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How to Share Your Personal Testimony

Michael Tuazon Candice Tuazon


How to get decisions




  • June 19, 2014
    4:45 PM
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father in heaven we come before you thinking you for the opportunity to learn and as we begin this message as we begin this testimony experience I asked in a special way that you will come into our hearts we love you Lord the name of Jesus in the corner Bibles to John chapter three in John chapter four fun little study alike to do before I do that there's a quote that I want to bring your attention to in this spencer can I have you set up this marker board except we can use that now evangelism page fifty three the study Christ methods if ever it has been essential that we understand and follow right methods of teaching and fall example of Christ it is now so what I thought it be nice to do is to go over the example of Christ and how he witnessed to specific people and you see this in John chapter three in John chapter four God Jesus I should say witnesses did to very different people and that very different times and we see the same results aware that we're to be looking in studying that so we look at John chapter three in John chapter four and I like to to do this because it really think teaches us it shows us the method of Christ and how he witnessed to others so in John chapter three in John chapter four you can look at this for reference or not to go through and read it right now but in John chapter three verse one it says there was a man of the Pharisees and his name was new get Nicodemus right now in John chapter four it's something very different by the reunion when I turned back and forth between these two chapters in John chapter four Jesus is with the disciples in the leave to buy food and then he says in verse four and five Hamas needs go through Samaria and then in verse six and seven teammates a woman and do we know the name of this woman no rights are what we call her the woman at the well that's how we know her after she doesn't have a name yet was interesting about these two stories if you study John three and John chapter four you will find that Jesus has textbook methods of evangelism and him and to explain in John chapter three we have someone who's name Nicodemus in John chapter four we don't have her name so what I would give you taking notes which why do we show the differences and this will help us how to witness to the different peoples of John chapter three Nicodemus in John chapter four no-name or woman at the well right now as we go through this story will find that what is the gender of the individual John chapter three is remember Nicodemus mail right now some of these seem elementary but it's getting a harder sell Nicodemus is gender is he is a man and in John chapter four what is the gender went okay where did Jesus witness to Nicodemus were where was he to take garden but specifically he goes somewhere he goes to the mount of olives right so in John chapter three they go up to the mount of olives the reason why is because Nicodemus doesn't want to be seen by anyone so they go off fireplace can not involved in John chapter four where they will witness to what is is when is this woman yet that a well specifically found the openings in the Valley effectively study visit in the Valley of Samaria so are you seeing the contrast mountain valley can what about their religious background if you want college in the religious background what is what is Nicodemus K is of course a Jew K what is she is uncertain right we could call the Samaritan EA a Gentile a Greek summit is not to write anyone who wasn't a full Jew you are a Gentile so basic review any or a Gentile what about their educational background were look at the resumes and when no Nicodemus is educational background honey Z have behind his name destroyed before we ask that question got a clue is let's let's talk about the profession that will help us to understand what was Nicodemus K is a fiercely but not just any Pharisee does anyone know specifically what Pharisees can like there's a difference with a pastor in a the General conference president yes the broadcasters but was much higher I then remember Nicodemus what his profession was not only was he a Pharisee he was a Sanhedrin in the Sanhedrin if you are a Sanhedrin you were a lawyer of the law your part of the Council of the seventy the pop top top top in the country rights and he was a lawyer no religious leader Miller to be a lawyer and a religious leader what was what is his educational background right master 's and doctorate posts college earning you the highest even have a case of this woman with her occupation right it doesn't give one in fact some have alluded that she probably has dabbled in prostitution with all the lovers use at all the husbands on the different marriages possibly we don't know the bottom line is we don't know what what profession she had and so when you can see if someone goes from lawyer religious leader and you have someone unemployed illegal activities may be and we have someone who took postcollege what is her educational background is okay right at that time women were not allowed to have a today screen higher education made agreement illiterate and that's the reason why it agreed never the Corinthians when when we see that John Paul says that women should and should not say anything in church while the context of that is women were illiterate they couldn't read and understand a lot of things and so they sat on two different sites one set alongside men set out one side and when women had a question they would yell across the Roman faith eight I don't understand what he's saying and policy he tell the ladies in the church to be quiet that's the context of the supposed college and legislate uneducated right-thinking let some but look at time on what kind of David Jesus meet Nicodemus right specifically midnight right if anyone know what type went on the BG has met the woman at the well noon twelve a.m. twelve p.m. RI what else can we look at down the financial status okay this one I like one of my favorite ones financial status Nicodemus is beyond Richie 's a billionaire in fact I believe it's Josephus who wrote about Nicodemus and said that he was so rich he could fund the Jewish economy from his bank account for the next ten years Bill Gates cannot fund the US for even six months just put in perspective this woman here was so poor that she had abundant water on her own if she was Rick she would have hired servants get one for her but she was poor in this this one this is my favorite one Linden Bay except Jesus I like this yes immediately right immediately accepted Jesus and Nicodemus not until after you die so three years later energy stocking the beginning of his ministry to John chapter three year and she accept Jesus immediately thinks of Jesus leader I love this one too Nicodemus we know this song you don't act on it says that helped turn the world they felt they turn the world upside down do you know how they were able to turn the world upside down and where they got the financial resources for the Nicodemus and Joseph averment is so Nicodemus helped turn the world upside down and this woman helped turn her town upside down I because of her me many people accepted Jesus now I like this story I like looking at John three John four out of the trouble for you and that helpful for me to house me know okay is this person a John three-person or the edge on four-person are they rich are they poor are they what is their college and what is thereof financial background what is there educational background what are they in regards to the church and it helps me to understand that Jesus met someone with a name and which is important someone who was not important someone who was a man summoned was a woman you go through this and you see that the story continues and contrasts back and forth you see that the result of road of of of of of converting a rich man to Christ helps turn the world of said NEC 's influence and you see that someone like her she'll accept immediately which shall help babies turn city upside down which of course is God for that as well but now we understand the importance of reaching up to Britain by the way if you don't know the importance of the element is a whole chapter about reaching out to the rich and affluent in society because of the influence that they have each of you when one of these people building hundreds if not thousands of them right now here's one thing that I I look to share at the variant all of these contrasts these differences but there was one thing they have in common does anyone know what the one thing in common what it wants site yes the voltages that's right i.e. close can you both hungering though the one thing they have in common Jesus met them both one-on-one Jesus around twelve disciples he got away from them and not three minute Nicodemus one oh one John chapter four the disciples away then he sent them off to get food what this tells me if it doesn't matter if you're rich poor affluence uneducated the method to reach people is one-on-one and the way that this woman reaches people 's super testimony right results sorted to do now through to concentrate on sharing your testimony to that the one thing that you have the people cannot argue with and for this my wife is going to share in she's an excellent presenter love listening to her drinking and sharing about how to share on the their father and thank you so much for the opportunity to share higher personal testimony how important it is when giving Bible studies or justice are witnessing tool I pray that you will understand you especially help me I explained I will be clear brief as enthusiastic Lord in Jesus name okay my name is Kenneth Jenna and a happy life of Michael to design and I guess that's all I need to say about my childhood first I actually like the sellout is why do we share our personal testimony why should we share your our personal testimony given before beginning our Bible studies and media of claim first saw it a blessing you can fill that in it is a blessing not only for yourself but for others I would even say not only for others especially for yourself every time I had to share it one half running a test drive what got it done even more deeply in my life and it actually is a reminder to me oh yeah the person on why I do it ideally probably good idea to keep doing so is number one a blessing and secondly a create a desire in the person you're studying to know God on their something so powerful in the personal testimony and we will see that as we go on so again secondly created by others to know God and lastly in giving you the Bible instructor the credentials they need an account on you and trust you again I giving your personal testimony especially of how you've come to understand the Bible or have come to want to get viral studies to people will let them know okay this precisely those of their talking on this is their experience I can trust them when they have to study the Bible with a desire agent page three forty seven the third paragraph on it sat our confession of his faithfulness it happens children agency for revealing Christ in the world we are to acknowledge his grace as made known to the holy men of old but that which will be on the actual is what they have to only borrowing it's fascinating that when we make confession of God 's faithfulness by dwelling on how he had dealt with the lies and the people in the Bible the holy men of old we are doing a wonderful justice in reviewing prices the world by something is more effective than even doing that and that is when we share our own personal it continues on to say we are witnesses for God is remind ourselves the working of a power that is defined every individual has a life distinct from all other running and deferring essentially from their your experience is any different from the person sitting next year and a different friend something that I brought my husband and I think that such a blessing enough of why we need everyone had I reached someone that may be best week 's type ratings reached for she can't reach someone that her system it can reach even though there's fairly and so god-awful he needs all continuing on diamond eyes that our praise shall ascend to him marked by our own way individuality how we each had had we each have an individuality that is unlike anyone else if we were buried to your song would not sound the same as my and so you don't think we get questions these precious acknowledgments on my continues to write to the praise of the glory of his grace when supported by a Christlike life having air in this simple howler at works of the salvation of soul I think that that's one of the reasons why it's so important to share her testimony the aggregate power that people cannot resist it it is backed up by one age eight I like life now that's one way we can in no website of power of our testimony and that is if we don't live a life backing up what were saying announced on December tenth of what you do when you share your testimony and what not to do for me he said entered on none other than right that's right that we want to keep it brief no more than two things then I actually have my student practices I know this testimony I'm talking about is the testimony you get at the very beginning of your Bible study right after you do the introduction like my husband was saying when you play for meeting the individual into actually the Bible study so after you come into their home where they come into your select a immediate start of this plan I guess general area maybe your at a park bench right outside her school campus of them I got and you make friends for a little day I wait for the files of the content is comfortable and then you kind it gives an introduction and it includes this your personal testimony go ahead and take about two to three minute and then go from there into your Bible study so hopefully that meant places where he would do that during a Bible study and it must be brief because again how long should your entire Bible study with the person no more than about an hour so you want to make sure that you spend the majority of time that you're with the person on the actual Bible study and only about two to three minutes on your actual person of course when you share it with enthusiasm loving the again and once you identify with the person that you are studying the Bible with as much as possible and I I actually and just my personal testimony depending on the person I speak with them and if I'm speaking with a teenager I definitely highlight the elements of my testimony during my teenage years if I'm speaking with a business person or a professor I obviously will emphasize other thing out at the city has a part of play and we get all this obviously is much as possible you want to mirror the person or show that wow I'm just like you are I haven't experienced a slight year so I know my Bible study contact with abuse I will definitely keep that in mind when I share aspects of my Bible studies like it let them know you know I may not adopt to that particular type of abuse I kind of know what it's like because I've had other instances where I felt taken advantage of the money fence that you really want to make sure that the person feels really comfortable with you and before you share your testimony it would be a very good and good things to have it memorized because again the effectiveness is when you're actually looking at the person I hurt your there with them versus I'm reading it looking up and down on that kind of takes away from that power that you can have to help someone be drawn into your study now let's look at what we should stay away from the things we shouldn't do when we share our testimony please refrain from using language that people will misunderstand for instance on these phrases I I tried to hear clear away from when I came into picture or when I saw the line when it is or I was arraigned in the faith but then I hypothesize I been there for a new individual will be like what what what is that but I mean and I thought it was kind of interesting that I've heard this several times with some Bible students out of pocket size enough no such word actually this bid is correctly grammatically stated I saw the time is not hypothesized by the enemy was made is life-threatening there is a case that's all that at least this classroom you'll saying a grammatically correct some of the window glamorized van when you mention your testimony that you do well are and just how it sounds when you than drugs or whatever that might have the person all they would remember was that not how God helped you overcome so we want as much as possible others are our most important parts on other things obviously on Christ Keating and Christ let us make sure that we are mindful under the religious background and experience that are bottom of the contact is coming from any refrain from speaking critically of other churches may be years you're not quite sure what their face or what they believed and or maybe with their relatives whether relatives go to church so if you start coming down on a particular denomination I might cheat yourself in the foot of beans that do not speak critically of other churches when you share maybe how you left one denomination and joins them down his church or other things like that and do your best to not use distracting mannerisms now what the mannerisms that you have seen either professors teachers are speakers or the pastor Darin that have distracted you can anyone think of any and yes I I concur I have felt distracted during that time anything else out whenever my students friends and they start putting hands in their pockets are a knowing trouble when they start moving their leg like this there's something about swaying I've seen now since associating things for person speaking a friend when you're nervous but it can start to get your audience to me I think he is more focused on you and not you're saying often times and it's not even in prison but something you with hair ladies in your your hair can be a distracting thing for instance I tell my whole life seats asked students how we do not have any believe in the Big Bang theory the big bang theory please pay in your again to decide if it's in the fall of your face and you have to constantly put it behind your ears in other words he wanted as much a father-in-law negative that again your violence of the contract is focused on what you're saying and not on you as an individual person any questions the farmer okay now let's go to fill that wonderful Christmas tree looking like model on your handout and before I do that if one mentions three important things that constitute your personal testimony whether it be getting it dirty Bible study or upfront at church for attachment you can use it on the first one in my life before I met Christ the first segment in my life before the second one is how I met Christ and what he can certainly be my life during that Christ and we always want to make sure that we include a Bible text that summarizes your personal so I when you fill it out here on this personal testimony I like to call it Christmas tree the hot triangle is your life before you met Christ go ahead and fill that in our drawn arrow to the very top triangle of the Christmas tree that and now represents how much of your personal testimony you should dwell on your life before you need to know part of the Christmas tree is how you are Jesus what was the option of a point in your experience that caused you to you go to that seminar for to study your Bible or to rethink about some of the choices you made and in the third portion of the very bottom of the Christmas tree that is the largest is your life after he met Jesus and the last part which is this square and of the base of the tree is where he went use a Bible verse to either challenger encourage your mouth any contact seller in case you missed it I included it up here the top part is the portion that you would spend for your time for you met Jesus in the middle of how unanimous and then what is your life now like now that you've given your life to Christ now classic why would it be in this type of work any ideas why we have these three elements in this particular form yes Mary I agree is very important to keep a lower structure of your personal testimony now why Linda that your your life avoiding that Christ be at the very top and not here at the very bottom yet yes exactly wonderful if you notice the Mary Hopkins and more narrow time and it last time and start getting bigger as you go down and so since the visual reminder anatomy really want to focus on how good God is man alive since the versus how are likely to be always and with a pilot at why would it be good to see you a Bible verse to summarize your story ideas in a naturally here is what I found that I thought was really interesting as you read on your pamphlet I councils to writers and editors page fifty exactly close to your Bible for its sacred truth can purify a noble and sanctify the soul you must hold the truth and he said that in Jesus else it is somewhat no value to you before the light of God 's truth let human opinions and ideas and human wisdom and even human personal testimony of Peter as they are in the sight of God as foolishness with the Bible attached to it what least they really have not the best week even know what it really powerful to share what your experience has been when you attach it to something the word it does think that even war kind of like an concrete with the individual I don't want to say I disregard testimonies when they don't have a Bible text accompanying them but I deftly feel like something is missing from a certain personal testimony and they don't share a biotech at the end and just that to give you maybe some ideas of what verses you could use I like that I have years that I've found helpful to me and you make copies down mid- nineteen verse ten I return there with nineteen verse ten is one of my favorite whenever I liked in my life to that as things you often times I'll share my personnel in person personal testimony mirroring the life as the next year and I like to you this is especially seeking to a permanent affluence or someone that has had a high conditioner had been a leader in the leader because they can relate to you I is that personal testimony I went there first with nineteen verse ten and he would unite me wonderful MMA share how that's when the Son of Man did for me he came and found me back up in my tree trying to stay away from everyone kind of curious as newlyweds I didn't want to really get close but he came up to me in that tree and tell me come down taking one and a personal relationship with me I believe God wants a personal relationship with you that when my I believe he brought me visiting with you please see how you can planning another one ideas fifteen and sixteen of ten men relations chapter one verses fifteen and sixteen I like using what ever I'm talking to a mom whenever I'm getting a testimony to my mouth I see I think the reading remote for one to make that happen though there are the last to be mothers Barry okay when when one of you moms like their inaction by Galatians one fifteen fifteen ten I read it out I think Wellman and follow along as I get it Galatians one fifteen to sixteen as the one that please God who separated me from my mother 's land and called me by his grace to reveal his son in me and I might reach them among the key I said this obviously and sharing the asset in my testimony of God calling me out at my home and away from my family so that he may reveal Jesus in me ultimately use me to preach to others to did not listen to those wanting to know more and other collected arrest of the other verses but you can use Hebrews seven twenty five I'm not one word guide stating us to the outer mouth I like to say that God is not to be adding another one I is and that's why I particularly like I haven't heard anyone use this one is John Kerry Jeremiah fifteen nineteen Jeremiah fifteen nineteen it talks about taking the precious from the mile and I like you Nancy Jesus looking at the rubbish here and seeing something precious somehow in dirt like me and I usually share this with someone who feels that way it's really felt like there is nothing good in me and I go there to let them know you know I can relate and yet look what God thinks of us he is extracting the precious from the violently and he see something so precious so valuable and you and he would send someone like me to knock at your door so anyway I love finding new verses in trying to adapt my testimony with those verses and a how I can again bring it back to my cell as a review as why I is what is that one reason why we share our personal I gave you three what is one reason that we should share personal that saying exactly very good it is a blessing I'm not just to others solve I really hope that you that we incorporate sharing her personal testimony on daily basis a lot of people think all a personal testimony is my life Dori on this is not aware talking about here you can share that church in all and different setting but gamely we should let others know what you done for us today that the testimony as his good I wanted something to say keep in mind when you get a your testimony we should keep it long cubits I a lot to the agreement of any good evening as they age her testimony about twenty minutes out of roughly recommend Melanchthon 's actual personal testimony China do it so into three minutes such as how can I do it while in that in line for the ad said check out at the market how can I share with women behind me real quick that kind of how I engaged in all I'm in the elevator how can I do it before I get my floor or the other personally I like to play games with myself to see how fast I can actually do and I wanted something not video when you share your test and access to the Christ centered and not focused on the sin that we all have a spirit why different way and that there are three particular if you want to think of that Christmas tree triangle really for parts the first part is my line for Christ should be the shortest and then it gets a little bigger to know what was it that kind your attention and cause you to stop going this direction turn and go the opposite direction and finally we should spend most of their time on our lives after Jesus come in and what he had done for us and then always and with a Scripture text Envirotech that summarizes your story and helps relate or help you identify with the person you're stunningly printing any questions about our wonderful remains a very time for your printing this media was run by audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe will you like to listen some more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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