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Don Mackintosh

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Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • August 11, 2007
    10:00 AM
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zero down and looks like you grown a little bit the last time I was here and that's good news and sometimes can be bad news we lose our focus but I trust that you gain and your focus still on the rack I will talk about focus today is also the case are out of focus I'm hoping to be a part of the focusing moment here and I was delighted that could be here an important dangers of the Sabbath school lesson it's important Luis Wiese we choose as spouses you know as I was thinking about Samson 's wife is that proverb says that a nagging wife is like a leaking faucet was over and his wife was a nagging wife she was like trying over and I think maybe the maybe the person wrote the Proverbs news that she was crying over him you know about the way husbands can be it is situated so I can't think of a I can't think of a more important lesson seriously and if I can't think of another group that maybe thinking about such things maybe lessor may be more than a minimum it should some of you certainly thinking about and some of you should a consumer one report less please don't just dismiss that all the media important things was posted be back with you here to do some greetings from amazing facts where I now working majority opinion 's apartment there amazing in okay so I'm not know there is a hopefully none of many opinions and amazing fact but this fax today we have an important task and that is to especially at this time and nurses through this time and services word I would only have been thrown those in our amazing it might be what we need is facts of using zone brother life the following are Rowling is about while I was getting another family there and he would longer on the house and he would say fact or opinion after everything I said and I was getting to know his sister who was is now my wife and I would make some comments about her that instead of them were just very bizarre to his twelve -year-old mind and he was it has an opinion on them I would say anything that he felt that he was in effect you don't only twelve he really impressed me that we need to know the difference between fact and opinion especially as Mister Wright RN was destroyed together for my meal after the buyer has before we'll have fun and have them today were thankful that we can come to this place and then home reminds us that there is a plentiful and is in the and the appearing of Christ in our life personally in our homes learn churches and for this reason this movement was raised to bring hope to those who are homeless who yesterday you would overwhelm me take me out of the way overwhelm us open our years because individually but also home that we could go out share your hope with others pricing and want to look at a family today how many of you are hungry than one hundred sandwiches found in the gospel of Matthew 's Gospel of Matthew and the sandwich is an important thing and look first of all to whole-wheat buns and the look of the sections in the other things in the middle here for lunch time Matthew chapter four verse twenty three and just as bookends look at them and then will go back and look at the middle of Jesus when about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people of the first things you get regular militants Matthew chapter nine Matthew Jepson I and verse thirty five the second of the two holy month of you well the sandwich this morning message up the night and verse thirty five and Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues printing the gospel of the kingdom and healing every manner of sickness and every sickness and every disease among the people those unfamiliar what is the difference between the syntax was the difference only one word difference was the undisputed difference as Galloway has so wanted that is what all around Galilee doing this and the authors as he went everywhere or make a point right at the beginning don't bother going everywhere unless he could do something where you are Jesus started out in gallery Josephus says that there were two hundred and four town in Galilee the average population was fifteen thousand thirds ounces about three million people it was forty miles wide by seventy miles long and Mark tells us that he would go in the circuit we would just go around that at eight first of all it says look at our text again in Matthew Jeff the court reversed twenty three Jesus went about all Galilee then notice verse twenty four and is very went throughout all three and they brought to him all were sick notices he went first and then he had some success in that small theater that they say go to have a life that so powerfully anointed by God that you go to find people to an end not because of you but because of what's happening through this is what Apple would Jesus it happened through him he lives by very well right everyone were every act came through and Jane Mosley went to and then they came to him he went and then again so I R success here where near Loma Linda our success here in this small window is to prepare us for success other place of the devil will try and dissuade us and sidetrack us he will try and get a smashed up with the wrong people for the wrong time in the wrong way he will try to frustrate everything about our experience while we're here in this place will you think that is very just when we should be encouraged Mister I'm not available and that it could happen anywhere anywhere you are when you start out in that small arena guy tries the frustrated right from the very beginning so that you never will have an expansive ministry yes does he care about your relationship that he's sending all the people are bad for you you are just like Cynthia sent all the people that will especially if you he has a plan for your life and the devil knows he sends always been trying for three and so while you are here how do you want to does have an experience like cases why here up how whole experience we go and then he blesses it so here's the answer of opportunity to go around the world see if there the second test match message at the ninth or thirty five hundred and Jesus when everywhere day saying in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people will best the mission statement is because notices as he went everywhere that's around the world but not the last three words in Matthew nine thirty five among the people that's across the street around the world and across the street anything is a good Mrs. around the world and across the street this was his mission statement now what are you doing to go across the street if you don't know what's going to go across the street then don't bother going around the world I work at a place called amazing facts under evangelism with courses for professionals of her weeklong and where they can come to a four-month of the uniform but basically what we teach that he was out of breath Street and we also teach them how to face rejection under the enjoy rejection viruses you should count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing there good for the testing of your faith rejoice and be exceedingly glad for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you I would give reach and attain that goal yet that's all at the amazing facts I've dramatically talk with a light to look your handler has to be rejected and rejoice in the midst of the judge but some of you are the benefits look at this with the disco if you could save one person of a hundred the slam the door your face is it worth the naturally so when you go across street now you want to be effective and they see the mission statement is found in most objects using out of the Balkans and the number but I'll does methodology men some as a novel methodology doesn't matter what is figure out and do simple Lucy with the young people or Winfield people or whatever the people are we one deserve one what is the focus groups and study her little desire what the method is based on what they wanted his is a good plan again be but let me suggest you that methodology is really theology methodology is your theology acted out and Jesus methodology was just as Titus is the out and he had three methods what was in that activity admitted by thirty five and Jesus went everywhere what first thought JJ in the synagogue preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every manner of sickness and disease of improvement JJ preaching dealing with the vote that he do most women was under either the dealing so we would love at first he did healing first and then out of that whispering education people responded and adoration and join him in proclamation title acronym the junior personal restoration that what you call your with your losing your restoration as a healing ministry led to education people responded and adoration I've been joined in a proclamation R E and the rate of anything that's a good out of Vegas underwritten at the end that's will write down with you today for those constituent parts I was I had time to really develop into the might of the losers of chocolates of each one of our but I don't have that today so restoration education adoration population of the first of all the first methodology which is restoration the healing that healing ministry of Jesus notice how effective all the way area but the salmon 's legality did you know I have to holy month with a massive four twenty three and Matthew nine thirty five and with little galleon there right so those are the do now in the middle of that sandwich you've got two things you have the word of God and you have the wonders of God so you have the word of God that's the sermon on the Mount is a pretty powerful sermon is and then you have the wonders of God you have all these miracles that was in between those two it's as if Matthew is saying he says look here is what Christ said he's going to do is going to go preaching teaching healing all different things among the people in Matthew nine thirty five here is what it is he said what was in and out came and what he said he was good at it he stated on the social and Matthew and his Gospel again and again what does it say that it might be fall fill now this is really our mission statement and this is also the VR method at the you can never go wrong if you're involved in proper restoration education adoration ministry proclamation and so let's spend a few moments and restoration how do this restoration ministries start for duties as well as as he went everywhere healing and she went and then they came I wonder what it would be like if Jesus came today to Loma Linda I wonder what it would be like if he came to America I haven't heard an interview before the political luminaries that's running for president of course one of their big things as well as I do to fix healthcare and I was the number of cycles of this suggests either that Jesus David and started healing the American Medical Association my trying to the radical thing is available in the three hundred billion dollars year industry they take kindly to Jesus in this day the more successfully got a feeling the last people in charge of the medical step up like him in fact when he raised Lazarus from the dead they said let's tell them you will get all these buildings are Loma Linda as you write down Anderson Street six of them all closed while it's a picture them all open but nobody coming to the then picture Jesus perhaps irreparable that the voice and all phases that were normally there are no and they're out on the lawn in the evolving field the good Samaritan who is in cement is no longer as a man he's leaving everything is Jane on rethink Woodland Hills I hope we could don't you open your but as I listen to this interview between a politician and a Harvard professor he basically said we couldn't handle it is a culture because every single time they tried to fix the healthcare system does what they do to those a try and fix it totally vilify and undercut them not interested in simple remedies lifestyle medicine in a while lose that in the hardware this morning together as illustrated in the eye just raising the question Jesus when he can assess entire settings would reveal all I guess was that what happened her doctor was that what happened here restoration now when this movement started with Evans of them started the early pioneers as you probably won't know were dying very rapidly and they die just like everyone else and then there was this desire to figure out how to restore out there was a study of the Bible and that was the study of the institutions of the day and you remember how it all happened and then there was this little later started sharing things about Hal I remember this there was one of the founders of the school actually came in double time and another friend were talking one day about eighteen ninety one when they had gone to a conference that was attempting to apply the messages of righteousness by faith in the educational system and they were discussing and they got into a discussion and discussing the conversation there had to do well I'll say more about a minute about the conversation and initially was this well known is the inconclusive that conversation was this EA 's are the one who was the one of the educators and person again they were letter to one of the medical school and income doctors and one will be the leader of Madison cause the other would be come here and come to become the leader at Loma Linda in terms of many the plug last effect the medicine they were discussing McCain to a radical decision is whether radical conclusion will is what they said I quote in the conversation that they would let explicitly by every word that came out of the Bible and the testimony of a long way I think it's a radical things that I miss free radical today it was radical back then because you realize back then that people believe that all life is writing these things but they didn't have it with them they all had to do with the people that they were specifically written to and so this little conversation was different than many others in that they were taking the things that I like that and they said look we want to explicitly apply them in the area now in the area of education in the area of proclamation and there were lots of people and didn't like it back to very did not like it at all you don't open up other people 's mail is not for you white and they like it was it was cutting across their inclinations I value out of the conversation was about the first conversation they had was the they were discussing about frying and eating fish and address of councils that I don't think talk about the omega-3 content of this anything like that but as they read those councils guess what Sutherland brought everything to bear from the Bible and from the testimonies in a way or began right away that settlements that I want to be a visitor so if you wanted to share that with his class at Battle Creek knew the danger there are related to be well received here with that out of other night I was wondering what you think so because any showers that and there's a group that listens to them just what is this a GUI seam movement of the day is the advent hope of the day they listened in rapt enthusiasm Genesis and he doesn't actually does and they all collectively decide when you need to be vegetarians why are they starving the things that are serving there in the cafeteria will let that happen back there and so they went against what they delivered after they took things up then they went to Walla Walla Walla Walla women's backwards became the first institution that from the very get-go the cafeteria was completely vegetarian is always neutral John Harvey Kellogg was not yet cornflake out with pantheism was so impressed that he sent this person actually as an educator and as a minister believes the spirit of prophecy when it when held white space this is what made in praise of leaving I got back here now great so they ruptured him so to speak from Walla Walla back then because he was living explicitly by the councils concerning helping talent like that or skeletons found in the selected message and open plot there so we came back and he comes back and man it was really coming together value Q vitamins understand and restoration you're right he will probably get the education and proclamation of untaken too long with this class notice what happens here the entire cultural absences and begins to change because there is someone that simply says to his friend of Thailand they're both politicians when it first conversation there and make a decision that perhaps you could make today when it comes to dating and everything else they make the decision that many were missing a limb explicitly by what the Bible and the spare probably started I noticed the rent is to be speaking later and he says here in sermon title is the ripples of a word but we suggest the ripples of those words that were shared by those two coeds lays the foundation for this Institute because that settlement pot on and there was a whole group of people that may be characterized as a benefit for or bad fairness I don't know what they apply the spirit of prophecy and the testimonies in the same way and they became vegetarians and there was no real science and it laid the foundation for at twelve thirty one and himself that he do it lay the foundation for every thing we trumpet today over things with little conversations I was able to do this it laid the foundation in a settlement on from Battle Creek to the Emmanuel missionary college is for the College of medical evangelists of no and all Missouri with only his name I will learn when to use Peter went to Madison and he was in Madison causing they found that they know what guess what happened in Madison Massey College just by finding supposedly the Bible through proxy this postage stamp for this piece of land that was basically worthless was developed into a powerful proclamation education restoration ministry will give you an example just on the basis of the spirit of prophecy these that LOI satisfied that that food should be able to be produced in a wholesome lifestyle will be able so I believe that could happen it was a health food store in the South right near where they were that was shutting down because nobody was buying their health food store they're helping and so he devised a health food store I think this sounds very good business you buy a failed health resources you can start a health food store don't look for this in the Harvard business one buddy does it just on the basis of the Bible is for you guys I guess what happens than ten years it's shipping to every state in the union and the lays the foundation for bad feelings this is the missing link and lays the foundations for what was Paul Worthington foods are worth something finally they sold Madison films and it was renamed in Worthington foods Worthington foods at the time it was thriving Madison then began to supply people that came to a place that was failing was called Loma Linda well it was an level in the College of Miliband city gotten saved by the accreditation Board was going down the tubes so they sent some of their brightest and best and they also sent fifty thousand dollars at a key time in the history not only that they sent three ladies were two ladies that were praying that no delays were fine and not on the boardroom door whenever taking a vote to close down Loma Linda University the fifty thousand dollars in the prior but more than that the inspiration of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy Captain this place and then hold exists to remind people of what I just told you because if we don't understand where we came from we don't know where we are and we don't know where were going and is becoming than hope we can have been hopeless out of understandable our purpose is to point people simply back to the most powerful things the voice from above the Bible and the spirit draws should I stop their restoration no probably not I want to read a couple things to you just to underline it because proclamation I mean because restoration ministry restoration ministry really has laid the foundation for education ministry and full proclamation is if you notice in Jesus ministry is as is thanks Brad and they went everywhere and they brought everybody to him using this restoration ministries laying the foundation for education Jesus had a mighty task he had to industry and a half years do what train his leaders to be totally self-sufficient that's all I did was take them with them the omnibus on location thing the Sheldon and then they would go tell the world shall Intel is what he did I wanted this briefly mentioned to you a couple points than the restoration ministry of this place if done correctly lays a foundation for first of all it gives proof of this movement credibility because the proclamation ministry of this church needs the restoration demonstration of help Gary Frazier who I interviewed him appropriate level through the end of course here at this to say about what we can bequeath that evidence received more than one hundred and forty years ago in a remarkable gift that is increasingly being validated by science there are more than three hundred peer-reviewed scientific pages in the medical literature on evidence help of course you're familiar with that because you're here I will suggest to you that we need to be bull and still believe the things that are not yet validated by science doesn't know that's why were here because there were people that did and I believe it one of them is starting to blame wanted to share with you he was the new Chris and he was the professor of new personal biochemistry at Cornell University his research is somewhat looked at askance at by some that probably shouldn't be because it is the largest epidemiological study done I don't want to be unkind but sometimes are an objective evaluations of science are somewhat colored by our own in the anyway this particular man I happen to interview and this is what he said about LOI I sent him sixteen pages of quotes from the appendix of a book by Doctor Novick will prove positive as well as to his reaction would be I didn't realize e-mail was sixteen pages one whomever sent an e-mail that he then realizes they think they divinely assigned and someone present audiences why did you send me something as long as sixteen page volume I've been a later I was embarrassed for myself and my fire in a Jamaica spotlight eight or something but anyway he said add all of the state and I was surprised that he will back an e-mail that was about sixteen pages long it is supported with this researcher and this is what he said in the e-mail interview in nineteen ninety two thousand and five February twenty fourth here and I quote I am not aware of anyone who was more important than Alan White given her background she is truly an amazing woman I am convinced that almost one hundred percent of her statements are now substantially supported by the scientific evidence that has been developed during the past two to three decades what I've come to realize that even deeply worried about is why is it that this message about why and others has been so misled on South out of sight it is abundantly clear to me that now is the time to bring this forward and what her way each of us are unable to do so you went from there we respond to that is that good news or bad friend while this is good news yes all I can say Zaman you see the restoration ministry and the gift this this movement has been bequeathed by a white is vilified it's attempted to be deconstructed in your the only thing that they can drive other people that attempted the constructive of notice this overtime title story couple story because you look like Yglesias my great-grandfather was the first on investment through my family and Mister about eighteen ninety new online and the contemporary use of fantasy race forty churches in America about forty more in Canada back then they just got one out and race churches but there was one part of feminist message you generally like no part was the health message said well you know let's see just a devotional author another and so there was a split that happen in my family to three generations ago once I follow grandfather the other cited now we're going to explicitly live by every word about Mister prosecutes any area that was my grandfather the he was ridiculed I remember coming to this this area was located down in Beverly Hills work on my great uncles live the manner engineering firm and they would ridicule us at thank you into that reasonableness doctrine against neatness and that in a member wasn't for me federalism church in my mouth I did not say go about the so there was a psychotic break controversy between the one group said yes without message one group said no development or generations later here I but I remember the phone calls I got my great uncle Harvard trained engineering future Northwestern University had to relocate here in Southern California because live help got so bad what they were eating he died young of bowel cancer on the red meat that he was eating his wife contracted breast cancer largely related probably to her diet I guess of the Golda my grandfather I can remember the phone calls and messages and I do see the difference between those two generations one group that accepted in the other group it rejected they became the leaders of the seventh Day Baptist movement and remain that way today very strongly leaders of that movement my grandfather stayed in the seventh they had been at this movement was accepted the writings of Illinois will the family of the case history that shows that I remember the phone call I can remember the phone calls the great uncles etc. me we wish we would've listened now science is saying what your dad and your grandfather said many years ago it all came down to another conversation in my family conversation at Harvard University between the young lady that want to marry my uncle who was a Seventh-day Adventist and my uncle who had just rejected all white and in that little car right outside Harvard Yard she handed him a book that was precious to her heart said I want to get this choose a gift to my uncle Alvin and will book it was steps to Christ and he told her right there if you believe in that lady I don't want to marry you do these the conversations we have make it different when you're selecting a mate here and at home doesn't make it amazing to me this is pretty what later so she is restoration ministry laid the foundation for what is education minister knows what it says says next Matthew chapter four verse twenty three Jesus went about all Galilee preaching teaching healing verse twenty four his fame went throughout Syria and they brought to him all sick people who are afflicted with various diseases and torments and those who were demon possessed and epileptics and paralytic and don't ever while said that Jesus would heal all these physical things so rapidly in August it wasn't immoral to do that you can heal someone physically and that's not immoral but if you just sounded change your mind and you don't have anything to do that what would have been out of problem right because it's taking away what someone got hit was the demonstrated justification PowerPoint instantly dealing with a demonstrated also sanctifies days in power sometimes by saying go show yourself to the priest and on the way they were healed the demonstrated sanctification poverty so I you got some man's eyes once and they were quite healed and they doesn't again you notice that some justification sanctification were demonstrated by the by the restoration ministry but also glorification renumber those ten lepers that went to be healed and then one came back the one that went underway with Carcassonne he was at a cathartic to do well he was glad but then ultimately when he gave glory to God he was made whole social and self justification sanctification glorification work and graphically displayed in restoration ministry but it also laid the foundation for education ministry because after the LK knows was that they all came verse twenty five I great multitudes followed him from Galilee from the ten cities the topless from result from Judea and beyond Jordan and what does a nice NCAA verse five the multitudes he went up a mountain and when he has he was seated his disciples came to them and he opened his mouth and what do we do can you see how restoration ministry laid the foundation for education and everything America you have four elements you have the person restored restoration then you have the person designated he said no and send no more dear Greg your faith has made you well great faith is not like this at all of Israel going sell yourself to the priest so he would restart and then he would hesitate in every miracle and then they would respond in adoration they don't all thank you large and uninsulated larder and then what would he say don't tell anybody I remember the reason you do that I don't know what he is figured on yet but but can they help themselves now they would join him in what proclamation R G K January and so he said to his disciples by this plentiful but the laborers are few why was he saying that because they had responded to the restoration ministries that every component of justification sanctification glorification when all they needed was proclamation to bring them into the nation to nation a statement of the self the harvest is plentiful and really what the poor outpouring of Pentecostals was just a rebate of his restoration ministry restoration but the education response was adoration and then proclamation was time to go through the education Ministry of but I don't because were running out of time I want input VisiCalc story so because you know what I think the real issue is the real issue when we come down to living exclusively by the Bible and the spirit proxy is not plagiarism the real issue is that criticism of both sources the throwing up the issue in a virility with self those sources will say things we don't want to do and though I hear I may give notices when you reboot us white people who is outed us that we read the Bible and start arthritis and while that might not be really what that meant the real issue is sell and what is it that so nobody knows much about this as I love my husband 's life of me my wife and I is a very bad to say I guess I was the first one take them out in person I might be the last though the real issue is what it is self unless he gets on the unit I learned working in the hospital I would not be of some of the evidence today if it hadn't been for what I learned in a place like this but wasn't what I learned from the professors although some of them were excellent it wasn't what I learned from the preachers on some of them were excellent well it was from the patients that I learn the most you know what the patient stop me but people die and it doesn't matter what you do people die I'm thankful for every minute that you can Matt is an absolute person like because of another minute where they haven't time to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in the full life but I realize that they can really have much time even living healthily doesn't have much time people die what I learned working with hospital is really was missing is that we don't keep that in the top of our mind so close to the story I can tell you so many stories like this if we live as though we were about to die and not just as though were taking care of the dying are restoration ministry would be transformed if we live as though we were about to die our education ministry would be transformed if we live as though we were about to die our adoration of Christ and his death would embrace if we live as though we were in the last phases of life our proclamation would be filled with tears and with pathos and with everything that probably my message today is not filled with I need more of the same reality in my life about my church were a better pastor for fourteen years and the last three weeks for the best because I knew I was leaving I wouldn't see these people in the same way again and my ministry was transformed in the last three weeks I left the hospital I was working before that in my last three weeks and then play for transform because I knew I wouldn't see those people I was working with again what if we lived as though this was our last week you will this was our last time will last a movable one we did that for now I'm a teacher at amazing facts center of evangelism in my last class I told the students yesterday the new glasses there about someone in my last class until you buy the colonies that I want to attend the amazing sex and romance I said that's great about looking to start over I mean if you look at his papers back working in the hospital intervene here and I look at his papers into my chagrin yet all kinds of medical problems affected brain surgery and couple and I noticed he was taking medications I noticed that he was in trouble so I call them back up I said this is a very intense program we face a lot of rejection here we knocked on doors we have a wonderful time but I think it might be a little bit over your head exactly as I want I'm in remission can I please bicycle really I would discuss it in the end the decision has been no eyed and realized that I was only the beginning of the discussion because he began to follow the people of the ministry said the aware that their turning people away from the school of evangelism sider phone call you to talk to this guy did pretty soon he was calling again and again and again he really does want to come into the I really want to come to your school it was online number two number three one number four phone was off and I was living as a scaffold like anything with Kathy's on this light is on that life had this intensity and then he began to weep on the Holy Ghost is finally like the window the women to their unjust judge myself being inducted in this case I relented and I said just throw your cell phone away don't call us anymore we don't want anymore desktop so the staff raise the collective sigh of relief that he's not really going to become the way showed up at the class that day it was a picture unlike pictures I've seen before because he came in the class and he was limping and entertain to our patch over one eye where his radiation had taken away the vision for novice wasn't as effective and as I introduced into his room and I felt sorry for his roommate because I was his outreach partner involvement look what I've done this for God and the roommate also came to me afterwards and said so allotted to select my roommate he wore a tie that had Mickey Mouse on the front Mickey's got to go with him some people are from amazing type of Mickey Mouse dies off so I was concerned really concerned about but you know what within forty eight hours my mind begins to because this person begin to get the people 's hearts like that why because he knew he was in remission he didn't know whether or not he was going to live or die guess what it actually to every part of his life with an intensity and with joy and with the tenacity I have never seen or not recently he went with his suite mates with the roommates to begin to cook food for them than Kerry does these staff lady makes food for them a pretty Sunni won the hearts of all those kids many came to the class and he did with his cane and the people began his fault because he was so kind and is lifeless just being poured out in front of us I member once they called about the weather they they looked on Google to give this week we can go out today I noticed on Google whether or whatever was somehow weather program on the computer this is a big storm coming we can go out an oral joyful and then burn the joint rejection yet so they were still done is troubling that is the reason we don't have to go out testing in the room he said what you mean everyone is going to be home for sure we got to go out now I was a little of sexism and I had to go through your nose like okay go but oh so holy was like yes brother so we go out he's taking his cane he's knocking on the door stated here and at the doors high I'm here from the amazing sexual demands but I don't have long to live in wonderful to talk to you people 's hearts would be melted I remember I was done I had done to help a physician with the health program in Oklahoma as I was done from the college for about ten days and as I was down there I got a phone call from my assistant director of the college said chassis began to develop some pain is raised in this pattern is likely to cause seems to be getting worse on one of his pain begin to get worse as indeed he wouldn't tell you but in fact the payment going on for about three weeks and even though it really is a new what do they know that those brain tumors were coming back so finally talk to me there would try to get a go get checked out he said Bassett one ago I wanted to check out so why not just because I'd I'd I'd been to radiation I've been thinking I want to go through that again I don't think it's going to help I want to does little more massive castle maybe there's hope I just read the book by Doctor Goldman examined the anatomy of Hope you know obviously my window we don't want to give up on our plan organization so I was like that Google would you call Ben Carson for methods are all trying to figure through for secretary later I still look at openings that have you went to get cat scan MRI sure enough brain tumor was going to bring them came to Southern California and went but before he went several weeks before he went he realized the situation getting worse you sooner heard the testimony of a few spelling kids in the last I didn't know until later all the kids were in his room one time eating a seventies of the getting weaker guys I don't know I can make it to the caves in the time of trouble although I connected those days am wondering if he was serious he was living as though in time was here and that he would have to deal with the realities of if I can't make it to the cable you Gary and his roommates it sure will that is the worst came to Southern California member called me up because they represent a hostility sesame I caused a fast high utility says it is down has the one setting of all nurses are always a lot of fun with this thing all day even the physicians are coming and I'm able to use everything is self unlike low center to take in payment of his no discrepancy in Iraq but I want to be able to think I'm not able to share what Jesus means to me I called the phone sometimes you give money to whether there comes a doctor I don't know you tell him you I listened to the Google your real-life help unconverted I am how much I don't live as long about the guy he called up just five days before he died he says that Saddam would you please send me more notes from FL I'm running out of material finally the cancer came to the place where he can only need to do is talking to move two of our students went down to visit right near final exams in one go this is what Cason is a is obviously alumni can make the case but I'm wondering if we can communicate a wondering if we could meet in the clouds click image in the case we meet me in the class you know what happens as a result of dresses testimony estrangement and his family went away people began to come to the Lord people of their stores he is knocked down in testimony has been the life of Jesus Christ and save my life you see everything I said about Jesus 's restoration ministry 's education ministry 's adoration ministry this proclamation ministry was all done with a view of the cross was all done because he died to self to save you and me anyone make a decision today to just be like Jesus by thinking that as we say in closing hot song I think we should send one is number two hundred and eighty eight and I will just try to go around so I went over this song I am going to Calvary I'm going to Calvary would you like to come with me all the way and back again you must follow the leader as you sing this song consider the words and as you live this place leave this place why not leave a dead person that is so the life of Christ letter to inform your proclamation that inform your restoration Limited voter education letter informing her best to stay seated as we sing together and will there will ever notice the world lets you hide have been going to who will be will go with all the man that can you not slow down the new must follow the lead to must follow the way he is all the way and back in the must follow the new life in Iraq will me wrong and also wholesalers me and he and all will soon as you all in a news for all those and the the last in a and all the only thing the third birds today's Sabbath school was about Sam's you know I got sensitive trouble it wasn't that so that I want that girl was a one one and I feel like this is that in this third verse if you might be maybe with your girlfriend or boyfriend that SunStar is that but are you willing in this third birth is you moment and I do what I want and building what you want in the willing to do that I can't think of a more serious question for some during the servers to better decision in your relationship standing stand with me during that you do that the reverse way you all will I set out in the field will and bras and you and you will well and when you follow the will of an a in the area and all and praise God for those remittances as we sing the last I don't know how Holy Spirit in your heart maybe you want to rededicate your restoration ministry to God made you want to read dedicate your education when maybe you like me want to relocate your proclamation whatever it is however the spirit speaking to you as you sing the last verse you want to respond Stan will say in the book ready to let you ongoing stress out my hand and go to spread my him as a rule and I really believe in and will wear you will he is and will the and in a father in heaven today with thankful that you came and that you live the life of death is so nice today that you're in heaven in your not doing what you could do when you're ever living to make intercession your relentless pass the focus is still on these individuals here on this planet help us in our lives the death itself in a restoration ministry in our education ministry officer responded and raising to you and maybe go forth to proclaim with power the power that comes from taking up our cross and following you in Jesus name we pray and


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