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Transformed by the Truth

Brian Hindman
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Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • July 12, 2014
    11:00 AM
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I love God and I love God you and you why the Bible tells us why because he first loved us to know God is very good God and in Psalm one hundred verse five we read for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endures to all generations that means every generation that comes after the parents and the grandparents and great grandparents this truth continues on as valid as just as effective and just as powerful for their lives as it was a generation before them and I am thankful for that today very much so solid forty five seventeen tells us that the Lord is righteous in all his ways and holy in all his works everything God does is good everything the Bible clearly teaches that and I am so delighted to be here today I have so much to say today I asked brother Lee when he connected with me months ago if I could even give a seminar in the afternoon and just have more time to talk and he was gracious enough to grant that and I thank you for that this this afternoon under the addressing of seven different attacks that have come in and are threatening I believe God 's truth in these last days I hope you will come and join me it will be a Bible study this will not be my opinion it will be based on the Scriptures and on the spirit of prophecy so I hope you'll come and and be a part of this evening or later this afternoon I'm sorry we will be decedent by the time were done today but our subject today is transformed by the truth transformed by the truth and how is my privilege to hear a large degree my personal testimony with you and and I guess I have to say no God is so good that since I have surrendered my life to him the opportunity to speak for him has has come up more and more frequently this year as Lehman did I was given the opportunity speed and UIC they had five to six thousand young people they are Orlando Florida and two weeks ago I was a young adult speaker at the Potomac campaigning open of Virginia and a couple months ago I was asked to speak with a one hundred year anniversary of mouth is the Academy and we never thousand people there for that but that does not think there to coming home to speak with you guys I grew up here in Raleigh for those of you who don't know me are well and this is a a homecoming for sure for me and just share with you just before the end of the message today of recollections of my time here in Raleigh we need fear like I was a pastor nineteen eighty two to nineteen eighty nine and there is on the left I only see it as we on the left side and be out in five hours size will grade school there on the bottom is a picture of by the last day of school nineteen eighty eight and I'm afraid to ask how many of you were born in looking around to see some young people with anyway that was our valuables there and I had such a blessing of growing up and learning my times tables I is the user mom here biopsies and old Mrs. Griffin she taught me my times tables thank you in second grade and she had such a good way with her and I just want to thank her freezer for her patience with me as a as a rascal as a stubborn and obstinate and well difficult to deal with child my all those in elementary education aikido and the deer the least you can reason with them most of the time with elementary school well anyway Mrs. Henry my piano teacher thank you for putting up with me I wish artists up with it on my son we have him playing the violin I'm asking to come up in a few moments in the end as we close with him and played his violin but I wish I was at the piano she was patient with me and even though I was not very good of the student she's there was positive and encouraged me and I thank you for that necessary thank you for being here today with seven good years in the Raleigh area and thank you for allowing me to be here and share what we've got is done in my life recently in fact well I will talk to you today our subject is transformed by the truth about Jesus Christ Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by me John fourteen six and I want to be recognized as if you're up here but this is a picture of the unrecognized is a journal no significant about it a little I said this looks the most like Jesus Christ of any picture that she ever saw and so we have by this picture is hanging a life estate of in Washington DC and when I have the privilege I been there several times a visiting and my attention was of course directed a picture like that looks the most like Jesus a prophet who saw Jesus envision said this looks the most like him and one of the things that really arrested my attention is how whole and lack of display and an glory you might say how this plane Jesus looks in my mind was turned immediately to the Scriptures Isaiah fifty three which says and when we shall younger is no beauty should desire him well what is the real beauty of Christ because he is beautiful he did not want to call with our display because he did not want to be attracted nearly cute external things you want to be attracting his inward character and so I submit to you today it is character that we most need to concern ourselves with as we look at Jesus Christ our talk to you about how Jesus has transformed my life so you know this I'm adopted and on accident I should be standing here today when my mom was fifteen years old logical model I was born and those fifteen -year-old girls are ready to be a mother but my my my parents adopted me Charles and Linda they had had several miscarriages and so they did if you have a child and so they they they adopted me and I'm very very thankful for that my life could not be put on more of a more direct path towards the heavenly kingdom and to be adopted by Charles and Linda Heinen neither of them are here today on both of them have had passed away my mom from cancer twelve years ago and my dad two months ago from a sudden heart attack at the age of seventy one he was still pastoring here to Carolina conference to churches and Boone Bandura and I forcefully had the privilege of speaking in one of his church is just a couple weeks before he passed away and unfavorable board worked out that privilege for me each year that extra time together while the moron that's all later on my testimony is a picture of my dad and be as up as a youngster and you have to do is happen in a person 's life I'm not hereby the bill of any human being no man no woman wanted me to exist I'm a pure accident but Jeremiah one verse five tells us before I formed you in your mother 's womb I chose you before you were born I set you apart and I often feel as I have studied my scriptures and study the word of God does not apply to me the widening did not have a plan for me even before I was even born even though I was not bored by the will of man but by the will of God John one twelve says being born not of the will of man will the flesh but born of God God has a plan and a purpose for your life today matter what your past is or where you come from he has a plan for you and I hope you'll take that to heart as we consider how he wants us to be transformed to be like him I don't believe that in the lives of people than just mere accidents happen God we know that in all things work together for good to those that love him those that are called according to his purpose and he has called me according to his purpose and I want to live my life only a submission and surrender to him I hope and pray he will to Jesus have had compassion on me nothing original probably although care my testimony will not be far away at all thrown from God 's word so I hope and pray even though I will have most of the Scriptures on the screen that will not deter you from wanting to search through and read yourselves one of the things that has become one of my greatest loves is the study and search the Scriptures and I have been transformed by studying God 's word will always mark chapter five verse nineteen there is a story of a of a man who was possessed by a demon and after Jesus cast out the demon he longed to follow Jesus bomb with him to follow Jesus wherever he went and notice what Jesus has done it how we hear Jesus suffered him not to say up to him go home tonight friends and tell them how great things the Lord has done for the and have had compassion on the words hold in the spirit of prophecy in sharing Jesus this man would be closer to him that he was in his immediate physical presence when we go out and share Jesus we become closer to him they just actually physically following around it is awesome to know that we are not deprived of a closeness with Jesus because we can't be like the disciples right following along the seashore on the Sea of Galilee region follow him by faith in doing his work and that is what will bring us closer and closer to Jesus John twelve thirty two Jesus I be lifted up will draw all didn't want to meet if you look carefully at your Bible the word name should be a nice house and if you know what that means anyone out work in italics mean it means it is supplied by the translator they met the person who translates note that that version they believe that it should be included in the text when you notice what happens if you take out or out since it's actually not clear in the original Greek language and I I be lifted up will draw all unto me that includes men as well as angels we have a great controversy that we are all part of whether we realize it or recognize it or not and so as we realize that LOI says that angelic perfection failed and had human perfection failed minority it is only by looking at the cross that men or angels are actually secure and so that will be a mighty security argument for all eternity that will keep the University are for ever because of the cross of Calvary when we look at the Wednesday cost and the result of it and see what God is light in his character self-sacrificing love to make it possible to say setters who cannot save themselves otherwise that will be an are you hello keep our university cure for all eternity or what is the character of Jesus character of Jesus I believe is most places in these very clearly demonstrated excess thirty four six and seven and here is where Jesus know the Bible tells us Jesus was the angel in the wilderness that led the children of Israel the pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day the that when Moses asked God to show me your glory he was actually he was talking to Jesus and Jesus answered in a rock bear and it passed by what a Spanish money do you have a huge fireworks and Fourth of July celebration with love how beautiful and how outwardly visually spectacular I look when you say something it says they are and the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God of people to replace his character merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that will by no means clear the guilty and was on his visiting the iniquity of fathers upon the children on the children's children to the third and fourth generations on that is to say Jesus character is a perfect blend of justice and mercy it is love and justice combined together when we talk about some of these ideas sometimes we almost talk about them as if their separate but I believe the Bible teaches very clearly they are joined together and understand one you need to have a income in complement with the other to make sure that your understanding correctly what it says Jesus character is perfect love and perfect justice what is my character was my condition no Bible does it on high effective we need a Savior that is important we need a Savior and if that's somehow sugarcoated even God 's word you don't realize are desperate need of him and so we need to know what arc initiatives and I'm here to admit some unpleasant things about myself I wear glasses not right now I decided were contacted a because I cannot see very well when I was in in in high school I got braces because my teeth were crooked my eyes are different prescriptions in fact when I was going to the optometrist for the Ansari the orthodontist to my horror I discovered in my teenage years when you're most concerned about your appearance and my jaw is two millimeters crooked Lahore I am he or my jaw is crooked this is serious to a teenager this is serious stuff on also when I was a student here at elementary school I got knocked out in the back of the head with a softball so you may remember Danny Lewis is the biggest strongest kid in the school we threw us all and I wasn't paying attention out I don't know whose fault it was is probably mine and I wasn't looking images suddenly I got hit in the back of the head and I had a terrible with latching on to this day I can't only been a bit like my head now but it's just it hurts a little bit from getting knocked out in six or seven three so I have problems I have I have problems but just what those are my biggest problem on his problem is my biggest problem is a three letter word and it seen that is my biggest problem that is our biggest problem we could all probably go around the room and an rattle off different little problems things we have issues but our biggest problem is sin and notice how the Bible explains this in the message to Laodicea Revelation three fifteen through seventeen it's just there I know I were thou art neither cold nor hot I went down workload were hot so then because thou art more and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth notice what would cause God to spit it out it is now is not being coal to catch that is not being cold I wish you were hot or cold wife a letter to be cold than lukewarm because of your cold you're not having a retention a pretending to have a godly life you are pretending you know you're out and out your getup pertaining to have a religious relationship connection with him and so therefore you're not self-esteem you're not pretending religion you're not doing any religion value be cold than lukewarm appraisal in a lukewarm condition partially maybe thinking your surrendered and install having a foot or arm in the world then he says I will spew you out of my mouth because now saith I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and I was not five things about our ratchet and miserable and poor and blind and naked like instantly relate to the blind and wretched and more this is all the spirituals of spiritual blindness spiritual poverty spiritually naked spiritually wretched these are all things that point to our condition and I wanted to know this to wake us up to help us see that we need to make a total change in our characters to become like you what has Jesus done for me I'd like to back to RRT versus eight second Corinthians chapter five seventeen and I want to be so bold as to ask you to make a note in your own Bible out of the view that I argue that far in my own Bible as I'm writing out I made notes and comments that will remind me of things I've read and studied in other places is now watch this I want to actually before you throw me out as a heretic I want you to cross out few words and replace it with you other words I think you'll agree that it's okay with you hear what I'm talking about I want to take away where it says any man and put your name there on the Ryan Hindman right near an elementary diversity and assess therefore if Brian the enterprise is a new creature some translations and a new creation all things are passed away behold how much is the company something most things a lot of things all things are become new set in the think differently I might feel differently you act differently all things are become new that's a total change don't miss that point when we read the Bible we want to read as applying directly to us these are God 's word to us personally so therefore if Ryan Heiman the price is a new creature and I'm here today to say God has changed me from the latest see in Luke warm pretending Christian I used to be and he wants to be the same for you my best today this is a serious time that we are living in my confession I confess today that in the past I have not surrendered everything in my life to Jesus I am ashamed that I have grown up in a wonderful Seventh-day Adventist family with many spiritual and intellectual advantages but I have not allowed Jesus to be the complete load of my life I have allowed worldly distractions to become idols in my life with Jesus showed been the focus of all my thoughts words and actions all right in person at the one first fifteen or me personally one verse fifteen he said this is an evil thing and will be all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I see on the news the apostle Paul the line forms right behind me right here you have to get in line behind me being lukewarm and in a state where you got says I wish you are hot or cold I think is even worse than being all whole is not about that I would value the coal and because I have lived for so many years in a lukewarm condition I have dishonor God is here today to say no more no more by the grace of God and by the power of God no more today and today forward I surrender all to Jesus I surrender all not I surrender some Luke fourteen thirty three Jesus says so likewise whosoever he be of you that per se can not all that he hath he cannot be my disciple we cannot be his disciples and unless we have a full and complete surrender what a wine because Jesus cannot save fifty percent of you you cannot say seventy five percent of the eighty five ninety nine forty four Ivory soap is not good enough you can only save all of you are none of you that's why have to be complete it has to be everything in a conscious choice to surrender to him and out of the choice act on a surrendered on calling all of us today to make notice the comments that the Christ I'm delighted to hear you guys are reading a book I curse my students I have IT job seven classes at a high school mouth is I keep world history at each American history I teach American government and I have the privilege of teaching junior Bible and junior Bible class to the junior high school eleventh graders the Jerusalem junior year is I am so blessed Ritalin is a twenty one the police first semester and second semester the books of Daniel and Revelation so I did a study that every year again and again and again and it becomes greater and greater importance to me every time I study and I look forward to starting and restarting as well as that the Christ is a good book I I have my students read that we are not children unless we are such was the worst thing entirely it must be a complete surrender we are not God 's children unless we are such entirely blown as your personal observation in my forty years of life I've never witnessed in history now we talk about is that you were talking about the truth is most important for the time right now the most important truth and you can figure that out very simply all were my favorite pastors and Stephen for he explains this very simply he says he does ask you questions to define presently where is Jesus now number one and we can and we can answer that the Bible tells us even have it we know more specifically where even the sanctuary more specifically in the most holy place whereas the nest the first question number two what is he doing that defines the present truth what location is Jesus and by faith we are called to follow him as he is working in the most holy place ministry bear in his final work of atonement for those who accept him and surrendered to him and give their lives to him to put away sin how to send it in the sanctuary well it's when people say and write a simple world is essentially to claims when the people who are setting it claims with those people who are are committing sin and are confessing his name become fully and completely surrender to him and his power that they stop sending about possible is it possible I can do something through Christ who strengthens me or all things through strength is possible not only possible it is necessary as I read about in Revelation those you have the seal of God and stand on Mount Zion the hundred forty four thousand live in the present you today is more starkly focused that I believe it has ever been before as I study world history I proceeded there has never been a time when God 's truth John fourteen six Jesus said I am the way to the life has been so clearly revealed in accessible to everyone I'm running this presentation from my phone in my iPads up in the balcony me what in the technology is amazing we have all kinds of both applications are phone for Bible applications to life writings are free I highly recommend you not download that you do so but is available all the time we carefully around I'm carrying the equivalent of one hundred twenty three books from the spirit of prophecy in my phone at all times at a moment on big oil changed in my car I can pull it off and start reading the Bible or Spirit of prophecy and that is oftentimes what I do so it's never been more available or accessible at any time Jesus wants all the know and understand the difference between truth and error as we are in a great controversy posted we do not realize that we are in major danger God is revealing great light to all who seek to follow him will only use the verse that I shared with you think Ricky is five seventy as a blueprint for sharing my testimony today is a short burst and so the first part of that person is if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away only share with you just a few things that have passed away and my life and then I will finish them off with new things that have taken over being a Christian isn't just about what you don't do it's about what you do not exist and it are either distractions and idols I had to me ours is a read here but I have references all of these things everything is reference biblically promised Welty says do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed and changed the word and egregious metamorphic Ellwood Reagan word metamorphosis is a complete transformation of a caterpillar and butterfly are completely changed as I understand from the science teachers they say that mechanically goes in fact this is something that blows the doors off of evolution because the actual happens in a chrysalis that cocoon it it just started like a liquid it literally is not like it is a little bit it grows me to become a butterfly it turns into a liquid and completely changes into something new and higher transformation which is any word for how we are changed on in Christ Jesus time management artificial airplane are operation myself you say these things because I have been transformed by these and is made a difference and I want to share with you my brothers and sisters today think about this I heard a very apt illustration freezer once in a sermon very good very good and he simply said I want to think about what's do you spin the most of your time doing what he spent most of your time doing take away sleeping take away your job you are at your student school tasteful away take away on eating sleeping your job or school articulators absolute things you have to do what is your time wasted in the most time doing just think about your answer out loud and then whenever you spend the most time doing is would you value the most what ever you spend the most time what is your time is what you care about the most you have to take a long test with questions and figure out all this is why like this my personality don't worry about that what they are doing that's what you automatically place your valuable that if you care about is which is that you're not doing is it something that is of a nature that will draw you closer to Jesus Christ think about my own thoughts convinced me when I heard that illustration and so artificial entertainment uses that a lot of time watching TV our family and offers more than a godly wife and we attended a couple years ago like you I see a general youth for Christ generation of youth for Christ our convention in Houston Texas and to be there with thousands of young people ages eighteen to thirty five is the exciting these young people that wanted to change their lives and just follow what God says let's follow what God 's word says and so we came back home and my wife called the cable company and said I would like to cancel our cable guys go house listening and be on the other end each of the operator was just in shock nobody called to cancel their cable and we had channels that we we wanted channel and give channels to use that you can think about what our channels are saying and so she offered that the operator said hello to give you some more free channels and my wife very nicely said I don't think you understand I don't want any chance I don't want any channels coming into my house I don't want anymore will give you even more channels will give the individual give you free months of premium channels I don't want any and finally when she realized that she was a losing battle through it okay I think she's a sixty five dollars to unhook your cabling and the devil so that gives you when you're trying to disconnect from the things that he wants to was the key channeling watch this I just been huge amount of time just news and sports and I think that's fairly early but I doesn't think that there's a true willingness worth is true with Anne and the news we need to know what's happening in each American government I need to know what's happening in the political realm when you spin for five hours a day watching talking heads go around and around with talking points and speaking about things they keep me start off about people I be interested when you share the gospel with them and wanted to say they are sold regardless of their Republican and Democrat in independent Green party whatever party they are want to save their souls above all else and so I'm here to tell you when we make these changes it is made a dramatic difference my family are so much more time for Bible study and family time together it's made a huge difference notice what home life as I love this quote in volume two of the book mind character and personality page five ninety five paragraph three the first work was what is the first for the first work of those who went before to read more if you change the way your life is arranged to reform is to purify the imagination it has to do it right here you don't only make sense because we are based on what we think Isaiah one eighteen the Lord says come now let us reason this thing together though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow I want you to think God wants us to think about that a lot of the things I can think about eternal things so that's an important article point are right on improper diets are first rate is ten thirty one says whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all the glory of God you ever wondered why isn't it just a whatever you do do all to the glory of God why would he act by the one with the apostle Paul feel it necessary to say whatsoever you eat or drink or whatever you do is it because the eating injury so they're so capable there so frequently done it it can become easy cannot see that they are important in terms of our thinking and ability to understand spiritual truth there so then we don't realize is easy to get all in things that Yost rated vegetarian Freda Lord but let me just say I used to eat and still worth working on lots of sugar I used to own ice the Eagles tool box that toasters rules and go to church in the morning to help that person since there comprehends spiritual things would you be six pastries and drizzled icing all over the top of them a your skin this is thinking because it's so sweet and he sat down you think you're going to get some kind of a blessing something to do here all about Mono so I have much work much reform to do with the things I even made a difference we are what we eat and the main purpose eat well is because it helps us understand God 's word live longer guess how to run faster and do more push-ups and all those things I want to be in shape I will look better but those are all secondary to the primary focus of knowing and understanding spiritual truth we must know spiritual truth and we must have our minds clear to understand so whatever you do and it specifically mentions those things eating and drinking notice a statement from temperance page seventy six L life as if the Satan can control the appetite you can control the whole man listen what was the first in it was connected to eat what was always the first thing that is that after the Israelites came out of Egypt was the one of the first things got been written the James Irvine right give a man to eat rather than what they had been eating because place before the Commandments they would understand the Holiness of God requirements getting the ten Commandments this is my holy law this is the standard of righteousness James says GameCube twelve so sneaky and so do you estimate it shall be judged by the law of liberty it is the standard for all of us whether we like it or admit it or not it is the standard and that of course what Jesus actually prevail on in the wilderness when he went over the same ground that our parents add any stumble in the in the wilderness he was tempted turn east onto the bread and even after fasting forty days he could still say a mother do that because man is a live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God we are to live based on the living word of God you know that God is alive and well for the word of God is living and active it is alive and so is the meeting it actually transforms and gives us life as how we transform by studying and reading his work and I was spending so much time wrapped up in sports teams then I could not spin time studying God 's word so also doubt and uncertainty you know I used to have lots of of just frightful mess and just kind of anxious disposition but when you fully surrender your life to God there is nothing to worry about God wants us to know Isaiah twenty six three thou wilt keep him in what kind of peace party these whose feelings are staying on the whose mind is stayed on the because he trusted in the casinos within God 's work you can trust God when you know what that is where you know the promises are then you will have a peace that passes all understanding so which litigants were seven says all right so my advice to you is you to enter a artificial entertainment or distracted in your life know if that is a price to be a giant or stand with your nineteen eighty two that happen to year this a young human hit a game-winning shot to win a national championship at the University of North Carolina and Michael Jordan and they won national championships in nineteen fifty seven nineteen eighty two nineteen ninety three two thousand five two thousand nine and I was consumed and assessed with following this team for decades but I realize that you know it might seem one day to be somebody and if we lost then I would do it it is a horrible despair you know forgetting that God is still good and he is still in charge of the universe and he is on his throne and he still ruling all things are terrible no more brothers and sisters I have given it up and I spend my time now not watching sports with studying and praying and spending time doing evangelism I share with you the definition of the word gain from the dictionary this applies to any game but it's a board game a of whatever kind of again your name of Islam dictionary has no political sorry on spiritual slant on but just notice and I was really small the focus of my face RA number one eighty and activity engaged in or diversion or amusement do Christians ever need to be diverted an activity that you engage in for diversion as if I'm going this way and now I'm diverting over the board this question ever need to be diverted out of anyone and I think it's the little kids at recess by people there there do something terrible but as an adult Christian I become obsessed with watching games or unusual I need to be abused by me to be diverted from my focus on God I want to share with you another definition look at three a business a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other sounds like you may not I was able to get each other a little message of this payment you're making opposition to go against someone but as Christians we don't want have opposition the people we wrestle not against the we are trying to bend into the kingdom and so I know it might seem harmless organized as a little simple game but I convicted that I need to spend my time doing things in order to make an eternal difference is that statistically the average American watches over four hours of TV a day which is the equivalent of two months of nonstop TV watching per year so you're two months of nonstop TV watching an entire year that is a lot of time just sent looking and staring at a flashing box and having channels and programming goal in your mind when we could be no studying the word of God and so since I made these changes it has been such a blessing our appeal to you let the spirit speak to your heart and all asked him what changes you might need to make in your life now watch this this is important how is character for this is a different point by the testimony what you want to write this reference down this is a big one character were talking about character and Jesus proclaimed his character Mount Sinai and then I will have this character she writes and says even your boss must be brought into subjection to the will of God and your feelings under the control of reason and religion your imagination was not given you to be allowed to run riot and have its own way without any effort at restraint or discipline now notice this key threat this season if the box are wrong those feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character I'm not sure if you caught that I'm on UTC of repetition is an effective form of teaching installers say that again if the thought Ron Beasley will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character you are what you think about how you feel a combination of both of those white we feel that all the time let me why we feel discouraged is because were not thinking about what things year if you think about it is because were not thinking about the promises that God has in his work your feelings always follow your thoughts and soak your thinking something is wrong if you feel something is wrong I have a a a a very preset specific application of this promise or this is the meaning of this when my dad passed away unexpectedly two months ago I felt very bad I was very devastated I was very sad about but I like when my mom died twelve years ago I never went into depression why because the board helped me because I've been filling my mind with so many Scriptures and Bible verses that every time I would start to be tempted to feel sorry for myself or feel you know feel bad about your depression I would remember a promise from God and you cannot feel bad because the Scripture says that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the sofa we have our mind on God even if your parents die unexpectedly you will not feel that Jesse might be set for a time and yes I miss driving through Raleigh and remembering so many things that I didn't think it it was that I was excited to say that but I don't have a depression about me because of God 's word and you can have the same your character is based on what you think and feel and you're thinking should govern your feelings not your feelings are thinking and saying let's is upside down and tries to get us to feel a certain way and it aren't they can get all but we always start with thinking about God 's word that will always have the proper feelings are coming a lot on appointment you as you know Helen how our minds function noticed a statement from the great controversy page five fifty five paragraph one is a law I teach law a law of the intellectual and the spiritual nature by the holding we become changed the mind gradually you might not even perceive it emerged gradually adapt itself to the subjects upon which it is allowed to dwell in you know what you're basing that on one of my favorite memory verses second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen where Paul says that we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord what is the glory of the Lord will you learn this morning but for the Lord is our display in character beholding the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory from one condition to another condition how does this happen even as by the spirit of the Lord we are changed by holding and so if we are not holding him by the other things we get distracted with the really changed and what were focusing on we must be changed the image of God so keep that in mind favorite is creating that is the key or what our spiritual victory is based on by the holding him by surrendering to him and looking to him we become changed it is a law you can't change that fact whatever your focusing your mind on that schedule so now I can say with the apostle Paul in Philippians chapter three verses seven eight the apostle Paul he got this right when he says but what they were gains in the those I counted loss for Christ gave doubtless and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things everything else compared to Jesus and you count them but what is the word right here the only time this word is used in the King James and you count of the him him that I may win Christ everything else compared to Jesus when we really look again to will what is this on-site we would turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of earth will grow strangely dim it might seem at first when you're letting go of some of the things I can identify with this working for so long and this is part of my day and I become wrapped up in this business seems strange that that's not really what I want to be would be like Jesus and when I become like him then it is such exchange that takes place and he wants to do that you love to do that for all of us the entire world Jesus is nothing but now the rest of the verse behold all things are become new that's our Scripture for today here's what it changed my life spiritual devotions I'm so excited about studying the word of God Jeremiah twenty nine thirteen says and ye shall seek me and find me you shall search for me with some of your heart on good listening with all your heart support all actually me and all of your heart as your desires the seat of what you really long for really want to be like him when you search for me with all your heart my family we have we have our family worship every morning and every evening personal Bible study memorizing the Scriptures I can't tell you how much my life has been changed since I try to start memorizing Scripture I had memorized at this point I have an app that I use my phone and on my iPad technology work on my site I deleted all the gains aren't anything on my phone or I know being no sports and I just want to be focusing on what's changed me in my character to be like God and so when you memorize the word of God because it's living it will change you I'm telling listen to what Paul says it's in the league 's Council second Timothy two fifteen study to show thyself approved unto God a when and not be ashamed rightly dividing that is rightly handling the word of truth studying to show yourself approved on the bottom not your Pastor or your teacher or your parents but unto God that's a lot of study to be approved on two because I study his word and by his spirit I'm convicted and understand how to handle it and laying memorizes brothers and sisters in the devotions and prayer my family my son when he's in school he preys on weak we pray in the morning and the evening we wanted to be like Daniel because Daniel prayed three times a day and gnocchi was ahead estate read the book of Daniel he was very busy and you were there were three presidents and he was over those three presidents were over a hundred twenty satraps this guy has a busy job and he could still find time to pray three times a day so my family night while taking every day we have set aside a time that we try to pray even over apart and my school my wife she's in her work and my son is using his school and so we just go to our closet door rooms I office and my son was asked to the bathroom at school so he can go and pray in the bathroom door pray to the same time has been a blessing for our family I hope you will take northward seriously and have raised any erotic chapter six verses six through nine all Moses is repeating right after the ten Commandments Deuteronomy five twenty says and these words what works the Commandments belong and these words which I command you this day shall be where shall be in thine heart and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children and shalt talk of them how often when a citizen on house and with no walking by the way and when I lie down and monopolizes all sitting walking rising all his things arts or symbols for parents teaching their children the word of God and thou shall find them for a sign upon thine hand and they shall be as promised would we not eyes and I found right in upon the posts of thy house and on IDs these are the words of God on your post on your days by them not as late as you like but it's just you have in your mind habits that you are always thinking about the word of God and so Deuteronomy six sixty nine is a call to study and to share the word of God with your family a desire for evangelism Bible studies my wife and I restarted Bible study group on about a year and half ago it needs in our own in a neighborhood of a community kitchen and we have several not administer coming it's been a huge blessing for me to study with non- Adventist and try to help explain arts rooted in and I've become more and more aware of what it means when you read Revelation about this is pretty strong I know Revelation seventeen versus the orbit of Earth was drunk with the wine before had given her and we know that wine symbolizes false doctrine and when you try and present truth to someone who does not understand the truth often times it seems as if I don't know and I can even understand what you're saying the truth is so hard for them to comprehend and so replete over these people and we wrestle with them and pray and just purposely try to this is what it really says and he has been a blessing in Bible studies and see what we raised a twelve thousand dollars to pass out the great controversy to every home in our ZIP Code and our church where we are all in about three months we discovered records that hate regular thousand dollars out of our own bank account to get his message out will you join us and interest within few months the rest of the church that all right every home business in our Cisco got a great controversy the full edition on that of course G Y C address for radio helping out these organizations as the huge blessing there's so much to do John thirty four when he slipped up talking with the woman at the well and his disciples went to get the only thing that Jesus said that in my meet visiting James word means anything James is an actual like listening to reverse the new Jesus as my niece is to do the will MSN me after I finished work my live on is the work of God Jesus himself said as he was setting up to it his disciples saying up to us today he was our perfect example in all things and so our food and I know it's getting the hours getting late and I would have to speed along because I have too much to say too much to say our all right just man shall not live by bread alone but by every word before for the clicking of the mount of God was long gone poor little longer all right study to see and talk about this afternoon that is what is being made against God 's remnant people is to minimize and to undermine and unique game in some way or to somehow lessen the importance of the spirit of prophecy we are a prophetic people raised up for prophetic time you're sitting in his church because got call a people a little over a hundred and fifty hundred seventy years ago in eighteen forty four he rose about people based on Bible prophecy to proclaim the last message to the world the three Angels messages that is present through the watching listening to sermons and testimonies Romans ten seventeen says so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God your faith comes by hearing and studying that is to listen and follow it and appreciate the word of God Romans ten seventeen just quickly and eighty one a copy of this I'm happy to send you up on and I can e-mail or whatever my presentation at the slightest particular has been a giant blessing to me either new resources that help me in my change of not any particular order but one of the first one audio verse .org if you never seen or found this sorry there is over I now have one thousand over five thousand now sermons are based on people reaching and teaching the word of God and they are all strong powerful messages I can recommend some names with peppers Norman McNulty Randy Speedway limit leadership ouster while I'm resting my eyes black eyes Korean guys and Latin American guys was pouring out his truth on all races all it does not matter you name it people will listen we'll been received and they are changed by so check out our universe .org if you need help sleeping on my sermons on their can help you sleep our secrets unseal .org if you've never heard of pastors even more he has a tremendous website has lots of resources I have been blessed by his series on Piazza a series of thirty two sermons on the sanctuary service I was not all thirty two service he has a series of twenty five sermons on the three Angels messages I was twenty one of twenty five or more you know before I finished that and start over again so much information to guide this compares you get more biblical meet listening to him preach then most anyone else is just so much why why I can't get enough of it amazing discoveries that will argue you never read any of the scope of Walter five but was infringed I highly recommend it had a big part in my transformation on the light Studios .tv you want to see a devastating exposé on Hollywood Disney and the entertainment industry these are three young men I've met him at UIC the work that has raised that left the church and got involved in Hollywood entertainment Baldwin movie production in acting and production they will tell you what's happening and it is just okay have ten or twelve or more seminars and we have all the DVDs are this one out to friends and family members were listed because it is such a wake-up call as to what's really happening Hollywood has the script also many of the the truth and I and his unbelievable shocking and we might get ourselves in things that affect me what to say that the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong and if you're thinking wrong thoughts that beautiful be wrong and your thoughts and feelings combined make up who you are that is your moral character and it finally separate call .com Christian burn all in the music industry he has a whole eight ten hour on a CD DVD series on using an individual lot of the things that music on it is called the distraction of anyway it is excellent I've seen it twice and I have two copies of the loan was out to our family friends able to listen it will make a difference if you want to know what the truth is as I said before it is available or willing to hear is available notice that Jesus wants to give us and has promised easy to thirty six twenty six and twenty seven a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you an heart of flesh will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and he shall keep my judgments and do them just waste talking about right here he's actually talking about LMI says this is messages young people page seventy two when Jesus speaks of the new heart he means the mind the lie will be the Jesus that I will give you a new heart we just read that first she says that means I will give you what he's really saying a new mind a new life a whole being to have a change of heart is to withdraw infections from the world and fastened them upon Christ to have a new heart is to have a new purposes to motives no watch this was the sign of a new heart exchange life brothers and sisters I am changed because of what God has done in my life and what I know he wants to do in your life is this a a late hour in Earth 's history IT world three I tell you I study prophecy for my living although not biologically related pastor Charles Hindman had a deep love for prophecy and lastly it is and we share that I I inherited that from him we talk about all the time and up until shortly before he passed away and was a saved your mighty twenty this is a sad mournful statement by the people in Jeremiah state this is just before the first captivity in Babylon the harvest is past the summer is ended and we are not saved I was the message it was given to the people they are committed to captivity but then God wants is the notice of second Corinthians chapter six verse two or he saith I have heard me in a time accepted in the day of salvation have I suffered the worst authorities to aid in help and assist the whole Paul right now is the day of salvation behold sorry behold now is the accepted time behold now is the day of salvation today now is the day of salvation I I I come near our clothes here with the various sad moments that chapter here this is a picture to much to go on my dad and he is casket and as as that of the place near the funeral service I actually asked the priest if you have not been able to increase the funeral for my own father I'm not been having a close connection in studying his work I did not have my mind fortify and I'm not here to say that I've arrived by Amy I had not I must give you on the least person in his room but because of studying the word of God definitely had a pastor even though he pastored for about forty five years and seven church districts and it was an honor I thought to myself this might be the last time I can keep that this man but now both of my parents gone honor your father and your mother I don't have on the above my dad he wanted to be like Jesus my dad he had after I preach the funeral I went into his own when it is office and I found their way out of a good reader is his handwriting I found I open up his desk drawer in the church and a little notepad and had these words scrawled on their and the like have the life you probably second where were his words that are processing thinking a little about numbers as I looked through Earth John chapter three verse two noticeable John says this is a meaningful powerful meaningful person he now spaces because of what happened my dad and he says you love or behold now are we the sons of God and is not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall want we shall be like him or we shall see him as he is we cannot be like him when he appears if we haven't Ari started before he calls this type of probation is given he was to prepare and to search our hearts and to make a full surrender we can be ready to see him we know we shall be like him those three words those three simple words that capture the message that God has for all of us today he wants us to be like him in every way the focus on him to look at him to spend time in his word and to spend time sharing the gospel because the lateness on the skip over the missions of the church but we are to be getting the message to others and sharing with the world what time is to wrap it up I know what time is it what time I teach the history and all based on studying time what time is it just to tell you first Peter four seven but the end of all things is at hand being therefore sober and watch unto prayer the end of all things as a warning call Rusty what Mayor is where they should be a list of performers well although the Old Testament these words ring true for us today therefore the life you want to be over Israel and because I will do this on the repair to me by God O Israel we are the church 's spiritual Israel today we are Israel's spiritual and therefore it is unique rising to be Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promised Galatians three twenty nine we are the church we are Israel we should be preparing to meet the Lord this is a statement as I come down to our close ally says only in one place all of her writings you might want right now I've never read or found this I search for this in all of her other writing the only place you will find this is review and Herald March twenty five eighteen eighty era thirteen et al. what he says today by saying she she writes and says if I had a thousand lives a thousand lies that I didn't live I would devote them all to the service of the Lord that would rock if you withdrew being revile and persecute it just as all the true prophets did they want to profit it was ever exalted and treated with any kind of you know often in circumstance none of them were true profit for all hated and reviled because the message they gave was always a message to reform and repent and return to God so I am tired and frustrated disappointed and surrendering only something he really is not a cylindrical silver in this day forward I will surrender all in this media was lying on the website dedicated to the gods worth reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more so than is www. on universe .org


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