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The Greatest Miracle Never Performed

Michael Tuazon


Michael Tuazon

Director of SOULS-West



  • August 4, 2007
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone happens that it is a pleasure blessing to be with each one of you here for those you who don't know Michael and I've been around various growing up a born and raised in Loma Linda and down recently Norman via about coming up and hope in I jumped at the opportunity have always had a special animal science at a special place in my heart and I have so much ideas and so many things I want to accomplish here with together with the Econ committee this year and were so excited let's this morning I want to talk to sent from my Hardiman to be talking about a couple of different things if you saw the sermon title it's the greatest miracle never performed and so we're going to go into that like the Internet one thing I like about having hope is for limited on time the reason is because I'm not a very long speaker whenever someone says you have an hour to speed the time I get a little nervous usually I think you ever anything I can send in our consent thirty minutes the status it's perfectly here I can speak for about thirty minutes and I can get through my points and then we can all go ahead and remember the reason why were here and that's to worship God more than anything else now forward on your present speaker not here for the great song service not have anything else other than to give God glory men okay but then worked for a most gracious heavenly father I come before you as is Lord you know that on my own I can do nothing my heart is deceitful and wicked local and so I pray for you please take away my heart thickly the stony heart that I have perform open heart surgery kidney heart of flesh Lord I pray that you do that each person in this room as well I pray that they read the without Jesus we are absolutely nothing so I pray that you please in your Holy Spirit may I disappear in Jesus Christ appeared native people who hear my voice understand that it's nothing that I can is only Christ I pray these things in the most precious name of universe Christ died for us Webster's dictionary defines some miracle a miracle as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs a lot of people hear the word miracle any look through the Bible to see Jesus apostles Paul and Peter performing miracles only look at this definition we understand that it's an extraordinary event an event that could not happen naturally and it has to happen because of divine intervention that's what makes a miracle miracle I had the privilege of experiencing several miracles in my lifetime when I was seven years old and a nine years old we are in the Philippines and there is a small missionary island there the population there is probably couple of thousand but the interesting thing is it's a hundred percent Muslim population in fact the Muslims were there other more of extreme Muslims who have who believe in the idea that if a chill a Christian they are allowed to go to heaven on a chariot full version so there has been lots of different things there there's been snakes and lizards I've been to the island now the most interesting thing is when we are in the Philippines we had this container is a forty foot container the type of container you see when you go to train stop the train goes by the countless containers we had a container full supplies for these this missionary island well we got it shipped over there and we are in Manila the capital and the goal is to get from Manila all the way to the southern area of the Philippine house of the world are we supposed to get all that stuff over there now being smaller the time I didn't realize the magnitude of what was about to happen but I remember my mother and my father in other missionaries we took on a trip they were going to see different delegates nursing how can we get this over here and they are praying and doing different things turns out these happen weeks have been in month and we still cannot get the necessary supplies to the southernmost areas of the lesser phone call after phone call after prayer after prayer God opened a way in the way that he did it was so interesting the vice president the Philippines so much as think of Dick Cheney here commanded Robert Gates or you might more be familiar with the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld a fine signature saying give these missionaries the C-130 airplane after those of you who don't know how big a C-130 airplane is is about two times bigger than the seven forty seven jumbo jet it is a big NCAA high is really huge airplane and we were given this airplane to store all our supply not just the fuel pump from where we were to where we had to go with probably an axis of a couple hundred thousand US dollars and were given out for free now the thing is that others abandoned like five with missionaries I was six and is a couple of kids how to get it on the supply from this container only to the airplane it so happened that the Philippine government also sent about forty Philippine soldiers to escort us to carry the stuff for when you're in the service of God does amazing things in your life is going out tomorrow Jefferson March after six marks after six markets known as probably being the earliest of the Gospels written Mark is also the one who is not a disciple and interesting things on Mark this is probably the youngest Mark chapter six verse seven millionaire you say amen marks after six and verse seven the Bible reads this and he called to him the twelve and began to send them forth like you and to give them power over unclean spirits and commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey save a staff only no script no bread no money in their perks the only have the disciples of ragtag bunch of guys no formal training they don't know anything really about preaching they are just following Jesus and Jesus has just given the power power to preach power to clean up spirit power to perform miracles will be reversed twelve and thirteen and it says and they went out and treats that men should want reconnect fisheries these disciples they didn't know very much at the time they had very small trailing their following Jesus thank you we see that they were given a message and a message was to what everyone repent if there's something that we need to understand something about the first Angels message as we need to understand before anything else we need to repent we need to see ourselves as for being with you we need to see ourselves as being one who is in need of a Savior at the here we see the first message that the disciples were called the priest was to repent going on first thirteen and they cast out many what Delavan anointed with oil many of them were sick and feel them yes or no were the disciples performing miracle yet the disciples were performing miracles and with no one to see another miracle March of this interesting in this chapter will be looking at it intently this morning my chapter six verse thirty four for chapter six verse thirty four dispute the couple of verses and Jesus when he came out so much people and was moved with compassion for them because they were as sheep not having a shepherd and he began to teach them anything and when the day was now far spent his disciples came to him and said this is a desert place and now the time is forecast to send them away that they may go into the cut you roundabout and into the villages but buy themselves bread for they have nothing to eat notice that Jesus answered he answered and said to them you then you know what I love about Jesus is not only concerned about our spiritual necessities but she is concerned about a physical necessity and we see that Jesus is a God who loves us a wonderful wife his first word about your spiritual life but in addition to spiritualize Philippians four nineteen says my bottle supply all your needs according to his riches in glory we figure Jesus is given you the benefit of him shall we go and buy two hundred penny worth of bread given the ease these of them how many loaves have you go and see and wounding nearly thirty five and two thirds and commanded them to make all down but companies upon the green grass a sat down in ranks of the hundreds and in fifties and when he had taken the five loaves and two fishes he looked up to heaven and blessed and broke the loaves and gave them to his disciples to set before them and the two fishes divided he among them all and they dear all he was in one hundred person there and reveal an exhibit of the twelve baskets full of fragments and of the fishes and they didn't need of the loaves were about how many five thousand men this is not including the children were not including the one we see here in this chapter first we have the disciples of the disciples were first given the gospel commission they are fit to face the repentant message they were also given power to perform whatever one miracle we see that they are able to form miracles if you receive later on in March other six who performs a miracle Jesus Jesus performed the miracle unnoticed the third thing verse forty five it says and straightway he constrained his disciples to get into the ship and to go to the other side before the Messiah and when he said the people away and when he had sent them away to the party 's amount right and when even was come the ship was in the midst the CMC alone on the way the question before the disciples they are in the ship there should bring their fisherman right there was a storm before this they remember that store happen in Mark chapter four through the storm Jesus was sleeping and so we see here the first time that there's a storm Jesus is physically and vote and reviews the win and the storm was call this is the second storm that's about half so here we see the disciples about verse forty eight any sovereign toiling enrolling for the wind was contrary onto them and about the fourth watch of the night he came unto them walking upon the sea and would have passed by them verse forty nine but when they saw him walking upon the Steve is a full happiness and cried out fully all volume and were troubled and immediately you talk with them and since then be of good cheer it isn't I be not afraid first fifty one and he went up unto them into the ship and the wind ceased and they were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure in one was restricted to the keepers for they considered not the miracle of the lowest for the heart was what Harding hearing on the disciples in Mark chapter six they were first given the power to place their human miracles the argument power to heal yet everything later on their hearts are what everyone is it possible to be besides you to walk and talk with Jesus to witness the miracles to be a part of it just like they saw the food in the bread they are part of the miracle they were the ones delivering the goods of the people but in the end when you seen all this on you and the route we when you get around on still possible that you are not yet use that I am than a review one of my favorite quotes of my favorite quotes my favorite authors it says conversion leads onto beating the conversion of the human soul is of no little consequence it is the greatest miracle by divine you want to know what the greatest miracle is the greatest miracle is not stealing the dead fueling the named the blind the greatest miracle is when one fully surrenders the heart to the Lord 's women want is everything they got to the Lord and live inverted one that is the greatest miracle going on adversity to as we saw that their hearts were hardened fifty three no as I have been yes and when they had passed over they came unto the land of Dennis or adhered to the store and when they were come out of associate state with a Nubian justice the people who were on the island they were not around Jesus they were not around the mall the time we get a new gym or know you are excited that he was coming for seventy five and they ran through and on the whole region round about and began to carry about it does deliver safe there will be referred where he was going to have a ragtag bunch of disciples are always around you facing his miracles the family is performing and when they are in a crisis they forgot they forget about the ultimate power that Jesus we forget that they are his disciples they forget that you were given the special power then we go to this little town was not allowed to the sentence heard of him and when Jesus comes the people are working they probably called off they got everyone they could this victim made a blinded equipment in front of Jesus in the possible that we as Christians are around this afternoon myself around this Adventist hospital around this evidence or so much that we forget the power keep eventful I wanted to understand and think about this real hard I was born in the malignant moment Academy I live the prototypical Loma Linda life I knew how to talk like a nastiness lot like anatomist wrestling with the thing is it needs dusting on the outside what type of person you are how you dress which have the things you do if you are not converted it needs enough and we can see here these disciples their heart of hearts they are around the miracles they saw everything on a daily basis they were around Jesus they probably thought she does talk to Jesus Jesus .nz has meant nothing to them anymore but notice to this group of people here notice with a touch of Jesus meant verse fifty six and whithersoever he entered into the villages or cities or the country they laid the sick industry and besought him that they might tell us if you if they were but the border of his garment and if Mary S trust him remain what everyone so here we have one side this group of people they never have the opportunity to be around two this Jesus finally goes to their talent they drop everything for him to bring a mistake the land applying everything or everyone they know the premiums of Jesus they believe in its power so much that anyone who touched Jesus or what you hold then we have the disciples on the other hand they're always around Jesus bade been around for a while they've seen the miracles they been thinking being given power to perform some of the same miracles yet they don't have a mini view here how many views only no dislike to walk with you to talk how many of you have had that experience really tried everything we possibly could in the above this way and that when experimenting with this and that and finally one day God just you and trust you and you were convicted again in your life and David this is another quote I want to read unbelievers having acquired why are not miracles are among those you claim to be God 's people listen to this brethren that greatest miracle that can be wrought is the conversion of the human I hear that Saturday morning and that the greatest miracle that we can possibly see in a day someone will be giving the heart think we need to be reconverted losing sight of selfish human ideas and beholding Christ that we may be transformed into his likeness when this is the greatest of all miracles wrought within our heart we shall see the workings of the other mere you don't want healthy other miracles today you know why we don't see the blind being able to see when those who are sick of the palsy being able to want to know why we don't see any of those things because the human heart is not yet been converted thereto many people walking around acting like a Christian walking like talking like a Christian and putting on the Christian banner on the gel inside their doctors a good story to illustrate businesses when I was in high school I bought what I thought was the greatest car to the Honda Civic at the time was moving a heavy special wheels on it and I remember I thought this was the greatest part of the world and also distinctive new neon and get hard smells new and everything I was so excited but something happened it turns out and by the way I do not feel the story from the bachelor I read the method seven steps to salvation and he had the almost exact things I is happening I was dry with the Nike might finally brought it turned out that a rest room I got into the air-conditioning system that time I didn't really notice but I did notice that when someone turned on my way to your mind Peter can't remember which one I member this putrid smell the lawyer was always in a hurry to go to completely turn up on it so I remember I'm every time someone in my car anything I just would enable to magazines this exists in know how hot it was a brand-new car it was shiny at the latest you have nice we'll thought it had a CD player and a moonroof and all the little things that I got high school in one but at the same time inside of the system was something ugly and sick deep dark secret in their and every time I fed be a hot summer day and will than Windows does ignore I was so busy at work like different things I did not have time to do with this problem in our number one days I had to work in Pasadena the five in the morning since the morning headache which really is a really cold winter day I member I got in my car and I was freezing and freeze it was freezing I forgot all about the circuit is the next trend is your soul blast and right then this blast of sharing you know whatever helping this blasted in my face I brought it to the mechanic and a acid can you please take this no out had spent all the money and did you know I spent all this money and they tried everything they could and no matter what they try they still could not take that smell out of the car you know what my problem was I put it on the moment I saw or heard anything I should turn from budgeting obviously it's a such a small get it fixed later the Clark's line it was good everything works well I'm definitely below and because of that I had to be the consequence I could no longer use their existing system you know what it's like your Loma Linda on a hot August day when it's all hundred ten degrees and you can use your existing system and everyone around you got a new car forty no one is likely the really cold winter is when you just breathing and you can't use the bed heating system that's what happened to me in the problem breast is many of us as Christian lifestyle who are avid we are doing the same thing we have been revealed to you soon problem someone has either shown us are gone John is something we need to give to Jesus I'm putting it off for Nathaniel I'll deal with it later I'll deal with tomorrow bulimia hubris FAQ verse one oh one a share of first Wittgenstein receptor Hebrews chapter two verse one we all they're saying that the present hubris one in the Bible says therefore we ought to give the more earnestly to the things which we have what heard lest at any time we should let them what would you are convicted of something when someone is selling you something when God has placed the burden your heart you don't put it off till tomorrow Karen you take care of it today now this is since this is a biblical principle the moment you put it off until it tomorrow or next year when you went on they'll be my New Year's resolution a manager that the new year it doesn't work like that that conviction will slip going back to my car story when I was I remember still the day I was sleeping my mom rest in screen will never believe in your car got stolen deep down inside of one the happiest people I know it is really stolen I was thrilled when my car got stolen because then it certainly came of able to get a brand-new car I cannot do it that is no know friends some of us need a new heart beneath your heart stolen but I got my car stolen and it needs to be replaced with the new doctrine is good to our next story Mark chapter six of sidebar tête-à-tête more tentative March seven ten for seventeen marks of September seventeen the very famous story I think this story is fitting marks of September seventeen the Bible reads and when he was gone forth into the way there came one running and kneeled to him and asked him good Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life now if someone is running usually got asked yourself the question likely running reason number one what someone's running as they are excited to see some reason number two maybe they have a fear of something so we don't know exactly what this man is running but we see here that this man is righteously Jesus because Jesus has something that he wants he comes running an e-mail sent to him and said Master what look like you to inherit eternal life and Jesus said unto him why calls the only good there is none good but that is the father that if God verse nineteen you know the commandments do not commit adultery do not still do not feel do not bear false witness do not defraud another honor your father and your mother and he answered and said Master all the time I observed from my youth now just like this makes general are still there are many people here could relate to that story growing up I knew about the Commandments I knew I send you this I knew I should do that minimalist who grown up we probably heard a hearing the prophecies of Daniel Revelation mainly also allow the kinsman and we can even psychology in my memory maybe some of you here maybe even gone to Mexico to build that little church or to help out in a doing that weekend feel a bond with a few people maybe some easier you you do really well at Bible dictionary of viable you know your Bible but the thing is just because you know your Bible just documented a life-size sanctuary that does not mean you have a relationship with you if you know all the problems and the general revelation if you can break down at twenty three hundred days praise the Lord but guess what those of you who know not for my refinance purchase testimony of it had privilege of talking to his brother Sean a detailed the reason why they got transformed and converted into active indicative of the fact that this would break down the mark of the beast break down all the different prophecies will smoking weed so just because you know those things my memory just because you can do those things does not mean you have to can suggest like this rich young ruler sure there are many here who can relate to that grown up in Avenue lifestyle who grew up in character grew up knowing the health message but at the same time just like this rich young ruler would have been need notice of Jesus to him for thief 's Master observed always from a verse twenty one then Jesus beholding him loved him I love that don't you love how that's in there before Jesus has to say it's really hard thing in his life he says it says Martha I want to understand before you hear a review before you hear something that needs to be corrected understand this Jesus loves you more than anything there is nothing you can do to separate the love of God Jesus will love you unconditionally no matter what but also understand with love there's also just when love is also the first twenty two covers twenty one it says Jesus left him and said unto him one thing you lack going your way sell whatsoever you have and give to the poor and also have treasure in heaven content of the cross and follow me as your manager that Jesus had given him an invitation this man will want to internalize that I have everything all in a digital life identified on that adopted after the checklist this often that often that's all in all he needs is a general life and he goes into the genogram done everything you can think of I can find them right tomorrow Jesus you like one take everything you have whatever he stole it and followed no Jesus doesn't pass that through all of Jesus might be a new something for this man the God in his life the number one thing with riches for some of you may be TV you need some of the early Beatles movies that are out there for those television shows or MTV or whatever it is some of you it may be another five the meeting assassin of this world and to be trying to look like a Hollywood stars whatever it is Jesus is asked each one of you something different to someone else it might be alcohol or cigarettes some of you may be just giving your time to him whatever is number one in your life Jesus wants that Jesus wants more than anything you know the problem is a lot of growing up with Adventist lot was growing up with Christians who heard the thermal life we've been so immersed with Jesus that we forgot to be immersed into effort from our problem is we know too much a no-brainer while this we've heard so much when we were kids we know about all the stories and the dentist and the doctors but that we read we knew about our mother 's readings what the children stories we now have the knowledge of it but the thing is our heart is still in convert access the same thing what happened in this rich management to happen to us if we don't give with number one in our life we noted that he did Jesus with Mark chapter ten verse twenty two this young man he was sad at that scene and went away grieved for his repossessions all of us here being blessed to be born in this country we are blessed to have material things we're blessed to have education we're blessed to have freedoms other places don't have I went to the Philippines itself looking up in his college and to receive the students hungry and thirsting for steps to Christ we gave out steps to correct them if you asked to take one home right now but over their steps to Christ Christ's object lesson desired they just bring controversy that was the number one unit amen overhear what is the number one seed is the latest biography of a political star is in the latest magazine whatever it is I want you to understand in your life number one number one I get ready to close ones to understand something twenty seventh ninety Smith evening given what we've have given opportunities that God has given us the less convenient this wonderful country but at the same time we need to come back to something that I like to call her own light lexical a primitive gotten something that's your something that's undefiled we need a new placer story of this young man who when we were there in the Philippines first of all it turned out that we had this Mister Brill said to go and something in my workshop something horrible with accounting and it was really bad for me to go to extreme you go the company really needs at this time out wanting to have a pretty good teammate I can send a team to go and need I don't have to go or anything else and I was toying with an idea okay you know Jesus will understand if this once I don't go because an emergency came up like you that I had a field guide to Newburgh I went to this place in this view the young man that I want to start testimony of yet been born and happiness the reason happiness his grandfather preaches the revelation of hope series his dad treats the revelation of the series he was the nephew of the president he had been living his life around this idea what was only when we went and we show him the truth of the by will be soft fall in love with you ECM breakdown even if everything is identical to myself down on a very emotional person but once you was getting angry that after living twenty one years in the Baptist Church after doing so many different things and after we came we saw the change this young man and when we saw that he is enough to baptize that will most began to think what would've happened if I did not go maybe it would've been the greatest miracle would it not been for some of you here are many of you the greatest miracle wants to be performed in your life they had informed the house and then perform I read this again why are not miracles wrought among those who claim to be God 's people brethren that greatest miracle that anyone in the conversion of the human heart Jesus will perform the most powerful miracle in your life some of you here are not allowing him to perform anything is you will never force his will in your life story my favorite stories of the great evangelist he broke shared one five this story was about missionaries who are in Africa and they would go to the different campsites and they would go to the different areas with a high theme parks and monkeys are fascinating creatures you like to follow its infancy which you and if you have something don't get something if you eat something they want to keep them so everything that these missionaries do the monthly follow the monkeys would be there and if they're going in and making something opening sand dunes of the monkey the be sibling would think that everything is in there doing nothing healing time at the ward off mosquitoes and other things etc. have dinner they the commissioners began together sticks together states that make a fire of the monkeys they began to gather sticks and install of the missionaries are doing a putting brush on top in reason and the monkey to put processes on top and after all that we see the missionaries they had something that can do with the missionaries everything the wanted and they had to happen for us and they had everything they needed the gas and petroleum the linen in the market of course they thought he was going to try to do that what were they missing you are missing the life was a lie everyone uses the line will so many of us were like these much easier were imitating what it is to be Christian all that's what it's like to print dress like a personal media all we need to do this to be a Christian dominated the what are we missing than by my friend Stella and I think the live Gaddafi to think about something nasty to pray and think about things in a couple of peel the Juanita to realize that there is something that you need you need something different this this morning we need a conversion experience we need to have a change and assuming someone as he's number one think about something that you're holding up a sin maybe that's Sheriff that no one knows about anything that today I want to give that up my second appeal those who have never Jesus and they are preventing Jesus from from happening from putting the greatest miracle in their life I want you to think that you and I is that he he you a and that she is now and he may in man to the knife in a me and me only and die in sin on being in the night seeing and man time being how time will be my for him and my and him saying being mean a new moon and needed to you and you wanted to be the one thing that I need to get even more mean for you in the media of this world were one of the relationship that you know you shouldn't be in your unit on a godly courtship or an ungodly business relationship and you know that you need to give that I want you to think about those of you who are up here and those of you who you want to have a conversion experience you want to be part of that greatest miracle raising those of you here you want to be private greatest and if you want to have a conversion brings the Lord operate you need you will use on a hat and and Johnny he me is an and I can and in and in being and man not in me and I and are you a you a non- millionaire in time not time now and will and will and and I and and paying me time and a manipulative and time again on her and I can hear him now all and in the meeting that he and the only mean being bothering him and me thank you so much with the written and unwritten favorite movies today one who wants to live in our lives Lord I want to pray for each individual who has made the decision to stay that they are in a Stanford you that they are standing because they have been realized we've realized that there is a certain skin they need to give up they realize that this world is the struggle and if they need to give father know that with my time I missed something so valuable something we can't take back and that is something I need to give more and more maybe someone here is struggling with a more personal sin I pray that you be and their lives think even the victory you do not command us to do something without giving us this link to do it so Lord I want to pray for each individual here in whatever they're struggling that you be with them and guide them he given string and for those who raise their hand because they wanted conversion experience today whether they want to be reconverted to you I pray that you please in your Holy Spirit I freely see the want to teach them all things and bring them all things to remember that instead of us having just a Spears were we know what it's like to be a Christian we will have an experience because we are a Christian I ask and pray all these things in the name of Jesus Christ who died and was crucified for our sins


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