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A Praying Man

Sebastien Braxton
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"300 children would have gone hungry that day if it wasn't for a praying man. 1 million souls would have never been brought to Christ if it wasn't for a praying man. We are living in a time when our greatest need, I believe, is for a praying man. We have plenty of educated men. We have plenty of wealthy men. We have plenty of influential men. We have plenty of musical men. But there is a man that is often underestimated and under appreciated. The man of all men who yields greater power and greater results than all the educated, wealthy, influential, and musical men combined. That is a praying man."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • May 17, 2014
    11:00 AM
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morning Sabbath when you bless my testimony yes always encourage actually have a story to begin similar to this but before we do that I just wanted to let you know that on there have been some updates on what's been going on in your community on this view has been ever so kindly diligent to upload on the recent video that we posted online about what's been happening here and more so you can check that out on the go more church website the box is the more church website you can go there it has all the sermons from the week of prayer it has to certainly even from the international church on it it also has testimonies from the missionaries that are common some have consummate gone we've had another addition yesterday Paula just doing this importer Rico on she sitting here in your niche somewhere and so you want to make sure you give her a nice help welcome to the more church and also wanted to let you know that just yesterday on there is a young lady from the northern church school who said that all concerns Thursday when we went out there to do a weekend on received the power she was so moved by the Lord that she said how can I get involved in what you are doing even was not my church you know sometimes work on it territorial eyeball to more uninsured but after more church mission but some people except this is God punishing event doesn't matter what Georgia promised the same church so she said cannot get in Boston with me on Monday so she called research he showed up our surprise a lot of people make commitments they don't follow through especially when it comes the missions in service so anyway she showed up just finished college her classes I just finished this past week as she arrived we began to talk into expressing her dreams instead well that's no problem work out some homeless ministry burden in so well when you come out with us on Thursday she's like I sure I've been talking to the Lord and I've been feeling impressive in mission work but I wasn't sure how to exactly go about it in and heard a bunch of guys and as we began to talk more civil Thursday so she said all right so she showed up at one o'clock into the area near telephone Road where they are hurt with the odd-numbered game tornadoes that hit and she said she never seen this part of the town size were driving through the neighborhood we seen just one house completely new another house all the piping and everything still there but there is no house and you see a sign right there on the garage of one of the homes on the street that says to our home but can take our hearts amen posted on March three page because we felt like this is the kind of resilience we need in these times so anyway she was so we went to the door first house we went to young lady answered the door and I told her this is the way it works okay on it women into the state while I'm talking your brain so I talked to the people you talk to God the combination of that brings blessings to say that the results she's praying shaking her boobs she's like I'm never done anything like this before as a result we are we talk to anyone as I cannot get really forty books really on buying anything to drop civil gunship preservice people get affordable to offer Bible studies get to know Jesus better understand your Bible better she said now be fine with asset I can come by tomorrow drop it off she said sure so we left door number one so we come you don't speak to a couple people three dollars later we meet a woman and after winning this one and same thing she's like yeah I don't really not comfortable writing checks I prefer send them back to Martha well coming back for Mrs. Helen to drop off a wireless city tomorrow so we can go in fact would you be interested in some Bible study she said ask not what so you can bring up by tomorrow so yesterday I drove back over there in the first name and sure enough answered the door to the Bible study that went down and I prayed and I texted my wife and I said they are going ahead awesome Bible study sell some books need prayer is common like the police right we need back up just to make sure that I know all people plan to be home but I know it's a similar if they're not home send them on their way so that when I get there either there there when they arrived the same time I arrived as I'm walking into her driveway she pulls up her car goes uses notes so as a result we get there she had stopped the car no hesitation twenty dollars since the books takes the Bible study says I'll see you next that has happened yesterday someone should know that it is already beginning in all of this was a result that on Thursday night as the missionaries without canvassing the other absolutely highest night ever double anything universal before that so they were talking to my wife in a Sharlene Kline 's wife and Mikey and Holly and I said you know we were praying at this time and this time and we got the Bible studies on Thursday it was the first time they were going then whenever and the second time this is when I live well poster started flying out in the larger started blessing and I believe when they asked me in this descent Sebastian on the New Jersey urban information and committed to her from the previous time that I would be better getting better at an appropriate time so she can have peace in her heart in her home and so as a result I center the information I said I have to do a sermon called brain because we don't understand that there is no person more powerful on the planet Earth then a train nothing more powerful and as a result we've seen this week it's not just having missionaries is not just financial resources is not just being in the field knocking at the door having the books is not even just asking do you want Bible studies that brings power to what we're doing it is the player that is behind it doesn't matter what we do it we accomplish it without much prayer is nothing nothing will happen so when six weeks remaining on this mission in more we begin a study tonight about a plane met so I began like the story of a man named George Mueller the story begins that the children are dressed and ready for school but there is no room for them to eat the house mother of the orphanage said to George but George was a praying man George Hastert to take three hundred children into the dining room and have them sit at the tables he thanked God for the food and waiting George was a praying man to whom God would provide food for the children as he always did within minutes of Baker knocked at the door Mister Mueller he said last night I could not sleep somehow I knew that you would need bread this morning so I got up early and big three batches for you I will bring it in George was a praying man so there was another knock at the door it was the day his car had broken down in front of the orphanage the milk would spoil by the time the wheel was the George they use some free will to Lyle he'll abandon brought in ten large cans of milk it was just enough for three hundred thirsty children George was a praying man Moody is described as America's greatest evangelist who prayed with seven hundred and fifty thousand people person preached away hundred million person of me and assisted more than one million people to find their trust and faith in Jesus the wine was a praying man movies on Paul because sharing a crowded hotel room with his father and the brevity of his prayer at that time he admitted that his prayer was shockingly short Paul excused his father 's short prayers by explaining that the attitude of his soul at all times with science than long prayers were not necessary goods the wine was a praying man usually while he was on the ocean steamer spring in eighteen ninety two it seems for two days the ship was going to sink movie was asleep on the ship while everyone else fervently prayed on the storm tossed deck around two fifteen a.m. he was awakened by his son and instructed to come to the deck once on the deck his son spotted a light in the distance and they knew God would rescue them the passengers reproached movie for not playing throughout the night movie quickly responded all prayed up I wasn't playing that you see Moody began to preach of the passengers and told them their lives were shipwrecked and a rescuer would deliver them as they witnessed up their hearts to him in earnest prayer why was a praying man you see more he believed that the Bible taught Christian who fees and meditates on the word by credit consideration will not be easily offended the awesomely remained call and strong in his faith and leadership when he was openly ridicules about his poor grammar and periods of short prayer and was quoted as saying love your friends you've got grammar enough what are you doing with it for the master the wine was a praying that it has been said that the blessings would console abundantly that the charges could not handle all the converts and many were left overwhelmed with the power and glory of God 's great outpouring in presence because the whites was a praying man I believe that one of the greatest needs that we have in this age is a praying man usually it doesn't matter what we have left for these next six weeks of this mission but we have to change some things as a church because of this is the power of a praying man and tell me what a brain surgeon if one man can bring one million people to Jesus Watkins fifty people praying to Jesus everyone then can be three hundred children every single morning without any advertising or social media for publicity or wealthy friends behind and you tell me what a brain surgeon you see in the Bible you cannot move the kingdom of God without playing an average single generation of salvation history behind the great movements of God was a praying man taking there to the prophet Daniel because Daniel was a plane that Turner with me to the book of Daniel chapter one no sound or one the beginning verse three Daniel chapter one we find that we are introduced to when young men approximately sixteen seventeen years old and we randomly experience of a young man having become a slave but we see the results of a praying man the Bible says in verse three then the King instructed Ashkenaz the master of his UNIX to bring some of the children of Israel on site some of the children of Israel and some of the king 's descendents and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good-looking gifting in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king 's palace and when they might teach the language and literature of the county 's and the king appointed for them a daily provision of the king 's delicacies and of the wine which he drank and there and three years of training for them so that at the end of that time they might start before the king now from among those of the sons of Judah were Daniel and the Nokia niche out and has a right to them the chief of the units gave names he gave Daniel the name Delta shuttle to heaven I chakra to me shop Misha into Azariah of the game purposed in his heart that he would not do filings with the portion of the king 's delicacies nor with the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the chief of the units that he might not defile himself you see we begin our story about Daniel as a praying man in this is a very young playing man is a man was all the Bible says that Daniel purposed in his heart the Hebrew suggest it wasn't a stressful decision it's not that he was wrestling in his room he didn't need time to think about what to do he didn't need books or counsel he detects the plaster or the elders in question are new opportunities we Daniel understood as a praying man there's certain things easier phenomena do I need to pray about that brother or sister you know where we're interested in going out to eat the Sabbath afternoon I'm only trying to bring about that brother or sister were withdrawn and interested in going to this party on Friday night I don't need to sit down and pray about a playing man is a man of resolve usually we are settling in our churches today for pastors elders deaconesses with no backbone no ability to stand for the right to build a habitable no ability to tell people this is an admitted reason but were too busy dillydallying trying to be people Blazers and we want well you know what maybe that's all right maybe worth watching just a little bit and I'm so glad I married a woman who reminds me whenever I start drifting too close to the line Sebastian got a right is what the Bible says and as a result of this we suffer because when we look at the time of Daniel when God 's people were about to be crushed out of existence by a world empire there was one man that preserve the integrity and the success of Venetian and it was Daniel and the purpose of Israel was to bring Babylon to the feet of Jesus but because they had failed in prosperity they have to do with in adversity you will know whether to develop longest suffering for often do we manage it was but some of us will never witness it we didn't have to sign in to tell us all about Jesus to begin ask us and as a result of this we see the light of Daniel Daniel was not just a praying man that sat down and pray but Daniel was a man of resolve the Bible also says that Daniel did not want to define himself what this tells us is not a praying man sees himself as something sacred something set apart for a holy use he doesn't need to pray about whether this should keep his team 's leader nothing like that not alone in the I recognize that there's bonding that has mind that these eyes are sacred to go and as a result how many of us are defiling ourselves by the things that we watch how many of us are defining ourselves moderately that we say how many of us are dividing ourselves wanted me that we meet the Bible says a praying man recognizes he himself is sacred this is no cheap material that Jesus died for you to come down and give his life for something that's average or something that deserves to watch something that television sitcom or just for cheap laugh every Tuesday night at seven Jesus didn't come to die for something that was just put these things Enoch was something that he saw he could use for his glory to God for something that he saw that even in sin you can still use it even though his ruling even though its mark in the selfish half the time he could still use for his glory but the Bible doesn't stop here go to Daniel chapter two to tell us that Daniel was a prey thousands in Daniel chapter two we know the story of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar the Bible says in verse fourteen then with counsel and wisdom Daniel answered Arielle you don't need a possible moment to recognize that a praying man knows how to answer people in a crisis you see the Bible says with counsel and wisdom Daniel area and voluntary objects into the Bible says the captain of the King 's guard who had gone out to kill the Wiseman about them now they talk about all you need to take classes on negotiation meeting classes about how to deal with this man in a hostage situation Daniel 's head is on the chopping block is about to be killed because he is a wise man the man came looking for you to kill you not to sit down and discuss anything and this is not just because he's a serial murderer this is a order of the king if you doesn't execute the king 's will he will be executed so when the man arrived at Daniel 's house here is carryout coming with the blade in his hand ready to kill Daniel and he says Daniel answered him with wisdom he was able to talk down his murderer he was able to back down his executor because Daniel was a praying man it says in verse fifteen he answered and said to every opportunity stopping by his decree from the king so hasty so urgent that area make the decision known to Daniel started explaining to Daniel the situation it says in verse seventeen sixteen so Daniel went in and asked the king to give them time that he might tell the king the interpretation you know some people will tell you when you call a company right now say while this bill is due at this time what you see in your playing man who can both as a login sometimes building on telling the truth by now managers and resume to when you recognize that as a play and has a praying woman people will tell you only have fourteen days to do there's no no no you got as many days as Jesus as you have things they met I don't care what the policy says I don't care what the law says I get many of these things take there was a law above our loss there was a king among your governor upon your layer above your CEO of your lately trying to be flying no God determines when to stop using the bedroom it don't matter what people say what their policies are but it depends on your brain first seventeen then Daniel went to his house and make a decision known to have an idea of me shouted Azariah 's companion that they might seek mercies from the garden concerning the secret so that Daniel and his companions might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon you see Daniel found answers that the combined wisdom of a leak of Babylon could not obtain in their own knowledge you know sometimes we teach our kids if you study hard enough if you read enough you'll be able to do this you don't need to teach our kids that they need to pray you can do the math you can understand English you need to get down on your knees and see Jesus we need to claim the promises that says because our major word my meditation given the more wisdom than my teachers when I was in college I claimed I promised everyday go to class and says I don't care what subject care of its basics I don't care Ms. Mather auto care of his English counter was literature history speech whenever the class the Bible promised me that if I make his word my meditation blog to be more wisdom than the teacher and when I was done with many classes didn't even think any reason Sebastian unlike difficulties in the classroom New Mexico sorry from graduating moving on to missionary activities I wish I could be here all monitored by the invitation but I can make any sense to me before I let this man is not integrated into the Jewish descent Sebastian if you ever need anything and I mean anything money a position access he says give me a call and it goes to show him as I was walking back to my dorm room praying because of that one prompts sat down with professors sat down with the president of the University in this professor came to me as a story and said Sebastian I need you to pray for me Mike this is what we really need to pray for you on this noting that our professor she said I need to find out about my life this is the professor talking to the student say in all my PhD don't and all my education and all my knowledge there's something I cannot obtain to understand what is God 's will for my life because you're not delegated to a degree in the negative because role-playing so are the result here you come to a student why because she's looking at the life of a person who seeks God and many of us are worried about the fact that while I wish this guy needs a lawyer how I reached this woman she's a theologian how I wish this guy is a Baptist minister is not an issue of knowledge it's an issue of the fact that when we seek God in prayer the Bible says Daniel understood secrets that the other man said it is impossible to understand no man on earth and revealed his secret unto the king only know God is what they said so what do you do when Daniel walked to in this heart is bleeding about eighty five beats per minute is gone the lending industry and just like everybody else is gone I've also got into the bathroom against Tiger did not stop for lunch when it's all over just a man just like them but he walked into the answer one because Daniel was pregnant you know the other being about a praying mantis that he surrounds himself with people no one bothers me that sometimes people look at you awkward when you say we should pray about this orthogonal in the church you know sometimes I'm a little bit worried that we emphasize so much God helps those that help themselves human effort combined with divine power sometimes human effort is Neil amen sometimes human effort is pray until something happens stay on your knees until you have peace and comfort in your heart that God will provide sometimes that is human effort when I tell you right now the hardest thing to get people to do is to stay down until God comes up with something that the hardest thing to do the reset of people in this room tonight every one of us are facing issues every one of us got a problem everyone wasn't looking down the barrel of a gun that we felt was about to blow our life into pieces and I'm looking out nothing we think all I need to find a solution hunting call my grandmother start saving money work a second job all these things aren't human effort when are we just going to kneel and say God I'm completely dependent upon you and I'm okay with that what is so wrong with waiting on Jesus why do some embarrassing about the fact that we the real estate at installation I am waiting on the Lord of the answer that I would love to be with them what are you doing with skeptical were not really sure really what I want to help you out I want to give you some money on the supported situation I will probably speak what is so wrong with leaving when Jesus was someone with a complaint was along the same let me bring with you let me help you do your situation and as many of us all the struggles we haven't gone on the struggles we haven't coming back to being faithful being true is that the real we may come to judge some of us on the right the wages of the church one more situation were out the door one more person says something to the offensive amount of the one more person talked to talk to my daughter this way the church some of us are on the edges of the congregation ready to leave and head out into the world as a you know why not bring it can be easily offended when you know the Gonzales you can take me out of my father 's house is my father 's house going nowhere I don't care on the only person showed up operation congregations were the only two people in the church with the elder Whitney and the pianist balancing that with no one in the view and a brother to me like progression of joint to bring our word for this morning will not preaching to there's nobody there literally and we get out of the same man you know this church is dead on target monitors and the elder and a pianist or nearly snoopers and soon as I left the owner said the moon list they went home to have public at their house and we are in desperate need of a praying man to show you one more thing for Daniel chapter four as we begin to head toward the conclusion Daniel chapter four many people don't know that this chapter was actually written by Nebuchadnezzar himself is in the first person it says Nebuchadnezzar the king in verse one to all peoples nations and languages that dwell in all the earth peace be multiplied to you I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the most high God 's work from chapter four of Daniel is actually Nebuchadnezzar 's testimony but why does it in a book of Daniel godowns to verse eight it says here on site beginning in verse four I Nebuchadnezzar was addressed in my house and flourishing in my palace and meeting with the underlying there was nothing disturbing him everything was just fine he says I saw a dream which may need a free and the thoughts on my bed and the visions in my head told me because audiences therefore I issued a decree to bring in all the wise men of Babylon before me that they might make known to me the interpretation of the dream you know some people never learn you think you got it in chapter two they can help you what is now called and how many times that we like Nebuchadnezzar we turn back to the same things refusing testaments that it was because Daniel wasn't playing their salty balls on it he says that no magicians the astrologers the Chaldeans in verse seven came in and I told him to drink this time people in the dream even say I can remember the dreams I guess is what I draft so I like to think I was the dream we looked on the interpretation knowledge on the dream that can come in the interpretation is getting worse and worse and worse access I called in the drain but they did not make known to me insert a interpretation verse eight but at last you know I believe that once we decide to become fragmented brain when it's got a be aware of it and have been but at last more became a great church but at last we bypass all the other things we think of it hopeless Daniel came before me the last one was the one that had the answer the last thing on the list that we draw think about what we do when you're in situations we start getting involved call this person take this person do this new business and when it's all over guess what we did okay mystery is how situations are resolved in our lives rather it should be the opposite before you call anybody called the Lord amen my mother called his divine call one person settle the issue usually I remember when my wife was heading over to a youth conference last December and while we were driving Alyssa separate vehicle she was in the other car with my two kids I was driving it just was a fresh snow in Michigan as I'm driving I looking at Windermere and I'm thinking should I call my wife and tell her not to get the brakes on this turn but unlike that we find sure enough I looked in the rearview mirror in the car is going this on the highway old no sign forward to the side of the road jump out door open come running towards my wife thought as I'm running the car goes off the road into the ditch like the old man so there I am under no winter coat or anything conditions driving there was no sign highway did their thing on families okay but now my wife is I wanted to make this flight she was posted when arguing concert at this place and would like all men how to make this one can get on this car is not moving we start trying to call no service Mike of course but hey we should bring what is happening is there happens just so happened to be a fire truck driving by at the guy stops on highways idealizing out he gets out of his car by the time you get there the fire truck is pulled up in a pilot out of the truck coming filling up the car to get it out we get out in ten minutes onto the road onto the way to the airport she got there with Thompson on the plane and drink some orange juice and you want about the fact that he will be going and always call this person why does God cut off the cell phone service the one place you want to know is the place those artists one RBI and sometimes innate it makes me wonder that maybe God allows us to come into articulation so we will pray when it come to that in just a minute when you finish this is as according to the name of my God in him is the spirit of the holy dog and I told the dream before Nebuchadnezzar said in Daniel is the Holy Spirit it wasn't Daniel S said that it was Nebuchadnezzar that's it it is one thing for us to pray for the Holy Spirit but a praying man is a man that people recognize that God is in his life him that when I was eleven Boston U Baltimore barbershop and all of a sudden the movie 's Xanga music changes in the language changes news analysis and the burgeoning jalopy language are not all shiny watches comes gently rising the discontinuity and authentic conversation went from girls and this is not the third two hey so I got a question for you men would even come how to did not read the devil said unto Noah was not having conversation onion and Bible studies while I'm getting my hair cut took more barbers at the same time there on this English only here dismantling of these are not all not only the people the guys waiting to get their complete by dividing audience and you're just getting your credit isn't by the end of it I like the omen that has been the desperate indeed I never thought about them and all of a sudden people recognize when my missionaries will go there to get their hair cut and like a man was renamed out of our nebulae can talk and they start talking to the missionary regular manual training Sebastian like you actually use my program director of government no wonder uneasily men of like you sound just like you like all thinking of the listening event or something and you're not allowed in because the very fact that the brain then in the games to make us available to God to be use to be use because Nebuchadnezzar ended up coming to give his life to Jesus through Daniel because he was a brain of share with you some thoughts as we all right so one man said and I want to plan is to make much of the men far more offended than of anything else men are gone nothing the church is looking for better methods God is looking for a better man a man men and women are needed whose prayers will jump to the world the utmost power of God who will make his promises to blossom with mentionable results God is waiting to hear us and challenges us to bring him to do this thing by offering he is asking us today as he did his ancient Israel to prove him now herewith saith the Lord behind God 's word is God himself and we read the essay of the Lord the holy one of Israel his maker ask of me of things to come and concerning my sons and concerning the work of my hands come married he me can you imagine God comes to his people and he said I want to ask of me these things I want you to come manager duties we do not I was in the Bible we handle it God says when you asked if I be our commanding document and doctors I wanted to amend the Digital do things on inviting test and see if I will bless according to my work I know God places himself in the hands and at the disposal of his people for in the hands his to be what the church needs today is not more machinery or better no organizations were more and normal methods but a man whom the Holy Ghost can use many a prayer man might be in prayer the Holy Spirit does not want to mappings but doing that he does not come on machinery but on men the Holy Spirit is not anoint plans but men the Holy Spirit does not need literature is literature even unto this so I'm result of this we are stuck in a situation where we probably for people who are playing but you see in the Chapter 11 wanted to turn their the gospel of Luke chapter eleven verse one coming to the end because the question is how do we become operating the Bible says in Luke chapter eleven in verse one says now it came to pass as he was praying in a certain place or event it says now it came to pass as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased that one of his disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples you see the disciples have been away from Jesus or so appeared of time and when they were separated from him they walked in on Jesus 's prayer time and as they were walking into you imagine hearing the prayer of Jesus and I are listening to Christ emphasized Jesus was unconscious of their presence he does continue praying exiling them because you can ignore people when you're in the presence of God that's the whole reason why we come to church on cognitive people in the latter on Google use is coming for you certainly see all rebels were the days when I'm not in the knockout in Oregon because of oppressing and Jesus was no different so the heart of eliciting disciples were touched with deepening as they heard the prayer of Jesus you see there is no question that the disciples had not walked in noting how many always Jesus was spent in prayer they would notice that always insolvent to anyone notices days passed and busyness in teaching in healing and preaching and casting out demons only the end of the day not to go to sleep not cornmeal but because he needed to be alone to pray and you realize that even though Jesus will be Tiger even though Jesus would be utterly weary he was not thinking I need to get eight nine hours of sleep is like I need to get a nine hours of prayer thus alleviating but they nonetheless he returned every time from his sessions of prayer the look of peace was on his face the sense of refreshment pervaded his whole being in his whole fiscal atmosphere not one quality it says it was hours Woodward and I think ours didn't say minutes it was from hours spent with God that he came forward morning by morning to bring the light of heaven to the disciples had come to connect his hours of prayer with the power of his words and works on a previous again the disciples had come to connect his hours of the in the power of his works and his words now as they listen to his prayer their hearts were on humble as he sees praying it was with a conviction on their own DV that they explain it in a whisper long teaches to pray now why does Peter safeties me to preach never once does he think these me to teach never want to say Lord Disney quantities little children teach me how to write down the Sunday school lesson teaching a great Disney Hebrew but one time the disciples found down at Jesus 's feet and are most teachable moment was when a bird of prey a similar pages the twenty and right now as we gather in this place please what are the objections one of these handling us from prevailing prayer our charge is not lacking power because of a pastor because of any man because the people running plan succeed and fail based on prayer salt solidly based on prayer and so this is a call it is a call cross to believe what God has sent it is time for us to believe exactly what he says so that when we look at anything that the Bible says if you ask anything in my name according to my will I will give it to you do you believe that anything according to his will so why is it that I'm not praying for my neighbors to come to Jesus if it is well yes or no you know why my not writing he can't deny me you said it was as well why am I not pray for victory over sin it is his will why am I not crank while my just loving heart it is his will why am I not bring more make need a missionary every single day we need to some soul needs to hear about Jesus it is his will and even as mothers and fathers why are we not playing board helped me to be just like Jesus the kids it is his will we sometimes get bias parents because no one there to want to go on our kids know what you want to get irritated know within a watch is a you know what is going to launch this TV show on your iPhone but are given a corner while we finally get a piece of mind to be by ourselves nor was there to watch its rather than getting frustrated putting our kids in the corner in front of the television need to go to Jesus in prayer with the kids the thing that touched me the most since I've been here was the second week I was here and we did the week of prayer in my heart was so heavy before the last message I woke up in the morning and I knelt down beside my bed to pray and my daughter not even two years old came right beside me her knees and put her hands together and prayed not even two years and I said Lord in doing mission work is making my daughter do this on delicious the rest of my life and I'll tell you right now the only number one concern of parents is that you can not telling the truth yes or no that's a lot of people have kids they come back to church is wanting to talk about how poorly is another good look at my son and watch them burn it's another thing because is what we like to enter kids are not praying is because we are not not because older grandkids are not interested in brand-new never taught them they know about YouTube and iPhone iPads any know about prayer than a novel the promises of God when they come over to get his bullying when they come home in the teacher just wasn't that nice we can teach our kids pray for your teacher was her name Sunday arbitrariness is not going to dismiss everything kids are what we make and always remind myself if I will have a reason to get frustrated with my daughter on the one that raised my my matter she raised herself on waster so she is getting while she doesn't ought to be quiet she tested down over the mock wobbly constructed baby dedication will need to be printed babies need brain for the parents is not a baby dedication parent education you just got a brand-new clean slate if I see a thing of that child that is not of Christ and therefore not before then I trained them in the meeting child guidance that the child's character is formed by three we went away to their sister told him to be quiet in church too late sit down when you're inside the school too late run around doing is climbing up on the podium and we expect kids the Reverend Don we never talk to to be praying to have a regard for the presence when they can appeal you mean I have to reduce our television consumption and mainly we may have to leave work a little bit earlier than we want to it may mean we have to go to bed a little bit later than the desire to but I can tell you right now we're not fired for lack of sleep because I like the pairing is nine hours and still be tired in the morning and I'm wondering what happened I got nine hours of sleep is a lot like child slept the night and awake and I'm still tired not because of sleep because of lack of prayer string doesn't come from eight hours of nonstop high schools strength comes from God but we don't believe that saw the results I'll tell you spiritual work is difficult to so is my notation you see in Daniel action for the Google back today and chapter nine for Scripture is selecting and you Daniel chapter nine we saw that Daniel was praying inversely we read that Daniel said his face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and verse for Daniel says about three to the Lord my God he understood that the time of the captivity with over the flight says in the first year of appearance in wait for three years the sparkling soon as you study the book of Jeremiah and realize prophetic time says we should be out of Babylon Marley out of Babylon Daniel said ominously the late so inducing the conditions where promise are built with rendering this mode is not an elegant in notice go down to verse eighteen Daniel chapter not allegedly notice of tubings and spring for Daniel chapter nine verse eighteen it says all my God incline your ear and here open your eyes and see art installations and the city the one the city which is called by your name for we do not present our supplications before you because of our righteous deeds but because of your great mercies of the Lord here old Lord forgive only listen and act you can hear the passion in his heart do not delay for your own sake my God for your city there is number one in your work people visited to be on Daniels and in the Bible says something amazing they says in verse twenty now while I was speaking praying and confessing my sins and the sin of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God yes while I was speaking in prayer he still praying the man Gabriel is what the Bible says the man Gabriel what I have seen in the vision at the beginning being cost to what documents line yes or no noted out Gabriel is not a man he might've appeared to Daniel like a man but the Bible says Gabriel was caused to fly slightly regionally verse twenty one about the time of the evening offering verse twenty two and he informed me and talk with me and said all Daniel I have now comport to give you skill to understand in the beginning of your supplications the command went out and come to tell you where you are greatly below what is Zionism that the Bible was saying keep your finger here go to move chapter one verse nineteen Mulder quickly as neat needs and will jump to want in verse nineteen no chapter one and verse nineteen the Bible says and the angel answered and said to him I am able Gabriel who stands where in the very presence of God now let's possible back to Daniel nine so while one is the same the Bible is saying that while I was still speaking in prayer Daniel since because I'm a praying man while he's speaking in prayer he says Gabriel who stands where in the very presence of God while Gabriel is their standing in the presence of God Daniel decides to kneel down and bring in the Bible says at the beginning of the supplication that means actually Daniel turned and said heavenly father God said Gabriel Boaz an expert and he was being caused by how smoothly that means Gabriel went from the presence of God to the shoulder of Daniel before he was done speaking you have an existing you cannot hear what I just sent out the beginning of this application is that heavenly father God said the Lancers were he wasn't even gone in and start out the Angel knew from the present on to the shoulder on Daniel before he was done that means haven't ever thought that was the covering cherub and all of a sudden is looking down and his men display may and when you see the praying man God says Gabriel God answered prayer then write my songs that are in the kingdom of God in July where he was able once he finds out his brother travels listen brothers and sisters in your traveling the speed of light the next galaxy would take thousands of years galaxy don't tell me God is in Andromeda galaxy even if he was able to climb faster than the speed of light before you got physical answers prayer it was much to handle and shoulder he's filtering I am to give you still at the beginning of your prayer the commandment so that means brothers and sisters and we decide to be praying men women we can rest assured as the Bible says you are greatly below that has already shown us that we are greatly below and we are greatly below as soon as we nail down in prayer the angel goes from the shoulder of God to the shelter of my reform even if it before I even finished so that means I kneel down a similar wanted to be with my mother before I am done talking the angel was there at my mother 's side when we know down a similar please be with sister such as it is in the hospital at the beginning of operator is the central and one thousand nine because agreement because you greatly below I am and I was cost of flights with it we make a decision to become a pregnant occurring every had his bodily eyes closed today is going to be a new day is going to be the beginning of something amazing amazing and lots way not an army and solid start with the men of this church because this church is what we make it as the heads of our families and as the heads of our homes solidly get invitation for the men of this church in a mad this morning who was willing to make commitments for the next six weeks to pray every morning every evening for faithfulness to Christ faithfulness to Jesus 's mission and faithfulness to his house morning and evening the issue is not time because we are instead Jesus came hours not minutes if there is any man here this morning as is unwilling to accept a radical call to prayer any man in this church this is unwilling to make that commitment on a bright morning and evening and I'm not talking about halfhearted prayers on talking about three to five minutes because this church in success rise and fall on our leadership because of a praying man that's where it starts so we are not trying to get NASCAR sons we can look at our lives it starts with us when we make a radical decision that we are going to pray what wife is tired or not whether she wants to join us or not is not our business were playing man does what we are not over trying to be going to be twenty nine what you see it's not enough for one person so I also have to make an invitation to the ones women you see the men would made the decision now the question is are there women here today were willing to make the same commitment and say yes Lord I'm going to be a praying woman on the train morning and evening on a train morning and evening faithfulness to Jesus faithfulness to his mission faithfulness to my house morning and evening again when I called about three five-minute prayers were not talking about Holley gather for a few minutes readable devotional regarding serious prayer heartfelt simple earnest comprehensive prayer because one of the trainmen and praying when six weeks starts today when you get home this night before you sleep we gather together and pretty in your house earnestly before Christ know my last invitation is for children there's a teenager what are you back in here my boys right now this is even if my parents don't drink clothing to bring morning and evening on the Vikings to come to wherever you are is unwilling to break morning and evening even children can lead us sometimes we demonstrate greater commitment to Jesus than we do is enabling any girl assist who can understand what I'm saying right now some willing to break morning and evening faithfulness to Jesus faithfulness to his mission faithfulness to my house heavenly father we have come here because one of the trainmen and praying when we wanted to be sentenced on the streets of more that someone is pretty and they can feel the difference in all words they can feel the difference in our works they can feel the difference when we go into our jobs our kids can feel the difference in the state what is it mommy what is regarding it's because son praying that it's because son praying mom and in this brain recognizing the brainpower to the words and the works of this church of this community that we will be exemplary homes not because of any wisdom or power within us but because were pretty father we pray to you keep us faithful to this no matter what clear our schedules in order we have a job that is keeping us from training to get away a you must encourage the lien anything that no job is worth not being able to see before morning we pray to you forgive us for leaving a poor example for children for churches for wine specimen and what do you teach us to pray just like you taught the disciples and help us to connect the hours of prayer with power we thank you Lord for what you're about to do this church we thank you father for the revival that has already begun we thank you father for the way to your changing even our homes and we thank you for the rebate in of souls that will come in answer to prayer we asked Lord to make us ready to receive those souls that come give us the love of Christ give us his pieces kindness and his understanding of the father our church may be overflowing with those that love Christ and thank you for hearing this criminal and we offered up from our hearts is this media was brought audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through the sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more certain it is www. audio tours or


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