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3. "The Way is Prepared, and Disease Invited..."

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • June 19, 2014
    3:30 PM
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finally ask your blessing now we pray that you will be with us give us the wisdom in this understanding that will seem more at least to the root of issues and help us to be wise we go about dealing with them we pray in Jesus name okay the way he is prepared and disease invite and remember that statement is totally different topic I understand is talking about health and it's his disease is uncommon accidents disease goes because the way is prepared and diseases invite I'm going to ask you to bear with me a little bit with an imperfect illustration I understand it's imperfect and naturally I don't defend any of the faulty aspects but nevertheless considered illustration little bit like to the church is the body of Christ and the church can be healthy church could be sick and sometimes we prepare the way for disease and we invited Alex says this little phrase a fair number of times as in the natural world and the notification so in the spiritual world as in the natural world so the spirituality of the statement is a difficult without a cause the way is prepared and knees invited by disregarding laws health many suffering transgression of inconsequence of the transmission the parents while they are not responsible for what their parents done it is nevertheless a duty to ascertain what are and what are not violations of the laws of health they should avoid the wrong habits of their parents and I correct living place themselves in better conditions for now here's a thought that I want to discuss Florida this is not a perfect illustration understand the disease which now afflicts the Adventist church I would suggest is something that we have prepared the way for an inviting and it won't do us much good to address the disease without addressing the underlying causes based on saying this length of illustrations that has some merit what I'm saying is that there are often no reasons behind the things we see that's what I wanted to go diseases a effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health in case of sickness caused CBS obtained on health of patient conditions should be changed on habits corrected then nature is to be assisted in her efforts to expel impurities reestablished right conditions in the system well and I will metaphor for illustration I would have to modify things here harassing in an effort of major developments quite involved actually what we don't give credit where credit is due I don't think it's just a natural thing but nonetheless the idea is that I'm suggesting is that we have missed the boat some ways we have missed the mark biblical direction we've missed the mark for decades and what were reading now is the natural result of a filler man sows that shall he also reap they read the winners are they so the wind they leave the world with the other some really interesting things in the natural world wholesaler shall not go into at length for you right now on the loss of the harvest and the truth is that what you so you will read and doesn't do much good and I filled saying goes you sow your wild oats and pray for a profit and a desk doesn't often work that way okay then the truth of agriculture has to be that you're going to get back more than you put in a plant one bushel of wheat and your harvest is one bushel wheat eight on feeding yourself to be here and I think that single so you can always expect that the results are going to be more intense than the apparent cause for an sing a song they clearly that the mayor may not like illustration I promise you because should be ascertained in the case of heresy just as much as in the case of disease of the Senate on health conditions conditions should be changed makes me wrong added correcting the and then again nature and I think this major value would be more along the lines of God whereas this nature appears on the more along the lines of the devil when we're talking heresies but it got let's go on the other the title here's the hills of the boa remember always comment on how we had seen the eighteen seventies and eighties we preach the law the law the law so we were as dry as the hills and go both I'm suggesting that we've done something a little different that left us just describe it everywhere there is a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individualist human wisdom tends to consolidation to centralization to the building up the greatest great churches and institutions multitudes leave to institutions and organizations network of more than excuses self-concept of the world and their hearts they become self-absorbed and unenforceable love for the hunted man dies out a little their other statements have monumental she says it is good to support worthy causes with your bank is not sufficient that's all you do you will die spiritual it just doesn't have someone along the line you have to be involved with people have you suggested that partially largely I would say as a result of the feelings and emotions the choices which came out of our conflict with Doctor Kellogg a hundred years ago three years after he was his fellowship we were in the process of trying to establish Loma Linda as an institution to decide what to do with it now and I won't go into details in my book is so-so but we took a particular turn the Lord opened the way I believe you can change the laws of the state of California to give us a blank check what we were going to do with Longhorn and we chose instead to let someone else right project makes a lick of paint for us to how we face what we would elect someone else write our mission statement is what happened it wasn't all bad but wasn't all that God designed it to be my opinion it would take you feel free to differ with me I won't have my feelings hurt but largely out of their list of of events seemingly totally separate from anything else that were focusing on we had a distraction organization partially was cultural at least the United States and Canada I'm sure the rest the world I'm not a world traveler enough so I entered but there wasn't a time when this from my reading of the accounts back in the day it was really really cool to be like a member of organization is like a cool thing to do this evening even the Adventist church in Delaware you read these accounts of the law wasn't a sample of likely company e-mail VM the young man and his two or three friends that started the missionary Bonjour movement the war was test was what was it Warren and I think it's true other friends that if anything like that they decided they started the missionary Bonjour movement okay and when they get us and nothing is as evil or whatever but when they did it it was the thing it was the cool thing to do they drew up Constitution and bylaws and they had notices they they started an organization that was that was the thing it was a cool thing against organizations against institutions I am against anything that pulls people away from personal ministry and expense Christ commits to his followers an individual work a work that cannot be done by proxy ministry to the sick and the poor getting the gospel to the loss is not to be left to committees organized charities individual responsibility vigil efforts personal sacrifice is the requirement of the gospel I don't whether SCO but I don't I don't come up that well on that other matters August the eighth area and I mean nothing focus setting up a talking that I'm an introvert no seriously and I go along I just like it all shut the world out anyone could deal with I'm trying to learn but it's something I'm cautiously having the shoes to do individual responsibility individual effort personal sacrifice is the requirements of the gospel and R&B harsh but have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of Adventists in North America at least within the resort on discrediting in our work for God there is danger of relying too largely upon what man and his talents nobody thus we lose sight of the one master worker too often the worker for Jesus Seo 's e-mail ideas herself with possibility is in danger of shifting burdens upon organization in Canada all look into and relying upon him who is the source of loss from there is a great mistake just knew it was our numbers in order God success is not dependent upon talent or numbers limitless self here's the contrast it always boils down to this we can do the thing with what man in his balance can do in organizations and institutions in what Rusty says here and organizations in we can do it that way but when we do it always some tracks from this experience looking to rely upon him Doctor Kellogg gave a series of talks the teenage regional conference session that were edited out of the general conference bulletins consequently no one paid any attention to the four hundred and twenty years with a copy of them fell into my hands that was the final straw it made me sad to write a book but he said something Internet displays that slap at Lafayette I really really like where you want he quoted Proverbs nineteen verse seventeen the remembrance the World War I and Proverbs nineteen seventy eight for this is this he who has pity on the four lands to the Lord and he will repay if you have one of your family a new King James and added benefit although yes admittedly is not the original Hebrew when you have the added benefit of capital ages and h as you know like deity I let the verse says is he who has PD on the poor and give the poor guy something is landing to the Lord and he H will repay how much do I depend on that particular promise okay well what the area place of shifting your responsibility upon someone whom you think more richly endowed and you are worth recording your ability even though you have but one talent all our works must be wrought in God each one of us is a door-to-door in the Lord 's vineyard we must not look for someone else to do the work it lies directly in our pathway personal responsibilities must be borne personal duties must be taken personal efforts must be made for those who do not know Christ and for those who do this work in faith the Holy Spirit will work as it weren't for the disciples limited us a bit of a promise okay so what I'm saying with respect to historical context it essentially that's because we messed up with Kellogg as I said couple times hope you catch the idea now we defended our theology that was good but in the process we lost the right arm of the gospel that was bad what was worse and even notice you like it was missing a flight when Atlanta sure doesn't do so well on it and it is even bothers a bit and because of that we lost a large components of of personal work and personal dependence on the over got to the point where ill I will have no think most of us ever really consider much about depending on God for day-to-day existence one of very very very few lines from the sermon that I can remember I felt like thirty nine years ago at our file and everything will rumor many sermons that long to be honest I hate the sin most Germans last night ourselves I had Sandra insert a half but I remember a sense of it is stock with me to hold the advanced ministry from downtown news agency said we all have to depend on God so much deadly news that's a good job of that are now tied for eighth all it was more concerned that one was the last time we were actually in a position where and how it was make or break God came through for us we were hung out to dry that statute depending on God when we were used to him being responsible enough and being responses that thing where you still having a job getting a paycheck now and those are good things in the same event there's something about this personal duties personal efforts personal responsibilities in LA and when we do that God makes himself responsible to take care the policy of consolidation wherever pursuit tends to be the patient of the human in place of the those who bear responsibility for different institutions look to these central authority for guidance support as a sense of personal responsibility using the St. Louis the highest and most precious of all human experiences the constant dependence of the soul on the man is placed with much we have a fairly theological term we use for man in the place of God antichrist I remember when the eighteen eighty eight materials the four big brown volumes first came out and a lot of interest in squeezing the story of such a relative of mine was dead and Robert Wheatland could ignore that well is relative to be honest it was very shirttail but I made them a couple times chat with got to know his story little bit read his material starting with eighteen eighty eight re-examine onwards okay some you would remember all that is there's really interesting article you can still find it on the Internet go out to Google for the name we went and then the phrase out of Africa to move a letter what is anal whole thing you would go beyond any meal someday that we don't normally think of as being all that friendly to conserving energy is implicit was the author that we learned was really satisfied it again written a fair article tells the story is basically when Robert Wheeling brought up the question of eighteen eighty eight when he'd come back from Africa on furloughs Michigan Africa Mathematica and he raised the question in the context of a class at the seminary which is still in Washington DC if you it was a raw and not sensitive enough topic that he was expelled from seminary with twenty four hours get off campus and then got his curiosity and so he before he left town did continuing reason to stay in Washington DC this is identifying out with this although he went away the state is loudly I will say he had asked the question he he was trying to explain a side perspective on righteousness by faith and he was asked where divinity he says well I got from a book that my professor gave me a few years back when I was still in college the question was was the book and the book was the glad tidings that somebody could go it was very high raw talk another in an immigrant minimization you on this daughter have some charitable assessment when it comes to people the guys that we went on a seminary family generation which rainbow will you like Willie had just got two years before something like this is one thing will be learned from his experience it wasn't conflict and controversy battles in the church don't do you much good if there ever been any one big battle in the church loses whole eighteen eighty eight eighteen John C J Wagner now that whole thing and account the last thing they wanted was a way to bring our again and so you think ironic isn't it so we can bring this up and allow you that by now all you and so Bob will and other women's words Wednesday the next day is saving himself up he had several chapters he typed out because they didn't have forgot businesses a better negative I forgot to stop the NFL yet it is opinions and he was differing with the professor who just happen to be version so there and now he had managed to reach a conclusion with an immensely Johnson the president of the seminary that didn't work out so well either he was given twenty four hours nothing I may have said some young Bryce you know things I don't know I was there in the gilded sort that I say he went to the Senate with a website next day they went in a acid I'm hungry I understand I will understand this eighteen eighty eight thing was just so happened that there was a big meeting going on that day and the manner which is term use of legacy for thinking probably move away from an outlet for several decades gone man where the members of the actual estate itself the man well after this meeting at all it wasn't some poor little female receptionist type scenario we don't really let people and involves some understanding of it you bring something out for a similar well turn out that her nephew was a missionary in Africa and he knew this guy and they got to talking and especially allow it I don't know your pussy like devices human interest came out with this folder and David we sat down he says reading is well well well and losing start here while this is seasoning him a little portable typewriter out my car would you mind if I got back -based loan that would be fine okay signal to decipher you all day long rank five o'clock to shutting down in Québec the holiest of the fine waking the next day in the middle and he couldn't get that same folder he asked to the folder and he was handed a folder that was always a little bit different can you look at as well I don't know what this is that might be interesting you look at it for a while he figured out eventually that was the the raw source materials for test most ministers and very nicely bound copy of testimony snitches and if you need a typing it all out against the PCF manifold I had yesterday and the poor receptionist lady was looking very nervous as I think you'll need to talk to them and so you are talking with I forget what was its own article nice on a piece of historical reporting and sleep the upshot of that was that he was asked to leave the state what is needed is a putting his mind a very obvious thought I can't fault him for the five the thought was Jones away somehow started the loud cry with their preaching something happened to it I don't see going on now the answer is in full and they won't let me see because you take on that conclusion lastly went on the floor any Neeley wrote to every old minister in the nominations and eighty ninth eighteen eighty eight you have any old manuscripts letters from what you don't like anything from anything on anything that has anything to be elected you need me I think you don't need it whether love to have an all legal notices were like two steps from death a visit once surely is a fine young man and a male stepped in and would consequently enough with the world 's largest collection of eighteen eighty eight trivia did you find the answers looking for knowing them again but his concerns raised a lot of issues to the sixties and seventies and so in eighteen eighty and nineteen eighty eight the white estate I think wisely although you have no decades too late said let's do it all everything we've got mentioned that you don't need a way to Minneapolis eighteen eighty eight righteousness I think anything photo booking there is a list of all published right by me on but this comes up I brought all man now I'm to find out what starts the loud cry nearly go heavy-duty theology and I jumped into this stuff and read all await through it anyone is precious little theology there's precious little theology in there on that kind of theology there's nothing earth shaking in those books in terms of some new different radically different understanding theoretical expression of righteousness by faith and of giving wrong not saying that it's the same as everything else there also variants out there that her more often but it's not something that shouldn't be surprising at all it's nothing would've surprisingly problem I would say my being taken was not that we were lacking the theory of eighteen eighty eight popular lacking the theory of righteousness by faith when relaxing the simple understanding that goes beyond fear and it's like climbing ladders smash extension ladder right here and then extension ladder right here but my right foot on a wrong but my left foot on your life if I leave my right foot on the first long I probably can't know much more about the order for strong on the left side as he acted you you can't do the and Isabel 's caught faith and works if you wish to but as we apply as we were the righteousness by faith and remember that thing when Vittorio Glenn works appear before nine o'clock the widows and orphans of shameful that's what converted people do and as they gear that as they carry out their personal responsibilities or personal duties I that's one of why that's when the Holy Spirit has a reason to change it it is something for us otherwise we don't have to depend on God mosque is leading such a good job tomorrow take care of ourselves right it may seem totally divorced from everything else that you think I was talking about but this shifting of responsibility I think with you and separated us and prepared us for the dangers were facing today the school we read this and already menaced place where God should be that is not can I find it rapidly after I don't know if the that idea is what cam comes up more often than anything else in those eighteen eighty eight books okay it was amazing is the abuse of power both from those below looking up placing man where God should be and those who are placed where God should be starting to think that their God than a cancer-causing if the laity that tends to corrupt and history because when shall we go to them and we say all so what should I do this a great statement I'm getting a little off the sooner benefit the fantastic statement the people of God and educated himself in such a way that they may have come to look to those in positions of trust is regarding the truth in a place manner where God should be when perplexities and come upon them instead of seeking God a nonhuman sources for help and receive only such help as men can give God removes his wisdom from manual or look up to astronaut the data it and almost get the impression you might not even be the other guy 's fault God removes was those occupy positions of trust and maybe injured when they are tempted by their brethren to think if they must always be consulted by the workers and people should bring them their difficulties and trials it is a mistake to make men believe that the workers were crashes make no move except that which is first brought before some responsible member nineteen oh one shoving the decision-making out goes on this is this is incredible no a first the brother may be reluctant to take so great a responsibility as that of being a counselor in the negative sense of a telling people what they have to do with it something that should be between a person and got right into the idea man would logically rank if there's something that I should look at what would you like me to do and instead I look to brothers on seller acids also I say no what should I do I'm placing that guys were going to be cooking the first another may be reluctant to integrate responsible is editing us negative the counselor to his have you seen God do it he will finally encourage the very independence that he wants limits on this is stunning like so I'm the new conference president and people start coming to me at the honey from the class arrogance plants and equipment between you and blogging Google praying about but they keep it off day after day week after week and finally I get so tired of it the guy comes and he asked me some crazy question I say I know I've think if I were you I business if he does do it he will come to encourage the very dependency was Clement and statement goes on and he will come to feel grieved if matters are not brought to his attention he will want to understand the reasons for movements mean the cost of having no connection with his grandson to work this is operation here you guys could you even think for yourself stop it goes on it maybe argued that the Lord gives special wisdom to those to whom he has entrusted grave responsibilities of a miscarriage that lexicographer is an award-winning event specialist of any significance responsible position right so you think you've got a letter size of the conference presidency he's got to be smarter the rest of the Lord will will give them greater wisdom it may be argued that when she says the Lord God gives special wisdom to handle at signature asking him if yes special to if the human agent the conference president menstruation if the human agent moment by moment makes God is only helper and walks on the God will then appear white and knowledge and wisdom in order that he is human agent of the present may be able to guide his brother would look to him for counsel after their duty from a given specialism in a clear and forcible manner he will point them to a source that is untainted and pure from the defects and errors are so appearing in humanity he made for it is his privilege refused to be brains and concentrates breath that's the specialism leaders are supposed not to leave themselves place for lunch but what is all levels in eighteen eighty eight she made a comment to her daughter-in-law in a letter she said that of the Butler was had been the president and outcomes of that time she said he has been placed with God should be this is destroyed his brain and nerve power he's been in office for three years too long from the thinking self nearly enveloped in a book I don't remember the exact color and black and color depths and if you remember doing that famous that the Themis quotation on and on from Minneapolis and while this is the letter to George mother at the time they commit you for your office as president the general conferences of this justified it wasn't actually Judy Miller right which molecular something significantly wrong in some respects the very fact that you're standing in a position responsibility I urgently is a reason why she saw forbearing created by .com I think I'll have identified and feeling around here I like but now I think I'm still as no presence to use the statement why do you think he is the most diagnostic statement of the whole subject what was the reason for eighteen eighty eight now it has been seen as determined purpose to eclipse the view of Jesus and lead man to look to me and trust a man to be educated to expect help from men for years addresses they looking to man expecting much from man but not looking to Jesus and Omar hopes of eternal life are centered there for a dog gave to his servant storyline is a testament to present to the truth as it is and uses images of their English messaging why did we need asserting this message is looking to me like that have to do with receiving the market abuse at all market-based and now the whole world said he works on Sunday are we optionally you and God says you worship on Sunday and I'll burn you take your pick them who are you going to look to God or man lay than that what where God should be at fellow France and it comes to all the weight of this stuff were not that we are dealing with the market would be statistically I would suspect because were not ready okay when dealing with little stuff but we're not doing the little stuff and he is faithful in that which is least has a fighting chance sandwiches but I then originates for decades we had been very comfortable and happy in this be a little quiet hardly in my local church it was cool to be a member of something we go marching out in our jasper Wayne ingathering groups now and we earn our little tag that says now I solicited five thousand houses in literalism we knew this was it was very compliant oriented with nineteen sixties nineteen seventies and he remember them failure to average in the culture boring without everything confides I believe the devil manipulatives is my personal thing I think that the devil set up this whole thing and an you look at this is a generational thing again because the parents in the sixties and seventies were people that had lived in the depression they knew it was like to be dirt poor they led to the war they knew it was like to not be able to buy stuff because it had to go to the war effort they knew what it was like to storm ashore on GAL on Normandy beach and get shot at they were very very comfortable with the idea just me a nice blouse and yet steady job I need his page five for my wife and kids follow peace just enough room on one life and if you came along and culture shifted and all of a sudden the last thing in the world was desirable was that kind of peace right and all of a sudden it was peace man kind of eccentric and huge change way everything shifted my rock music influence sports TV in general movies video games drugs everything came along and what was driving was a desire for intensity I don't want I want towards the other go take a job and work for forty years and get a gold watch and the rock on the porch on my Rockledge access not learning to the church did not know what to do with this all of a sudden the older generation was still very happy with the kind of a formalized church experience where they were comfortable because they belong they were part of the organization that satisfied the youth and you read about the organization they wanted some intensity they wanted some excitement in life they wanted something to make life interesting they wanted off this is referred to expect what does it mean old jury I think about what the word means you when you fear that you are looking for a more authentic way of life and the other functional definition forming a real man a as possible so yeah I know you pretty ideal Valliere and I I I just itemizes in the dictionary I understand that I think the functional definition now of our sanity is internally validated now it has to appeal to me that it's Freudian skewness Marion and now young and self actualization right here suffered that the wording in a new yell at an end we try as a church is allowed forbidden to do so in nineteen sixty seven for instance we made one big change in the remember these structure use instructor gave way making sixty seven date of publication called insight in the basic difference between the two was the use instructor was founded on the premise that the use of the church wanted to serve God and insight was founded on the premise that views the church needed to be somehow one serving at my eye I don't have an official statement of that that would be my observation and so how do we ensure how do we make religion a attractive to these kids now who want authenticity and intensity how do we do well the arena remember the way out there for nineteen seventy two and you are there CNN's evangelistic thing with this at all I remember was is as big spiral within purple and orange spiral okay if a similar was it was intended to appeal to someone who is attracted to the countercultural movement of the day and God bless somebody for trying God bless the next guy for paying additional buses to try at as I understand it after no year two and you know a million half dollars the program was one Baptist way out you had this big spiral with this guy can assimilate all audio energy spinning down this by using fine pictures of it on Google and Twitter yammer is the whole package program of you is a you and is in Google images and type no way out and that Ernst & Young probably finds remnants of the Filipino is it in Bible studies and other things no it was you some people give big package dying of trying reaching and I think that I know I have my difference of opinion with them but no God bless them for trying at least it did work a notable degree but a blessing for dry now but one would not want worthless less missing of all this right now through the seventies you know I graduated from Academy and seventy six according to the statistics if the nineteen seventy six graduating class and had the lowest retention rate of Adventism and its members can use later in late nineteen eighty six it was a seventeen percent of the graduating evidence class of nineteen seventy six was still church members is called a Academy again in seventeen that would mean a three percent had left the church engineers from that year on that's percentage improved in terms of church retention why because police would let everything that they wanted into the church and and I can't fault them at one level I don't like a boring life either good morning but I don't need you all rock band present a school to make life interesting he doesn't really work switching from the hills of global and the master the more quiet and simple life of the child the more free from artificial assignment in the morning harmony with nature the more favorable it is physical and mental vigor and the spiritual strength we are surrounded by a culture that has been immediately destroyed with seventeen million cable channels or whatever the number is currently and sports music TV movies jobs everything and he even also some equitable names I believe everything people as like all I think my biggest practice on Tuesday and she reads Le Monde once they have that ballet practice I get in this band Van Van Zandt is everything everything in their slaves to their children because they have to make something constantly going to do anything okay what are we going on do we offer them more formalized church and other awful lot of churches small churches address churches that are died I read a statistic allow though the average age of Adventist membership in North America is fifteen years older than the average age population that is valid that means it's not a good sign the average age of endless membership is fifteen years older than the average agent population that now I've moved eight months ago whatever from Kansas North South Dakota Oklahoma all these little country Adventist churches out there with fifteen members average age sixty seven and a half or something like that they die they will go give them another three five years of the gone there will be no one there turn the lights on infallibility particularly that what we're going to offer me whether this is real Christianity brother thinks doing a good rock bands and things but what do we have to offer them what is the God 's purpose in committing to men and women admission that he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers from all worldly and nice things and policy and to give them a work identical with the work of Christ that they might continually be Christ's representatives in Iraq what was the work of Christ as well as only concern for teaching ailing medical missionary work is constantly working with and for people on a very personal basis that God 's purpose a work on DNA call about child in my dentures sitting at the edge of a bunch of them anyhow I went on it identical were supposed to be doing something identical to what Jesus did and without Christians should bear in mind that God has a person which rings that are this comment is in the context fancies that she's dealing with Christians should bear in mind that God is a personality as thoroughly as has Christ they should so represent Christ's person and conduct and by doing his work they will manifest the character and spirit of the father Christ is the express image of his father 's person and character those are in view with his spirit will have an influence everybody wants to meaning we can sacrifice a meeting those who are in view in with his spirit will have any influence while for everyone's lonely guy and will work earnestly because I'm getting a high salary probably not what makes a person more earnestly to have something they believe in something worth dying for you if you don't have something worth dying for you don't have anything worth living they will work tirelessly to bring into having our hearts and souls filled with the spirit men and women will be animated with game designer to save sinners animated Christ in his life work as a missionary sent of God enemy began his another word that means there's something going on our times is that Brett I think it's to need support analysis of failure session Virginia-based but this well supplying that need is why would that be emergent church walking and Adventism through wide-open doors people are looking for something and those guys have something off the lack of supplying the need for a reason to live a reason to be a Christian Alaska putting some harnessing power drive and enthusiasm into it is why people are flocking to be the other because it's all so validated from within I will pick up on that thought access to its father we have a tendency to get eloquently theory I pray that you would help us to take something of practical value from all this mean we struggle with these things may we not avoid underlying issues as we try to address things that are flying in our face today to help us solve the big problem in the making problem sometimes gives wisdom and guidance we this media was run by audio groups the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about nonmembers the more certain than the visit www. on universal


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