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Repentance and Conversion Necessary

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


Holy Manna - King's Heralds

The Ninety and Nine - King's Heralds and Del Delker


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him to whom is a you know the law will go you a you will will will will we buy is so alone all you say in an associate 's of the hall you will go in an long as we do the shawl will woo you all will is will is is wrong in being on the grave of goal at all in new movie and moon and see all all all see all of those I know to see the red man in a call you now is a all all will all see him all will him him names and is the greatest and in and him and him draw in a will him and all of all the year you read is all I will provide a smooth blend news is that you are the will and will raise will you and I and he is God in all of a will will go on a to be reviewed for this research service we hope will bring to you the encouragement and the strength of Joni for this coming week here now is my father with a special message from God 's word repentance and conversion necessary one afternoon so that the day of Pentecost the apostles Peter and John attended a prayer service at the holy Temple in Jerusalem as a starter to go through the gate called beautiful it's all a man lying out never what live this family run in memory daylight investigate hoping you might receive some of them get from the worshipers the mantra of the apostles after long customer for those who tend the Temple to get the service of God or the poor both in beer fastening his eyes upon a month away John said across the bidders that look on this only amended so is expecting to receive something than if I flatted silver and gold have I none such as I have give I unto the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk taking the right hand and lifted him up immediately receive strength soon he walked entered into the temple with them walking and leaping and praising God how happy was the people saw there were all filled with wonder they ran together and excited crowd amazed that this display of divine power a gated astonishment upon the apostles as it laid by their own power performance medical the public event all the people roundabout learned of it so the crowd grew rapidly the apostle Peter 's advantage in the audience declared that this miracle and been accomplished through Jesus the Prince of life on these very people and delivered up to be crucified whom God raised the dead it was through his name of this lame man of the made whole it was through his power he was able to lead them want to try out his new found strength if awfully short his listeners that although it was a terrible sender put to death the Prince of life their sin was not unpardonable they were not to despair over yet but the son of God and that the apostle comforted them by saying repent you therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall send Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things which God has spoken with among will we use the world began their gender large nineteen version begin notices successive steps which must be taken to reach the kingdom of God first repentance and conversion the buyer understands that times of refreshing the appearance of Christ Jesus last the restitution of all things are manicured his physical life as a unit yet according to Scripture he possesses a threefold nature spirit soul body and dissolve wise arrangement of the divine creator is necessary to Mary Shaw 's three and the dangers they were not properly develop and live to sustain the physical nature we must have proper elements of nourishment only water and air would flow grains nuts vegetables etc. as when God plan in the beginning dependent upon the physical nature of man but superior to what is his mental natures intelligence psychology the youngest of the sciences is just beginning to discover some of the wonders of man's mind there would be no civilization on earth no planning on building no planning nothing would be done without a mental life without intelligence and so man must sustain my reading by study the proper Association these things are all food for the intellect reason philosophy accompaniments of science the modern exploration of the voids of space and beyond above the physical and mental natures of man is the spiritual which can thrive only on spiritual things is what is the word of God than the instruction of the Holy Spirit one reason why so much of the spiritual life today is shallow undeveloped as a people do not feed in the holy Scriptures and neglect prayer exercise Christian faith Sam is black and blighted mankind in every phase of life nature of man is been darkened spiritually monumentally lowered physically in order to remove the stain God has ordained that men should repent be converted him there should be a great spiritual refreshing from heaven but when Christ the son of man return to this earth and our there should be a restitution of all things as in the day of man's beginning how do we repent what does it mean repent first by manifesting godly sorrow for sin we must really be convicted with done wrong but only regret but no one feel it we have sinned against God and against man we've transgressed the holy law of heaven second we must confess the sins to God whose law we have transgressed for sin is the transgression of the law we read in verse John three four and further we must confess our faults to any person who has knowingly been wronged by us so we see the repentance means a real sorrow for sin not millions sorrowfully evil results to us sorrow for the thing itself saw that we grieve the heart of God by disobeying limits have earned desire to be cleansed from sin repentance is the fruit of saving faith comes as a result of the conviction of the Holy Spirit and are in fact it is the gift of God for it is the goodness of God and needed to repent entry read in Romans two four the apostle Peter declared that God exalted Jesus with his right hand of your print send a Savior or to give repentance and forgiveness of sins acts five thirty one what we need for a new life today is repentance we need to repent and do the first works attributed Revelation two five we should arrange a repentance and the only way we can tell a repentance is real is when we bring forth fruits proper for repentance Matthew three eight means a change of life Tennyson said that few of us repent because few of us are willing to make a radical change in our habits of living expressed it this way the world will not believe a man repents this wise world of ours is mainly right full sound remember you will race to pick the vicious quench of blood and custom homeopathy make all clean and plan himself a fresh budget that's what we need putting ourselves afresh true repentance changing from the old life to the move from our sin but God 's righteousness and all through faith in Christ Jesus that except ye repent you shall all likewise perish Luke thirteen for a friendly evidences of genuine repentance are true humility faith prayer obedience men are not lead to repentance by threatenings but by presenting the willingness of Christ to say the love of God is revealed in the Savior giving his life on Calvary 's cross for loss and hateful man Jesus loves us all he loves you my friend whoever you are and his love is held out to you even when you are unlovely and rebellious and sinful wicked and vile so the apostle Paul commands repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out actually ninety to the converted means to turn around Google in the opposite direction to be changed is the Bible sense it means to turn from a state of central condition of righteousness to turn to God through Christ believing that through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ your sins will be blotted out our party to believe on the Lord Jesus acts eleven twenty one we are to exercise our faith in him for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe it in him should not perish but have everlasting life then God works in America when the soul your morning you will remember the word of God we are changed converted and become the sons of God through faith but as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name which are born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh of the will of man but of God John one twelve and thirteen this is all by the mighty power of God not by our power God who can create a world from nothing and make a scene out of a sinner no matter who you are you can take you unchanged you you have infinite possibilities that only for joy and hope in this life but for happiness beyond our telling and life in the world to come God works a change in clay a man finds a lovely amethyst he does it with black carbon in the minor discovers a glorious diamond how we don't know how does God take the worst of men and make them into Christians how does he take just relinquish adult delinquents and make them interview dependable in earnest faithful people we don't know but he doesn't airborne again as the Scripture says they are changed they repent of their sins they are converted you want this to happen to you then tell God so there is nothing God cannot do with you if you're willing to be changed it's no secret what God can do with a solid hazard if you repent and give your heart to Christ your sins will be blotted out and the refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord the mighty power of the Holy Spirit will touch and change your life and make it what it ought to be the harvest will be ripened and prepared for the day of our Lord 's return on to them that look for him the second time without sin under salvation we read in Hebrews nine verse twenty eight then the grade restitution will come God will have a new world a new race a new home for his people labor for pleasure that we know that be no sorrow and no sand in the war God of heaven will be your home in the paradise restored in the earth made new will be your inheritance is real it is different it is certain just as certain as God 's word is true why not turn your face toward the cross of Christ receiving his salvation by faith and look forward to the restitution of all these things in God 's new world to not put it off this friend is your opportunity and today is a time you may have heard the truth for years that your mother was a Christian her father some friend why not follow in the way of righteousness now remember friends repentance is individual 's personal we must repent of our sins not someone else's a criminal find it easier to himself in a big crowd of fugitive from justice rarely flees to the solitude of the countryside but to some great city instincts and justice in the teeming multitudes of a metropolis it is something like that with us in our sins when I sometimes hope that our individual guilt will be absorbed undetected by the crown but God will look at the crowd and not address that James Hastings reminds us we may sometimes seem to lose the sense of personal responsibility when we join in our general professional Lord we have heard and strayed like lost sheep there is no as range wherever they God 's forgiveness we cannot bury ourselves in the crowd and on confession if we want to sort of joy that comes with a great brochure by sins which are many are all forget we must come out of the crowd asked ourselves down individually before God David cried I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord Psalm thirty two and David did just that and all the terrible isolation of his guilt and it was great then and there he found a blessing undeclared Balfour gavest the iniquity of my sin God be merciful to me a sinner saw the poor public entity be on his breast and the agony of a great conviction and when he came to that place of self-condemnation Marcie could say I have sent you found the blessing Jesus said that he went down to his house justified about an aging chapter will the prodigal son buried his face in his father 's bosom and grandfather I've seen you to receive the blessing read about that in the fifteen chapter of the in the father can say this my son was dead and is alive again he was lost and is filed that maybe our experience also could be our experience today if we confess our sins to God if we forsake the return of Christ as our Savior who died for us seems in faith believing we would receive God 's forgiveness yes will have God 's forgiveness and something else to do with it that piece for which we long for we who is wondering she and I and I may name and you should know on the mall one time when examining the well-known way will rounding in a Nalle and is in you and my men and he and and go in wrong is in and of and in the past is and I do not deny on than I do know of all the while is a man is the law of mind Islam memo and the loan will move to the eye on the moon is the I will move up as a time as he or he will learn there is a pain she will from time she is all all all I had him you did a day as long as you and reason I will live in so you and the day is a no go the rolling as I is will bring my time is all and will him to a time to go in and to will


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