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11. A Day to Remember

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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and while the revelations chapter or we've been studying everything that we've been dragging on and on the sanctuary of course this evening I don't think I'm even going through even referred to the same grades not even one subtle but that's all right we're going to come back to the sanctuary this is a message that needs to be heard we need to understand what's going on here and that's why I'm going there so here in Revelation chapter or a story is told about a biologist his name is Thomas Huxley he had an appointment in England in this video it in England but something must've happened as he was riding on the train and ended regularly late to some degree heat he had an appointment to speak now I don't know if you understand what that means you have an appointment this week I have appointments visiting all the time I get really nervous about being late is not part of the equation of failure that any gathering to be late where you going to be speaking you get really really nervous I can understand how this fellow Thomas Hartley was feeling he was laid when he got to the train station he jumped out of the drainage is rather the nearest cab the nearest gap being of course a horse-drawn buggy in those times and so we jumped into the cab and he says the younger driver to and so the driver cracked his whip and the carriage went on to develop down the road that's what was happening and told him exactly settle down into his he did write you greeted a sigh of relief he was on his way and suddenly he thought I never told him where to go there at the end of our driver answered no but I guess after the again to know that people are like that they are all kinds of people like that of a rushing about let us be no time to rest no time to smell the roses no time to examine the live no time for God yet they don't know who they are they don't know what they're created wider here and they don't know where they're going you know who you are you know why your ear you know where you're going would it make any difference if you did it would make island it is used it and I got good news for you this evening you were created unique you were created with the special-purpose God has a plan for your life one time I was in Holland England was a long time ago probably was like a going to Poland since the late nineties so it must've been twelve years or maybe even fifteen years ago I went all in I had a series of needs that you are doing a week of grasping the light and they had a leader who was on staff there and she would and she didn't want to come to the meetings that everyone fully she's really angry with God and she doesn't want to company and so I went to meet with this lady she could speak English that she wasn't being very angry and I said well hey listen give it a shot didn't God just me who comes in at least one meeting and then after that you can decide whether you want to come back so she can go on meeting and she continued to come to all the meetings and she was tremendously blessed by the meetings that that she attended and the end of the meeting she gave me a stone the stone of acquisitions that get anywhere else but in Poland is one of the most beautiful stone I've ever seen and I still have it somewhere in my house I couldn't walk up to it I wanted the bandwidth is there and I'd like to show you sometime well here's the story of this late she was a pastor 's wife and the pastor had decided that he and his wife would move this brings a life annuity comes back there so he drove his wife he got his wife to the springs of life and hello whatever they unloaded their stuff and we comes that they are not in the husband said okay I'll go back and get more stop and and that you never can does his life is really what he did he dump her as being the light and he disappeared and I wasn't the only tragedy that this lady had experienced the two of the metadata daughter together and is really down when she became teenagers rebel against her parents and she rebelled against religion as you got in of course as you will with the wrong crowd these people are people that she doesn't win out her that we are from slime value heard stuff like that haven't you learned here to access there is no meaning to life there's no visit is no reason for living like animals we lived in INS the end of that and she began teaching her that the best way to all the pain in this world and the hardships of the parties and the troubled and the disappointment was the visible significant find in his life now you understand was due and the like as soon as you can and the girl is she jumped off a bridge into a Nike River and of course she did not survive now if you are the mother of that girl and you lost your daughter who I will guard a delicious and your husband dumped you out of place right now the place was nice offensive but he got there how we what would you think about the friends you know you know it ain't all he knew is that she was super angry and by the end of the week she was no longer angry with God and she had returned to her senses and in this matter that is a tremendous blessing cannot value that you created and I tell you that his business but there is no meeting the light is not true it certainly meet the revelation chapter or are revelations have reported that where I am looking at verse eleven it gives us a little glimpse into the meaning of life thou art worthy oh Lord you hear people singing in heaven this is in heaven here and there are people that already you are reading that are in heaven already knew that you there and it seemed as whether singing thou art worthy old Lord to receive glory and honor and power are now hast created all things imported by leisure they are and were created we were created by four for God 's pleasure now you look at his birth through the eyes of an AES or through the eyes of a very secular person it would signal that things got pretty pretty of greedy gritty alto nights a self-centered type created all of these treasures and he created them all others outlawed we need to understand what the birds as they hear he is closer in his creation human creative specifically or this letter by any takes pleasure in his creation to you and I when we would do something we take pleasure in the thing that we know it may not be as early as talking to stop we felt that great writer in it and that's how God is dealing he created us he loves us Isaiah chapter board agreed at page six hundred and forty two Isaiah page forty three and were going to look at verse seven and then verse twenty one in Isaiah forty three seven and twenty one even everyone that is called by thy name for I have created in for my glory I have formed him yay I have made him verse twenty one this people have I formed for myself they shall show or migraines when God in all it is any use image in order to reflect back to the rest of the universe in life that's why we were created that's why we're here we're here to honor God and to reflect back to the whole universe what God is like this is our purpose is it we understood it it would be greater or Psalm one hundred forty nine pounds one hundred and forty nine were looking at birds or the page five hundred and fifteen nine five hundred and fifty nine pounds one hundred and forty nine I reviewed each verse is often enough on the problem one hundred forty nine were looking at verse four what they can measure you use people he will beautify the need with salvation and so got the later you got from thirty five verse twenty seven Psalm thirty five birds Wednesday that on thirty five euros twenty seven let them shout for joy and be glad that favor my righteous cause yet a letter then say continuously that will be magnified which had leisure in the prosperity of new servants and so it works both ways God loves us I think leisure not anti- leisure and his people and because he does and the people reflected in the back of the universe then you cross through them and I and the fact that this is truly don't know her and you know we were out of my stories by-and-by you an different night you know that I come from a portfolio that I come from a poor family is Canadian family of Roman Catholic background being family my father had working on his site my mother had while on her side then the family lots of cousins in all of their own needs loving and drinking and partying and we were real are you sure in that house but in the end you know I quit school and I was sixteen and and I went to work underground or nine and a half years I was in essence a nobody going nowhere not today I suppose I'm still a nobody because the vitals of the commands easier something when he is not me if you felt like I was a lot has taken me on this background and he's allowed me to have the privilege of preaching the gospel in at least thirty countries and I have a message to give and I have a life that I have three children and I have twelve grandchildren and I am happy and I have an eternal destiny but I all want to lessen it is when I look back where I come from and when I look back to the people I come from this you will have still doing as they don't greatly go party that will backfire they has to belong to have the I praise God every day every day and I want people to have what God has given me is against blood clot at the cross of Calvary the Amiga Revelation chapter fourteen I guess each one night about revelation chapter fourteen coming about the three angels message is there and eighty three Angels messages are received eighty five hundred and forty four thousand which are without fault he was the throne of God will make him look at verse seven just one person in about six in the three Angels messages look at verse seven in Revelation chapter fourteen so the angel saying with a loud voice fear God handed him the glory or the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and heard in the sea and the fountains of water which it will set God why because he's the creator of everything that's what it's you are you that you haven't any other than this unit about the water and he says he and he is our Sunday worship by you saying with nearly all the world who believe that atheists and the scientists when they say that they are descended from the eighties now as I don't have a quarrel with people who think their descendents from the exit wanting a sentence from a second is from you I don't care if you have an beginning and I expect to a minimum destiny as well is it possible sure sure but I wanted to do a background of nonsense you really really in and so he gave us two things that would help them protect us if we would receive the things that God has given us and the first thing he gave us is his word on the word is falling out of fashion we said that the earlier when I was preaching at church this morning the word of God is filing out of nationalist other people say they don't believe the worst about and carry it around it will aggravate sure about is the final Google reader don't believe it and what is it going there's all kinds of Christians today and there's rather than buying and is natural is Christianity going there we believe in evolution what we believe in evolution so we all got the create all these lingual parens we know how long got the really thing the Bible says how long it is regularly know how long is not always a but it doesn't square with giant will notice that square with Zionists tried in Iraq and in trying to determine how long is existing directory for that matter anything else and look at creation and you say well scientifically my brother scientifically I couldn't do it by not asking to prove it scientifically yes he's asking us to be the he 's asking us to trust him when he tells us what you get just because I admittedly doesn't make a thousand friends it doesn't make anything really really do but I guess we creator out of the equation that can create all things in the moment just by speaking it into existence of your time with me who follows thirty three thousand eight hundred and ninety the evolution of spray that we arrive here by ten thousand dollars I created you and I didn't date a million years to do it either Psalms thirty three looking at statistics that are looking at verse nine and I love these birds letting them all on by word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth verse nine he's taken it was done he commanded and it stood that whatever he commanded the easiest okay so how did God create you just spoke to into existence all didn't say loud and a grandma is not backward well we know because fixed base I will meet you will exit this chapter twenty now Exodus chapter twenty this is where we find the ten Commandments and right in the middle of the ten Commandments is this verse eleven that were going to look at in Exodus chapter twenty Re: give your guest page anyway Exodus chapter twenty verse eleven for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is there you are that's what it says and not only that he also created two wonderful means and female created he them it is only created he them that's what God didn't let friends he wasn't finished with the creation that he created as a matter of fact there is another point that's vitally important as a matter of fact that's what we want to speak about this evening the rest of verse eleven says and he rested the seventh day well that is therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy how did in light of your nieces I divided the you set it apart he's got that they are part to use for use only it needs to be sanctified that day was totally dedicated to God it is not that's what it is we say whether to renovate of you look at the calendar lately and one another murder down the records they are legally and one two three four five eight but that got us thinking is yeah that's right okay I wish they'd usually start on Sunday which they does it end of Saturday so we know that's out someone might say well can you prove that from them I hope as the most approving it from the calendar of course it can be grouped on the Bible as his is a strange thing I had an experience that with that when I first started reading my Bible I began healing this out of knowledge of the studios I do not know anyone who kept the Sabbath I just found it in the bottles I was teaching us have it my wife and I and we went to visit some friends I his name was Gordon Nichol and when he was a drinking buddy of ours that his wife and my wife and you are always partying all the time so we went to visit them we going to eat over there many times did we get our household it starts up and I was talking to him about the Sabbath day that sort of stuff that I was discovering in the Bible and he says well that's not biblical Christian you can't find it there and you know I know I will always annual and you know that God just took me to go to the last chapter in the book of Luke was the second so there would need to chapter twenty three to eighty nine hundred and thirty six it's amazing to me that the building I didn't know anything and yet God was able two very white anyhow any fee you directly meter these are in lieu of degree the last part right there and you can grow right there that without it is Saturday and I looking at hers with the University in Dubai the way you need to ask the question on which they use is not a uniquely low we say to the young sailor on shore Good Friday they celebrate it every year they know that Jesus died on Friday as our Savior Jesus resurrect you think people will say now that he of course any as on Sunday possibly stayed in between and Sunday all it Saturday yet that's right that's the biggie green and look at it first fifty two who twenty four one this management of this pilot talking about your Google permit via this and with violent and negative body of Jesus and he took it down from the cross to understand wrapped in linen and laid it in a sepulcher that is whom I was using and stone wherein never Mandy or would like and that they were the preparation and the Sabbath do not install here was Friday night call the preparation because the people were meant to prepare everything on that day was that an insider who not athletic that you are in the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after the other sepulcher and how his body was laid in the return and prepared spices and ointments and rested the seventh day according to the commandment on the first day of the week Sunday very early in the morning they came unto the sepulcher bringing the spices which they had prepared in other with red and so very one you can see which they live that was the outbreak and there was no argument well I guess that's going too far there's always an argument people always have a way to rationalize the straightaway and some people might say well what difference does it make which they we worship on one vision says that in the next is valid the Bible says but you and I know that is everything exit is chapter twenty Exodus chapter twenty of eleven verses eight to eleven you know that worrying the ten Commandments here remember the Sabbath day to keep all six days shalt thou labor and do all I work for the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord by God it will not do any work thou nor thy son nor thy daughter nor thy manservant nor thy maidservant nor thy cattle nor thy stranger that is we invite you recent days the Lord made the heavens and earth this year and all that in them is then rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how all while I have a question for you and we keep and they will leave that was never called and we supposing now you have a grand and your friend comes to you and you set it on a NASA goal working Europe for three years now I have this is old vintage cars all anti- car at home anything new condition and cannot bring in your garage and a you keep it there me when I come back in three years from now you will you save sure love to do that little cars anyway you can I have room in my garage drain your brain your condition caused by garage and I'll be glad to take care of for you when he shows up with the car the cars of that is not news at all is that he is a wreck how can you keep a garden in condition and it is what we doesn't work can you see how it works God has made one very holy site I was out of date in something like this I will resonate with you is wiki of how many days did not one while anything holy and God has made holy and you cannot even only no more that you can even be my finger on it but Cadillac now is the shore another illustration of thing usually a man married one woman is getting to change somehow that's how societies were going to have to but I have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah but usually William and Mary's one woman and he so excited I think most men are in their lot about the amenities I got his life is wonderful now this woman has six visitors during the engagement of course he was that apart is no longer sick sister it is only one that's the one that still doesn't bring him set apart when he comes to the wedding day and one of visitors comes to him instead what difference does it make as good as she is well on his way he would say what you think is du jour what was that of anybody something my wife has three sisters repopulating I have no no problem with those briefings but let me tell you what when I was dating my wife there were of course is there there they were all tangled all day and I was interested in the law somehow the log is able to put something in your car in relation to just one of them and it doesn't matter is twice as there is in the house it makes a huge difference with winning on their rights in which one you're going to end up with what was the and we're not least but they are not a person may not recognize not averted not any of the other date on top of that when we meet in March after two chapter two is eight hundred and eighty four in Mark chapter two and Jesus is speaking with a look at verses twenty seven and twenty eight and he said unto them the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord also of the Senate what does it mean when he says the Lord of the word mortgage rules is the owner is going to have it you know that Jesus is saying here I created that day my day you know that all the other six days of the week belong to you think they shall deliver this easy to do whatever you want or need to do there in those days but when it comes to the seventh day I wanted us that all of that aside and that's my regard to meet together on that day you might remember that the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt for four hundred years right now you can imagine what happens in in the minds of the people who are slaves were going to do is they're told to do what to do all the time and I don't have any freedom and I asked him all that I assume that he did not they were not able to keep the Sabbath very well in in their captivity so God sent Moses and he delivered to children of Israel after one hundred years of captivity and he brought them into the wilderness his intention was to really bring it into the land of Canaan to bring them into the land of Canaan until he had trained them to do right in the land of Canaan and so he began a training program writing program of course as I'm not with all the rules and the law that would make them the greatest all in the world and art of that of course was the Sabbath day anchorman felt I needed to teach them about the Sabbath to Sabbath day at there without there a sixty four Exodus chapter sixteen in this chapter sixteen and he wears he worked out an amazing thing for them I was find it amazing when I read about this line exit this chapter sixteen hour looking at verses four and five Exodus chapter eighteen and the press for this is to teach these people about this then that the Lord of the mold is all I will rain bread from heaven for you you're seeing red rain from heaven and that very often that it is not I can I don't think it's ever happened to read don't think so and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day that I proved them whether they will walk in my law are not the housing that's where we're going to find out if you have that on the sixth day they shall prepare that which they bring in any shall be twice as much as they gathered daily value these people do need God what would you well every morning when the matter was writing from heaven with the new they would go out and gather what it would need for that day they gathered more than they needed for that day what do you think happened to the manner in rod and spoil right there but on this day on Friday and running twice as much why because they were not to collect this stuff on Sabbath morning and that she would've rocked his run on Sabbath morning like the other kind is brought out God acted so God work in your forties used to we are forty years of experience with miracles everyday and they got to work a miracle or you are amazing for me you'd think that you know the law on your anywhere order now but I never is going to verses twenty one two versus twenty one twenty six and they had gathered and every morning every man according to his eating when a sudden lack saw it melted what was supposed to do it again to set on the sixth day they gathered twice as much red to Burns one-man and all the rulers of the congregation came and told me they were kind of the hill I guess to know what was going on anything other than this and that is what tomorrow is the rest of the hotel Lisa noticed you set aside only so onto the Lord made that which we will bake and eat it to boil that was you will boil and that which remains overly enough for you to be kept until morning and they laid it out until the morning as well as that and it did not state neither was there any warm unit therein and Moses said to eat that today or today is the seventh month of the Lord they shall not find it in the field six days you shall gather it but on the seventh day which is the Sabbath day thou shalt gather none and so it was but it is all able away now no it's just that way when humanity is not a thing in the wall and wet with me you could assign an outsized the law because the paint is wet what you do sometimes have a diseases really pissed off at you I've done that myself and then I asked myself why they like Megan you know the scientist was I was twenty seven and thirty verse twenty seven to thirty and it came to pass that there went out some of the people on the seventh day or two gather and it was a Sabbath day and verse twenty eight and the Lord said to Moses how long you need to keep my commandments and my love see that the Lord has given you the Sabbath therefore to get you on the sixth day the bread of two days of fighting he every man in his late film of displaced on the seventh of the people rest and so they had to try it out at the country went there to find out what it was all about Mattingly we've established a few things already this evening the Sabbath was instituted at creation as a memorial of God Egypt power secondly is that it is found in the ten Commandments law and even to the human rights violating the Sabbath is at the center of God 's law and you all know that the Internet had within it we have the Bible and on one side God is man's responsibility to our God not be invited that responsibility toward his fellow man and decided is the last one hundred eight is every center and show that who is the creator who owns this world who was in charge of the Lord all of you think we aren't in the seventh the Sabbath commandment says remember the Sabbath day holy isn't that amazing that people remember everything else but that people know that committing adultery is wrong as a matter of fact we just had a Thomas telling us this morning that David addressed one of the great euros of the American Iraq and and Afghanistan war is now in charge of the CIA had to resign because you no hello you he resigned without a nice fuzzy was not to get caught I bought it but it seemed like a day in court and youngest of the Nestlé was in and resign because New Orleans is wrong people know that stealing is wrong people know that lying is wrong in killing is wrong and having other God and worshiping idols all of these things are wrong people know it remember that why is it that he only can admit that unit is in the tenth amendment law that starts with the word remember why is the one that humanity has forgotten is not amazing yeah but you can see that there isn't a lot eighty years causing is wireless and you work among us and he can bring on deception and he catches people luck would you really really has and friends there is a blessing in the set that is in their olives not everyone is without I'm looking a matter fact little children kind a that is that there is more ignorant important event on the parents what they do with their children on the seventh it has always on our parents shoulder to make the product they are happy to okay for me to Isaiah fifty eight is this page six hundred and fifty six Isaiah picnic six hundred and fifty six it's a wonderful verse in the Bible are verses in the Bible to look at verses thirteen and fourteen and is really speaks volume and bought that I just wonder how many of us actually live up to what were about to read when Isaiah fifty eight were looking at verse thirteen if you turn away your quick from the Sabbath that is from trampling on this from doing your leisure of my holy day and call the Sabbath in July the way of the Lord Honorable and shall honor him not doing thine own ways are finding thine own pleasure speaking thine own word then you Robert radio you'd be like Engelhardt by keeping your that they then shalt thou be like thyself in the Lord will show your delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high places of your and beat you when you get Jacob thy father or the mouth of the Lord has spoken it and I'm trying all that I can think of it personally is what I've been through it through in life and what the Lord has done for me in life is that I can see that the Lord has helped me to ride in the high places of your Lord has been viewed cheers of going through some very better this is a promise Psalms thirty seven that very few people understand Psalm thirty seven hundred or and I want you to see the connection that it has the decided it doesn't mention the seven year in Psalm thirty seven hundred or and this is page or ninety eight but what it says yourself also in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart is not an amazing promise what you want how do we relate to the problem usually you know how we relate to read his head if you like yourself and the lug of the US but you're not reading it I you know what he says if you'd like yourself in the Lord who give you that which you well what are you delighting itself it was in the Lord when you go to get you going to get the Lord though there is this regular is already old you are just just let it say anything in Isaiah fifty eight verse thirteen hundred forty he says yes how do you like yourself in the Lord by keeping my Sabbath holy not trampling it was not doing your own pleasure seeking your own words but that day it belongs to God and that's how you're supposed to keep and the Lord where you can you get himself you a letter for is a lot more that we can study the stuff that is more than a memorial creation is that it's a memorial gate of our island but the Senate is also a special signed between the and is equal and I wish that this room was filled with all non- and they need to know that God has a song that he was a special sign it was a mark on them on each one of them now we've all heard of the mark of the beast I suppose I think tomorrow we're going to start tomorrow I think all of us are talking about the Mark of the adding talk about the Mark of the also next thirty Thursday to the sermon on the Mark of the beat of each other my knees he identified his people with a specific mark well I got to end this is what we want to talk about if you don't satisfy the easy yell chapter twenty one versus twenty and twelve Ezekiel chapter twenty this is a well a I don't have it here Ezekiel chapter twenty favorite looking at verse twenty and then were looking at verse twelve seeking says and how low my fabric lining in the old way saying and they shall be assigned between mean you as you may know that I am the Lord your God is the Lord your God and what's designed the seventieth of the Kurzweil is also I give them my Sabbath tribute sign between me and them that they may know that I am the Lord that the sanctified them God is in the business of repeating ourselves and making us more and more like Jesus I decided that he is doing it is the day of days so I hope you notice is that this had been a part are all you people are only used a combined together and this Saturday is fine that is all our credit card overhaul used in this was instituted of course the horse in anything this is and will continue to be observed long after CN has been banished for ever Isaiah sixty six is basically good and sixty four now look at how long does the saddest laugh anyway Isaiah sixty six how long are we going to be asked he is Isaiah sixty six versus twenty two to twenty three eight six hundred and sixty four twenty two and twenty three whereas the new heaven and the new earth which I will make sure remains informed me saith the Lord so shall your seed in your name remain over talking on the new earth and that you haven't now this is when everyone is there everyone's in heaven everything is wonderful it is the best that someone you move another one Sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me they will log listen in we work us celebrate the Sabbath before seen never existed and you were going to celebrate the Sabbath after sin has been banished forever what do you suppose we should do in the meantime especially when you need it more than we ever need to ask a question whether the words that you know best that's all he's a Hebrew word for the work rests now let's look at that again in Genesis chapter June need a pickup the idea of rest here Genesis chapter two verses one to three thus the heavens of years were finished that's after six days of creating and all the host of them and on the seventh day not ended his work which he had made and you want he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it at a part because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made how can I illustrate your point at creation we spent a week to God begin creating on the per se of the week the price of the time wish to have the week that he stopped his creation work on privately what was the last thing that he created on Friday man why do you suppose God created man in the last thing abroad while I can hear I can't stand here and could not find the one that is anything I don't know why he did it but I think I knew that he can create man the last thing on Friday and that's a fact the other thing I can tell you is that if man was created after the whole creation was created and that had nothing to do with magic not it was not in any way and then maybe one reason that God decided that he would create an everlasting selectman could not rise up afterwards as they well I was going to create it did last week and I told him it would look better if it was really in our God has nothing to say about the holy non- golf okay so man has nothing to do it thank you what would I do without okay so that is created the last day of the week and he is the last thing created what does he do the very first beta of the rest is he rested he never asked why is anyone in the very first day that he lied is not amazingly coming to you relating to me in any case God works God produced God created and then received only as a unique than all that he was entered you are right on man did was enter into God 's work is not a wonderful plan can you see Atlanta salvation in their right what is God does it all and we miss you holding a video and the only thing we can possibly do on that day is enter into rest amazing love eventually got it alike LAN or God 's way of doing to me you know that such identities here my mouse he's faster than my brain to work and I will okay so I met him and what event do you know I was glad somehow that he and I got on the end it turned out that he rebelled in any case against Gotland and you know what the consequences were look with me at Genesis chapter three were right there Genesis seven eleven versus seventeen and ninety and it's amazing the connection we can meet here okay these are the consequences are sitting on their verse seventeen to nineteen and unto Adam God said because you are driving under the voice of your wife and unit number three which I commanded you think that's a lot easier to sit in the ground for your sake in sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life Barnes also in this solo shall it bring forth to you and thou shalt eat the herb of the field in the sweat of thy face about eat bread till thou return unto the ground Provident was now taken or dust thou art and I'm just about return and in God is a Adam you didn't like my arrangement okay you know like that I produced everything and I gave it to you as a gift love go-ahead now start producing and you need to work for everything you want on this day on and so it has been ever since then now we produce a lot of people who may sit around and produce nothing out of the ID people but we look down on them because we right is already there but it was never got land I'm glad he was everything we entered into his rest he gave it to us as you want a line that would be modified and we rejected God eleven now God says you want something to wonderful that you can work yourself into heaven you can't redeem yourself by working right also and so he said he does said in John chapter fifteen verse five without me you can do what nothing so as great as work is one man we still have ourselves by working in Jesus knew that he is activated a consideration and so in order to save us Jesus himself had to return to the old plan and Jesus said to humanity I'll do the work you enter into my rest question the Jesus finished the work of salvation when he was on the cross of Calvary whether to answer that he finished the first phase of salvation on the cross gallery as matter-of-fact use the word themselves beneath a huge is a what they have the week was argued that it is an amazing creation he finished his work on Wednesday on Friday and on the cross he finished his work was in her and what did Jesus do the next day he rested in the two and what inhuman the human race have that saddest day all the work of salvation complete for them you get the picture now this one man began like the only way he could by entering into God 's finished work in rep likewise men begins eternal life the only way he can he can't contribute anything to it all that he can new receiver as you eat on her internal line through rep therefore this habit is a memorial of the creative power and decided is a memorial of God began to ours as well isn't it amazing that most churches and the world point of the Sabbath keepers and say that the legalism when it is exactly opposite a point to ask for keeping the Sabbath they say that legalism and what are we doing or entering into rest now what kind of legalism is that we set aside work and we enter into rest they call it legally and what are they doing they go to church Sunday morning and the rest of the day or they watch football whatever you now I don't understand that the Sabbath is a memorial the Sabbath is the sign of righteousness by multidimensional knowledge that matter to me who use chapter or Hebrews chapter four this is a and sixty three goods or beautiful verses from the living it were studying it all here send let us therefore here by the way the Bible says we should hear anything perfect love set out here auditors want me I got as we could we should be let us therefore fear lest a promise been left us of entering into his rest any of you should seem to come short of it God wants to give us rest on a side if I hear that you need to get something done by Fernando of the time on Avenue a rest and be upgraded either enter the repair I will not read as well along to them under what reach did not profit them talking about the people in the wilderness Israelites not being mixed with Satan heard of blogging and promises by the surveillance initiative person I am eleven everything is therefore a rest and by the way you have a margin it's been everything therefore ASAP to the people of God Re: that is entered into his rest he also has ceased from his own works as not it is in that beautiful and here comes the injunction let us labor therefore to enter into that rest lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief you can't trust God enough you're not trusting God and the Bible says while from grace for me that super beautiful I love it print how many of you would like to thank Jesus for the gift of salvation now how many of you would like to celebrate I get with average seven he meets with his people you know that he has a special date with people on an he commanded you to know that there would never have given eightieths there would never have been the next of Gnostic it would never have been anyone that did not believe in God from creation God 's people had remembered to keep the Sabbath day old because they would have remembered every Sabbath of God 's creative house and they would remember every Sabbath of God 's redemptive power and we would send praises of the Lord always always he has a special date with us on that date is in God we want is out of meal prepared always anytime on Saturday during Monday evening I want to meet you she had a date we're going to get hurt all day all you are not very good we don't have a lot of faith we don't envision God with us all day long but we want to and I think as time goes by were going to do it more and more and more money set aside are later verified our own work is either only permanent light in the Lord will be less than the light this media was not as hot as a website dedicated to studying God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about this is like the more certain it is www. .com universe .org


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