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The Bible Data on Health

Eugene Prewitt


The Bible's health information is evidence in favor of its Divine Inspiration.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 3, 2014
    7:00 PM


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Brian made progress talk to know another resource regarding the intersection of held by the data and that is the website on Hoover's .org audio for the iPhone BER SD .org has lectures by nearly fourteen physicians on is you help relations spiritual life and survival through lectures everything from how to overcome oppression to use dealing with diabetes is learning how to say faith and life is use sensibly questions about diet anything less than resource audio reverse O R G you what you have in front of you that how the developers active in I like an outline ideas that you find in the Bible it is of the ideas themselves as the Bible has far more reasonable hell then what would be presented in a short life I want to go over a few things I think you can see one of them here what the Bible says about hell is a strong evidence for the inspiration of the Bible I don't know if you're aware of the history of health science however much degree you may or may not know I'm a beneficiary of modern health science Lewis passed your good invented vaccines for rabies in fact to save my life I was bitten by a rabid about when I was in so I can appreciate modern medicine that you go back to wire your back even before the period of the Romans and you are you living your in the mountains their ideas about hell were similar to what you find in the jungles of Borneo today that is in many parts of the world today you might people that when they get to say anything is because I spirit has person to Wednesday to let her see that anything is because someone had us down when they end up by having a baby die and leave and that because the spirit how to hack a and they have no idea about hygiene no idea about your no concept of warranty no concept of even how to deal with their excrement I've been in the editing AVI of you know this when you hear and only a little I like to watch birds and the waves seabirds and make the world is to go off the beaten path I learned in the is is because you people do things represent often have and that is where you use the rest beside the road and because that extra minute is so close to where they live and why many diseases that we never see here are prevalent in the part of any arrival what I'm trying to tell you is that knowledge about germs about firebreathing viral infections by knowledge about hygiene and cleanliness saves us the six of us here from so much misery to go back to the Bible when God was speaking to vigorously sled is relieving each other they had no idea about germs had no concept of any of these signs you are all that you need to use the restroom and take a shower with you going outside and they are all very he told that when someone is an infectious illness and foreign keys and one for several days as an older layer is changing as Rowley and then there is something that you cash your life will receive an outside entity so that God introduces core team to get into the mobile Israelite camp don't think that this was the knowledge that was asked outside of Israel maybe those you read the Bible remember the story about the little girl name and serving by Nathan was a general of the Syrians he had leprosy that he had a hand down to the hotel he worsens with McCain his infectious illness was right there near other people who could be in fact one friend tell you is what is on your paper is that there are several answers regarding hygiene that room that someone with the knowledge thousands a years beyond Moses is 's fire the writings of Moses God may represent the present in regular that use the sound normal because you have hot water anything about once or twice a day but in the world today when people think about once a week or once every three weeks where people don't have running water that is life and not have running water for that is now is all it was a hardware and left to themselves that other than a rare experience the wife and that every evening after they have a sexual encounter with their spouse they have to figure that if they were taught a course they had taken that if they were to be near anyone who wasn't and had an infectious illness and take a bath and wash the clothes I don't know what you can see this is a level of wisdom that you just can't understand until you know what you know about germs it was less than three hundred years ago that doctors and nurses began washing your hands before they treated the purpose of life there evidence of God 's design that illnesses that person people in America Australia and Europe today the primary ones are cancers and heart disease diabetes arteriosclerosis these are the biggies in growing one thing will include a number of autoimmune disorders like lupus and some illnesses like why you are carried by insects those performances of cancer heart disease diabetes stroke dementia stroke but I those four are entirely preventable but I think cancer is entirely preventable the exaggeration I take that back cancer cells form in every one of our bodies every day cancer cells are not rare developments in humans their continuous developments but cancer cells are eaten by our large white blood cells and this is why even though you develop cancer twenty five day window have you know that enhances out with probably executed but when you practice a certain set of health principles the likelihood of developing cancer goes down dramatically in this magazine here you have references I think some of you have this magazine so for example just eating me just having a regular physical exercise with a thermal inversion decreases the likelihood of a man getting prostate cancer by seventy four percent that's one element just exercise for a woman that will exercise reduces her sensitive breast cancer thirty seven that means for you and how well they do not reside only have eight billion and with exercise twelve a disastrous I think a lot that only a knife is always exercise that allows for limited phone ladies that were doomed to get breast cancer exercise that an all-encompassing diary is dying to see their evidence he got designed the original diet is not ingrained in later vegetables ready to help you don't mind I say that the vessels were added in chapter three of Genesis chapter one or two that singular God is all I didn't you just need that way is simple unrefined diet of fruits nuts and grains the chance of you getting enough become obese is almost nil to me I'm not to become police union refined foods because whole grains and whole fruits are satiated that it will are you are overly pious overview Unita deserves an processing range and that things can you just imagine how hard these overviews the simplest of the enough half as you might have an affect never tried for a while the original diet matches the needs of the body is such a sad that the person who wrote the RSS versus I have prevented cancer diabetes Rolf and these other side are just randomly on the right diet is a website that I is in Genesis wireless in uncanny ways validity is offered in two thousand fourteen what about the issue of clean and unclean animals I'm not asking you seen the movie Noah first life I have seen is in the animals that live in our today on when life is going by so mainly saw Lily I don't know you don't know we don't know but it just doesn't have on our lean animals go when my son but the unclean animals go in my suit and when they come out of the ark that when God introduces the idea of eating me know if you see right away what happens if they decide intermediate in the community one unclean animals you have instant extirpation of the species in addition to communicating why you have no more repairs right apparently God made even better so when they got out of the car and there is no cultivated fields and rang no mature trees know that all gardens of ready to go the other hand in my here is any sort of health he said now you need me very apparently justify what he said about who went in and out of our ability to clean these but when you come to the next of the Bible becomes more explicit in two months later in numbers alone God describes which the animals were the clean ones that went into the hardwoods with an unclean now Karl Rove Leviticus eleven either he knew more than that ADHD is a nineteen oh five or else he just randomly got it right because animals and I clean our animals in the food chain are second or third year they are the ladies are living inside the and animals say they carry what I know rescuers are not cognitively not animals the animals at the bottom of the food chain those are the unclean animals cat is gaining the dog to bolster the regime and the Eagle all these things will be one how the person Melissa Levin realized that low and of the food chain from a wonderful time in German think of the food chain but those animals they either refuse in the Caribbean how about the author realize that those of the animals I really have no here I mean by you I mean and that when you have a boss a little and they did some a little bit of mercury in them then this case all of them got the fish to use us out there energy healing excretes a lot of stuff but that then he can't really excrete as the Mercury having battles get stored in our fat tissue and they are not removed well by our kidneys when that has been taken by the larger the same thing happens when the larger fish gets eaten by the Bay are barred by the Eagle the same thing happens to the bear in the Eagle know nothing huge that they are in nothing it's the Eagle but the barely legal I continuously need seen animals that have heavy metals in them so that the bear in the Eagle fill with toxicity the same thing happens to the catfish the same thing happens to the peg is do you see what I mean I say that there's evidence of this eleven for the inspiration of the Bible no one could have known that even the time of Jesus much less two thousand years before you see there this term and new stars maybe that was introduced last week I don't know sister Judy but that's an acronym you won't remember it and it helped you anyway stands for nutrition exercise water that's those that were new nutrition exercise water both of the Big Bang if you think yourself lucky drink lots of water you end up eating well God 's original Diane you makes you get plenty of exercise shots those three things will save you from an immense mouth of disease SLR that is sunshine ten friends that self-control and that is fresh air rafts and then learning to depend on God to trust him that's Reagan's acronymic new start the idea is a new start are taught in the Bible the Bible models the kind of environment that God created you to be one when you're gardening materials the look to garden right now because I took a shower just recently I was in the garden today and I was in the garden today I got fresh air I got exercise I and ended up getting plenty of sunshine I went inside and I drank my water all of those ideas are now known to be an important component not only in physical health but in mental health people who struggle with depression if you struggle with depression if you want to try these three things get to sleep early geraniums like to have water it and stop drinking sugary drinks and get on a regular exercise routine those simple three ideas will resolve most cases of depression without even solving your depressive problems they don't make your problems go away but they increase your potential for handling them emotionally look at that last section under evidence you see disease and its causes the Bible teaches that we should avoid drunkenness and gluttony it requires us to use hygiene I'm in the right column there that models horse country living in fact in the Bible it's the rebels to start cities and God asked people to spread out into the countryside the first sitting was named above I forgot it the case the one renamed it after one of his sons physical exertion is mandated in the Bible is even in the Garden of Eden you're what the curse as demand by the sweat of your corral you should eat bread with saying this so seek for a desk job if you're going to a desk job make sure you have a garden you need to have some exertion to connect with your eating up your bodies cannot function at them the level in the Bible recommends morality so I married my wife and I are really as a married call intimate way but even though we have plenty of sexual gratification neither one of us has any concern about sexually transmitted diseases while we were because we are the only people either one of us will ever happen experience with when the Bible teaches that high level of morality it entirely provided and in and to the spread of gonorrhea and a encephalitis and quite a number of illnesses in other words those in illnesses would come to a natural and only mankind practice morality but I'm trying to say under this evidence section I said it several times and almost done with his first thought is that when the Bible teaches us how to live how is this that is one of these elements about how to layout and such varied fields of our life when you put them together they end up producing a life that is more healthy and more peaceful greater longevity unless disease God was able to accomplish this for Israel without them understanding what we understand your Bibles with you I know you have computers and some of those computers of vital Java five eleven Exodus fifteen Exodus fifteen in verse twenty three not have a violence okay I'll read distinctly this is just before the children of Israel began having manner as and when I came tomorrow at the place they could not drink the waters of our for they were better therefore the name of the place was more diverse they were traveling in they were thirsty and they came to an area that had water and they were happy until existing the widely found out is not drinkable and when my and the people murmured against Moses saying what shall we drink and he that is Moses cried to the Lord instead and the Lord showed him a tree which when he casted into the waters the waters were made sweet barely made a statute and ordinance and barely prove them know about your Bible you see here is that they had a practical problem to cancel waters that were toxic they complained that God and God instead of zapping the waters he showed them a type of plan that used properly would end up taking away the noxious elements from the water in all that is how most medication work today but I love most is right a large volume of medications are extractions from plants and when used properly they end up causing or changing than such a way as to take away problems in the next verse and that is what I said if you will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord your God will do that which is right in his son and will hear Vegas Commandments and keep all his statutes I will put none of these diseases upon you which I brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that feels you that's incredible mummies show us the kind of diseases that Egyptian wealthy people have and the will of the people of Egypt had arthritis heart disease cancer and diabetes they had the same illnesses that we have today they had the same lines because they had the same kind of lifestyle they were e.g. in a high meat diet with lots of luxurious wily substances they are like those stains in their wealthy people could afford those things good to see were halfway through that paper and everyone hears to go to explain to you the rest of it so the Egyptians had these illnesses and because they had these illnesses when they died we see the evidence in the pyramids in their coffins when they examine not these weren't upset about those illnesses he said if you will follow my ways I will not put these diseases I knew to have on the Egyptians now this is an old passage in Exodus fifteen is an ancient text but you go and you need that way Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy recommend that means when you get your deer meat your clean meet but use thoroughly believe the animal and cut off the fat that means is thoroughly cooked the meat and means used thoroughly believe in any kind of animal that you're going to eat thoroughly before you consider eating it you practice what's written there in Genesis you need a sample hold drain that diets whole fruits and you're not have those illnesses became on the Egyptians let's move now to the second section the stewardship of the body we talk about helped the Bible perspective is not all about God 's wisdom part of it is about our responsibility and we have some let's look at a few things in first Corinthians of your Bibles with you toward first print in chapter three your Bibles with you listen carefully first trip in chapter three verse sixteen don't you know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you if any man defile the temple of God you will God destroy the temple of God is holy which whom you are a simple idea when I'm traveling to a Hindu country I often see let's all shrines to the Hindu idols are seeing hundreds of those and I'll see you are the article inside the shrine and often there's food that's been offered there but it's one of the cleaner places the writing trash everywhere on the street for the shrine is kept nicely why because if I were to take my trash bag and put in the shrine currently facing execution by Hindu idolaters what would they think the new grand trash bag in the shrine they consider that to be desecration of the holy place you follow her they come from and out until you illustrate for you when it's like when we smoke before you visit a cigarette we are putting trash into a Temple but not atop of an idol at the temple of the living God drunkenness the use of drugs smoking a number of other things you could do even practices of promiscuity that is of immorality these kind of activities are an affront to the spirit that lives inside of us is because the spirit was inside of us I have a responsibility to live in a way that's an honor to the spirit here in chapter three now look at chapter four is probably there in the same page for you chapter four in verse two moreover it is required against her words but a man be found faithful was a steward a store to someone her alone the thing that he cares for that is a man of means may lend his car to someone and say take care of it the magic impairment doesn't own the car for Jesus Stewart of the car if you own a business but you have a manager run at that manager is something like a steward he's responsible for the business and you just reap the results but if he runs into the ground or to hold him accountable with prices the fire in this priority been doing the United States look at chapter six your first Corinthians chapter six in verse nineteen that says why don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which you have of God and you are not your own verse twenty says for you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God 's idea simple five years after story is that I am I still worried because I am taking care of God 's temple idea and chapter six is that my body doesn't even belong to me so when someone says don't talk about that that's my decision or that's my choice about how I want to live or how I want to be well I'll let you go I won't bother you but your Ron it's not your decision in minutes your decision is not your decision the sense of that you have no moral obligation to do anything you don't own yourself the one who owns you is are you decided what you should do and if you don't follow through well it's required in stewards that they be found faithful when we read in chapter three what will God do to those that define sample letter process will be destroyed that makes good sense to me sounds to me in the FI show disrespected God all my life that are not to be ushered into the gym of heaven to show disrespect to him there but when I say that I belong to God I don't want to give the picture that has a store that God is watching out to catch me missed treated myself like he is anxious or as anxiety to try to put me into the flames of hell not all God cares for his personal property and what does he want from this personal property he wants me to be healthy she wants me to be productive he wants me if I'm going to lift and ninety cannot spend the last twenty years in a nursing home or thirty one Saint by that issue can judge the Bible 's teaching entirely on the basis of longevity people to follow the Bible 's rules on health they live about ten years longer than those you don't but the story is not entirely included in those ten years because my grandma who's ninety four right now lives in her own home and she sleeps in her own bed and she walks around without a walker but those your neighbors who went to the nursing home fifteen years ago in are still letting today those fifteen years of not been for them with a bent for my grandmother some access to an insane but there's something to be sad about having health and strength to answer days sold your strengths the last Bible promise I'm thinking right now about Joshua and Caleb Caleb was that young man who gave a good report in Numbers fourteen so she was told that he would entertain and forty years later forty years later after all of the people that he grew up with had died everyone except Josh what he and Johnson were the only ones that went into Canaan which only when McCain and there already and almost eighty years old you know it's kind of old but K love shows as his inheritance on mountain that was full of a very large race of humans that Anna Camp he said I want that Mountain and in his eighties he went there and took it the Bible speaks about man who when they were very old one a hundred years old says that their eyes were not dim I'm just trying to paint a picture for you that when I say I don't own my body what I'm really saying is that the one who made my body has plans for the body he wants to give me along the life of service for him a useful life of service and he has gone to the trouble of teaching me how to live in the Bible it is because I ignore his instructions that I end up getting that diabetes and then I go to a faith healer and say you heal me and I'll tell you to get healed it is in God they killed you God will heal you from diabetes he'll tell you to start eating small suppers go to bed and get exercise that'll do it for type two one type two diabetes you just take a couple years with an exercise program small suppers early to bed no snacks between meals vegetarian diet those claims are right fair and diabetes is reimbursed whose body is God 's body and he intends that we will live in a way that isn't honored to him and then he will honor on us with long life start John verse two is on your paper if you have a viable you can see a therapist below it's in the left peach column about halfway down the love that I write that you may prosper in all stains and be in health just as your soul prospers that's what God wants for us not just longevity but that we have a spiritual life that would measure with our spiritual life look at the key passages there on the left-hand side we talked about Exodus fifteen Leviticus eleven the passages in first Corinthians were held at the first against ten thirty one yet advertisers can tell you what's there that's the verse that says whatsoever you need or drink or what ever you do do all to the glory of God we have a look at a nasal passages and Proverbs and you can look at them later to tell you similar certifying their drivers talk about the connection between your mental state and your physical state about how when you are at peace and happy in Hatcher for less how that helps you with your physical health that is so far I had of its time it's now the more learning than the price send it as a a risk factor for nearly every type of disease depression increases your chance of getting cancer increases your chance of getting heart disease increases your chance of having kidney failure it impression is hard on your system but that's an Proverbs the Bible does more than tell you that cheerfulness is like medicine it teaches you how to be a cheerful person we've made references to Genesis but Daniel one nine is about a story that's the story of Daniel I think Daniel is a model for the end of time this book is all about the end of time Daniel knows about the laws that we've been talking about he's not about to eat meat that has not been thoroughly bled and defected he's not about to eat unclean meat he's not about to drink any alcohol is part of the royal family in the royalty were not permitted to drink any alcohol at all she's not willing to do those things that Daniel is a slight listen you think you're under intense pressure to do the wrong thing you think if you do the right thing you can lose your position ecology to lose your job you're a loser boyfriend or that I be a pop of the rest you think it's going be hard for you to do the right thing Daniel can die if he does that right thing that he purposes in his heart that he will not defile himself the Summit says in Daniel one Dennis as I purchased my heart that I would not defile myself with the portion of the king 's meat and want to make the internal decision I'm not going to do the wrong thing no matter what then it with courtesy and politeness he went to the important persons in his life seven please I want to be conscientious but in this book once I located and what Daniel they said no way suicide try me for ten days and see how it goes so they gave him a ten day trial and at the end of the ten day trial it was found that these man he and his friends that would not drink and would not defile themselves God bless them with a higher level of comprehension with a more strength than the Constitution that Babylonians could see that these were a higher quality of people that's a model for us because today is Monday in our little group here I think many of us are to be tested in the next few days weeks or months or years with a trial where to serve God is going to look like the dead and on our career I say we because you're alternating about to get a career and I know that where the double works of double come to one of you and say if you will just be willing to violate God 's law you can have what you want but Daniel ones for you because Daniel stuck with what God said he ended up being put in a place that slaves never went as the Prime Minister of Babylon was to say the Lions den BS of faithfulness kept out of the Lions den assured it and that's in chapter six an unthinking right here about chapter one but his faithfulness in both stories wasn't it can be in Berlin the deal is right no matter what the serious consequence would be some people say that those laws in the Old Testament about how you live and how you need that they don't apply anymore today I just wanted to know that when the issue came out in the book of facts about which of the Old Testament laws we have to keep in acts fifteen date shows the want that Gentiles would have to keep in over the Gentiles are bats you you you you me you and you I think any juicier I saw where it were Gentiles and the laws for costs are don't eat food offered to idols but then were not taking sides and had been strangled why not things that have been strangled they haven't been bled properly so you have that many of the toxins in that dangerous agents are carried in the blood will there not for the taste this good that's why the human strangled animals because applied it tastes good I had to hose witness study with me Watson you know they will take transfusions but they eat red meat I let him know there wasn't more inconsistent position the entire Bible when God said don't eat the bluntest because it causes disease but they eat the blood get the disease multiple transfusion it will save your life about to get it I'm trying to tell you is that acts fifteen shows that when God gives health principles to the Hebrews it's not like he expects everyone else adjusted treatment bodies like adopt him expect garbage back when he gets printable to how the lab he expects us when we see the wisdom in them to choose the wisdom for ourselves all rights Isaiah fifty eight in your own time six eight that ends with the promises says that on your health goals bring forth speedily but the conditions are before the promise many meet the conditions you claim that promise and that's a beautiful intersection of health in the Bible not our last for three minutes is anyone here have a question something like that after some you'd like to know I'll give you just a moment if not I know your question on the same for the microphone here suppresses asking the maid that is found in the net Walmart is that the lead properly or is it proscribed by axis fifteen in the end Genesis nine the answer is prescribed by Genesis nine and X this fifteen the truth is that very choose a want properly bled meat and so you can find sometimes if your New Yorker looking for any year synergy can find it but frankly we live in an age of transportation that makes ready that she is a sensible organization because if I go to Mongolia I'm probably not the stated vegetarian if I live in the rural areas in the rural areas of Mongolia I need to eat yak meat and I needed Yahoo! Mail and I need it yeah white cheeses because I never get enough nutrients from the dried herbs that I can find the book but the yak eat and invest what was in Genesis nine after the fly but now come here to Arkadelphia and I inhabit one meal I can have bananas and blueberries at the same meal joins the Kings never had back two hundred years ago blueberries bananas at the same meal because liberals are only in the northern bananas are only in the South but we can come on both here so that is easy for us to be a healthy diet even if we avoid all that money stuff so maybe since you didn't ask I'll just make the punch line equipped if you hear making catfish or pork or ham which of course are quite related are they or any other version of dead pig if you make those part of your diet you should study Leviticus eleven tonight it's very lying there that God says it's an abomination to eat those facts and view it your body and visible on the does not does God want you to have a healthy happy life he ducks well does that mean you might have to deny yourself sometimes why that is the entire concept of taking up your cross Jesus said let a man deny who himself take up his cross and follow me so here's Jesus our Savior on the cross he is in all lot of pain and they offer him base bonds filled with liquids that would cloud his senses but would also take away some of his pain you know Jesus refuses it best that passes there Matthew twenty eight seven thirty four he refuses it because of his body is not his his mind belongs to his father is not about to allow his mind to be clouded when he needs to have his thoughts together just after that when he says it is finished we were not want before our life and runs to go ahead and accept that sponge we want to take up our cross and follow him do what's right to the very missed by Ezra our father in heaven I thank you that your Bible is so clear I'm sorry that we've given so little attention to it thank you for showing the way that we can be healthy and happy and productive I asked for each one years and you died and then experience a ISO that in the name of which is a this media was gone audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. done on universe .org


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