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14. America in Prophecy

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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him me second Corinthians chapter three second Corinthians chapter three is based at twenty six for those of you who would like to have the page number second Corinthians chapter three although therefore second for going to build up to it man by the name of Albert Einstein and I suppose nobody's ever heard about that I find pretty smart fella on the turn-of-the-century in any case he said this is saying that came from Albert Einstein let me tell you what are you probably just been reading this thing probably very few people will grasp the depth of what he's trying to say here is amazing the guy was really smart at all Albert Einstein the single most important decision on figured out what is the single most important decision the single most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe the universe is friendly I wish I had time to develop what he's trying to say here it's amazing that he could come to this to this conclusion because I was not a Christian by the way he was Jewish but he was not as you read Judaizers either he was he was doing while he was a scientist and his writing I happened to read a book on Albert Einstein biography I read it twice it was so interesting in any case in his will he refers to God a lot but not because he knows who God is a you know what God was there Google got what you would like to call I think of agnostic but he is the one the single most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe now usually had been a Christian he might have rain that's just a little bit different but we would ask the question of upon what is the universe built is a guild on forests or is it built on love is the universe friendly or is it basic is arbitrary or beyond feeling or exacting and cold if you happen to be a scientist and another thought about if you happen to be assigned to evaluate our Christian life is at present sizes will be able to blend in his heart and in his mind that the universe and all the scientific facts are not just cold but I is as it is in the world look at science as a cold at it just happens to be the way it is anything written by Festival however else they proven any stuff that Diana has nothing to do with emotions and stuff like this but the truth of the matter is we live in a in a universe if you're assigned this is a cold universe is an unfriendly universe is an exacting universe and how far Einstein was able to think like a way of his natural and the most important question the most important decision you'll ever have to make is to decide whether the universe is friendly and unfriendly it's amazing now we need to realize that how we relate to the universe demonstrates what we think of God or the universe for that matter if we are loving it we have a loving God if we are demanding we have a demanding if we are cruel we had a cruel God is more forgiving we have a forgiving God because what we do is measure who we are trying to ascertain who we are and we we attribute to God what we are mostly though if you're cruel person usually you have got your permission person you have a permissive if you're an existing person you have an exact thing so what kind of person are you the know that if you take the Scriptures and you read the Scriptures every day every day every day that he had any influence on who you are going down or left what it's all about athletics for I is a life as we understand an hour each day just contemplating the life of Christ in the Scriptures is all about Jesus so that we can become more read more like David might be holding week on face and we become like Jesus the and so are we sobbing her heart oversaw a little bit yet were becoming more and more loving that's what Chris is certainly known for targeting yes I hope so the Bible is clear I think I do second Corinthians chapter three were looking at her seventeen second Corinthians chapter three is one of my favorite verses anytime I get increased on the topic of religious liberty this is my key and this is my springboard that I never forget this that this is just so beautiful it has implications where infecting her and Chapter three will looking at verse seventeen now the Lord is that spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is their use liberty God never uses force to compel conscience God never uses force to compel the conscience God takes no pleasure enforced obedience and anyone who voices themselves on other people is antichrist in spirit and in character in principle I have a couple of quotation here in my notes that I wrote down from a book I was reading lots now force is the last resort to a dying call is that through sure even the most cruel people in the world even the greatest dictator would rather not use forth in that use forth these volumes flattering going to use smooth talking like you and bribery is to do everything he can to get you to do what he wanted to do and if that doesn't work last resort what sports will have another quotation and said the same thing however is aimed at somebody else what force is the last resort of every false religion on no no no religions are the right under all suite you are all there at all well I'd never heard of religious wars have you ever heard on religions using force you know I don't think that Christianity has ever done itself a paper when you started using force to try to get from any of the newly one you know we undermine Christianity when we use partly never sought diseases you fourth universalize this I told you forth is amazing to me right now I'm having my devotional times in the book of acts and in the book of acts I'm following of course the life of Paul through there and he got beat up boy man women pity over and over and over again that he retaliate you get revenge they use force that he hammer of people know the cook at all he took it all sweetly he and Silas could be imprisoned and with your legs out after having beans in general feet in width and all the rest that he would sing songs of praise the Lord and when the earthquake happened the leaders are ever caught overcharging with me was not born he was going to kill himself also don't do it all had nothing against the athletic Christianity is one unifying religion that uses for us you know the Lord is there where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty there is love because of course God is love unable to review a little bit what we did yesterday we talked about the Mark of the beast yesterday we talk about the Beasley life we talk about the Mark and what it is and we're just going to review three versus Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen and were going to therapy together verses one to three ago constitute our review Revelation thirteen one two three isolate this is John the ventilator I stood upon the sand of the feast and saw a beast that is a nation rise up out of the sea related area having seven ahead and then can all learn and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name blasphemy and we established through that was yesterday we don't have to review all that love by detailed birth to an beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet whereas if you love there in his mouth as the mouth of a lion and Dragon dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority and so he has a characteristic this nation writers on August the populated area has the characteristics of Babylon in need of Persia and Greece and the Dragon we found out that the Dragon Revelation twelve or find a dragon is Satan remember saying to this entity is nation it is authority our nursery and I saw one of his head as it was wounded to death seventeen ninety eight thirty eight a phase that the Vatican and the papal bull in an old dies in exile in seventeen ninety nine August twenty nine I thought it was I saw one of his head as it was wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed nineteen twenty nine Mussolini returned to the Vatican to be a political power in a deadly wound begins to heal nineteen twenty nine saw that last night and then it says all the world wondered after that it be the papal power all the world wondered coming back I think all the world is wondering now if gaining power of amazing power it has a lot of influence to the point that even America's beginning about in that direction well anyway today our study asks where does America do all of this is what we want to study this evening where does America need in Revelation chapter thirteen were looking at verse eleven Revelation thirteen verse eleven and I beheld another beast another nation now that you and I always wonder what the Lord use the word bee because it has such a conversation I guess the nation of the three-minute respect because the nation and IDL another nation coming up out of the earth out of the earth what does the earth represent well is very very easy to think about it the first beast rose up out of the sea which represents a very populated area and hear that the Bible writers making a contrast between the one B and the auditing of these sums up out of your existing represents a populated area then obviously the earth represents what a sparsely populated area that's right okay now what are they a little height is hereby the lack of verse ten in Revelation thirteen were going to come back to you this beast in Revelation thirteen eleven whatever Stanford just a minute because this is a principle that you need to see a principle that works is a principle of law that applies to each one of you each one of us and more than that it applies to churches in obliged institutions and apply to corporations in life cities and nations in the world and God always measures his people and his nation and his corporations whatever it is by his rumors in the conversant is an amazing role I love it all he that lean interconnectivity shall go encrypted he got killed with the sword must be killed with the solar year the patients in the faith of the things I what's the principle here how we treat people is the way we will be the principle I'm going to share with you three other verses that say the same thing and I'm emphasizing this this evening because it's too human need as well as far any church or any nation or the whole world of universal that matter because God holds himself responsible to you and treat you like you treat other people is not amazing Matthew chapters of Matthew chapter seven is the famous eight fifty four in Matthew chapter seven eight fifty four Matthew seven were looking at birth wanted to judge not that he did not judge now you remember a few studies ago we talked about judging and that we would be called upon to judge different things this is not what this is saying here like going to see somebody killing somebody don't judge well-known is that in order to earn you know that is you can judge that easily enough this is not to say the first year of the word here jives is the same word is again this is really what this is saying here again not that you do not condemn why for with what judgment there with what condemnation you condemn you shall be condemned and with what measure you need it shall be measured to you again how you treat other people is the weight you will be nice already in place as because you're going to taste like you getting other people Isaiah thirty three Isaiah thirty three were looking at verse one in Isaiah thirty first one says the same thing all in other words Isaiah thirty three versus one one oh two the now the pages six hundred and thirty two while do the him for the worthwhile here in the Old Testament really needs the wrong when he came with overcome another nation they would take everything they would rob everybody and everything is not just what it means you so will mean that law and thou wast not wrong for an dealer directory treacherously and they don't not treacherously with the when thou shall cease as well thou shalt despoil and when thou shalt make again to deal treacherously they shall be effectively reviewed if you're treacherous to go to be dealt with treacherously so if you're if you're thinking on Iraq is not amazing the things we do to others as a thing that happened to us on Psalms says sunset is a four eighty three in Psalms chapter seven looking at verse fifteen and verse sixteen in Psalms that says very the native hit and you get and is fallen into the ditch which he made his mischief shall return upon his own head and his violent dealing shall come down on his own or his own hit a similar thing here so do you others you're going to find out is to come back on you friends listen we can looking at the first piece we did that for two days and last night also in the way that he deals with people is the way that God is going to deal with it but it's also true about the seconds before looking at the back of Revelation chapter thirteen it's also true about the seconds before looking at were looking at America and prophecy revelation chapter thirteen already read a little bit of a verse eleven and I beheld another beast coming out of your that is what that means he comes out of the sparsely populated area okay so the question is now which nation about the time when the papacy was received as the moon about the time of seventeen ninety eight which stationed at that time was rising up to three hundred you know in a sparsely populated area well is not hard to figure out there is any other nation like that in the world as far as I can tell jar if United States of America and what's interesting is that in seventeen ninety eight of course his friends that inflicted the wound using birth VA to arrest the pope and juice in a knot but you know that in seventeen ninety eight France was the first nation to acknowledge America as a sovereign nation same day it's as if the Lord in all he was always little these little insincerity little cubes and Revelation thirteen verse eleven the second half and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb while the horns like a lamb whether the land represented in the Bible Jesus mean by this scripture is saying that his nation is a Lamb no-no but it isn't landline and what is the Lamb life is the all loving you know Jesus in Luke chapter for IV drug Luke chapter four we have a description not a description so much as his anointing is his charges when he came down here to do that and now Luke chapter four this is a nine hundred and eight Luke chapter forward-looking of verses eighteen and nineteen Jesus himself is speaking here and telling everyone why he came down to this world what he came to this world to do notice what is written here of Jesus the spirit of the Lord is come Honey have had enough of them he was anointed by the spirit of a large field of the Holy Spirit because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the broken in heart he has sent me to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the Lord so what on earth Jesus came down here to rescue people from that thralldom of the same to rescue people from buying the beginning he came to set at liberty them that were that were in bondage to this incident were taking them change to set free the people from oppression oppression and to help the people and not needed failure to control the committee anytime in the gospel that you find Jesus controlling something now as a matter of fact they are walking down the street of the relative that may affect your disciples with him and when it comes to their homes he says the walkoff he doesn't parse himself he doesn't come in unless you invite him to see anything to get it working as well come home with us and so that means oblige them because he was willing to come on a needed all the time he's never forced himself on anyone he was always seeking to see who he could really who he could read who he was at liberty friend listen this is what America was a lot a land free from religious oppression you know that if you why the Pilgrims came from Europe to America why do they come because it was religious oppression in Europe all the time it was marketed and there was there was force used against people who would read their own Bibles so they came over here and he also started doing the same thing on I feel there are great individual none can bring them to mind right now who decided not know this isn't what America is supposed to be like we are going to be a land that is free and people are going to the worship of worshiping according to the dictates of their own consciences that's what's going to happen this landed where we are going to protect the minority from the majority where the Spirit of the Lord is there is what liberty is the spirit of the year in America on eleven thousand the spirit of God is feeling all in the spirit of God is still in America I praise the Lord for America all the time what a blessed nation is if you know that I am not American now when I have studied the Constitution of America and I have studied the amendments to the Constitution and I know that God has been guiding in all of this is to provide a land to give freedom to a special people you would amazingly thought has gone your is amazing that a man can pursue his dreams inner skeleton is a man can be a Protestant America event is Catholic in America American and Muslim imagine being a Hindu in America unmolested guilty of is that all I understand there are sometimes individuals that will be up on people but no as the nation is still infrequent praise God I don't know how long is the last of my letter back I wish that I could stand here tonight and tell you that is going to keep on going like this forever but when the Bible I have no understand that is not going to keep on my desk forever was still in verse eleven Revelation chapter thirteen going back Revelation chapter thirteen were looking at verse eleven I beheld another beast that is another you can hear the sparsely populated places that he had horns because he was in wildlife freedom liberty that's what this land provided and then it says he stayed at the Dragon while the Dragon Satan Revelation twelve Verizon test of the Dragon in an we want to look at that word state you know that it is symbolism don't you is United States the indwelling United States speaking but it is symbolism nevertheless you know when President Obama speaks it is free recorded in Scripture when chargeable bush use this meeting was a pre- recorded in the Scriptures not even when George Washington Abraham Lincoln spoke that was never free recorded in the Bible but when the Bible says a nation speaks it is with a collective voice it is wish up with a legislative decree that's how it works and so you know talk to the nation and says he spake by deputy was singular he state with the voice of the Dragon in other words he is legislating for the whole nation and the same this is the great soul apparently there's coming in five five three one is coming when this nation is going to legislate from the speak like a drag on and legislate on behalf of the state really know if you diversify in Revelation thirteen looking at verse five and were living at the first lease now or the papal power and it was given of him by the way I have to make a disclaimer here you know I don't want to scare people to death and I don't want to insult anyone when I speak of the papal power in speaking of the system the papal system I'm not speaking of individual Roman Catholic people as I I want to serve in all my relatives and all my family still it is a Roman Catholic exec burn a few that have followed the need with Jesus now and in the nicest people in the world and most people have not a clue what I'm talking about here and they're not evil people out there is a system and was thinking about the system your first five and there was given unto him about this is the papal power the papal system there was given him a mouth speaking great things and left seamlessly and well goes on to say blasphemy and power was given him to continue forty and two months one thousand twelve hundred and sixty days decreeing great lesson by the by papal bulls by legislation by decree this entity would make a decision and it would be carried out against the against the Lord really selling America inspired the opposite way inspired by heaven by legislation created the greatest country this article is interesting as far as I can tell you I suppose if we went back to Israel when it was in its purity as a nation when David was on the throne and Sullivan for a while I suppose we could look at an Asian nations it is probably the greatest nation 's organisms I don't know how to larger lakes that have fastened some you know but as far as I'm concerned there is no nation like America in this world and a long time in a long long long gap but we are seeing here as were studying the Bible that America will reverse its course America will subvert freedom of conscience and freedom of religion eventually according to the Bible America will duplicate the oppression with which once ruled the old world and somebody might say no way that they won't happen not in America not according to the Constitution we have will last through not according to the Constitution we have there is no way can do that with the Constitution we had but somebody are a lot of people today talking about changing the Constitution the ever hear them N well you have the power don't friends with Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth something is changing in the very heart of this nation our politicians are losing sight of the founding fathers intentions with the Constitution and wicked with its relevant amendment amendment and you can see it everywhere is a lot of hot even among religious leaders if you listen to the radio how that they are beginning to say that this idea of the separation of church and state is wrong is not a practicing was never constitutional in other words whenever using the Constitution at all as though they say because we had interpreted it that way there's a will but that's not what was meant to follow the founding fathers me as all they want that change well you can see why thank you you don't usually a time when we could pray in school elegant graceful vis-à-vis a time when we could play at a football game Alexandria is usually a time when we could have Christmas now you can hardly have a crash you know I under Christmas tree anywhere because it's against the separation of church and state these are the negative sides of separation of church and state and then you know people who are sometimes whether there is a positive sign you know what the positive side the government cannot appear with your interview with you the government cannot I was going to worship and worship and how you're going to worship the government cannot impose religion on anyone in his face that's the positive side specified they don't talk about prayers prayers go of course and stuff like that well yeah I feel that the demo is widely regarded what the devil is finally meet you Revelation thirteen so Meredith to verse sixteen Revelation thirteen this is the second thesis of America now that he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand in anger for his as the first beast lies in the past during the dark ages as the first please use force to get people to bow to their religious dogmas so the second beast is going to do the same thing verse eight and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world I hope you're seeing what I'm seeing just like during the dark ages the papal power use military force military might but it was the military might of subservient nations to enforce the mark of its authority and so we can see here we can begin to see that the first piece is going to use America was fought for Twin Falls the mark of his authority again and so we read that in verse sixteen selects a different between a marking the foreheads of Mark Handley spoke about that last night one was an institution in the difference between receiving a marking the foreheads and a marking the handy remember Tom that is right in the forehead of the frontal lobe where we make decisions for our consciences from a judgment and when we reason and are some people who will follow follow the first piece and say yes yes and I'll do it in English from conviction whatever they do it from there the market is in the forehead but there are some people who will understand they will be offering it out of fear unlike Saturday the second Abednego out of fear they will now enable receive the mark in hand is the difference between believing it and being forced to do it you would do with I hope that's you first thirteen and fourteen Revelation thirteen version thirteen and fourteen maybe we should rewrite from verse eleven this is the context in view cannot be held another nation coming up out of your All-America and he had two horns like a lamb lamb like this nation because liturgy was that it is front and becoming a time when he legislated like a grand and he exercised all the power of the first beast before him notice that any cause of the earth and to dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed and he do it gray wonders what were looking at now he do great wonders so that he may fire to come down from heaven on your in the sight of men and he sees them that dwell in your by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the fight for the think of them as well your him me which had the wound by a sword and related enormous house hunting the enemy is here morale if he is in a state he climbed here in America right now and so as all our disasters of course intensifying we see that it is proportionate to the fewer the disaster that morality is declining also therefore the cry is going to be from the people we need to get back to God we need to get back to church we need to worship on Sunday so the politicians for five popular demand are going to want to legislate religious observance but not in the virus is going to be back by near now that's not good that people perform miracles tell not usually anyway so what are people going to think when a miracle happens if I do say all this is coming from what God is coming from God nonetheless the miracle is going to have you do not plan exactly adding the one vehicle and try to be all kinds of miracles happening if you notice which one is pointed out what is it fire is going to come down from heaven fire ever come down from heaven before and molested by fire down from heaven God is through an ignorant idiot in response to their is there sure you remember the story in Israel and in an apostasy and Jezebel had been well male worshipers led the Israelites of politicking and their queen and then Elijah comes along and he invites them up on top of Mount caramel all of Israel so downtime and then of course is an alternative worth water and water water water water on it so that you know you can prove it's going to be a miracle and of course the price and a fire comes down from heaven and you remember what you the authority on the larvae of God because he works a miracle well Satan saw that he said that I could use this that would be great when I want what I want that's what I'll do if I can avoid allows them of course and that's exactly what's going to happen Satan is certain point in time you use someone in these fires going to come down from heaven what you think of you don't say you don't nurse realizes in the Bible don't you this is the first Elijah want to draw fire down from heaven God and you lose the second Elijah Johnson as one ages is that English is a vital cc John the Baptist is a nice event and this is the Elijah list so John the Baptist prepared away from the Lord to come you know that there will be in the light of the last day and you can find here you want to read embodiments in Malachi chapter four but it says there that he turns the hearts of the fathers to their children he turned the hearts of the children to their fathers it's amazing that the message is that of a family you know that there is an attack on family in this world today all there is why all because somebody has figured out that if you destroy the family destroy the nation because the foundation of the best of the nation is built on the family and solves somebody's figured that out I wonder who it is yeah you know that he noticed that this third Elijah doesn't call fire down from heaven he doesn't that is in his grave it is a God thing anymore even so the any decides that he's going to do with and why is he going to do it verse fourteen the first eight words whether they say and receive them that dwell upon the earth he does it to what to do see that's what it is people think that the miracle has come from God and what you think it on to say what you want more that's what they want to say and what my favorite is working again thank you them that dwell on here that they should make an image to the beast we shot a wounded by the sword and admit that's what I want to make an platform first twelve in the exercise all the power the first beast before him and caused fear in them that dwell therein to worship the first that he was the annual America is not to say that people in America I want to worship as on California is going to happen is going to be legislated a national Sunday law and everyone will have to obey that law and that will constitute a worship of the sing-along because it's the mark of his authorities amazing from the magazines Houston Chronicle I guess it's a newspaper Houston Chronicle nineteen ninety four the article is entitled Evangelicals and Catholics together and we read from that article now Evangelicals and Catholics together Houston Chronicle nineteen ninety four evangelicals including Pat Robertson and Chuck Colson joined with conservatives conservative Roman Catholic leaders Tuesday in holding the ties that bind the faith of the nation 's largest and most politically active religious group in the last generation it has become common for Catholics and evangelicals to work together what's different in this declaration is a common faith now why is it different because they had no comment Friday they never have and never really the same thing as matter of fact it was right down to the very basic of the Bible how is a man save and never had to theologies you know that going through the whole reprobation was fought on the idea of how is a man say his favorite easy righteous by faith or the righteous by works all remember the place where evangelical and Catholic can work together it doesn't make anything out of it working out in the elderly as they think except that it doesn't matter you know why because as Protestants would come to the place where the vinyl doesn't mean anything fully on the Vinalhaven get-together let anybody let us work together we've got energetic and weaken in control here if we want to work together on what God thinks common faith what common fate did wipe with had to debate autonomy in half with the agency or the other or Zwingli or Calvin Wesley or John Fox or any of the reformers OR I for that matter what commonplace there is no common faith because we stand on the word of God instead of the traditions of men now from a famous name here's Jerry Falwell this is what Jerry Falwell has I guess we can reconnect probably on the screen all Americans would do well to provision the president was not asleep and All-American Jerry Falwell is all Americans would do well in addition the president and Congress to make a federal law an amendment to the positives noticed that agenda to the Constitution Ukraine we would do well to petition the government to change the Constitution it needs me to reestablish the thought of as a national day of rest I wish out of busy talking about our store that's what it is now that's an amazing thing actually it's hard to believe that comes out of the mouth and eight Protestants Robertson it has been even worse than Pat Robertson another leader in evangelical -ism it is not the duty of any particular what people are the duty of the church but it is the duty of the government of the people do not proclaim that they upset the universally observed throughout the length and breadth of our land to keep Sunday as the Lord so let's let the government out of people 's really wow until you we have enough government no really really there isn't enough rules you know what happens write something goes wrong until you eventually ruled to keep it from happening again is going to do academies like going to high school rights to does something stupid facility is another rules and all the kids out of all of this new rule because I'm getting at something stupid so there's another old will actually get out if you do something stupid so they invent another world pretty soon etc. these are so full of rules that the kids are our strangle you can't move as so many rules and you know that it works the same for nation work the same this is what's happening it seems to be little by little are are were losing our liberties not because men are bad not because men want to be dictators at this point in time that he thought that things happened like 9/11 cell 9/11 well let's have homeland security and tighten the screws everybody so that it doesn't happen again well how far will one can go all the way to the national fun that's what can happen down okay Robinson goes on to say this is the same frame quotation here if we would escape the doldrums of increased trouble by the way it was Robinson when 9/11 happened that said this is punishment by God and it was Robertson next ten when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans he said everyone that said this is punishment on well friends and probably through what is really going to yeah if we would as a middle ground of increased trouble has not had rest heavily upon his people opposition decided as a national nationally declared the arrest must be no more opposition legislators are according the English is his remediation force the people to worship on Sunday is not amazing race the papacy did in the dark phases stages let's force the consciences of the people are there other people in this world besides Seventh-day Adventist that don't need to be forced to worship on Sunday call short W license something that this is a worldwide Church of God shall and well I don't know anymore there's before I get from you and eighty is the and Jews and on and on and on so there were along the owner of this agreement have I wonder who stands in the in the interesting union is somewhat about the common people how does the common people in America relate to this you know that there was a survey done in some of the questions asked in the survey went like this you believe the Bible lesson concerning question right you believe in the demo lets a good survey question another question was this used United States of America is a Christian nation should the government make laws to keep it that way and you know forty eight percent of the people said yes we should have laws he will when you say national naturally national Arthur Levine earlier him yeah the newspaper in the newspaper headlines was Christian Christian laws one that was the Christian laws one euro that this is not a Christian nation you know that was founded by Christians mostly but not all of them were Christian by the way this is not a Christian nation this is really is a free nation and you can be a Christian here without molestation coming July thirty nineteen ninety eight July thirty nineteen ninety eight fall the second wrote a letter called the dominant and here's what he said nothing about someone you can probably remember this cyclical therefore also in the particular circumstances of our time Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respect their duty to keep son-in-law now that is fancy talk okay what's he saying here now Christians will naturally strive that if you push the government to ensure that civil legislation respect their duty Sunday this Sunday holding novel yanking blood holy what is holding anyway there is the Bush I pushed the government to do now surprise surprise no surprise because that's the way the papacy has always acted as our creative outlet is mode of operation and it still the same thing today and today of course the papacy 's popularity is gone protestants do itself and rethink the on the same terms together of course the Bible prophesy to thousand years ago and what people should refuse to go along with what's going to happen soon Revelation thirteen sixteen and seventeen this is what's going to happen to us if we reviewed causes all both small and great vision for free and bond to be no respecter of persons in those days the most important thing on their mind would be everyone's going to and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in therefore it and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of units may not be the issue in that enable the person he gets even worse first fifteen and he had power to give life to the image of the unit of each of both me and legislate cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed so there's going to be there to greet you remember forces a last resort cost and so they wanted five first of all my bribery in my flattery in my smooth docking and by argument and by everything and you know a lot of preaching to be a lot of preaching from the bully pulpit of the government one of these days they're going to try that way Bill because he thought working the fines are going to come and imprisonment single shot and slavery and then finally we just can't get the people to straighten out we need to does different that he remembers Shadrach Misha in the single they refused about any image and God delivered them he didn't deliver the wearer of the spirit of the Lord from his wife is is is is reflected even on the fact that will send his angels and delivered his service trusted in him and how is you give people freedom party in all three wanted icon set with anyone is I really don't know what is clear is a federal compelling is that while you need to be good for Africa and the way it is viewed of the Lord is literally it is not limited what we know you were not talking about kids kids need guidance and being the control and you will you going to worship on Sunday when national Sunday law is legislative or would you be willing to die or to risk everything to serve God W Hart question our decision sometimes I take a moment by day by day we are making decisions is a hard decisions they violated daily tests if we always decide on the side of the Lord I knew what little we will grow to the point where one of the effect on we can decide the size of the Lord are right you can pray for me went because I found are all facing in the Lord and not everyone made but everyone here will make it right this media was brought by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how humorous it feels like this is more certain and please visit www. .com universe .org


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