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7. What are You Doing Under a Bushel

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



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and I'm glad to hear nice to see every one of you this evening message is called what are you doing under a bushel I could internally need to exit this chapter three and Exodus chapter three in the verse in the Bible it says in the beginning God created the heavens of your it does not say please know this they in the beginning God as God has no beginning because at the beginning came with God 's creation and I had already created we are told was very very good because there was no beginning because God himself eternal he knew what happened to his creation because God does not exist in the realm of time that the federal valuations in Exodus chapter three I've had to turn God called himself the great I am well aware of the great is not there let look at verse fourteen together and got sentimental is that here's the story of course nihilism that he get any of the bounty dinner water shepherd for these forty years and one day using that deals with the issue and he comes to a tree to burning wood the burning bush that this is voting for the Bush is not burning this land surrounding it with a better Bush is not disintegrating all and so Moses is trying to see what going on and how the patient was found in the voice of God and God said I have appointed you to go back to Egypt and to deliver these people now Moses is leading them so now you know how my going to do that I'm going over there and just show up and Xavier I am under to deliver you the people who are disabled in your widower who sent you and so that is his passion for God little and I'm going to tell these people that need so that the well we see the setting is fourteen and God said to Moses I am that I am and he said this shall say unto the children of Israel I am has sent me okay God is the great eternal one he encompasses all Ohioans I know he was at once in the regular in the past way you live your journey exist presently today there are enough I was going to happen in the future is only when he created the very elusive I would believe that he would make a level of insight he knew that the Angels would follow after Lucifer he knew that on here out of many we would doubt that it would believe the circlet inset and so that leaves us with an amazing question that we need to ask ourselves if God knew all of that why do he allow events to develop as you get why he allow rebellion now I will be in heaven nor did the generation of the race is happening here on our website for our pain and suffering and sorrow in crime and disaster cannot value and I don't know I guess maybe will not be answered by the eleven understanding as we go to find it hard to believe but the reason the reason God allows all of this is because God needed a happen that way you see God created all intelligent beings with our joy he made all of his intelligent beings free moral agents not only have the power to choose between whether they would eat an apple or an orange they are the also gave them the power to choose between right and wrong but the only otherwise there will no longer was only a right there was no way for them to demonstrate their love for God there was no way to rebel and so God gave them the what do I need none frame Arlington and he organized this is the vital byways of these people were not already living about how to login anywhere should be allowed also it means you are telling us they should be allowed to rebel against him as well now listen I did not want in the redoubt I did not organize it so that they would rebel but he didn't give them the power choice think my minute of the odds were against God created only one being with the power choice and any eternity of time what are the odds that that one person would totally with the power of choice to choose against God at least once in an eternity of time without is not inevitable but is almost inevitable listen God did not create just one being a green onions upon millions of being so then now what are the that one would decide to use it outdoors to rebel against the given that he has all the freedom to do so and given that he had been a journey of an eternity of time in which to do so you see it had become embeddable and globular my friends God you get it universe needed you and I needed it and because when it's all over whenever any being of God eternal life whenever the every being that we are getting turned alike will all that said you started with that and go wonderfully great and good even though I'll the being that will be bound in heaven and have eternal life will still have the pop charts will still need three more related they will never again choose to hurt God and to disobey him thought he jetted out and they haven't chapter one a.m. Chapter one were to look at in the mayhem chapter are well at their elimination against the Lord he will make an end of the collegian and you and me will make another and a collection shall not rise up the second time why because God has allowed me to reveal itself delete or what it is and God has also revealed himself and his written output quality rate similarly that when it comes to that point inside the universe at that point are going to say God is good and bad and we learned word just not going to go there again ever in fact this is what causes sanctuaries contrived you just the sanctuary was created by God for the very purpose of solving this skin problem identity out there defense out there in what is represented by what was represented by their independent sovereign lesbians I have done something wrong that somebody takes a lab with Yemeni glosses that right now and that's basically it says in the sanctuary or between the world and go where no man single-handedly set there be abridged that grace is Jesus Christ as well as patient lamp and he finds his way to go classes that could help you keep out the door the sanctuary center is rep that represents Jesus also uses that I am the easement at the door with a brief agrees represents Jesus do that recently him to the altar of sacrifice and then confesses his sins he just rolled he transfers his hands through the innocent lamb of God and by dissolving the night but it is in each of the Lamb of God that represents Jesus dying on the cross of Calvary the great promise in the Bible is an event will confess his sins God is able and just people given using the non- and not only that cleanse him from all unrighteousness and they the letter that's what represents the labor represented clanging of the man he also represents the man making a commitment to insult you and Kevin and his friend and I think that the hotel rate Liz and he is not only changed ESA can wholly sanctified he say that he is not really like Jesus is our desire to move on from the labor and entered into the holy place of the sanctuary and I think I got all English represents heaven and we really can't get there when he enters the holy place of the sanctuary he finds there the table of showbread which represents of course the bread of life Jesus said I am the bread of love and friends there is like in that he don't believe it then try to go without eating for some time anyone is soon find out that you cannot live without eating is spiritually and shall not live by bread only but by every word that he out of them out about it and that is of the sanctuary there is also a golden altar which is also called the incident that may arise as many as written by the incense of Christ righteousness is the spiritual life and reading using the physical light how long can a person live without reading them not very long at all impressed people are dying spiritually because the brain the only violent that of course is they do not feel that fittingly and because they don't even physically they think everything alright is all right well usually they are the logical gradually dying inside today we want to look at the thirties of furniture in the holy place of the sanctuary and is called candlestick the purpose or candlestick in the sanctuary or anywhere else that letter well Christian or used to give light inside the sanctuary the sanctuary has a roof on it it will the window and navigate these very curtain and then at the end they're not doing that he will know when you're realizing there is exactly in please send general statement and the like would be reflecting all over the wall of the room it must've been an amazingly well what is the significance of life usually your time reading John chapter eight with eleven John chapter eight and was well let's go to recant John chapter eight and were looking at well read here then state Jesus again unto them saying I am the light of the world he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life FriendFeed you want to live life successfully litigated a little bit of advice here comes directly from the Bible Jesus himself as I am the light of the world finally finally you get all that O'Neill do without them he will succeed in life I guarantee it and I'm here to say that this is so happy and I appreciate Jesus Christ only not many people in the world does Jesus enlighten you might find his estranged a strange concept but the Bible actually says that every single person in the world is receiving light from Jesus if we go to John chapter one hundred twenty two John chapter one and we're going to find where it says that concept one look at verse nine and knew we had John the Baptist look to meet John Doe ventilator that John the one are well developed John said that was not a Jesus that was the true light which liked every man that comes into the world on the net in light of Jesus every single men in the world now is not amazing will the name of Jesus their people in the well known nothing about that and Yankees is going to be there I give this claims to communicate with them Gina is that I will often need anything other than digital now they may never turn his name when they know right from wrong and is at least introduced communicating Jesus Christ to these people and if they are responsive to the impressions that the Holy Spirit is making other life it's amazing to me but there will be people in heaven who have never entered a name of Jesus who have never participated in religious ceremonies and rituals will be in the kingdom because they were responsive to the spirit of God at the Spirit of God was communicating we their minds and with the heart and it will be just according the a and given just like we are now the symbolism of right angles other than that and will continue to look at this time with me to Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one the book of Revelation is about the symbols you all know that an were looking at more symbols right here in Revelation chapter one verses two thirteen about the candlestick part of the light and John will note the operative the book of revelations that I turned to see the best date with me and being turned I saw seven candle seven golden candlesticks and in the middle next of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man that represents Jesus cry when the time is now Google and read about the path with a golden kernels so here we have Jesus standing on this in the middle of the seven candlesticks what do the seven candlesticks represent well read listen the final answers every question that you can ask about it about what it has to do as you might question in the Bible that you need an answer to all the commentaries that will looking to breed your dog looking other places you notified as you know going other places but the panel used the interpreter I have a egg and answered every question you might ask about and so inverse when he was still in Revelation chapter one the question is nowadays several states represent neither the answer is inverse going the three of the seven stars which you saw in my right hand and the seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven candlesticks which you saw out of the seven churches and that's who they represent and so the candlesticks that are ideas that used to be in the sanctuary here on earth the sanctuary that both of them represented the people the churches that should exist later on so Jesus the light of the world sheds light to the kennel and the candlesticks are meant to be the charges which satellite onto the well grounded me to Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five looking at verses fourteen to sixteen in Matthew chapter five Matthew five fourteen to sixteen you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be needed and then a height of a candle and put it under a bushel but they put it on a candlestick and it gives light unto all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven and I want you to notice here it says let your light shine is other than making the right side of Ezekiel received the product you received Jesus Christ through his work and you will you will you hire them and you don't have to make it shine you shine automatically because Jesus is in there where Jesus was he made an impact he can make an impact in the well being in you if you Asian step three now we're going to repeat and secretary were going to access to this writer that the church is meant to be a light of the world Ephesians chapter two were living at verses eight to eleven the agents chapter two all the king said unto me when less than the least of our site notice I always feel himself to be less than all the sites unto me is this grace given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ what a privilege what a blessing when an opportunity Paul had he had the opportunity of presenting Jesus Christ of Lolo Karen that are not horror charge that's what God wants us to do that's what we want to do also enter the admin Sievers nine what is the fellowship of the mystery which the beginning of the well has been hidden in God who created all things by Jesus Christ to the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church known as the church the manifold wisdom of God God has an intention to make known by the church the wonderful riches and wisdom of God according to the eternal purpose which he put us in Christ Jesus our Lord so very why in God 's purpose all along that the candlesticks represent God seated in the light of the world and then he said turning to us he said you also have to be lights in the world and I will take possession of your heart and the like that is if you will well outside my chapter sixteen regarding my chapters again looking at really need and use the great commission viewing me because we are deemed to be the light of the world was named in my chapter sixteen and he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the gospel claim the good news to every creature that I the great commission but now listen we need to become practical about this thing but people who like to eat your food would like to drink what you have in the refrigerator could logically space on the couch like to sleep in the event that you all like to take up your time but they don't like to work on the Atlanta had a brother-in-law like that have you ever met someone yesterday but they don't like to get walkways are people like that who call themselves Christian they eaten as the reader will be great eloquence as I believe they are strengthened spiritually at this they don't use as usual I was the help others to win them to Christ the radio to become like Jesus we need not only to read the word of God into great man we need all to go with that which God has given us because we are the light of the world to share with others that love God we cannot neglect any of these and remain doubts at the numbers chapter that I want to share with you something that I just discovered lately I had seen this before this is numbers chapter will looking at verse seven numbers chapter four verse seven this is going to be talking about getting out of the title of Shogun I wanted to know was one word in specific numbers chapter four verse seven and I was able to show that they shall spread a cloth of blue him him the dishes and the spoons and the bowl and cover the encounters with all and the continual bread shall be thereon now in the in the version you're looking at the weather is one word missing their continual thinking about that Satan call from the US in him not numbers that are seven people at the bottom where they should be in there's no based on those interests out of over seven and then it says continually that the word is missing well here we have continually continual bread on the table of short read there's always read about the table of children create another that's where the word and the Exodus chapter thirty Exodus chapter thirty were going to look at the altar to golden altar de Gaulle also citizens I want to notice here is nice of this chapter they were looking at verse eight is a lot the last on the world looking at the less than less than it was vandalized by lands that even he shall burn incense upon it an actual incense before the Lord throughout your generations and so now rather than actual news going to be continuing with another title is going to go casual light in the lampstand so now regardless of the golden altar the alternative Leviticus chapter twenty four Leviticus chapter twenty four and were looking at Chris Jamie Leviticus chapter twenty four burst to an antigen is that they bring unto the US will sell all of the input light to cause that led that God continually so that you don't is that continual gratin light and continuously incense there on the altar of incense and all these words are crassly in the same word which is also translated daily in Daniel chapter eight of these the words Ventolin continually translated literally in Daniel chapter eight and were now watching as yet Daniel chapter eight I have a reason for doing this now for me to Daniel Chapter eight what do verses eleven to thirteen in Daniel chapter eight yeah he is talking about I will however go to discover more about this later as we go on and I will see rain were talking about a little and how it is and I think the words that people J he identified himself even to the principles Jesus Christ he made himself to be as great as Jesus and by him that is the one power that they lead which is the professional and the continual sacrifice alert sacrifices implied here is really does not exist in the text so it is different when an arena where daily JE magnified himself even to the principle Jesus and I see him that is by the hour the deleted professional the continual was taken away in the place of his sanctuary was cast down and was given unto him against the daily perpetual the continual by reason of transmission and sat down the truth to the ground in a practice that it prosper then I heard one say that is one Angel speaking in another state or Angels add on to that certain site which they how long shall be division concerning the daily perpetual continual and the transmission of desolation to give the sanctuary and not to be trodden under foot of try to get a picture you see what we looking at here there is a great well going on between and conversely be gleaned until I was thinking that the usage of the universe or ever by their audio element that's made of the cross of gallery by the commitment that he wants to better than his ego I was ripening of them in a letter that is continually used directly in every scene should be perpetual then I went missing as well Satan is currently alliance one of them being of course the little one hour session is determined to try thunder put Christ page where and why because unless in France the sanctuary is what God has created in order to solve the same problem and Faye is not happy with solving the problem and suddenly tries to describe my physique and sanctuary you might wonder why is it that some new denominations argue Christian understand anything about a sanctuary in the Old Testament and here's the reason Satan doesn't want people to understand and so they're very very few people who even study the sanctuary at all but this solution of the problem is found right there and so he knows that the plan of salvation is explained there he wants to do without you having to do with the word of God I have a result that is the word of God and the time he tries to the daily production will study the battle is that makes sense to you what it ought to because the enemy is doing all he can to get rid of the word that sanitizes do not study Bible daily continually actually add something like that wow you know I don't get anything out of it as I I I I is just not interesting if it rained and I can understand that anyways my beautiful friends I don't have a solution to that extent one reader but read your Bible that's the solution to that problem my wife will let me post the at the bottom of the bottle he found that he found the reason I'll arrested and spent much time in it well there's only one solutions you can affect those of you and read the and you know someone who's anorexic never met someone who was anorexic and use a solution the unit is a you help me with this anorexia hi I need some help and use another resolution to anorexia and delete the whole but I don't like to eat but it doesn't digest well done about it always does not what I want it may not be what we want and need not be what we like it may be painful at first but let me tell you that there is only one solution and in that expert is with the Bible there's only one solution to reading the Bible enjoying a vital getting something out of it and that your bottle and say reduces glare to a ritual is that many places and people repeating the same song and dance over and over and over again and I speak you will a religion where he was placed on the will repeat the same ground over and over and over again I felt I was listening listen to me there is no way that I was understanding not so much that I couldn't understand a word but after a while it was just the thing was repeated over and over again in my mind tuned I went somewhere else with playing sports with my speakers somewhere or something like that with my friends and I could repeat although avoid while taking something else it doesn't work in Jesus spoke against that kind of prayer but that was gone again he brings an Eastern mysticism zebras and the chanting of mantras he brings in South Vietnam is there such a thing going on today in our Christianity that Eastern religions are moving in and removing incessantly that Christians think that this is something that's happening about as you begin changing the missing this is a teaching that is what areas would you think and talk about personally I only see the time I only got again and again to check on that one word a word over and over again until they're not thinking anything even the Neurontin only and then I'm being on the wrong communicate with them they are and let me tell you something is is not gone as Satan attempts to describe the incident in connection the professional relationship by mechanical and strange approaches to prayer thirdly Satan says that they were witnessing away from the individual we get it to the institutions let's make it an institutional matter at the Salvation Army people that I will doing Christmas time and got a few coins in the back channel and we've got our duty the Salvation Army will be good for while Karen is not innocent but what will let's let the government provide care for the poor single ten the pastors do evangelism within the ninety square operand God does not call that square at all he says you are meant to be the light of the world you in the event I can't take my print Angel why don't I give you a little bit of money you will begin an exercise for me with that I don't know practically speaking that doesn't quite gel candle over there and exercise probably just get automatically get the money to what if the same way we can go to charge and we can settle and we can do all kinds of stuff that somebody else will do the work and not sell it isn't that what then Batman got plans to you are to be the light of the world the world is even spiritual darkness if we do not receive the character will does reflect the character of God if we do not live album that is other than we do not reach out to the world when the word of God then millions upon millions will remain unenlightened it will be lost they will be deceived they will perish and we will be at all I like to tell the story of around a few times when God has you need to be a light in this world I used to work in a minor of the time when my brother on our partners my brother-in-law the big man through hundred fifty thousand with an amazing minor we were doing very well a lot of production between the two of us because we were partners one day the leaders from the mine came down and they said we want bigger better law to be a shared boss and thought we understand that you guys are very productive we don't move on productivity here so you have the virginity the option of choosing anything you want in the whole money right about that that's great in any case it is argued as later amended that you change little bit he gave activism we got there here that you are you will on which you can choose and the apartment and that I was just a new Christian I was excited about sharing the word of God and I wanted somebody with whom Google works whom I could witness and so I pray to heaven I said Lord I'm looking at these three men I know who they are and you can send the anyone of those three but this one I cannot because the work that run was difficult I thought we would be giving all he was a boxer he was a hockey player he was open when I heard he was you will find that all of that and I thought he would be on and that's just the one that I didn't want to have as a partner with usable I got that exactly the one that I got as and him I determined that I would not biggest to him at all is not right wasting my breath on on this level it doesn't look like that is working together any custody status and you have a little bit around me and I had made arrangement arrangement with the mind that I might do that and so it came to be Friday afternoon I went through the ship and I'm leading to grow many looking at me like I know where to go back on your leave me to do it all by myself and so I had to explain what was going on well I still decided that I would say nothing working in an regular together and something would go wrong when his machine that he pick up and throw down the he would sit down and smoke and coast near Louisville the blue and then he would go back on the back to work and after a couple of weeks like that he came to me he said don't you ever get angry and I will go so well is not much point in the you know and he couldn't understand because he got so angry all I like this after a few weeks but his temperament gone down that he was reacting differently and by-and-by you didn't get to ask real questions about my religion and he didn't ask many questions and I did not give him any more than he was asking is because I wouldn't answer the question anymore that he was asking it accept curiosity alive in his heart and reliability asked more and more and more questions by-and-by I quit the minds and I went to other missionary training school and became a Seventh-day Adventist and I look like to hear from him well done like one year I think I read by any Nikkei rally living about a hundred miles away it was a Friday night at nine o'clock at night it was dark I heard a knock at the time I could than anyone in need and even bother to say hello his first words were a lot happening that I know is whether his first words and I invited and then we spent the weekend together I answered all questions are trying to indicate that it would not the next week and I made my way a hundred miles back toward home and went to visit him at his house how strange they had been happening that I didn't know about when we were there his wife looked a little puzzled her husband and I were talking about spiritual things because we were just doing and she was puzzled by it because he hadn't spoken to her much about it is not that every Saturday morning at a godly lifestyle and he would run away like he was going where and what newly wasn't going to work because event that would be empty and she was beginning to suspect that he had a girlfriend and every and every Saturday he would find his way to her about as we were talking more and more she began to realize I arrived and was going to church on Saturday and he didn't want to tell her well then got into the conversation by Bible to them and to this date Aristotle said they had to does not always act in a quit their jobs after some time and they went into a place called Elliot Lake a brand-new city surrounding it are you ready in mind there was no Seventh-day Adventist there was an regular construction within two years they raised a little church and to this day my friend unit had out there of that church and my brother today of course in the conference I have plenty of stories to tell I don't have time to tell them all I know is that we have a sanctuary here and this thing and I was Lucia who are seeing the problem and once we got back I made a commitment that we can enter into the sanctuary and three exercises the three exercises of the study of the word of God Raymond CC and share with others and he will do anything leak we we'll grow in grace all are in I was you take the Bible seriously you take time to reach out to God in your own personal devotions and gray and when we meet someone you have a lot of enough for them that you want to share with them what the shared our friend was before everything that we can become more and more like the light of what God bless you all this media was brought by Hotmail 's website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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