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Men are blue, ladies are pink, and all that goes with that is marital communication.


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message is insightful do you read me I will recently overhaul as we didn't want it to be over do you read me you save outings or radio to hear what you're really saying is you hit me the readme sent a message tonight is about communication particularly as it pertains between a husband and a wife of these principles will get a ride of anti- indicate with your children how your children communicate with each other on how we communicate with everybody we can learn some very precious lessons on communication as we look at the relationship of Jesus with his disciples I have some interesting dynamics in May here we God without this one off with John Chapter eighteen verse thirty six of those of you taking notes Jesus said tell me if this is complicated my kingdom is not all this world if my kingdom were of this world my servants would fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not from here so if Jesus was saying that to you do you think you would get it yes hindsight we get it the disciples those words it was the disciple John who wrote those words in the the sound waves came from Jesus vocal cords and out and into their idiot drums and they heard the words but they didn't hear the words good night you see how this applies in our marriage we hear the words we really hear the hot behind the words it's as if Jesus is talking through actual wine megaphone how over the white megaphone but the disciples are hearing through Jewish hearing aids so it comes out undivided sunglasses in the brain somehow it got distorted along the way on this happens to you happens them I can call me just a few minutes ago and is now on I'm going down and yes regular annual hear about some of as we move on through the it wasn't that the disciples didn't want to hear it wasn't that they didn't love him but given up everything to follow him with going to be aware that we all filter words humanity else's things out and we don't hear it so here we are at a feather down John six fifty therefore when Jesus perceived that they were bound to come and taken off and make it okay I didn't get it today said they were they were again Gina 's office he wasn't going to put himself forward so it is not good somebody's got have to do is get this thing organized on telling what were up to and at the last minute we'll just taken a more making getting Pete Doherty sent some of my kingdom is not from he now is a little bit easier for us to see the lack of I'm sending because this is between Jesus and the disciples about how is it when it's in your house we can sort them out as we carry on and resurrection of Jesus in verse thirty one and will and will suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and the sky I think he'll train they are unable to understand did you understand what was being said there will stuff is making an Jewish aren't they coherent and four seconds working what they are that's why you know PA national and human and Jesus Lincoln hearing will need to be thinking about how they then had that were he says it you hear something completely different interesting thing about candidates is not the sixties is written on eight thirty one and he began to teach them he didn't just tell them this one wasn't just one sentence that they miss he was teaching them this ministry and often times when communicating to each other and we miss it not because we don't love each of them not because we try not to get it this one's a classic I love this one Matthew sixteen those of you taking notes six and seven then Jesus said to them the disciples say key and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees they knew what that was wasn't just the stuff you put in the bread next verse and they reasoned among themselves saying it because we've taken the brand must be a little bit exasperating even sue our Lord Jesus Christ have temptations to deal with a slight he didn't do this this puppy what I would've done I will try and do you want to analyze and you know nothing about them in your your life just as they are already told you this is why I'm devastated again please listen you didn't do the appraisal of a fairly evaluate the triumphal entryway hang you up internal entity reply failure we are now he's turning into Jerusalem triumphal entry is our major page five seventy one put it this way isn't it that way which seems to be designed the crowning day of their long the crowning day of their life Jesus is riding into Jerusalem why because I'm this is the current value and live looping shot and we blew me I will then see the rejoicing was between the suffering and all that is repeatedly told them by you in the gunshot in the presentation of the historical words let's his prosperous reign of David they just didn't get it why do they get it Jesus is speaking zero one they've got a Jewish birthday coherently and so what they hear what he said I'm not the same thing I did a venture in honoring lives what we hear and what was said that we run in these situations and nothing so try and figure out how to decode when you said you have good marriage we have to have good communication I know you ladies all know that and I know the guys on those out as well but sometimes we lack the schools and we want to give you some schools to really listening to the hot now this doesn't just apply to your spouse sometimes your children speak and you miss that haunts sometimes assist the speaks and you miss her hot again is not because we do not love each other is because naturally were old worlds of different and we felt that things different we filter out things that when you know where that came from the other we do this it just kind of filters it out we have an example yet that we might be going to Avalon Halladay before our wedding day I than traditional dating back to Vancouver a culture where we came from we can thought I was wearing an engagement ring when we got engaged people doing the same time matching wedding rings engagement ring and so there is still seeing in the teeny-weeny banking is and you can exactly listen you mention I will call them South African leadership in the not too late evening he put out his wedding ring is a one-way street is unlocked of determining going on at him at your is about me I know when I was on years of married life is in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine I certainly classroom eleven days I will see what people think is in your you as we say not as he felt in grade with the lively I forget where I had warned enough vision to be a midwife and hang out weakening Syria's influence later that we will bring that they were in the acquaintance of my perfume and I will take that back in time and is only I was saying I ate weeks in each other's company obtained on hunting memory planning that is written so he understands it well and you will gain will ring through my mind and I'm sure you can document that wages no as I know what you had now what do they not what I was saying was I saying then I didn't want to wear a ring on one ring is again divided into Mary Ellen on the review got a wedding ring on finally highly doubt my love and I know I is in Europe wearing the twelfth as he is in a bit more complicated than I remember that because you this line during well it was on the program and it was their own voters of his thing it was two rings I yeah I will will will will will get the money anyway you want anything I will give you no one even sat in the classic example I was talking as one person said I was talking to a blue megaphone and as the sun ways went to the act they got filtered through a pink hearing aid in and came out different it wasn't what I meant is I was not in love with this girl and I couldn't wait to marry him but you see how it happens but now you're laughing at us that this happens regular your house is a how on a salary honesty check who have not once a valiant okay thank you and all copies of the game I'm a very good I got both lines of research and pitch another simple example this wasn't actually happened but it could be a could of happened in husband-and-wife working together in the God maybe we can the flower bed on the husband nice guy is one of the nights in conversation he says to his dear wife looks like you put on a bit of weight recently I say I finish it looks like you put it little bit away time recently I think his kids are asked me this man man made his I might be me I I united you know I will care him and him and you will that is what we have in the evening we know when we get them I read the thing is ladies what you've got to understand is the guy thought he was doing really well because you noticed we had noticed many things so these kind of kind of putting a bit proud of himself that he now thinks I be thinking that he liked the fact that I know this and I giving up anything so then what happens is the mighty China get so defensive mankind clams up and stopped going often these with engines and the guys think it will and when venting trying to deteriorate scenarios like a while and then when you're on a house here in one year we will we doubt that everything is young and gifted monasticism and strong and something help me with anything until I wish you could hear a way of being in and do what we're dealing with our main all right what do you think I may go on and on and on gelation and there are legions people confuse which is not reading each other should be the this message use do you read me so the very fact that you are relating to this and I and you I speak to give yourself away every time you log we know that you know exactly what we're talking about so it's obvious I know you all didn't put your hand up about misunderstandings but you probably already laughed so we know the truth this is another example what we just don't remember I want to reiterate Missus wasn't half of the system they also sought that man speaks through blue megaphones the gills filter it through that pink hearing aids on his something different and it happens the other way around the galloping I have the Nokia puts headphones is another example the husband is lying on the floor in the kitchen tinkering with the bottom of the French was not funny and has not had an attack is tinkering with the bottom of the fridge the probably the reason Weiss tinkering with the bottom infringement why would you think it was the bottom of the French once you fix it okay get thirty six and the French the White wolves into the kitchen season line that on the floor tinkering with the bottom of the fridge and she's thinking always in DIY England that weakness in expressive rehydrate yourself notice even the fix-it money so she wants to use the clothes dryer and so she comes up to him and in a cheerful pink megaphone since we thought did you fix the dry of coming beautiful why we don't hear anything we were and sometimes when you're trying to do some of those jobs around the house is a little awkward being that the screwdriver one six Colorado got the job and get into the screwdriver can be a little bit irritating and just about point when you're struggling now she's onto the eye so in a moment of weakness suite objects of the tryout were not fixed the phrase just don't keep bugging me out she just came in and you thinks the dryer she was looking for a fight she was in a nice question that I and you got to thinking this of interest in thinking what he will bring us exactly when using the one that was definitely hearing students exhibiting his wife once thinks fixing because things right now even we can keep in an hour and we currently viewing the group right now when you and you have an account manager and I got enough in the obscenities you something soon ladies if he comes back at you they just trying would bump into the second half of the next reading between the lines in determining the lifetimes of the very finest in this together okay so we define the problem name speak through the unwitting we just is making this generic I noticed this happen every time in every marriage but that there is a physiological differences between the male brain in the female brain that they can than the politics and late I can see that our differences and the fact that your old giggling at some of these things know you know that we hate in the in your home as well as as so as a problem that's going to some of the solutions brothers we have got to learn a second language it's cold pink no Spanish think you've got to learn to hear pink if you want to have good communication between you and your wife another thing is you need to be how to read between the lines and then some guys have been working on this because I discovered in our relationship that Caroline does not always say what she needs I don't know why she'll say one line above him online beneath Iran's most figure out what's in the end it will be given example is again I'm walking hand-in-hand through Cosco or will not have children in the county school logic in your typical situation and what we would be we be pushing the thoughts I guess and that we won't pass the flowers and Karen says snow was funny I can see okay native what is she saying and I know you before assuming that you have an real this response anywhere I also know they were watching the lifestream here I know you did we've never said any of this stuff before so men you go to read between the lines make it easy for you are right just for the sake of illustration in the first line is smell those Rosie 's honey as the first line doesn't smell the flowers the second line is on the Ramses now men in this setting you know what's in between that you man just give me a did your wife and of every issue as well making what is she saying that I would like some farmers is easy here at family camp you can get it but what if when you're in Cosco your frantically going up and down the aisles as you pass the file is under looking for the WD-40 is in the last time I was in the easiest ways is as if I was leaving and leaving him to win a seat the disciples makes the nice funny but it happens too many times what happens here one of the things are going well January you would feel more and why I allowed for communication and welcome to the dinner party and are you laughing in the world you are limited in the lower because you don't want to be number one saying he will need when you are only hurting I went as I is not as when someone you know and I'm not going well and she may not be vulnerable to say because she's fearful you might think that he will not be deemed to be so we've got to understand that reading between the lines is crucial if you want to understand why is great at praying a assignment you go off tangent questions pray and ask questions I was a little bit later on we can cover you don't okay so this is another illustration for the ladies we need to be listening to try to read between the law and in what if you suddenly read between the line I will be the headline while the link between the lines I was always in between the lines and they were in and will I will and he went in the barn classic example about me but this is just the city many hold example will looking up to the auditorium Karen and I simply comes alongside us and says his admin singing tonight so these men singing tonight Tom does not just left home he's really easy he's not ahead and these behind me has no idea is menacingly he's most deleted so when I'm not on it when the balloon what man calls another rheumatic might be magnified under his blue here in a law have to say is exactly what I said is song is missing you tonight you're wrong okay I'll be there by you can do that in a month of Sundays and then we just say it as it is and you try to read the next line down we didn't say that you said that we didn't say that and how their care and availability in and in and in my gallery is currently illegal in all that they are listening to what I had to go in and I was about twelve years in Philly twelve thirteen years I will one day live in and care it is a you know what will eventually live the mountain range and is as nice as the ones I just hear his voice I think that evening and morning light on life and I will and give them your e-mail will come in anything else I just mentioned in I will change everything you will and I will than we did we read are you I live in the doing you are one with mine I is okay but when it was newly released as needed it was a very good when I is not really clear what it means I need I need help you know I know the second one is that even though not all the angiogram on this in his process just talk to each other many Muslims rioting is an alternate analysis afternoon this was really good now that is gone sorry it's going from me it was I thank you thought I give your breath if you are writing Seo wise to see you just as you're coming up to the evening meeting the case now I shave two ago most system goes my ghetto is being yet if you conjure face in proportion and unshaved face would be really be the attaché face of the nicest so doing to a guy I tell a guy Josh I also write shady small yet we just you doesn't go my skills is big eating habits that will disconnect there is another one this is the rest of all some three hundred breakout moment in that as well and I was at hand looking after the children and wife comes out of the breakout and she sees you and was pretty much FS list where it really gives me often around here somewhere around the SOS away from you but to its heroine is ideal I then lined out right away that she was not there yet anyway enough of his example and practical number three one of us we need to go you didn't talk to you talk about that one everywhere men due to remind us that we get some okay there is one area where men speak between the lines are naturally figured it already is a lot of energy tonight is a lot of intuition going on practical number three D coding like you said we have to learn to the code that's really where talking about the code out why not just the words in your fifty candidates I know that's pretty difficult but the coding has to go on so not just words but actions so you're what he knows is your wife is always compared when she's on the phone 's on the phone 's on the phone and you can come out with Ronnie always on the phone all we can do some coding decoding why is she always on the men would you have any ideas why your wife might be always on the phone I want will you do what you are not taking a nice time he needs to just come in out of the on the people who talk on the same with you on the federal time you husband 's not doing his job will not say no to be the just generics another one here she's trying to organize and every last aspect of family life may any ideas when it might be because we're not very good maybe maybe that's because the code doesn't look at these things and can then with your blue spectacles but think why what is going on here God can help us become one when she organizing every last thing they asked us we thought the eight of my leaving the family watching a great job suite yeah somebody that organize the details and okay decode decode how about she's upset with the children will you come home from work and it's like talking to a wall is going on what is going on why is not happening maybe she is exhausted maybe she is at the end of the room maybe she just needs you to take her by the hand and take a fool is a sweetheart just pour it on tell me one hundred and well I have a well better be a long walk in okay another example of decoding and how we can see it is the decoding opportunity your wife split house clean not the nicest designs you'll always have a nutshell working on silly project we should never stop it once the cry of the hall is it the project is in the city project now has not been issued why is the issue come on you know you see but if you do not get it he knew that he say anything he knew he has a connection with the book what happens is we tend to a not humanity we get defense is known as the project we talked about it before I start today as it was the money and sometimes he called out to be good for the company and off we go because then you've got to decode I remember and I said this before from the opening night such a big impression on me Tom's father when he was still alive as Tom said in the closing years of his life he had Alzheimer's and he is mine wasn't working properly but his body was good and to try and help these brave deoxygenated and get things working properly Wayne encouraged in every day to go off-road will keep multiple and he would welcome that rather than he would walk backend one they didn't come back and so you have some and I went out and ran out of nothing went out looking for grandpa and it was it was near the end of the day they couldn't find grandpa so they cause in Jewish members of which we were sung on we will come around the warehouse these ladies looking for the top fine print by getting colds is among some of you have springtime and it was getting color getting consistently cold should you rescue was the judge found that Whitlow given the knowledge books and eventually we found grandpa 's hometown grandpa was this rescue he was way way up this trail we do not trail we didn't go to see the lesson oftentimes we get when we are talking we go to sleep deep enough into what we did the person saying precisely with pretty easy and we don't slow down lines like we could we don't think of it will be what you really trying to say so in a situation of the SETI project out in the shed over Shaw that's not the issue the issue is time she wants time then we go to decode the ladies have to decode sunburns and maybe an easier job and because they do a lot maybe we don't have to try and figure it all out and how I can you have a lot of because they're pretty and I ended up everything I had planned a nasty round glass building the fence that surrounds what it is not something that must just have a mind operates in a while I don't want a lot and I was not on whatever they sang with candidate to beat around the bush leaving so often so in I simply that will design and saying I think that the Democratic Party somewhere and he was in his writings and you as you are just trying to go live one and is the wary eye in the Harlem underwear given away when they are not really acutely used where will will will we don't have to I so late and we aren't anymore have guys you know that you intermittently and we are look on the link on engineer that why that is our wiring and then send this agreement and then with the wiring dog days of meticulous in the manner is one area where men between the lines and they often do this out of fear of rejection and lady and I think you believe or know what I'm talking about when your husband comes home from work and he break on demonstrating very affectionate is because he's these trying to make a statement these two memorable to say so I went really on a Hamas entity and not because we understand what I'm talking about is very on it we choose to understand that we don't choose not to because he is not gladly whine because we might say unto you and every so friend growth will not select simply want to understand I think you know what I'm saying because we all have different needs in the marriage we had me hitting each other needs to the hotel is nobody else can access when talking about meeting one another that's very important area in which we need to read when unlawful client is not right half-inch we had this morning at the client this is good some of these long and the cost is true the routing spouse is praying for them in a quiet time because I'll just be over sometimes this is some periods in married life canonized even though it looked for talking about communication in marriage and we don't not for the last ten years and so we've gone through I've gone through periods of not really praying for my wife and you might think why is everything in a terrible guys are thinking I completely understand it we are praying for our life if we are seeking to be open seventh and connect and your house some time with her we can be a lot more chewed into her needs and then decoding it becomes a lot but then let's face it we just help often times you said that nanotube reigns one is lost the new ones that looking for it not sure not sure so many things in life that it does I said this before as well sometimes we can put our brain into top that means there it just kind of the folks there an excuse pox and utilizes what you thinking when you say nothing because you're not thinking anything wise and never experience out to minimize a living will I wish all languages were in park and I am seeking by God 's grace not to default back to pop think on these things have communion with God moment by moment I'm part of that he's on sending with a wife is a sheet of the house down with hundreds instant that she needs some relief is is is she really is she could B because of my home modify the touch myself slightly ignorantly practical number for this is the last one I said I was swayed and ready to guess we need to be out to decode wives or husbands in a spiritual sense we need to be keeping their eyes as spiritual body on each other in the spiritual round in your spouse 's conduct is lying in more and more having less and less quiet time if you are noticing in a nice way bringing total capacity to just ignore it while don't be so busy that you don't even notice wheat we need to be wanted of this team that we need to be looking after each other it's a precious relationship so decoding some of those actions whether it be spiritual units over little bit about health as well when you obligate here okay I know it can really big bonus for you ladies it was alive our husband is not leading on or making good in our eyes there are lots of you will know making good spiritual choices I think is very damaging they are not sensitive about what we do with so if you have a field to you that your husband isn't making choices the leader and is making good spiritual choices in his life and therefore in your own way to do that what we did in our frustration maybe sometimes it just worked out that is very demeaning I actually make the situation worse not better when will we meet together he just said to me that only proceed him him and only then will you find the bad reading but before he goes to work because of the incident as a so concerned with CRI and how they will think spiritual and physical health are waiting and spiritual health just try make assumptions that be grand I'm just kind of things that can be men's meaning sister he noticed your wife is struggling spiritually that leaves the leader of the team is the one who is called by God to fix that dizzy dizzy just say to his wife suite police out again and pull yourself together God 's given us to help to look after her head to be the spiritual leader under Christ so maybe you could suggest you are faced with what we have devotions together for a couple weeks but must reach in Europe the chapters are designed to sorry pages or steps to Christ or Ephesians or additionally together seem to be the one to lift not just sell while she will current problems snowshoe figuring we need to be the ones to this turnout physical health we will wonder whether and how because I think are and how we operate in a certain number you want to crown irritable I truly think and reason that you understand what I'm talking about and have him named as all a long way away and in that situation a reading desk at work initiative the short periods you frustrated and easily irritated again and again when he I will be unveiling himself whom and when you need to anyone who is so good and when you wholeheartedly think I'll you so I read one another as he came home with a splitting headache and ensuring that even if the Senate shall be sent to the background without helping his bed and that was when sentiment there to meet one another and recognize them maybe you have surprised when a major element terminal illness maybe something is gone her longtime we need to be sensitive to one another's needs so practice wisely and give me anything I position thinking like the how question we want those needs are big and often we believe that we don't have to communicate as it becomes very difficult to messaging do you read me courage is please be more citizens of each other spiritually and physically because who else who else is going to do that when winning is better because relationships is the closest that the relationship that is so it's going to be counting looking after me and me looking after care on when we were in Africa shortly after marriage wedding ring minus living creat we headed off to Africa and Caroline was this girl named by Faye shows me go and when we got down there in Africa for a while she was she just wasn't sure she was just kind of black-and-white and dumb down the none of the elimination this may really knew Karen and I mean I know I did not well that's the none of them knew how long I knew you have so I could I could see carrying a you will you seen yourself and she said unannounced I get these headaches and time I just don't feel good Jacob now and she and I said what you think we should Yahoo go see the doctor and we all tend to think that we are invincible coming especially his name is anything wrong with him no we die is no registry dining dining outing last year lastly when I went to visit a doctor just recently said that I usually come in this bustling on with me and we fixed in the coming year or two later I doesn't always mean we fix it the guys never coming so not me as well but when we're in Africa that we we went to the dark circles where a hospital writing situation that's it wasn't difficult to go we went to the Mexican doctor account is not feeling so good you only how to do it she had malaria before ends so they did some of the tests and she drove reinfected with the mosquitoes and now she had what was the strain of malaria are the fallacy power is Caroline Veena Nesson midwife she gets in the thousands you got a research piece else the power and malaria deadly in white not immune people she's white overseeing on a new sound cigarettes every reasonable one happens is eventually crosses what they call the blood brain brain barrier identifies a real barrier but it gets out of one system into the next system and then year year and then at night sending the outset you just cannot remember where we were in Africa we as there was a lot of mosquitoes Karen was the midwife said she repeats what was underneath the mosquito net him you know they would become binding on the dose is debating the ladies in mind that this is to deliver the same hands is okay that's fine just let me put all mice repellents on the not be very hot now you so she would run off to the hospital she'd nearly have the delivery and the mosquitoes would be binding on setting up the malaria and so I am in the longtime we'd be reading the books remember the evening will never forget this we've been reading the books about malaria and we been praying together and yet it was like this but brain barrier thing I know scantly uninteresting you don't I and we were lying that and says we have to get in the bed and vocal the mosquito netting that in your social so I think that this middle switch where we can press on the mosque ethernet to the light switch and we could switch the lights off and inside the mosquito net is good husband reason is that I'm not really very handy anyway on so that we are fast asleep and then in the middle of the night I feel on my face and it was an instant chemical reaction happened to me I was always in my arm and in and out and all I can guide you when I is is not very nice this evening when he reminds me is like the funeral and as you know running up to the doctor 's house as it was heavy and cold as an and will just will is resolutely letting you have given me know as we are just in Barry O Brereton and six weeks ago I noticed in the night I was well and truly defined as he began acting at twelve fourteen ten nine twenty two six my imagination way is to understand the testing anyway will come away in twenty ten finally in after the some time of this we decided we needed to adopt that then we would let the long story short when the thyroid and raised his he is and I pray being very rarely and so you will not be writing I know you are somewhere where it says just encouragement to one needs the meeting will say right is Monday and I is you have to have the meaning one another because I don't than I did not tell anything again I tend to be done is that God 's family we do it once you continue to kill you now you would want to go out and turns why we should find out what's going on in your not comfortable with what is going on but until then she and he is in pain yes the message is essentially a but we just want to recap where we started off the disciples love them to buzz they misunderstood him him dance along twenty six until late in our relationship as husband and wife we communicate on a regular basis but often times was the new hearing aids and those pink hearing aids and megaphones they get old things scrambled up and we go here so ladies read the headlines priceless questions then if she doesn't say it directly try and read between the lines and ladies if he's talking between the lines try and figure it out please try and figure it out because from none to speak between the lines that there's some intimidation that there is some fear that otherwise you just cannot say it's a go to be extra sensitive to that so listen to each other Lena Göring to take this concept tomorrow afternoon and take it further the message is tied to cherish with really what we say and cherish each other look after each other she regards knees and pray after we had prayer will have a little time and this would be a great time husbands and wives just to pray together how the hug I motivated chitchat father in heaven thank you for the beautiful relationship that you gave his marriage one husband one way we know that they seeking to distorted terribly in these last days the praise God has been that since Eden is still alive today the father because we live here in this world is so easy to be distracted and to lower the standard in marriage 's insistence reach each other as casual friends instead and not from the weblog said on at least places as we try to read each other as we seem to have for each other we pray that you help me with wrong reasons that are thank you for hearing in the media was brought by Audiovox website spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse in your life was more so than please visit www. .net on anniversary .org


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