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5. Avoid the Rock

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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I had inherently meet you John chapters seventeen but it is not going to ask the question isn't to say that everyone in the world wants to be happy you want to be happy is that a fair question is it fair to say that that sometimes when we have a choice they were going to choose that which is likelier to make us happy does that make sense to you also I'm showing there is anything wrong with that don't B have you thinking about going and in a direction that the valuation now that he happy as noted by everyone in the whole wide world she would be happy I'll is caveat in there there is something that we need to think about it back in the that people make decisions based on what will make them more comfortable making a more happy life then you think people going to be happy anyway I've never let somebody who started drinking we shouldn't be drinking why people start drinking anyway you know I had an uncle in IE and I don't even know how to say this but I have an uncle who was actually that sounds out now that's not flattering and I cannot I have been Saturday night I work with you he was one of the intelligent men of that I knew he was what he was probably one of the richest man in the background is that he lived in the own one of the nicest houses the only sobbing on the outside and down he was very regular very strong and also that he had an experience when he was young when he was young his mother died I think his mother was thirty three when he died I don't know what age he was he was one of her older children as our relationship I believe what someone else anxiety living with a man and woman who had a daughter about his age in any case the men went to town one day left him at home with her daughter and that I had ideas you I have no idea of the enzyme machine you will was not invited the art will and when that came back and bit forgotten something I don't know whether to get back in Newfoundland and the thirtieth longest letter and they thought that he was as well and so we got the beating of his life well you know he was very very young at the time in its guardian was psychologically you know and so after that he started drinking it seemed like the only thing they the only thing he could do to get relief in the think he didn't get married but all his married life he had some issues with sexuality in his mind like the he was afraid of it all his life is seen as all when he and I worked together and we can work together for only was actually about six months one time and we were looking at the sawmill together and we will call because it would just outside of town when we went home I will call me he would stop at the hotel and arena anyway drunk as a skunk every why do people do that why do people take drugs using some people do you regret doing things like that why do people do business and family and reputation and hurting people like people miss doing that and still commit adultery why do people risk going to prison and ceilings why do people buy houses they can't afford uneasy questions worth asking is that happiness to be found in the pursuit of money in the pursuit of opposition in power and fame and leisure Internet downside it can there be a downside to some of these things what you think I'd ask him although not been asking a lot of questions I guess I like that question anyway what is it that makes invasion of invasion below what it is that help is what I think that that's why he was what it is that they spent days in the foundation there is a policy of every temptation is not cognizant of invasion that would be any temptation you will be granted if there was no promise in the belief that every policy and every invasion now is a lot all of you think you're going to get you out there that thinks to himself now realize that I can present you I had a friend she was a lady her husband had left her year before she came into my office one time and she was crying she just couldn't understand it her husband that led to a year before and he had the flu the reason you actors because she was too controlling and he married a woman that was ten times more control and when you and when you present the women together I was given the affinity immunoglobulin E you are a will is not nearly as beautiful as the one you happen to us sometimes my controlling what in the world and you know that I had to explain to this lady that that's how it works that he has got to throw something at you that you think is better than what you got otherwise you wouldn't go there would you know that is not any worse than what you've got otherwise it definitely was designed that you could get something better in the negative says that all doesn't work that way as the other thing that makes it an invasion of temptation is the promise that student but there's a lot of people that regret the decisions that they have made a few you are you someone who is the pursuit of happiness in all the wrong places I'll be sure your design people wish we could change the path you wish you could say something than that I do is omniscient his vision is that I admitted that I wish I could undo don't you show your I wish there's a lot of things I could change yes that's what I like to talk about tonight change is it possible to change what you think of it now your story and you better leader some of this story might even have seen a movie called mutiny on the bounty in seventeen eighty seven December twenty three seventeen eighty seven Esther England to go to the West Indies are the West Indies they stopped in Jamaica to Toronto I love breadfruit that's what they needed to link you to hear someone like that so I don't think that's a big meeting in seventeen eighty that's nearly a year later it took a long time and donate to say I was those seized by the way England is a long way from the update of that well they drop off food I think that's what they had to spend some time getting more stuff of provisions enough to get a ship and then about six months later the heating and three weeks later somewhere near the island of Tonga I meant by the name of Fletcher Christian decided that he didn't like the Captain this is Captain Bligh you understand the unique on the bounty okay this did was very cruel to stop and was very belligerent this gap and was overbearing and send letter to Kristen decided that he would mutiny and so he got drunk together and they had a plan and I was already equipped Captain Bligh and eighteen people on the twenty three million and the is the for me we should never have survived because they had to go three thousand seven hundred miles in order to get rescued they made it must've been a good fact and in spite of his temperament and in spite of his character and his personality eBay made it that that wasn't the fertilizer question the timing of New England that magic is an Indonesian mutineers then where I am going to be hung in there everybody go and I sure vision in the afternoon he got the provision yet issued by the way not a religion on some women and some children and Evelyn began looking for a little island somewhere when he could settle in identifying the little island that is somewhere and it has been an island called Karen and when he got there the other is in the provision so that I could find in your student loan by senior should buy an island would be suspicious and they say it is about the audit your sailors used to know all the ships that existed in no date and so that the very division down that's what happened anyway I'll need everything didn't turn out really well on the little island as a matter of fact the man that will work with your Christian and lesser Christian and I was not a Christian at the time you only have to name by the way and to Houston they are calling the first thing you know they were fighting among themselves the women probably end of person you know not the first thing but it's a little while on the night and then that were on that ship and on that island only one was left all were murdered or committed suicide he was a man by the name of John Adams John Adams went looking through all the stuff they had taken off the ship in the trunk he found a Bible and that Bible he began to read him transformed his life he leads the people on the island was running his own people mostly women and children and he said that he understood that I will and of course the island is converted all eighty eight acres of it than the few people that were there in nineteen thirty seven there were two hundred and thirty three people on the island is about forty thousand people on the island it actually got to be too crowded and so some of the people decided they would knowingly than some other island somewhere else now and the murderous drunk to decide if I think Canon yesterday and the fact that the purpose of God with the word of God that's why he has given us the word of God I turned to Jack John chapter seventeen and the page number is nine hundred and fifty eight he do not familiar with the Bible nine hundred and fifty eight Mrs. John chapter seventeen were looking at verse seventeen Jesus is speaking is not a practice of prayer Jesus is praying here and he said that divide them through thy truth by word is with the setting of final salvation together and we been wanting to study the plan of salvation through the model of the sanctuary so you see the sanctuary here as it was in the wilderness in the days of NASA's advances in the sanctuary and this is what he wasn't really a lot of I'll up with a solution to this same problem this is all that's about an old sanctuary represented Jesus apparently that's why the Bible says your way all bodies in the sanctuary Jesus said I am I listening to Jesus are one of the same thing Jesus says that man comes to the father but by me there's only one way to the kingdom of heaven is I wanted to salvation Jesus is the way thank you I will thank you I represent Jesus and some of you I wanted to understand that you use out all and all of the Israelites were in fact on all sides of the majority were at least half a mile from the sanctuary that was on purpose a national God himself he had seen in the had to take a land because this only represents the world the magneto and he made his way to the stage where there is no way to the sanctuary which represents Jesus represents there is no way to the St. George except it will land the land is the bridge entrance to the sanctuary of reasoning in there with the land police escorts him to the altar of sacrifice which represents the cross of Calvary and there and then confess his sin on the land you repent of his sin he spoke Canada's image right there anything that I and he killed the land and the land dies for the center of man's innocence is transferred to the center and the guilt of the center is transferred to the land that represents the cross of Calvary and then the next article manager weekly is the labor which represents baptism all that we've already said he and I decided to go so fast through all that now what happens is that many Christians relax at this point I wasn't really relaxing dens across the country as they read that Goodenow adjusted either party never given and then going back to I was not certain that this point yes you are saved at this point in time for salvation through the gallery through the daily sacrifice of Jesus Christ but is not done with us yet and a sanctuary from here to the company and plan of salvation that they look out for the rest of the sanctuary in that is all in all and we need to know that even so we need to keep on going through the sanctuary can find out what it is that God plans for his people beyond baptism okay he seemed busier when you finally get forget it and you find baptism you made a commitment to God you are crazy now you have salvation now but very little has changed in your life as they thought but now what about the old habits whatever that means you like to do with the W conclusion to you are you going to do everything right after this those of you who have been Christians for a while the minicomputer market even if you have salvation that mean you will never fail you never fall are you now to be a candidate for heaven you know the Bible says there shall in no wise enter into heaven anything that before the Internet even as we doesn't do that I think we I need to clean up its drill as the rest of the sanctuary is going to address the issues and we need a very short chapter is read to every meter for John chapter three different page ten eighty one I wanted to see there so clearly to them it amazes me that it is so clear and how many Christians actually missed this point in the Scriptures nowhere in front of John chapter three and I'm talking passes because we got along with word first John chapter three is now due in three BR .net or allow the father has bestowed upon us our friends listen you can see what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us we got the last week on Thursday if we confess our sins he is single and just to forgive us our sins not Manitoba was him a letter considered a son of God are and are not at that point that's what it says Buchanan what manner love the father has been stolen by the then we use unique was done and the daughters of God then how the world is not known was begotten of union members do now now watch verse two beloved now we designed of God based on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ of the cross of Calvary now today we are the children of God but it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him so we shall see him as he is as there is no aspect of salvation we think that about and find salvation I was stressed out there because Jesus is coming and when he appears we must be like him when he appears you see that in the first isn't true is that true and so God wants the Boolean operations assistant I wish we are cleansed of our sins and by which we can become more and more like Jesus Ensor look at verse three every man that has this hope in him what well I mean like Jesus that are being cleaned up that will be enjoyed by every man that has this hope in him purifies himself even as he or even as Jesus is your empower the person purify himself Jesus said it sanctify them through thy truth I were you purified and through that through thy word is truth now is that all found in the sanctuary why yes friends we've been to the cross we've been baptized and maybe some of you have not been baptized in a non- will get back to some what are we out of their meeting commitment in our hearts to Jesus Christ but after that is not done now regularly into the holy place in our walk in salvation without a walk into the holy Bible way you can independently placed by faith you directly as part of the represents and you and I can't go to heaven that we can go there by faith and we must go there by faith is directly enter into the design driver going to find other three pieces of furniture in place of the sanctuary this is called only play and the other party is called the holy place so now we're entering into the holy place three articles of furniture one right here when I dare to college English Iraq this is called candelabra and it is called the altar of incense and today we would like to look at the table of showbread this is well regarded them to spend the rest of our evening were going to look at the other articles as the days go by okay then with the Exodus chapter thirty seven Exodus chapter thirty seven page eighty nine in your Bible Exodus chapter thirty seven look at verses ten to twelve in Exodus thirty seven and he may even fatalistic and more that could be acacia wood by the way the same words the same tree okay Verizon but I think him and he will allocation would too this was the length thereof that thirty six inches the Cuban is eighteen inches and a qubit of their audience is why energy within that there up twenty seven inches high on the very small table and he overlaid it with pure gold and they arrived there on to a crown of gold round about and although he made it onto a you are roundabout and they found an goal for the border thereof round about well anyway is a little table is high visibility not ready in the ground that there is not a single beers too little is going around at hand is that hundreds of an distaste at hand between the two borders that's called crap okay what is going on to this table whether you go to Leviticus chapter twenty one this is page one hundred and twelve Leviticus chapter twenty four page one hundred and twelve look at versus five two eight and thou shall make fine flour and eight twelve case thereof to ten deals that shall be in one case and out of that then in two rows six on a roll upon your table before the Lord and out of pure frankincense on each row that it may be on the bread for Memorial even an offering made by fire unto the Lord I can't explain everything that's going on here but on that little you get a better picture of it here another label this picture is a little bit wrong because it should need to the fact of bread like that and the danger of wine goes on the world on the shop below but it doesn't matter this is bigger than the literal rent it should be compiled and read other is called Babel of showbread and there's right and there is one never hear bread and wine increase in offshore we will do community service and we will have bread and wine serve there it represents something doesn't it doesn't represent thank you John chapter six John chapter six very easy you probably don't already know you're going to Norton effective and red represent something specific and we can what is John chapter six were looking at versus forty eight and forty three then Jesus I love you look at verse forty eight first Jesus is speaking here he says I am the bread of life for the bread in the sanctuary represents investment you agree Jesus said unto them verily verily I say to you except you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood represented by wine Jean have no life in you you might looking at another verse of the first fifty seven as the living father has sent me and I live by the water so he eats meat even he shall eat live by me I said yeah it hardly makes sense there were people listening to Jesus when he said that eliminating into the house in the world are we going to eat them I will be the purpose of meeting them anyway it makes us all but that's not what he was thinking or talking about because it does not yet he said I am the bread of life and the Jewish people that he was addressing had a very good acquaintance with the sanctuary they should have known what he was talking about you know that Jesus is the bread of life you know how we eat Jesus John chapter one early-onset one eleven verse fourteen first of all the Word was made flesh foods that Jesus and dwelt among voters one of chapter one in China and John in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God Jesus is God and he was with his father for her all of eternity the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him he was not anything made that was made in him was life and we read that Johnson is you want to have life you need to eat the bread of life and Jesus said and the bread of life that's who Jesus is okay and he was active for now I promise you we would look at a lot of verses you check your forward-looking address for Jesus in the wilderness is being tempted by the devil and that it was a taxation and he says to him why do you think that's found in a combat out of it Jesus Annie and forty days and he was emaciated he was skinny he was weak and the claimant 's weakest points and sent him and he said okay you think you're the son of God was that I got to do is make that into bread now what did Jesus Valium look at verse four wherein Matthew Bourne personalized this is vague eight hundred and fifty one but he answered and said to the nettle now it is written Man shall not live by bread only but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God there eat the word of God that's the same as eating Jesus because Jesus is the word he is the bread of life goal the second Kennedy chapter to looking at verse fifteen this is page one thousand and fifty seven so second Timothy chapter two page one thousand and fifty seven the system of the second of each other don't verse fifteen the apostle Paul is giving us some good advice some good counsel version fifteen study that's how we eat the bread of life study to show thyself approved unto God would you like to be approved unto God all is any approval that we need him right now are then usually and women I read the human being I don't hold other people that they are you will otherwise the family and that the problem from Danny and Romani families that don't get approval very easily and is not that I've gone out without receiving approval and so I think your idea for that is your people because they never found the ruble without any value is that not having approval from your van by value is far worse not having approval from your golf he is and I'd like to encourage you to do it study to show yourself approved on the bottom command that does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth and so do it and you know why you need to do it because it's in the answer is in second Timothy were the secondary closed after three versus fifteen to seventeen and I'll give you that would give us the answers to why we need to study why we need to eat the bread of life and death of a child now Paul is speaking to them in the dignity was raised by his mother and grandmother Lois and that of a child thou hast known the holy Scriptures which are able to watch what the holy Scriptures are able to do which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus all Scripture is not a fact is given by inspiration of God and profitable for doctrine and recruitment correction and instruction of righteous in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect while thoroughly furnished unto all good works and so you and I can be thoroughly furnished unto all good works perfect in Jesus Christ by studying the word and that's the point of the bread of life that's why God instituted what God wants for his people were in violation of the cross and we can appreciate the salvation that we haven't across the alive spiritual life is not simply to be maintain spiritual life should be should be performed should be we should gradually fit the job we should strengthen in our spiritual don't you think so yes yes just like in our physical life is there's no way to grow unless we eat and so spiritually is the same thing there's no way to grow unless we need spiritual food and you get noticed people don't study the Bible they shrank spiritually and you can see it they retrograde in their spiritual experience and presumed out the door because they don't want anything to do with and they lost their experience then the word of that bring change yes it can and I want you to see something in Matthew chapter rate this estate eight hundred and fifty five this is one of my favorite stories I use it all the time when the lifestyle guess that come to Eden Valley you're in Matthew chapter eight is a fantastic story and I hope I can bring it across were not to generate were looking at verse five and when Jesus and when Jesus entered Lahore was entered into Capernaum big-game hunting in the century and beseeching him what the century and very live music didn't know her better in any case of a hundred troops that's a century now is that we let our strongmen and not only that he's okay with this answer is that he comes from a pagan background we have either a pagan Roman soldier commander of a hundred men need not to get he's a strong man we need to get that picture because of what happens after this by the way I study with the pagan Roman soldier the underdogs of the all the background nonetheless if you look at versus what he said here he comes to Jesus and he says he and Margaret my servant live at home state of the policy grievously tormented and you visit EMI will come and heal him unless I relaxes between the time that the estimates are requesting Jesus answers the request how much time elapsed time is immediate operands listen to Jesus response to pagan Rome is that quickly I suppose you'll respond to you you have faith you have as much as the pagan Roman soldier now all if we have faith Jesus could do so much more for really really if a chariot answered and said Lord I'm not worried about a noteworthy as you should come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be you see something here this is amazing this is the century and the pagan Roman soldier understood who Jesus was the pagan Roman soldier knew that Jesus was God 's will have to come to my house you stay right here on regardless say the word of my servant shall be healed now that's a lot of power and event understood this is an amazing obvious is that Jesus had come down from heaven had come to his chosen people the Israelites and his own received him not John chapter one verse eleven his own received him not by the pagan Roman soldier knew exactly who he was the Israelites didn't know who he was is not amazing as in fact even Jesus was amazed now I don't know how you can test Jesus by surprise but this guy your and he explained what he meant he illustrated when demanding the I will abandon their authority these vendors on behalf of the ongoing development of the company found that my servant is any doubt that he had been in my word just like you matters you have children using your children doing is putting you on your word right now maybe not as much as a soldier without I was in my diseases without users as well now so he understood Jesus was surprised reversing and when Jesus heard it he marveled and you can see marble etc. then that followed verily I say that you are not I was always late in Israel I came down to my baby my people I look for a everywhere and I found that over there over there and Roman soldier he had faith that what I was looking for and he was blown away and noticed the indictment after that varies is in heaven and I said to you that many shall come from the East in the West Dan Celsius down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven many people are going to be in the kingdom of heaven but watching out for the children of the kingdom the church members all shall be cast out into other darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing is not a sad indictment they can almost not want to be injured on the logo go there now now we want to be part of God 's family don't we yes yes but we want to be part of that family that movies like this I believe if you look at the last verse verse thirteen Jesus said that his injury and go your way as you have believed will be done unto you and his servant was healed that selfsame hour I must get a couple of verses that I had in that sermon I just wanted value to you and reading the Bible and us twenty five years old and down I read through cover to cover and I would make a decision as to whether the Bible was likely that it was the word of God it didn't take very long within a couple weeks I knew that it was true in the very first thread I pray I got on my knees and I gave my heart to the Lord I'm going to have a little story later on about that also but this is one of the prayers that I pray you see I had problems in my life like everybody has problems in their life I had an addiction in my life that everyone might have some kind of addiction some kind of habit you understand that I just couldn't shake and I have decided I had prayed and will know that I write I had been identified and I had tried and I tried to overcome this issue in my life and there was just no overcoming now I'm reading the Bible and finally I found I come to realize that God against the old and the other was into existence by just speaking it and I thought man that's a lot of our of you ever looked into the universe the universe I've never seen one of these astrologers bratwurst rather you know ourselves and show you how huge the University has never seen a doctor for the microscope and show you how huge the University of the in my in the building as I began to realize the power it is my first breath I got on my knees and I said that I get myself to you by the problem and I tried and I tried and I can't shake this brand is nothing I can do with it I believe I believe you created a you will and I believe that you cannot mean and so I said I'm going to try one more time but I can't do it if you don't help me what you think that was the of that amazing now if God does something like that for you you think you can do other things for you you think I ever forgot that he feared by the way that was like thirty nine years ago I came from a large family I grew up in a Catholic called and the English Canadian family we had eight children in our home I was when I was sixteen years old rate and that was the end of my education I went lobbying for a couple of years by the way of loving without uncle is telling you about and and I love these mice with human and his enzyme Yellin and together we went to another login shell we spent another more than a year there logging and that eighteen years old because my father worked in the mines all his life he got me into the mind that was my goal to be a minor I spent nine and that he is underground in the nickel and copper mine idea got married house before I was twenty the money was put in the mind-boggling at twenty .net eight had three kids I intended to read the Bible although it is where government and their favorite usually greatly you recognize that Michigan all that well Lake Michigan near anyway very greatly and this year part from this line here is that the bottom line the border between America and the and this is over the northern Canada well enough to me by thirty one beyond anything really really okay in Ontario in Canada him they read the Bible from cover to cover before I make a decision to resign was convicted of my needed two weeks later I didn't put another way also I said Rod I'm twenty five years old plenty of time on these and other time I'd ever said something like that public don't think anyway I communicated with me and he said he will not have another jazz and I thought I doesn't make any sense and so I decided arguing with God I hope this will be unrelenting in the let me abundantly by developers around thirty five anyway seem to me like there was plenty of time that you will not have another child I didn't understand what was going on because I understood that it was God that was speaking to me I give my heart to him and I never turn no I am so grateful to regular equity before I was working in the minds and value now is probably not easy to understand if you've never worked in the life you can't know the language but I was working in what was called the seal stole not know what that is but try to explain both the iPod and I were drilling a title IX by nine in granite okay so nine feet by nine feet finally granite and we're going to do nobody when we get your body we crossed it it was the TV and then we were supposed to go or even a half feet high and rising the length I'll be out of me the body of the unit was going there in the first class in the name is called the store when it is anyways call the syllabus like Virgin now okay now what happens as you go through the business they need to be thousands of the advantage is not always easy to do it two hundred fifty feet off two hundred fifty feet down a glass of and him will him and then we can minute from underneath your understands the job to do this but this place was that there was sandstone mixed in with Igor and is and is not it doesn't it doesn't it is like a mountain is very vendors this media was run by audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than the visit www. on universal .org


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