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Experiencing the Battle Between Good and Evil at a Rave

Dave Steward


David Steward grew up in the church, but never took religion seriously.   He tried to seek for happiness in the world.  Attending hosting parties, he lived a life for self until he realized that happiness can only be found in God.  Ironically, this realization came after he attended a rave where he witnessed the battle between good and evil firsthand.  That experience changed his perspective forever taught him that life without God is just not worth it.


Dave Steward

Senior Pastor, Fallbrook SDA Church



  • July 28, 2007
    7:00 PM
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miles says they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony in any a member the story in Mark 's five where there was a demoniac was hanging on the graveyard any guide for Jesus to help him either he stores the Bible where Jesus turned away someone came to him for help now he's always all people it came to him if they were sincere in his demoniac candy Jesus and Jesus cast out demons and Aston the demons bigger member of the name was Legion and he said and there's many of us and there were two thousand demons in this man he believed that and after Jesus cast out demons and they went into some pigs that ran over a cliff do you member what Jesus told them into the Denmark four five nineteen he says Jesus tells him go home to my friends and tell them how great things the Lord had done for the end have had compassion on the best example of someone that Jesus angle giving testimony Saturday I want to share with you my testimony but it's kind of this is my most natural thing to do talk about myself and then be a witness for Christ because I'm I'm a courtroom lawyer and I morning I'm I'm more comfortable acts actually asking people questions and making them give their testimony in me giving my testimony but that's what I want to do today but before we begin shall we chart our heads for prayer dear heavenly father I want to thank you for bringing us to this place together Lord I beg and plead with you to send the Holy Spirit and Lord I want to claim the promises in the synoptic Gospels the last thing reported that Jesus said in each of Matthew Mark and Luke and they're all promises and I want to claim those three promises today with us in Matthew you promise that you are with us all away even today and the world Lord we need you today with us please be with my heart and mind in my time it may also be with the heart and ears of the audience it we don't have you here were just wasting our time I want to claim the promise and market the end of the book where you promise to work miracles and more today we want to miracle here in the hearts of each one of us and finally in Luke you promise power from on high and Lord we want your power today in our lives right here right now me please send the Holy Spirit one of my result cock up and go home in Jesus name amen why was born in Seattle Washington to an unwed mother she had an affair with the Turkish sailor who was in his Seattle for six months they can even hardly communicate in English they communicate other ways and here I am and she try to get an abortion she went to an abortion clinic that was illegal back then I still think abortion clinic should be illegal but that's not what I'm here to talk about today it's murder plain and simple we read what David says Anja Jeremiah say about how the Lord had plans for their lives even before they were seeing I you read those passages and awakens for abortion you don't anyway my grandmother went several times to get an abortion but the doctor was gone each time and I'm here today and I'm thrilled that it didn't work out United never know any differently neither would you have someone else didn't like my own equities the Detroit anyway the Lord had plans for my life the Lord has plans for each of our lives and lifetimes yes plan and we don't we don't send out expectation we just plan being we don't fit that we don't meet that expectation and sometimes saw this on plan Z Z Z L but I'm the Lord still works with us praise the Lord for that anyway I grew up I was adopted in six months old interest of the honest home and I'm very thankful for that I was raised in the church I was raised to go down the schools I was except for Logan high school I graduated from seventy hours cause I had that kind of education throughout but when I graduated from college I was not a spiritual man I was very lukewarm and I lived most of my adult life very much lukewarm I guess you could sell was a fence sitter for selling the Lord got my heart and changed my life at the age of thirty four the same age William Miller was converted summing the company anyway basically I never left the church I always went to church and I should say every week but I consistently was a churchgoer I consistently had Christian friends but on the other hand I also was trying to live in the world I benefit from both and you know what is the worst place to be because there is no power there you don't fully experience God working in your life and you also don't completely experience the world leader because you're holding back is awful place to be but yet so many Christians are there and it sat as a end like one of my friend said he says if I may go to hell isn't Viviana moped extremity in a Ferrari or a limousine so you know you even need to be completely on God 's side were completely unsafe and his benefits to both the Jonah there are benefits to both course God has more benefits and they last forever it's a much better deal but there's no sense in nondefense anyway I didn't understand the conversion experience and I really didn't have an experience with God through most of my twenties to most of my young adult years which of the Bible talks about the need the absolute need for conversion in the life was stronger that passage it's in the book of John John chapter three and versus three through eight Jesus is talking to a ruler of the Jews named Nicodemus and verse three Jesus answered and said to him verily verily I sanded the except the more man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God is pretty serious is that if you are not born again you cannot see the king of God ouch Nicodemus saith unto him how can a man be born when he is old can he enter the second time into his mother 's will and be born Nicodemus is to and him a lot of us don't get it I didn't get it back then Jesus answered verily verily I see entity except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter God that which is born of flesh is flesh that which is born of the Spirit is spirit Marvel not that I said unto the heat must be born again the wind blows where illicit and out here's the sound thereof but canst not tell whence it cometh and whether it go so is everyone is born of the Spirit is spirit is like the wind it's a mystery but you know what it's there is there as I live my adult life I realized that I was missing something and some is when you're in school like high school and college and then I went to graduate school law school you know you I realize I think I was missing some during those years I kept thinking well the next step will bring me happiness when I get into the next program then I'll be happy when I get out of school I make money and I have a successful career then I'll be happy when I get married and have children then I'll be happy those are all fallacy and a lot of the world doesn't know that they think well I'm happy with this wife if I get a different wife then I'll be happy and they don't realize that it's not the wife is the problem it's their lacking something in her heart and I and I realize I was missing something I guess I didn't understand first John five twelve which is now my favorite verse in all the Bible he then have to sign have life even hath not the son of God hath not life basically if I only had thirty seconds to share my testimony as when I say I didn't have the sun so I didn't have life it's empty empty place me so I thought all these things will bring happiness and now I had as you know I started developed a successful career as a prosecuting attorney United ever get rich working for the government but as a single guy having how much might you need and I was unable to buy things that I wanted before I had a lot of great friends Loma Linda I start going on nice vacations cruises out trips to Europe Asia having fun during the most chips were worldly trips and their fun for a moment but then you feel empty in anxious depressed they will bring you the happiness of you thought they would dating relationships that did not bring you happiness I was looking for a member I went to Thailand two thousand and I was so depressed on what should be a great vacation right I was so depressed laxly picked up the book of Buddha in the hotel room I start reading it but maybe I'll find happiness here you know sometimes growing up in the church you have everything you need and you don't realize it be taken for granted anything you look elsewhere even even know what you really missing is is right here Jesus so forth started really get deep into the book of Buddha but that this kind of this kind of illustrates the emptiness that was going on how I was searching for something better I had some wild parties at my house in Loma Linda you know we did have Bible study sometimes to maybe ten people but then we throw while party we get two hundred people mostly university students and I'm ashamed now to think of how lukewarm I was we had this great stereo system crank in the music we rented fog machines fancy lights the neighbors call the cops on us as the noise I provided alcohol for everybody and you notice the rocket out dancing to the music and it's fun for a little bit but again the next day or empty I remember one of those parties as a hauling party which is off on the Christian and I'm having a holiday party any a hauling part that's a holiday of who Satan Christian should be participating in any way shape or form hollowing Modelo makes it look so attractive to me when your kid is sweet to your trick-or-treat as you can and don't snub you have a fun party under my roommates and I spent weeks decorating our house and was something to behold like the living room was black high ceilings like this is why we put black everywhere with the black plastic bags that if we spent as much time and evangelism as we do get ready for those kind of things would be to be I hereby so anyway I remember I was at party one of the parties but I'm aware having a young worldly good time and at some point I went outside to where there was a girl out on the sidewalk I said were you doing out here and she goes I'm waiting for a ride take me home I said the night is young it's only nine o'clock why are you leaving so early and she said I'm a Christian and I also comfortable in their and she was right I knew in my endeavor down my heart but you know I was at the place where I was prepared here that so behind her back I made fun of her and I asked my friends who was that girl and no one seemed to know who she was and these are the youngest party is some something that immediately come to because you heard about you some friend right never found out how she was connected to that party to this dad are known yet how she got there she was a leave that to your imagination but am the other saddest thing is I handed out I handed out invitations to hollowing party and guess why hand them out at someone's a church yet unsound it was Saturday night party I was at azure hills that young and the restless or something and I had a knot in the lobby we laugh that is an action pretty sad to get laughing video on cry now it's it's it's it's terrible but you know what God worked with me he didn't give up on me no matter where we than what we've done he could he killed somebody doesn't matter you can still come to Christ and be changed in Revelation three twenty promises that God does not stop coming to us he says behold I stand at the door and I into those years I know he was knocking my heart and I would push them off push them away even I was in church but I promise I wasn't studying the Bible I wasn't praying and have active witnessing life I was of the world and the Bible speaks very strongly about being in the world is a passage in for Mister and their first John two fifteen through seventeen first John two verses fifteen to seventeen I I heard this throughout my life but I didn't really believe it love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world will love the father is not in profit is the world the less the flash and the less the eyes and the pride life is not a father because of the world and the world passes away in the lusts thereof you to do the will of God abide forever I remember back in two thousand I was so depressed I moved to Sacramento didn't have a lot of friends there was looking for a change of pace I moved out Loma Linda I remember I was pretty down pretty good really the only thing that would pick me up during the week was not going to church in my was going to church out there but what I really look forward to every week was Denver bronco football and I would make sure I I have a lot of work to do is in the a.m. there so we get into that work about six thirty in the morning on Sunday and I had that game to look for two oh one o'clock so that would motivate me to get up early go get six hours of work done as it was a demanding job and I have a game to look forward to make sure every sundown was at the sports bar watch my Denver Broncos play and down you don't tackle far lower you folks are original something tackle football is largely about the final life who can be the best as a violent sport my thought is understand it again crazy that I don't have anything to do with it anymore but it's a violent sport our bodies the temple of God do you think God wants us counting our ballpark temples against each other is no God there is among things on fanatical because I don't have anything to do it him a you know I was more fanatical than I am now in fact what is the word football fan come from the word fanatic right there any way so it's pretty sad to guess all I really look forward to the pickup yelling and make me happy during the week I was pretty down but anyway I've gone to several evangelistic crusades that it given me a short-term spiritual highlight net ninety six of Mark Finley and ninety eight with Dwight Nelson they were very good they got me yelp pumped up in a side of our God but it was short-lived and I really didn't get into the Bible or prayer and so it was like the parable of the sewer where that the seeds fall on the rocks and they grow quickly within a sometimes they die quick that was pretty much what it was like anyway one day I had a friend that went to dental school year graduate two thousand same as Calvin Kim has a twin brother named Martin that some of you heard speak at alcohol a few weeks ago he's now with ASAP Southeast Asian projects anyway is pretty interesting I was talking to Kelly other day and he said you know the last time one of us was on that stage that Martin preached on and get such a powerful testimony a few weeks ago was when I danced at this stage of Burton Hall for a comic club that they had a few years ago Calvin is a incredible dancer and when he was going to school here in the late nineties he was really big and swing dancing and then eventually salsa dancing they would go to the Hollywood Derby sometimes six seven days a week to dance is in dental school that he still went very night just about any was very good I knew Rob Stauffer people watching dance anyway back in two thousand one Calvin moved to Seattle even he was really big into dancing in the rave scene any he would call me tell me how great it was going to raves and something interesting when I would talk to microphone rack I'd moved to six Sacramento he was in Seattle but I talked to him on the phone and he would tell me are I would hear McAuliffe every time and that he'd actually take up smoking group and have us home you believe in health and he's the Dennis that since emergency out he went to clubs Korea he was a big times and he may want to make in the celebrity over there is a ghastly was successful Dennis from America and they wanted tremendous celebrity and he got into the club scene and all that just start smoking for fun but then he got up he could give it up service I would talk to me the coughing terribly anyway he told me about going to raves and heavy anger ever heard of a rave is anyone here does know what ravens entourage as well tell you about it from that day it's a place a Christian doesn't belong phase of demonic place it's basically a big dance party and I've been at clubs I'd been drinking through the years and whatnot but I never experienced anything like a ray but then he invited me to come to Seattle for the week any senseless murder rape together and so then I'm sorry ninety five behind his girlfriend 's back inside the array this is in Seattle Washington and to tell you what happened that night let me give you a little bit of a head remember where I was born the first time through I was born the first time Seattle okay so this is still ahead about what happened that night to me you know we just like idiots I mean I know here I am thirty four years old I got these gained they are looking past the small pockets long enough to put us off shotgun in the back of my research shirt I had a Playboy bunny of visor on Calvin had a platelet visor playboy bunny by visor as well I bought his Mrs. saw my fault was his anyway is my fault just where any way and he had a Superman shirt on his he was so good advancing that when he was very phallic Superman what was not all about the private life loving the world right getting the attention like Lucifer on the best football player on the best answers of my life anyway we get there and I was not against like Calvin that I was there to have a good time it was in a never several warehouses next to each other that they rented for this rave event and there were thousands of people there mostly people younger than me mostly teenagers and young twenties and we get there and the Seattle Police Department was monitoring entrance parents of children safe you know the police are there this wasn't just some Jos Joe Schmoe security company is Seattle Police Department and parents are told is no alcohol and the police are there it's safe was not safe is must be more on ecstasy I'm ashamed to admit out I took ecstasy that night to hear I am a district attorney in Sacramento prosecuting people for drug use and but I was in was so empty I was long to find I was open so I think that seeing John David 's meeting down on it several times before raising it basically raved about how great rays were they say rate is a big dance party was in the warehouse we finally got and paid our cover charge the went to the checkpoint with the police department was narrowly check for drugs so we get inside and almost instantly I knew this place was a demonic place neither the closet never experienced that feeling when I went in there I knew there was a house demons very early on I saw a guy and I looked in his eyes and I could look in his eyes anymore because he was clearly possessed just by looking in his eyes was like looking at the face of the devil and the devil is steering you to record your very soul and all you see is what you know it's just noise possess I told common you see that guy because you suck it's okay you just so excited either he didn't care anyway this warehouse was so big that there was disc jockeys in lots of places in the club I mean and in the warehouse they each have their own music in a lot easier as I understood I found out were famous and people like to go to them and so they each have their own little area where they play their music they all kinds of crazy lights going on his ecstasy is supposed to expose to enhance the senses people have all these crazy color like light glowing necklaces and stuff anyway I noticed some very disturbing things that were taking place inside the warehouse and a lot of videos on the walls and I suffer one thing I saw them playing video of Hitler's soldiers at a concentration camp there is a record player ten to control people and I was disturbing to me noticing I remember seeing was a supermarket like the sixties or something and it was in fast motion and so people were just going through the check stands really fast in a one percent together want to check stands in the checkers were working their heads off because it was going so fast registered member thinking about how empty life really is you know what's the point of life go the store get food and go back the next day life is meaningless is so empty was that was our purpose for being here you know anyway I started to notice that the the ecstasy that it was affecting me like Calvin told me it would and I start awesome Calvin is not working why is working I nearly sent me said to me I'll never forget this because Dave you just have to let go these have to let go I even had them give me a second pill I got so sick at one point because I got dehydrated gimme water fast I felt I collapsed to the ground after you got me the water 's fine but you know what I really think so these harder drugs are little different than alcohol although our drug alcohol is a drug to I think some of these drugs require you to make a choice to go with a double watch you go and demon possession drugstore hand-in-hand as nothing didn't mess around with you knowing him in Revelation and some of places where the mild talks about sorcery NRC uses the Greek word pharmacopeia pharmacy that drugs sorcery demon possession it all goes hand-in-hand talk to people that were demon worshipers before they say they use drugs during their worship sessions anyway when I was at that rate that night I realized something that I never realized as much as I did that night and that was this there is a great controversy between God and Satan make no mistake about it you may have known it all your life but maybe it didn't affect you and it really didn't affect me until that time and it was a spiritual valid one on my mind that night and God was speaking to my heart and is much as I wanted to experience the whole rave scene and everything from the second I got in there I didn't fill comfortable and as much as I want to let go it was a thought I could not let go in my mind you without thought is the design can not put out of my mind I thought they never hit me so heavy as it did that night the thoughtlessness Jesus on the cross just for me have you ever have you ever had Jesus on the cross just for you when you needed him it's powerful I compared the destruction all around me I what Satan had to offer teenagers in big groups in the corner of the guys with their shirts off the girls weren't half naked in their groping each other rubbing each other's bodies and I seek Strachan goes I realize this is the place in discussing destructiveness and that's what Satan had to offer but then I had to compare that on the other side to Jesus the God of the universe on a cruel rugged cross just for me and I came to the foot across the other violent Romans to four it says or despises Val the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God lead if the two repentance there's twenty six verses in the Bible on the King James version to use the word repentance and that's the verse that tells us how we get there it's by experiencing the goodness of God and you know what it was the love and goodness of Jesus that one meets a guy that I and nothing else and so right there on the dance floor at that crazy rave I said Jesus I'm going to choose you and right there I said Jesus come into my heart and I chose God and I instantly had incredible piece I felt on top of the world is such a easy decision as to how I do it die time for me as I got saying you been on the fence so long you need to make a choice for me and my statues God and never look back he has amazing is that God works miracles right there at that rave after I gave my life you know that darkness and light do not mix and I was in a very dark place with thousands of people who I mean darkness but after I asked God in my heart is a mysterious and powerful and miraculous things happen there that raised by the plan time to tell you about it we have remaining on the time I buy so I remember I was praying God be with me what he wanted to do now and at one point I was praying I open my eyes and I noticed there was a group of people around me forming a circle where I was in the middle just like they did for people who dance and I think Colin it was so crowded in there but sometimes the crowd would create a circle of space maybe twelve feet in diameter some of the gaps in the middle mouse praying for God to be there they create a circle was all alone in a strange and I remember at one point later in the name I think Calvin came by and we are very close friends star and he came by in these uncoordinated guy all very athletic and that once when he came by that wasn't supercar Irani but he came binding actually bumped right into me they didn't even knowledge me at all like you need to know who I was and was like God saying your your worldly friends won't know you are now and he just kept walking anyway that the most amazing miracle is it at one point I was praying really really concentrating on God to be there with me as I would pray and Constantine God I could start hearing that rate music the techno music very hypnotic as I was praying and asking God to be there I noticed that the music was shutting well like those from the circuit again as I pay more attention to that praying and it would be fully restored down a few times and finally I just was praying for God to be there with me and as I did that the power went out completely God shut down that raise getting God is powerful enough to do that that's nothing for God to create your can create you snuff is a text I love to quote at this point estimates Jeremiah thirty three three is easy number to remember is that Jeremiah thirty three three Jimmy and I will answer the and show the greater mighty things which thou knowest not that's exactly what got it I called in the Hannity show me mighty and powerful things these rays go till sunrise darkness is no more but it was still dark out the power went out the electricity went out so then they turn on the overhead lights and they told everybody to leave God spoke in the devil ran in after it was over Calvin came over to me to find me and I draft him and I spoke to him heart-to-heart I said Calvin become far we've fallen I made a choice for God tonight you need to choose God and I grabbed his hands I begged and pleaded with him to choose God but he was too distracted all his friends were leaving they get saying goodbye to him so he would try to concentrate that he would costly had divided attention finally it was just the two of us left except for a few people cleaning up and I begged him to make the same choice I had I was pushing worsening heart is going to premature as I wasn't getting given the free choice is good make sure you didn't leave until he made the same choice I did but anyway there we are staying in the warehouse and finally the police department comes in a very clear on all the partygoers is about six officers and they told us time to go but I didn't care about the police and I grabbed Colin 's hands as to Dori about the police on matters right now is a unique choice forgot nineties Inc. that you can normally do that to please me does leave you alone now I think you down I well I took down nowhere about the police and as long as he held onto me my hand there were no problems they just kept honest time ago as soon as you let go instantly to it officers grabbed him in a drag amount and then I walked out I walked behind them with some of the other offices and never put a hand on me a member talking to one female officer and I said I was depressed ask for this is the first time you were of work to raise just know I've worked a lot or race and I know you have and you don't belong here and she didn't argue NHL and I were outside on the driveway there was a truck that was working there and he wanted no bias in Council candidate is attractive don't worry about the truck owners are now she choose God and in the truck and drove around the suddenly Johnny God is powerful once we get on his side one hundred percent before the people going to rock concerts Christian kids are ministers and don't really know what they're in for an performer like Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath comes out they got his three people that need to leave right now the serious spiritual warfare on I believe it now because Scott Singhal next anyway I really just fast-forward a little bit here my testimony hurt or let me just say one more thing about the raid on analysis that was the turning point in my life were experiencing conversion of God and it's his life has been just wonderful compared to what was before and yet there's still problems in our Christian life is not easy but it's nice knowing on the right path and what your future holds for you and Keller was kind halfhearted about yeah I guess I should come back to God be start reading spiritual books again in about two weeks later he called and said I make insane decision you are and now he's on fire Christian in Seattle that wonderful as a turning point for both of us and he ended up marrying the girlfriend he had the time and now they had GG dollars and he's a strong supporter of the church and he wants me to come up and help them start to have a hope in Seattle so we'll see anyway just for a little bit you know through the years after about a year after that working his VA got impressed me takes time off from work and I took a year off to believe absence I went and was a missionary in Micronesia high school Bible which I made a mistake when I did that particularly the absence know God was calling me out of the law when he calls you out of something don't hold back if you conviction with the Holy Spirit to do something for him to go all the way with them can I set up a halfhearted commitment I gave a halfhearted commitment was like that I went to my boss I actually fully intended when I give my resignation as I'm leaving because once they leave absence that way you come back any year your job will be here waiting for you your benefits and everything are put on hold is just like you never left it but if you don't want to come back you have to I impress I said what I have to lose any rational human being would make the same decision right I was wrong call me out of it why did I hold back as I commit myself to safety net and so after the missionary experience kind of the newness start aware off I just I can think about is I can't wait to get back to my old job why fill comfortable it's my comfort zone and making a good paycheck they took a ninety eight percent pay cut to go to the mission field and so I my heart was for was divided and so God could not use me as effectively that way anyway through the years I after that I went back to my job and I'm transferred back to Riverside CA where I started off that's where I am right now but through the years last several years is been a growing conviction in my heart to go work full-time for God and the problem was that I had to me doubts about and it was like God was asking me to leave my work but not showing you the next step in on the kind of person I like to know what the future holds and plan ahead it's really hard to go to the Abraham experience of leaving your homeland and not knowing what the future holds but Justin know God is saying go that's so against my normal name and when you are there were times when I was a speaker would give a powerful sermon in the Holy Spirit you know was there why here spiritual song is powerful and the Holy Spirit would speak and he would lay on my heart I want you to go work for me and was so convicted that I just didn't have the courage just to say okay fellow hominid payment bills assigned to get married have a family holiday pay my bills I didn't take a serious way in Matthew six where he talks about don't worry about what you eat don't worry about what don't drink don't worry worry about what you wear within the lilies of the field their rates are much view more beautiful than song CD for seeking of God and all these other things shall be added to you anyway finally in April I went to a really good conference up and connect Canada it was called ask for Christ it's the Canadian version of G Y C Joe you cards and it was up in Vancouver actually telling my friend was the one whether once invited me to go in his trembling Marcus well and Jonathan Zircon I will not together and one night I was there and getting of you have any of you remap our he's with the rise David Asher really powerful young speaker anyway he got up there and he apologize for being so disorganized that night in know he'd been out is a sorry and I saw stout afternoon when he should've been praying preparing he was rushed to file preparation should I always say that you know just get in the spirit and praying them collect his thoughts he was actually out with the group doing door-to-door ministry so I apologize for being disorganized and he told a bunch of stories in notice main point has got all the board but you know what the Holy Spirit can still work and at the end he gave a good sermon I don't know what was that in the end he gave an amazing altar call and he kept asking people to make decisions for Jesus he never once gotten it all to call people leave their job and serve god-awful time you have to because as he did this alter cause amazing altar call the Holy Spirit is flooded my soul like he had before but in a more powerful way it's something I've been fighting you see the time I was working in a gang unit at the DAs office I was the trial team leader which men of the people actually doing trials I was at the top and they would assign me the murders and attempted murders the most serious of the gang cases and I was prosecuting about fifty young men and with a couple exceptions my office was wanting me to put them away for life to send them to prison and to kiss them goodbye and throw away the key I did a trial to two trials one in the fall line at Christmas last year and both of these gang member shot four people separate cases are not a people die but one of them got two hundred forty years to life another one got a hundred and twenty eight years to life the society need us to put away people that shoot others to protect us yes we do it's an important work but you know what when I leave W Hunter wars want my spot that's not the same in God 's vineyard yes I have heard people for every one of us to take our spot he needs you and me anyway this powerful conviction came over me that I was doing nothing to give hope to these men I don't talk to them by Jesus I'm sure any hope of them I just asked the judge to put away for life that's it how depressing especially when I know something better for them so actually was in tears is a Holy Spirit overcame me as a God I'm going to get in finally you've asked me to take a big step in a very scary step but I know it's the right thing to do and I know you're asking me to do it if I can be for us who can be against us so that night I result I was good to quit I thought you got to go talk to my boss if I lose my nerve now it's current hardware walking away from a secure job at John you fill comfortable with that you know you're doing good work in so I went new appointment with my boss is the elected district attorney I told him he goes using when someone goes to see the Web using when a deputy district attorney goes to see the elected DAR boss he knows I usually it's because they either quitting L Simon a personal appointment I went and spoke to Rod Pacheco he has bigger not quitting are you a snapshot knows why was one I said Rod I found a better boss and a better job is impossible I said no I'm a dork for God I don't know exactly when they do family to work for God so I felt it press to go to the nationalistic school I didn't know which one I resume wanted a mission college in Oregon and take a friend of mine with me that's in prison at least in mentor in the Excel program and Melinda some mentoring program he's getting out on the sidelines taken with me but he's on high-risk parole let him go out of state so now Plan B which needs God 's plan in all honesty graphical and I may be going there in January I believe my work and I don't know were not delete from their distance different opportunities of them presented I have a heart for at risk youth that live in group homes on the heart for missions have a heart for evangelism I don't know where God is only but I know he will lead in Adobe more stories to tell the future but for now if I exhausted you with the stories are retold so when we go ahead have a closing prayer heavenly father Lord your are heavenly King Lord you want us to all be on commission for you that's no sacrifice at all to heavenly commission and not I think you forgive me the opportunity to to go work for you I noticed people here who have a heart for you have given their lives to you I pray that you would be with everyone here tonight if there's someone who's never given her heart to you Lord I pray right now the Holy Spirit would work and that they would give their hearts you only done so much for us you love us more than you love yourself this is just amazing Lord help us to see the goodness in that love in that neighborhood be may we respond to that incredible love is not found in this world would help us all know what plans you have in our life you may want to stay put sometimes fate says stay put sometimes it says go some as faith gives life sometimes we serve you and our death Lord help us all live lives of faith help us to reach as many people as we can for you in this life in Jesus name we just share one quote with you here this is from David Livingstone was a powerful missionary to Africa and his body was buried in Scotland where he was from but he insisted his heart be left in Africa for the people he'd served during his life and he he made sacrifices I can about wealthy physician but served God on the middle of nowhere in Africa he said if the commission by an earthly king is considered an honor how can a commission by heavenly King be considered a sacrifice one other quote from Oswald Smith we talk of his second coming half the world is never heard the first


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