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12. Sealed or Marked- Part 1

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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have you turn in your Bibles and Daniel chapter three Daniel chapter three in a space seven hundred and eighty two you have one of the vital that were supplying Daniel chapter three I did mention at one point wondered what happened in Daniel chapter do we never did take time to look at Daniel chapter two is a long study is well worth doing but we got a short series we can do that and I know exactly to King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and in his dream he saw a great mental image and a great build and integrate no religion that had of course with all and the rest of the chest and arms were of silver as the Valley and advise were of brass and the legs were of iron in all these various metals signify successions of world empires this is what we've already seen that long as they had also need a personal increase and then pagan Rome which is the Roman Empire now navigate as I was told that he was King of the Golden of the head thereof Babylon the Golden Kingdom he was probably the most glorious King and he was probably thinking of the most glorious kingdom and I think I was quite flattering for you to hear and it had quite an impact on you but he was also told not to expect his kingdom to last forever that it would be replaced I another now you know that following Daniel chapter doing Jack Daniels at the very kind of the idea that he has agreement next week he decided he was going to do what it will work quite that way the dream that he had been instructed to have quite an impact on you as a matter fact the impact that he had about the god in heaven lasted with him for several years many years actually as the years went by influence kind of war down little by little as I began to think to himself why shouldn't my kingdom last forever and so in Daniel chapter three he decided in defiance to order dessert of the replicate the image but this time make the image all of Golden living in the Valley of Vera and his family was going to be ninety feet tall all of golf even if I get his kingdom would last forever I think the minds of the word of God by the way because God has set opposite to that then he summoned all the delegates of his kingdom to come and bow down to this image as soon as there would be of course all kinds of music that's what it says in the text now we have already read this is what you would call it a man-made religion he just invented a little religion right there on the spot because he didn't want his kingdom to ever be erased he wanted it to last forever so at their command of all kinds of music people work about them I chose Daniel chapter three Daniel Jaffe three E versus four two six then the herald cried aloud to you it is the medical people nations and languages that what time you hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sex with sultry dulcimer and all kinds of music you shall follow fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king has set up and will solve all not down and worship it shout the same hour be cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace and so all of a sudden the trumpets blared and there was all kinds of music and all people bow down well almost all the people bowed down there were three men three Hebrews who reviews the bow down that was Saturday Jack and said that NATO they refused to bow down review remember why they were just about what because they would only worship God there are two commandments in but all that forbid them smiling down first of all the First Amendment in the data management thou shall have no other gods before me it's only one amount about the underdogs and a second commandment is thou shall not make any images nor bow down to them so they were not going to do that all eager FLV Windows honors God by breaking the person Second Amendment he wouldn't disgrace themselves by singing a good review I got caught you know that when you stand you actually put a stain on the cause of God you know that when you said you actually put on the lot on Christianity that's what it is and they didn't want to do that these men had a amazing experience we got to the point where they were willing to face the fiery furnace as it were rather than to bow down and wouldn't do it now while you've done would you have been true to God that day or would you have thought it a good time to time usually at that point is a point something out here that's extremely relevant to what were studying the king and his kingdom was a political entity it was a world government and earthly governments this political entity usage political powers to enforce a religious act of worship don't lose sight of this because it glaciated shoulder the whole story that were reading as a political entity as an earthly government of the kingdom Byzantine and he's using his political powers to enforce an act of worship very very important to see that again the issuing Daniel chapter three is that of worship in the power used to to force the people to worship of course is his political power in his military probably with you there is a police when the king was told that there are three men who refused to bow down he was furious at the problem with the party unity and there were some amusing that regular some of his is most intelligently with him it is most productive people he knew that he respected them so he decided where he went my thought is this normally he decided that he would give them another chance so if you're still in Daniel chapter three look at verse fifteen in Daniel chapter three now e.g. ready he says that that act like five years the sound of the cornet loop are part sacked with sultry and dulcimer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the image which I may well buy a viewership not you shall be cast the same hours in the midst of the burning fiery furnace and who is that God shall deliver you out of my hand now I love that last and last night who is that God shall deliver you out of my head you know I often think anything can happen to anyone and did many things that happen to many people I often think I get into real trouble with some really bad people I know I'm going to go live on two two fifty five the Lord because if you read the Bible through and through you will see every time somebody find a lawyer he rose up and dealt with it many sure so if you ever get caught by some bandits or some drug dealers or whatever it is when you go to do to Mexico or something something like that I was just telling your daughter of God and there was a problem who is gone anyway while you tell and he is your God and he said you can't do anything that he will allow you to do nothing we can do anything and as soon as they defied God is undecided about what is that here in Atlanta throughout the whole Bible right I've seen it over and over again and I believe that is true what to look for something like that I have mounted I want to note is that these people were not given to make choices as in Iraq it wasn't too bad choices the first choice on the one hand is Ray God 's heart rate God 's commandments designer designer human disgrace yourself that was the choice again being thrown into the fiery furnace on which you registered if you're in that situation the situation is okay I want to throw away your salvation I want to did not worship God you've got to live the rest of your life would you lose your internal inheritance is not a great deal or not but which would you rather play when rather either which is now now you would know I think you would know which one is right but overnight the when you do with the decision to believe it or not this is the issue we will all face very very soon I hope we have enough times and that his thoroughly but this is the issue that's coming up on the world very very soon the overwhelming majority will go down and worship the image that will be set up in a very small minority will refuse to bow down and they will be unflinching about it and that's how the three Hebrews were right away when they were asked to bow down they didn't have to think about it and they were not afraid about this thing it's amazing to me that they were not afraid in verses sixteen to eighteen verses sixteen to eighteen Shadrach needs Jack and Abednego answered and said to the king old Nebuchadnezzar were not careful or were not worried to answer these in this matter if any show our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of the financial king but if not be it known to your king begged me will not serve my God nor worship the golden image which wow has set up in the admirable I mean anything he does not appreciate you guys are about to be thrown into the burning fiery furnace and they said agitated he had you what you want we don't care you can know one thing were not allowed on this image was one of the less I didn't guess by the way we have a God in heaven if he decides to deliver us nothing you can do I hope I really do hope that we ever find ourselves in a situation similar to where they found themselves and we can have the same spirit that we can have the same courage that we can be just as brave and say listen you get into this medium the Bible says all things work together for good to them that love the Lord if you love the larvae who know that nothing can correct you if you are in Jesus everything has to come through Jesus to get to you he thought he allows her to get you for your good all things together it's an amazing concept I believe with all my heart and that's why I'm always happy to be a Christian because everything that happens to me the best thing that ever happened I believe it and it makes life a lot easier well anyways you know the size of furnace was needed up seven times hotter than it should have been the Negroes were grown in any of the soldiers of bulimia were killed were by adjusting heat of the furnace that's amazing out there on how to get back love you you can leave with you that anyway nothing the Lord was in and then he allow this to happen that's what you know is always exciting to read a story like that it's always wonderful to cheer for the heroes in the story is that if the same thing would happen to me that's what I would do well is it really what I would do we don't know what we would do until we find ourselves in in this situation besides you think it's reasonable to think that we can need of the on that day we can even need a little past that were grazing in daily life what do you think that make any sense to you so here's the question how do you think God prepares his people for a great testament very little tests daily at how God visits while it's easy enough to understand supposing out as a whole bunch of raw recruits being brought into boot camp in other vulnerable to worry in Afghanistan and brought into the air as the general said the captain on August given an easy time and is really rough out there in Afghanistan and so is already bad enough wine and he got his ready terrible others giving us how to create a one dollars it was near I think it is either they need to be heartened in order to be among the surviving what they're going to face out there in Afghanistan and you know that it's the same thing for you and I were facing a huge stress that these Israel and the mark of the niche is going to be imposed upon us and that a decision to make and are realizations if we fail in making the decision as life is given to us they buy how are we going to face the decision when it comes to us that's the real question we need to ask ourselves the night and not so God is going to send you that God is going to send you the trials and to get more intense as the days go by because he's preparing us for harder and harder times ahead of us whether anything I want to say is that Daniel three is not just the story Daniel three is a prophecy this experience will be repeated at the components of this sorry that we find here are going to be the same in the last days as they are in this authority there will be a powerful realtor and builder in the last days there will be to unite and him playing in the last days there will be the use of political beliefs great power to enforce religious worship in the last thing the Bible says health and this is what were studying together and the Commandments of God are central to the whole issue turn with me to Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen the book of Revelation is a book of prophecy and is written pretty well in symbols and we need to understand the symbols in order to understand what is said there a lot of people read the book of Revelation and understand it because they don't have the key that unlocks the symbols in the book of revelation and I wish we had we don't have time tonight of course but as to what it was we studied together were going to discover more and more little keys that will unlock for us the mysteries in the book of Revelation well where the book of Revelation chapter fourteen were looking at verse nine two nine in ten years and the third angel followed the three angels in the book of Revelation that this is the third angel the fairly angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image you notice the word image here there's going to be diminished in the last days just like I was in a in Daniel chapter three is there any man who worshiped that he and his image and receive the marketing forehead arenas have the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb which is Jesus and the smoke of their torment is ascended up forever and ever and they shall have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image is whoever receives the mark of the season the mark of his next flow lot very passage of Scripture that is now in this passage is probably the three angels message is a warning is a warning against worshiping to be an beginning to this is going to set up the the first Angels message tells us to worship the true God says where their Revelation chapter fourteen we can read that in verses six and seven this is the first angel and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to everyone verse seven saying with a loud voice fear God God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come relating the judgment time and worship will worship him who was him he that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water so there still is it's easier as a means of website is gone the other or both demanding both of them and God says well we've already read what God says I is you worship the beast and his is going to receive the wrath of God the beast turns around and says you don't worship me I'm going to deal with your little red wagons of lunacy that in in in we've already decided together that was last night we studied what the memorial of God 's creation is your member what yes it's the Sabbath day that's what it is we've also seen that the Sabbath commandment is a sign it some are by God on his own people and so God has a mark on his people and that he has a marks on his people and so the seventh day Sabbath identifies God 's true people can't sign in the beast 's smart involve people involved worship and we studied as someone last night as all got says don't worship the free receive the wrath of God but he says it better worship me or else radar else look at a Revelation chapter thirteen when not far away Revelation chapter thirteen and were living verses fifteen to seventeen hundred reason in order as they should have been very inverted here and we are ready and I'm not sure why they are inverted there's a lot of this picture that is written in poetic form and in poetic form sometimes you throw different things out of sequence in order to make things rhyme and whatever but this is written in Burton accelerator sixteen and seventeen that will reimburse fifteen I want to find a true sequence first it are sixteen any of these causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand and indoor for heads now this is to Martha but you would think it's either one or the other by the way and it in your hand if you decided it would be says even if you don't believe it is in your four had humiliated so some people will believe it will worship from a Indonesian other people won't believe it but don't be scared to death so they're going to do it anyway I never received the mark of the beast anyway this finding their hands and that's that the symbolism that we find here verse seventeen and that no man might buy or sell save he that has the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his name and so here we see sanctions of course I never heard of sanctions the people section these days in the nineteen eighties I remember my wife and I are our family moved Africa we moved as you want at a time when South Africa was being sanctioned by the rest of the world we were exactly as I was in the country north of South Africa would buy anything from South Africa or sell anything to South Africa let me tell you something in your bid on everything from South Africa so there was nothing and then there was nothing unique to each examiner when I moved there except you grew now unfortunately I moved to Riverside which is kind the Paradise and grow everything as though we had some good leave but then we worship away to the north of the hotel where we had no food we we had a garden and we got ourselves a life that was a lot that you are is amazing my mind about my son-in-law came to visit he wasn't married yet my daughter became to visit a year later I would look into Zimbabwe to regard all we saw that there was an apple green apple we hadn't seen as holding one year and we look we stared at the Apple Store longer than I finally gave there is some of the focus now is so I'd like that a lot we was Canadian of that year but anyways I found one we a few know that he sanctioned role South Africa's real apartheid of course and then from then on of course it had more freedom yet well here we have it right here we just read it in verse seventeen there's coming at times if we will not bow down to the lease and any then we will be sanctioned we will not be at the bottom we will not be able to sell their going to squeeze financially economically socially every with a way to break our will to God promises us bread and water for sure he said my God shall supply all your need we don't have to be afraid of that however if you look at verse fifteen to get worse you look at verse fifteen and he had power to give life unto the image of the beast a unit of the need that the image of the beast should both be and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed and so here we have a political death sentence that's what it is and so all we got here is political pressure to gain political and well when we think of apartheid that's what we had political pressure to gain political ends but when we get to that time in history when we are I'll be worshiping the mark of the meteor these are the image itself then we got political pressure applied to gain religious in the twentieth if it fails if all else fails then there is a good degree that you notice that there is an image just like the manual chapter three is that the image is to be worshiped just like in Daniel chapter three if you notice that those who refuse will be killed just like in Daniel chapter three and this is future to our time this is still coming but let me tell you something it's not that far future I'm convinced of it I wish I had time to tell you about some of the things are happening in this world of points that the very fact that it's just a matter of time when we will be forced to worship according to somebody's ideas the beach 's ideas of course not don't miss every decision that you and I make today were going to make in favor of God were going to make a favor of the every decision you make today is in favor of God for in favor of fate 's way of doing things and every time you make a decision in favor of God you are strengthening yourself to make the next decision in favor of God but if you wish to yourself by making wrong decisions and when we come to the big decision that we have to make time we will be weakened and perhaps still leaking to be able to stand up when we should be standing so we can't wait to decide in that day that were going to stand for the Lord no no we got to stand for the Lord today we got instead of the Lord in the little things that God is asking us to do the by the way there's nobody holding a gun is there now there's nobody tell you can find ourselves today I went out with a sci-fi fruit about stuff I can still do it and so there's no pressure there's no version visual forth going on today I am if this is still read and I am still a free moral agent and I can do what I want in this country pretty well summed it up now so today is a good day to practice doing God 's will very soon we're going to have one of those our liberties there's no doubt about it it says so in the Scriptures which had time I think he sang anyway I have reason to believe that every prophecy should have been fulfilled by him in the Bible plenty of reason to believe that Jesus should have returned long ago except for one the problem you know what is God 's people are not you know like us people are not written because we have not been making the right decisions to prepare ourselves to make a big fault we had because the people lacks and we played fast and loose with the truth and we've been lukewarm with the whole situation we should be on fire for God and we have been lukewarm about that whole turn with me to Revelation chapter seven Revelation chapter seven in Revelation chapter seven God stands for angels what is it for what to do for most people will say he says that for a little hold back the four winds of strife and that's what those four angels into doing the and upholding the four winds of strife but that's not what God sent them to do let's read verses one to four probably in Revelation chapter seven and after these things I thought I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four wins of the earth that is the four winds of strikes from blowing on your wings of war goddess keeping it from getting out of hand you understand this is what is saying here and he almost feel like it's getting out of hand anyway when an evaluation get far worse that it is like I just said were still three people here no way I want to find the economy crashing two thousand and eight Australians well as I was before him still driving to dominate both the thing that has changed for me since that time is coming in you and God is holding it all together but for to give you an ISS to get our act together that's what it is that's all that it is so easily no more wins of strife on here that we should not blow near the north of the sea and then there is a symbolism for the sea here which means many people and nations and funds and languages nor on any tree or individual person and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to the earth to destroy the earth and the sea is unique for angels were sent to destroy the earth but another angel comes along anything I don't know I don't know it because my people are not ready verse three saying hurt not be needed to see nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their forehead and put a sign on and put a mark on them this is really what this is all about and I heard the number of them that were sealed and there were two hundred and forty four thousand now there is a parallel passage to the in Ezekiel chapter nine the validity three Ezekiel chapter nine sorry I don't have the page number busy just after nine this is an this is an exact parallel passage the problem with the parallel passage of course is that the symbolism is different so you'll find different symbolism but it was fantastically better read anything into it only has more description here and it's a different simple if being used I think that when Ezekiel chapter nine verses one to six he cried also in my New Year's with a loud voice saying caused them that have charge of the city of the city of Jerusalem which is a liberalism of the church now him them that have charge over the church to draw near every man when he is drawing in his hand so here we have the six men now verse two and behold six men came from the way of a higher game which life for the north and every man had a slaughter weapon in his hand and one man among them was clothed with linen which represents Jesus with and has a writers and corn by his side and he went in and stood beside the brazen altar and worry about God of Israel was brought up from the chair of the angel whereupon he was to the threshold of the house and he called to the man clothed with linen which had the writers in Cornyn is high by his side and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city go through Jerusalem go through the church is really Wednesday okay and this applies to the last day you'll have to think in the terms of the Old Testament this was a prophecy body weight in simple and so this is applying to the last days the Lord said go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem wife set a mark satisfying said I see you upon the four heads of the men that sigh and cry for the abomination that are done in the midst thereof and so were in the church and God says there is abomination going on and I want you Jesus the goal is delighted in court for the Marquis line of the four heads of those who signed cry for the abominations that are going and so Jesus for the long through the city through the church and he puts a mark on the fortunes of those people and then verse five to the others he said in my hearing alacrity and through the city but not here I spared neither that he did he slay utterly old and young inmates and children and women but come not near my any man upon whom is the mark that it says then we began to then they began at the ancient men which were before the house so young when the leaders of the church so I got to try to see what the picture is here okay God says the six men to destroy weapons they represent the four angels that we saw in Revelation chapter the four angels were sent to destroy everything before the six men were sent to destroy everything eleven for angels came to destroy everything that people had not been in the field did not didn't they didn't have the sign of God I saw lots of hope and hold it until my services service of my gunners sealed with your God in their RSS lets us all now God has struggled with different plan is what he did he sent three messages in the book of Revelation chapter fourteen the solid three Angels messages there is errors Revelation chapter fourteen is divided into three set segments the first segment in verses six to twelve and there is the three Angels messages Randall three Angels messages are understood and received they developed a hundred and forty four thousand and you can see him versus one two five and then of course once they are sealed and therefore has with the character of God in them then of course the last segment of Revelation chapter fourteen the second coming of Jesus is the great harvest when God comes to get his people to get his own political back in Revelation fourteen at the peak of the hundred and forty four thousand what are they like what is their qualifications what is there their character and what I read verses one to five fun passages I'm sorry to do this you are readily fourteen one hundred and one and I looking low a Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him a hundred and forty four thousand having the father 's name that is the father 's character written and therefore in the front that's where the carriage that's where we we have a conscience that's where we make our judgments that's where we reason that with me anything to forget that flight is that there is the character of God 's people not only that will let all the way down to verse four and these are they which are not defiled with women women in the Bible represents churches and he's obviously that women to thirty filing women and so long this thing is that they are not corrupted with the false doctrines of all churches for they are virgins it says these are they which follow the lab where we live celebrity goals so they followed Jesus wherever he goes the every game from among men being a person of the God of the lambert five and in their mouth was found no guile for they are weaned out all before the throne of God what an amazing group of people that is what this is what we've been studying it we've been studying the sanctuary to get this sanctuary had been ordained a thought for the purpose of solving this skin problem and we've been walking through it and we find justification in the out-of-court refinancing vacation in a holy place as the most holy place we find Jesus front of lot else in trying to work purify for himself a people and that who the people are the hundred and forty four thousand eight from our results fall before the throne of God to be there by receiving the three angels message of this is an software lab at what kind of message do you think it would take to make you to make you to develop a character that is like thoughts together character that what kind of message you think it would take to leave you so that you are we filing your mouth that your fault was before the throne as you willing to assist in the fight for good forever must be some powerful messages I think don't don't you see if you see anything like I'm seeing in the three Angels messages unread over I understand what the words say let me tell you something that is necessary there's got to be something more than my nice my eyes can see because those messages are able to develop the hundred and forty four thousand it's amazing when you look at the three Angels messages you might think where is the house on the surface of it it sounds like there's minimal instruction here and terrible warnings that's for sure but what in the world where the issue what's the problem well many things if you follow the three Angels messages if you reason you study and you ask God to open your mind let's really there you begin to see a golden thread running through the whole you begin to see the contrast between self worship and worship of God he is a contrast between truth and the traditions of men it begins as a contrast between man-made religions and God 's true Church in the history of contrast between salvation by faith and salvation by human invention salvation by grace and solvation by works freedom of religion as opposed to the legislation righteousness and enforced dogma you get to see all that it's all in there and you can see it to us the Lord revealed to open the verses you to other thing that felt of these of the word angel doesn't know anything about righteousness run out with him as righteousness by decree is righteousness by bull is righteousness by works by force by coercion by legislation and all that fail the slides of my righteousness by torture there is no railing and there's no power with him Holy Spirit is a man made religion let's go to the second Angels message this is verse eight software that run is highest highlighted we want to look at his list this entity called Babylon here by the way that a lot of the same as the fifth another name for their follows another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she noticed she did she she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication now in the Bible Jesus said I want to delete my flesh and drinks my blood in that the wine in the league within the table of showbread there is two tables with red and on on the shelf below the line that represents the blood of Jesus well as in everything Satan counterfeits everything and so we had here Babylon County and she has a cochlear and it's full of wine as the wind is if the wine of God represents the word of God here then the wine of Babylon represents the false doctrine of the enemy just that's what it is and you see here that this entity called that once she makes great makes all nations drink of the wine of false doctrine is whether this first of all Babylon is a simple or man-made religion therefore Babylon is represented in Revelation chapter seventeen by a woman well we've already seen that she go with me to Revelation seventeen Revelation seventeen going to read all the way to diversify in Revelation seventeen taking one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and possibly meets a you are here I will show you the judgment of the great war that's what it says is the great harlot that fit upon many waters now that's interesting is that this is talking about a woman and I've already said that the symbolism or woman in the Bible when it's talking about prophecy of the woman is the church and she issued your woman and she's just your church is the true Church of God and if she's an evil woman that he sees a false church okay so here we have this woman and she's called the horn is not a very good one of I I learned that somewhere along the way okay and he says he sits upon many waters what does the waters represent whether you go to learn verse fifteen Revelation seventeen of the first fifteen and he said unto me the waters which you saw where the horse it are people in multitude and nation and tongue okay so water symbolically in the book of Revelation represent people and nations and languages in the world is sitting on top of the water now who were seeking me I feed of authority that the fatalism proceedings so this woman kept her authority from the in the world nations and found this what is this is who this woman is not having told you she really is yet but you can get clues from this okay we're not averse to win whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth having made drunk with the wine of her fornication the wine of her false doctrine her doctors are so bad they are authenticating is a difference in the Bible between those of the sweet wine that is one fermented and the wine that is permitted because the one that is fermented is intoxicating and of course made use is not intoxicated and the Lord and here is the whore is offering to the people intoxicating wine intoxicating doctrines bewitching doctrines entrancing documents there is a lot of these which the computer okay and the tools menu see also in verse two and needles in high society this is an easy whoever he is called Babylon now using advising she mingles the king who says he has fornication with chains verse three and she enough so he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman get knowledge you sitting here seat of authority now she's sitting on a scarlet colored beast so she just receipt of authorities from all the people from the nations and comes in people she also gets her authority from the woman represents the church the piece represents what I Kingdom of political kingdom and so she has her authority in her power from the beach on which see fit that's another key as to who this power is by Solomon said on a call or a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns which we had time to let you know what the seven heads and ten horns are many ways we don't have time all we can tell however this woman is sitting on the beast represents the political parties and nations and woman represents the church and this is the next thing state and church is the uniting Church in nurse power there was a church because the church uses the state to enforce her documents this is what were beginning to see here first for as a woman which represents the false church was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication so the wind and synagogue is abominable and his ability young as seventeen Chapter seventeen and upon her forehead was a name written mystery Babylon the great mother tireless and the abomination of the earth well there she is that's what will you know the Lord Avalon comes from where we did our battle that is exactly what I got a Genesis Chapter 11 which is everyone's birthday it was a man by the name of Nimrod this is shortly after by the way and I tell you something the whole Bible is invoked in the whole Bible is in the book of Genesis it doesn't matter what you want to talk about in the rest of the Bible you want to talk about the Mark of the beast you might it is in the Genesis chapter for their vegan vegan are studying the market for these benefits applicable air restudy that you can make in the Bible is a book of Genesis the whole book of the Bible is in the book of Genesis it's an amazing book actually finally I was telling you about Nimrod shortly after the flood the population of Europe was reduced to eight people you remember his name is no IV had he had three sons and wives and between you and his wife and his three sons and their wives that was a people well the population grew and grew anything a very long and pretty soon some wanted to follow God and some didn't want to hold onto Nimrod became the leader of the group that you want to follow God so he came down off the mountain anyway for the for the play is always easier to live in the valley always harder Martha to live on there are I are always harder to live up on the mountain yeah that's right the Nimrod was looking for Valley and he found the Valley of Shinar and he decided that he would make a name for himself and for the people that were with him it is not your power to rise above it will be good and got ever decided to fly near the end they would be like being the above mountain boys people are unreasonable but anyway that's what he did and God decided that's not a good idea and so God came down to confuse their language is and I want to read verse nine in Genesis chapter eleven verse nine therefore is the name of it called Babel Tower and that city because the Lord did there confound their language of all your and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all of your and so they're not confused everything confused all their languages and that the work able means life confusion that's what you need well now is there confusion I mean now we go to the book of Revelation we see an activity called Babylon means confusion we already see that it's a shame that a representative religion is what it represents all kinds of religion every man-made religion is part of Babylon did you know that now know exactly what I said every man-made religion is part that love God had his church God has his religion is not part of Babylon but every man-made religion is part of that alone the world is still at religious confusion why are there so many religions while there is only one from how can that be why are there so many denominations how is it that Christians would just get along we don't even believe everyone to think they are how can we take that we have to truly somebody else is going contrary to us we can't all be right we can both be wrong but we can't both be right there's only one provision can only be one and it's amazing what the Bible does teach that there is really just you should there is religious confusion and will Babylon in the book of revelation is what is God 's throne of agencies is righteousness by faith that we are we are saved by the different glycogen is the leader in my lane toll on his eye but all the other religions would like to teach righteousness by tradition that ever heard of religions they will visit our tradition it has nothing to do with the word of God is just that we evolve to believe it and we have agreed anyone going farther than degrees as an a lot of increases as traditions of the church that battle different religion is based on the Bible of God all all religion have righteousness by tradition righteousness might be created right this is my legislation righteousness like works of the law righteousness by church affiliation of you ever heard anyone say this was good enough for my grandparents was good enough for my cat is enough for me as missing it isn't good enough for God isn't good enough for the Godhead listen I think life is way and it would be going to teach everything I let I am teaching that want to cause confusion and of course the world is field with confusion and Whitney in Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven I just want us to eat we can in Matthew chapter seven what religion is like today Matthew chapter seven were looking at verse twenty one in Matthew seven love everyone that says to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that does the will of my father which is in heaven is not a beautiful birth is in the truth is the people of the Scottsdale that will be indicated there's a lot of religions that are going to say but definitely go with you guys will now watch what's next two verses from the what do you mean that anymore nor have we not prophesied in your name and username have we not cast out devils than in your name done many wonderful works and then will I profess Jesus is speaking now then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me networking and we keep why didn't you know them they were casting out devils you are doing many wonderful works they were prophesying his name and he says I never knew why is he saying that once long ago related how do we know that something is wrong with their religion you know what were they pointing and having favor with God so yes they're going to what they have to and Jesus said well without me you can do nothing you get all of that without the and I'm telling you you can't get to heaven but by me this is what it says over here John fourteen versus Jesus said I am the way there is no other way no man comes to the father or heaven but by me that's it don't tell me you're doing good and doing that during that tenure worthy of heaven because he done all of that that's false and execute confusion that we find in the world going to meet in Mark chapter said Mark chapter seven looking at verses seven to nine in verse thirteen in Mark chapter seven seven two nine and verse thirteen in March after seven howbeit in vain do they worship me a lot of people worship in vain that feigning useless you said you were according to the howbeit in vain do you worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men as for the first eight four laying aside the Internet is a valuable you will then have the washing upon and many other such like things you do anything to them full well ye reject the commandment of God making a key your own tradition you know that there are conditions in the world back from your records and the first thirteen making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have delivered in many such like things you do friends it's amazing it's something changed in April remember the story King invented his own little religion in one of the acceptance of God because he decided to how he was unaware to thought to be accepted and gotten just as in Nimrod he started his own religion but it was letting nothing but confusion and Nebuchadnezzar decided that he would haven't an image and he got everyone worship and that would be the worship of God and God is love that doesn't jive with my with my word and it doesn't matter if you think the name Mohammed Abu Confucius of all kinds of other religions in the world friends there is only one country that a new religion and man-made religions does not even in the face of the Jews Jewish people in the days of Jesus they were God 's chosen people but a hassle perverted right away when we read in Mark chapter seven Jesus was speaking to there are lots chosen people a hassle program is vital that it had made for themselves a different kind of religion it was a religion based on works and it led to confusion of course and Christianity today yeah in all its confusing disagreements ranging from the cup that's in the hands of Babylon the wine of her fornication and that's why there is so much him is there so much difference between one church in the next one we going to do how we don't come to grips with this thing I wish I wish I had enough I know anyway I like to take the time one of these is to teach us is that if I is the very last slices of beef Saturday night this week when we get to it the very last message on Saturday night I want to let you in on the key the key that will beat you to know what God wants and how you can have it you can be there please please come Jesus wants us to drink from the water of life does not want us to drink from the wine that Jesus wants us to live by faith in him and not by faith in man's traditions the time Mister when the image of the beast will be erected and we will be asked about down we will be asked to worship something we will know it is against the will of God humanity you know that he is the Savior average church claims Jesus but they reject his work is amazing amazing in the picture you have raised is a great gulf fixed between the city and the crosses the bridge and we can find our way to God as it says here I am the way no man comes to the father but by me Jesus is saying I am the bridge but friends Jesus is also the word of God is in the way the rest of the image we're going to know about thousands of units that listens is not going to be an image such as a carving in the corner of the church that's not the image is going to be it's going to be well there is nothing because they want to talk about who he is specifically what the pharmacy is singularly and we will know how to avoid you like what would you like to follow this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse is like the more so than please visit www. on uniVerse .org


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