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Daniel 2: Part 1

Jimmy France


In 2010, our wonderful Heavenly Father nudged Jimmy France to leave his "secure large company" to do 3 things he loves: (1) Help people achieve Financial Freedom from a Biblical perspective; (2) explain the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in a Christ-centered fashion modeled around Christ's character and His Heavenly Sanctuary of Strength above; (3) help share miscellaneous truths in God's Word. So in 2010, he began FPB Seminars that helps people in those 3 areas where F = Financial Freedom, P = understand Bible Prophecy better, and B = understand the Bible better. Jimmy and his wife have 2 children, a daughter and a son, and live in Tennessee.



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Paula thank you again for being a part of this DVD Daniel saved my redemption seminar and nine percent you're bringing your charts again were going Ashley Todd this seminar into specific parts on panel C work exclusively on the back panel C born to do this this site the segment is actually take a look on the board here for resuming where we were last time so if you wouldn't mind and take a look at back panel C and you will find this focus on point to summarize so this way you will be a lithic information you'll see enlarged form with other people on panel C two does a review from last segment were noticing that in Daniel chapter two 's dream there is several images actually one image seven symbols and the stone we found is actually the focal point which the slide is going to show us in the King James version the draining part has a hundred and forty three words and so were graphing this we see that here the introduction has twenty five words Babylon has seven words made of Persia seven Greece seven Rome for that's easy to count his legs of iron Europe nine and the bulk right there so you can actually see that the clear focus of Daniel chapter two 's dream is best known as a bar graph now for those who want to see this actually in the high graph would you also have on your chart panel C two have you actually have a pie graph and so we have is showing in a different way eighty four words this huge sixty percent slice compared to everything else so clearly that stone is the focal point of the entire diet so on this bull board here we actually have the dream the image pasted here we have the head of gold silver just brass iron legs feet and toes of iron and clay the stone in the seventh symbol is a mountain so this chart is saying that this sixth solo is the focus of the entire dream and what I will like to do this point is to call our attention to building towards this crescendo or the conclusion and so were saying that point number one the focus of the entire Daniel chapter two is the stone went like this I guess too now is a say what's the ask the question since this stone is the focal point of the entire dream what is it so rather than just having an assumption and just say our Adventist bias is XYZ by the Scriptures were going to do is actually take a luck at the dream in the yellow and interpretation in the green and on your chart you'll find this information on point number three so if you're if someone's asking you what's that what's that's don't even go to point number three here on your chart and actually explain to them what you see here I'm actually going to break it down line by line such low easier for you to follow so we had during this phone as Daniel two four thirty four shows so he says never been dangled as Nebuchadnezzar use ALLTEL which is a four time frame a stone cut out without hands which smote the image upon the feet that were lining Clyde and broken to pieces so this stone is actually breaking the entire image to pieces right less like a look on the interpretation side making them his interpretation Daniel two forty four says in the days of these kings were kings the changes of the feet and toes divided Europe in the days of those kings which gives our time frame shelving out of heaven set up a kingdom a notice these four things to never destroyed so this kingdom number one God sets up number two will notice this more significant tomorrow never destroyed to the Hebrew mind this was important because if we compare this with the other symbols battle and was destroyed by the succeeding kingdom of neither Persia new version by grace etc. this one though is never destroyed point number two this kingdom shall not be left to other people this also is important to the Hebrew mind because they were and I went by one in captivity God the Minnesota new year timeout they had left their homes their their vineyards there everything to Babylon the new version etc. but had to leave out so that's important promised land it shall did what it shall break in pieces break in pieces kingdoms noticed that so this style is the right thing and in cases and then carefully it will stand for ever so now the point is sense this symbol of a stone has a segmented activity of breaking them is to pieces in this kingdom also breaks these kingdoms and pieces than the clear biblical definition is that the stone right here is clearly a kingdom not to become a little bit more of specific take a look at how these two related the stone is a symbol this definition is kingdom the symbol cut out definition set up without hands is the God of heaven 's will reread this we can see that Daniel is telling Nebuchadnezzar 's symbol form use all till H&M was set up my God a twentysomething so contrast this to set up by long the competitive Cyrus me to Persia Alexander the great grease the Caesar's Rome divided nomads this one the God of heaven is the woman said I look at the this is going to again bring home this very point so if there was any question that this is a team down let's go to the slide here's the stone and in verse forty five it says right here two forty five the kingdom of God 's essential break in pieces the kingdoms and so we have a breaking iron and pieces as a symbol of the fourth kingdom which will save your moment in verse thirty seven it breaks brass and pieces of urging them the symbol of Clay is broken to pieces by the symbol of the stone dividing kingdoms the silver is another kingdom gold another kingdom and so the symbol of the sound is breaking other symbols of kingdoms and therefore vertically or the stones again is a kingdom right was going here this is also important just like we have seen in other presentations when we see water in model prophecy we know according to Revelation chapter seventeen fifteen water is people so every place you save water you can say people and that interpretation woman accents the same thing is true here we should now be able to take this word and like any place in Daniel the dream and interpretation thirty four thirty five and forty four and forty five and replace the word stone with kingdom it should fit every time to a second look at the slide that's what it says in the circles you will see that there only three times in the dream interpretation that symbol is used in the yellow we see the dream the green light green is interpretation the dream mentions a stone for as one player was here interpretation the stone here and so if this model Fitzwater Eagles people or stone it was kingdom and we should be able to put that biblical interpretation back in the dream and should fit every time it certainly does legislate us in a dream Daniel two thirty four says he saw till a kingdom was without hands which which what in the blue kingdom smote the image on its feet that were of iron and clay the kingdom broken to pieces then was the iron clay brass silver gold broken the pieces together another was a sense same event name of the second coming became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away so that no place was found for them and the stone the kingdom that smote the image became a great mountain and that King and filled the whole earth so fit if you look over here also fit interpretation the days of these kings of Europe shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom never destroyed the kingdom the left of the people the kingdom breaks in pieces the kingdom since forever forth managed then as you saw the stone kingdom was cut out of the mountain another larger kingdom will see in a moment without hands yet the kingdom shall break in pieces on China's show you is just from the Bible itself every time you use Stone Stone Stone you replace it with kingdom kingdom kingdom benefits it always fits keyword 's kingdom so once again pause and review for a moment the second point is to show that the focus of Daniel to his actually kingdom that God sets up never destroyed not let the evil breaks are licking the movies and spend forever is a kingdom with a focus on the throne is not just a stone assassin more specifically a kingdom of the focus on the entire grain 's analysis notice that in on your chart Ringo briefly over point number one we're going to notice that every one of these symbols here also is the kingdom so we have a keyword is keen less like a look at the first one similar one the dream this images head was a fine gold if we look at the interpretation we actually see that Daniel says you okay our King of Kings for the God of heaven has given you a kingdom so that means that right here this is talking about kingdom as contrasted to the focal kingdom right now notice this is what's interesting other things of interest to his notice of beginnings as you are the head of gold that tells us two things saying and kingdom are interchangeable also notice that he is talking to the Babylonians king so clearly from the Bible this kingdom is viable on the right territory they had the character of the whole heck they had purview of the whole earth how do we know that the cute verse thirty eight wheresoever the children the men dwell you been made the ruler of the mall so they are the world rulers in this grade out area called myelin I ruled the world from this turf how long though did they last as we look at six oh five two five thirty nine we notice about with sixty six brief years at this point wants to tie this into the sixth objective but I have on the bulletin board over there to your right and these are six different objectives for the whole seminar the last woman wanting us to take a look at is this one right here once again take a moment briefly review these for you in the seminar I wanting on thinker hoping that each one of us is having our love for Christ increased and this son secondly to show that Daniel Sable will looking at is broader than a single event colors encountering thirdly I would like us to see the Holy Spirit increasing our desire to be citizens of the kingdom of glory the stone prettiest assurance of our salvation which we discussed two weeks ago repaint fifthly a beautiful picture of the father son of the Holy Spirit which will delve and belittled and more specifically tomorrow why because the devil has done a snow job of saying that he symbolized by Farrell and the Exodus story is the real liberator and the one who offers liberty attire is the ruler related offering liberty Christ is actually the one who is a tyrant and offering bondage symbolized by Moses Pharaoh has said look he is the one you're not social follow but before Israelites blessing about this who set our time clock to set our quota it wasn't Moses it was this tiring got allow the ten plagues to develop further his Toronto character so that he knew he was a tyrant he knew he was nothing outside and the benefit them by saying I want to leave this can happen later but specifically the last one contrast the Prince of life and the Prince of darkness is other words Christ is the present PCs going as is everything the Devil says I can give you everything and now are having to look in contrast their characters are MLS title of back here at this rep this time frame this kingdom lasted for a long time sixty six years and that one off why because they sided with the devil God decide basically has these three pictures and you will see these three on your chart panel a Christ washing the disciples feet which is here symbolizing that the chief serves otherwise known as Lehman Brothers then you have Christ a few hours later after the Lord supper saying not my will your will be done submitting press of piece on hand on the six objective is saying you can have your hearts desire through living for others and submitting to God Prince of darkness on panel of objective number six is saying no to the way you have happiness is living for self and rebellion against God and so the last six thousand plus years God has allowed the devil to show what it would be like if the opposite of this which is live for so and rebellions God and what people are seeing is an even things like this right here sixty six brief years as new testimony that living like this like the Prince of darkness shows brings any individual or kingdom to an end I must echo what at this point right here because the quotation we looked at yesterday and it says I'm the young when the book of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience she says that they will be given such a glimpse of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character living for others and smelling God which almost possess to receive the reward with the peer and heart and so in comparing that our mind sees that the devils quote benefits are short-lived and one's case sixty six brief years while they lose at Dominion loss of character for the heart cries benefits are forever more as we see here this one is in the stand forever the stone kingdom when Babylon lasted for sixty six brief years Klesko to the next symbol the next symbol here we have is this silver so we have is in the dreamer says his breast and arm births over interpretation after you shall arise another so we have another kingdom it last from five thirty nine two three thirty one if we do the math on that one we find that it lit blogs for the peer I'll come back to the moment only find here is that we can see in the interpretation of Daniel one Nebuchadnezzar 's grandson Belle Sather takes by one down that in then in chapter five verses twenty eight thirty and thirty one he says that the kingdom is going to be given to the Medes and the Persians so here we have two things one is is this another kingdom as the native versions according to model not just our hearsay this one lasted twenty two hundred and eight years again following God for while they let my live but when I finally turned from God to the devil they came to an end two hundred eight years versus standing forever so you take your fit this is Prince of darkness Prince of light Prince of darkness way sixties six years for them two hundred eight years for them does people forever and they can see that he still alive let's take a look at symbol number three civil number three is on the drain side says his belly and his thighs were brass interpretation another third kingdom only bring it here so this is Thursday December second and this will be the first again we go to the Bible not just hearsay we find over NATO eight twenty and twenty one that this rough goat which is the same and Daniel eight for the smelling by the brass is grace they lasted a hundred and sixty three years as long as they were following God Prince of light they would continue when they turn to the rubble one sixty three years versus forever again thank you bit let's look at kingdom number four in the dreamer says in verse thirty three his legs of iron one sixty eight two four seventy six interpretation the fourth kingdom so here we have a fourth kingdom and this will become more important tomorrow I lasted for six hundred and forty three years of again as long as our following God they would continue to have world dominance but when they turn here they ended six hundred forty three years versus standing forever coming if we think about being accused five thousand four hundred years old approximately has out all these in fact he asked to watch this one coming out in a gouache this one go ditto ditto on me again who's right price of light or Prince of darkness is take a look now at this kingdom here his feet were part of iron and part of life that began when Rome divided here in four seventy six is a divided kingdom and so again we have divided kingdom to all this appoints is that every one of the keywords here is kingdom another kingdom thirteen and fourteen and dividing them and in this kingdom is simply confirmed from concurring that all these kingdoms are not all these symbols have kingdom as their definition and these are just the ten tribes I'll man I was Germans frying French slacks and Spanglish Visigoths Spanish Burgundians Swiss Mare lumbar humanitarians slimline Portuguese author draws realize and party line and vandals all extinct as a Daniel chapter seven so again another thing to notice is here we have these individuals they had tried to take over the work they try to reunite these this this kingdom but because they had not submitted to God here they tried to read tonight this unveiled when you have Charlemagne write a century this gentleman right here you try to reunite this Roman Empire and failed God said it would not have a note in the interpretation verse forty three whereas you saw the iron next without miry clay they shall not cleave themselves with acetaminophen but here's appeared is they shall not cleave one to another so that he had Charles the fifth of Spain in sixteen century he tried to reunite and he he didn't succeed always have tried Napoleon has tried Hitler has tried to Kaiser Wilhelm when people do not submit to God they come to an end for those who submit to God the same forever so again is just another point in the object number six if we follow God then we have we can't wait we continue forever you know we die eventually when Christ comes again the second coming that will be raised again so here we have the sex symbol the King of glory and here we have interpretation in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven which we read a kingdom shall not be destroyed shall not be left other people but if the kingdom shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and this kingdom shall last forever and what were going to notice tomorrow more specifically is there are three phases to this kingdom there is a cut phase there is a slight phase and there is a fill phase in other words he's going to go from a pre- Advent judgment saying coming out years later the destruction of the wicked and then after the earth is re-created these people will stand forever okay the part that I was to take a look at now this notice where business kingdom come from foreign description this is one part that I think a lot of times people have missed we we actually will read this in a moment here but this part is I see important right here the connection between these two lonely notice in Daniel chapter two seven and eight every one of the dreams will lead you up say the focal point in this case is the focal point it'll pause and as a more detailed to the focal point in this case the additional detailed is going to be added is the word lingering Exley shows up better on camera soldier levels is wire wire if this is so important while the reporters question would be not only what is it which would oriented from the scripters this kingdom is where's wears a come from I also collect at this so diagram appear we were startled by a long long of Persia nondegree 's gone the room known to Europe and then we see this focal point right here in the question it were asking and getting an answer is where does the stone come from is from this mouth was like a look at this next verse and a proper understanding will going to read will produce an understanding of this chart over here that what God is doing is he's cutting this stone kingdom of glory of a dystopian glory blue from this pink or red workshop of grace so will know more tomorrow but anyway what will start right here here's the dream stone cut from the mountain 's own verse forty five for as much as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain so biblically you're seeing that the layer this is coming from the stone it is important as it is in towns from the mountain right so the question is what is this mountain when this click through here is the biz if we take alike at Jeremiah chapter one verses twenty four twenty five were going us find the Bible as definitely clearly identifies with the fountain is just like the Bible has taken the symbol of water in the find what it is this case people so if we look at this verse on the screen here we noticed that Jeremiah who told Israel that they should yield to the Babylonians the Golden King and the first thing he's not talking it into his his book in Jeremiah fifty one twenty four twenty five he says I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldeans were talking about this kingdom is still in power but Jeremiah is now telling what it stands is going to be it says all their evil that they have done so you see this guy will give people time to prove themselves whether they will follow Christ the Prince of life for the present darkness these people are predicted to follow that this is a bearer of the and all you have done in Zion in your sign behold the Lord behold on against you the notices phrase destroying mountain so clearly what God is saying is now sending is another term for kingdom son of wire this style of thinking he was coming from is from another mountain itself for what is there in the last few minutes that we have this for this session is to actually do a demonstration over this with some of his more familiar in Daniel chapter nine we happening at seven hundred twenty four we have four hundred ninety days cut from two hundred and two three hundred days in Daniel nine twenty four this one says seventy weeks are determined upon your people let determined means cut off just to show it as we exit take a look at things the word determine which is right here Strong 's number here I cannot read that you can there's a transliteration and the pronunciation is caught back definition primary route to cut off service were determined means cutoff okay so were going to do a demonstration of this cutting out so you see here on this little board for this piece of paper four hundred and ninety days and twenty three hundred days so we have then is this whole paper represents the twenty three hundred days and were going to have likenesses or shows to cut out four hundred ninety days from so will does do a live demonstration so we're going to step him him us him here on things the last long as the woman was this may seem like a little silly administration the notice was says and then twenty four the only board for four hundred ninety days or maybe cut from twenty hundred days than seven three hundred another for this tells us on this next slide there are five components this actually we just saw this as the most technical for the entire presentation it's still understandable English technical this tells us about the cut stage is a sequence there is a sized component mentioned material and miscellaneous concerns so if we take a look at this if I know the material of this right here another material this physically this is a piece of paper since I know this is a piece of paper one notices paper on the size of this I will size of this abyss is this size the uncut is larger tonight so that size is mentioned but here we see down the material since this is days I know this has to be days relative to size if I know the size of this I know this has to be larger this is cut this is uncut of this seemingly elementary but there's a point behind dollars sequence this is second this is first unless I can look at a few other points about this larger piece in the smaller piece of smaller pace talks about the sanctuary in negative nine verse twenty six what does people in verse twenty four it talks about desolation in verse twenty six and twenty seven what about the twenty three hundred days and eight fourteen twenty three hundred days also talked about sanctuary in these verses God 's people in these verses NASA Laois and in those versions so the twenty three hundred days from which the twenty four hundred ninety days were cut most talk about sanctuary God 's people and desolation so let's think about this this benchmark cutout phrase tells us that if we know this is four hundred ninety days whatever is cut from has to be days it has to be larger than if this is for ninety this has to be larger so if we take a look at Daniel eight fourteen is a twenty three hundred days of checks out this is larger than this there both days this twenty three hundred days was mentioned in the chapter before this is mentioned after etc. so all showing is that this phrase cut out means size material etc. now let's go back to this focal symbol the focal symbol is a kingdom is cut from another kingdom so watch the same thing must go to the last slide for this event slide for this evening we have the same components here we have the stone this time I have a piece of paper the represents the mountain in this little part of stone so again for sake of consistency am going to just demonstrate by actually physically cutting this picture of this mountain is thrown on the stone from this mountain the same thing is true that one of the material this unknown material this is one of the size of this size of this what have we seen so far this is the kingdom well I know this must be it also must be a kingdom this is the kingdom if this is a size what is have to be this uncut kingdom must be larger than this cracking the striking excerpts of us were seeing here is cut stage sequence size material territory difference notice this this is rock or kingdom what is a mountain have to be is the same thing this is the kingdom is looking at size as the smaller kingdom is the larger gene we see here this came as cuts the string is uncut this one is mentioned first per second this was mentioned second now one item here's a territory if we take a luck at these verses will notice all of a sudden these metals and symbols all of a sudden take a great controversy significance because it would take a luck at Proverbs twenty three verse twenty six we see Christ for the charming in picture number six over there my son my daughter give me your heart he's after your heart and in Lake seventeen twenty one we ask a fine pricing of the kingdom of God the expression that covers both of these kingdoms it says the kingdom of God is within you in other words God 's grace is inside of each person that becomes a citizen of this red kingdom of glory our first parents were the first ones can grace this is just about metals or dates etc. it's a matter that's an issue of becoming like Christ and so we have all people who ever professed Christianity Dale part of this larger kingdom mountain kingdom or shall embrace this one is the stone smaller kingdom of glory many called a few chosen the matter how you look at is the same scenario same story so we have then is this stone is is cut from this mountain the difference is this one stone breaks all these pieces this one does not if we think about this it makes sense if our neighbor Christian atheist agnostic lots of the essence as you are a selfish as I am what hope you think that we will win them to this we won't we can profess connection to Christ all we want but profession only is not going to destroy their hold on the devil but if a person is truly after Christ the neighbor to say when the world did you get such a Christlike other some others centered focus and when you have an opportunity show last the focus of this this kingdom right here so inclusion we have this question where we find the God of heaven setting up one stone kingdom from another larger pre-existing kingdom is done in the days of the kings of Europe right here as these are trying to reunite he's regarding his we see that in Daniel chapter seven which will discuss more tomorrow the preeminent judgment and that the day of atonement so Daniel chapter two has seven symbols which we see Babylon and Persia Greece Rome your something the number of glory and the mounting of grace these unassembled span five kingdoms Madeleine with me to Persia Greece Rome fourth kingdom divided God 's kingdom to kingdom come in first year to take also the founder and change them into songs of glory unless the state citizens here so again for saying is that quotation when the books of Daniel and Revelation according to Matt on the test was ministered one fourteen paragraph three when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience right here they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that their heart and their mind will be impressed with the character others in the other centeredness submission to God which almost possess in order to be recipients of the kingdom that God sets up not destroyed not like other people breaks in pieces all of the kingdoms and stands forever that's the kingdom that everyone of us wants to try and be part of like Christ and then with this re-created in our hearts with our cooperation we can deliver him live with him forever in your thing to thank you for taking your accident time this evening I truly mean that the blessings to sneak it was like I was a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like six or seven or visit www. .com universe .org


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