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Turning Strangers Into Friends

Adrian Zahid



  • June 7, 2014
    10:00 AM
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those of you who don't know why I had advanced I was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer last year and the doctors told me this year three or sixty five days to the day that I've been cured him to him and force I still have five years of follow-up and I just had my first round of CT scans and blood tests that the Lord is good and every day is a blessing and a reduced precious so today my sermon title is turning strangers into friends I was thinking about talking about my testimony German test my today but then I felt that I wanted to wait a little while and is talking to a friend of mine I told him of a chairman and then enrich itself I'm working on working on being thin and rich is the more compelling now the scary actually I I thought about sharing it but then certain events occurred that made me change my mind and decided preaches a different sermon and then more events occurred and I decided priestess of and so here we are driven in your Bibles to second Kings chapter six second Kings chapter six this is a story of a king who wanted to find out why he was being watered in every effort to defeat his enemy and this king was the king of Syria he wanted to get after the King of Israel and every time he laid an ambush for the king of Israel it just so happened that the King of Israel would find a different way and would escape and then you would lay another ambush and another hit and again the King of Israel would would pacify different way and he would not be able to get the king if he tried any wars he would be defeated and after a while he the king of Syria got his advisors together and he asked them he said tell me which one of you is a traitor which one of you is telling the secrets to the enemy one of them spoke up and said it is not us but the king of Israel has a profit and that proffered years what you say in your bedchamber and tells it to the king this is better than the NSA if you're grading is far better than the NSA so that most obvious thing than to the king of Syria was to get this profit if you could get the profit he went so he is in the middle of the night he found out where the profit was what city was in and he sent his army to go get the next morning it says in verse fifteen and the servant amendment the sermon at the man of God was risen early and gone forth behold upholstered compassed the city boarded horses and chariots and his servant said unto him alas master what shall we do the sermon went out and he looked and saw the enemy at the Gates and they were discounting for the city they were coming for them verbal for his master and so he was worried and Elisha said to him fear not even be with us are more than David B with them and serving you how is that possible these people in the city in order to save their life will trust over in a heartbeat how is that possible and so the prophet said the prophet Elisha prayed and said Lord I pray open his eyes that he may see and the Lord opened the guys of the young man and he saw and behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about election what do they enemy didn't realize was that they were surrounded even though they had surrounded Elisha Dave were surrounded by God 's Army and something amazing the going was going to happen Elisha prayed and asked God to smite those people that those of the enemy with blindness and then he went out to them while they were milling around trying to find their way and he said this is not the place and is not the man you see and he led them by the hand the entire Army of Syria all the way into the capital city of Samaria and he said and then you open his eyes and became when he saw that his enemy right there and he saw the soldiers and an knowledge they were surrounded ever in in the city itself and there was no way of escape he wanted to give it to them you want to kill them shy new set and Elisha said to him in verse twenty two dollars shall not smite them what is now smite those one taken captive with thy sword and I both set bread and water before them that they may eat and drink and go to their master what are they hear you got the enemy right there you could kill them right there and advance God 's cause you could go into Syria and you would conquer Syria because they had no more army you know many thanks for that is not sometimes our way of doing things is not God 's way of doing things and so God had a different plan is in God 's idea for Israel was that they would be a light to the world and it would share God 's salvation with other people but when it happens in their effort to knock upon societies and in their effort to not lose their faith they had built walls around themselves they had built walls it builds cities and then build walls around themselves they built all these roles to keep foreigners from getting to know them as friends they had built walls in their minds precious had built up in their minds and big had come to believe over the turn of centuries they had come to believe that God 's salvation was only for them and for nobody else and so God seen the situation wanted to show them a different way he wanted to show them what he had intended for them in the first place and so in verse twenty three says he prepared grant permission for them and when they had eaten and drunk he sent them away and they went to their master so the bands of Syria came no more into the land of Israel he killed them with kindness and kill them with kindness they never came back into Syria it went to Samaria many different times but it never came back into Israel the fight he took the fight out of turn with me to Matthew chapter five more centuries went by probably post a thousand years or more and now Jesus is in Israel as you says his ministry begins with a very powerful sermon we known as the Beatitudes and then it goes on for several pages to focus on one aspect of it after he talks about all the different things for which you can be blessed all the different attributes that you can have that can make you can make you more more attractive to people he goes on to say he in verse thirteen he says ye are the salt of your but if the salt has lost its savor where will wherewith shall it be salted it is thence thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and be trodden under foot of men goes on in verse fourteen to say ye are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick candlestick and giveth light unto all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven this was used as idea of what his followers would do and so the problem is in this day and age we are in danger of becoming like the old Israelites the modern Israel is becoming like the old Israelites sometimes we we learn all these different things will be doing different things that have a net zero effect on on God 's kingdom a do-nothing I'm never going to church several years back and this church had a fifty member choir that sixty members of the church and fifty members were in the choir and it was are is an hours every week practicing this thing and it would get up and they would sing all the additives and down and it would feel good about themselves but as a church pastor of the church my effort was to try and get them involved I get them into the community trying to sharing with your friends and bringing their friends at church but he had no time for that absolutely no time for that why because they were in the choir they were already serving her already giving our time to the church and nothing acquires a bad what I'm saying is that sometimes our activities can get in the way of real solely and so sometimes like the Jews they had been all these different things and those those things that the pimp your in the things that have been distinct were important they were important but they had become instead of in so becoming this tool to keep them pure they had become an end in themselves and because of that no light was going to the nations around them no differences they made and Jesus had to come in you to rectify this thing down what a contrast some approaches before I I show you how to change strangers into friends this happens all the time to medium shirts happened to you as well let's say that your church at Ivanhoe which is in the church of seven school years out of school and you are interacting with your friends and then some weird guy comes up to you and Kathy on the on the elbow he says hey here's a book read it even if the book but all the charm of homework right now you got homework and you take a book and you go home and you get busy life you forget about it to the race later the guy comes up to you and you test you on the shoulder I thought Lebanese is integrated under the direction will be Nelson you're your stress because you deleted your driver when it was where you put it and you admitted you haven't read it this is why we direct is the most important book in the world or would you rather do that would you do differently would you do this way would you figure out a sermon you give heard several sermons and audio verse and you like the sermons and an easier friend at having opened are talking about the problem to going through and you realize that there is a seminar he was that addresses that very issue every probably going to enter confided with you he's a man hears here's a card or a piece of paper there's a sermon on this on this topic someone addressed this a few weeks ago listen to it has the effect of far greater effect because it's relevant to their needs and they are able to begin go home and they can listen to it and if they do listen to it and it doesn't be there needs they will be more likely to share it with someone else that is how audio verse as a ministry grew there is a time and only two people knew what auditors and then for people new biographers and acting as a fifth person I thought about audio person the whole entire world by people audio verse and without any not marketing budget without any advertising without any search engine efforts on the on Google or any Internet audio versus bread to hundreds of countries all over the world in prepress countries as well and is being downloaded and what we told from the beginning to every single person that we talked about was the way we did it was not telling he does the servant 's website go there listen to all the sermons every as how we set we listen to them and be figured out whenever they share something where we felt that they could use some cinemas on there that we could add that would help them begin a McCartney said this the start you be blessed and it spread and I can't imagine how it's gone into these repressed countries because someone is selling somebody else over there and listen to a sermon it means you need a far better way listing of evaluating the people do different approach that people do for it for a while there when we when we start a church in the New Testament let's say in in acts of when we start out as a church is to be based in a whole in different homes and you would go to someone's home you need over there and you would talk about Jesus and what he did in his recent death on the cross and Peter would be there and as so a summary also be there are you on the disciples and the type of thing and the Fellowship group because people really enjoyed the fellowship of each other because they had been born again and then one of the spirit and they start to enjoy and then persecution came businessman install and he was persecuting people he will take people to jail and tortured beat them until they gave up Christ can imagine when they die even kill people and then one day he was going to Damascus and he met Jesus Christ and then he presented himself to the church and he said I'm converting can imagine Saul who just maybe killed her husband and tortured your father out of the church is now a brother in Christ how would you react to them it makes our problems in our church today seem so insignificant in comparison but what currently belong in that day was that they could see this former persecutor would become a Christian treated so well by the church itself treated like family forgotten his past forgiven him and it was because of that that the others began to join the church as well hundreds was the church grew and grew and grew people don't care what you know until they know that you care this try something then overturn centuries being we went to persecution for a long time and then we started up again in the United States God raise up a church in the United States and most of you are familiar with the history of hobbits of the research group but a group of the same way to start out with with people talking to other people and ensuring in churches and in conferences and meetings and that was up and it started to grow but it was still personal based but as we were sharing the gospel with our friends and neighbors the world around us was changing we move from the agricultural age to the industrial age where everything became everything became this this huge factor and it just became this this effort all system my station and so what we start doing we could have followed the same thing with the world where we start to bring people to these rooms and just close them on joining the church all of them together it didn't matter whether background Jordan matter what their beliefs were we would just bring them to run to the representation and saved by Jesus and then it just so happened that it just became bigger and bigger we started bigger and bigger stadiums and then online coming on on TV and attempting industrial approach to evangelism became the big thing but what happened is people started the members of the church are to look at the pastures and Satan they are the experts they are the ones that do about the witnessing what I need to do is bring my friends to this meeting and building converted so before it used to be that you have the light of God inside you and you have the Bible and yours to the Bible and you knew how best to share the truth of the Bible with your friends but it changed to where now you would take your your friend to some guy person who ever was how ever closer block they were they would then try and bring when your friend and he became inefficient so inefficient that in the last fifty years thirty million people have come into our church been baptized become members and then left to put that into perspective that is five times five times the number of people that died in the Holocaust between nineteen forty one hundred forty five think about that remember the Holocaust because we citizen that the terrible thing that should never happen again but in our church that thirty million people join our church and then leave in three years or less now either me to present the gospel to them or we were loving enough one of the other campy it can be a different and one of the other things about urbanism is that it in turn from being this thing about introducing your friend to introducing people to a set of beliefs by geezer leaves by the assemblies because the Bible says this and begin this fear -based message our prophecy became this timeline charts this is what happened in a time the seven place to eat up the seven trumpets all the different things in history all these things in a happen and the seven walls and these are things that would happen so if you want to be part of the church if you want to be part of God 's at last church join us and so people that use fear to motivate you for little while and it works it really does I had three surgeries last year three big surgeries I spent a combined total of twenty hours on the operating table flat can imagine three three surgeries now when I had my eyes second surgery Ms. Libby open chest surgery there are going to take a to Mister my lungs are the surgeon sat next to me very very close I remember you sitting in his leg was touching my leg passage about the size of undistracted by the leg it off as instructed by the man's leg touching my leg but I say there is a plan on your site appeared tentative this guy because his hands and in my chest in a week and it has processing can get it I mean so anyway I put that aside and as is and what he was saying but imagine this let's say that you are unhealthy and you've gone to the surgeon and the surgeon tells you when you take into the operating room tomorrow and returning to bypass surgery and heart is leaving about right this is the happen what if he says I were going to do it in a week and I'll I'll tell you that it's her heart but if you walk every day this week for ten miles a day by mouth in the morning and five miles in the evening it will hurt less when you get on a recovery in the cartographic ICU it will improve your life chances your chapters of decrees are your chances of dying in the ICU by thirty percent if you walk ten miles of anything to do it of course it would of course he would and I would have as well I would've as well the day I went in for my heart surgery I was seventy two pounds overweight seventy two pounds overweight in our condo I was walking to Walmart and I looked up at the monitors universities these monitors that that that you know they're watching you so as I walked out of the market rather than by the kindness of manic eyes locked on his shoulders and start method is rendition censures me and I backed up with anyone we seamlessly as Sharon on the biggest day of my life this is my life I went in nice on the scale present I read that you are seventeen pounds and I was seventy two pounds overweight and you know what I suffered big-time in the ICU and recovery of shipment has recently been what I can tell you if the heart surgeon were to tell you that is you got three months if you eat vegetables every day for lunch and supper and you eat oatmeal for breakfast and you walk three miles a day you may not need surgery giving you do it you think you would broadly what will happen you'll do it for two weeks three weeks a lady I forget or maybe you might do it just might than telling you fear is a temporary motivator love on the other hand can make you do crazy things crazy things I is the same thing when you're introducing people to Jesus think about this when you're introducing people to Jesus you're asking them to marry him for eternity that's what you're asking them to do so sometimes we do things we don't think whatever doing these things they were anecdotally they work here and there but they don't work other network in a large-scale but we have to know the balance some measure one thing let's say you you got to friends or even one friend and your girl and she's a girl and you want to find a guy for her that she wants to be married and so was how it hard to go about it there's two ways by giving goal and go to all the passages in town write a pamphlet of all the physical attribute of your of your friend she's five seven she's not blonde hair blue eyes and she looks like this and she's just a job and all these different things for base him under nice pamphlet putting twenty destinations to our prophets all over all over town and imagined the Loki would get from your friend and from her family when she told Arianna I just got engaged onto this guy be put out some apples all over the city and is not called me and guess what very good interaction what would it be different would you find a guy and you do not discuss perfectly I know years this put together some game nights so we get to know each other that you can get to know each other and see if you like it the less the less to some awesome pictures and camping trips this autopilot together he's one of the evidence that this party to show up anything you do all the things to put them together you what right we put so much effort into putting our friends together and so little thought into putting our friends together with Jesus think about that think about the effectiveness of history classes of people in the world the people were friendly their people were neutral and the people were hostile the people were friendly if the readings or member number one it happens at the pace of the friend and not you this is why industrial sized event does and doesn't work everyone has specific needs everyone has specific challenges and to just bring them all into one room and try and close them just does not work that way his work as well a few weeks ago or a month ago I had a friend I had someone ask me on Facebook and when I looked at the name I knew exactly what was going to school with his guy in the eighth grade and we talked he brought me a message on Facebook he said a man I don't know if you remember me but I've changed a lot but we went to school long ago I could think remember way is what he wrote on Facebook and then you said here's my number call me and so this is in Pakistan and health that might my Facebook photo has a photo when I was eighteen and I met him when I was like what twelve or thirteen or something so be human change of it he said so I know we called and we talked and yucky said one of the things he descended the thing was he said I've been looking for you for eighteen years man and one of the things that I remember about you is that you did not show up for finals on Saturday as the one familiar member the one thing the human as you happen so number one it happens at the pace other friend not you number two you can increase your chances of success by building for a friendship first there many different ways of doing it the way I do it is on goal oriented I love to have lists of things that need to be done I'm always moving toward the target and I like to see other people moving as well as when I get to know you I get to find out what your aspirations are what your dreams are what you're trying to go for and then where you're at and try and see if I can help you get to that point and so a lot of times when I'm talking with friends waitresses or other people that I'm associating with and then we become friends it almost becomes like a report in this one girl that I know him and not Pasadena I go to meet my business partner Jeremy works nights sometimes and she's worked at a restaurant and we got to be friends and I found that she was going to school and that I would think no connection with each other what a great time whether that's sorry that I would think because it's a shared interest the shared interests and that's my way of doing it Paul you was a good friend of mine who used to be one of the leaders here it up and hope has a different approach Paul you will take one person home for lunch also known as college and by the end of the Sabbath afternoon you you find that you confessed your entire life to their works were throughout the way he does knows how to ask questions and the just listen and listen listen listen and you just keep sharing and sharing venture Carlos under the hand has a different approach Carlos will build upon a report with you so that he can be direct and serial savings like a drink with thinking like a girl about this issue or notice of one time he convinced a friend that we were both mentoring I decided to describe different way and Carlos is trying to mentor him and that he was in his way and the problem with his friend had was that this ex-boss is distracting him from having devotions as a Carlos convince them to come to his house stand on a chair and take his ex-boss in the hand and throw it on the ground and intricate sledgehammer and shattered to pieces that causes weight but it works it works for Carlos it works regardless of very directly the guys a surgeon and he's very direct and works for him but he does it with a kind of report report he builds up before he says his thing there's mutual audiences and the usual audiences they don't believe against you but it'll don't believe with you either it is neutral and dictated them is that you need to be doing don't be obnoxious the memorable aren't going to the one guy who lets everyone in the office know that their vegan RA and when you sit down to eat everyone he supplies because what you're vegan you don't get a lot of talking about right and is making this is a as an aside but you know I'm talking about everyone knows that your vegan or everyone knows that your something else there's different ways of being memorable and that is not it him reasonable be reasonable but people with these neutral audiences they want to know that you have a good head on your shoulders are right this is not the place to discuss your latest theory on the on the fact of the moon landing didn't happen RA or the latest political conspiracy that the order that that's the just attach a file believe me this is not the place of talking to people about that stuff even if you believe it notably whatever he wanted believe are right but when it comes to introducing Jesus to your friend I differently Jesus those things have no place these people want to know that your reasonable because they judge your beliefs based on your ability to reason and think and it can happen it can happen when you're not ready for these people all of a sudden something changes and direct right I can member sometimes and I was ready when I was going to cancer and I wish up at the ER and ER became a second home for me the hospital that became my bed and I would go to the ER every every month and they would process me through and put me hooked me up to some morphine and a few minutes later I go up to the to the floor and I remember one day I was sitting in the ER and this girl who was about my age was asked some questions and she realized that I was really young and had advanced stage cancer and she said no your young and I said yes the next time I came she was there as well and she checked me through and she said you know what I have cancer pancreatic cancer which of you if if you're in the health field you realize that on this is a very early detection it's almost a virtual death sentence and so at the former selves the director manhole and thirty year member of the sound of his church with all the assets is very frosty and all guesses of the Bible would say something like once a sorry to hear that I can imagine how you're feeling and how your family with your families going through I do you mind if I pray for you is what I sent I wasn't ready so yeah I sent good luck since when I'm in the business of good luck getting I say good luck and never Sergeant never sorry then there's hostile audiences these are people who actively believe against you they have the opposite beliefs and they are not friendly they're not neutral they are hostile to energy with these people is that you need to be indispensable like Joseph Wright Daniel Daniel was so indispensable that he ran one empire and amendment vampires switched the other empire asked them to run their kingdom as well that's how indispensable he was if you're working in some company and you are sick or you have to leave it you can get copies of miss you some he once said that if you want to be remembered when you're gone stand for something while you're here number two the less you say the better with this group of people because the more you talk about what you believe and why you're right and all this stuff is a more reasons of the pickup against right the third thing is the kindness is a game changer with his people sometimes with a very hostile something happens in their life and their vulnerable and you are right here you have the chassis like them but instead you choose God 's highway and you're nice to know because you want to convert them are you like that do not jump the gun on them joining you in heaven because of all the pavement and you and you want to remind them of all the pavement and you and how you told them that it did whatever a bit I told you so yearning but instead your kind and because of the kindness it becomes a game changer as a close I want to impress upon you that evangelism and personal witnessing doesn't have to be a chore it doesn't have to be something you dread it doesn't have to be something that is awkward it can be a part of your life it is so natural that you just can't help but be like you can help and being salt and the only way that people can detect you is by seeing you in contrast the darkness or seeing you in contrast with something that's unsavory they say that when Paul was executed it was him it was a summer day and he knelt down and he looked up to heaven and he looked up into the blue skies and just for him God made this vision appeared the vision of angels ascending and descending on this letter which is the Son of Man just for him and if you had asked all just five minutes before his execution whether it was worth it he would have told you that his only regret was that he didn't need Jesus soon he didn't be Jesus of if you had mentioned again met Peter after he discourses say that he was crucified at FEMA scores and he was standing there his arms bound and waiting for them to a later month across those same hands that had once wielded a sword and cut some of the Iraq and defensive Jesus and then later yet been converted and he has spent his whole life taking care of Christ lands if you fear what it was worth meeting Jesus he would have told you man I've written some books I hope you can read I told some way stories of what Jesus did to me and other people hope that you'll be changed I want to impress upon you this final thought that you may be the only Bible will ever read so when people get to know you for sure interviews and to Jesus and Judaism to the Bible or maybe they may learn of Jesus through nature as a study nature as a study caused works in nature or they may read you and as they read you as they get to know you as a taste you like to solve as this as their darkness in their mind is illuminated by light they will be changed I can tell you that my life I've been a seven data this all my life almost all my life and this last year as I went through all the things that I went through when I had heart surgery I I I went through the whole week before heart surgery they told me that I had a one in four chance of dying on the operating table a one in six chance of dying in the next few days in the in the ICU and so I decided that has been in Vegas I'm worth it to the week before I sat down and I will roll out my life testimony thirty one chapters in seven days I finished at twelve thirty the night of the surgery he went to surgery they did their thing I woke up and pack you spent two hours there is ever frantically trying to stabilize high blood pressure and to send me up to begin and as I was in the unit my parents came they saw me and said good night and went away than my friend I best friend came Mike became and sat down next to me he said what would you talk about and think about this I've got what are you going into me with a PCA pump I had the ability to my spine it was dripping sixty milligrams of morphine into me to deaden the pain I had three chest tubes coming out of the draining blood right lying their crop up in the back and the only thing that I wanted to talk was how to change our church for better so we can end bass when I was and so as we continue talking these last few months become over the idea I want to do this I'm building a foundation in my name and and and my friends thing we call them in azide foundation for starters and what we want to do with the is everyone assault some heart problems and we want to make it easier for people to witness for God in this world one of the things everyone to try and solve which is really really hard sometimes really really hard over the gun the discussions on this with with the church and some of the scientist and the church is that we want to develop a lab that will develop a scientifically valid alternative to evolution not talking the whole branch of evolution but something small that we can get in and then build our theory from the alternative getting to be one hundred seventy one to build a health -based training program for people in Asia South Asia Pakistan India Sri Lanka though several places we realized that a lot of people aren't don't have access to healthcare especially childbirth a begin train some of the ladies to do midwifery and to do it properly they cannot only be an essential component of the community but they can also share a health -based messages and to lift the children into the mothers in the villages and we have calculated that for about fifteen thousand dollars you can reach probably a million people so these are things that were starting out and we are I like ask our the freighter help two ways one you can e-mail me at Adrian Zeit Gmail .com is my name you can let me know how you can help if you'd like to be a part of this let me know I send you one liner I like to be part of this for your foundation or you could help us raise money you will need millions at some point which is why I'm working on getting rich but at the same time I know there's people out there who might be able to work on something we have a nice and track record of doing good things for God and become one to continue doing them as well what I want to leave with you at the end on asking is Jesus your friend has he made a difference in your life have you read the Bible if they are answers all these questions is yes you know more than anybody else that has exists in the last six thousand years and you know enough to save your friends I hope that you'll be able to turn strangers into friends by your life by the consistency by being unlike media was brought by audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than in the www. on universe .org


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