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God Wants You

Shawn Boonstra


In today's hectic world it can be easy to feel lost in the crowd. Have you ever struggled to believe that God actually wants you? On this program, Shawn Boonstra shares how you can know for sure that you're okay with God, and that God is okay with you.


Shawn Boonstra

Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.



  • June 15, 2014
    11:00 AM
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you ever struggled to believe that God actually wants you today on the voice of prophecy would want to talk about knowing for sure that you're okay with God and that God 's okay with you him now than welcome to another edition of the voice of prophecy I'm Sean Boonstra your host and today I think and when you take you up to a remote northern European country and I remember one night up there it was a freezing cold night in this remote northern European country and this young lady walked up to me outside of an auditorium where I just been speaking it and she hesitated for a moment and then she said look I listen to what you said in there about God loves me but I'm not sure I believe that that that wasn't the most surprising statement I've ever heard because I heard that from thousands of people all over the planet because if there's one thing that imperfect people struggle with it the idea of being accepted by a perfect God and everybody reacts to the idea that there accepted by God a little bit differently or even that they need to be accepted by God some people just shrug it off and assume there's nothing wrong with them and they almost adopt this defiant attitude that says well who is God to sit in judgment of me I don't know how many people would actually say those words but the further we get into the twenty first century in the further our civilization drifts away from God the more I hear stuff like that all the time this attitude of defiance who is gone to talk about me and just spend ten minutes on Facebook or twitter and you'll see all kinds people shaking your fist at God so that's one way to deal with this huge gap between who we are and who as you minimize or dismiss it you pretend it's not there so some people deal with it that way but for other people and is by far more common this is by far the majority for other people they live with these nagging doubts that they will ever be accepted by God and maybe they had parents who were always riding their case or waiting the Bible let them to let them know they were falling short of the mark that they were being a disappointment to work figure something in their past that is so darkening the era saying that they can't imagine becoming accepted as part of God 's family whatever it is they have this hunch they are never going to measure up snow actually Martin Luther surprisingly was one of those people at some point in his career as a monkey saw this picture on the wall of Jesus holding a literally in one hand and a sword in the other hand now the Lily in medieval art was supposed to represent them mercy and forgiveness of God but like most people Luther didn't fixate on that Lily that's not what he was drawn to admit painting he was drawn to the sword which was put in the painting to represent God 's judgment so when you go back and read Luther 's writings when you read some of his earlier thought you find him trying to outdo all the other monks in the way of penance he was trying to make himself good enough for God 's judgment so he wore a shirt made out of hair and you can imagine felt comfortable that would be especially in the summer he slept on the hard wooden board instead of mana on a mattress and yes the work himself he went to his own back in an attempt to deal with his sinful guilt 's new he could not face the Jesus who helped the support team know that he could not stand in the judgment so he tried to punish himself so that he could expunge his own guilt and make himself suitable and if what is not possible because you can't pay for your sins Luther surprisingly actually rooted distrust and hate gone at one point he asked he said and I'm quoting Luther now I could not believe that anything I forgive your prayed satisfied God I did not love me I hated the righteous God who punishes sinners unquote it's a bit of a surprising quote from the great reformer but it's not a surprising quote from the human being that is not everybody who struggles with guilty don't come all the way to the point where they hate God but there is a segment of the population who rose to distrust God because they can't measure up there almost at the other end of the spectrum from the people who pretend there's nothing wrong with them but either way on either end of the spectrum either dismissing God or giving up because you don't think you'll ever measure up either way he end up distrusting or even despising God but in northern Europe this young lady who approach me that evening outside the auditorium she had fallen quite into either extreme yet she was just struggling she struggled to believe that God loved her and broke her heart to think that she might be eternally lost look I know God exists she said but I'm also pretty sure he's not interested in me to write at that point she quit talking and she turned her face away from me probably so that I wouldn't see she was crying in that moment my heart was breaking because I've seen so many people who feel like that maybe somebody told him they were worthless or maybe a little later in life they had a failed marriage or that a spouse who ran away or they got fired from their job in a way that completely humiliated them something happened to send them the signal that even if God does forgive people they qualify for all why would God want them when mere human beings didn't you see what the world tells you repeatedly that you are you ball as the rest of the human race how could you not struggle with the idea that there's an all-powerful all-knowing God culottes you and then let's see you go to church you actually give it a try you show up in church on the weekend and you find out pretty quickly that some of the people who claim to be Christians can be really horrible people the very people who insist they are God 's chosen few can sometimes have a way of treating you that actually makes you hate church and because you identify the church with God you might even come to the point where you hate God it happens I've seen it and it happens more than I like to admit you know when I was working in television I used to get hate mail from so-called Christians all the time they didn't like the way I talked they didn't like the way I dressed they didn't like something I said they didn't like the story I told it like the way I play with my kids they didn't like the food I eat there was something they didn't like and so they would write me and let me know when I would read the letter and say really you profess the name of Jesus and you talk to people like this so I know I know what happens and it happens a lot worse to some other people and most of the time you can shrug it off sometimes you can just walk away but then there are other times when you're tired or your frustrated or whatever it is this stuff begins to each of the constant criticism but because you offer after all human being and you begin to have doubts what if they're right what if there is something wrong with me if I'm just not the kind of material God is looking for I remember this other young lady who hadn't darkened the door of a church for old two or three years and in one night for some reason she decided to come to an evening meeting of the charge and you know when she got there she was really happy I mean really happy she sat right next to me into my wife and she struck up a conversation and that evening she was absolutely delightful rhymes were sparkling and as we were talking she mentioned that some boys had given her a rough time she took the bus to church that evening and they did things the boy sometimes do not catcall 's rude comments the sorts of offenses that fuel packs of uncivilized boys will often commit in a moment I mean at that very moment a she's telling us what happened to her on the way to church one of the elders of that church walked by and heard what she would say and so he stopped and he couldn't wait to interject and what do you think he sent to her OC Negus awful you shouldn't have to ride the bus like that call as my wife and I will pick you up right that's what you'd hoped he would say that's the one you hope someone would treat your daughter if she was visiting a church but that's not what happened nothing like that I hate to tell you almost arisen on a note of sympathy not a hint of Jesus not an ounce of consideration you know what he said to her he said it's no wonder Cindy that happen the way you dress couldn't believe he could have done so much good for the kingdom but instead at that moment he thought he needed to put her in her place he needed to tell her what was wrong with her so now not only did she suffer humiliation on the bus she was actually humiliated in the house of God and for what reason so that Elder could tell himself that he done a good job and told her the straight truth and put her in her place so that he could feel good about having taught someone a lesson you come to expect that stuff out in the world us the way people more budding charged when you get there you're hoping to find God has for you go to find hope to find acceptance and with so many people they take that experience if somebody does something awful to them the church and the projected onto God and they tell themselves look of God 's people don't why would God two yeah it happens I know the kind of damage that it causes in just a moment I'll take you back to Northern Europe and tell you more about that young lady could not believe that God loved her but right now I do have to take a break to let you know a little bit more about our discovered Bible school so buckle your seatbelt I will be right back light and daily challenges can weigh us down even when we had the best of intentions leaving us with more questions than answers it possible to have two peas and happiness in life are you searching for answers to this and other of life 's most challenging questions to discover Bible guides will help you find the answers you are looking for a laugh at Bible study .com or give us a call at eight eight eight four five six seven nine two two for your free Discover Bible guide study online or on our secure website or have the free guides mailed right to your home there is never a cost or obligation they discover Bible guides are our free gift to you find answers and guides like the secret of happiness and is not fair different users to the things that matter most to you in each of the twenty six Discover Bible guide to the Bible studies .com and begin your journey today to discover answers to life 's deepest questions okay we're back from the break and just before we took the break we were talking about some of the things that happen to people that cause them to believe that God might not be interested in them was telling the story of a young lady in northern Europe who obviously had something happen and it are never found out what that was that's really not all that important because it almost never matter what it is the Bible is full of people of done the same things you've done in life or even worse for gave them and yet millions of people struggle to believe that God really wants them so how we do today because so many people doubted because so many people told me they just don't believe it I thought instead of asking other people what God is like I would let God do the talking and describe himself because people have this way of putting words in God 's mouth it aren't his words we re-create God in our own image which sometimes isn't a very pretty picture self like God talk if you ever struggled with the idea that God actually wants you to go I want you to listen very carefully I mean at the very least God deserves a fair hearing before you give up on him and don't you think you owe it to yourself to stop listening to all the blowhards out there and all the know what all and just let go and talk if you think for one moment that your case is hopeless the guy doesn't actually want you didn't need to do this you need to listen and maybe the best place to start is one of the most famous passages in the Bible note that one you see at all the football games John three sixteen but were not going to just read John three sixteen or going to read the verse that comes after it too because for some reason members never seems to get much airplay so here we go listen to this John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life now before I read the next verse I want you to think about what you just heard this verse is been quoted so many times that people sometimes don't actually hear what it says especially if they've had a bad experience with religious people so think about this for a minute it since God so loved the world and it doesn't say except it doesn't say got to love the world except for you it doesn't say God so loved the world except for a certain class of people there are no exceptions and it says that whoever believes in him will not perish in again no exceptions it's not talking about everybody except you if people are somehow giving you the impression this doesn't apply to you that your son low human you need to blow them off and listen to God and then listen to the next verse first seventeen for God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved I don't know how much cleaner that can get doesn't intend to lose the human race and he does not intend to lose you out there somewhere in the universe trying to think up ways to get rid of people right now he's not having a meeting with the Angels so they can brainstorm new methods to keep you out of heaven I mean really think about this if God wasn't interested in you what he really gave his life for you we really condescend to become a human being and live on this miserable planet and subject himself to the abuse that we heaped on him and died the most horrible death you can imagine what he really do all that if he wasn't interested in saving you just listen to what it says God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world and that means he's not trying to condemn you you are not the only exclusion from God 's plan look the fact is that every single one of us has already been condemned by our sins the Bible says all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God all God had to do it he wasn't interested in you was doing nothing he could just let us die in our ministry she didn't have to do anything to get rid of any of us because we were already separated from him and we were already lost and condemned to die so the fault 's position for the whole human race is lost but the really incredible thing about the Christian faith is that God became one of us the religion like this guy personally intervenes in human history he inserts himself into the story why because he doesn't want to lose you and I know what some of you are thinking this might apply to everybody else but it doesn't apply to you because of all the stuff you've done right the relationships you for the crime committed you think that because your life is so dark so bad so messed up you think that God couldn't possibly be talking about you everybody else sure but you know you're just too messed up and you've got this little voice reminding you every day that you're a sinner separated from God but listen to me you're exactly the kind of person God interested in an right after this break I will prove that to you are you searching for answers to life the most difficult questions and answers to help you make sense of the things that are happening right now in your life answers to the deepest questions in life like can God really forgive me guilt and shame can be terrible burden to carry and can leave us wondering if God really can love and expect that are you wondering if there really is a chance for true happiness in this life if there is the secret to living a happy contented life in a world of uncertainty well if you're searching for answers to these and other of life 's most challenging questions we are here to help you discover Bible guides will help you find the answers you're looking for is a vast Bible studies .com or give us a call at our toll-free number eighty eight four five six seven nine two two or your free Discover Bible guide study online on our secure website or have the free guide mailed right to your home there is never a cost or obligation to discover Bible guides are however free gift to you you'll find answers and guides like this my life really matter to God and from guilty center to forgive and think you'll find answers to the things that matter most to you and each of the twenty six Discover Bible guides the major themes of the Bible come to life begin your journey to discover answers to life the logon today to Bible studies .com okay just before we took a break I said I was going to prove matter what you've done your exactly the kind of person God is interested so I want you to listen to something Paul wrote first Timothy one fifteen and of course Paul is a superhero of the Christian faith right a man above reproach a superstar of Christianity and yet listen to what he says this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief see the truth as Paul struggled with the same thoughts you do he considered himself to be the chief of sinners and that's because the great apostle the guy who wrote most of the New Testament used to persecute Christians for a living in fact he was on his way to round up Christians when he was confronted by Jesus on the road to Damascus he knew he couldn't earn God 's favor he knew there was nothing he could do that on a spot in heaven he knew we had God 's favor through Jesus he's exactly the kind of person Jesus came to save he came to save sinners not Saints not heroes not people who were good enough he came to save sinners and that's what he says himself Luke five thirty one Jesus said to them those who are well have no need of a physician but those who are sick I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance the fact is if you were good enough Jesus wouldn't have to bother but I good enough you're not good enough and according to the book of Romans all have sinned and that's the reason Jesus came he says Luke nineteen firsthand the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost Romans five verse eight while we were still sinners Christ died for us Romans five verse ten when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son the whole point is we are not God still wants you look if you don't feel adequate actually a lot less worried about you than I am about people who feel like they are good enough because those people don't get it yet you can't earn heaven you can't clean yourself up and hope to get in that way look I promise you right now there is nothing you have done there is no line that you have crossed there is nothing you have said they can keep God from loving you absolutely nothing in the New Testament is loaded with proof the Old Testament loaded with proof if only we take the time to listen when someone like me when someone like you with a dark past with a list of horrible sins when that person says Morgan I don't know what to do about this that actually puts a smile on God 's face he knows that you can open the door for him to help and at that moment angels sing and God smiles and I'm not making that up it says so in the book of Zephaniah and Johnson was in the best Zephaniah three seventeen the more your God in your midst the mighty one we'll say he will rejoice over you with gladness he will quiet you with his love he will rejoice over you with singing I know it's hard to believe but believe you were so interesting to God you were so exciting to God he actually starts singing when you take a step in his direction the whole point of the Bible is that God loves you not because of what you can do for him but because you are his child Romans eight verse thirty one what then shall we say to these things if God is for us who can be against us he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things mock for us all you know how I know God loves you Jesus guy on a Roman cross Jesus standing quietly in the courtroom as they lie about him and spit in his face and with his back and bring out his beard and then put them to death in the most horrific way unmanageable and he just can't get he laid down his life willingly and exit in fact one that you start to realize that God was actually willing for his own perfect blameless son to go through all that because it meant that you could be reconciled to him you know that they say you can tell what something is worth what it's really worth by what people are willing to pay for Jordan the market crash of two thousand eight people might've bought their homes were still worth what they paid for them but unfortunately the market sets the price and their houses were only worth what people were willing to pay so think about that at the very moment when you don't think you're worth much to God when someone else is telling you or making you feel like you don't add up remind yourself what God was willing to pay for you remember the price put on your life he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up the Bible says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son there are no ifs, ands or buts when God says he loves the world he does mean you you can take this to the bank you might as well take out a pen and write your own name over the verse for God so loved he know that he gave his only begotten son Jesus thought you were worth his life and what you need to do today is choose to believe it in fact sometimes you might want to head on over to Isaiah chapter fifty three and read that passage out loud but when you're reading out loud reverences our or we try putting your own name in there somebody come powerful read the passage with your name right I've done it I see a fifty three verse four surely he is born shuns griefs and carried Sean sorrows yet Sean esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted but he was pierced for Sean 's transgressions he was crushed for Sean 's iniquities upon him was the chastisement that brought Sean peace with his wounds Sean has healed I do it do it today do it again tomorrow read every day of your likes and you finally get it God means you one more person and I'm going to run out of time I mean I wish we had a four hour show today because there's just so many passages that underline the way God loves you but just one more in this one actually read to that young lady outside the auditorium in northern Europe first John one verse nine if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness how much unrighteousness all of it again you'll notice know if and or bought it doesn't say he'll forgive all unrighteousness except murder or all unrighteousness except homewrecker certain functional cheats or liars are people with a dirty secret it just says you'll cleanse us from all of us know it it's kind of a shame that the days of the Billy Graham Crusade are over because I always liked how he ended his meetings it was just so simple the choir sang Jost as IBM without one plea but that thy blood was shed for me it really was for you so believe and live and thanks for listening I'm Sean Boonstra you've been listening to the voice of prophecy are you searching for and the earth to life the most challenging questions answers to help you make in today's world there is to the deepest questions in life flight how can I know that Jesus was real morning a man and how do I even know the stories of his time on earth are true how can I know that the Bible is something that I can believe today and questions like if the Bible is true and what happens next after their flight is there really haven't and in this world of uncertainty you might be wondering if there actually a chance for sure happiness in this life disappointments like illness and loss of employment can hang my clouds over our lives license daily routine challenges can be overwhelming and even the things that once made us happy can begin to seem empty is it really possible to have a happy contented life in such an uncertain world whether you're searching for answers to these and other of life 's biggest questions we are here to help you discover vital guides will help you find the answers you're looking for visit us at Bible studies .com or give us a call at our toll-free number eight eight eight four five six seven nine two two your free Discover Bible guide study online at our website Bible studies .com or have to free guides mailed right to your home there is never a cost or obligation to discover vital guides are our free gift to you at Bible studies .com you will find the Discover Bible guides in nearly fifty languages including Spanish Japanese to Galligan Russian this is a great resource for the family member or friend that you know is looking for answers that struggles with English Bible studies .com click on the interactive world map and find the language that you're looking for at Bible studies .com no point in thirteen guides like a second chance at life my life really matter to God answers to the things that matter most to you in each of the twenty effect the archival guide and major themes of the Bible to life as we study together died like Jesus comes for you and from guilty sinner to forgive and think and we have left is just for the kids in your life your kids will love came down at Bible study .com now enjoy the colorfully illustrated stories and interactive lessons in the fourteen kids down vital guide while you're online be sure to visit out at VLP .com VOP .com you'll find audio archives of this program of late administering and resources to help you gave to God 's word begin your journey and for answers to life 's deepest questions and logon today is five hundred ninety .com and he and him and


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