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Preparing for the Overwhelming Surprise

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 21, 2014
    11:00 AM
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my topic this morning is the overwhelming surprise let's hope let's pray as we open our Bibles together father in heaven we've come to avoid the service were in open your word as we look out over the world the situation in our world is credibly a crucial it's critical right now we're living in a very dangerous world but a world that God is still moving in and we pray that as we open your word that you would touch our hearts give us the message that we need for our hearts today strengthen us as we study together in Christ name on the year was nineteen sixty nine the place was a little town called Pass Christian Mississippi hurricane Camille was hurtling down upon that city and should police chief Jerry Polo Ralph was concerned it was late the sun had set and he knew that there was still some people along the coast in a group of apartments it was his responsibility to get them to evacuate as quickly and rapidly as possible so Jerry bought the pulled up to a place called the Richelieu Apartments and what he was unaware of at the time was a group of about twenty people were having a hurricane are you and she pulled up and saw a man on the balcony of one of these apartments with a bottle of beer is handed Mister Peralta the police chief looked up and he said look it's time to leave the Accu weight you need to evacuate the storm is getting worse it is hurtling down upon us it's time to leave and tenacity you will arrest me if I don't leave somebody else joined in on the balcony and they began to mock the police chief saying look renting apartment and we're not going anywhere little did they know that that hurricane would be the strongest hurricane that ever hit the American coast up until that time hurricane Camille packed two hundred and five miles an hour those apartments were just two hundred and fifty feet from the cults and when at ten fifteen p.m. that evening the hurricane hit the coastline the waves were twenty two to twenty six feet high totally demolished that apartment and every one of those twenty people died instantly in their hurricane party and I've wondered about that why didn't they leave where they too arrogant where they too self-confident why didn't they leave with a simply thinking this storm is not going to be intended as intense as we anticipated I wonder what was going on in their minds no doubt they thought they could ride out the storm no doubt they felt very secure no doubt none of them had any idea of the intensity in the theory that the storm was packing we are facing another storm a storm is coming to burst upon this world relentless skewering is a possibility I said that we are overconfident is a possibility of times that we don't understand the theory of the storm that's coming the apostle Paul talks about what will soon break upon this world as an overwhelming surprise like you to take your Bible and turn to first Thessalonians chapter five versus long-range chapter five those who stayed in the Richelieu apartments that day neglected the plane warnings they overestimated their ability to ride out the storm they need a storm was coming but they had little idea of its intensity they listen to weather reports and watch the news but they didn't have any idea the fierceness of the storm they fail to prepare and they lost their lives first Thessalonians chapter four hi describes another event this coming first Thessalonians five in verse three when they say peace and safety now another worker safety of air in the original languages security so these people are saying peace nursing security now remember those two words were to come back to them later in the message this morning when they say peace and security the people in the Richelieu Apartments didn't understand the intensity of the storm they said that police chief Jerry Peralta who was giving the warning that he was a wild eyed fanatic they were saying we are at peace when a hurricane party we are secure in these apartments when they say peace and security then what happens such destruction comes upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant women and they shall not escape verse four but you brethren and sisters are not in darkness so this day the coming of Jesus should overtake you was at the URL sons of light and sons of the day we are not of the night nor of darkness we are not sons of darkness we recognize based on the biblical prophecies that a storm is coming relentless in its fury we recognize that this world will be faced with overwhelming events first six therefore let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober now our passage says really three things if you analyze this passage is saying three things first events are to take place in this world and they're going to come rapidly and suddenly that we do not take that the world does not expect secondly as Bible believing Christians we should not be surprised and thirdly it's not only important to live with a sense of urgency of Christ's coming it's important to prepare for his soon return no Ellen White you need to find the testimony of writing councils of the church on page twenty eight puts it this way transgression has almost reached its limit what's transgression what's another word for that sin sin has almost reached its limit did see it reach its limit you know was that ended a crisis got been seen soon reach its limit in the days of signing tomorrow and did a crisis so she says transgression RCN has almost reached its limit confusion feels the world our political leaders confused what to do about the situation society are social scientists confuse our philosophers interviewed so confusion fills the world of great terror is soon to come upon human beings the end is very near me who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an old for whelming surprise so will their break upon this world very soon and overwhelming surprise but we are not children of the darkness as Bible believing Christians we are children of the other what everybody of the light so although we don't know exactly when it will come we see the event is shaping up and we know that an overwhelming surprises coming up on the world of this morning on export three things with you first the coming revival in the people of God secondly the coming crisis for the people of God and thirdly the coming triumph of the people of God and we find this in revelation the eighteenth chapter so if you have your Bible I'd like you to take it in turn to Revelation chapter eighteen will be studying that entire chapter looking at different segments of revelation the eighteenth chapter we want to try to discover what God is going to do in the last days of her sister we also want to discover the fans that are shaping up even now and we also want to look at how to survive during those events in either through the coming crisis Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great authority or power and the earth was eliminated with his glory let's pause and look at the first three words of the text after these states what questions do you ask when you read those three words after these things yes that's right that's the last what things so after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven after what things will obviously be says after these things it must be the things in Revelation chapter seventeen so let's go back and briefly look at one passage in Revelation seventeen and rather than look at each particular detail I want to look at the big picture for you this morning so after these things after what things the events that take place in Revelation chapter seventeen let's look at Revelation seventeen verse twelve and rather than look at every little detail I want to look at the big picture of a large scenario Revelation seventeen verse twelve and the ten horns which you saw are ten games that received no kingdom as yet so Kings would be political hours looking back that an short but they receive authority or power one hour a short period of time as kings with the beats so the beast would represent a real link shields our the Kings represent a political power so here you have the union of political religious powers the beast representing fall just hours and we want to take time to to show that Scripture we could verse thirteen these have one mind one of these scenes or the political powers of the religious power at one mind they will give their power and authority to the beast so the political powers united together with one mind to give their political power and their political authority to the beast power the religious about these make war with the lamb and the Lamb will overcome them know you notice they are in Scripture it says the ten horns and it says they received authority with these horns of course a symbol of power in the book of Revelation numbers are quite significant three in the book of Revelation represents the Trinity and so you have the father the son and the Holy Spirit Divinity but in the book of Revelation you have counterfeit trinity the Dragon of the beast and the false prophet so in Revelation you have this contrast the true and the false in Revelation US seven seven indicates the perfection of God the seven spirits which represents the perfect work of the Holy Spirit you are the seven churches of God 's perfect work in his church down through history the seven seals the second trumpet to seven is always of perfection were in the book of Revelation you have the work for which indicates universality on the floor points of the compass in Revelation you have twelve inch weld in the book of Revelation the twelve apostles the twelve the twelve patriarchs are throughout Revelation you have this idea of twelve indicating the complete work of God what about this number ten throughout the Bible it as you look at the number ten is a number that really reflects obedience to the divine order for example why are there you let them commandments and why aren't there nine commandments why can't the ten Commandments represents the divine order of God in the human responsibility for obedience to that water for example you remember Danny was tested for how many days as an annual festival ten days why because the divine order of obedience so when you read ten in the Bible you remember the parable of the ten virgins virgins of course represent the church ten was the smallest number of Jewish men they could participate in the synagogue informed a what's the parable of the ten virgins about God 's divine order in each church and in time and the call for Spirit filled obedience remember the parable of the ten talents what's that all about the parable of the ten talents is using those talents with the utmost glory of God and responding to God 's divine order in obedience and I remember the image and Daniel has ten thousands correct and that you remember there are ten horns what's this all about it's about the UN attempt to manipulate God 's divine order and bring any human order so here in Revelation chapter seventeen let's go back to it because understanding this we will understand more clearly Revelation eighteen Revelation seventeen first eleventh the ten horns that you see are ten games that are received no kingdom yet what's that all about in this amazing imagery John pictures are human earthly power a super review of super union of church and state attempting to interrupt God 's divine order and lead men and women to disregard God 's ten Commandments that are the foundation of Christ's kingdom and he is describing Johnny is the establishment of the human church order that breaks up the divine order now we go to Revelation eighteen verse one Revelation eighteen and first one and we notice the significance after these things in the midst of this attempt to establish a church state union and to break up God 's divine order in the least of this after these things I saw another angel coming down from him but this angel comes iridescent with the glory of God this angel comes from the presence of God any shining with God 's glory and this angel comes down he has great authority great out so this change that comes carries the power of God to the church of God there is a revival of the Holy Spirit and the earth is filled with God 's glory the earth is filled with God 's glory so here through God 's church the earth becomes filled with the glory of God at a time when of union of church and state when oppressive enactments come for the people of God but that leads us to a question how will the earth be filled with God 's glory and what is God 's glory when the Bible says that the earth is filled with the glory of God what is that what is God 's glory and keep your finger in Revelation chapter eighteen one of the reasons people do not understand the book of Revelation is because they do not sense the explanation of the book of Revelation in the rest of the Bible and so their their interpretations of revelation becomes fanciful and mystic what I want to share with you this morning is where this world is headed once you happen right around the corner and how you win I can prepare for that the left unprepared so the question becomes what is the glory of God that this Earth is going to be filled with eliminated with keep your finger here and lets the back to Exodus chapter thirty three verse eighteen that explains to loss the glory of God Exodus thirty three and verse eighteen and were going to notice their the description of God 's glory Exodus thirty three and verse eighteen samosas speaks to God in Exodus thirty three verse eighteen Moses says and he said please show me your glory so what was Moses request to God Moses wanted to see what God slot glory of verse nineteen then he said this is then God said I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you be gracious to the lobby gracious and I will have compassion upon whom I went compassion so Melissa says that God showed me you are what glory and God says I will cause my wife goodness the past before you so God 's glory is God 's what goodness is gracious is his compassion his mercy is lot so in the controversy between good and evil Satan has declared before the entire universe that God is unfair that God is unjust that his commands are arbitrary these unlikely thirties and authoritarian dictator but he needs life and death Jesus exposed Satan 's lies set Satan selfishly desire to rule and Jesus willingly became a certain Satan grasp how Jesus gave up power Satan battled for the throne Jesus submitted to the cross Saint was filled with pride Jesus ministered in what love Satan desired worship Jesus experienced lot mockery and ridicule he gave unfortunately gave direct Satan attempted to ascend to the heights of heaven to take place of right of the righteous Jesus Jesus descended to Earth to take the place of unrighteous sinners Satan coveted God 's throne Jesus willingly went to the cross seat in the last phase of Earth 's history God 's incredible sacrificial love will be revealed through his people God 's goodness will flow from the hearts of his people in a unselfish service and the earth will be like with the glory of God in age of selfishness God 's people will reveal his unselfish character in an age of egotistical grasping God 's people will sacrificially gave an age of hopelessness God 's people will reveal an image will inspire hope in an age of bitterness and resentment the earth will be filled with the glory of God why because God 's people demonstrate forgiveness in an age of rampant materialism God 's people will seek the higher priorities of his kingdom in an age of consumer seeking pleasure God 's people revealed the joy of his service so here at a time when you have a union of church and state to establish a order of government on earth that tries to secure peace and security selfishness God will reveal his goodness God will reveal his glory God will reveal his love in eight people who are totally sold out for Christ and committed to doing his will I love the way of an white puts it in the book acts of the apostles page nine she says the members of the church those whom he has called out of darkness into his marvelous light are to show forth his glory did we read in Revelation eighteen verse one about the earth being filled with the glory of God C in the last days of Earth 's history have free seed is an artist and there will be the manifestation of the selfishness grasping of Satan on one hand and the manifestation of Calvary 's love on the other hand and the whole universe will see that manifestation on the one hand of the selfishness of Satan and where that leads to destruction and the unselfish love of Jesus notice the members of the church whom he has called out of darkness into his marvelous light are to show forth his glory the church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be made manifest through the church notice will eventually be made manifest to the principalities and powers in heavenly places final and full display of the love of God there will be a revival that will come to God and in that mighty revival the spirit will break down and cry in the love the world and materialism the spirit will so fill the hearts of God 's people could it age of selfishness and self-aggrandizement they will reveal God 's love to a waiting world and watching universe and the prophecy of Habakkuk chapter two verse fourteen will be fulfilled what God wants to do in his church is incredible what God wants the Jewish church is amazing that God wants to reveal his love through his people he wants to sell transform his people by his grace that he is glory is goodness will be revealed in the world that the prophecy of Habakkuk chapter Jew in verse fourteen will we manifest the back to verse fourteen for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory it we read about God 's glory in Revelation eighteen verse one can we read about it there will the Earth eliminated with God 's glory that was the prediction of Revelation eighteen verse one we read in Exodus thirty three that God 's glory is his goodness for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as waters cover the sea so this earth and in time will be filled with the glory of God as manifest in God 's people the love of God to be revealed to this waiting world watching universe God 's church has been called to reveal the loving character of Jesus in a world passionate about the pursuit of pleasure God 's churches been called to love to give to serve when the highest goal for many is meeting their own needs rather than others' needs this is the manifestation of the love of God that the world is waiting to see now do you think that the devil sees these prophecies in the Bible even he got he did think the devil realizes that there is a mighty revival coming to the people of God were hearts will be broken where men and women will be on their knees at not so much debating not so much arguing over theology but they are to be on their knees crying out that the love of God will be revealed through them that the goodness of God to be revealed through them they will add and time revealed that beautiful character of Jesus before the whole universe do you think Satan knows that even he got now if you are the devil and you were sitting in with a sonnet with with Satan on a strategy session you are mighty revival was coming what would you do without you when it's half told me how difficult economic and social and religious leaders into a false revival of so-called peace and security he would attempt to usher in an earthly kingdom so that men and women's minds would be distracted from the heavenly kingdom and the coming of Jesus that's precisely what Revelation chapter eighteen predicts take your Bible leads in turn to Revelation chapter eighteen here in Revelation chapter eighteen God predicts that in the last states there will be an attempt to establish a human divine order a human divine order that is a political economic review just using Revelation forecasts the coming Confederacy of powers in an attempt to unite the world under one banner invented a time of international crisis a single earthly authority will seek to gain the allegiance of the world under the auspices of political peace and international security look at Revelation chapter eighty he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon the great is fallen once there a literal city called back in the Old Testament did it rebel against God indeed if all in the Old Testament Babylon was a political real economic and religious system so the Bible predicts that W and Doctor political religious economic system not Old Testament Babylon that fell would never be inhabited again but a New Testament version of that in the kingdoms of this world as it looks like he cried mightily to me saying back the great is fallen has become a habitation of demons I want to be about Olivia it is a habitation of demons as a place I wanted me up prison for every foul spirit in a cage of every unclean and hateful bird so spiritualism will be inculcated in Old Testament that eat you in this spiritual battle the New Testament battle now notice verse three is the tech someone a look at for all nations how many nations all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication what happens when you drink wine especially if you drink too much wine what have you got drunk and what happens when you get drunk you can't think right so here all nations have been drinking of the wine cup obvious for limit religious system call battle it says all nations have drunk of the wine cup of the wrath of her fornication what is fornication fornication is an illicit union so bad but one this fall and religious system passes around her wine cup of false doctrines people drank of that and they unite with her because they are confused now notice what it says and the merchants of the earth to become rich through the abundance of her delicacies who are the merchants of the earth they are the financiers face very those with the economic power so you have a trifold union yet the nations of the world political power you have the religious powers of the world the moral authority of the world and you have the financial powers of the world so here you have a very strange you the purpose of that union is to bring peace and stability at hi of the world 's crisis in our world hangs in a very slender thread nations developing nuclear warfare continually and when you think of nations like Iran and nuclear weaponry when you think of it in addition to that of the terrorism that takes place in our world today and how easy it would be for terrorists to develop some nuclear material and if you've been watching the news recently and what's taking place in Iraq the nation of Iraq is on the verge and on the verge of in the middle of Civil War and what are the real concerns is many of the American weaponry that was left there now has fallen into the hands of this Isys terrorist group and political and analysts are saying that they have enough surface to air missiles that they can bring down planes know what's going to happen what's going to happen in the future when you have Syria in crisis you have you rock in crisis you bring you Ron that is building nuclear weapons into that you bring the problems that are taking place in Gaza at when you combine those political problems of uncertainty with the economic uncertainty that's in this world that I'll show shortly any and you take that and you combine that with the increased natural disasters that are taking place throughout the world when you look at the problems of global warming our world is on a very slender thread in its at a tipping point and any one of a number of things could set us into eating right about economic social political disaster where is there a voice in the world that is calling for sanity and moral authority let me read to you from an encyclical of Pope Benedict the encyclical was in encyclical called characters that are today that Pope Benedict the previous pope sent out to all of the bishops it is one of the most powerful moving things I've read in a long time it is a moving speech given by Pope Benedict and it came right at the time of the global recession and so that's the setting for this and I will read you just a few paragraphs in these of the Pope 's words in the face of the audit relenting growth of global interdependence there is a strongly felt need even in the midst of a global recession for reform of the United Nations organization so the first thing is Pope Benedict is calling for reform of the United Nations likewise of economic institutions now if you have ears to the revelation eighteen you should see the parallel here first you have a moral authority the pocket calling for a reorganization of the United Nations that is political power he's also he says likewise of economic institutions and international finance so he's going for a political and economic union that has some moral authority spaces so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire Realty audit continues to manage the global economy to revive the economy seat by crisis to avoid any deterioration of the present crisis in the greater imbalances that would result to bring about in frugal and timely disarmament food security and peace and did you remember what we read in first Thessalonians chapter three when they say peace and what what security or safety so here is a call from the positive to you I to redo the United Nations of this is this is a direct quote from music of the reader the United Nations to draw it in the economic powers for one race so this world with peace and security so he says to guarantee the protection and environment and to regulate migration for all obvious there is an urgent need this is his appeal this is appellant's appeal what is there an urgent need for our true world 's political authority that he does not furthermore such an authority would need to be universally recognized now this is a direct quote from the encyclical letter it's an appeal for a world authority that has moral authority it says furthermore section authority would need to be universally recognized invested with the effective power to ensure security for all regard for justice and respect for rights so what is Pope Benedict calling for if the English language means anything at all he's calling for an economic aim war in a economic and political unity under a moral authority that would be realized by all nations this is exactly what Revelation chapter eighteen says let's connected the text revelation eighteen verse three for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication that's political and that the kings of the earth the leaders have committed fornication with her that is fornication is an illicit union Kurt is a fallen religious power so he'll revelation eighteen sees religious power to nineteen with political hours in a economic powers why do they do that to bring peace and security what will the alternate result the well look at first hand I strap and a first-hand and they are in verse ten it says the kings of the earth will reverse nine and ten the kings of the earth who committed fornication leave luxuriously with her will weep and lament for when they see the smoke of her burning standing at a distance for fear of her torment alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city four in one hour your judgment is not so what is the Bible predicts a political economic and get religious union but it predicts a sudden collapse of that in a sudden collapse of the economic system look for example at verse eleven verse eleven the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her for no one buys their merchandise anymore why verse seventeen for in one hour such great riches come to what nothing now look at verse nineteen the Scripture says in verse nineteen and they threw dust on their heads and cried out weeping and wailing alas alas that great city in which all who had ships on the sea became rich by her well for in one hour she's made desolate so what does Revelation predict it predicts a rapid economic collapse at a time when nations are trying to unite their economy to bring peace and safety in the world I do say we are to secure our economically backward never happened let me give you some frightening figures America's national debt is seventeen trillion five hundred million dollars the personal credit card debt if you think every family in America average out their credit card debt I hope the meals as yours is fifteen thousand dollars the average American family is fifteen thousand dollars credit card debt a few something frightening the average consumer debt America is eleven trillion dollars that you consider all the debt in our financial system just America's is fifty six trillion dollars fifty six trillion dollars but the interesting thing is there is only nine trillion dollars and all bank accounts in America so our corporate debt is fifty six trillion but we only have nine trillion in our bank accounts if you could take every single penny out of the banks and multiply it by six is still wouldn't have enough money to pay off our over our our our debts when you look at where we are now the total debt on our planet is a hundred ninety trillion dollars but the total GDP gross national product of seventy trillion dollars the total debt is a hundred ninety but we only have seventy three in Israel Oprah know one economist said this the global financial system is a shape very shaky house of cards has been constructed on a foundation of debt leveraging create incredible risky derivatives were living in the greatest financial bubble in history the European banking system has twenty six times more debt than it does cash but here's another way to look at this if you look at all the money in the bank 's drummer Tony was nine trillion dollars in our bank 's you how much the United States government has guaranteed you we can't let the FDIC the FDIC okay we have nine million dollars of nine trillion dollars in our bank 's but that's only insured for twenty five billion dollars is zero saying so I nine trillion it's only insured for twenty William twenty five billion backing up if you look at where this world is economically we are hanging on an incredibly slender thread where are we headed where we had were headed for natural disasters were headed for future conflict were headed for economic collapse is a pastor that is an incredibly morbid this is what Revelation eighteen predicts out here is the single question I want to focus on and study with you for a while and that's this how can you be prepared for what's coming how can you be prepared for what's coming where those people in the Richelieu Apartments today have someday says that a storm was coming but were they overconfident that that storm was going to be less than the reports indicated why were they not prepared because they ignore the warnings weren't that they could have fled our share with you three it's very simple ways to be absolutely positive that you are prepared for the crisis is coming number one we find that while in Revelation eighteen there is only one security in this world turned back to revelation the eighteenth chapter there is absolutely no security in anything earthly what is the great mistake of the political economic and religious union is a human attempt to solve problems is placing trust in a human system there is absolutely no security in anything earthly your bank account about right tomorrow banks can go out of business currency can rapidly devalue there is no secure in our physical health one part effectively you will is no security in your home as those people in Nebraska this week their homes were destroyed where do we find security there is one point revelation eighteen verse eight Revelation eighteen receipt therefore her legs will come in one day death and mourning and a man and she will be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord who judges I love that expression sat with me strong as Lord together strong is the Lord again strong is the Lord and Jesus get you through whatever Christ is there is gunning that the vacuum of his son 's giving in Revelation chapter eighteen our security is not in our bank account our security is not in our measure of health our security is not in our homes our security is not in our possessions our security is in Jesus Christ when you say Psalm forty six God is our refuge and strength is there a refuge from the coming storm is there a story in the coming storm God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore we will not fear do we need to have our knees shaking our hands trembling as we think about the price is at doing therefore we will not fear why not because we are secure in Jesus whatever happens in this world our security is in Christ God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore we will not fear of the earth be removed that amount is the guide in the midst of the sea the waters roar and be troubled in the mountains shake with the swelling thereof various river whose streams make glad the city of God the holy place of the tabernacle the most high God is in the midst of her whatever happens on earth our hearts are anchored in Jesus our eyes are fixed on Jesus in his sanctuary about God is our refuge and strength Psalm ninety one you and I need not fear we are not looking where the world looks where looking to Jesus in the sanctuary about soft ID one he who dwells first one in the secret place of the shot of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress my God in human I will trust you and I can be secure if you put your trust in the measure of health you have one day if you put your trust in some bank account one day to meet if you put your trust in other people one day you may be disappointed but there is one who will never ever let us down in Jesus we can be secure in Jesus we can find a refuge soaking when I have some little problems today praise God they are in opportunity for us to lift the arm with a tire to trust Jesus on the if there's some difficulties in her life praise God there an opportunity to trust Jesus and Christ alone and I love that song in Christ alone it goes like this in Christ alone my hope is found he is my life my strength my song this cornerstone this solid ground firm through the fiercest drought in storm what types of loud what depths of peace when fears are still in strivings cease no guilt in life no fear and death there is the power of Christ in the from life 's first Friday final breath Jesus commands my destiny I love this last closing verse no power of hell no scheme of man can ever pluck me from his aunt Julie returns or calls me home here in the power of Christ I say it thank God a crisis is not a thank God you and I can stand in Christ Revelation chapter eighteen thousand San Juan says we can be strong in the Lord secondly Revelation Chapter eighteen verse fourteen cause us to re- up valuate our priorities Revelation eighteen verse fourteen cause us to reevaluate our priorities this is an amazing text Revelation eighteen fourteen and in the fruit that your soul longed for has gone from you and all the things which are rich in splendid have gone from you and you shall find them no more it all what is this text they is saying that these people had misplaced priorities their priorities were the things of time and not the things of eternity their priorities were the material values of life their priorities had to do with the earth and not what happened and so the things that their souls longed for those spiritual realities that divine intimate relationship with Christ the truth of his work their hearts were opened their hearts weren't Baron why what is Revelation eighteen of call for first with the gauntlet of security in Christ secondly it's a call to reevaluate our priorities seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be what added unto seeking second Sikh youth are seeking seventy city twenty first CQI CQI facts the watt the kingdom of God it is what righteous is the kingdom of God first in your life is that the passion of yours how can you and I be prepared for political economic financial religious crisis is coming when church and state how can you and I be ready for the overwhelming surprise that the sweep this world off its feet first defined our security in Jesus Christ secondly to evaluate our priorities the daily evaluate what's important to us is prior important to you this Bible study importantly are the things of the kingdom importantly there is a third aspect of this revelation it appeals to us how we can be ready for the overwhelming events first the finer security in Christ secondly to evaluate our priorities and certainly to take the long view to take the long view if you take the short view you will sellout for the things of time rather than taking things of eternity the short view sees what is the long view sees what will be the short view sees what's around me along this is what the button the short view will see a religious political economic union attempting to usher in world peace to bring a utopian society on earth the Longview look beyond that take your Bible and turn to Revelation nineteen and you remember of course that revelation nineteen that the chapter divisions in the book of Revelation were not they are presently they weren't there their press they want their previously and so Revelation nineteen is a continuation of Revelation eighteen in Revelation nineteen is the appeal to see the Longview Revelation nineteen verse one and onward after these things I heard a loud voice how did Revelation eighteen start what were the first three words in Revelation eighteen afterlife these things so revelation it seems as after these things that happened in Revelation seventeen Revelation nineteen says after these things after this religious political economic unit after the collapse of this structure that is built on a house of cards after there is financial disaster and political disaster in after there is economic disaster and after their these natural disasters after these things I heard a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven say hallelujah salvation glory honor and power to the Lord our God Revelation nineteen gives you the four alleluia alleluia in verse one salvation and glory and honor and power for the Lord our God alleluia in verse three again they said alleluia in her smoke rises up forever and ever hallelujah in verse four in the four and twenty elders representatives from Earth the four living creatures the representatives of unfallen worlds fell down and worshiped God we sat on the throne saying alleluia verse for five then a voice came from the throne saying praise our God all you his servants and those who fear both small and great and I heard as it were the voice of the great multitude of the redeemed of all ages as the sound of many waters and the sound of the mighty under sink hallelujah for the Lord our God omnipotent reigns let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory for the marriage of the land is his wife is made herself ready when the mountain is high in the journey is long in the Valley is deep in the days are dark when oppressive enactments are all around us we find our security in Jesus Christ when materialism squeezes out everything in us that is spiritual we reevaluate our priorities and when oppressive enactments and there's a union of political and economic powers when human beings on earth can no longer buy or sell what it looks like there is no way around your house or through we look beyond what is the what will be in our faith soars to have it and there we stand by faith with the great multitude singing hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah though I thought new potent rains the kingdoms of hell have fallen the oppressive powers of the earth have crumbled and Jesus Christ will reign forever and ever and ever and ever darkness villagers who when the journey is long when the days are rough look beyond what is the what will be because one day together we will stand around his throne and sing alleluia to him forever and ever and ever and ever amen father our eyes are not fixed on the crisis they are fixed on Christ will take us through the price father we praise you did and we thank you did that there is a refuge in Jesus the letter from every earthly type of wounds from all of Earth 's photos there is a calm and sure retreat at the mercy seat overlord may we find our refuge totally ingenious father of some of us need to readjust our priorities if we mix up the price tags put a high price on earth in a low price in heaven if our Christian experiences Wayne old Lord help us today to readjust our priorities help us not look to the future crisis with smug self-confidence and egotistical arrogance help us look to the future on her knees humbly knowing that only in Jesus and by Jesus we can get through Lord that the words of the Savior or seeking first the kingdom of God fill our hearts and father most of all helpless look beyond Earth and the trials of our life in sickness today in financial difficulties help us look to the throne of God and to imagine ourselves there is a great multitude singing hallelujah the Lord our God on your television all-powerful rain on my father grant to us in the days ahead a clear sharp vision of eternity and may we hold your hand now and forever in Christ and no short message from our speaker Mark sent me I am marginally the last forty five years my wife Tina I've traveled the world sharing Jesus one of the great joys for life to see when people can't envision what Christ can do for them discover the gifts that God has given them and get actively involved in service and that's one of the reasons why at this stage of her life we want to give our life to training young people to training laypeople and he really impacting pastors as well with the principles of God 's kingdom share very practical things and how to witness we have a dream that dream is to build lay training pastoral evangelistic Center in church in a new area what we don't have any church in Northern Virginia in Dominion Valley Haymarket Virginia and we see that training center in the church as being opportunity for us to train laypeople to train pastors to train young people our plan is to have four to seven day retreats will serve people food at our church we will build the house in the area and they can of course keep their regular job still come for forty seven days the different curriculums at different times of the year everything from how to do health ministries how to conduct a cooking school how do you stress management workshops how to reach out to the community I give Bible studies how to answer objections how to hold evangelistic meetings will train somebody elders in lay preaching preach on Sabbath morning in addition to that we will train pastors elders laypeople in the whole art of teaching the Bible teaching Sabbath school so we see this project is incredibly exciting we have forty purchase the property but we have not built fully training center yet when and to the church it will be a church in wagering center together we really want to do that of course funding is always a challenge but we believe that God is to provide it God puts in your heart if the Holy Spirit touches your mind if you really decide to make a difference and make a financial contribution to us if you have questions about early training center I want you to e-mail me it's thinly and at GC agonist .org that Finley am at GC agonist .org the police don't e-mail me and ask a lot of Bible questions because I can't answer thousands and thousands questions but you want to make a financial contribution to the wagering center in error you just want more information but will we know which is a media was brought in by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio person or


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