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Be Like Jesus: Love

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • July 1, 2007
    11:30 AM
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açai has for prayer our father in heaven I ask that you join us this morning again by the power of your spirit you would make your word to be a living word in our experience to teach us what is right and what is true I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus in person in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three relinking degrees later at verse seventeen Revelation three versus fourteen through twenty one is a passage of Scripture that is the present truth particularly for administering Christians in the face of earth history I'd encourage you to look for information on our passage to study the passage were looking at verse seventeen the Bible says because you say I am rich that's as far as going to go in this particular study were studying about love the very top of that ladder in second Peter one Laodicea says that she is rich I satiate we say insolvent in some way as a class we say that we are rich and it's a good question to ask what are the riches the spiritual riches but the Bible speaking of in Revelation three when Jesus says iCal will be to buy of me gold what are the spiritual riches of our time look with me at James chapter two James chapter two we want to understand what our spiritual riches what is the legacy of things that she has what she says I am rich but she certainly does not have much of when Jesus says that you are core James to looking at verse five Harkin my beloved brethren how's not God chosen the poor of this world rich and what to say the riches of revelation three spiritual riches are riches of faith but listened carefully to the passage those who are rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that love him who was it that inherits the kingdom in James two virtual answers as those that are rich in faith as those that love God in there are two classes are going to inherit the kingdom or else these two classes are the same I'm sure it's the second one that those are rich in faith of the same as those that love God or in other words of the spiritual riches of our day our love and faith combined this is one of the most interesting studies that you could do if your notetakers and others give you for those who are maybe a little list of passages first this loan in Chapter five in verse eight Ephesians three verses sixteen to seventeen anything that patients three that's verses sixteen to seventeen maybe together will look at one of them to meet the Galatians Chapter five in verse six Galatians five and were looking at verse six for in Jesus Christ neither circumcision available mail if anything nor on circumcision but faith which work if my love if you look at the verses and write clear you that if there is a spiritual richness in faith that it would only be faith that is combined with love that when as of the phase works faith and works by love and faith is not combined with love and faith is not working if faith is valuable and must be that it is combined with lobbyists are class people were rich in faith it must be that they're rich enough faith that works by love and so it wasn't changed to those who are rich in faith for heirs of the kingdom to God 's promise to those that love him turns reliable see Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four and were looking at verse twelve in verse thirteen Matthew twenty four in verses twelve and thirteen and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold but he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved in Matthew twenty four what is it that needs to end their work onto the end the answer is this love love lust indoor and what is at the causes love to deteriorate its abounding iniquity my observation inside the Bible and what I see around me leads me to conclude that this happens in two different ways there is a man who places himself in wicked company and by association his spirituality begins to grow down his love grows cold because of the wickedness that she is friends with that is one danger there is another danger of the man who sees the wicked company and distances himself from back in his mind and his way of thinking the begins to two cherished feelings and thoughts towards the wicked company that itself reduces his affection for them so that while iniquity is abounding the love of this man is growing cool I would summarize us on again and then give you more study and enduring love is a salvation no issue in the last generation she knew his love endures under behind is the same that will be saved Laodicea thinks that she is rich in love and faith is because she doesn't even comprehend what love and faith are thus why she thinks she has a great deal of energy has very little I Christian pastor Macintosh shared did you catch what he said when he said that that most of us understand what kind this is the ligand to love for a little fuzzy did you hear him say this is the truth we confounded sentimentalism with love terms for your Bibles to Matthew chapter five Matthew five is a passage that helps distinguish between sentimentalism in love Matthew five and are looking at verse forty six if the audience was an audience of sincere atheists there are great deal under a number of those in this world if your audience a sincere atheists and many of you were parents and mothers with children and I were to ask you do the mothers were here do you love your children what would you say is an audience of atheist would you be sincere and when it be true that many of you would be very kind to your children you know it's true that a love for friends and a love for parents and a love for children while it is a very valuable commodity never has distinguished between Christians and non-Christians those commodities are often found outside of the Christian fold Matthew fibers forty six for if you love them which love you what reward have ye not even the publications in the essay verse forty seven if you salute your brethren only what do you more than others do not even the publicans so Jesus is not putting down this type of love is not say that there's something wrong with loving your children or parents and your brother and that he is saying that that is not the love that distinguishes Christians from non-Christians verse forty eight being therefore perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect what is he speak now to look back at verse forty five that you may be the children of your father which is in heaven for he makes his sun to rise on was a say the evil and the good he sends he is a rain on the just and on the unjust fillings is giving us on related to this before you move on our member when I was in Academy someone suggested I should have by toothpaste from a certain company because that company honors some false religion I think I learned later that was a scheme I am way to put down women's competitors but if it had been the truth it still wouldn't have been for I mean if you make a man responsible for what the store you shop Sapp does with the money you are engage in a principle that makes our father in heaven responsible all of the wickedness that goes on in the source if you make a man responsible for secondary causes you have just accused the father in heaven of a very great crime does Jesus enable the wicked men of earth by giving them breath and food and rain and who was responsible for decisions that they make they are in Nazi but back to our point the love that distinguishes between Christians and non-Christians is a love for those who do not give it back in return is a love for those that we are not inclined to have affection for a love for those that were inclined to dislike in your Bibles to first Thessalonians chapter three and were looking at verse twelve versus alone in chapter three and were looking at twelve I think I know we were a community of atheists and agnostics and someone got in front of us and told us a very sad story when we cry is some of us would sentimentalism does not distinguish between Christians and non-Christians but it often deceives Christians and the thinking that they have lost value has because we are taught by the needs of starving children and because it hurts us and we see a suffering cat because we get nervous and scared we hear an ambulance over concern for our relatives were suffering these are sentimental reactions thank you very valuable they are not the love that we read about in Matthew five nor the love that is their riches that distinguishes Christians from others versus alone in chapter three and verse twelve and Lord make you to increase an unbalanced in love one toward another and toward all men even as we do toward you there are three directions of love in this verse there is love from the spiritual leaders Paul includes himself in this group the spiritual leaders to the flock that love is an example of where it ought to be then there's the love that the brother and have for each other and then there's the love that the brother and help for those that are without but please notice in verse twelve the father is not static they got intense love to be a growing experience in us was a say in the Lord make you to increase and abound in love that is if you have this much love for your brother and today you should have this much love for them tomorrow your love for them should be growing but what are how does Jesus characterize our day is that love is diminishing what should our love be doing growing what does it do instead that diminishes but if it's diminishing we are in danger for those his love endures unto the end the same shall be saved why in this passage is it that we should have a love that is growing look at verse thirteen to the and or to this result that he may establish your hearts unbelievable in holiness before God even our father when at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints the end result is that when Jesus comes back that we want to establish we want to be it's not shaken we want to go before him and an unbelievable heaven on blamable holy experience if that is the goal we desire what is the means to that end in this passage it is a growing love it is a love that is larger today than it was before listen there are some things that we say that militates against a growing love I mean when you say something like I love him but I do not like him maybe in some ways this is technically true but that statement rather reduces your affection for him that increases in that way of thinking about default thank you to Bill about down there is a diminishing of our about very characteristic that ought to be growing in this period of Earth history oddly some things that you can read more about searching the audio version of a gigolo cargoes on your seat for audio verse if you go there you can find sermons that expand on this a great deal but in numbers chapters fourteen and sixteen and in chapter twenty in Exodus thirty two and another place Moses had an experience he had a five times during his life it was an experience where the people he was leading it rose up against him or against his best helpers Joshua and Caleb the congregation rises up angry at God space for a few they want to sometimes to Stalin Moses or Josh were Caleb and when the church is sold misaligned that the majority hates the people who are faithful in the in the far minority when the charges in this kind of condition God comes to Moses and gives him a very special offers his analysis on putting words and words into the story Moses it will separate from the congregation I will start over with you and the faithful few I will build on this foundation a new and my examination then this one and I will destroy this one for their unfaithfulness when this offer is made samosas never once does he volunteered to go forward with that option what is it that is being tested in this time Melissa says of love for the area and is being tested is not his love for Joshua and Caleb that is put to the test it is his love for those who in every way desire of the judgments that are threatened against them and then he reacts correctly she rather intercedes for them then separates from them it is so clear in the Bible that if he has separated that have been destroyed that happened five times what was God communicating on this trip from Egypt to Canaan and recording it five times in a very small book it was to tell us that our day that there would be protests a test of an enduring love for those who are airing it everywhere deserving of judgments that that task would would come in the form many kinds of an offer to separate and start a new and better holding group but that there would be another option preferable it would be to intercede for those who are airing we are now in the middle of operation glory I rather wish it was sixteen thousand churches in sixteen hundred churches that were participating you know that in jolt chapter two the outpouring of A hinges on experience of intercessory prayer we summarize we said so far in the last day the test is going to be an enduring love the last test will distinguish between those whose love was diminishing because of the wickedness around them are those whose love was growing growing even for those who did not warrant or deserve their love the tasks that comes to them differentiates between those who have the kind of love the perfect love that Jesus had to send the rain on the unjust for those who love those that love them and salute their brethren on earth in your Bibles to revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three and were looking at verse nineteen Jesus communicates to Laodicea she is poor she's poor in terms of of love and faith and what does it do for her he exemplifies what love is like Revelation three verse nineteen as many as I love what does it say I rebuke and chasten the zealous therefore repent I'm sure that there is a rebuking that there is a correcting that is not in any way related to love I'm sure this but there is a great deal of neglected correction and neglected review that is very directly related to a lack of love why does Jesus come forward and rebuke Laodicea so plainly what to say what is the reason because he cares for her so deeply turn in your Bibles to Leviticus Leviticus chapter nineteen this might be interesting to you that the book that has loving it mention the most times in the King James want to tie between first John and song of Solomon but if you got those two books assigned you might be surprised that in the top five is the book of Deuteronomy don't you find the book of Deuteronomy the clearest and most reputed and most illustrated explanations of how love works practically and how it works in connection of the gospel and with the new heart and how God 's love attract us to love him and telling you if you want to find the gospel made very simple it's in the book of Deuteronomy and very many of the things sat in the book of John in the book of first John that are the classic New Testament passages on love are simply Jesus and his apostle John fourteen from the book of Deuteronomy expanding on ideas that are there Luke chapter ninety two three Leviticus chapter nineteen looking at verse seventeen thou shalt not hate thy brother in buying hearts thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor and not suffer was a say sin upon him the next verse is also about love I'll read and come back in the first now shall not avenge nor bear any grudge against the children of my people does the Bible say anything about grudges on and among church members and forbids him but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self I am the Lord I want to move up this point but the second very plainly that the love that moves to intercession we learn from the experience of Samuel also moves to instruction if I love my brother enough to wait for them before the throne of God I will love them enough to do something that take from there I that the blindness that dooms them to destruction so love and the Bible is combined with faith love and the Bible is combined of faith because how does faith work it's my love we learned in our last session of the reason that brotherly love comes before charity or love in the general brotherly kindness is because it's easier to love our brother and then is to love those that are without it we see that Matthew five these things are at the Athens or at the top of this Christian latter and why are they up there was not like love isn't also at the beginning what was the foundation of this letter it was faith and how is it that faith works faith works by love but in the Bible would already learn this morning is that faith is not a static thing is not that you have to love or you don't or you have faith or you don't love is to be a growing thing and if it's not growing it is diminishing tourism Bibles to Jude twenty one Jude and verse twenty one is a very practical passage June twenty one says keep yourselves in the love of God listen looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life it Smith how do you keep yourselves in the love of God was answering the passage is Biden meditative time spent on the mercy of God this thought is so fundamental and sold bill understood I I feel okay to say it again this this thought that truth does not affect you except for when it has your attention that you know that Jesus died for your sins when is it that that fact is changing you it's when you're thinking about it and when you're not thinking about it as having very little impact on your life how you keep yourselves in the love of God is by looking for the arts in the mercy of God other than faith there is another word or set of words that is very often connected with love in the Bible I mean and so connected it's the word commandment the same books first John John and Deuteronomy girl of login ulcer fall of an often than the very same spot they all go together trust me to exodus chapter twenty Exodus chapter twenty I find for myself the next this twenty one most distinct explanation of how the guy works in the entire Bible Exodus chapter twenty and were looking at verse six it says and showing mercy unto thousands of them was a say that love me and keep my commandments must just have a few quiz questions from this verse alone is insufficient to God 's commandments is that all we need to do what else is required is to love him is insufficient to love God without what else is required as they keep his commandments and we loved him and keep his commandments have we earned our way to heaven how do you know we need at Mercy but if we get mercy is still required that we keep his commandments you see how beautiful is little versus it's just very simple and sizable that he shows mercy to those that love him and keep his commandments it's interesting to me that when the papacy as happens the ten Commandments it was not only the fourth debate happens in fact they tax the fourth by changing it but what I do with the second they extracted it in content they remove more than half of the ten Commandments and what they did to the second and fourth in terms of words and volume what they suck but they laughed the Roman church left the bear do 's and don'ts minus a couple they removed the informational content when the Bible says that the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul it really isn't the do 's and don'ts that does so much converting what is it because the conversion you see in the law of God the mercy of God shown to those that often we keep his commandments and commitment to music memo for the power of God is able to remake an terrain they were to do it is to be done so we can have an experience with God your Bibles to John chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen are looking at verse nine as the father has loved me so have I loved you can continue ye in my love we know something now about how to continue in his love how do we do it by looking to his mercy verse ten if you keep my commandments you shall abide in my love to have a second cancer now the question how do we abide in his love we keep his commandments now this is the strangest deception the Satan has foisted on us if that economy between the love of God and his commitments when God 's intention was that the Commandments would explain what the world it means to love someone and what it means to love God I mean the Commandments are an illustrated description of how to love how you love God you put him first you don't bow down to anyone else you give proper reference to his name into his character and you are an artist 's authority as creator he has a right to do what he will with what unites did he make the week the right to do what he wants for the week the authority for the Sabbath is the fact that he made this is such a simple label and visit you again the man who makes something is only one who can tell you what it's for apart to make a tool if you were to make a tool of your Jamaica screwdriver and I decided to use it for a hammer I do this sometimes I use screwdrivers perhaps I can find him yet is a screwdriver made the jackhammer the man who made the screwdriver made it for a purpose and the progress he made up for is what it is for no matter how I might choose to use it that is there is a relation between creation and purpose in only one who can define purpose is the one who creates so what is the purpose of having seven days a week who can answer this question is the man the one who made the week the fourth commandment is enforced by God 's right as curator to say the purpose of something that he may it teaches us that he has a right to say the purpose he has for us that is we learn by the fact that God can set aside a day as holy because he made it the heat and set aside need for whatever purpose he chooses and how silly we are we think that we can set aside ourselves for which ever occupation we chose feel like not giving a lecture on Culp ordering but I'm not going to accept to tell you that I know that many people got called that ministry are doing they are doing it because they don't understand that God has a right if you make semantic use of whatever purpose he chooses in a rather ridges themselves for some other purpose further your Bibles to Colossians chapter two collage this chapter to what is a very interesting book for Seventh-day Adventist who live in our age I say that because the very end of the book of Colossians Routledge and thereby guess you're welcome to Paul says that be sure that you read this letter also to the Laodiceans and dance whenever letter was sent Laodiceans be sure you read back in Colossae so that if I ask you what New Testament said he was similar in needs and characteristics of problems to Linda CA USA it was the one that received this book and why was it that God shows where the sea had to be assembled the end of time Mrs. Laodicea the city in Asia minor had problems and issues similar to the church as a whole in our day if I put those two facts together what might learn about Colossae it had problems and issues similar in character to those that exists in the last generation Colossians chapter to overlook universe one four I wanted or I wish that you understood what great conflict I have for you and for them at Laodicea and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh there are three categories of persons in verse one there are the people of Colossae the people of Laodicea and us I made the category of man who believes Paul knew about Paul they had never heard him speak personally have we heard has been personally we haven't seen his face in the flesh apparently these two studies and that we as a body often has some similar businesses of what he was trying to communicate in this causing problems and he she a labor with Scott and his prayers over these issues adverse to what was he praying for that their hearts might be comforted being knit together again was a say what was on the problems and pussy it was that they weren't next together I mean maybe they have some love of some type the sentimentalism and affection for the for those that love them but as a whole they want a fabric and yet that's what Paul wanted for them who else did he want out for those allegedly in our generation that their hearts might be comforted being the together in love listen and to all riches of the full assurance of understanding to the knowledge meant of the mystery of God what was something the Colossae was lacking they didn't really understand enough to knowledge the reality of the mystery of God in a way I'm glad they did that because that's what Paul wrote them about it explained it inert chapter one verse twenty seven the mystery of God wasn't said but there is Christ in you the hope of glory the American Bicentennial might confuse us glossy had two problems that needed to be net together in love that was one problem or other problem was that they didn't understand really enough to knowledge the reality that God could live inside of them set similar to the issues we have today I think it's exactly the issues we have today turn in your Bibles to second Corinthians chapter twelve in verse fifteen this is our last passage than one word you friend this chapter twelve are looking at verse fifteen Paul said and I will very gladly spend and be spent for you though the more abundantly I love you the less IV love if Paul was loving the warmth it more abundantly sentimentally do you think they would've left him back sentimentally more abundantly when you give people flowers they like you when you love people sentimentally which is a good thing to do then respond in kind but what kind of love was it that Paul showed that the more abundantly she showed it the last he got it in return you know what was the Carnival of the Jews it shows in Revelation chapter three we have looked at it but two chapters after that abounding love in personal history Paul says that you ought to know those who labor among you word and doctrine and twisting them very highly in love for their work 's sake but pray tell what kind of work do they have to do you know were not inclined to love them at all when they do their work in replying to keep them to us and write numbers when they don't do their work very well I summarize it we looked at this morning love is a heavenly plan it needs to be cultivated faith is a heavenly plan that requires cultivation there are weeds related to these things require no cultivation at all I mean unbelief and sentimentalism and opinionated as a which is related to Facebook and sometimes passport those things grow by themselves but love and faith must be cultivated they are the gold of religious experience to let Odysseus as I am dressed but in reality she is tall are in these very qualities she thinks she has paid the love because she has the right opinions because she is sentimentally inclined to care for hurting people but it really isn't that she has the kind of love that she needs the kind of love that goes after for example her next-door neighbor 's and those that done her wrong abounding iniquity causes a reduction in love but not for everyone it's in general that it causes reduction in love how does it do it either you can join with those who are abounding in their iniquity and your love grows cold by association or you can separate your fashions from them I think that form a separate party and that there is not very clear also causes your affection for them to decrease your care for them to diminish what is an option between it's what Moses did this to pray earnestly for the to intercede for them is what God is looking for us to do in passing the final test when winters stated that he pours on us his terrain the latter rain is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and one of the fruits of the Spirit is love so that when we demonstrate the type of practical love that the Bible simplifies the end result is a great feeling of love and what is the result or the end goal and abounding love in our experience is that we will be blameless at the hearing of Jesus Christ but start heads for prayer our father in heaven I asked that she would take the words of your holy Bible that you would use them as a power in the lives of us are here that you would find a way to creates in us that love that very type of love distinguishes Christians from others I claim the promise in your command that we ought to love and to obey you that you can make itself and the promise in the law that you will show mercy to those that needs no simple conditions I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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