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Daniel 2: Introduction

Jimmy France


In 2010, our wonderful Heavenly Father nudged Jimmy France to leave his "secure large company" to do 3 things he loves: (1) Help people achieve Financial Freedom from a Biblical perspective; (2) explain the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in a Christ-centered fashion modeled around Christ's character and His Heavenly Sanctuary of Strength above; (3) help share miscellaneous truths in God's Word. So in 2010, he began FPB Seminars that helps people in those 3 areas where F = Financial Freedom, P = understand Bible Prophecy better, and B = understand the Bible better. Jimmy and his wife have 2 children, a daughter and a son, and live in Tennessee.



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all this two-part presentation renewing on Daniel chapter two and the plan of redemption the origin of this hit this presentation started back in the fall of two thousand eight and I have outlined in this brochure that I have during the seminars and it sells a history also on the black basic lay back in the fall of two thousand eight I was sharing a presentation that you are seeing part one of an eye less frustrated thinking there's got to be a simpler way to explain the life-giving truth of my heavenly father has helped show me and Dana Chapter two and so after praying and studying more in the next tier three months God answer that prayer of helping to present these life-giving shrews in a more understandable cogent manner but like he says in Ephesians chapter three verse twenty he says that he loves and the lights give us abundantly above all we ask or think and so not only did he in the next few months share with me the answer to my request a better more efficient way of explaining the truce the life-giving treason name chapter two they also help me see a assurance of my salvation as you're seeing in this picture here and the simplest plan of salvation I've ever seen that is in part two of this presentation I would like you to take a look about as well anyway the way the to connect together and I was wondering it thank you for all for me how the can two and three connect with one in other words the plan of redemption and the assurance of salvation how does that tie into Daniel chapter two long story short Daniel two is the foundation chapter of all the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and seven simply adds to detail which we will see in this first portion of the seminar called Daniel chapter two in Daniel chapter seven we see that God the father and the son or the work of preeminent judgment also known as the investigative judgment in what they are doing is looking for the Christlike character and his people describe up here by Christ at his Lord 's supper and he is servant serving the master and submitting to God in all things this is what they are looking for in the books of Daniel chapter two so the connection then when a pepper seven verses nine and ten as of the connection that were seeing then is that sense the father and the son are looking for this rise like character in my life it only stands to reason that they must necessarily give us a simple plan by which we can know through Christ that what they're looking for in those books are there for us the second part the plan of redemption with that we see the assurance of our salvation and that is awesome to me so having said that I wrote I am like I say in this brochure my goal now and my willingness is to share these life true life-changing cruise with everyone in any media that I can possibly do this DVD is simply one of method and the show basically the prophecies of Vaynerchuk into in the broader context of conversely suddenly the simple plan of redemption having Christ likeness in us with an assurance of our salvation in the preeminent judgment also known as the investigative judgment also known as the great in the tongue and additionally my goal is to help each person in both of these parts this one here on Daniel chapter two including the plan of redemption to discover new truths about the character of the father displayed by the sun on this earth and in the sanctuary system that shows us that they can be loved and admired in the courtyard of the heavenly signs were strength in the holy place and the most holy place so having said that there's one other point that I would like to encourage each person who will view this DVD and then says two years ago I left McKee foods Corporation after being there for twenty four years with my heavenly father have with all the nudging me to do this the last two years I wouldn't trade for anything professionally so if God is leading you to do some dream I don't know what it is in the writing of composition it can be writing music it can be whatever he has encouraged you to do something for him before you'll never regret it now let's take a look at Daniel chapter two let us pretend that you are Nebuchadnezzar you went to bed wondering what's the future holding for the planet and I'm going to read you a passage in Daniel chapter two verses twenty seven through twenty nine and Nebuchadnezzar 's being told by Daniel what was going on the night that he had this dream that we will see her moment then in chapter two verses twenty seven through twenty nine say this Daniel the presence of the king concerned the secret which the king has demanded cannot the wise men the astrologers and magicians the soothsayers shown of the King remains were giving the worldly wise debility can you put the can you answer that the question of the king and he tells the King rhetorically honestly they cannot some verse twenty eight he says that there is a God in heaven that reveal secrets and makes known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days that's what he was wondering when he went to sleep that evening Cindy continues by saying your dream and the visions of your head upon your better leaves as for you okay your thoughts came upon your and your mind on your bed what should come to pass hereafter and yet how it times do people do the same thing to go to psychics to go to any other source to find out with them in the future when I have it right here in Oregon specifically in the stream of Daniel chapter two seven symbols and he that reveal secrets makes him see what succumbed the past so that was the question you want to bed with and this was the dream that you forgot you ask your wise men show me they couldn't and so data comes in shows first the dream then followed by the interpretation of Daniel says Nebuchadnezzar you saw in your head the head of gold you saw silver brass iron feet of iron play then you saw this stone which incidentally is the focal point of the entire dream coming toward the large image and shattered to pieces then not stone became a great mountain Phil Lawler now we are wanting to say okay what's the interpretation is a Daniel proceeds to tell him the interpretation you old saying or watching and behold a great image this a great image to splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome this image is had it was a Feingold it's just in the arms of silver its belly and buys a bronze 's legs of iron its feet partly of iron and partly of clay you watched while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broken in pieces then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and gold were crushed together and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found in the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth Daniel two thirty one to thirty five so now you actually see in your dream but in your room in your your audience from the chamber in your palace what you dreamed and the interpretation which we're going to unfold in the next three sessions for this video DVD notice with me that there are actually seven symbols in nine of chapter two there's a head of gold chest and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass legs of iron the feet of iron and clay there is a so and then there is a mountain that is named to verse forty five the notice is the stone is a clear focal point of the entire drain but at this point let's pause and ask ourselves what is one of the points of prophecy was the purpose of prophecy and neck in the several points of prophecy but one of them that sometimes may be overlooked is to meet Christ in manual and become like him a second look at a few verses that actually show that let's turn here to John chapter five verse thirty nine and we will read the following John chapter five verse thirty nine says this search the Scriptures for in them ye think you have eternal life but they are they testify of me so the point of Scripture is to show Christ all right having seen that lesson now notice another passage this time we want to look at second Timothy chapter three and verse sixteen second Timothy chapter three sixteen this begins very briefly by saying that all Scripture is given by inspiration so that says all Scripture meaning they oh and revelation so we put these two together notice what we see we discover that when we study the Scripture which are fine Christ Daniel and Revelation of Scripture so we should actually find Christ in the book of Daniel then all sounds than some Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen my beholding Christ we become changed like you saw what that means is that when I am looking at Daniel I should see Christ and become traders like him specifically meaning that I will become more like Christ meaning I will then discover I am living for others and submitted to God in all things this is the product of studying Daniel and Revelation let's think of a few other verses that we will want to taken into consideration here this time we're looking at Daniel chapter ten but then in chapter twelve it is the last chapter manual is wrapping the entire book of Daniel chapter twelve and verse ten a notice what it says here many shall be purified and made white and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand so Daniel chapter twelve verse ten says the wise shall understand understand what primarily through Christ is a change in the likeness meeting will become more others focused and submitted to God must look at one other person when you watch a video clip last Lucknow to Matthew chapter seven versus twenty four through twenty seven price says here the wise here and do what I say those who are not wise they will hear but not do so was I collected this next video clip to see what happens if we are reading Scripture specifically Daniel and Revelation but not being change in his image being not becoming other centered and submit to God in all things watch what happens every treasure that those the house owner has lived in the house is being washed downstream I'm just imagine for a moment you and I have the treasures of every prophecy in Daniel and Revelation but if that knowledge in our house is not seeing Christ in the change in his image Christ says that we will be washed away Celeste not have a happen to us at this point I wanted take a look at two quotations from the spirit of prophecy we built this thought of what prophecy is all about why will he was look at these two quotations here is a rather fascinating this is from testimonies the ministers one fourteen paragraph three when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers and according to what we've seen up here believers are the ones who hear what Christ says and do it believers will have an entirely different religious experience and then she explained what she means that a the believers those who hear and do will be given the next sense why would God give more to people who hear but don't do they the hearers and they were to be given more because are doing with what they have already such glimpses of the beholder word by beholder would become changed they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that hard there factions their mind their intellect will be impressed not with more material about the symbols but the character that all must meaning all cayenne through Christ develop in order to realize the blessedness which is the reward of the pure in heart so there is the focus again from Scripture see Christ be changed into his likeness meeting live for others Samantha God look at this next spirit of prophecy quotation this was taken from the book education page one fifty four work paragraph three the context is Job helping God answer some questions the devil has thrown his way she jumps under this paragraph saying unselfishness the principal of God 's kingdom is a principle but not that Satan hates its very existence he denies from the beginning of the great controversy he has endeavored to prune resolute action to be selfish any deals in the same way with all who serve God to disprove savings claim is the work of Christ and all who bear his name so again Daniel two is much much broader than just a single event called the second coming it's being changed by Christ into his likeness and us helping Christ disprove the doubles point think of the people who done that the little maid she didn't act like a person who is vindictive against her master instead my beholding Christ she told the one who is being mean to her in the sense that name and take her away from her home you have leprosy I will show you ensure that a little child changed my beholding Christ and bus helping reviewed in the controversy scenario here that there is unselfishness and she joins Christ in helping disprove the double scoring at this point I would like to take a look at the focus of this dream and then in chapter two and today that I have developed with God 's help a tool that took twenty three years to put together this this chart you have two pieces you have the actual chart and you have an index in the charts you have this opens up to fifty four inches in length the front is lettered a in front of number one through eight the back is Leonard a through J so let me take you back to the front to briefly give you a tool reference tool that will help you share the three messages in the context of magnitude right conversely some assurance of salvation and the plan retention all wrapped up in one package what you have at the front is the foundation for the whole chart he has three questions the first question is have you ever been falsely accused God has so he knows what you feel like secondly the question is how do you feel sad betrayed God as well but most importantly that the question is how did you resolve out did you resolve it by force or by truth in love and if you will see right here the very center of the chart you have the Calvary and to heart servicing the repentant sinner and the state you're in other words this rather than a thunderbolt is why God has been answering the questions of the devil last six thousand plus years so the purpose of the chart is to show the relationship of the great controversy between Christ and Satan over the character of God 's law his kingship social example when you take a look on the inside you have eleven points color-coded chart into the right you have a directory of the top it shows you just like you going to the mall you want to go to Sears the director tells you to go a certain direction and you'll need that the young location so here is an idea on the front that helps find the right controversy scenario if you wanted to see the genealogy of man from Adam down to Christ you look here three and it should you were on panels one through eight up here in this this directory you have a genealogy directory is says is in this color spanning this direction Celeste go there for a Bible these are my favorite trick question I like homelessness chart if you look down here to Dean and Methuselah I like to ask you a question so my favorite trick question I like to ask people is now here on this genealogy who was the oldest person from the server and most people naturally gravitate oh lose one nine hundred sixty nine years old but if we think about this and this on your chart here and that is Earth is about six thousand years old it was born about six hundred years after the earth was created that means that the unit was about five thousand years old so he's actually the oldest person to whom lived and is still living Moses about thirty five hundred years old it was translated is about twenty eight hundred years old the people who came were resurrected with Christ resurrection about two thousand years old then you come to these little official at nine sixty nine so actually father and son hold the record dad fifty four hundred years old and counting son nine sixty nine how does that fit into the Wright controversy scenario think of this crew on this planet buying into the devil 's principles of selfishness the five thousand foreign years old not one so even that new detail that one detail says on his right so in fact if you want to enjoy a wrinkle free life for all eternity joined Prince charming is the one that can produce real lasting internal rental free access existence on the back you'll see two panels in the plan of redemption that summarizes the next section three panels explained Daniel which we will be spent covering here I'll be referring to the several times the next two panels are about revelation the next panel is why the seven-day is correct to change the state of the dead unit principle all this wrapped in the great controversy thing so now having said that let's turn to panel C in the back and look at two and this is the way will resume back to the video notice that Bastogne right here of the seven symbols is a key focus when I was in college I was told about a hundred and forty three words and therefore he words in the dream and so I take that promote my favorite work of Bible software put in the Microsoft Word but word counted and found that McCain games there are hundred forty three words now watch this we have an introduction Babylon Needham Persia Greece Rome Europe and the stone and noticed how many words on each one of those sections in the introduction twenty five words in Babylon seven media Persia seven Greece seven Rome for that's easy to count his legs of iron is all that that that they inspired writer Daniel gave to that pagan Rome then the Europe the feet and toes nine notice that a whopping eighty four words given to the stone just from the sheer numbers is clear that this stone here is the focal point of the entire dream so for those who like to see this in bar graphs and pie graphs the next park is for you here is eighty four words sixty percent fifty nine percent with fifty percent of the entire dream given to the stone here are the others including the introduction this is larger than all of him so again clearly the focal point of the entire dream is best known in fact rightly understood that stone is the focus of all Daniel all of revelation all the Bible all the controversy all the plan of redemption we will unpack that in the session and more so in the one-on-one redemption so again the stone is a focal point of the entire dream so I summarize what we were going to see in this presentation again the focus of Daniel two is that stone symbol six and this is an overview of what we will see in this presentation the stone right here is defined in these verses is the kingdom of glory in fact this is the kingdom that Christ said he was going to receive in late chapter nineteen verse eleven twelve and fifteen we'll get to that later on in this presentation this aside and antiabortion where is the stone cut from it is cut from the kingdom of grace this mountain the stone is cut from amount of lessening of two forty five the stone is symbolizing the kingdom of glory the mountain symbolizes the kingdom of grace that's what you're seeing over here over here we have a red line that begins at the fall when we first needed God 's grace and continues to be in of the source history of the second coming this is also called the workshop embrace every son and daughter of this planet is accepted Christ and the patient is in this red wine our first parents are the first citizens or subjects in this kingdom then this symbol which will spawn pack more in the seminar the symbol here God gives is the mountain the kingdom of grace is this mountain then during the pre- Advent judgment he's going to review all the citizens in this kingdom arrow of red and those who are like pricing character namely live rather submit to God like Christ to live in the holding in Daniel and Revelation will be seen as such and they will be the citizens of this kingdom of glory stone and they will continue for all eternity with you Nick thirty four hundred years old and any other Bible character that you like you will be a part of that kingdom then the net reporters question is why why does God cut this kingdom of glory stone from this mountain kingdom of grace we will discover in Matthew twenty to ten through fourteen there's mixed company in other words some citizens in that red arrow over there are wearing price for righteousness in other words they are actually not just pretending whenever they go to church to be churched people they are actually seeking by God 's grace to be like Christ meaning they are seeking to live for others think God and they are being transformed that way most citizens however are not wearing pressure of righteousness next reporters question is who will cut the stone kingdom from the mountain kingdom the father so reporters question on win win new the father and the son cut the stone kingdom of glory from the mounting embrace they do so in the preeminent judgment also known as the investigative judgment also known as the great aim atonement and the last question the reporter is how or in this case the basis of the cutting is Christ character living for others Matthew ten forty two forty five and submission to God 's will nineteen twenty six through thirty nine so having said that I would like to take us through just a brief review of the six main objectives that I have in the seminar into bars and to and but one religion with assurance of our salvation in one they all like to point out that that gives assurance of our salvation as we take up if you think about this Moses is recorded in Exodus thirty nine verse verse fifteen forty three inspect all these pieces of furniture in those pieces of furniture as holy as they were are in Christ not buy from them yet they passed Moses inspection before they became part of the sanctuary likewise will discover is that just like the earthly physical temple we Christ's real spiritual Temple also have a place in his Temple which unique just like the candlestick had a unique place and a contribution to make you and I have a unique contribution to make and just like those piece of furniture they were inspected that's the pre- Advent judgment but here's the point was encouraging for most so they have us to sometimes do not see this there thought as a bifurcation another was either or either investigation or assurance is both his boat will model form is just as the pieces of furniture in Moses cynosure Inc. passed his inspection just so every individual who is the subject of the mountain kingdom of Christ can be inspected in the pre- Advent judgment also known as the investigative judgment and passive even closer scrutiny of one evening greater than Moses namely Jesus Christ 's impasse that can pass you should have assured you do not need to be discouraged about assurance of salvation in the context of the pre- judgments all in the three messages so here are the six overall objectives that I have in the seminar number one my primary objective is right here is to increase our love and admiration for our wonderful handling father and his son in Daniel seven two eight nine ten through twelve in the preeminent judgment in the emotionally place of what I'm beginning to call more specifically in this biblical the heavenly sanctuary of strength is awesome and for the says in John fourteen nine Jesus said he then has seen me has seen the father prices in the preeminent judgment in this picture back here on the mercy seat in the heavenly sanctuary is a bright light that represents the father since we find Christ kind in the Gospels we know his testimony the father 's kind Christ is patient the father station is playing and I'll tell about the father the son is the love the father this will find in many perhaps unknown ways are overlooked ways and Daniel specifically in the most holy Place who gets about the second objective is to show that Daniel is infinitely broader then a list of metals and their dates and also more than a single event called the second coming instead the our focus on Daniel to his stone that is the kingdom the God of heaven set up that looks like pricing character that's the stone dust the focus and the very focus of that stone is Christlike character again showing Christ the chiefest serving all the great controversy will reverse here the devil will be here all the subs were here but there two different characters here Christ is showing the character of God he did achieve serves others and submitted to God that stone therefore is the focus of Daniel and Revelation the Bible liver controversy and the plan of redemption the third objective is to increase our desire to be citizens of the kingdom of the God of heaven and Jesus Christ are even now setting up an annual to the kingdom that they plan for us on the foundation of the world and increase our desire to have the selfless others in her character of their kingdom we look at this this past we've seen many many times but it made more sense in the context of overlooking and then instructed to Matthew twenty five thirty four says then shall the key to your glory say to his to them on his right hand is subject to glory the sheep County blessed of my father inherit what the kingdom of glory the stone kingdom of glory prepared for you from the foundation of the world God created us this way we fell from it and through the plan of redemption that will save the next section he will show us how we can be made just like that and then think about this Chris charming has a personal residence just for you this is awesome not only is he going to welcome you into a beautiful place that we've been told by Paul I have not seen nor ear heard what it is and what will not have prepared for us generally has back for you which is awesome enough he says I have a personal residence you like to see one minus eighty one one mounds of no one around me why would we want to miss out on a two seven fourth objective is to show us that we can have assurance of our salvation think about this the same gospel writer John is three things and will discuss this more in detail in the book is in the second section of this this presentation namely he writes Revelation fourteen six this is everlasting gospel then the same model writer John blogger John writes Revelation fourteen seven that has the judgment and then in first John five thirteen he says you can know you have eternal life same model writer possible the gospel in the context of the preeminent judgment the full assurance of salvation is not an aunt or friends is everything to get in the better we understand this stone the better we will understand this so assurance of salvation we will we can have were going to show in the second part were going to see two verses and one simple illustration that you can then for Christ smile for long it used to continue in scare you so what were seeing an objective number four is that today in the pre- Advent judgment you can have assurance of your salvation in the second section were actually going to see that with two verses and one simple illustration this is biblical therefore it's reality is not high enough in the second secular and encourage you to take a look at that the fifth of the six objections objectives is to repaint a beautiful picture of our loving heavenly father and his dear son and their awesome kingdom back in our minds but hi here's the reason the devil has masterfully over the last six thousand years and this planet and who knows how long and had an heavenly sanctuary when the third of the angels that fell he has naturally projected his tyrannical character onto Christ saying that Christ is man's real tyrant offering only bondage and my application that he is the real liberator the one who often offers true liberty so what we see here is Moses a type of Christ the real deliver we see here Ferro the type of the devil and what he did in the real axis story is project his character over on Moses and unfortunately initially the people were down on Moses and they forgotten Moses wasn't the one that set their quota he was the one who was being unreasonable Pharaoh was an Civil War CNN is that God allowed in the eye 's a dual purpose he allowed Pharaoh to see that he's not really that powerful and secondly he increased and his people desire a desire to leave Egypt and developed by the developing a character the tyrannical character and this will ask a happen and begin from the close of probation see the sun coming for the hundred and forty four thousand but that's another topic altogether for the last and final objective that I have in this presentation is for each one of us to do what Elijah invited the people on Mount caramel and that is to contrast the two God and the devil on the choice in other words we're looking at the Prince of light Christ and the Prince of darkness so we may choose our master based on the knowledge of their character the Prince of darkness is here and this is all he produces his destruction Prince of light just think what one he said I have all power was he due with power in marriage reunites marriages reunites kids realize but when this prince is given power and what happens when he has jokingly been job situation he fractures marriages he skills kids he destroys wealth and price as this right here in John chapter ten ten the thief the devil comes not but for the steal and kill and destroy I am come that they might have life in them I have it more abundantly belied his message in first Kings chapter eighteen or twenty one says analyzer came under all the people God 's people and said how long halt you between two opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if the devil and follow him implying what Christ said in Matthew twenty Matthew six twenty four no man can serve two masters either he will hate the one love the other or he will hold of the one and despise the other so in conclusion I happen this at fields each person is watching this last few years since February of oh nine when I first gave this presentation is becoming more and more on this in my mind that every person who's ever been married and everyone who is not currently married has at their earliest times in developing what I call a spouse checklist in other words let's just say there were three things that you are looking for a spouse when you were a child perhaps you saw your parents do very well financed new made a mental note consciously or unconsciously when I have a spouse hassle I want I want my spouse to do financially among that or perhaps they didn't do certain other things well and so you made no note I really don't want that my spouse Voyager developing a spouse checklist so that when you get to hear your dating if you're not just taking a time which are actually doing is you're seeing a revelation of the character of the potential mate and checking out against the the checklist and in this illustration if there is the freethinker looking for you as the guy are not ready to pop the question to propose to all three are met as revealed in the character on those days and if you're the woman you're not ready to say yes until all three of those ideas or needs are met and in the spousal in this presentation negative two and the plan of redemption my goal is to so contrast with the feeble efforts that this form of clay can be with God 's power and help is to show you the contrast between Christ and the devil and show you hopefully that he is the best one he's Prince charming fact this one right here and help unit not die but live forever no wrinkles because the neck allowing Christ to help him become like Christ meaning live for him and submit to God in all things so thank you for beginning this process and I hope by God 's grace that you will see Daniel two and a new way in the light of the controversy with an understanding of the simple plan of redemption the next part full assurance of your salvation of us this media was brought by osteoporosis the website spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse it like this for certain please visit www. on answers


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