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4. Close Beside the Track of Error

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • June 20, 2014
    11:00 AM
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okay sorry for fatherly again invites your wisdom we want to have want to view all this says you do and Lord we want to understand not only where were at what's going on around us today what we can do today the father to the best of our ability and to the extent of your wisdom help us understand the future what are we going how do we deal with what was fit and being over to play these things we ask in Jesus name okay I did not put ellipses on the end of this title but how does a close attractive sure this now Madge requested method that I did close beside the track where that film I know my wisdom there is indeed no so in the Bible says of those who call good evil and evil good and the wall coming upon them and kill frankly I fear that I do that sometimes not intentionally but just because I'm a dumb and I see things or don't see things in sometimes I misinterpret acting posting meeting and I should have and I will be quick I can find that I want to read you a statement because this scares the daylights out of me almost and reassured billiards coaches difficult to know what that means video is a troublesome statement the real estate in eighteen eighty five there was a revival in the Hillsborough California church it was not perfect some fanaticism developed and sold as a consequence the leading ministers in the area anglers James Wagner Loughborough I think was involved in Laos you know there were three main ones I believe they came in and shut it down this revival is done the rival and then led out by a administer the name of Eugene Daniels who no relation to aging annual threats of them confused to EB Daniels was a good speaker he had quite a few personal problems Harvard issues and challenges within his family his wife at times at least from a test on the receiver 's estimates and other times you get the impression that there was a lack of concentration and kind of that of a hypocritical approach at times of preaching the truth and living something else that was a few years later exactly where they were in eighteen eighty five I don't know what all my comments and says another Daniels is not a perfect work and that problems would develop within a revival that he had the oh was leading out to be no surprise anyone very few if any human beings can fill all the needs in a complex spiritual situation as always is this question listen fanaticism I understand the business I wish to say some things in reference to the revival of Healdsburg I wish to say I am not in harmony with your treatment in this matter that there were fanatical ones impressed into the work I would deny I would not deny but if you move in the future as you are done in this matter you may be assured of one thing you will condemn the work of the latter rain when it comes for you shall see at that time far greater evidences of fanaticism I cannot sanction your course I can't see that while you are working to correct the evils as you might have done that you should stop the work if this is the way you manage when God sends good be assured to run revivals will be rare the spirit of God comes in it will be called fanaticism as on the day of Pentecost okay reference a fair quest reference is made to release volume twenty one page one forty seven and you can find even more information on that circumstance to missing you on it which component of the Ron initiatives and research papers or maybe it's side of the chirality for something called charismatic experiences there is beneficiary page twenty thirty situation okay so here's the thing I don't want to condemn the lettering I don't think it's a healthy thing to do I don't want to condone the fanaticism that we present at the latter rain is utterly much more evidence is fanaticism and condoning it is not a healthy thing to do I kind you get the impression that dealing with these issues is a lot like walking along a trail on the edge of mountainside with the road gets narrower and narrower in her here that story is going to need hold from above I will message you I think it's important for us to recognize that this is a job that is way beyond our qualification level I'm not smart less youth you are an expensive now I honestly believe that this is set up this way because God needs to do just needs a spacious up alongside the head a few times till they finally get the idea that were just actually not as hard as we can and is the work of righteousness by faith the way the glory of manifest in our son a hard time with the idea of thinking I always have to be dependent on God seems like just seems wrong to at any keys has a hard time with me thinking that because the way you said things out using me need to the knowledge our dependence on continuing my limited how do I learn to do that will come back we need not to Mrs. is that is in the book living Temple social entertaining sophistries will soon find themselves in a position where the enemy can talk with them mysticism direct communication from a spiritual source said find themselves in a position of any contact with him and lead him away from the it is represented to me that the writer this book is on a false track he has lost sight of the distinguishing truth to this time he knows not whither his steps attending the track of truth lies close beside the track America's most tracks may seem to be one of two minds original work by the Holy Spirit and which therefore are not quick to discern the difference between truth and error that's what we need what is it were told will enable us to see to recognize in any form I'm yeah so what's the other images used for the ISAF the ice latest CNN 's need better eyesight than we for this error big advantage this is error in any form or something like that is exactly okay I said that legacy and touches on specializes in health things that the emergent guys talk about in terms and expressions they use that adding seasoning wrong with things being relevant now I'd rather have in your relevant sermon and okay well wrong sounds good interesting sounds better than boring libraries and down sounds better than good are you saying I everybody every salesman uses adjectives to describe their product in I like this little motto this is the official motto of the one project Jesus all sketchy rebranding is not even a bad idea my problem is that I don't think they're living up to because it seems to me that if I'm going to have Jesus all that one of the key components would probably be the testimony of Jesus and there seems to be a pretty strong willingness to ignore their prophecy together with this is me another statement celebrating the supremacy of Jesus and the Adventist church and one argue with you well I like to nominate maybe Elder Wilson to be about Jesus with you and you as interesting I don't know if there's any need to this whatsoever I just x-rayed his notices this morning they redesign the one budget website recently everywhere just as what has been bullied at me I don't I don't know if there's any mean or what they may get you I don't and I'm not sure what you have that that's the one thing again life is like we can do this through the Baptist Church we can do this to the Pentecostal judgment have yet to be admissible good through the adventures that the most is that China now I know I have a fuss about what is it condemning a man for word friends now though I knew that Mister Day is an event I'm not familiar with our motorhome was okay in the hat now and at the height of the health Elway wrote this is a stately publishing events that would be worth taking a moment to go through a step-by-step one thing and one that's on the health and omega prophecy of the health of bossy and the Omega processing nineteen oh four Angel five something like that it certainly came out three different places alike speaks on health and omega of apostasy in close proximity I don't think she ever speaks of the automatable prop up of apostasy or Harris years of Baghdad in context isolation myself she does think of the health of apostasy without seeing any drink about the Omega so you could buy a number of places that they offer only those three places were actually has two of them in any context circles context the omega of apostasy there's very little told us about Jesus it was almost startling nature she says it would be accepted by those who I didn't accept the warning given says it would come in a little while she trembled for the people those things but they tell us a lot about the Omega the first thing that I know of that somebody said that the Omega was two years later when Kellogg legally took the Battle Creek Center and with the denominational control basically if it all a terrible thing that's the Omega pussy right there I don't really think so actually because to me the omega is at the end and make you seven was not marked by the coming of Christ so down to the year so other people have drawn attention to prophecy and said oh this is the omega this is the innate or visiting a interesting for whatever it's worth to look at it because it's the relationship between L Fannie Mae yet it tells us something about the Omega if I were to say if you go to our casino dealer for three miles to come to my house that would work if what you yes viewers three miles south of my house with the and you have to know one bearing her coordinate and coordinate down location something in order to use in a relationship of distance and now whatever else any others think the argument selling on the also the question is what's the relationship between health and the Omega and for decades the prevailing opinion was the house of course is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and helpful beta giveaway alphabet that silly work of the house is the first letter and humane it is the last letter and the prevailing hermeneutical approach if you wish was to say that the omega that would be the opposite extreme they offer so what's the opposite pantheism is well limited number of different ideas because the opposite pantheism this is actually it's a it's a little it's a having who's to say what the opposite panties and assuming you can go different if the opposite of a dog down mostly with a cat a wife and a giraffe now it's the whole forests later something anyone other than not I don't offer them at August twenty oh eight fifty okay so given people say different things anyone one well-respected individual guidance is still knowledge and piety I respect Julie Silverlight he said now that the BL fault was making too much of humanity saved humanity was divine so the opposite was not recognizing the value of humanity nieces were not living up to help us its it's all of our institutions visited our hospitals so you serve me always other things and moving life and health message at the Omega processing I don't I think it was not a good idea to get some things I'm not shouting a robust probably the most well-known one is in the you older typesetter would remember nineteen eighty Lewis Long's book the Omega and what he did as he said the powerful was the intra- organization of God and the opposite is the complete externalization of the salvation process forensic justification was grossly misinformed teaching Meadows authors had advantage of being able to do I was trying searches for proxy and really helpful I think when you will looking to become the parent that the Omega is not the opposite the relationship is not of opposite extremes it's the relationship of acorn and Oaktree okay I wrote an article about accident in the nineteen eighties late eighties and I said what's predicted here is a resurgence of spiritualism within adventures and I was left cousin possible and at that time if I follow we don't do spiritualism really were to remain to go back and his hopes how long thing and if the stupid thing ever I was not in any Pulitzer prizes for that article and he was called the Omega whether it's a coincidently turned out to be one chapter and as such I don't remember when it was published originally as the article bananas is known about the butt but I think is important for us to understand that concept this is this is this is not a random relationship this is an April this is one grows out of unable they can be given time they debate so at the height of the offer she wrote this interesting woman this is part of the enemy of souls brought to justice has sought to bring in the supposition that a great Reformation was to take place among Seventh-day Adventists business and administration in Reformation in there a long without much of a missile targets have been other than that knowing a Reformation of colors and styles and that this reformation would consist in giving up adoptions it stands the doors my faith of area from where the documents which are the pillars of our faith the following we could equate that more or less with the earlier discussion all I had was over the landmarks and by the old landmarks that make eighty eight Jan she listed off not that many actual second coming sanctuary state of the dead run missing the sinuses can be satisfying in and end the fifth one is for prophecy which she did with that he had some humility through regular mail I thought that that knowledge is those fluorescence down this Reformation was existing in the adoptions of standards the colors of our faith and engaging in a process of reorganization was that me being reorganized wants to make you want re- organization does this prediction hold meaning for us to this message when asked is what she wrote Nigel six is a supply today I don't have no reorganization will what specifically does it I I don't have a a lot of wisdom is often something to keep in mind were this reformation to take place what would result the principle ensures a God in his wisdom is given to the remnant church would be discarded now the principles of truth the same thing as the purchasing was a foundation that says that the wording was dollars at the I really think the present of the truth of the same of the shoulders I'm going to suggest that possibly principles of truth in my mind with brass below broader than we might think whatever it's worth our religion would be changed by the SF Reformation of the pixel the fundamental principles I think without the same as a pair the fundamental principles of the sustained a work for the last fifty years would be accounted as error I'm speculating or now whenever a child or speculations right were precisely that I'm speaking without a complete level of certainty in my comments in this moment going back to the Wii organization of fundamental principles that sustain the work were most fundamental principles of the Adventist churches that it has existed as a whole we are not a congregational denomination historicism Mister hermeneutical principles to pick up data neither to blame to the point the Prince was sustained in the work and maybe I'm wrong but I'm sometimes I know what this brings to my mind at least is is the organizational structure and I think perhaps we are seeing a movement toward go of more disjointed you know what every union every conference decide for themselves approach is certainly what the hell has come out of the coordination issues last couple weeks ago the concept of I'm going to move ahead because that's what I want to do rather than we are in this together as brothers and sisters and we will work through this together commits very fundamental principle well-liked talks about those who were seen as noble and true who gathered together at the Sabbath conferences in nineteen forty eight eighteen fifty and try to hammer out the doctors whatnot the main man she argues there is that that that will providentially was enabled to set aside minor details on which they knew there would be differences of opinion as it was the effort of everyone to see I'd hide for we know that Christ was not divine we sought answers prayer of John seventeen were moving away from I think that's huge now that's a little tricky because I'm as much of a renegade is the next and when the conference doesn't do what I think ought to be done over my local church is doing weird and squirmy things that I don't think ought to be done I chanced to look elsewhere it raises questions with the wrong button and it is wrong with a new organization would be established well doesn't say that a replacement organization established the new one is talking less than about lace abilities that we have a number of new organizations have been established someone more appreciative of that others etc. books of an order would be written without immediately knows that when a Whitehead this is a charged course which is come up every time somebody written a book from the Austin is having questions that actually wants to learn our ALS one bumps and minority businesses it's hardly saw around rather liberally despising privileged conservatives but they nonetheless if there is to the state books plan for a prominent role in what's going on today are these books in order I don't have omniscience to say that's what always was referring to but maybe maybe a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced in nothing wrong with intellect but intellectual philosophy seems to me to be in contradistinction to heart conversion maybe the founders of the system when going to the cities of the wonderful work product interesting thought glamorous cities go on for and I can envisage that ministers Fellowship regularization that a number of goals one of which is peacemaking and reconciliation we support strategies of nonviolent conflict resolution at the medical dialogue which part of that don't you like okay action the second health and human rights we support the right of all persons to care the right to I would say received your breasts that honors their dignity and worth sounds noble enough we support environmental stewardship conservation and the rights of animals at the point now I think we should try to be nice to animals they should stop eating cows for instance a that would just a lot of thousand percent with four liberty of conscience and free speech for persons of all beliefs or none we support equal human rights of all persons made in the image of God but knows this is racial and gender equality and I think the key word is going to be I cannot have an intern will support debts relief for developing nations at a preferential option for the poor not sure I didn't really find out and I first made this point in the website basically consists of each of these topics with a long list of a bibliography of sources that you can go become educated on the Dennis peace Fellowship is one of a number of fellowships there is also a Baptist peace Fellowship and a Jewish peace Fellowship in the Buddhist peace Fellowship and what else was in the list so that would make the NSB Fellowship one small piece in the big picture of peace fellowships this interestingly the individuals listed on the website of a fairly strong correlation with the individuals listed on some of the websites that we've been talking these the same people same interests moving interface the great work the Sabbath of course is the lightly regarded as also the God who created it something he denied without nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement what does that imply well it means is powered by a similar area penning when you say yeah to my way there's a certain implication that you can do something about it if they get your way the leaders would teach Stanford she was better than vice but God being removed they would place their dependence on human power which without God is worthless and interesting charge if you wish to know what would make and to whatever extent she was applying this to Kellogg conference I think that her statements in this that era apply more particularly our time and they may be getting a Kellogg sent by one wonder about that sometimes that but to apply this to Kellogg talent never denied that there was a God but he made of God and nonentity on my test now Kellogg would and wouldn't admit it not as I know I've done a lot of actually I'm a God much more than you making everywhere but God being removed in any functional way of affecting the mind and heart of the individual man of depending on nothing more than human thought this is a little ironic to think that this they say I believe this will be fulfilled in the current draft despite the fact that there is a strong emphasis on God in Christ and spirituality the system of the concept is marred and produces a situation in which God is removed as a force of power a motivating source the life and soul first you will be better than vice but vice is not about business but I would their foundation would be built on the sand storm and tempest would sweep away the structure of what the illusion to the literary allusion the two thousand dollars plan something really obvious but that parable that can be pointed out to me and profound I never thought that for the difference is not in the storm the differences in the house it's the same store both houses go through the store one goes through looking like a house where heaven goes through looking like a pile of rubble at the end the storm is the same this is actually a promise except that is a promise of all systems will be swept away by what's coming that's a good thing but what's come what's coming I I know you understand that human wisdom is partially comes the future and we get ourselves in trouble trying to understand or trying to decipher too much but at same time some extent the Lord is open from portals of view on this I think we would be negligent if we do try to understand where this is all going what the endgame is one of the sermon I remember from years ago very few of these the point young man said the Saints good to know anything and you know where you're going to end up in it helps you make the right choices to get some good blues revolution twenty meters twenty one to November outcome it assists I connect with the verse that says well in heaven and we are servants of God that's where you're going to end up as we are trying to end up the Eastern is doing and that's exactly want me in the game rang again to where we want where we going with all this they choose for this time the third Angels message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final test this test must come to the churches in connection with the true medical missionary work work that has the great physician should dictate and preside in all title writers about that it comprehends an all-encompassing and greater finals passed must come to the churches in connection with medical missionary work the eye with fiber the editor on this one I would probably not as the Sabbath I mean we all know I was in Venice right we all know the great final gases over the Sabbath while she doesn't say that is not the Jesus in connection with a question but the special Americans will think what makes it special is it's the answer to every problem we discussed you have young people in your church their board with church there's no intensity to it get them involved in that do you have people that need to learn to trust God so that they'll feel that hang on that rope and swing across that chasm you can involve medical mission and for some well-known question immigration to get involved to the point where it's going to hurt if I doesn't get that such assumptions and something struck me today as I was contemplating this because I come to a eye in my own thinking at this point I'm at the point where I actually would encourage everyone to rationally intelligently like pairing looking at a large instruction and becoming intelligent the dumb but don't hesitate to take steps forward in doing what we know about his assets the villages Isaiah fifty eight medical missionary work all that stuff and as the opportunities come before you there will come a point where you can't do what needs to be done you don't have the time you don't have the money at that point do it anyway that's what you learn faith good anyway everybody understood what intelligently and and and and and the track the truth is close to the track under I don't know that I can tell anybody in their own heart and life with the difference between consumption and figures at this point since then do not refer to me as an authority here I'm just saying that I believe that the experience of walking down this trail is getting skin -year-old were going to come to the point there's nothing stained every earthly support will be removed and will come back to my classroom is one is a letter to let wrote specially addressed to physicians plural but right there she uses the singular and wages actually writing to David Paulson permitted in the banners on the just told him that he needed a vote for living Temple the message is ready to my brother I cannot understand how you can tell needed there is in the living Temple nothing that is not in harmony with what we as a people believe members area will discuss the last thing I thought you a true watch quick to see when you open the enemy was doing in our right I thought you would be wide-awake it is any approach of the enemy and give the alarm the rebuke of God rest upon you because you did not discern the dangerous character of the fables that were being circulated now but what you remember this context is talking living Temple to stocking pantyhose and stocking the Kellogg situation is the Alpha of apostasy the rebuke of God is upon every minister and every medical missionary leader who has been asleep on the wall design win as vigilant watchman they should have warned the people of the Lord against the Dems dangers threatening okay we understand wonderful scenes with which Satan will be closely connected will soon take place God 's Word declares a single working miracles you'll make people sick and then was suddenly removed from them his satanic power they will be regarded as yield these works of apparent healing will bring Seventh-day Adventists to the test the .txt which is the test of the say that my opinion is this is the great final test which must come to the churches in connection with the rationale of mature medical missionary maybe whoever had a great life will fail to walk in the light because we had not become one with Christ 's instruction is not palatable to them now couple things notice with others who got the think the wow factor the statement is lease works of apparent healing I'm going to suggest that that's the direction the emergent church is is is moving I don't know how fast I don't know through what channels don't know how long it'll take but it's it's very close to the core concepts of what the work with any at this point even in a non- Adventist branch of the emergent church events you don't I'm not aware of a great deal of faith healing type of stuff there is some is not I don't think it would be writes described as being a major feature of the emergent church even outside at this point but ugly little head that way the same day surgery but okay I sure you can argue thinking of within or without it administration of the other not okay okay I I've heard of isolated events and things it sounded that way now I I I just think that's the direction you're headed and at some point you know it elevates to wonderful things down at some point it will no longer be something done acquirers as if it could be the biggest big issues can blow up rather quickly and on historical time frame at least now I remember what was it must've been two thousand two when the first same-sex marriage licenses were given out was San Francisco arriving in what was and no so were now twelve years down the road but the countryside along with twelve years on that subject and outputs twelve years amid some year younger than twelve years docile sounds like forever but interestingly you get a little older to understand that life I want to try and one other thing that may not be an obvious connection and remind but I think it to my mind it's a tie the latest in message whatever three things were supposed to know that the three remedies are offered us the latest in message the goal I set out in the garment again in the white garments private views on identifying which all that is righteousness of Christ righteousness by faith getting very talked I have this mean those whereas unless there's some of the ability to recognize sin and under any guise of traders wait for something like that okay what's the goal now faith it works by love which is tried in the fire yes tribulation but faith and love and when one places is the goal represents faith and love and love takes a precedence she specifies Siano signs so this is volume does the writing store is very similar volume limiting and accordingly right I saw some with strong faith and agonizing cries pleading with God their countenances were pale and larger deep anxiety expressing love there is internal struggle trying to fire ninety this is not something for wimps furnace and great earnestness was expressed in the countenances large drops of perspiration felt therefore now and then their faces light up at the marks of God 's approbation to gain the same solemn earnest anxious look would settle upon us is not a fun experience evil angels crowded around pressing darkness upon them to shut out Jesus from the review their eyes might be drawn to the darkness that surrounded them and that they be led to distrust God and murmur against him their only safety was in keeping their eyes directed upward angels of God had charge over his people and as the poisonous atmosphere of the laying of those pressed around these anxious lines and the Angels were continually wafting their wings over them to scatter the thick darkness that's really interesting visual image now as the frame lines continued their earnest cries at times he ran like Jesus came to them to encourage our light up the countenances saw my son did not participate in his work of agonizing including they seemed indifferent and careless they were not resisting the darkness around them and it shut the effect cloud via classes on knowing perhaps these of the last these and went to the age of the earnest praying ones in assigned as a hastened to the assistance of all who are struggling with all their power to resist evil angels trying to help themselves by calling upon God and perseverance but anything is left those made no effort to help themselves and I lost sight of them I is the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it would because by the straight testimony called forth by the Council of the true witness the latest the this will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and believes him to exalt the standard and poor for the straight truth some will not bear this straight testimony will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking among God 's people this issue is bothered me for last year to you I remember some years ago hearing as a fairly frequent complaints from the EEO or conservative wing of the church that Al passes never preach in the latest in message if I dropped that had another sermon rotation then the other premenstrual amino faintly heard a message similar to see message last year and that NATO got one to the real common BNY when I look at this and think about it I was wanted to serve my latest message this is what's supposed to happen after I get my sermon and you know what happened after he and Mister Mallard is a message I stand at the door magic people said they graciously exempted rigid and had him fill Michigan got on it unless you have these do you think you could stir up any real trouble coming with the Street estimate was now we would take and we taken the phrase straight testimony and and we apply the straight testimony to everything from aluminum cooking where Ando in her heart began to use a world where matters not if not consistent without a license your test right there no more aluminum pans at hand and an area of really really really that straight as the year that is that the shaking would looking floors every as the Walmart to buy a new set of cooking with her or something if that's the one anyhow the risk of being unduly irrationally radical kindliness towards I've been thinking about and there's a statement that says this I don't have a here are some prudent all the means which the Lord entrusted us above and beyond what is necessary for above and on the necessities of life are to be used to help and blessing Manny we wonder if the whole thing about being rich and increased with goods and I began to wonder if that has anything it is actually being rich grace of goods I noticed ridiculously literal bread began to wonder about in the gold tried in the fire and probably longer you my apologies represent the gold tried in the fire faith and love I've been contemplating this is not a finished polished perfect concept of the all the stuff a medical mission work which must village in connection with the great final test true medical mission I've been trying to figure out what is it that will ever provide enough influence for Seventh-day Adventists to bring the world to a test harness a big part of it isn't the world stipulates a test to the world says Sunday but that's in their hands is not in our what is it that he attributes me it's it's it's ironic and Martin Luther King keep the Sabbath that we expect to have John Williston keep the Sabbath that we expecting to have Martin Luther is that he and William Miller didn't keep the Sabbath but we expect him to be the Sabbath historically has been the easiest of the command submitted only one of the Commandments it sits not that difficult overlook I just didn't know he had received life don't say that about stealing murder adultery and why stimulants with the killing people but this this this commandment which appears in one sense to be the weakest of them all is going to be elevated to be the most significant and everything a person 's entire moral compass there are entire and moral condition is going to come down and be measured by a single question each other your good notice a lot of people today they keep some another nonmonetary sound judgmental but I don't think it would have been eleven thousand and a church that they size that we design service they committed adultery with event number one hundred is a problem with them five Muslims from notice is just going to give you a Saban is not a guarantee of anything at this point but at that point it will be his first once before the entire moral measurement of every human being on earth came down to a single question which cited Doherty was wondering comes now I think was very similar in the days of Jesus for all those who were no confronted with a what you do with the man Jesus when you think about him every now and then having him in sacred history the Lord brings about a circumstance where moving boils down to one inch but everything 's encompass any some moral measurement is not a philosophical theoretical light while I studied adults and I understand that the Catholic Church instituted Sunday worship of the Council of substance unable is ninety there's a moral component there has to be it has to be a moral notion please don't try to tell me that God is a well the difference between you and you is you understand this even heaven and you never figured out so we their moral compliance to the point of this illustration the simplest test possible olives and I think that anytime in the simplest possible to undetermined circumstances but the test is very simple the chassis is the world says you keep sending only kill you and God says you keep Sunday night Bernie at the third and his messenger who you trust who you trust inherent in choosing your meter is the concept he can protect you from the other guys so his world to protect you from God is going to protect you from your call who you been used to trusting how much way to be put on a court how may times have you stepped out over the abyss where it's going it really really ugly it must not get involved that's the direction removing I think the street testimony I'm not there yet but I have a hunch the only straight testaments and create a shaking Adventism start preaching very very literally on being rich increases are all your funds above the necessities of life invested in helping blessing humanity yes no I think excruciating negative people Metamucil in hell the low cost during the rule of the state testimony Barmore in years past he calls for revival a special life spiritual energies of the people of long been targeted but there will only I resurrected from apparent death I like promises in the future local his one how does with our next tournament in the future God will call for the gifts and talents of man not now actively engaged in service let these respond to his call putting their trust in the great medical missionary 's wife is calling for the gifts and times is a letter putting a trust the great medical mission is like a robot we now recognize the skin had the hangout and the power that is the life of the soul is not been in as it must cryptic sentence the power that is the life of the words of his youth it has been smothered for want of spiritual ventilation the blending of human effort and divine grace that was back that Southern preacher mentioned yesterday we don't depend on God Vasquez may do such a good job of taking care of ourselves the blending of human effort and divine grace God is calling upon his people to work he comes to them as they are violated precious golden moments and says go work today moving by prayer and confession of sin we must clear the king silently do this without a stroke on to us we need the Pentecostal energy this will come for the Lord 's promise to send his Spirit as the all conquering power man may still learn the things that belong to their piece of the great promise I have things I need to learn I suspect others due to from home I might think incapable of learning may still learn things belong to their piece Mercy is a cellular calling and Amelia the labor anyway I will give you rest think I am finally learning a major role in our newsletter rest your soul for my yoke is easy and my burden is light he was only when spiritual life is given that rest is found in lasting good is secured we must be able to say in storm and tempest my ankle he who builds upon any other foundation analogies than leg builds upon shifting sand Doug calls for a Reformation but he who seeks to bring about a Reformation without easily spreads reviving our will find himself adrift those who turn from human foolishness and frailty from man's seductive guards from Satan 's blanket Christ the shepherd Bishop of our souls will stand secure upon the platform of eternal truth we need a wisdom that is beyond anything I have approximated any protocols for Reformation was gone for Reformation churches it was talking about the Holy Spirit 's remaining power today but is promoting human foolishness and incident reports ouch we've got issues with that show all and in a will is a is a so in a you are all in a you and you will have a ball and true healing and salvation unto salvation is so that that's my partially thought through I wish I had better best I have time unless you owe seriously yeah all okay I know it's right I I forget yeah I don't I hate don't believe personally that that was an effort to destroy all record of all copies but he effortlessly along those lines in this argument at least a copy of something anyhow so that's the connection in my life what it's worth is that I guess I am very great concerns with the emergent church teachings copying it I honestly believe that a proper understanding of medical missionary work Isaiah fifty eight is is the best antidote that I know it's the way to bring a real life in the church that will offset the accusations all boring and provisional no real meaning here there's been no real meaning because when taking a real risks this is based at the subunits of suffocation from the Alaska there is yet the power that is like the solo is not been seen as a mycelium had united not been overflowing our churches of the Atlantic it has been smothered for one special ventilation the blending of human effort but we haven't we haven't just stuck my neck out there and said you know what I'm going to make my human effort independent divine grace but those are the stories and just think of any Bible story you would tell a seven -year-old prevent in the All-Star has got the exceptions and was not Abraham goes out to land which he knew not that familiar with a messy situation because bin Laden first day out Moses blah is now feminine march back here and they take on the mightiest nation on earth no that sounds like an aging experience without God that my Pentagon well Daniel Craig David Goliath Bank all the all stories of people whose doctor neck out doing God 's work and basically gotten a position where it was Lord began my background is toast Proverbs nineteen seventeen he who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord he will repay well I guess they kind of a cluttered presentation not entirely clear understanding of our billing office together I wish I had more but that's what I have to offer and our time is up Lorna thank you for your instruction we thank you for your leading pray that you would lead us each individually that you would bless us each with testimony to share in a encouragement and blessing and some instructions some less aware of that will be of benefit to our brothers and sisters help us to draw together by that unity in Christ that is one of those fundamental principles on which our faith has been filled thank you for releasing them in this media was run by audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how humans will you like to listen more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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