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2. Mary Had a Little Lamb

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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hi we are violating John's after fourteen you have violently is there someone here that is not acquainted with the Bible very much I'm going to be giving the just the page number so that you don't have to worry or look like you don't know the Bible Phillies page nine hundred ninety five this is from John chapter fourteen is studying together these sanctuaries were going to be setting a sanctuary together for several days anymore and then I want to move into some other stuff that would be really interesting like the Mark of the beast what they anyway did you notice I titled this evening I have it on good authority that it's a cute title was only acute viral needs you can relate to be Ryan's you and that is the spiritual significance of it you catch it I hope you do anyway I'm not going to take a time of need you don't catch of you asked me about it later of course is an American nursery rhyme you heard in a long time of your life I'm sure in what Mary Sawyer on the Petland and rather decided one time that he would like to encourage his sister did the pet lamb just one day now she configured the Atlanta school that they are at least for once and not naturally caused a stir now there was a young man and thereby the name John Ralston and he was amused by this so that this was causing and the very next day he came on horseback across the field and you have been married a little when three stand that Mary had a Little Lamb later related by the name of Sarah just a shows Joseph does Joseph I can't even think it was that about that I just bought Helio is the incredible you will always than those I've never heard Mary had a Little Lamb inexpensive have you but apparently you have a stand-in is like that Mary had a Little Lamb whose fleece was white as snow I know the first line you your white innocent without spot or wrinkle or think we now see and and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go how sweet how how cuddly I find the Olivet but in the Gospel story I like the Ryan Mary is the one that follows the land the land doesn't follow follow Mary you get that don't you and you know so should we he's worth follow the really really as they are doing a study on the plan of salvation as illustrated in the sanctuary model of the Old Testament in studying we read in this twenty five verse eight and Jesus was speaking he said let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them apparently God Jesus longs to be close to his people as a matter of fact we have a kind of parallel texts that in John chapter fourteen and that's where I had to turn John chapter fourteen were looking at verse three 's budget and noticed how Jesus relates to his people and visitors will visit John chapter fourteen were looking at verse three this is page about FIFA nine fifty five and by then prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself why that we had I and there ye may be also that's what Jesus wants Jesus wants to be quite and you said let them know and played way that I may dwell where you know is when we think of as I was about to see Jesus me got everything about it sanctuaries else something about seasons and the plan of salvation disillusioned this in his right there are going to develop that more and more as we study the thing together now in the book of numbers and I'll have you turned one hundred and nineteen numbers got an added note of this and found the list that you were to pitch their tents note that the King James versions that are going to be versus the this is not receptive to E versus one and you page one hundred and nineteen Northwest that year I was at the right place I agree you numbers chapter two and word reading verses one and two in the state of Moses and Aaron saying at one of the children of Israel shall capitalize on standard beside the element of his father 's house there are some camps some distance from the tabernacle of meeting so you have to try to get a picture and you and I left my pointer and my others to go in any case when you're looking at this picture using off by the fence are from the sanctuary is by God and so on the on the east by the Chancellor and I was notified that that's how I was actually because if you study the Bible you find out that God was that it needed in these classes have needed to be two thousand cubits from the sanctuary and you can convert units which is eighteen inches proximately if you converted out and give it about three quarters of a kilometer or half a mile as an undesired society would have I would be half a mile away and on the north side of my later when they need new this is in the outline ugliness of the East life and that's the website you are not the linebackers outside and him whom I only from the sanctuary now not only that between the sense of that which represent the will by the way between the tenth and the sanctuary the dough is rolled that is what I found on the side where the path of the Levites now you want a cool night in the weather he knew exactly what the Levites is not everyone else the reason for that is because God has mastered the Levites to go the sanctuary and the end of Israel's affairs were all leave them to get back to go into that empty space no one was allowed in that empty space and what it was going out of the question is whether God is the question is then why did he ask that the thinking there is a top executive contradiction it seems to be got there why would he do that he wasn't caused and then he got them to pitch our way to the reason for all that is because this is the plan of salvation and God has a reason for everything that he does and everything that he does and everything that he commands needs to be studied also that we find out what the reason is the reason of this God is holy and we are sinners corrupted defiled sinners if you need to Hebrews chapter four hours for the Hebrews chapter twelve this is page one thousand and seventy one and seventy one Hebrews chapter twelve and this is a very fast in Hebrews that you are looking at numbers twenty nine in Hebrews chapter twelve notice what it had in there for all for our God is a consuming fire you know that the that means if you're full of sin and you approach to God too closely you will be consumed in Iraq in another place in the Bible it says no then the guy face-to-face and we you know that don't you and the reason for that of course is that we are corrupted we argued I will did and got to protect his people said that then they let them put distance and the distance between them and the and the sanctuary is is a great gulf fixed it should be by phone which is little to see that this is a great golfing spotlight of the Bible words and it has to do with the parable of Lazarus and Abraham talking to each other across a great goal as well Susan has separate separated the people from God and there is no way to get God there is no way to get there without being destroyed of course and others after three numbers chapter three this estate one hundred and twenty one in numbers chapter three is still talking about the same thing I could find the numbers chapter three page one hundred and twenty one to thirty eight in numbers chapter three more all of those who were to camp before the tabernacle on the east before the tabernacle of meeting where Moses Aaron and his landscaping shot of the sanctuary and the children of Israel that the outsider who came here was to be put to death I was an outsider was the opposite of an insider and become an insider I know it says anyone who can buy cool as an outsider in other words he was a stranger yet the King James version uses the word strangers anyway anyone who was a stranger could not enter that empty space many times if you look at the depiction of the sanctuary many many depictions of the site where people strolling into the empty space around the sanctuary hand-in-hand walking there is playing with her dog in that empty space that wasn't so that wasn't so I wasn't allowed because God is trying to teach us that God is early and we are defiled and the two don't mix I really really don't so now what is considered a stranger well let's look down I think we just read that it says that anyone that's not a Levite is not allow their living actually goes broader than that if you go with me to Ezekiel chapter forty four if you don't chapter forty four and that's a seven hundred and seventy four Ezekiel forty four seven hundred and seventy four error Lavinia is nine in Ezekiel saith the Lord God now or enter that the same as a stranger that's the same as with the other word we use a few minutes ago an outsider young that they had a logon no outsider no stranger no order uncircumcised in heart or more uncircumcised in flesh shall enter my sanctuary including any more your writer 's Ranger who is among the children of Israel is even possible to be a stranger at the along the children of Israel that's what he said there will need to be uncircumcised in heart and flesh you know the meaning of uncertainties and you have to know about you that way well maybe you do maybe I'll doesn't matter what God is bad in Atlanta is going to be the father of the faithful Abraham was the father of the Hebrews he instructed him as children and all the sentences should be circumcised circumcision was a simple you know what it symbolized circumcision with the cutaway of the flash now you I don't know why in the world of the Lord would have us cut away the letters why were we created with the flesh why were we created that way but that's not a problem the leeward reality God is only using us to teach the Israelites something to teach us something and God is trying to do just that we cannot be that another lesson is that I wanted to do with a flat top and throw it away is useless anyway this is whether the other is the central theme of the Bible you know that circumcision is part of the central theme of the whole Bible with me to Jeremiah chapter seventeen Jeremiah chapters seventeen and if a six hundred and eighty three in Jeremiah chapter seventeen and this is the central theme in the whole Bible you can read it many many places were just going to look at these verses right here is what circumcision is supposed to teach Jeremiah seventeen were living in verse five all the way to verse nine actually Jeremiah seventeen page six eighty three thus saith the Lord has that is a man who trusted man and makes flesh his strength don't what it says here whose heart departs from the Lord for he shall be like a shrub in the desert shall not see when you come but shall inherit the parts places of the wilderness in a salt land which is not inhabited the opposite of that is blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord who is the Lord for he shall be like a tree planted by the waters which spreads out its roots by the river and will not fear when heat comes but its leaf shall be green and will not be anxious in the year of drought nor will cease from yielding fruit and all that is written then we ask the question why why can't we trust in the way can we trust man verse nine the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it was hard is this talking about all times you know that your heart is deceptive have you ever been deceived by yourself you know what I will have you turned there I I just wanted that your mother for nothing in Galatians chapter Galatians chapter six verse three you can request that you have it then Galatians chapter six verse three is that if a man thinks he has something when he is nothing ABC's you know that that's the basis of all perceptions if you put confidence in yourself you're setting yourself up to be deceived there is a way that seems right unto a man by the end that I was the one that will start being first well it was not a man walking to direct his steps that's the that's Jeremiah ten verse twenty three lead I was standing to go I know that I was trying to help us to see that we are we are going to win and we unite we are just at an word we need his help and so he said Carson is the and then the trust that was trusting in the flesh this was a but blessed is the man I trust in God that's where they should be and God will guide us and God will bless us all what is a man nothing is wasted if a man thinks he is something when he is nothing the disease himself Jesus said in John fifteen Wednesday without me you can do lot me actually said in first Corinthians chapter eight verse two week that you know nothing as you ought to be anything webmaster you know something you love a lot of things but do you know what you want to know you don't know is you we don't know anything is we ought not you think there's not a lot more to know about the thing you know best already there's no end to your job is in John chapter three verse twenty seven said a man can receive nothing except it's given him from heaven so we don't have anything unless God gives it to us we can't do anything unless God helps us to do we don't know anything we ought to know and we are nothing now is that enough nothing to make you humble deceiving but I hope so because I was trying to teach us that we are close if we trust in the flesh and circumcision was just a symbol in an attempt by documentation of that very thing but your faith in God and immortality which are vague and infinite infinity might put it that way when were thinking about the going leader John chapter six John chapter six and were looking at verse six is very enough stage nine hundred and forty five nine hundred and forty five John six and sixty three this is the spirit that gives life now known as the flash hop to unless there's another nothing it is the spirit and use a lot the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life in the flesh receipt the spirit Zechariah chapter four says not by might nor by power but what by my spirit says the Lord so that's that that's the story in the whole Bible that's the central theme of the whole Bible would your faith in God so would your faith in yourself you will be to see either days of Jesus of course the Jews had lost sight of this they have lost sight of the symbolism of circumcision and the attributed direct to the duty act of circumcision itself but there is no merit in the act of circumcision it always was was a symbol that they just didn't connect it to the headline spirituality they were thinking like pagans they were thinking like humans they made idols are the things that are not connected the idols they were meant to be simple and so they figured if they were circumcised it was good with God I've never met people who have ideas like that in all his life is the income that would be good with the well that is so if I just the right words I send you this is my personal site if I'm going with God because I uttered those words well no Christianity is much deeper than that in the thing we need to read this chapter to Romans chapter two and this is page one thousand the Roman Satterfield and were living at verses twenty eight and twenty nine Romans chapter two twenty eight and twenty nine for he is not that you who is one outwardly nor is circumcision that which is outward up in the flesh but he is a Jew who is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit not in a letter phrases not of men but from God and so God right here is reaching into your heart and he says I want you to have a heart experience as me not in the Canticle religion I don't want you to do this and that and listen that this and that all ceremonies all rituals that make you religious at probe anything I want your car there are verses like that in the in the book of Proverbs are as you probably know so use it is really not enough to be religious it isn't enough to belong to a church it isn't enough to keep all the commandments even it isn't enough if you are circumcised it isn't enough to be born in a Christian family mechanical religion is worth nothing as a matter fact it's less than nothing because it's a deception that the devil can use and the devil uses it all the time so how is it with you do you know that being religious is not enough you know that belonging for the church is not enough his face full of hope that's not what God wants and he has a church he wants a single church he wants us to be baptized he wants us to anytime he wants us to do those things which he asked us to do but this is not what's going to bring salvation to our hearts he wants us to walk with him hand-in-hand that's what we wanted to return with me now to chat in the nine twenty five this is great twenty five and Luke chapter fifteen this is where we find below the prodigal son for the battle son starts in verse eleven were not going to go to verse eleven and I hope you remember I hope you know the story of the parable in the parable of the prodigal son is certain that this untried one was an younger that's what happened almost in every family unless you win and I wanted his inheritance and he is and he went out and he blew it on wine women and song without even the hard times after a while and he came back to his father his father received him with open arms and they not been accused and the human ring on his finger and she was obviously the other rather now we want to look at who has just not happy the other that it was in the field by the way he was in the mission field if you don't mind he never left his father which represents God he never left the church he was always in God and love you understand values in the field verse twenty five it says and when he comes out of the Army comes near the house which represents the church and he heard music and singing and he thought to himself something 's wrong I don't know why you would think something 's wrong there's music coming out of the church if there's any place in the relatively happy it's a new majority don't you think after there's people who are lost and suffering and dying in the gut disease and about everything else but that's in all kinds of tragedy and there's crime and is there there is no answer what's happening in the world that is one place where we couldn't find a refuge where we should find a refuge that's in the Church of God and if there's any way we can be happy is where we should be happy that's where they should be music and singing and dancing said that yeah but that the other brother comes out of the Philly gas after serving what was going on in the music and out of the church reform of the vision of the church anyway I don't know that he said he was in any case and the ravens in a mall and I was so happy is the money is not being always also because his brother is come home so I comes out to me the other brother he comes out please read him it says in verse twenty eight and all that God came down retreat changes one thing still able to know that God came down to retreat out of anyone these in eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that God will come down and talk to you you turn your back on the market do something really dumb it down and you feel deal with you he will bring conviction he will bring property will try to write back this is why he always done that in the parable comes to talk to that of other citizens of chastising or decapitating them it's too bad you can't come rejoice let us I want to get noticed by the elder brother says to his father in verse twenty nine were in Luke fifteen looking at verse twenty nine so he answered and said to his father look these many years do I have my eye have been serving you I never transgressed your commandments at any time now isn't that a thing isn't that wonderful here is one young man who has never broken the commandments are you able to say that they are see your hands not one that he was special let me he had never broken the commandments and yet in spite of saying I've never broken the commandments there was something that was not quite right with this Christian experience if you look at verse twenty eight but he was lot why would he be angry if your brother leaves the church would you be when would you be worried when she said he and the Bible which a sediment trap with you that all the negative field with fire when she tried to reason with him writing and that you become that you're angry not all that makes sense is it just doesn't make sense except that the elder brothers experienced is not a Christian really really is an something that actually is no defendant in here that shows us that he's not having a Christian experience you look back at verse twenty nine wanted to see the laptop August twenty ninth note that on your spiritual cap near because it's not easy to see a lot of pointed out I want you to see that twenty nine I didn't read in their business daily on the other writer 's argument and yet you never gave me a cold but young go that I may might make merry with my friend now in the Bible the key is the goal the land that will look at is whether they represent and the atoning sacrifice for what he was saying here is saying I keep all the commandments and yet the NASA gets only sacrifice were never applied to me now I complained to windshield if I get you that I miss you would think I will be in heaven candidate number one friend you can do it he's all the commandments and yet the merits of the atoning sacrifice will never apply to never is it possible you think to keep all the commandments and not be saved what you think and of course I think it's going to be a lot of people have really disappointed in the end because they do really well externally divorce just that you nice Christians surely they're going to be in heaven and so they went to the race perhaps rejoicing in the Lord because they thought they were saved you think of the people disappointed at the being born being read the wrong resurrection to update you but finally the elder brother here of course is that he does not understand that being a church member is not he doesn't understand he doesn't realize that it isn't enough to be religious I want to share with you three passages of Scripture I like that I want to share with you three passages of Scripture that show that is not enough to be really just direly needed James chapter one James chapter one this is based one thousand seventy three in James chapter one seventy in verse twenty six James one verse twenty six that I stumbled on my words year in reading his Bible because my Bible is playing games I never had any other Bible and so I I I I read these verses and I'm not seeing them and then I see the words of my stumble because they don't think that it is a thing of my Bible but I wanted uses Biblesoft and I can give you a page number okay one just after one were looking at verse twenty six if anyone among you think he's really just and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart this one's religion is what he is listed as an individual who is religious he seems to be religious he is so related this is what the Bible found that the that the other brother in the parable of the prodigal son was right he he was sure of his religion he kept the commandments of God and then when his brother comes out comes home what is it that came out of his mouth when it wasn't pretty what did Jesus say out of the abundance of the heart the mouth what he found in his heart and it proved him to be not a true Christian another is at three second Timothy chapter three and is wanted is talking about the last days and reason King James version of the this agenda Saturday second Timothy chapter three this is based and fifty seven sorry I didn't even measure ten fifty seven second Timothy chapter three hello look at verse one and then we must diversify but know this note will look at verse wanting to help us get the response but noticed that in the last days were talking about the last day in Palestine shall come Brothers and sisters but you you were not in perilous times were going to be very soon is no doubt in my mind again and then called on to describe what people will be like in the last days for men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents ungrateful unholy and he goes on to describe what people will be like in the last days will diversify now because that's the point we want to make it in those lines he said these people they have a form of godliness but denying its power from such people turn away what is wrong with these people that the trappings of religion are having ceremonies that will originally externally they look like Christians what is one thing the thing and that's the power of Christ in their life do you know the power is in the word of God he stated it was that he commanded a steadfast and we received the power of God into our lives we will be receiving power that's what the Bible says the words I speak of you they are spirit and they are life and they're full of power and failure we find a group of Christians here they have the evidence favors by M of godliness but have no facility audit brother and so that ceremonial ritual that they but no real Christian power over revelations that degree that the third passage revelations after three I don't have to give you a great number of you don't know if the last book in the Bible I'm telling you now is the last book and what Revelation chapter three revelation in the book of prophecy is written almost entirely in symbols if you read the number seven in the book of Revelation what do you know what is the symbolism of numbers perfection and completeness as all the earth and everything in in the book of Revelation satisfies instead sat in saddle states and sandblasting and seven trumpets and seven churches and seven spirits and seven eyes and on and on and on and it are absolutely a complete appropriate number of perfect okay so when we look at the seven churches that are looking at the Christian history from the time it was on the time until Jesus comes that's the history of Christianity and the last church I was seven then obviously were going to the last date I and that's what we're going to do we are in Revelation chapter three were looking at first it needs I know your works Jesus says he's called to witness here I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot below I would like to have us on fire they were not on fire he would rather we be frozen because when you're frozen you know have you ever been called the urban goal tonight I call outside business yeah and you know when you're outside because it's cold but here we have a group of people who are not on fire and are not cold it is perfectly lukewarm I know you said you are neither cold nor hot I would you will then be the one warm neither will I will let you know you know that Christianity in the last they make you sick an indictment against Christianity today I hardly see in Christianity today on our museum where I live he decided that means that you and I because you are ending up in the chart you are manufacturing and selling a lot of the things we wanted the Wednesday and that's in play with one or not by us one thing about the problem I filled out of course we don't come to the problem probably is only presented genes over again Revelation chapter dreamer looking at her seventeen years the problem is why we are hot we're not like they were not cool here's why we are lukewarm verse seventeen because you say I am rich spiritually rich to understand because you say I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing you know that the worst thing you can experience is not to feel you need from the soul that fuels his need nothing is withheld nothing is withheld my thoughts also apply all your needs the Libyan chapter four verse nineteen my God shall supply all your need but you got if you need otherwise you'll never apply at the bank for the night if you need you never apply from Jesus for the help if you're going to need and so near the number of people this is a Christian than the last they say they originally graced with the need of nothing they feel no need okay verse seventeen and they do not know no you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make so question for you all go through this question because it is a trick question I spiritually rich are easier to ignore which one is known as the singer walking downtown America and you need a finely dressed gentleman on the street corner in downtown America is the Southern Baptists fine gentlemen find people I like that very much and ask a very pertinent question they always ask the same questions that are not requested that I decide that's what it is a great question that is not that we ought to be asking a question to myself all the time are you saying when you say you came to downtown American in a Southern Baptist with that you understand what you say to the now I'm the saving relationship with Jesus Christ is the question yet you are saying that you are in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ then are you spiritually richer spiritually poor management on as you get in trouble you see we have the idea that the vendor says that the last article outlined in naked spiritually and that the same are not a relativist that if you look at the first carefully you'll wind out that the verse says that the lost battle no that they are poor blind and naked and to save the only difference between the same the only difference between being saved and being lost is that if they feel their need of Jesus constantly constantly constantly if you don't feel your need of help from God that he would be here probably and I'm glad you're here at the something but if you don't have any need of help from God if you not feel any desire and the longing to do this and to be held on you and you are in dire trouble dire trouble is that I've been in years and I keep all of the vendors are not really extend the leader doing right by something that you are doing great you think that will get you into the kingdom of it now now I understand that you need that nothing is without I also applaud what all you need to you have any of you don't have a need you're satisfied in one of the most dangerous thing we can have as an experienced in Christianity is to be satisfied that were doing so well friends for not doing so well you look in the mirror of the usual mirror you look at the law of God now if we live there we would we would see something as fact let's look at other times when we want to look at the word for blind and naked spiritually where let's look at the work we were now this is in Matthew Chapter five addresses the eight hundred and fifty two in Matthew chapter five disability attitudes this is a great sermon on the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached as the very first beatitude were going to look at in Matthew chapter five this is verse three interesting I at least like-minded interesting Matthew five verse three page eight hundred and fifty do not shoot me first three Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are the poor in spirit I've never been able to hide for many many years could not understand this verse I grew up in a handler my father knew one person the whole Bible and it wasn't as bad as only came out of Lucan is looking just as very very plainly very strangely at the where is the kingdom of heaven that's the one for you in the Bible and he would repeat it because he will he will have a cabinet and I know many Google and the family couldn't go anywhere all of the things I've ever know that the money would be poverty today for your now that he has resigned his mother and I used to scratch my head even when I was a little boy I used to scratch my head is like just because you're very well be in heaven that doesn't make any sense now but not only that you and I would think in terms of being Jesus coming down from heaven and he comes down to this world and he is over and the looking or looking for people who are spiritually rich that he finds what he said Blessed are they who are spiritually rich for those in the kingdom of God but he never said you know why you never said that because there are any that are any usually reduced people he said the opposite I feel their spiritual poverty for theirs is the kingdom of God if you don't feel your spiritual urine trouble we need to know but look at the word now you know blind and naked John chapter nine when looking at John chapter nine the receipt you can give your page number is nine hundred and fifty in John chapter nine John sent revival reversed thirty nine in John chapter nine Jesus said for judgment I have come into this world that those who do not see Macy and that those who see may be made life so that Jesus come for the blinded to see so who are you can you see are in line better now the people who had when Jesus was saying anything at all insulted that evening were scribes and heresies as they are usually if you think you can see your inner light whether Windows 7 and Windows is all that the prophets went into the rabbinical school we are gone well are you trying to tell the result that I watch with you to fit well with the vapors or eat and then louvers twenty one and some of the Pharisees who were with him heard these words and said to him are we blind also I've been telling us that were blind not watch what he says Jesus said to them in you were blind you would have no see but now you say we see therefore your sin remains using signal her now all that Jesus is the key here is that we need guidance from him from heaven all the time it is not a man walking to direct his steps there is a way that seems right but rather the way of what that and we need to get that down in our hearts curse it is a member trusted men blessed is the man that trust didn't alert the twenty fifth the only difference between the law and they didn't have the same feel their need of help from God and that's the thing that will save courts is atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ that saves as much because we feel are needed we feel our need of it how do you know your story I don't know I thought exactly I work in the mines for nine years and then I began reading the Bible and I quit working in the mines and I went a little missionary training school for two years and I year that may need a president not wonderful through the use in the eleven thousand in the meeting governor of all countries about regulatory one of the new and that's what he did he got me out of the minds are caught in a dungeon kind of get anyone and he you got me and maybe present the little sauce according to school a little of the missionary training school there in northern Ontario Lebanon responsible for doing that his name was Warren Wilson and you live in Chattanooga well you live the wild woods is eight miles from Chattanooga and he got responsible and he wanted to try to nurture me somehow but you know that's in the nineteen seventies the endoluminal cell phones in a nineteen seventy some of you were born you can't know there were no cell phones in young there is no style of the new relay computer there was no e-mail and there was no nothing actually there was light and every time somebody took a landline and cellular and this is divided into those I was the first word was that you don't understand it and that means right I wanted after this quickly because it's costing an arm and a leg that's how it was in those days you have to talk to me was and so he would probably upset about it it is clear I've got it all figured out I want to make your way to New Hampshire to the convention there and I are always set it up for you to speak again after you speak after the convention is going to be about meeting anybody get a training network used to do that he called me to go to the messages of the call you you have streetcar legal original and any copies all over the place while in nineteen eighty this is before you ever went reasonably actually in nineteen eighty he called me up and he said I need you to go to the place called Eden Valley in Colorado I advised that I'll be going to be speaking there and all the rest and I'm like no way I'm not going what that knife in my life you will be in my car in the southern Ontario and writing isolated Colorado today would think nothing of it but in the related would like a huge undertaking was a current anyway I didn't want to do it but he convinced me to do he really really this all in one day I left early in the morning April fourteen hours landed up in southern Michigan is called Haven in Brooklyn Michigan beginning of life the sleep in the morning I woke up singing there was a chapel just below my room until I got up I got dressed I went down to the shop less about the people in the young black men speaking I don't remember anything of the seventies of this event Seventh-day Adventists are so right and I'm sitting there thinking and I'm only three years old as a Christian and I'm thinking what is he saying how can you say that Seventh-day Adventist surely cannot be felt right since I didn't understand I didn't understand you know what self-righteous and by the way that the items are self-righteous you know that they may be the most self-righteous people in the world all yeah we don't need to deny distinct self-righteousness is the problem so I just visit everybody's problem so I just visited that this problem is a Catholic problem is that although it is everybody's valid self-righteousness only said that we can't visit ourselves rather than putting faith in God that's what self-righteousness is and what he was saying was true but I didn't understand the man sitting in the chair that among the people and I said a prayer of the note to the Lord in heaven log of my self-righteous and God answered I can't believe how he answered you know EEE talking to my nine mind I didn't originate the thought I thought I'm pretty sure still and silent I was speaking to me and he said yes you are self-righteous and I just couldn't couldn't accept it I just couldn't grasp it and so we continue to talk to me he says that and when that is my biggest complaint is I don't have enough time for my Bible I don't have enough time for Ford my dimensions were rare at all of these things and is I just wish I had more time and God said that crew that you are so you understand how that goes with your self-righteous he continued to talk to he said he blended you could feel the weight of the responsibilities I put on your shoulders one minute you could feel your responsibility at the hospital life as a father of three children as the leader of the initiative they had all their integers as a witness in the community in one minute you can feel your responsibility you can do nothing but great not only you don't have time to price the only reason you don't have time to break the law that will be followed in your own strength of your complaint that you don't have enough time revival that you don't have enough time for your demotion if you don't have enough time to pray you are so right now there well we are self-righteous if we were not self-righteous we would be on our knees all the time we would need pleading with God for help and what could he do in the people you describe in this room will be prayerful like that like Jesus what Jesus was absolutely private it is outright just wouldn't do anything exactly light in prayer was in the well the heat that all he didn't know and we would find more than he ever needed it yeah we are self righteous one now let's look back to the sanctuary that's what we started out with so now how is there I was at my blog pointer how to disintegrate from the sense of their which represents the world how do they find in reality God that's the question is on the Internet if you understand how they get there these sinners there was only one way to get there you know what it is the Lamb that's the only way they could step into that space but what I call the great gulf fixed there was no other way if they did not have a sacrificial lamb with them they couldn't get their Mary had a Little Lamb his heart was pure gold and investigated how he offered raised on how funny that the listener starts walking with his lamb coming from there he will revise the Levites and sees no land he's got his Jesus is depicted by the way no man comes to the father but by me he did so in places where he goes to visit down there in a presentation at the gate is represent now is where John chapter four John John chapter ten wherein John chapter nine so I don't even have started but this is page nine hundred and fifty look at John chapter ten were looking at verse one and never will look at verse nine page nine hundred and fifty most assuredly I say to you he who does not enter the sheep all that are likewise is another way the same as a thief and a robber out about heaven when he talks about the sheep all other members nine uses the game says I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be saved and I will in and in will go in and out and find Jesus is the gate so the man comes with his land the land represents Jesus again as noted by the priest who has agrees represent Jesus Hebrews chapter four page one thousand sixty four Hebrews chapter four one thousand sixty four is in the last three verses I think of the last verses in Hebrews chapter four verses fourteen to sixteen seeing then that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens Jesus the son of God letters hold fast our confession so Jesus is the great high priest for we do not have a nice breeze who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but that was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need you want help this is we need help we need help that's the point of the wholesome from the soul it feels the need nothing is out to him is what he said and so when we come with the land represents Jesus we come to the door represents you gentle into heaven except through the door and then a priest meets us there the first face I see you leave the envelope all the way to the altar are in your yard that represent the represents across counselors and when does the priest instructs them that either let me just put your hand on the head of eleven press firmly making the connections you need to transfer now she says confess your sins on the net of the life and that's what happens and then confesses he is in and is going along to the what and where is the land when the man confesses his sins he transfers his and he transfers his guilt and he transfers his consequences all the land the priest gives Amanda and I and he says take a landslide in each of the bodyweight the man has to do it do you know why because it's our sins that you just bizarre sins that you control the land dies in the center walks and programs progress made by your Pilgrims progress and he read the book pilgrimage from it it's amazing I love it I love it my kids my iPod my son the Pilgrims progress when he was eight years old I think he read ten times and it was a children's version of course but he does read and read and read and is just amazing to him and my sons present day is still a Christian and he is the head of the institution and Africa is a missionary whether you sell in the Pilgrim 's progress is a man named Christian is not is not good he leaves the city of destruction and he said until word was of course the celestial city he's carrying on his back a heavy load you remember how he got the heavy load remember yesterday celebrating that let's exactly right now later that it don't make no statisticians immediately read the Bible that I was being taken away the diseases they come up to me and I'll give you rest how is that when reading about it he got a heavy load because friends the closer you come to Jesus and more all you appear in your own eyes you can't come close to Jesus and not see the contrast how many of them out that we are going to read about the private Jesus is the word is Jesus I was reading the Bible he is e.g. visiting at the seams are unconvincing to volume and I will send out bigger and bigger and bigger by reading the Bible is not amazing some people think it on a few good by reading I feel good I like reading the Bible I read it all the time is not now but why when I come in contact with Jesus I see the difference anyways Jerry is doing well and finally he spies who was gay and he has for others but of course he reaches a low of this bond is a lot of people in Christianity today will fall into despondency trying to be Christians and that's what was happening to him I know that I'd probably does Elizabeth say but I don't know in the story we are lucky evangelist that the safe but whatever it was good because it is not of this pharmacy is that he keeps on going and pretty soon he needs Mister worldly Wiseman Mister otherwise I really had a plan he said if you want to get rid of that money back you need to climb outside on and present things unless an idea I should be keeping the law is indicating all the command itself he has at Mount Sinai but now I just than they are like the mountain is actually wrong like this is no way he can ground climb Mount Sinai to be safe it just doesn't work so he turned around will die down finally I'm the gate and he goes through the gate but you know we found little relief by going through the gate it was only when on a hill far away he saw an old rugged cross this is a quote directly from Devin 's progress just as Christian came up to the cross is buried and was most about his shoulders back on his back and began to talk down to you and say continue to do in the game to the mouth of the over is Eileen and I saw it the more why did he sees no more because Jesus had taken below to the grave with him and it stayed there that's the story that we find their that being a Christian will never sin again does that mean that accurate Israelite went through this that he never sinned against all known listen it does mean however that we know where to go if you go in the first John chapter two from Dunham Ron was on Chris Johnson who do I think that's the last person you look at the knife first John chapter two page ten eighty two one thousand eighty two Johns after looking at verse one mileage children these things I write to you so that you may not sin God does not want us to send and if anyone sins we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ you know that if you sin Jesus will go to battle for you try to get better the land goes to battle the dragons for you that make any sense but the Lamb will win that's how we take the land take the land there is a tragedy in knowing where to go and not going there on a view of ever heard of Ernest Hemingway as most people ever heard of Ernest Hemingway he knew where to go but he never went there the satellite was born in eighteen ninety nine he was raised in a very religious home business were God-fearing Christians however when he became and then he turned his back on his affairs religion you never went back actually when you will you read his first novel it was called the Sun also rises and that was published in nineteen twenty six and reflected a lot of the book of the green yes these is reflected in his background and his bringing you have been brought up as a Christian and he knew the Bible and that person then you will have a lot of Christianity and after however Ernest Hemingway abandon himself to a life of debauchery with men and women he went to Great Depression did not happen the night was found in the gutter struck as a scout and he had he had a terrible time in nineteen fifty two he received the Nobel Prize for literature although he wrote called the old man in the seat no matter that it was an old fisherman television and growing old in any case every other fishermen were talking him with the idea that he was a hassle to get away with from all of these people the officer then went fishing not as well he got the biggest swordfish you ever caught in his life and here you thought was here's my chance to prove my worth is when people is that he wrestled with the fish for hours and hours and days and days and he got to the point of exhaustion but when we got a lot of exhausted that that he was fighting for his life and the men was fighting for his dignity ha ha hi but I have one and now he was going to show the young upstart way it needs to be a fisherman the only problem was the fish was too big for the vote so already could do with either into the boat and started rolling toward shore the vision but in the meantime came sharks and began their pieces of the best little by little and eating at the white women he bought with them without any part with them with whatever he had a knife and stick no matter what to no avail by the time he got his him whether that was the skeleton who even now I really regain his big teeth that exhausted and used that on land and collapsed in the span and slumped in a total depression his great victory ended in defeat you know that that was a picture of Ernest Hemingway 's own life one of the greatest writer of the century about that century with a Nobel Prize sixty two years old he took a rifle that he took his own life like the prodigal son Herman Ernest Hemingway turned his back on the heavenly father like the prodigal son he used his way back but I like the prodigal son he didn't go missing CM does not only separate us from God you see and only separated us from God that would be bad enough but soon does not only separate us from God and also destroys our desire and capacity to know how would you like your desire destroyed have you ever met people who have absolutely no desire no capacity to know him this is life eternal no business now Mary had a Little Lamb his heart was will never falter if we want to place above will meet him at the altar true are you willing this happened worth it is there anything in this world that outshines what we will have a well I understand we can't see happen but I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that there is a God about who has created for us something that's want to ruin this anything we can have in this world this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about universe is like the more certain that please visit www. on universe .org


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