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  • July 1, 2007
    2:00 PM
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are we thank you for the awesome opportunity of being here once again this afternoon we thank you father for your word which is assured died in a world that is totally confused father we asked as we open this word this afternoon that your Holy Spirit will be with us we know that in our own power we can never comprehend the word much less limit and so we plead for the Holy Spirit to give us understanding up to give us the power to live in harmony with the principles of your word we thank you father for hearing and answering prayer for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus amen in the course of what you have studied this weekend second Peter chapter one and verse four begins by stating the special privilege as a way to God 's people have already received income in those first four verses of second Peter chapter one yes that God has already given us faith he has got us everything that we need for life and godliness and besides he is great and glorious promises that we can participate in the divine nature and escape from the corruption of the world which is caused by evil desires that spring up from our hearts now because of what Jesus has done for us because of all these things that God has given us face everything we need for a life of godliness he's given his glorious promises whereby we can escape the corruption of the world and the Zionists in the following process fluid beer is not tell us that because you have received all of these blessings we should now put forth every effort to live a sanctified life and to live a life of progress in the Lord so basically it's second Peter one began by telling us what we have already received and that it challenges us in the light of the blessings that we have received of the promises that we have received what we should do in the light of that knowledge August et al. in our Bibles to Genesis chapter twenty eight and I would like to read I just one verse in this chapter Genesis chapter twenty eight is thinking about the experience of Jacob after he stole the birthright from his brother and after he received his father he fled from home and he laid his hand on his Iraq the Bible tells us that he had a dream that this dream is very closely connected to what's been being what's been discussed here this weekend will even chapter twenty eight and I would like to read verse twelve it says there that need three and behold a ladder was set up under your and its top rate still haven't been there the Angels of God were ascending and descending you are sorry I have a picture of this latter you'll know I said this ladder is set up on earth the latter reaches the highest heaven and Angels are ascending and descending upon the land not what is this latter represent the fact is that the Bible explains very clearly in fact from the lips of Jesus himself in John chapter one and verse fifty one if you go with me John chapter one and verse fifty one we find Jesus explaining the meaning of this latter sure is nice to hear the sound of the pages of the Bible we should still be the people of the book not the people of the two I guess they are used to anymore because everything is digital these days as John chapter one verse fifty one Jesus is speaking to Nathaniel who would become one of his disciples and said to him most assuredly I say to you hereafter you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man so that ladder in Genesis chapter twenty eight was a symbol on illustration of Jesus Christ not young honest that the latter had to key places or points first of all the latter reached to the highest heaven because God was standing at the palpable letter speaking according to experts the myeloma latter was firmly planted on the earth now the question is what would misrepresent the fact that the latter was firmly grounded on your and yet reached the highest heaven the fact is that this latter the top and the bottom of the latter represents the divinity and humanity of Jesus by the way this would solve that this latter is different then the letters that we usually set up because you were using the latter and we plan the latter on the ground and then we plant where we wanted to go where we want to listen to but this latter is different because this latter is not set up on earth and leads to heaven it is actually a ladder that is let down from heaven to the earth because the Bible tells us that Jesus was God before he became feckless reunited John chapter one and versus one and then we'll jump down to verse fourteen John chapter one verse one and then we'll go down to verse fourteen is sexier in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was not so what was the word God God the father one with the father but the notice verse fourteen and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth so you so what will later he was God in heaven where the father one with the father when the father the trial when the father sharing all of the attributes of the father and when he was born in Bethlehem he assumed another nature he assumed that human nature why believe in God is trying to do just this latter is the fact that the humanity of Jesus gives us the model that we need to follow where has the defendant of Jesus gets us the power to follow them music is indispensable for Jesus Linden human and divine human because he needed to form a perfect humanity if you please that we could be modeled after missing our lives have to be model according to the perfect pattern but how can we model our lives after the perfect pattern if there was no pattern saw Jesus became man to to form a character that has all of these virtues that we been talking about this weekend a perfect humanity perfectly balanced in every sense of the word so that as we look upon Jesus we see the perfect model of the newsroom home is a false we can file than perfect model in ourselves especially in our sinful condition sinful human nature can not reach the divine ideal and that's why we need the other aspect of Christ the other nature of Christ could you please is his divine nature where is my major he empowers us to follow the example you set in his unit another way of expressing it is that Jesus as God links us with our and as man he links God with us he is one with us is our brother and ever stopped to think what it means and uses a brother he shares our commissioner in all Jesus said that no one can come to the father but through him you know basically what that means it means that before we can come to the father we must become brothers and sisters of Jesus is a God the father has only one true son one fateful sign in as Jesus we are all following sons and on Jesus is the only son was one hundred percent fatal to his mother is the only one wanting to be called the son but we receive Jesus into our life we become brothers and sisters of Jesus that's what it says in Hebrews chapter two he is not ashamed to call a slack excellent for brothers and sisters of Jesus and Jesus can come to his father and he says that I have a number basketball and the farmers in Jesus and Jesus Pastor Borgia brother will infuse your brother is my son to heaven Jesus meant when he said well and comes unto the father but by me always of Jesus Fuller by copying the model of his humanity so the power of divinity that's why this passage begins by saying that God has given his largest promises that we can be barbed anchors other than high Niger Nile during this weekend we've spoken about eight virtues and actually these are eight runs allowed to say that eight virgins are really the wrongs of the letter Middle East have an image that briefly faith but only faith is not mentioned first because the foundation without faith it is not impossible emblazoned and also says there him resent that in order for us to come to God we must first of all have faith that he has some faint not on the other virgins would be possible and you'll know that at the very top of the latter is a copy of an Asian one of these verges is a wrong on the latter in the process of sanctification were eventually we reach the kingdom as will notice at the end of this passage the first is faith these days in a lower rate is really an action word is a noun but it really plays the part of a bird in my space is not something that happens up your faith should be better translated trust that you have a second virtue which is fortunate really instantly translate the moral excellence then you have knowledge the great cardinal since it's not talking about intellectual knowledge is talking about experiential knowledge to know someone is a person Prince probably a better translation would be self-control then you have patience by the way are two words that are translated nations in the New Testament one of them is the word macrosomia which is translated in the King James version long-suffering but the word is used here is not microfilming the word is used here is what moment in SF as probably you heard in the course of this weekend at Beaumont a means endurance and perseverance it is a person rent patients with the same word that is used in Revelation here is the actions of the same here are they who keep him from the benefit of Jesus in our course this morning we talked about godliness which basically is self-sacrifice service humility and my friend John spoke about brotherly kindness Philadelphia is the Greek word and then finally at the very top of a ladder ago amid arranges some statements from the white brown white clock this idea that the latter is Jesus and these virtues are actually runs on the letter the first statement the letter read comes from the book the page eighty four profound statement she says Christ is the latter the face is planted firmly on the earth in his humanity the most round reaches to the thought of God and his divinity the humanity of Christ and process fallen humanity while his divinity lays hold upon the throne of God we are saved since we are saying by climbing round after round of the ladder looking to Christ clinging to Christ not being step-by-step through the height of Christ so that he has made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption in the notice what Jesus faith virtue knowledge temperance patience godliness brother brotherly kindness and charity are the rounds of this letter each one is a step in the letter novelist like to continue seeing all these graces are to be manifested in the Christian character and after you do these things you shall never fall for Saul and entrance shall be ministered on the one violently into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in another statement acts of the apostles page five hundred and thirty GMT this to say these words are full instructions she's referring to the words in second Peter these words are full of instruction and strike the keynote of victory the apostle presents before the believers the latter of Christian progress so these runs on the ladder of Christian progress every step of the latch represents advancement in the knowledge of God and in the I always there is to be no spans the same virtual knowledge temperance patience godliness brotherly kindness and charity are the rounds of his life is what she says we are saved by climbing round after round mounting step after step to the high of Christ's ideal for how can we put how can we ever copied in the DeJesus revealed these qualities in his character when he walked upon this earth he most certainly did how did he develop what is going on right now he depended upon the divine power of his and we can behold Jesus and the apostle Paul says that we can also be changed and changed by the spirit of a lark and were not change because of some effort that we put forth were changed because the divine power of the human Jesus is available to us I have the privilege of growing up in Venice when from the time that I was four years old my parents I went as missionaries and I study all of my primary education Spanish so I speak the language of heaven just to help our existing gutters got a phone call today from one of the persons that works as a volunteer or secrets unsealed office and she she was dumping on assignment in Spanish and Sesame you are listening to this Pentecostal preacher here any sounds identical to you and I said putting the aggregate cancer including the she says well I think his name is Steven Bahr said what when you mean Aziz is all you have twice the enthusiasm Spanish that you have any and the reason is because Spanish is really my first language is the language I grew up with in fact you know I did not know how to read or write English was fourteen years old my parents sent me from South America to Wisconsin Academy straight paths for semester I mean not even if plus five in the second semester I might've gotten a D- here and there but what you expect when you're in the Academy and you don't not read or write I do not want to read or write English well after a while I became straight season average par for the course many years later I have the opportunity of going to the country of Columbia and studying three years of my theological course in our university there and also a little bit later on I have the privilege of teaching theology there in the University for six years and while my mother was a great experience the reason I'm sharing this with you is because when I was a student the school would organize these outings where they were going to the country one place which is a favorite of mine was about an hour driving distance from the city of Medellin Columbia there was this CEO launch its own huge was a stone ballad like a stone barn was on their housing feet high three hundred feet in diameter and then set up in a way that they had left a ladder that things add up the side of the obvious rock solid it involved one viewpoint at the very palpable the name of the Rockies and banging on that means the risk actually inside and not translatable word it means a solid rock really and Daniel and I remember the first time that thought I went there I was dating my wife at that time you know I find that her down there got married on their and I looked up the side of that walk the stairs of zigzag of the top up to the top of the rock they were not set in stone they were actually hanging statements and the zigzag busily six hundred and forty five steps to the top interestingly enough these space caps that you went out they hung in the air undersigned Devereaux 's and as you were walking on these boards because of a board that you are walking on some boards missing and it had been raining and the bars were very very slippery and I was younger and you could feel this at all this letter this case moving from side to side I remember saying to related likewise unless one is not meeting goal is that it looks like was able to convince them so I decided I would go now before we went home we got some very very careful instructions using the stairs was slippery it was windy this was a thousand feet up some of the bars were missing and by the way some of the words broke both the markets going through the Ancel the individual who was selling the ticket says another someone knows that you need to follow as you climb to the top of his rock number one get rid of everything that might weigh you down so in addition everything they asked anything extra that we are second covered the house and don't let loose a set also always keep popping up now and I'm a huge mistake if you look down in fact the phrase because if you freeze your meta- owns and always keep advancing of value what I have just started going up that staircase and I was pretty because there things moving back and forth the ropes using was an flimsy ropes and they were moving back and forth and boards missing an slippery I don't know how the world engages Thomas will allow our students have always thought that rock but they did not have to earn that experience I couldn't help but think about the latter on Genesis twenty in John chapter one because the same instructions that we got for climbing the rock are the instructions I gave Jesus to us as we progress in our Christian life what are the first of all we must begin at the bottom of the foundation with faith and warming on the top rung which is a popular by the way when I got to the top of that rock absolutely spectacular the view is everything in the area is green green hills agriculture fresh air blowing wonderful to be at the top of it was worth going up as we progress on the letter they happen we must also keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we want to freeze there are many Christians who are frozen in their religious experience we call them the frozen chosen we have to get rid of all of the earthly baggage that weighs us down they would make our journey more difficult we should never look down we should always let and of course we should never stop stop progressing we must cling to Jesus like I claim to those ropes and you know at the end of the journey it will all be worth because are going to be in heaven and more have a look at the first advent of the awesome experience to know what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul it is worthwhile climbing that ladder hanging the most the most time and effort and zeal to progressing in the I want to note a second Peter chapter one and verse eight when we are advancing upon this latter were told something very interesting verse eight oh seven p.m. chapter one it says for it and these things are yours and abound numbers of these virtues are your amount you will be neither bearing by the way the word is better translated in active or idle you will not be interacting our idol not unfruitful that word unfruitful connects with the license shall provide for you have another list of virtues the fruit of the spirit is love is either the most important virtue in this list faith as the foundation of the letters please first thought is not that love is the most important and least important as the most important but it all depends how you can get the top of a ladder as the uppermost will our boy can also be found I should be pending on how you look at is what beer is saying that if we have these merchants were not to be an active arrival in fact we are not to be unfruitful because whatever fruit of the spirit in our lives but what about people who are not progressing who don't have the smallest person I for he lacks these things as these virtues is short sighted that word shortsighted is pretty good translation what it means is there a person who does not have these virtues can't see the big picture in other words they're just nearside you know I don't have any problems with my farsightedness I have problems with my nearsighted that's why most metabolism in a place where there's a lot of light like here is my glasses but the word here really means shortsighted not to see the big picture and what is the big picture but the answer is that this life is not all that there is there's a hall fields are out there that the universe waiting for us to explore and if we don't have these messages were just seeing the little here and now and were not seeing the glorious things that God has prepared for his people in the future for those who love him knows firsthand therefore brethren be even more diligent to make your call and election sure that's interesting I want to make a call and let's ensure that sanctification make a difference in RL and one says that we are not saved by our good works what you says also that we will not be cited with open on to understand well she speaking of works not as the root of our salvation but as the fruit of our salvation if there is no fruit you know I'm a proud Reagan in Boston say I'm an avocado tree to another resident avocados UN raises the question whether the boundary because an avocado tree should bear on the preference the same is true it was done with the genuine fresh major Christian who is Jesus can't help but produce fruit knowledge verse ten therefore brethren be even more diligent to make your call and election sure for if you do these things you will never stumble or you will never fall into the idea the latter here any of you ever fallen off a ladder under a follow-up letter but I've been almost there more than once hanging about I stress here that if you have these merges the runs on the latter and you you cling to Jesus you will not fall not stop in the book God 's amazing grace page one hundred and seventy seven Ella White had this to say he who is trying to reach heaven by his own works in keeping the law is attempting on impossibility he was trying to copy Jesus the character of Jesus without divine help in attempting an impossibility because not within our power to do so by the way you know every kind of the apostle Paul in his writings he says that when I justified by the works of the law is used by many Christians to say seek words have nothing to do with your salvation but the fact is that that expression of the apostle Paul works of the law by definition those are not good works laws are bad works my definition is not the apostle Paul uses that expression works of the law he's speaking about works that will perform in a forgot to save us that they are not good works out by the apostle Paul in many places space about works of love works on face book and genuine when he begins or produced by the power of God so she says he was trying to reach heaven by his own words in keeping the law is attempting an impossibility man cannot be saved without obedience scripts man cannot be worked saved without obedience so are we saying my obedience of organizing without any initiatives which of the two wheels of a car is more important front wheels of backwards okay but eventually when you start your car in normal weather in the exciting and I was happy placing your wits of the wheels moved first the front of the necklace of all events whether it's from Lori will drive in somebody else's I is laboring you know I kind of find ways of getting off the hook file does not however with the no automobile when you put your car in gear and you start your car rolling ranch wheels moved first the front wheels of the back wheels that's a positive snap will drive in the eleventh the back wheels propel the front wheels the best the relationship between faith and works than that thanks King said you know sometimes I challenge people and mouth tells you to see as you point out why didn't somebody to come up and pick up just this side of the paper anyway one of the elves of studies is okay I'll peel it is my desire I think they works designs were going it's a package deal is not given or about both and in their proper relationship state James and Paul had to deal with the different enemies of the gospel Martin Luther didn't have much use for the book of James probably you know that because of the epistle of straw didn't have much use for revelation either the only tables that Luther never wrote a commentary on Mark James and revelation interestingly enough in the book of in the book of James what he didn't like was the fact that James has was not Rahab justified by works was not Abraham justified my wireless what are his only begotten as Paul says I justified my fact without words not without works but was not what without works of law which by definition are evil works using Paul and James are fighting against a different enemies of the gospel it must always fighting against those essay I'm saying my networks and chances fighting against us were saying I'm saying without works selling up with Paul and James together policy were saved by grace through five and James would say a man a faith that works are not enemies then I finally weather science that is each other their back-to-back financial of different enemies of the gospel and what women starting this weekend is the promise of a license identification suddenly without justifying we know how we justified were justified by grace through faith without any merit of our own but if we truly have experience Christ delightful journey you can say that it is Christ in your life and would like the devil Jesus said my guilt by their fruits you shall know since the things they then cannot be saved without obedience but his works should not be options South that's worth a lot Christ should work him to will and to do of his good pleasure notes copy the model by appealing to his his divine power to continue say all that man can go without Christ is pulled in selfishness and send back which is wrong little faith is acceptable to God when we see today in heaven and on the merits of Christ the soul makes progress looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we may go on from strength to strength from victory to victory for through Christ the grace of God has worked out our complete salvation in our salvation actually has three diamond we were saved we are being saved and we shall be saved we were saved by what Jesus did on the cross we are being saved because Jesus is living his life the last I wish I only saved when it may eventually walk on the sea of glass the Bible states the most recent now the question is how can we progress in this life of sanctification illustrated by this latter the eight runs and by the way I believe that there are other virtues that are not mentioned here these are only a certain list against the idea about what God would want us to have in our lives was a secret it's not complicated second Corinthians chapter three which will be our last text this afternoon second Corinthians chapter three and verse eighteen second Corinthians chapter three and beginning actually let's read verse eighteen but we all communist all with unveiled face as already as an American what not glory the Lord you know the glory of the Lord is your God 's glory is God 's glory is his care so was carried where we looking at here character of Jesus but we almost unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of a large what happens as a result our being transformed into the same image is always there for the life of Jesus as a model is a image that we argument we are being transformed into the same image is all that wants no incest from glory to glory and how doesn't happen just as by the spirit of the Lord by the way the word transformed here is a Greek word meant on waterfall what word do we get English metamorphosis a master in what way is a Caterpillar similar to a butterfly electric you look at Caterpillar you'll get a butterfly to look anything like that at all in all my hobbies I live in Minnesota was that identifies and beautiful tropical butterflies down there so I I've learned a lot about butterflies in the course of my life in all I had fabulous collections in fact my collection is still in Wisconsin and in the biology department in a well classified just beautiful I don't collect them anymore because I can't stand until for writing about Finder honor I have been colors and inventory in all that have the look and have been involved in the same colors as they see in the book but I don't want to observe me process of metamorphosis yet first of all you know the one that is not the mother butterfly lanes it lays an egg in an MFA hatches and have a little one the larva starts eating the leaves from that tree and I can only prevent prevented from any other source has to be there for the longest are sleeping and eating insights growing runs becomes as great big hairy caterpillar and then overcomes any yet that doesn't stop at a certain point today's letter to Walmart with tree and he starts burying himself in a cocoon of Christmas he buries himself was within the chrysalis and then the cool changes colors based on the color of the environment where the cocoon is incredible compliment and then stays there for a few days and all of a sudden it starts moving violently and suddenly it starts breaking and low outback who comes out a beautiful butterfly no not quite yet about any of you ever seen a butterfly to just come out with cocoon it is all shriveled up you know because it's wings have to be the certain fluid that has to go into the wings so it takes a while this is a butterfly is the more basal wild wings to spread out and feel it safe says Winslet is having an epileptic seizure shaking like that you know this idea and finally after some romance sometimes in the bosom of more than an hour the wings are totally outspread beautiful Wendy and butterfly flies off into the sky miracle has taken place capital or has been changed into unbelievable being spoken about here but if possible now one word on board doesn't mean they were all beautiful young it will take a while but we need to progress in all there's nothing really on your dirtier than a newborn baby all others will give the other two whatever they got all cleaned off entering the blankets in the letters are very good cleaned up and what do they do they begin the process of my gross analog expects is that we be growing in harmony with the privileges that we recently that's advancing the letters using a different illustration is the same principle the principle of growth advancing in the latter reaching full and complete authority let me ask you how much is a pollywog look like a frog on your cold calling logical pathways right you realize frog tonsil metabolite I like any other process of metamorphosis takes place I'm radical change and is what happens in the Christian chat radical change takes place in the life with the divine power of Jesus is coming into the life prayer and Bible study for witnessing to attending church building personally until with Jesus Christ and by day moment by moment if we are doing that folks people will see a difference in what it will recognize nonelectric members we doesn't mind it all chosen as a guinea pig but I don't appear you is that I baptized him two months ago he works at the post office and the post office told him that it was not going to get inside the sock and so he sent on keeping the Sabbath the newborn baby Vanessa and we went you know to have a hearing and short of it is said I'm not going to a necromancer he works with passing such a radical change in his life but not existing I think I have used now and is a newborn relatively speaking it's a miracle God 's divine grace so the apostle Paul says that we get venison that latter likely be our eyes focused upon Jesus the author and finisher of our faith if we do this we will never fall and will find an entrance into the eternal kingdom and will be able to do what I get in a small-scale stand at the top of that rock the conqueror blocking the beautiful scenery only will be able to compensate for fast viewing is not at all throughout the universe with our beloved youth I pray to God that as we return to our home that we will have our mindset that we're going to get down to business more to dedicate our time and our efforts what really counts in life you want to say that Jesus is not yet understand that that's the desire to return home with this determination is Sean Jesus in your life and Sharon Jesus with all of your soul and with all of you might want to print with you this afternoon it's pretty fun whenever we thank you for revealing your will so clearly in your holy Word we thank you because you have not left us in this world helpless hopeless but through the power of Jesus Hewitt may have made it possible for us to be restored fully and completely even better than before sin father thank you for performing that miracle in our lives father I ask that you will bless each person here this afternoon father asked that you will give us a firm determination that we are to return to our homes and were going to be like Jesus through his divine power we know about the revelation of Jesus Christ of the world that is joined to all the world with your glory we just want to be a small part of so father we place ourselves in your hands asking that you will do your work in our lives and in your name and your name only might be honored and glorified in everything that we do everything that we say in whatever we thank you father for hearing and answering prayer for the asking of the precious name of Jesus amen


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