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3. Buried- Dead or Alive

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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in turn would need to Matthew Shepard well Matthew chapter twelve is one of a fund-raising not supposed to broach the subject I'm roasting tonight too early in the series of meeting is finally step-by-step through the sanctuary and so we've come by than anyhow that would represent the world we crossed the great graphics the guys of the estrangement between God and in all and people would come to the gate of the sanctuary in the neck there we were not thereby eight eighty degrees who brought us to the author of sacrifice which represents the crawl well right after that is the labor and are willing to talk about even though in another theory like this it would be conducive I think to talk about that next but I'm going to do it anyway I didn't have a title this evening very dead or alive which would you rather that are specified in the time and I'm sure you know if there was a time when there was no advantage you remember what your member probably has it never was in our time there was a time where there is no family and there is the risk of harassment people died that they were not altogether different ways and so it happened even than the early seventeenth century so that's probably sixteen whatever sixteen twenty five sixteen thousand sixty billion whatever it might be the lady Marjorie found that she was buried in in Barton County now whoever I was in there they were and maybe more active than they are today since all they fell in and Robert invited that the lady was badly enough and he was very live in arguing that it was in Iraq invaded your leader he was winning in her death is not a problem as you let it happen even when he wrote that in very well through the day and she was very down there in the room and I didn't do a lot of driving to the generally offer out of her body she began the ground and then as you get the living daylights of an elderly man is attentively as you reside in Elkhart and I would like to have been there and watch her enslavement to gain through their computer with Elizabeth and apparently she she outlived her husband is six years and nobody got that could be any good she lives in Maryland another thing that is all I really can't tell I was Marjorie about that another Marjorie Marjorie Hopper is dying of sure inside Scotland now I don't know all these things always happen in Scotland and it only happened the Marjorie that is in that I got right here in sixteen seventy four hundred and sixty seven infantry also she is buried in a shallow grave because the fact that assessment is that the neighbor rated by the late Edward the second decided that he wasn't very good DVD got he invented to rob her of her jewelry although he was an occupation until they do things that I is the ability to stand and guess what he was trying to carbon drop in the early universe as you have evidently and she's there visiting to Saturday and she went on to give the dinner Sunday and relied and no one know what happened the defect but we can go and he definitely shaved a few years back the I don't know we gave up that profession are not as easy as written about in Matthew that is being born Israeli environment there is a valid and exactly underground and is injected and acolyte and even seven years and all you've done the right he celebrated his resurrection every year there now and celebrate those days that I think that if I come back from the dead I do not celebrate my birthday I will not require other ever wondered what it must've been like to wake up in a pop and the underground of I didn't be one of the scariest thought I got grown up with I like this all my life and all I might have been just as good as that in myself in a comment and the big review this estate of six feet under you and you are visiting and I know that Google I is you and losing scratch marks on the lives of the continent to the startup and Aaron and the look on people 's faces this article and all of the all of this up it's a matter is in me and this does not mean that level the feeling I think people are thinking if they wake up in a situation like that what do you think people are saying I mean I be saying anything saying anything I have to go to Matthew chapter twelve Olympiad versus thirty four and thirty seven in Matthew chapter twelve is eight hundred and sixty by the way and I promise to get the page number I forget it later and let me know because there may be someone that is not familiar with the Scriptures here are Jane Matthew twelve thirty four thirty seven Jesus is speaking when the road of vipers or that strong language papers I think you the evil speak good things for either of the advantages of the heart the mouth speaks good I don't begrudge that here is our baseline data that enable that out of the evil treasure these four evil being but I think of you that for every idle word men is the day will give account of it in the day of judgment or by your words you will be justified and by your words you will need and then now if you happen to be integrated very prematurely and your life in your coffin what kind of words that come out of you about it and that you will find that the Bible is actually converted and I or whether you will condemn you and I can't tell from your course what I would be saying down there united I can't go into all that spiritually speaking many people are buried alive now that's true that I leave the Romans chapter five I'm going to start a few lives of this is the one thousand and three Romans chapter five I'm going to start a few verses of the verse we really want to look at to get a little bit of context where no incentive I've been looking at losing nineteen in Romans chapter five is a very interesting material on whatever you're studying the nineteenth for as by one man's disobedience for as by one man's disobedience many were made who is the one man disobeyed that they opened their out of promenade and make all all I are you many be back soon and come short of the glory of God is not right in the background from one man okay I said that he who is this Jesus will be by one man's obedience many will be made right on a well as many as received again of eternal life as many as received him and that's why I wanted a notice in the first uses the word made by one man and then eliminate one way by the other man many were made the other way to say that anywhere however the sinners and many were counted righteous as a matter of fact it says by one nine ninety one may draw each of these they were not righteous before and now they are licensed as possible if we started this way of a man-made religion no longer paralyzed will I I I I just man-made life this is actually righteous and I'm not sure that all Christian candles burn would like there is a DeJesus led to the gospel of the LRC and the enveloping her in an exhibit on the left of them are on it is written counted right to decide Arlene that's what if I like to have my the words accounted righteous deeds beside my name but I want something more than that I would like to be actually made right with you is at the possibility while France is not to be more than the possibility the human race was created perfect they were created solely to create all we found NPS is in essence of the gospel is restoration to the human race back from where they are this is the last breath as he does in our lives they are great the polyglot rate without is where we want to go with God is all in the Bible says ninety one basin and we know me and I made and I consider the reality of the other man Jesus Christ the righteous I know they were made righteous he I wanted to be a reality in my life and direction of my life is going in that way as well I don't that's where I want to go I hope is the thing you were twenty and entered that the offense might abound but where sin abounded grace abounded much more praise God is more grace than there is more power and great that there is instead and you might find yourself influenced by feeling and sometimes you can't see yourself other than that promises that he has no power and that he could better than your heart so that you will not visiting more than you will want to stand and little by little business going to live in your heart and in your life this is what we want but when the version twenty one data review so that as soon the rain that in high contrast in the people who are dead in trespasses even sold raised might also add the control room righteousness and eternal life through Jesus Christ alone that's the good news that wonderful in chat is a smooth one a question that wife shall we say that shall we continue in sin that grace may abound what's the answer no way that the answer by the way in colonial language certainly not how shall we do our venues in live any longer I have another question that people seem now for the very no really now the visitors buried alive in the minds are very alive you can wonder what's going to come out of his mouth now we need people like me don't get me wrong I'm not saying that we will never see you all are faltered that hackers will reverse yesterday that he had fallen while we have an advocate in Jesus Christ we have a land excluded by dragging but we saw you on our behalf you do for us and we will grow stronger and stronger and stronger more and more spiritual as we go the truth of the matter is when we are dead to sin and trust that when we are dead to this world when they are dead like to the attractions of the world we will really really want to write that in your heart okay what do I really want to talk about where he and six verse three zero know that as many of us as were baptized in Christ Jesus by the will of the word into now is that as both as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death not interested in networking to get another word baptism the many of you do I assume if you definitely get the word edit the source of errors or very into thought I was here that when we look at that date the idea of baptism were being baptized in water I just assumed that were actually being baptized with a numerous would-be settlers would be buried in Christ until we are so permeated by five him I wouldn't want to have a very out of the lot better than allergy and immunology is now I like these around the I would like to be the other is getting close of were talking about the point of baptism here look at verse four therefore we were very good with him through baptism into death into the note that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life this is here talking about being in Christ the backlight is when we are baptized into Christ when Jesus David as well he actually took the human race learn himself elected across the human race is out when he died we should evaluate him will him when he read a letter that we do anything in that light within he's resurrected and glorified anything this is what all this is supposed to be teaching of his there's a wonderful symbolism here and an better than the rights or the sacrament of the ceremonial back in the back to the music in a simple baptism is a public demonstration of public witness of an inner spirit you have an inner and well you can imagine because there are a lot of people and that is instantly other visual bibliographies considers whether to start a new five hundred sacraments of the kinds of rituals and ceremonies I know this is a family event and the sacraments and whatever you do because we don't ritualistically ceremoniously that was about the only good and sometimes in our relationship directly with the personal with God in the person contracted really really did you have interior and I started I started studying the Bible and twenty five years old it didn't take very long when I understood that there was a God and that he love you and that he had a plan for my life and that he had a plan to save you from Mica and he had planned plan and I I appreciated that he had him one-on-one like them to the place where baptism was going to be a witness of an experience that I already have definitely seen here is a sanctuary that is not enough at the world of their faith as you will will go to violate and consider the easement about a priest who represents to describe places like that across another and describe the thought of God because I didn't destroy the son of God and the cross of Calvary anything have you ever not adept that you are can you know that's what we need to be walking with the lamb of God every step of the way and it's a relationship between him and me and you fall in love with Savior like that you really really baptisms signifies dying too soon dying for the world by himself putting aside that used to be important to you and taking on all of you well it was amazing in my personal life I mean I is a mammal a normal American life even though I wasn't the Canadian life but I think it was exactly the same and you know I was sixteen I was working a lot is frequently used that I was in the highest regard for nearly ten years and I have read and which became my light and Rod and another one another one another as we nearly always and I was just party is not even drinking inventing and an employee of the holding but one day I don't know why God recently Michael and began to put their design for spiritual being and to read the Bible never read the Bible and I wanted to know site become a vital decided to read it from cover to cover just to see if it was really likely to be God was leading and my soul is talking softly entertain a day when I rejected all of this and the in all instead and I lost all my friends and my family was not beneath the year and on and on as you know how it goes because that's the way that's deleted but there's a lot of people who go through all that only ritualistically they don't give up this they don't really accept this eater is just a ritual and that's what we're trying to avoid because if you only dilute ritualistically you in baptism are being very a lot like let's go to our sanctuary model and let's just review the lending again I do know I keep saying that I'm not so no man-made religion nor original the focus locating all the dramatic can affect a reconciliation that had been written with the Muslims Muhammad said he would think Confucius said that intrusion into a net himself cannot do anything to do it is not that we can read it right here in John chapter fourteen birthday Jesus said I am the way is there any other way now Jesus is the way Norland comes to the father in the mining even with the differences are only as a matter fact you know that from the heaven the better they are you know was that he decided he would like to be rigorously emitted light he would like to be quite good you would like to be forgiven for a system that he decided there is a land not too far away and do you plan to review all the way all of our ladies crossing that backspace therebetween in this end and the sanctuary the land is vacant I like to step into that space yeah right on through the development is within the priesthood that you and he got really going to the altar of sacrifice in his hand to heal the land and then even I think the plan of salvation and that I do I even after the land is in the black clothes even there anything there that is the blood of Jesus Christ that used in the agency and everything else that he needs to go on and on and on through the plan of salvation from the beginning to the end the land and I say something people don't think all the religion is not just vote it's not just ritual or not to do these things because that's what archer said he could do so and I were walking with Jesus that's what we're doing this it has forgiven you said three and a rampage and the goodness of God break our hearts don't you think I said after the cross the altar of sacrifice by their next article of furniture as we move towards the sanctuary is called a later the letter represents cleansing of course the labor represents baptism the in this out I knew I invite any new commitment to serve and serve God he only committed to view know why they are listening to the radio some time ago I know the pastor preaching on the radio in the cellular young couple that approached him and said that he wanted to be married anywhere I think that he would agree to counsel them in for their marriage and Sanhedrin that as a young man came to the pastor is that you know I have a request of a goat you cannot ask a request of you is you can ask anything you want me to tell you on the word commitment ceremony when when we get married and the past is not that why do you ask me and I think talking about it and we would like to try I be married but it doesn't work out we don't want to be bound by a pledge notice that you keep this up so I'm using the buses light and then I is he setting himself up so you will be giving interviews about the first excuse that they did not have been the first time that something something that person might you have the first time you have enough to go in your marriage anytime something goes wrong you are going to the land didn't work anyway and going to leave it alone and quit and go the other way anything I read in the Internet this is quote the most important single factor in individuals with sixty I mean people would rather fail out of many aspects of life you understand I mean we do have a religious life and that's what we're talking about in this room but is a businesslike visit and there's physical and I knew the kind of aspect and how many days would you like me at all the aspects by the way the most intent is to go back to eliminate his access to okay is that I got on the Internet if you know it makes absolute sense why because without commitment your and your resistance your assistance your drive your determination is under my there will be our goals in your life it will be difficult for the feedback I think you know the only person that does not exceed is the person that the person that gets discouraged if the person that comes good and also going to fight Chengdu capital of France it doesn't work that way at all there is a God in heaven and he gives you a purpose is to give you know you want to be healthy to work out the right way to learn what we learned earlier from walk across a prevalent globally in every aspect of life in my life that left Africa that was not usable she had ever there because they had been there for years in and we should we were getting called out another twenty thousand dollars within the McAfee dispute presenting a and there was no way having them in my oversight will make any sense twenty eight thousand on the nobody's selling the essay we went to investigate and he was absolutely silent week that the school is going thirty five to fifty percent of the kids were out of from a young is that people are dying of AIDS when my life with the first few years everything related with more chocolate in in the Pentagon somebody died when he can get anything because you felt that all the time all the time you present some long-lived medicine over there and things have settled down quite a bit when she went the first time was about eight hundred and yeah there are about seven billion now they're down to about five hundred and because of this medicine in the courtyard of the growing older is not considered important that is a I suppose that is the Africa and logically think I was thrown in front of her there was no estimate you as you is that I just got here because you are less unsponsored I and we all inhabit my son was the only institution in this and know what you know you might start something and then you divide it up to year two of them were stuck with this thing and wanted subject matter which I will tell you that he went out and guess who wanted to vent on the sign the papers that he would do it and here you can see that you have heard that analogy was doing it was fantastic and she would say that about him I would also go that she was facing utility with the Labor Day Lions without the eye of the need to do this and he wanted to give it you know that the only person that fails the person that I love you reason to quit and reason to quit anytime but she would not think that your own personal life whatever you might have been like don't this is where the court is grand and always define our way to the kingdom of heaven and to bring somebody with his neck all you today some Russian hydroelectric company is in those villages where my wife is the just announced the verdict taking her property to build them and they're going to have her property underwater him five years but he better get ready whatever and we pray about we thought and she decided no I want to do something so she can hydroelectric put into hyperlink requested to couple weeks ago she has for the first time in nine years yet electricity hot water and everything is great except we saw this thing hanging over a week in which were not going to pray like that in the Lord is going to do when he got out we can determine what God will guesthouse I valuable as well and our education and talent intelligence and good looks if the spouse is not patent you if the spouse is not committed alluded that he harry was at level canal nevermind all that such some people don't know what a commitment is something we want to do anything he said he thinks that way this was at the height of the union movement by some of you might remember I was running out of who story to City Hall Sault Ste. Marie Ontario that's just across the border from Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and this place was kind of a center for the movement and noticeable loss of parking lot is lots of young people that he is shopping discount store which I ran and I had the opportunity to tell them about you every day every day to come with him that he had thought and sometimes they would view riveted by what I was telling them is one thing I was never able to get that lets to make a commitment because that's what it needs to be admitted by the way we were free delivery from commitment they were free from responsibility accountability delivery and while in boot rebounds around negative that's what they wanted to do what it meant to be the building everything was read and there is no response at all there is created I've is getting the love you and not so pretty but she had a lot of sex appeal on how an end of this she was living when his name was that he was a big guy with a big black beard and he was a mechanic and the idea was between them the arrangement was between them that will together until something better came along that that is why the left displays like I did make my way this will give Rhode Island and Africa for a while it happened in that regard are about three years I think that because my brother-in-law and the help by this time so I went to visit him and his wife and his family and I spent two thousand five at Arthur that you know that was a little couple that I used to have an opportunity now was the related editor name is Chris you know anything I already said there is a lot of bouncing on hers but you know as well as you are traveling there from the real issues indexes and even Toronto while other network users young young couple as these as you know that's the arrangement is going to do it and that was that was the end of the story is that I like to add another three years later and again visiting with my brother-in-law I have the same questions were presented I'll be doing well another man came along and Chris went on but that was the arrangement and it had nothing to because it was no Jesus committed to say that human rights he came to this world you understand in your blog that he fully what he was in anything a man than me mad chapter fourteen this is the eight hundred and ninety nine pages eight hundred and ninety nine this is the market this chapter fourteen you would think that you knew exactly what he was facing because he thought that the man was right here in Mark chapter fourteen you look at verse of already thirty thirty three or thirty three that he took Peter James and John with him and he began to be troubled and deeply distressed now I'm not used to this vital my Bible and the King James version and it doesn't say that he was troubled and distressed anything gained the present it says that he was sore amazed that anyone believing that Jesus about whether he would be amazed but busy as an added he came and took the set of the world upon himself and you never experienced this before so now he's talking with the Bible and seventy and a sense of the world are being put on his shoulders and their beginning instead of beginning to crush the life out of you Ms. medevac I think it says that in the next verse then he said that my soul of the heating needs are or even to that by the word is not saying there's not talking or talking site when you said that he was exceeding sorrow that is exactly what he was actually losing his life at the moment is likely been crushed out of him and so he said to them stay here and watch you run out of other and fat underground is the possibility I have my passport name and he said the father but that's the names of his father about more or less the brand and mother all things are possible below notice the argument you design is indeed go alike as being crushed out of him and he is unclean and he's talking to his father and the arguments he uses is the best argument you could ever gone you can do any nothing is possible to you I'm in a situation here that is terrible please change the situation on every time I read this verse I see my son now you have to know my son he's really a gentle soul and in effect but as a vanguard that he was already anything I broken nearly every bone in his body whether all dollars all you officer in a car accident or motorcycle accident you can never do anything traveling he did everything on high speed and he in Ali he just went through it all the Hedberg and I don't know how many times I've seen him all battered and broken and that would come out of that of his mouth was that you know I see here I see Jean is reaching out to his father and you can do any nothing is impossible with you the situation is impossible you can change your life you keep on reading the three younger thirty five he went a little farther down on the ground and prayed that it were possible the hour might pass through Thursday and he said father of the father all things are possible take this cup away from the nevertheless not but I will but with now with as we move deeper the how long where the father is on the deployment I have now unless you love you have between them forty three is with the passing of time and not on these eternal he can't say that we're really good at making there is no time during the ways for the sake of human beings we talked that way eternity I know I can't even explain it as you can gather anything for a laugh and what the experience together letters and affection that we can describe can you describe each other think you affected this one up on the other now we can even say that he is the passing of time because God is perfect and I think when we party from the beginning and so will see that the very beginning we can't they be getting the visitor anyway at the time the loan between them was that the inlet it was amazing what would it take to break the bond between the ages couldn't now well within the time when there was no time they began to create other wonderful beings everywhere and even our short with our choice came in an edible and at inevitable fall there was war in heaven and transfer the desert below the great controversy and many fell and in Christ and I think this is the decision was made before then of course I decided to commit to rescuing the human race I finally ended up in Gethsemane does the person we just you while you that will Jesus was being asked in June she is being asked to choose between an eternity of the action is told in an eternity of the actions received back in June the greenback as something that something and I say something it factor something fattening and is being after Julie learned that the other action and plot your separation from his father and an across in the portrait of the important it is that you don't believe that they really do something really is but it was a choice you it was a choice that you use being asked to choose between her love for and I illustrated on trying to illustrate waiting ahead and approved he had been deceived Adam understood what was going on as administrator situation they did eat by the way and she was now in what we know and love with an all-consuming passion and the doing right by God you need why did you need the in my mind and I can't read the mind I think it very easily that Adam is still more action on either the episode on all that is a father figure God was a lot deeper is the creator was over there somewhere while he was in his arms warm and soft and his lover and individualized between Dean and God what really happened was there the way all of this in him is the more effective there can be bestowed upon the present what are we going to do when life genius and insanity or after the arms of you are asked to Joseph God when our heart 's affections have been infected on the world and on and on our careers and on our properties and on and on file families and none was acted on an alternate on Eileen is knowing your protection where destroying your connection on how you disown you and you know that you have actions on the things of this world when it comes the time that you and I have to make exotic we are going to be strapped in and then we went to be able to be that on which reduced over what happens is the law you remember lots life what happened over the that an angel came down got determined that he would bring in all of us on the morality of everything and not better there is hardly a letter that was righteous except not as comes down to grandma and handedness of output at eighty one and out of the anything that really bodies and then go look that you get back your house just you know why did Mister Lott look back the angel told her not to look back why did she look back because friend everything upon which he has bestowed her affections were there she had the starter questions God she had a family that she had grandchildren that she is back I'm having back there she had her friends back there is everything upon which everything she lived for was back there is little that it was no area is the abatement I was out there were where we going to get the power to deny ourselves our action in that day in order that every earthly support will be cut off this county is going to be an issue for between the pieces that you would need or else anybody having that says no but unfortunately for out I will have to make a decision as you know that you will make a decision based on where you install your the any sense to me Colossians chapter three and that isn't in our notes in his ability on the screen if those classes start of each phase one thousand forty seven and I wish I think everywhere I can recite actually I'm not a reader from there this evening is here is chapter three millimeters versus the bore unlike occasions that Colossians chapter three verses suitable set your mind at the wedding again says that Europe set your affection on things above and not on the things of the earth and now we know why because we're going to be asked is whether the other everybody to know they are that day payout you know that no it doesn't work that way it just doesn't work it's amazing when Christ who is our life that views that the second coming then you also will appear with him in glory therefore to death your members which are on the orientation uncleanness and passions and evil desires and covetousness which is I will want to begin right now you have minimal radio no were living at the last day that I have validated the theory were going to delve even deeper into group policy after we walked through the sanctuary is the basis of the Christian experience by the way what you are well actually what you will and you won't hear history and that is all for the last days and what he had in fact the people who live in talking more of anything that is below until then in a very interesting study and if we have an opportunity with a study about the Mark of the beast in all of the things that allow Parliament to the I don't know we'll see you are you willing I see many people get that I without making any commitment expected without integrated everything I ever baptized people what is that over the past they are and their suicide because of being baptized have an expectation in their head that will baptize with the backup writing will be different and certainly not all there there do not have been saved everything will be good if you have a lot of people are disappointed because that happened this way you know why it doesn't happen that way now it should happen that way and I think the only but the media doesn't happen that way is because baptism is only a symbolism of the people had found before they were born again and you think of the born-again when they come back up on Australia's wheat that I was out of the no we are called living something that I like that you will be out of the legal millionaire for that only about and are disappointed with the Holy Spirit because they don't understand that we need to have an experienced God 's people we do there varies a lot it advertises in and wanted to leave the world behind they made no commitment to God following is I don't his earliest series of meetings all people that I feel sorry for them to revisit this topic were going to revisit it somewhere down the envelope of you know there's no point to the rest of our solid for the rest of the story the rest of that salvation unless we come to that point of making because without commitment the vessel he just lost it and so we want to have that experience Jesus was there you know when he came down to this world it was to die for us it and he was willing an eternity of affection coming his way he was willing to risk an eternity of his affection comes about in the and lose the whole thing is thine eternal death so that you and I and going to so that United will test your heart at all and is it worth making a commitment to a God like that besides all the benefits I would like to die I miss out on an eternity of leisure with Marlin and education and scene wonders we can not interviewing at all because we can't give up our money on one hundred weeks in now now now there's nothing in this world without you there is nothing in this world I will do a lot of reading and this is not as hot as such special jobs worth two free audio and much more you would like to know more about what this is like the Senate is www. audio source .org


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