put it in God can put it and so is not going to I can't say that again so I will review this matter we do this I don't know separate ask Jesus to do it for us live lives for others now how do you make it a flower fragrant you spread own know it must come from the inside out right now I think you got a get beat up once in a while that the time there was a bully who stopped bullying once he got his comeuppance am not suggesting you go get the muffins of people but in others a study of the Hebrew words in the Bible starts out with the dishes Mister is here and son in the day innocent as soon as the words and up this means man is amazing woman but looks in the Hebrew means in-your-face woman means that the ad is supposed to be a mere reflection of your kindness they don't get off on that but there's other words in Hebrew fermenters get more ramus that is the money warrior goes out in battles and comes back and says ten thousand unclean meat eaters or whatever and he comes back and he comes back is the gambler regime you know but then there's the Nazis to get Marine who has been wounded in battle and when someone is wounded for the cause of Christ Peter 's big message in first Peter one is that they become like Christ because they enter into his sufferings and they understand the kindness of price if you are having surgery done or if you're in the hospital we want to have someone who's gone through the same procedure they're doing on you or someone who has never done that if you had to choose units down any people identify more with someone who's been brunette of course Jesus and throughout lasagna young people in you don't understand what I mean what Jesus said to Peter you're going to come to a time of life when you can input your comment on or off and then you'll understand you'll understand the brotherly kindness I could talk about lots of things but one thing I want to say before adult couple stories Orlando oh fifteen minutes aren't you generous is that brotherly kindness is not sometime man be pampering indulgence even look at attack Psalm one ninety one verse five someone then he thought one response say a couple story from all life to illustrate this because I wanted to specify the great kindness of some people in my life oh did I say one ninety one one forty one next year were to be breaking down some hundred and fifty through ninety one so come back and so I was up on some of the night with my kids I want my girls to the clothesline on the last night was looking for we can be run okay here it is Psalm one forty one respond let the righteous strike me and it shall be kindness let him reprove me and it shall be an ex- one let my head not refuse trying this sometimes is rebuked thought problems this term I rebuked I will pour out my spirit this is a parallel passage and is the kindness of you ever been approached by someone who the best thing they ever did to you was rebuke you and later on you go back to Mister that was the kindest thing you've ever done right then but the beavers Jeff pauses no chastening seems really wonderful console story about that for me I've been rebuked many times in life may happen today I want to welcome at the blogspot when I grow up I was a minister 's son in a somewhat challenging both of the minister in the sun the devil attacks on sanctified ministers kids especially try to indwell me on Friday night I became a goblin I became a demon on Friday night saw was on sanctified unholy and I would work through Villa Del working I understand that now and it was really just to get my dad because he had to feed the Saints in the morning and another double developed anything you work through your dog Ami Gilmore to animals I could tell you stories about these things illustrated by one of time easy he just will try working things while you like one of things I would do would be going to camp meetings with my dad and and I remember I always about junior race was at twelve thirteen and I jazzed I don't know I think it was normal twelve thirteen but with a twist of rebelliousness that comes from the author of rebelliousness and I was in juniors doing something during the service and this particular junior birth leader was not one that was in energy I guess what I think is a good Junior League but he was serious about it but either I had ADD act of LLP QRS and XYZ or something I think that's usually oversold that was just wrong I was on site divided so he called me out because you know Rob Weber sex setting next to the person with the stripes are just you know I'm looking around my negligent in the know in a visit at the lab was like I will like this guy so I got up and I ran out ran towards the Arabs and the fact that I can reread like armed guards you know got elected people that we market out of a parking permit anyway so it so they can't they were going this way and never ever downward what was this way what was that like I will over my friends and I came I saw this this this this little hole underneath the fence and I doubt under the fence and Iran as far as I stress like to my cabin and I had out what was wrong with this scenario this guy was a minister and my dad was a minister in the same conference call my phone the guy knows why it so it comes directly to my cabin the talk to my dad and defined they now this is interesting I love as a theological significant but our cabin number was eighteen forty four effect at home instead of floating when you think about it was eighteen thirty six the display both decade the board of all that is I don't have an army I have a love rating forty four and not where in eighteen forty four and I'm hiding there were three bonds in there with this placement on the bugs I'm hiding in my dad 's on the go and they goes on I is remaining on Eliza Ness amount of the meeting and I'm hiding in their lung on hiding understanding up and then I heard a terrible thing I heard Pastor Tony that was his name because of your time actually not that at some problems of your boy the bad news is that I went I this item my guess is all yes I've seen him they went right inside their white in my bedroom that this was the investigative judgment truly carried out in eighteen forty four and if so he walks inside their and Tony takes me need takes me about a map of the Mac and he says no man similar sets me down and leaves mud that goes into the more that more led to want it all them become apparent is that as a time fair walk out of the teacher was that guy teacher my dad escorted me back from eighteen forty four eighteen eighty eight to so I don't I go back and an output is not you always review that was significant like a flower that had faded because of lack of indulgence and the adults only recognize that I think you wanted to wounds that heal and so Tony over the name Tony and the second is surprising you love to make pizza and selling way and made me a complete thanks today's letter can really want thing out of the rafters of eighteen forty four was a pizza for the new data management reason goes I thought it was sent away and I want and unzip bullet Ionamin the beats may left I think that was kind it was revealed to heal yes it got better because the next day at camp meeting our cup of the jammies back there were like three weeks long but the missing cameo about two thousand people and Tony Woods he started as a design that I have a sneaking suspicion that something anything do with me because I still is you know I don't know but he instituted this thing where he wanted to honor someone a lot of probably a good word but he wanted the knowledge someone he believed the Lord was going to use in life in the junior class so you go to the big adult ten and he would make these pronouncements and he was in no pronouncing on people that I mean these guys looked like they just walked out heaven and they just were visiting and that was like Friday night and he was making this announcement and he makes the announcement egos and today I want to acknowledge that the law is a spousal hand are we believe Donnie McIntosh goes like I didn't even hear those so far in the back I was actually involved in a little bit of trouble at that time and this actually announcements actually think that my life because the guy was in trouble with was much bigger than me and and they heard the announcement him him they'd be gone soon I was at once the alternate means of knowledge enjoys the most obese in the space to go yet doesn't sound right let's listen on a Mac and Don Sullivan is my name about is that although I start walking down my friends scattered throughout the audience with their parents are going now not in a casino going whether losing confidence in the leadership 's deputy in the bottle no charges of apostasy am going for it and the middle row and there's my parents sitting there my sister my sense of going will my brother Joseph but I don't know upfront and Tony has been the reward will be superior in the camp of something you know what that was that was kind that was calling things which are not as though they are another kind thing to do I talked about Doctor Douglas in the day set I'd much rather be known be respected loved I'd also want to be known for my kind thought it was time he rebuked and yet he was kind of a guy my life the Masai might have five minutes one last mother life probably the kindest person in my life was my grandfather 's grandfather moved in with me when he was eighty six years old and I was twenty and I was anything but self and he was anything but selfish and I can still remember him getting there nicely graph I want to move out was survived by wife has died all my friends and I noticed that the Lord has me alive to be with you boys every morning to get up and fix me breakfast just like grandmother he got everything formidable of the oatmeal shredded wheat everything else and I would come home and Mary was sitting there waiting for me mine is getting home from work at the emergency room and he was right there he goes how was it last night tell me something about what happened last night how were you able to sell the love of Christ was like who is the migrant was trying to buy was tired and he was some kind of all your time now that's okay I have a warmth like I wanted up for you for when you go to bed this guy was trying I go to sleep you go get my clothes take and I says I threw those things in the laundry and got enough going and he would trudge up and down the stairs in the night had back problems grandfather was trying and I was untied a member once I might well after that time I entered the seminary lots of unkind people hundreds and lots of times people didn't and I entered the seminary I come home and I talked the grandfather whenever hearings and what you learned today what's happening in the Gulf until legal although that sounds interesting get me volume three of the testimonies read page four six I really is exactly the opposite is a minor ego let's pray together they go to ball games the best I've played while we caught our team the patriarchs in honor of the was the patriarch he pray for us our members prayers Lord be with his own people running up and down the floor with the ball throwing it through a whole there's something wrong with their heads they don't understand this is crazy they can hurt themselves and what I want to to win a game with people who are really not significant Lord bless them protect their cleanings whether converted strengthen and they will strengthen the brother amen and he would pray for as I visited at the taping install away from us he would be there set in his launcher and every time I go to I don't follow God don't fall it wasn't like Maxus shotgun scope of Charlie Timor-Leste don't injure yourself that the guys that the he was rebuking us with kindness and at all those people all those people love grandfather they come over to the house that they have never do it they come already and always anyone dating this person on Danielle really is let's pray while you drag home in need read Ecclesiastes don't awaken love before it's time to then no insight even has an ear when your dating user don't have any heirs but let him hear what the Spirit and they would listen to him even though it was developing organic paint brain syndrome and summarizes slipping the Lord still using the point of this in the point that that is what your grandpa a concise summary stories about his kindness maybe I'll disclose this one is without Jesus demonstrated his number one guy came home from the seminary and I've been busy all weekend I didn't want to go back there a grandfather he wanted to go to service said that the church then I find a memorial since I want to go I said like to want to go I may have been busy all week to send a busy and grandpa for one thing out humanity class through his developing divinity and he he looked at me he was doubly ripening of the girls now wait a minute young man I has been here all week and I really I mean we don't have to go but I've got to tell you bang bang with Kate I really do want to go and I was like I really do not want to go and he says I really do want to go and I said I really don't want to go and that eliminates again it might see answer for my wife subject to disbelieve them this redundancy since he looks at the situation reprints he goes in all euros to go to grandpa unlike and evaluative that's what introduces those of the alternate that I was the rebuke of kindness goes like want to take thirty more years of that flow I'm headed down fifteen years Internet cellulite is so I get in the car I get it is Charles Ford Taurus on the car then drive along holy is very well at all bands not because the roads are bad grandfathers that e-mail Lieutenant Elizabeth Mansfield and then half a day goes on we should go back home you're tired I'm sorry I shouldn't say I said that this may does it look I'm just so happy I want anything to come between us both like the we got to the church that night and find their memorials like two miles long though the back door you can see the front now you can visit the camera we go the back and it's a lot not to mouth it was an assorted sodas I go in there I have a very very bad feeling because guess what service there having them that having communion served on one of I got it first his grandfather you know he didn't quite get it and he had left the house without his hearing it so where there is no air in as I say it and then he picks up on it goes oh it's the Lord 's supper while the luxurious lesson yes it is what there's a lot of supper goes all God I'm sorry I'd like Moses struck the rock of my day and I was out and I was not I was under that was not the right thing to do now was like his Royal Pegram is my bet what is this would you blaze for examination sure what this kept on because I don't what we should sit down and goes I have to send it abroad I can hear a bag of visible or good with his review 's always based on what you know with some of the world that they can look like this make it around so you don't it goes up when I'm with them in an and as it gets closer he so wants wants to be like Jesus all this all the wrinkles on his smile ring but now they're crying wrinkles and he says to me about a ideation says Bell terrible I'm too old for those kind of things that happen I don't have much time and I just want to know that things are right between us it's okay grandpa one we get down to the second role as the blueprint of the upfront and we sit down in the second row right behind my senior pastor the one being mentored by the downright benign and many did he begins Beverly goes again until the holes for soliciting your best I was wrong and the Holy Ghost the ordinance of humility can I serve you your grandfather was in my senior pastor this turnaround goes larger we went down to the foot washing service and as we were enough of watching service in the basement of the church that I didn't realize it but it will be the last time grandfather at the and we went down and grandfather with feeble trembling hands almost like I would picture Peter principles with feeble hands is that I only moved out here to be with you boys the only thing I want to be like this be like Jesus and he was my feet and I was the first time I ever had someone we thing and mingling their tears with the football and watch Mike and I was so uncomfortable I was so uncomfortable when I washed his feet and went home grandfather died at his funeral all the people that were on the basketball team all the people seminary came they shared testimonies of this kind and when I look at the passage in John thirteen the next time something struck in over one it was the words of Christ and what he said that Peter Allah watch her feet and set up I don't have need is a vital watch a video have part within the Keeley said watch me all over and then what did what was it that Jesus and said you don't understand what I'm doing to you later the kindness of grandpa living with that man was sixty years older than me I didn't understand that and I'm only beginning to understand that now but God had sent someone that was like him most likely learning to be like Jesus with me I wouldn't be here except for the kindness of Jesus manifested in so many ways in the body of Christ how many of you want to be involved in passing out the kind of father in heaven the God of all time this abundance diffusive the God of brotherly you've asked us to put on kind Lord send your Spirit into our hearts make this kind we can't be defined except by your spirit given such a picture of who you are but time is willful price name right and


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