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Confidence through the Conflict

Winston Green


Winston Green is currently finishing a degree in Theology at Weimar Institute. Having been born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Winston has had the privilege of Bible working in his homeland and San Francisco. Winston’s interests include learning about life through books and nature, and his passion is to experience and understand the fullness of the Gospel in God’s Word.




  • June 21, 2014
    7:00 AM
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seven thirty one that faces this morning that the various us we are we have to get to the challenge of being display this in charge the same time everyone have a good rest ready for the seventh day is a good rest so they can rest and well-funded religious sharing with you this morning he was after three and four this is a continuation of earlier been talking about are what we have talked about on Thursday and what we talked about on Thursday was how to be content in crisis he never in the first century that the Jews were encountering a lot of issues within the church and this is distracting this is distracting and that the various false doctrines and the dates where it were distracting them from what Christ had done and what he was doing for them in the heavenly sanctuary and so as we continue one will see that Hebrews but had mentioned before is a continuation all throughout the book it's a it's a sermon letter to very unique book is an Wednesday Thursday reserved for the awesome it's along with the book of Romans it's one of the most thorough expositions of the gospel so if you place Hebrews and Romans side-by-side is to get the big picture and although not able to grasp the big picture I River power message because this is something that I've experienced in that I've gone through and I hope that if you're going to the same thing or do you do in the future that you be able to have confidence in Christ and that that's the title of sends one let's Bauer has before you were this one our father which art in heaven how do the name Lord creator of heaven and earth we thank you for the seventh day we can enter into your rest so desire this morning to learn from the book of Hebrews know that this special message there for all of us we desire to learn from their early movement and learn why they did not enter into that full rats that you have promised them from the beginning Lord speak to me this vessel in your name these glorified and praised today please engage all of our minds in your word this is all about you and help us to consider Jesus the assets in the name of Jesus confidence through the concept please send within this one to hubris chapter three we pick up in Hebrews three to explore how to consider Jesus actually before we get to three will go to chapter two and were beginning in verse fourteen onto sixteen North Shore Paul says since therefore that showed share in flesh and blood he himself that is Jesus likewise partook of the same things that through death he might destroy the one who had the power of death that is to the devil and deliver all those two through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery Paul here is doing what any brilliant pastor would do in chapter one he he gets on the main point in salvation history and I was needed and now he's working through the narrative and he comes to exile from Eden to exile and he's trying to help the early Christians consider Jesus through this salvation history and so in this little section here at reason the chapter three Paul's explaining how Christ took on human nature to identify was suffering humanity so that he could die the death and destroy the devil to rescue Earth 's captive inhabitants this event is the basis for which Christ can be considered as a possible and high priest Patrick had mentioned yesterday morning that the gospel can only be seen in the context of the great controversy in his level of Paul's doing it this reach up to three first one to three therefore holy brother and therefore knowing these things you who share in heavenly calling consider Jesus the apostle and high Priest of our confession who was faithful to him who appointed him just as Moses also was faithful in all of God 's house you see before someone can be a captain of the of anything have to be a crew member Jesus was the captain of our salvation he had to go what we went through suffer what we suffered yet to be tempted in all points as we were or are yet without sin and then he could become the captain then he could identify with us and Paul sang consider Christ through the conflict and it's interesting in that he says apostle and he says high freeze you got to get this idea that out and apostles one who sent out to build a church and we know that the high priest was there to maintain the church so having having laid the foundation for the church he says consider Jesus conceives building upon that foundation and then once he's built if you maintain and we should have confidence 's you know in an early Judaic tradition Moses is highly revered very highly revered in fact and in some of the rabbinical writings and the late first century will see that is almost seen as a God and sheer policy make sure that he confirms that Moses Jesse is important but prices for hardware better than Moses ever was we take up here in verse six but Christ is faithful over God 's house is a son and we are his house if indeed we hold fast our confidence in our boasting firm until the end one thing that I found mention was that I would consider in the greatest tax on net annual which needs to contemplate so she will redoing his were contemplating how Christ has built a church in order for us that to see how is going to maintain it so we need to consider his life and ministry so come with me and your minds to Christ's ministry let's look at it from a birds eye view the conditions that surrounded the life and ministry of Christ was very adverse he trained twelve she discipled seventy he had to deal with their unfaithfulness and in their heart heartedness he had to deal with a lot of opposition and at the same time train these disciples and completely invests his life meanwhile he had to stay faithful himself I mean this was intense and and and and I'm sure you read inside pages and whatnot Christ goes to the wilderness experience that was the most intense temptation that anyone could ever go to and I believe that it they continue that way sick is to Gethsemane and even to the crops so consider him he had to help the sick and the suffering but yet but yet after all of that he could say that the gates of hell would not prevail against the search yet he could say father I've done everything that you have sent need to do consider Jesus as a possible consider Jesus as a possible so once again a pastor wants to let his colleague Jason no yes you can have confidence but this is what you don't do your continued to speak and in verse seven says therefore as the Holy Spirit says today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart as in the day of rebelling on the day of testing in the wilderness where your fathers put needs to the test install my works for forty years what was threatening Israel from maintaining the confidence and rejoicing in God 's plans and purposes for them with their unbelief and their hardhearted it was interesting in Psalms ninety five in Psalms ninety five add something that Paul doesn't adhere it is a necessary detract from it that gives us a little bit more insight in what he's trying to say sans ninety five seventy nine says for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture and the sheep of his hand today you hear his voice do not harden your hearts as at marital on the day at NASA in the wilderness so this is a specific place that he's referring to you saying don't do what they did at this specific place but why this place why this place specifically while it's interesting because at Marib are not massive this was bit the first testing this was the first Place of testing for Israel if you recall Yahweh VIN had just finished reviewing himself to Israel in a bigger and better way than he ever had before Internet away anyhow with Abraham Isaac and Jacob he revealed himself as creator and he revealed himself as Redeemer there in Egypt he performed miracles and he miraculously help them escape the hand of the Egyptians and he could you imagine could you imagine seeing a sea split in front of your very own eyes without the amazing especially how could you forget how could you forget see this is the single most powerful display of Yahweh 's delivering power and was the birth of God 's kingdom movement hunt was trying to do a big thing with his people bigger than he ever had before and so we had to reveal himself in a bigger way in proportion to his teaching them step-by-step he was gradually revealing himself to to them so that they can have confidence through the conflict and so share in Exodus right after the Red Sea deliverance next is fourteen thirty and thirty one this is a this is a remarkable passage here because you can find a passage in most of the Old Testament that will talk about Israel being really faithful but here of all places this is thus the Lord saved Israel that day in the hand of the Egyptians and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore Israel saw the great power that the Lord use against the Egyptians to the people fear the Lord and he believed in the Lord and in his servant Moses this was the high as Israel's experience and that was expressed in the song of Moses you can find that in Exodus fifteen it's amazing what's in there because they start rejoicing in God for having brought them to his holy habitation and and planting them in his sanctuary but yet they're not there yet you see what faith they have they had up most strengthening but what when wrong why is Paul hearsay today future his voice do not harden your hearts like not once is very simple it's very simple God having revealed himself as creator expected them to believe in him as sustainer they needed soon not just a ride on the wave of their high experience but even when I came however high water he wanted them to maintain the commitment that they had from the beginning to some maintain that confidence in them rejoicing that they had there at the Red Sea and perhaps you can think in your life that's against thinking your life a time where you have a Red Sea experience maybe you just had heard of the Adventist church for the first time and you can believe that God had a movement haven't had a movement which was founded on a prophetic destiny I mean that's what happened in my life in two thousand eight and it was phenomenal on the eye had something to live for but you know as time went on again to realize Bass went to have those experiences every step of the way and that's an obvious but at the time it's hard to see that because you are at such a high point in your experience and all of a sudden this inconveniences all of a sudden you're going through some stuff that you never thought you go through you know what Israel had done because because a bunch of guys they developed a complex of entitlement a complex of entitlement and it's actually near the same conflicts that Satan had in heaven when the great controversy began binge you promise me that I that I have power and you make me to be in a high position I did should do this for me in the past and now why why why why won't you reveal to me the secrets or that the secrets of the councils like like Satan was described perhaps you've gone through this maybe you're going through this now and and your lacking confidence through the conflicts of everyday life the Lord wants to assure us through his Word that we can consider Jesus that he will bring us through considerate LMI says your paychecks and profits in a marvelous manner he brought them out of their bondage in Egypt that he might elevate and ennoble them and make them the phrase of the earth but it was necessary for them to encounter difficulties and to endure private patients God was bringing them from the state of degradation and fitting them to occupy and Honorable place among the nations and receive an importance sacred trust sort of he wanted to do a bigger and better thing than he ever had done with Israel before and if I don't know what you've experienced in your life but whenever these inconveniences whenever there's challenges for example perhaps are faithful and you you you don't see money coming in for tuition perhaps if you have lived up your Christian life and yet it doesn't seem like God is providing you that spells that you always wanted a new you have that can elevate your ministry and you can think of your own experience and you can't you feel this entitlement like what's going on why are you leaving me in a way that I thought he would be leaving in my freshman year in college I had gone through a similar experience like I said you delivered me from the slaves slavery slavery of sin and he he she she showed me that you know you have some just send an perhaps you'll do ministry full-time he spoke to me through other people and I eventually came to Weimar and I have been my mind like okay your call need to do ministry you you you brought me here to win the college actually to learn but why is it that am not getting good grades and putting everything I have and let them do it know why isn't it why why may not having a mountaintop experience like I have in the past and all the sudden weather started to do this and complaining in my heart started murmuring just like Israel had done and will this patent have a notion that mean we shouldn't think of murmuring are complaining us some kind of side issue like our life some lowers lower said the sin of unbelief that manifests itself in murmuring is a great and horrible set in a subtle it sows seeds of discord when I started to do that asserted to spread to my friends they started to do the same thing at all all of a sudden we ran downward spiral and I actually sank into depression I mean how I'm thinking how can this ever happened God had just split the Red Sea for me in my own mind and yet he's allowing this to happen connecting students to complain and I continue to my room not realizing that God was fittingly that God was taking me from degradation in trying to ennoble me ensure finally and make me the person is always one Pentagon to that experience before maybe you're going through now we can have confidence to Christ through the conflict because he is the one who built the church until maintaining under the same in your life and she do it in our church as well to its fascinating is when we lose confidence in Christ in our own life through the daily challenges is what it does is it projects this misconception of his church and his movement that you're in and it may happen in a vice versa way you might you might lack confidence in his movement because all of us Sidon as a new convert you come into the church and you realize I read everyone's perfect quality talent people are fighting over like really small things and you're tempted to harden your heart because you lose confidence that God has a lasting movement who wants to maintain his law and who wants to wants to maintain strict the ranks are falling away from the run I don't know if you don't know if you have experience you notice that in the church the ranks are falling from them within the last year I've had two friends who have completely jumped offboard completely and totally and when he asked in the say well you yeah you know it it wasn't really the people are wasn't really the people within the police I just wanted to do my own thing and thinking you're right that's the moment of his work is work what happened is that a family member dies they didn't get the position in the job that they wanted they felt this complex of entitlement and a hard in the heart against God and all of a sudden they started to fall away this was the danger in the first century church and has been a danger for RSS is God 's lasting movement as well this continue on in Hebrews chapter three reading in verse ten to eleven this is therefore I was provoked with that generation and said they always go astray in their heart they have no known my ways as I swore in my wrath they shall not enter into my rest you hear the heart of God in this passage that's that's a banal and encourage you to do in your daily devotions and Bible studies is to try to hear the heart of God in his Word she is frustrated he has done everything that he can do for his people and yet just like a spouse who had just gotten married after the honeymoon when when when rough times of the column they started they started to say while manumission and on their is pretty much the same way without the horrible but after the honeymoon all of a sudden your sauce looks to you and says that I never thought we had issues I don't go into either going to go back to savings and that's what Israel is doing when God and he anything you don't understand that you have to go through this to learn something about yourself and learn something about me you need to learn how to maintain that commitment to the very and so that's what is fun to do in our lives and I found that my left they do not know my ways that come with me to Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter eight we get a better insight as to what these ways what are these ways where God 's ways he said they do not know my ways they always go astray in their home it says in Deuteronomy chapter these are starting in verse two present and you shall remember the hallway that the Lord your God has led these forty years in the wilderness that he might humble you are testing you to know what was in your heart but he would keep his commandments are not any harm with you and let you hunger and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know that he might make you know known that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds at the mouth of God their clothing did not wear out on you and your foot did not swell these forty years know that in your heart that as a man disciplines his son the Lord your God disciplines you we need to realize that whenever a challenge comes up whenever we go through a trial whenever were severely tested that God is trying to seek to reveal himself to you in a way that he had never been built before when we face those files we can't just say all maybe not as China teaching and estimating his in all perhaps these know he is if you're functioning with the great controversy worldview as a good advantage you'll know that every step along the way he walked he wants to reveal himself to review as Satan rose those wrenches on your path on your journey as a practical today what I found to be helpful my life is whenever I'm going through that is to ask God what are you trying to teach me about you first of all and what are you trying to teach me know myself as those questions every single time every single time and have called him through conflicts and he will he will show you your show you and so in Deuteronomy chapter a this is a summary of the wilderness experience I say I was trying to humbly maybe you feel like man this is not fair the components are to I'm active in ministry why not going to this kind humble you have no idea what's in your heart you have no idea what's in your heart and so is trying to take assistant degradation and he's trying to laws passed to say dehumanization to read humanization he wants us to be that phrase in the spiky he promised that we would be but would go through some things before we get the beautiful thing is that we can see God in the bigger and better way than we ever had before and that the world itself will see it see him and his character truly for what it is because of our example because of our witness considered Jesus the apostle and high trees of our confession to meet the Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews chapter twelve Ricardo skipping forward the book but summarizing Paul goes in the goes it's a little bit more detail into considering Christ whenever you going through an issue in a going through challenge when you're feeling tempted to fit the feel entitled like I deserve this and you're losing sight of what God is fine to do in your life I recommend going to keep chapter twelve it says in verse three consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted in your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood I mean that's a little hard to take what you're going through issues of the net effect of the Asus say this to my brother you get hurt in the crying authority bleeding throughout the week is it simply is not really as bad as the thinkers and in the ways caught a Sangha bus but in context of a crisis going to theirs for a new struggle against sin you have not resisted to the point of shedding your blood and you have forgotten the answer Tatian that addresses US son my son do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord nor be weary when reproved by the Lord disciplines the one she loves and chastises every son whom she receives just like Israel God was taking them from slavery and he wanted them to become sons he wanted them to become his children again he needed the teaching of law to spend his laws and he needed them to look in the future by faith and grasp works works he said he would give no for life are not always his mother was clear perhaps this morning you realize that there's showing a challenge in your life for that you can actually complaining and murmuring about a certain issue specific issue made me it's a quarter thing and it's an issue you have with our denomination for people within the denomination and how the running things maybe you just feel like God should be providing you the blessings that is promised is not coming as fast to thought maybe you may be experiencing out this morning if you are one encourage you to have confidence in the conflict with Christ consider him the one who built the church and the one who will maintain the church all you have to do is ask asking you shall receive seek and you will find knock and rodeo star heads their specific people here this morning Lord that going to submission you once given them a powerful experience in the Christian walk you deliver them from sin and at this time they feel disgruntled because things are not going the way that they thought father and the father in heaven that specific person here's going to pray that you have connected this cannot complain to murmur but to consider how you let them in the past for them to consider that as an apostle they did everything that you could do to provide them salvation and you continue to work on their behalf to secure his alert anyone thank you that you are our high priest in heaven that you you ever live to make intercession for us so through our challenges to the conflicts of her journey the assay can help lift our minds higher to you grasp the atonement and grass the love that you have something so we thank you Lord and he asked all these things in Jesus Christ this media was brought audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading send an audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. on hubris .org


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