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1. Mystery of the House that God Built

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



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I mean your mother you that you're than I'm here I was near anyone here I would need to go there will be part of the either failed and ninety I'm overjoyed thank you for coming and I hope that we can together night by night going to have a meeting or working the night the night that were going meeting here Thursday and Monday orally in a row and so you're all invited your friend I hope you come out tonight thank you for coming now it was September of you may have had the opportunity of being in the mansion the sanctuary rattling that we had put out with the letter out there on Highway twenty five and when that happened and I will undo hundred and many people think the visit that they many people they were indirect that he was commonly what you want to understand more and you are what we decided that people are interested in them thank you I then learned organizing leading to get it so that we can well that deeper into the regular and so this is what this is all about and I have an especially great no more candy this is one of our staff members many Valley she put the thing together is even working feverishly for the last few weeks she painted all this unit excellent artist and you can see what he's done and I'll all over a lot for doing going to be studying the thank you Ernesto were going to Google the next few weeks and this is a favorite of replica were seeing it from apart from the sky here and the roof is on the building so you can see the furniture that can guide and as and then we're going to go to the building trying to understand how God has given us the plan of salvation not just in the New Testament but all the way back there in the Old Testament even in the wilderness when they lose with dignity the Manhattan building thing and the Lord illustrated the plan of salvation or not the what do nothing to be is that there are a lot of people a lot of religions a lot of denominations who understand to some degree the salvation as we all understand to some degree the foundation and we were we well to graduate understanding anything this is what we understand but when we got to this little failure in the range right you know that is isolated as well Betty is in Bali and then once you cross that is lasting into the future or into what God intentions are oranges people and I believe with all my heart that this is what a lot of people don't understand about the plan of validation on a specific invention the people in the last days we find that secret revealed beyond the veil the highlight that point and that is in any meeting without crossing there and I went we can learn things that we don't know about the plan of validation especially what God wants to do in the last date with his people very interesting very important and I hope you'll stay with us that we thought we were where led the list about how the father murmured here I'm so grateful for the people that come unfairly over the opportunity for us to study the plan of salvation through the sanctuary together we just that we doesn't totally dependent upon what do you will we need her we bring to our when presented what needed we need to bring color to our cover is what needed I was leaning I arrive we grade level we pray and we thank you in Jesus name I assume I will not be familiar with the Bible is that I very protect him I will page number so you don't have to be embarrassed and was then living I will be around twenty five years old I didn't know about my life never even had one in my hand until I was twenty five years will be in it you're not quite limited this is where we would like to acquaint you with it is easier for everyone I I know you to think you are using and when I had a very good thing I'm not actually give you the page number so that you know where to go with it and so let's begin you can be diluted here on the screen it is no history of all that God built I is a rival to John chapter and the number nine hundred and forty one let's even though the number nine hundred forty one if you have you laughing some years now I would encourage you to study learn to memorize and that the Bible many of you already know that sometimes occasionally I do now is not the offender that Eddie Natalie and I have the privilege of sharing that I would like to have your account in November expecting sixteen lifestyle yet begun and we will then we study for one hour every morning with the people and many times on people but many times people don't know anything about the Bible and all we were doing the people learning from the file and pretty soon it I'm glad you're here we learn all this together you are going to be a blessing history of the house that I built a history house right away when I began his sermon I was out there but I never really got that right away from God about ninety billion unfunded Monday so I think it was about his age in the Bible is coming or going to remember don't get nervous I like to think as you know you are okay and you have a history house in San Jose California now is the really strange thing over there and maybe some of you have visited this place if I ever get the family I really like to visit this place Brian is that Ralph Winchester now at Winchester the babbling about with anyone special even then I will not die in Iraq to Manchester when you meet me in your mind as you were interested in that is the guy the best that reputation or maybe that was it little I don't know what you are talking about and Mrs. Sarah Williams yesterday was married to William Miller is there any easy into even then is the son of the manufacturer of the Winchester rifle event that Wonderland and the veterinary faculty William and Sarah when he got married and apparently learned their day was very happy as well and why not you are very healthy and cheap it has anything that you want however little thing like that for very long because eighteen sixties this is only five years later right-wing revenue leader her little daughter diagnosed on this year is the and you are yesterday into a deep depression not even imagine some of you may suffer from depression but I know that my and that's how it was for her he was deeply depressed because of it but that is early in eighteen eighty one to fifteen year later rather than die prematurely of the murder will allow you to her daughter and as you know her husband was in the low and she had a difficult time recovering from the developer having to her that I even her life as he began to search for answers you want to desert on that link she did not think of the word of the present one answers this is where you get to but not where he turned she turned to a medium I don't know anything of you that don't know when the end and you know the medium is not like between the individual can contact the spirit apparently is the unit as well so you want to contact them but I will medium well you get the help you is very you know what he did not evidently she was letting Brad so she went to a spirit medium and then and he will give down her that the reason that her husband died in the reason that her daughter died because anyone who has been jailed and you and that your visit that will hatch in development and her daughter because the vocabulary using the balloons as the unique human in an phone of yours until the Spirit were getting even with her I not only that she was next in United health you know I he and brouhaha is he winning building at you review at the long living room and all that much heat as she moved to know that a California as we began to build a hot seat in the house for thirty eight years not to get about filling out and she and the crazy weather Winchester after all is the matter there is battling it out as human as to whether the outlet of the will go to unite as she lived and without any farther go in the day seven days a week for thirty eight years twenty eleven building for thirty eight years is that additions in the inventory vision she had gotten in the rebuilding she had out of the room in the building check in that environment two thousand and ten thousand Windows thirteenth bathroom and fifteen is the second directly so that is when I okay as well boring there was nothing there as well is there a minute about what to I like that there is only limited only nine feet of net but because the average that was only two years with all and it was long it was it was winding like this when I went out and up and up I mean what in the world you the building after five five million dollars in the house for now I don't think that she couldn't tell me what the house was or is the only thing I will will will because it was here that were lagging her telling her what to do and that's what he was doing this you need out what will that the history and history of this house and in and out the day and you will and I can do that sometime anyway then I went to her grave in nineteen twenty two this was thirty eight years after she started as an house but I like to tell you about it with industry and government single or another spirit and I turned to John chapter eleven hours just after your page nine hundred and twenty one and Jesus is in an area invited as well apparently he's talking to a woman in an area known as scenario is don't you know that I will not record Jesus made easy is that eight hundred years when the sagas are then amplified that I will anyway they went as an area or call the northern kingdom and even in an area that will these people at least will try to to migrate back to Jerusalem to worship the people within the children of Judah and Benjamin added that they would have their own their own testing and he worshiped down there as I leaned that I began today with the people around them is a mixture of joy of the above is a juvenile Junior Mister Israel we might idle idol worshipers and that's really saying anything that he their capital to the capital of the Jews and scenarios the capital of the following drive in talking with the American now they get along using an American with you well woman found along and you are talking to her and know what they're talking about worshiping the true God now that is not bad when you then you are looking at when you two when he or anything illegal actually but that you worship what you do not know we know where we worship you about that you are salvation of June yet when people need to thought that straight people don't know when you were twelve people at you at all now now we know that when I'm gone badly but Jesus was not a Natalie or the you know what you're worshiping but we know what we're recently begun violation or working or salvation is of the Jews verse twenty three is coming and now he is when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and in real for the father is seeking such to worship him god is evening you gone is I worship him must worship in it and in you catch that God is spirit Sarah Winchester built a house for the study of how to invoke below is very different to find out what they are good for God who is a spirit God in the human I have begun we are not here we are mortal the court he is on the present you know that needs you everywhere at this rate not twenty at the end where he actually is in the Bible to grade IM is straightening now not called until I am not crazy thing I exist I just right now I just will not know that something we know is that God is on the easy to see that it is only present on the revival God is the creator and you and he created it all that's simply speaking into existence and we worship him as such God Almighty God is a spirit and I is in a is in the week we actually believe in God we would believe that he is somewhat smarter than we are but I'm not smart more powerful than we all know busy understanding is amazing to me that I will understand because I don't believe in God is the conversation I could understand that that is a lot of people who believe in God who actually believe in God is that I believe it is now better than you and they granted the same way as Martin God how can we be smarter to not we actually believe in you and and doing I hope you know that it is good that God is spirit but we were in God in truth as well as in speech in John chapter eight verse point where you have to turn their you dream there is rather than that development out of that is than the beginning and the father God is gone you know that God will honor the working can you imagine God lying now now so I doesn't lie in every word is true then went to a new revolution in not only is it not to worship him in a vacuum we live LI leaders honor the lives of betting you and you are never intimated it's amazing what has happened to our green as human eyes human being we can say we believe God but we don't believe every word that proceeds from the mouth because they we can say I I really really really bad and then when the don't do this or don't do that we can we can explain it away instead of eating what I thought let's shed let's believe God directly God at his word when I was twenty five years old I had never held a Bible like that and I didn't know too much what was in the IDF to read it thinking I would read it from cover to cover and that I would make a decision as to what this book is likely to be the word of God I read a lot and they really sent out absolutely totally convicted that this was the work of night you know what I did and I would like to encourage you likewise I got on my knees Lorne I am not going to agree I'm not going to the pastor I'm not going to the holy going to that is not going to the Pentagon I'm not going to get it I'm not going anywhere I am going to read the Bible and you know I didn't want to go all these people because they said we have to drill and everybody else is wrong and it was something that will continue understand is that you have an agreement this man you are and I did not feel like I knew I was there this is great out of the ballot is that God Almighty that I am not going to get anyone else to teach me you give me anything you and I said that I read about anything I learned a lot whatever you need to do I know that you don't have to teach me your nephew like to do that with any value that the very well you would like to do it and we would like to do with every single individual in the world is not exactly would like to do with you there is a God in heaven of amazingly brilliant he is as a military member strong lobbying and I and he is willing to go and come down and to teach you in and you believe that they'll try it's just that simple you get on your knees and you can read the Bible what are you keeping all if you really really need it not some people hold themselves again not really need but if you really need to follow the whenever the standing revenue has been revealed he will guide you into all truth and we I could show you where that biodiversity is it you want are you willing to be doing here in Canada in your room and you are allowed and will be doing anyway when you know that I will already decided that we're going to do what we learn right I hope though all the because it is known that their own and so God be cited that he would a straight line the elevation by the sanctuary into a every aspect of the sanctuary reveals something about you knowing the same to Wren we don't have any people in this one but in the same way obviously there will be a priest ministering there is a breach representing the bank great evening is the center console and something out here and make his way to the sanctuary to the czar you know that he has to bring a lanolin in the land to the now what about you you can donate the furniture is that the sacrifice you that represent the cross that Jesus alone is a laborer this is where Jesus made a commitment through baptism is where we were making an actively under the rock guitar again the reality is that we should be by exactly what I read that we would do the things right and then repeat the procedure and it will represent Jesus and Jesus you will need a light and X11 and intuitively here into the sanctuary you know that he represents being in crop he learned best could be about walking over here and going and even then he disappeared behind the purity of the business of Jesus Christ then Jesus will represent and all are in that is going on at twenty five are looking at that indeed you paste that he do in that is by looking at a act that is going on Thursday let them make me a range right now I mean well among the speaking June how do we know well look at the busy that one song that eleven thirty your way all the beauty and the sanctuary now I seen a vital all the way there but me and I don't really well because Jesus is the way it is right here John is the inverse of seeing as I have the way as well as I know that comes to the father but I know that in the nineties is no eternal life through June there is no way that I was wrong for some people who just happens to be one of the garden that is the veggies and other religions in the world let me tell you something there's no way to buy the way and by the way Jesus and your way of God is in the sanctuary is in the latest accurately the sanctuary represents Jesus ruling that Michael unheated in my youth is my refuge Jesus my Savior Jesus is my Lord and I hope that your was putting together one unbeaten patient we want to deepen our interest in unit because he is our only hope the really really at the in the building of a business ready at this point I cannot go on three twenty two eleven around eighty vital accident I ever looking at is three and nine hundred and seventy two I guess I close my file that you didn't quote your every accident learned by looking at versus eight and nine nightly sanctuary that I may dwell among them I want to labor 's mind I will show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of furnishing just so shall you make now the members of the advisability of the building anyhow he wanted why no I said I wanted to diligently lengthen the new sanctuary that I will that he is ironic that dwell there with you in your link is Billy and I maybe got everything in the building or something Jesus is that is something that he liked it better green and better one will then he wouldn't have the symbolism is what the example that you build it just as I say because the symbolism of the building is very important looking person very well the same thing and to do it if you make them according to the pattern which was shown you on about so that I is a pattern and was limited to the pattern in this matter anyway where did anything to in the runes Reading were looking at verse one and is based one thousand and and Hebrew and what you group a versus what internal and elegant verse five eight one two is the main point of the things we are saying we have such an high priest you do not agree who is in the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in a graduate of Jesus and he called the minister that is the high priest in the sanctuary and I'll prove that vernacular which the letter is and not man now amended neither is thank you I was right there I enjoy that men but that is a joy to any in heaven and enjoy the pattern of the one that is in heaven at what we emerge to talking about the priest down here in the wilderness tabernacle in your basement or the copy and shadow of the heavenly bank is only a shadow the shadow now that when the time yeah so what do you ever thought of Jacob is right now look at it this is just a shadow this is just patterned after the reality and reality even heaven and in that way because he wanted to do just what you doing in heaven when we go to heaven by the way the article earlier intervention way represent Jesus 's time in the world your honor Milwaukee Avenue Groton to this it is rooted in detail and good idea represents heaven for the near noon going into heaven and where they are right here on our important that we understand that all okay was reading I think you are right I is a copy of the shadow of the heavenly being as well as you instructed when he was in Iraq will see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain of God tells Moses that you are in heaven eight deliver your in this world Chapter nine now the very next chapter will look at verses twenty three and twenty four there was necessary that a copy of the things in the heavens should be purified with even talking about the blood of lambs in the blood of growth in the blood of know and think your hypothetical down here below and carried it should be that way but that they went to heavily think the heavenly sanctuary that is down RB no I afterwards in the year they are to be purified with better sacrifices than these the better sacrifice in heaven your sacrifices the love of the sacrifice of Jesus apply the heavenly things in heaven where people are Christ has not entered a holy places made with hands which are copies of the true way to heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God oh God has the house and had a temple sanctuary there have chapter to dissipate eight hundred and twenty seven this is the one of the minor prophets is not easy to find you here don't have a page number is eight eight hundred and twenty seven out of and you and looking younger when you have a look at you Arlene Alda where he is let all your people is not you didn't only and we can go tomorrow it can happen we have no access to anything the by me and I would like to encourage you to look at me let's go into the sanctuary happened let's see what Jesus is doing there in what it means Barack down here in this world below Jesus and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them that I may dwell among them elected as representing it represents Jesus so then who is speaking in Exodus twenty five are statement and make me a sanctuary Jesus you know that is used in the old Holly I'm not trying to hold Bible is without you and people who might be more mercenary for the writing is a nine hundred and thirty seven Luke twenty four versus four nine hundred and twenty thirty nine hundred and thirty two twenty four forty four about you that is vital that you do then these other words which I spoke to you while I was still with you that I think most people here which were written in the law of Moses and profit and bomb concerning the Judith is not available in a is wanting that there is discouraged because Jesus was crucified and stranger walking with him and he's darling then that in the Bible in the all you will be in the progress everything that is written there is about me this link that he was not so you so all people is about you it may John chapter five or thirty nine is eighty nine hundred and forty three John chapter five verse thirty nine and they get at the beach at your own then you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me is Jesus in the Old Testament when Jesus was speaking here of the new testament written will and testament then when Jesus was thinking thinking about how the predator that invested in the USA they testify of me the Old Testament is all about you like the New Testament is all about you Colossians chapter one I should visit ten forty five page ten forty five go there again I will be using your vinyl because I intend to do so only by Colossians chapter one everybody is well through seventeen Colossians chapter one give thanks to the father who has qualified us to be part of years of the inheritance of the thing in the long he has been from the darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom the son of his love we have redemption through his blood is in healing the amnesia of the invisible God firstborn over all creation overriding royalties were created those who created all things you did the crime of all things were created that are in heaven and on our own little invisible whether grandmother dominions or present value hours I recreated the in Maine he is being well being and in him all around I will send you their hand at everything around you now what we are no salvation in the Old Testament the plan of salvation in the New Testament and there's a lot of people as they estimate you and I will become anything to go in the next immunization now we are saved by grace but in all unions no Jesus is in the New Testament of the things you that within the last minute we are saved by Grace on the beginning to the end and we can work on the learn that in the Franklin that there is no way to be spayed except but across the atonement of maintenance across there's no other way built on the day by eating the law it can't happen it won't happen so let's look at that now permit a failure to eject the chapter do I get you in the Bible 's book of Revelation will do well I don't have been evaluating and getting there in that blood in the present in chapter two is out to do God created everything in general the Chapter 11 chapter re-created he had ever been there already and have you rather even her how everything they could hardly need in our view like the Leuven what they were married I've been absolutely everything they could possibly need and you and I got given a present something that a situation where a situation because he did not want to have mechanical mechanical obedience by you related and seventy three hundred and with the pilot chart except that there was an alternative world where everything was and they did not enjoy between good and e-mail and so that I am Charlotte DeLonghi I'm at and that he wanted to get in the truck and then that he gave been delighted that you could possibly give anyone he is the reason that violated Raleigh Eagle and you know I don't always agree there are a lot went from the people at Eagle okay does that now at either that and that is chosen out of the night that I and he said that the test don't eat from that and that the judge instructed to looking younger seventeen we can even the very root words right there in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat or send me that you eat of it you will surely die while not a strong thing only to the unique mastery over the past but it wasn't a big hit because they do not eat from the tree at all they were not deprived then think they were not sacrificing anything he didn't hurt anyone because of that check and they had their a wonderful opportunity to show that they love to have an opportunity to show that they trust again is true I think that is a lie and he don't eat on and so they had the opportunity you know nothings changed today is the very same opportunity that I would need to John chapter fourteen where John chapter fourteen at page nine hundred and fifty five nine hundred and fifty five Johnson in twenty one twenty no really eager John fourteen and fifteen to begin with as well people will pay to file John Dean will looking at verse fifteen Jesus is speaking a bit on the lot the interview will only keep it to me that he does it make any sense if you are very busy he wanted to me that he will anyone deserve you know this is not as easy as you can find you that I am I do not believe that another factor related in the now it's just that simple it's just that Jesus is where all Jesus is not even know what you think Jesus allows and he would never do anything that would do harm that will did everything is okay considering you are used by the United netted my notes here he said that given time and everything is running the program income fund that is you know that God will never ask you to be grateful for anything that would be on now once you've got your heart to Jesus all things work together for your good it doesn't matter where that is coming at you Jesus is there to test it is here that it is given you anything your life will be there very on learn all the negative people that belong why did the positive people and was nominated at an even game at that person will be more successful than the person who negatively reason for you that you cannot view that Christians have really good reason I will then automatically everything that comes at you and I'm going to turn it on all things work together for good luck in a wonderful and I and I try to live my life according to whatever happens to me hey listen I know there are tragedies is always electing a pin that I could value sorry and I don't have time I wish I loved the story of Jesus in John chapter fourteen verse fifteen you will need he do you look at verses twenty one through twenty or John fourteen twenty one twenty four he who has my commandments and keeps it is he who love and he will be enough to keep my Atlanta will be without the light on and I let him in that event and reveal myself I would like you to review the Mohegan all year you want to be inspired we inspire the link sure twenty two June is not scary at him Lord how is it that you will many get yourself to and not to the world Judah answered infected in if anyone loves me you will need my word and my father will love again and we will comprehend and make our home with him and your union would be a better translation he who does not love does not know where we year is not my father of it plenty of people obviously don't love you because they don't live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God granted and that it is okay to theory we want to let you do that by the way you want lucky you want to use it that is ethical but if you would like to speak about perfection and I figured out in my mind like perfection the Amanda was critically intention work on will do his best to obey God and he will come short of it you know the book of short ever done anything perfectly what you do best you do it as well as you and all is that we actually do anything perfectly at preventing even asked me perfectly interventions were gone and I mean this is perfectly intention to work on your way I accept that in all litigations before you are accepted in the inherit your sister this is what we understand about the word of God is a lot of people and protection and encouragement because he has just started her head that my perfection the new maintenance phase in the household down without making a video encouraged with their Christian experience and ending it all up in the love removed more wrong I written for you that he am the dream the knowledge of good and evil the they now needed that thou ego mastery you die you can call the tree she's also the tree and see how a result and because everyone walking by the way I will know that nothing is talking in the history is usually the proof of this training is led in three or he doesn't want to and so he is that there is a given our job and got there I don't I think that is in the on the street is constantly working the you know the ones you did not believe you all in the liar you know that you don't need by your calling in life when she didn't it was unbeaten and she's in the course of now there's another question did Adam and Eve died that day it will get better every answer that question and answer that question and reactors are true and I don't have time we meet as you can only be answered about Lana and they denied that they again and again the die that David Adam hundred and thirty years that's true and eventually that day yes I usually that they did you are better than anyone I've been dying to eat now I will yell will have to die that day he began by that date usually that's a third answer is no good than you shall surely die he was dying young I'm sending you back to the will to get the neither is there underground when you wrote you know he was sending them back no that's what it is limited so now we have a problem because long but even as you either I will surely die he didn't die because long now you know the answer to the question in Genesis chapter two the answer is in Revelation chapter thirteen at the time the answer is because in Revelation chapter thirteen is going to be an American living and demonstrated even remember his name and face this is all kinds of the Berliner began understand is that people can understand and the answer is right in the middle of that chapter we're in Revelation chapter thirteen Atlanta and while Revelation chapter thirteen talking about worshiping the learning that there is a revelation chapter thirteen of the University and our unity answer as to why they did not that they invited law Revelation thirteen birthday I will figure will get him talking about these the revelation thirteen whose names have not been written in will my the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world moving the land even in what Lane on the very beginning in the world now what she is and was talking about my friend with an messy and then the genetic route to the community that he began with an infection of the musical at the very creation of the world when adding any doubt and it is I don't mean that he is I was going to his misery but Jesus is the we are coming Jesus don't they land on himself and became the land lying on the foundation of the world will happen if that died that day but when you would be you know the only reason your ear is because the crop is not read or you would not have life will you have your reasons are alive you will you know that he will listen because it was it really wasn't reading or click onto the ground with his people and will be on the Internet every glass of water is with the cross of Calvary if you know that every level of bread with the cross of Calvary and we have nothing that is wrong no I don't care what it is weather dependent like what is the kind that I for the life that I married to each other that I haven't my grandchildren I enjoy all kinds of stuff and I would enjoy in the local we are grateful for me and what they wanted all imported all but Jesus took it upon himself and paid a penalty of the cross and offered a second chance with him I think that from you anything in this world I will stop in the world now all spent with across what you do when selecting one of the and then three twenty three I don't even have to turn you around maybe we should anyway because there is one thousand and one visit Romans three twenty three of you will know this IR is no Romans three twenty three we all have or the none deserved anything and we had anything it vibrates in Romans chapter three were looking at birth when he read were all seen and come short of the glory of God that you are you all you like a standard visitor Romans six twenty three on Wednesday looking at verse twenty three for the wages of sin is death I had to add the database using it going because law debate is going to die but it off but not us alone the world he sent it is not the card is on the will will will read it will be brought and needlessly give you the vapors of hungry again in chapter six for the wages of sin is death but not exact of God is eternal life in Christ you have the exile that Jesus became the Lamb slain from the foundation of the work in July seventeen ninety four it was going on seventeen ninety four anybody there you know your history the French revolution of a book now the pressure of the relative error that was what was going on in seventeen ninety four this is in Paris were crowded with Gmail just in time to get there and not by using what you know man made his way out how he made his way to the dungeon somehow he managed to get himself arrested and thrown the dungeon and widely recommended that he began to go from place to place in the dungeon and he looked like he was looking for something looking for something that's exactly what he was going I is looking for specifically prisoner without eventually he thought he saw Helen and the familiar so he walked over there and everything on that meeting on there and it was you the young man was lingering in the father whom I cannot and never will that night the men he had to rescue them and that's why we were there you imagine how is that he was on anyway now the next morning and in and began calling out in the mean that I is a name you will definitely know and that you have and you will be an inert matter is required or begun he had no using the accord study have to record the names of the people that I know I'm not familiar argument Jean Yvon were talking on the regular I do know is that they are very seven years now the other man you'll remember that he is knowing that he sat on seventy three intermediate three seven seven three activities that demonstrate a level of adamant that while we do not than there is something that has been in the here and so needs of course and he was not something a little while later and he was beginning to wonder what will be called this morning to be executed and I'm still here what happened and the people in the town and it wasn't as bad here who are your involvement in the young than the three days later year now that the ringleader in the reign of terror was himself executed by guillotine and that was the end of the French Revolution and the rain here the young man while on the other one do you know that we haven't gotten and we deserve now we all know that this young man deserved and will you we were all healthy and waited in Italy were the only one home in this thing and that is it somebody else will pay all my executor on and that somebody is Jesus Christ right on the foundation of the world he began to do it for every soul that is all that Jesus went to the car all of you you know that he went to the cross with your past and your presence in the near future you know that he paid the penalty for all of all of it and he turns around and he says your eternal life is really all you have to do is say thank you and your statement levers they would like to think it worth it you know that God is not a I hope you come back evening by going to continue to investigate that they were going to improve in her so that not only will we find that we have to get the NY are going to find that there is so much power in the grace of God that we can become more and more like an student soon we are going to be working here but you better be good okay got about heavenly father who are so grateful for the plan of salvation radiology describe the grateful for the sanctuary is to try to understand more and more and you will understand where inviting you are asking the teacher just more teachers what you want about what we give ourselves to you that we make you a letter father and me to come back we pray that learn more together in this show was brought by Hotmail 's website spread God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about hothouse the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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