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Weak Men and Fanatics

Eugene Prewitt


God uses weak men. So we must be discerning.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 5, 2014
    11:00 AM


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my word on this little planet involves canvassing Avenue Verdun literature were going door-to-door selling address books I see the hand or by the young and that work I was doing even since I was a teenager recently has been expanding to other parts of the plan in Indonesia right now we have group of nearly thirty eight canvassers and that you are a religion Indonesia and you familiar with that nation it's mostly the followers of the religion of Islam exactly was going on they are in job especially real population not the island in the center of the island amazing fast has a evangelism training school and docents are going door-to-door selling the great controversy the great controversy is a great book for Muslims the first chapter is the destruction of Jerusalem and they like and it talks about getting ready for the day of your to pray for your fellow workers they are in Indonesia and the work they're doing once upon a time in a land far far away there is a unending D P Daniels this is not easy to use you might think you've ever stayed on his history learn about the next AG Daniel Salazar president at the turn of the wealthier nineteen hundred and eighty Daniels was well-known earlier in a survey by and let out a revival in Fresno I suppose that will I'm guessing three hundred miles south of here I don't know really I didn't look at them now closer to further seven hundred miles of the long ways so upset under milestone here in Fresno Bebe Daniels was I will and there were some men who were from the conference office hereby I think your conference office nearby here in Houston not to hear that we has to later this morning and conference also if you have sung and whose names you might know your name J Loughborough the great second accident movement J H Wagner the father of using my jaded writer has some interesting distinction in our churches three it was one of the very first man to join the Seventh-day Adventist movement after the great disappointment Asian forty four when the brother believe that there is no more opportunity for Center City say and here was a center who wanted all the brother who know how to relate to him that fascinating they let me I was JH Waggoner drainage side EJ where more famous now when you hear that your sister 's name with any other qualifier they almost always in the sun J H of the terms Wagner Jones or John Lackey and NEG Jones himself the other one that will does not work in the office there Fresno they do not think very highly VP Daniels and lovingly why all the reasons why but I can sell you some of the reasons why Iggy Daniels wasn't good money and I will ask to see him if you're good at handling money but you'd be Daniels was as a minister of the Gospel Baptist Church he went into debt and here and it is significant that so significant that he resigned his as the semester so you can do some sort of secular work earn more money and pay off his debts and when he was in that secular employment earning some money gotten to investments investing in mines and again lands and he you know when and where investing myself among investing their own money but where you really make it into other people 's money and that also where you make it just in case it doesn't work out because then when you lose a dozen other people 's money and so if you know how to Win friends and influence people investments can really be a winner for you in a loser for them if you do not feel was an influential man he knew how to trust the hearts of people and he is influencing game as a minister of the gospel to encourage people to invest in his mining business Ellen Weiss who was in California near that time she had plainly told him that he should not get involved in the speculative type of investment to meet investment often a speculative and to invest your money started simply when you could investigate however there is no speculation needed is not sensible Mister Daniels Elder Daniels would mention that only talk to him when he was trying to encourage you to invest but he was entirely misrepresented her as fast as is passed it seems like you say Ellis said that this investment is guaranteed to produce a dollar in your gun against three dollars out and many people in California but money you need Daniel Smith and the way it goes the investment some of them did lose that in Holland was investments are all eating Daniels wasn't a crook well maybe he was but he was a sincere truck and you know the kind of person whose memory plays tricks on him and he expresses things the way he wishes they were instead of necessary the way that they were so what I'm telling you I'm trying to explain you why performing the conference Austin and think very highly of you Daniels and I don't think highly of me in the right so you can relate to them but there is more in the annuals is a gifted speaker he knew how to preach about raising children others just a few children here I like children see you at the Indy Daniels had children he preached about raising children and he did a great job preaching about it is why did a good job preaching about how to raise children that they can raise their own children very well they didn't even follow their own advice can you imagine someone saying the importance of Mormon Christian discipline of Birmingham who went home users and angry sporadic discipline and let the kids get away with other stuff randomly is it possible to say the right thing to do the wrong things raising children is not very easy to find the right theory but an entirely other signs of client EP Daniels messed up on the application stopped and he didn't raise his children while his daughter was relevant to go to school she had him going to Snell 's seminary and that was a dangerous place for Christian young ladies and the that young man you give Daniel son if you put a plate of food in front of him he would gain what he will I then turned his nose in the wrath and ask you to cook something else good about picking out this was at home with his mom to do this now you might wonder how I normally EP Daniels are not related to it's because of the letters that were written to him inspired letters that we have on record confinement CD-ROM genre what does he mean by the CD-ROM will ask me afterwards but it's in terms of researching things it's the CD-ROM and the social VP Daniels now you have a similar opinion to him I'm hoping that as the brotherhood the conference office when they were away on church business meeting Dennis came to visit his old church in only if you have a pastor that is somewhat popular entity goes away it's always nice when he comes back to visit that the sisters always have the same pastor of your out of pastor before the one you have now focus you had experience yet with the one you have now if you like him and if he wants away and then after many years came back with me to go see him probably there is some special experience you know that I am looking at you allegedly is my secretary advertisement for my students and bring them back here in the us not on-topic so deep in Daniels when he came to visit they asked him to take the morning service kind of just off the spur of the moment I I give you his worst traits they were his only traits I mean he was a gifted speaker he did know his Bible he didn't know how to talk to people 's hearts he was even talk to the leading the military he knew how to call them to revival he wasn't afraid to call send lab 's right name in many ways he was gifted with oratory he was an acceptable speaker so they asked him to preach I think even people that you like as preachers if you knew everything about them you would think as highly of them as you think when all you know about them is how they preach and for many people that they knew about AP Daniels they knew how he preach so he preached that morning in eighteen eighty five when he didn't preach he prayed God answered his prayer he spoke with power and it led to many persons in the audience making a significant commitment to the Lord Jesus those commitments were backed up by some reform I mean people making things right people choosing to go make apologies were qualities are difficult persons being willing to turn away from Santa Fe held onto secretly for a long time there were some good fruit to the sermon and the church asked him if he would speak again in the afternoon so he again he spoke in the afternoon and there was an even greater response they asked if he could carry on speaking the evening and the next day on Sunday and he said he be glad to do it you know when you work with God and he sees power is very fulfilling there's nothing quite like seeing God work to make you want to just stay in the Avenue may person to get in the ministry never leaving for the very reason the VP Daniels wanted to stay the next day and reach it's very fulfilling to work with God the next day he continued speaking of what similar to how I had an Sabbath and they asked him if he would lease stand by and do a week of prayer for them as a church not the guy had a job they traveled quite a distance the common anachronisms is a little over an hour and quite a distance to comment speak in the church but he went that Sunday evening back home canceled all his appointments for the week and came back and carried on her revival there in the church let me just summarize and say that things got better and better people began coming to church and had not come in years weekly people who were married at the nest began coming to church and a number of them like they never cared about the three most messages as they can join the Adventist church some interesting leaders in the community started coming in one of them jointly under his charge that week also during this week when they were having all these meetings that wasn't just one in a day it was a pretty continual series of meetings for the spirit was working at least that's in Uganda said it was the spirit when they tried to separate some things that you have a bunch of relying on new and just becoming Adventist they might not be ready for the synchronous things people do administer like forty or fifty years than studious the whole time so there were some differentiation going on there every had one tent for one group intent for another and there were some healings that happened during that week 's midweek when that brother the conference office came back and heard about the excitement there in the Fresno area and they heard was leading and they suspected that it was a fanatical movement in America where fanaticism and serious fanaticism are washed I will ask if you watched it were designed but can you understand why the brother the conference office might suspect fanaticism maybe understand why they like from what you know already they get it when they cannot in the grounds of where this revival is happening when they saw the segment value in having hold you about there really wasn't administered them of serious fanaticism going on and they shut down the meetings told the people to go home and down the consent VP Daniels packing you know to stop fanaticism from growing and taking over fanaticism which is a fanaticism has always had a variety of definitions and in this case when they thought it was fanaticism they were concerned because they saw some of the fruits that look like religious excitement as people were because they were so excited they were thinking sensibly and there are some persons of a kind take a lead in the local church that I mean enduring that we can credit line of begin to take the lead out because it is again in your church here I suppose that you choose elders I suppose in your church your teachers deacons but if things got really excited some people might choose themselves as elders some people might choose themselves as deacons and things are really excited you can in some way choose yourself you just stand up start talking and people listen to you you have anonymous computers and I mean by choose yourself and when things are excited there are always personalities who come Ron who would've always like to confront when they never got invitation to but when there is when things are happening when the spirit moves them they know as a spirit but I lower S dependent on how you see the situation so the thing was cut down an old lights comments about that story are worthwhile for you to study yourself on the summarizes to you some of them in the relevant Bible study about relevant to this topic God uses we then do know that he uses Sampson and Sampson however strong he was was also we would you agree very strong very weak at the same time why that describes lots of people may find Skype uses men who are exceeding strong and exceeding week at the same time God uses airing people you know that he uses people who make big blunders and mistakes but the truth is that future in the Bible isn't erring man he makes blunders and mistakes he ends up saying to Jesus that's not to happen to you when Jesus is talking about the Gospel story of the cross and prophecy God uses men who make mistakes God even holds that the mighty weak people he uses he holds them accountable to God uses the King Saul to use them was this all week why he was great from beginning to end when he knew he was weak he was better off than when he didn't know he was weak but he was weak the whole time and God used him does God hold people accountable who are reading the fact that God uses you is not a factor not in use as me and does not get me off the hook in terms of accountability I can't say since God is using me I have a free pass but God uses wheat and dairy people he holds them accountable and he lost the audience accountable think about failing did not expect Palin to listen to his donkey he did and God expects you and I listened available to you thinking when you mean to listen to fail you have viable Sandy turned the book of Micah Micah chapter six Micah chapter six and looking to diversify out of you longer for minor prophets Micah six verse five old my people remember now what they looking at Moab consulted and what they loan the soon-to-be or answered him from should team on to Gil Gail that you may know the righteousness of the Lord suppose that you want to know about the righteousness of the Lord is there a story that your fruit to buy the prophet Micah was stored in the ambulance response right now this is verse five what what they are answered just pay attention to what they want an answer if you if you want to know what the righteousness of oh the Lord will let me explain a few brief review and go back in your Sabbath afternoon and read what Balin answered as he went from place to place you would find several fascinating statements coming from his lips everything he said was true but when he looked down it is really sad I have to not be held in the Quincy and Israel but don't think for a minute that Israel was two million people with perfect characters the history leading up to that in the history immediately following shows that Israel was a couple million very faulty people but what if they don't say I have to not be held in negligent Israel Balin said the shout of the King is among them but this is long before they chose a king who was the king that was King Jesus Jesus was online and the people and when Jesus was amongst them all Palin could see was holiness is that how can I person God has not cursed if you want to understand the righteousness of the Lord you ought to follow but Balin said that they look as he went from place to place that's what Mica says and I agree with Mike but let me make my point God expects he holds us accountable for what they learn says even if they longer is a shady character even if the messenger himself has weaknesses and errors even if the messenger himself is is lost I think Palin was lost even in that case were held accountable for the truth God teaches Jordan Erin Van when trying to show you Bertrand summarize for you are the same hello what have to say about the revival led now by DP Daniels more than that what she said is that it was a true revival to Daniels the Daniels revival they are in eighteen eighty five was of God then what was it that led Jones and Wagner Wagner in Loughborough and make them faulty action to do that wrong thing it was because they were getting confused between the faulty messenger and the user and the Lord himself they were looking at the messenger and assume because the messenger was so faulty therefore the Lord continues him I think my slab party showing you that that's not legitimate I got the fact that God uses you is no evidence that you are flawless character even there are many people who think they're okay because God uses them I just want you to understand that does not follow is not sensible to believe that just because God uses unit everything is okay with you but there was more revivals do not take away free well and it is in this church here and today we have a great revival that great revival the league said a number of people having a soft heart a revival spiritual interest though it could lead to something powerful that revival would not stop some others here from doing regular fanatical things in fact LS comments are pretty clear that whenever there is a great revival Satan will certainly take advantage of that to move fanatical people to come to the front in other words sure revival all this going to have associated with that fanaticism they're going to come together so when Martin Luther is teaching the truth Thomas monster is going to stand up if you know what I'm talking about that's okay I just about the sixteenth century you know Martin Luther three the reformer history preaching was the spark that led Satan to raise an equally gifted fanatic who had quite an impact on Germany what was seen as an effort there is to associate the fanaticism with the teaching so that either people will love the fanaticism or hate both the teaching of the fanaticism nurse by the Association segment hopes to win two ways those that hate the Reformation he hopes that they will faulted for what happened in those the law that he hopes that they will move into fanaticism themselves receiver the benefits of Satan and combining fanaticism with revival so when you come to eighteen forty four the Advent movement that was a powerful revival of their New England but it had in this process a number of fanatical elements was because Adventism leads to fanaticism no it's because Satan takes advantage of true revivals as an opportunity to bring in fanatical elements I guess what I'm saying is that if you have revival here you need to be thinking it doesn't mean that everything that happens is good that you following site and if you have a something bad happen here in terms of fanaticism is not evidence that everyone was affected by it has had a false experience you have to learn to think in a step deeper and it's not like the weeds and the tears are like in different arguments I think you understand what I'm trying to say the last time I had mentioned you from Helen White for regulatory Bible study is that the latter rain is coming the greatest revival effort and when they get songs there are going to be manifestations of serious spiritual interests but Satan is not going to pass by the latter rain and just let it go without any efforts to frustrate what God is doing there will be even more fanatical elements raising up during the latter rain and then there were in agent forty four even grosser fanaticism and if you have a mindset like Wagner and Wagner and Jones in Loughborough in eighteen eighty five you are going to reject the latter rain why because you'll recognize the fanaticism now I hope that you're not been taken I say to an extreme and now anything you see the analysis of the symbol must be part of its revival is not like that that office is evidence of revival it will not enough let's have a Bible study Jeremiah chapters seventeen Jeremiah seventeen the major prophecies should be there now verse five thousand nicely to say in Hollywood you cannot be there for many reasons I seventeen verse five seventeen in verse five that says the Lord cursor to be the man that trust in man and maybe is me his arm whose heart departs from the Lord is not sensible nor say for you to connect your spiritual being hundreds to a man not to any psychobabble or to one in particular your Fresno church when they when their pastor moved away they decided they wanted to have VP Daniels can't be their pastor again until finally the church said that was a big mistake this is the same homeland Saturday night revival but she wrote the charge that they were making the same mistake that Jones and Wagner Wagner La Habra laid it was just the flip side of the coin but they were credited in the revival to the name when it wasn't the man it was the spirit of God and they credited the demand and they would actually get the harm the man himself and encouraged him in a way of thinking there was unhealthy and efforts to one recent diagnosis McManus because they're not so inclined to think highly of themselves but you know he plays in a manner not even don't think highly of themselves is just not sensible to trust in man to seamen and diversify the results trusted are you what you are it is a national resolve depending on your bid you lose your connection to God I sit on this committee that you've heard of the theology of ordination study committee talks for short and I can see when I'm on the committee the danger of our church concluding that because a man has a PhD that his theological opinions are safer than a man who has not know who don't have PhD 's natural setting that it is anyone who has pitched it will save well known as PGP are like that I didn't cross over someone on your number of accredited utilization for Bill say that that getting a higher degree doesn't make you a more accurate it just makes you more star so that a person who is now just before he begins a theology degree is still about this when he finishes in the man who is a Catholic when he starts still about twenty finishes what the differences recognition is harder to lead away from Catholicism than he was before he started are not even trying to put down higher education even sounds like it because I want number of highly educated people who are spiritual as any of you know the higher education is not what destroys them but I tell you what endangers them was when men depend on the last time down as if they are the source of light and truth cursive is the man entrusted in man and maketh flesh his arm his heart departs from the Lord should now listen the next three minutes if you're bad at math just think about what I said earlier the number of demons in the world is static that is it is not increasing over time the number of humans is growing exponentially that is it is increasing over time and is increased in the last hundred fifty years is far more than an increase in the previous three thousand years that the curve of work every steep part of the curve right now in the population of the earth so that if I'm not in the know anything about the number of humans in the world but if there was one game and her man in the year eighteen hundred 's right now there's been these six men for every one of those statements it really is getting more difficult for demons and Samantha plan them access to write a set five is not like things are getting better because of that because the devil saw this coming and he has been working for a long time to lead man to depend on she leads you to trust in someone else she used he leads you to depend to be guided if you can just leave all of us to depend on someone else she doesn't have to man everybody she can just focus on the ones who are the descendents of everybody else to say is that God forgotten the name of the man who invited me to come here was in Vietnam right now what's his name yes pastor Mike I don't know him at all into the I telephone but if you didn't have on my best like you're putting the parking lot him further demonic attack is not in Mike's interest for you to depend on him to follow I'm trying to say is and the last one thought not going too slow I wrote down to nearly thirty passages we look at two of them turn to first Corinthians chapter two first Corinthians chapter two verse one and I rather when I came to you and not with excellency of speech or wisdom declare unto you the testimony of God Mrs. Pauline is the ability to use oratorical skill how do it only warranties so I don't do it first to write her and not know anything among you say that Jesus Christ and him crucified verse two is to understand person like this I'll say I determined to be a highly ignorant and every other top volume of verse twenty three together a say in writing it was my other knowledge to prove how smart I was identified and due to the way that one of the world to try to use a vocabulary to indicate that I have a breath of knowledge for reliable as a teacher verse three and I was with you in and say and we ended the year and must however have to be in weakness Paul speed with greater confidence he can speak with our friend went but he has something in mind he didn't want the Corinthians that had on him or I may have in general look at verse four and my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom in other words if you really will scale you can readily entice audience to trust you will is that blasted with the demonstration of the Spirit and of power why all to not use the power of oratory when it is so useful in advising people to diversify the reason that they should not stand in the wisdom of man but in the use international relations in this passage to Jeremiah seventeen Paul knew that he was an adhesive truth but if you talk to prove that a certain way people like believing the truth and trust in man at the same time and that he had a great game it would be a greater gain they believe the truth and then I have a very much they were attempting to trust in their analyzing this trust Paul Paul is trying to lead the people in this trust him he was trying to disappear out of the equation he wasn't trying to improve his unreliability he was trying to be a Clear Channel so that you know what's true because you know that God says you don't scroll because you see it not because that guy you should just heard what you and while the rest not that they the Bible turned back at nineteen he introduces as a fanaticism that I want to bring up analysis and business dream in danger for us this is I say it is an extreme danger to accounts is extremely dangerous because worldwide call for it if we never had any supernatural experience that you may live a life of a virus you lie without any spiritual excitement in your life at all without an easy or any real winners or anything in your just coasting down the water and also long if you feel you much more spiritual than anything before because your contrasting that with my and you contrast that down with the vibrator that you feel better about the hybrid version that is what he says and takes a certain class of people is very dangerous for the other reason we already mentioned and that is where you see the monasticism you could be traced as far baby and bathwater together you can reach rested that away from the real thing not doing so that I is taking control everyone that we are aware you are thinking things through moving carefully reread in nineteen him versus yes it is not a raw special miracles in terms of Paul so that as I drawn to this day hatred Jesus or datagrams disease is from their evil spirits went out and this is not normal Christianity and operation is not invulnerable to physical wealth or something like this about feature earlier photographs those two stories in the community there is not a ultimately involve but is there and where God is really working in some situations some occasions it made me in order to go ahead and do real mirror 's like he did for revival in eighteen eighty five were some real people working real Americans can still be nonbiodegradable not the eye anyone who tries to prove his legitimacy by doing an article has just proven his illegitimacy but there are such things as Romero 's the next verse then certain of that I had my shoes exercise to all over there which enables there is in the name of the Lord Jesus saying we sure you like Jesus whom Paul preaches there was a wall size of one schema to the Jupiter research design you might tell the story but a reading and I will say are you will say this is all we do is well you that in other situations I can't call you but not all all she and her and I is all the law is a is not the law is that is what it is and will you as you and is in the last as long as you're in an and or turkey or is revelation as early as you know he will earn our way is so is usually somewhere in there as soon worldwide and are in use leads you astray there is an client is in Iraq what shall I know I is you that is not in a and will use the mouse we need to have solved is realizing all of his or him for the marital PAI is a vanity that all will be as we know that all is as you all as you will as myself will not be the entity is a better way to judge every files traitor to his GQ 's Ezekiel thirty six reasons versus working I'm trying to show you that I will is Dennis the best way to enjoy a Sri Lanka fault Ezekiel thirty three versus working I have a nice safe and that you shall surely die in a murder from his sin and do that which is lawful and right it would restore the last and what is wrong if you want in the statutes allow with melamine anonymity you shall surely live he will not die nothing is disconnected lonely night spending out using that is lawful and right shall surely live it's a beautiful purse sure revival is evidenced by practical changes in the lives of an audience people who done the wrong things and start doing the right things people who have lost to make right make the Rollins right people let's stolen and get again then they make it the return of a stolen revival is not advanced by practical holiness in the lives of the people the practical holiness is so much evidence of God 's working that whenever you see a you can say God is working even if you can't have any confidence that they lament VP Daniels is a godly man Satan is not the one leading people away from sin now I hope you will not follow this further than I'm hoping you will when you see people turn away from sin and loving the truth and moving forward with adrenal messages when you see that work happening was that give a free pass to the teachers whatever they say you should believe in curses is a man who trusted even in a legitimate revivalist God doesn't get any free passes to his agents when you see revival you can praise God for the revival and even invite God to revive your own heart with out accepting hook line and sinker everything you see connected with it holiness is worth while no matter what Satan plugs into it look at Isaiah chapter two Isaiah chapter two were going to look at verse seventeen after verse seventeen you find a passage that reminds you of Christ's second coming it sounds in many ways similar to Revelation chapter six where the scribes price coming over to start over seventeen and the loftiness of man will be now down the hunting this is Amanda will be made low and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day that is a principle that ought to guide us and how it relates to revival and the fanaticism the haughtiness of man we want no part in its there in verse seventeen the pride of man is something to be shocked God is going to bring in love just to save time and let's just skip over the experience of people throwing their goal today moles and the bats look at verse twenty one to go into the class of the rocks into the tops of their ragged rocks for fear of the Lord and for the glory of his majesty when he arises to shake terribly the earth verse twenty two if you are the King James Bible is Casale human nuking Jason a sound different CG front man whose breath is in his nostrils the new King James to something like cease from such a man or don't listen to such a man was to tell you that in this particular passage the King James has a better than the new King James is not a particular man you should not depend on its men in general the rewritten verse seventeen should be exalted in that day the Lord alone right and the word alone means not any man so man whose practice in his nostrils that describes any man not a particular one that's not the one to put your dependence on sure that wasn't very good English but you understood the sentence to be wherein is she to be accounted up the answer is not much when you get Daniels leaves out an revival praise God for the revival don't pray ZDNet for the revival if this happens don't blame God for the fanaticism maybe don't even blame AP Daniels the fanaticism blame the devil for the fanaticism God it uses big man and the devil uses on consecrated men there is a difference between Wiegand on concentrated there's a difference between struggling and fishing for that work that means after intrigued at the clinical Lamy said in a sentence you're not a hypocrite on the basis of your struggles if you're in a church like this and you believe that it's wrong to do such and such but you struggle with the act that's troubling it doesn't make you a hypocrite that makes you focus pros of your weak person it shows your need for God it shows the importance of you being faithful to the hand and the importance of God forgiven you seventy times seven it shows maybe that you ought to counsel was someone I can give you some guidance in this business of practical victory over sin but struggling doesn't make a hypocrite out of a van a hypocrite is one who is acting in fact Jesus is the one we began to use the word hypocrite in a negative sense prior to GSS young people might've said in Palestine I want to grow up and be a hypocrite it was just the Greek word for after the people right here in Portland on a drug to be hypocrites the same people who say that there would be Christians because they don't want to be hypocrites but I don't get it but Jesus was saying is jurors cause lots of problems in Christianity those are on consecrated elements elements were not in themselves before God in prayer not turn away from their sins there is that actors who have something to fear in the judgment of the struggling people out nothing to fear but I mean they asked him to hope for God to help struggling people Peter struggles James struggles John struggles but they made it the actors were the ones who stood in the street corners and trade in and did what they could to try to get attention it didn't go as well for them I stop in four minutes so I don't want to take for my next message so I just want to pick one more thing insured with you and be done turn your Bibles to Hebrews chapter thirteen Hebrews chapter thirteen are looking at verse nine I don't know you as a church I know Lisa and Raffaella don't know if they attend here routinely I don't know the rest of you so it's possible that in this church are some anti- Trinitarian 's it's possible they're here there might be some feast bookkeepers I don't as a lunar cemetery in seconds only one in seven chance to today's lunar Sabbath of but it's possible that there are some fanatics here by the way I think of fanaticism pure one of those I don't think you should just trust me that your fanatic because I said something like that for you Hebrews thirteen for the first thirteen verses nine do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines for it is a good sign that the heart reestablished with grace and knowledge needs which have not profited them to have been occupied there in the unpacked this verse a bit course you know hubris is the book introduces spiritual milk as opposed to spiritual means that's in the end of hubris by the first particular six spiritual melt those of the first principles things like baptism repentance from dead works the laying on of hands interestingly as part of spiritual milk even though we know so little about it today but it was part of the fundamental spirit Hebrews five and what Paul says in Hebrews as we ought to move on from the space we already know on to meet what here in the end of the block he clarifies that not everything that goes beyond the first principles is healthy not every need is useful other strange meets there are and it is not sensible to allow them to carry you around it sounds like the kind of windy doesn't be strange strange meets his sister will be traded out with strange doctrines the notice recess as he lumps them together he says which have not profited down that have been exercised thereby in other words these strange doctrines it really motivates their promoters they really got them going if you have a new strange doctrine that rises today the hubris thirteen nine varieties of strange doctrine you can bet that whoever originates in and whoever buys into it it's been a be important to them I say this to you practically I have yet to meet someone who believes in the lunar San thanks it's an important issue I've yet to meet someone while that is not quite true but it's almost trying to get to meet at a large like it's rare to meet someone who hasn't anti- Trinitarian view who does not think that it is like the significant thing to note for today what you see in Hebrews thirteen nine about strange doctrines what do they do they move people about it is a sensible to allow yourself to be moved about with them first nice is not now again I'm not asking you to trust me and which are strange doctrines like us to imagine that some seniors almost boiling right now that I would associate strange doctrines of the things I have but I want you to see the practice verse nine you have to be able to identify which doctrines are strange to see that the practice verse nine you have to have some way to do that if you're not willing to do that painful work of intensifying some Doctor strange verse nine becomes useless to you because you can't practice verse nine without identifying them oversupply doesn't give you a lot of qualifications it gives you a couple one of any as it blows you around and when is it really motivates you but it doesn't really help your character these are doctrines that don't make future people more holy they make them more excited more religious maybe they eat better but they don't they're not fine injured to their children are respectful to their parents more courteous to their neighbors they are not being profited in practical holiness and abuse I doesn't cause people to be wrong that in practical ways you don't have to figure out whether it's true or false before you know that qualifies as strange Paul doesn't even say that all of these doctrines are false it's possible to illustrate this without really messing up I'll illustrate with me I think that is best not take the cheese I don't eat cheese if a public debate you try to feed me cheese offer to find a courteous way to not take advantage of your generosity bottles the fact that I believe it's best not to eat cheese doesn't make that into my fourth Angels message and if it becomes for me in the next thing to be preaching about that becomes the burden that is a strange doctrine but the poor illustrates what I'm trying to say that you can stretch and so you find a better application to say is that maybe the better was an issue of the Godhead I really think for example you talk about the Holy Spirit that I can make a strong biblical case for the Holy Spirit being a person with personality a divine person and I can make another case for the spirit being like God however his mind and I could make both and know that no matter which one I come to the conclusion was very apparent as it's not the burden of anyone in the Bible to explain the Bible designed to explain it is not the message so that even if I went on the right side of that question but I am not making it into the message I am making a strange doctrine below people around and I really am making a mistake Hebrews thirteen summary of all that I said today is taking how you hear that there are going to be in test coming in the future there can require a higher level of thought than what we have used so far if or not right now cultivating holiness before not working with the spirit and submitting to the spirited daily way we are not likely to recognize the Spirit was moving somebody else and if we don't recognize the spirit moves someone else were likely to be offended by what happens and if you're offended me back away were likely to reject the great work of the Spirit and even missed out on the latter rain if we miss out on that it is a terrible thing in the judgment we can't even blame it on the fanaticism the same associates with that were to be held accountable for the truth that came our way despite the agents or the addition of the characters of the people who might've been in the neighborhood when we heard the truth I hope you understood it but supposing that you're not an auditory learner that when some of the selections like I do when you just like you hear it and you lose it in the hardly comprehended there is a website Bible DOC .org that has an article called fanaticism and article called EP Daniels and fanaticism to articles and you can read it and I guarantee if your reading of more inspired that you will never hear in the lecture and you go through it slowly and under life you printed out that'll just be better for least one started you don't learn so well by lectures but come to church anyway unless you there is plenty you can read there you yes Bible of the ideology than the next three letters after Bible are the old C all Archie steps revival document is just dock Bible DOC .org all right if you're able and willing happy to deliver prayer will close our father in heaven I'm thankful that you've given us plenty of warning and I'm sorry that we are so poorly warned I has to find a way to lead us find a way to connect us your spirit in such a way that will recognize you when you're working I asked for that gift in the name of Jesus this media was brought audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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