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Content With Christ

Winston Green


Winston Green is currently finishing a degree in Theology at Weimar Institute. Having been born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Winston has had the privilege of Bible working in his homeland and San Francisco. Winston’s interests include learning about life through books and nature, and his passion is to experience and understand the fullness of the Gospel in God’s Word.




  • June 19, 2014
    7:00 AM
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father this this life everywhere it's all about you we pray this morning that he read grace us with her presence and bring our minds to the work words in Scripture father craving be lifted up you can help me climb behind by the November week vessel and you know that I'm imperfect but you are strong in your perfect so I could anyone help me convey that this morning diocesan name of Jesus on suggest to get a little idea of the book of Hebrews one a look at the background of this sermon letter it's always good when you're studying the Bible to look at the background of the book it it gives you context for what's happening and often times you can find applications for your for your your everyday life in fact the main point of the sharing with you this morning part of this comes from just looking at the fact that the computer sorts is very valuable so this book was written around the time of the Jerusalem Council in fifty A.D. and fifty eight the misunderstanding the first century after Pentecost it was a lot of debates going on about the sermon on your laws of Moses and whether people should be circumcised in the and more particularly did you Christians were the ones who are persecuting the Gentile Christian and they're saying you have to keep the Mosaic laws in order to maintain your identity as a Christian and this was in right and there was a lot of debates going on and so they had to call this General conference session could say these issues were distracting them from who Christ was and what he was doing for them in the heavenly sanctuary and so what Paul does as a pastor would do is tactfully reorient them from what was in the past and shift their focus on the present and so we start and Hebrews one reading in verse one infuses long ago and many times and in many ways something from the ESV God spoke to our fathers by the prophets but in these last days he is spoken to us by who by his son I mean the Jews back then highly revered these fathers and the father to have spoken to the fathers back in the day so what is the reason tactfully bring them back to Christ and he doesn't want to give them the impression that the prophets of the fathers were not relevant because absolutely they were they were the ones in whom received the company promises the covenant promises of Israel but he saying that God in these last days he is doing a bad bigger and better things than he ever has and he needs to convince them of until he goes on from chapter are from verse three all the way to verse four and he in this flower early flower is unaware flower early it is pathetic flowery language explains Christ identity Fernando Alonso displaying Christ's work is beautiful because what Paul does as he pulls out his theological ammunition and he takes all of these attacks that apply to the covenant promise made to David in second Samuel seven you can find that there most of these texts are coming from the kinship songs and you can find in a song eighty nine songs one ten and and read the remarkable promises what he saying is there's a failed there to fill and she needs them to understand that Christ is better than the Angels know why I is a significant others in San Francisco a couple weeks ago and I was in Goodwill store are looking at these shoes and this girl was trying these shoes behind me and she walked away there just so happen to be a board that was leaning up against the wall and as soon as she stepped away from the shoes the board fell down and she was just startled she looked at the boy sugar needs as I call thank you Michael Archangel another quote and expects him to say that you know especially in San Francisco and it just hit me that even though this this woman may have been religious but there's a good chance that she wasn't because a lot of times people love the idea of some angelic being directly in their lives and protecting them every step of the way and to the Jews still find this in the Jewish apocryphal literature in the first century they highly revered the Angels database seen the Angels as being a resemblance of God and they were actually his messengers to communicate his work and shop two use of that and so we sang this son who is fulfill the covenant promises of David he's way better than Angels that they desert are pretty much helping out those kooky one salvation in Hebrews chapter two verse one after saying all of that he sums it up and he says therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have first what does that mean what does that mean if we if someone has to pay much more closer attention something is a new David heard of before this isn't new stop this isn't stuff brothers and sisters this was actually the functioning worldview of the Christian back in that day that a king would come and restore the kingdom of God according to the promise made by David and and everything that came with that he sang look into this you might have had a teacher but had a teacher in the classroom work maybe a boss at work that you hated human good job with what you doing because you're actually actually studying very actually working but you need to really focus in on this house a machinist probably eight years ago up in Canada Alberta Canada and often times my mind would be wandering off not be daydreaming not be doing what I needed to be doing but I wasn't really focused and engaged that job requires for you to basically cut metal salt within thousands of bench press passes through the hair and so I need to pay much more closer attention to what I was doing because if I even went off the hair I would eventually completely just often messed up when I was working on and this and this is what Paul was trying to to bring to the attention to these Christians is that they administered slowly and gradually drifting away from the original gospel message kind of like a ship that's on course to the destination you know if you turn the wheel slightly a degree or so that eventually veer off and you may not even know that is very not the same thing here it says therefore we must pay much more closer attention to this gospel message to what we have heard lest we drift away from it from verse to all the way to verse four Paul then reminds them that this gospel message was proclaim with power who tells him that the Holy Spirit was poured out that God bore witness by signs and wonders in this confirmed that what Jesus had done was legit that this was a legit thing and so pay attention in terms need to diversify Hebrews two verse five and this is really where he tells them for at least makes it clear what he's been talking for it was not to angels that God subjected the world to come Paul here is talking about the new heavens and the newer saying that God didn't bring under control all the inheritance of the New World 's Angels but to Christ you do just that and so what he saying is yes Christ has done this great great thing but none of the Angels had ever called us anything for you and whatever one adventure attention what is this that in the first century of these Jewish Christians were being distracted anywhere necessarily being distracted from things that were wrong they were talking about things that were biblical there were talking about the loss they were talking about what it meant to be a Christian at those good things that was a good thing but they were making the doctrines and the debate the object of their faith rather than Christ himself and we see this often I apologize these issues in the New Testament as you can see on the screen it's in Galatia Paul warns not to get into knockoff Gospels is that even if the gospel is twisted just a little bit ill go completely send you off course and to the church in Philippi he warned them not to give into pure pressure from the circumcision which where the Jewish Christian never saying hey you need to be circumcised in order for you to be a part of the Church of God and actually even more interesting to the car to the church in Colossae they were being exposed to offshoot beliefs about ascetic practices and misleading visions in the worship of angels so wasn't just things this wasn't the lobbyist 's are people who are trying to reapply the prophecies to bring it to our day to reapply the prophecies for example I'm pretty sure many of you have met people in the church to have their hobbyhorse known same feather hobbyhorse for a certain theological thing that always talking about and that's not necessarily bad but what can happen is these people can make that the object of their faith and so they're talking about the Bible but they're focusing on the doctrine and know what the doctrine is supposed to be leaving you to ask exactly what was happening in the state you probably recall in your mind some of the offshoots that are in our denomination and I want to suggest one thing that the reason why these people go off on offshoot go into these offshoots and different sex is because the discontent with Christ their discontent with Christ in the original gospel message that they had once hurt they didn't mature into that gospel message they didn't make it personal and as a result of that always grabbing and looking for something to feel like they may have some type of religious accomplishment and that's what the Jews are doing and Paul here's saying nice go back remember what the son of God has done for you and what she has fulfill and so Paul Scheer starts talking about a creation song and share only a part of the saw misquoted but I would like for us to read Psalm chapter eight verses three to eight it says hello sorry typo when I look at your heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars which you have set in place what is man that you are mindful of him and the Son of Man that she would care for Judy Scheer Jean David you can imagine is outside in these peering into the sky and there was no light pollution at that time and you can see the stars very clearly and saying wow why would you even consider us when you are so powerful and you can create the stars that I'm looking at right now what is man that you are mindful in the son of man that you care for him yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings are angels and crowns him with glory and honor and you have given him dominion over the works of your hands you have put all things under his feet all sheep and oxen and all the beasts of the field the birds of the heaven and the fish of the sea why is Paul now bringing this into his discussion well he's trying to bring their minds back to the original creation covenant that God had made with man from the beginning any saying that she didn't bring everything under control to the Angels but he brought it under control by Christ in other words Christ is the second Adam and he had is restoring back the original kingdom it even for you this is powerful stuff we read in patriots and profits and she's she's explaining the original creation inheritance which he says while they remain true to God Adam and his companion you were to bear rule over there is unlimited control was given to them over every living thing so long as they remain loyal to the divine law their capacity to know to enjoy and to love we continually increase you can just imagine this this is what Rice has done for us this is what he has he is redeemed us from sin and he's restoring us back to she continues they would be constantly gaining new treasures of knowledge discovering fresh springs of happiness in obtaining clear and yet clear conceptions of the immeasurable unfailing love of God could you imagine if you imagine that right from the Bavarian inception of of mankind that he had made them sovereign over the year and not only that we gave them life blessings he gave them the fruit of the tree to eat he gave them work so they can find satisfaction in a marriage and resort companionship and instead be fruitful and multiply increase in all of these things all of these life lessons Paul wants to bring their minds back to these very things and say that Christ has is restoring the kingdom of God is bringing you back to this but this is not the main point this is the main point here we've read in Hebrews chapter two verse eight just putting everything in subjection under his fees finishing the song now inputting everything in subjection or under control to him that is Christ he left and nothing outside of this control this is Hebrews two eight at present we do I see everything in subjection to him but we see Jesus you see that you think these things are all great and all you need to pay attention to them what Jesus has accomplished for you when you need to consider how he's accomplished for so it's not so we say we can see everything that was given to us but we can see Jesus who is given for office anything you can be content with Christ you can be content with Christ I don't know where you are this morning but perhaps you're being distracted and somewhere other and maybe even be considered someone who is a strong Bible student for strong devotions some of his active in ministry but you find yourself getting distracted and often times are not contemplating what Christ has accomplished for you in who used what he had to do a noise learn to accomplish the fats you this morning you you can be reassured by the message in Hebrews speaking the contents with Christ and and you may not even be in that area maybe maybe you're someone who is just try to find contentment in the world of media sports and maybe it's still in the black but you know in your heart of hearts that you are not content with Christ you can be content with Christ and Zoe continues on and he says in verse nine we see him for little while was made lower than the angels namely Jesus crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death so that by the grace of God she might taste that for everyone I designed this fun is remarkable because it is the same note hopefully this gives the idea hopefully by the grace of God she was thinking hopefully by the grace of God died for everyone due to wake up in the morning and think about that's what Jesus has done that the creator had had become the creation of life giver died himself when you look up into the stars that were ordained by God the creator and you contemplate God and that he's actually condescended to come to this filthy dirty world what is I due to your heart what is that due to my and hopefully your content with that also you're settling into that and on a daily basis a weekly basis in your Christian walk you're getting clear conceptions of what that means to you personal it's easy to say oh Christ died for my sin but he died for the sins of the world but what does that mean for me or does that mean for the church what does that mean for the world Paul talks about this all in his letter to not encourage you that if you define yourself discontent with their knowledge about what crisis done for you in two years to go back and revisit the letters of Paul read through a whole letter just sweep there and try to catch the main message that he's trying to communicate about the Messiah about your Lord and Duchess we can see everything that was given to us we can see Jesus who is given for us we can be content with Christ you know there is also someone who is discontent in this connection with the his name was King Solomon I know all of you are very clean with King Solomon Timothy J Ecclesiastes if you read Ecclesiastes looking at chapter one probably beginning to Ecclesiastes chapter one verse eight and nine if you read in first Kings four twenty and twenty one you'll see that Solomon had inherited the covenant blessings received King Solomon son of David he was the inheritor of these blessings and he had everything that anyone could ever want and explained that a first Kings four twenty and twenty one the promises made to David to extend his borders and the prospect Israel were being fulfilled you can read it and you can see that the very promises that were made to Abraham are actually being fulfilled during his reign and the author brings it out in these axes in the exact same language the covenant language that he had spoken to Abraham it's amazing because it set from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates 's borders extended and all of Israel was rejoicing it was the because of one thing because taking the wise King was mediating the lots of the people he was administering justice and he was teaching them righteousness as a result there were just the best time in the history of Israel you can find a better time than actually in the Old Testament taking this a massive king Solomon had everything you could ever want anything that he can ever need but there's something that went wrong and we read in verse eight what was the issue Ecclesiastes one eight all things are full of weird weariness he says a man cannot utter the high is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear filled with here what type of issue thing as what what has been verse nine is what will be in what has been done is what will be done and there's nothing with this new under the sun ever wonder why Solomon said vanity vanity all is vanity so often but Ecclesiastes I mean what but was vague about his life what was vein about God 's promises being fulfilled in his life was nothing vain about the issue is that she was always looking for something new he was discontent with where God has brought in a powerful thing is that with the end within the book of Ecclesiastes he comes to the conclusion we read this in chapter two verse twenty four and twenty five he comes to a conclusion to hit once experience contentment in all that God had done for him in Israel but he began to lose sight in the simple life that God had blessed more enjoying God 's blessings and doing God 's will and keeping his commandments and numbers to others find this remarkable verse twenty four says there is nothing better for a person that he should needs and drink the and find enjoyment in all this toil this also I saw this from what the hand of God this is my own little spin or take on this but I think he's actually thinking about creation that God had ordained these different modes of life food in the marriage and all these various things he says there's nothing better than just to enjoy these things but with God and and and and they cannot be enjoyed without and so apart from God will find discontentment even in seemingly good things in our Christian walk about six or seven years ago I just come into the administrative was resident and is evidently not the Muslims are two very similar to Michael to his and I learned that Christ was my high priest in heaven those of Michael did I I do know that I thought Jesus was just hanging out and so we got our act together than his income that and actually economy is doing that but you know I just didn't know what he was doing I do know he was working on my behalf and when I had studied the twenty three hundred a prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen completely changed my life and I wasn't fired because that purpose in my life I see there is a big movement of God have always looked into the world when I was in the world and said that this is that even if the vexation of so discontent and dissatisfied with what I have and then I started getting deeper into the Scripture started doing bottle working it would pass code and do something wrong even though I was in I was active you know there's something wrong is gaining insights from God 's word I had a devotional life but what had happened was I was getting hot and trying to find some cool similar parallel in the Scripture is getting caught up in trying to be the next Stephen Stephen book and then I was also getting caught up in different debates I had I had friends that were from the Pentecostal church I had friends that were from the Jehovah's Witnesses in the LDS these are beautiful people but I was I was battling with them I was defending the faith you know is telling them they need to keep the law they don't need to keep if they don't keep the law than the finished in a sense that's true but I needed to show them Christ in my dye reaction was slowly shifting from what were Christ had accomplished and what he had done from Mister getting caught in this theological rigor and I was getting distracted becoming discontent I would open up my Bible even even laws and we mark in my freshman year college and I was just so discontent with my devotional is because I felt like I needed some type of ecstatic experience in order to be contents that God was with me I was becoming discontent with Christ this is what happened with Solomon in the sense and perhaps you are experiencing this in your some degree go back to the Scripture revisit the original gospel message look at it in its old testament context allow God to reveal to you fresh in sites about his word that doesn't mean where we shouldn't get into the prophecy whatsoever doesn't mean that we should get into the actual arguments upon healthy arguments you know work things out but keep the focus on Christ and Christ will is not as close father in heaven thank you that we can be content with Christ but we recognize the beauty of what you have inherited for us the new heavens and the new earth and all the blessings that come with it but even knowing that it is useless apart from the knowledge that love for us he died for us you gave yourself and solar we want to be content with you and this morning you have heard the heart 's cry of the individual in the congregation this morning their content and their discontent not because they don't know the Bible not because a non- active in ministry because it lost focus and being distracted password its doctrines were debates towards things of this world I pray Lord that you help them make the decision they need to make major show them where to begin in Scripture so that they can see you in a clear line father we need your spirit to see these things it says in his physical Ari has not seen here has not heard nor entered into the heart of man but God has prepared for those that love him but he has revealed it to us by his Spirit in your spirit and so grant them the measure Mister Larson that they can see the eyes of faith Jesus once again and help us all to continue in this conflict over your identity and your work we ask all these precious this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading seven audio and much more to know more about hot house you like the more certain that please visit www. on universal .org


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