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How to Lose a Battle Before it Begins

Adrian Zahid



  • August 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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you need to second Chronicles chapter eighteen also I say thank you for the special music God truly is watching over each one of us if you can watch or the sparrows you can watch over us as well have a feeling like the Mike is coming out but can you give me the back and here in the back in okay so the title of the sermon is how to lose a battle before it starts now here's the thing I had a sermon I was asked to preach about two weeks ago and I had a sermon in mind and the thing the thing about putting together a sermon is that you just keep thinking about it thinking about it ideas common goal and you collate all those ideas that you write them down in your cell phone or visa paper by your bed and over time you pray about it and you develop a sermon so I developed a sermon and then I got a text message confirming my my appointment here and also the message that was visitor seven and now I had prepared a sermon that was geared more towards Seventh-day Adventists and since it is visitors seventh I thought well he probably wasn't an appropriate sermon so the whole week that the press last three four days thinking about a different sermon how how can I put together a sermon and finally Friday night at midnight and I'm thinking thinking praying is nothing coming and I turned in my Bible to a sermon that I present I would hold several years ago but due to a technical glitch it didn't make it up on forty verse and I know that students come and go so more students that you haven't heard it but if if you are not a student and your regular attendee and you heard this hello my apologies to you but since were talking about visitors today I want you to feel welcome and I want you to know that all of this sounds while this is in general church is a good place to go to very good place to go and if you are attending for the first time you don't know what a Christian church looks like or sounds like whatever I will not what I say does it offend you too much I'm currently biblical and at the same time he at the same time if you're attending after very long time you can have backslidden and now you brought this up the church and you're trying to regain your yard spiritual vitality this is a good place to be just as a hospital is a good place for an unhealthy person to go I remember when I I had cancer a year ago and that known better I can say the word cured but information I this is right after my first surgery and I had gone home after the hospital at this thing seventies in the hospital and that one causes a told me just don't get sick it's ironic that they don't get sick of the offensive what he meant was just don't get to physically sick so that when you start chemotherapy you don't have a cold or something I don't get your immunity so I went home I was recovering guy taking heavy pain meds then the thing with heavy pain meds is that I've learned that your your stomach stops and so I kept eating while my summit has stopped and is kept eating and was going nowhere and then finally the night before the day to show up in the morning seven a.m. at the ER for chemotherapy to go to the hospital for chemotherapy I threw up and it was just straight you know in those days the cancer straight for five you know six times seven times fifteen times I just can't stop you can stop throwing up and after you're done editing your entire stomach you still keep on why to throw up in your stomach just contracts and contracts and you just is a very painful experience and so here I was sitting there I had wanted to dripping down my might attend day-old beard I hadn't shaved because it was just too much to shape and is sitting there and I decide to pick up the phone and I doubt my doctor 's number and I compose a message in my mind as it was ringing and the message was your doctor I'm too sick to come to the ER I'll see you when I'm when I'm better and it hung up before that device will finish it imagine I'm too sick to come to the hospital of all places and that would be the ironing but the nice thing was I I got older myself and with the help of a friend my father got into the car and be timed it just loads between my you know throwing up admitted to the hospital need with me to the ER got gotten a new role clean me up with some morphing into me and then I was relaxed and Zofran as well I just relaxed and nothing about church as well sometimes if you haven't attended church in a while and you come back to church his site it's very hard it's very hard for you to see the need for why you need to be in church and just take it on faith that it's a good place to be so intimate look at how to lose a battle before it starts in the look of a story today and draw some lessons from it second Chronicles chapter eighteen verse one is the story of two Kings one was a king of Israel the other king of Judah and Jehoshaphat it says had riches and honor in abundance and joined in affinity with Ahab figure step number one how to lose a battle before it starts step number one is to make unholy alliances so here you have this good King Joseph that he is rich as abundance of goods he's feeling okay and then he marries his son to the other king of and to the king of Israel his son and the thing is that the site the daughter and thought he was getting she was the daughter of Jezebel Jezebel literally had to get up sometimes you might just save my mother like Jezebel but the reality was that her misguided letter law was Jezebel and it was a terrible terrible mother-in-law to have Jezebel Jezebel had killed profits she had pursued Elijah until he you almost killed him she had instituted idolatries she had had someone murdered stone for property she had done also to things she was in open rebellion against God and to marry off Joseph got to marry his son to Jezebel 's daughter was just a bad mistake a very bad mistake and that is how you got into this battle to and he lost before it started with scorn and isn't it says that after certain years he went down to and in Samaria and Ahab kills sheep and oxen for him in abundance and for the people that he had with them and persuaded him to go up with him to Raymond Delia so the problem with unholy alliances is that once you make this alliance you would join in their goals and their ambitions air there are things that they want to accomplish and you join your efforts with these people and so here is in this unholy alliance and he has joined into he's getting sucked into this losing war and had the king of Israel verse three says unto Joseph a king of Judah will go up with me during the Gilead and he answered him I am as thou art and my people as thy people and we will be with the war so he joined with him and he gave him his work and that is step number one when you make an unholy alliance problems result it's a source of entertainment to me sad entertainment but occasionally I run into friends that I knew way back when and that it so happened one time I met this girl that I had known when we were little and so we went out to eat she and her boyfriend who was to show up at the restaurant and we showed up at the restaurant and she asked us in the voting section of the restaurant of this was years and years ago and so we sat in the smoking section of the restaurant and she just confessed to me that she had become a bad mentalist and I wanted to see the source of this newfound badness and source was the boyfriend he was an unbeliever and not only that but she was exerting a bad influence on him making him even worse she has started up smoking and he was telling her that smoking is bad for you and shaving is seven minutes all her life her father who still labors at the end our seminary at Andrews you don't should become about mantis and unholy alliance then I had a friend of mine he was a special guy a very very nice friend Mike and one day he told me that he had found the girl on Christian singles dating .com business out of it still exists but is is a premier Adventist dating site and yet yet moved to a place in the country and heat confining Evan 's girls intermarrying so you gone online found this girl done some long-distance dating which in nine times out of ten is a bad idea and him it really is it really is a bad idea and I'll tell you why I tell you what this last week 's last week I helped my business partner move move his house and what I thought would be a six our job turned into a three-day marathon removing and then last night and we were moving their moving the China that the China still good for us to meet and what is adult in their unit of value and I was all packed nicely and is the last thing to move and that we were just dead we're just what lying on the on the floor the empty house and just dead it's almost midnight now and he was seventy years talking about how when he first started out in life he could move himself in his backpack and then his car and then I got married and then it was one truck not have become two trucks St. Mary's brings different management changes any as talking he was talking about all the little changes that he has made in his life for his wife and and those hinges are good thing they're good thing you've got to make some changes but the thing about long-distance dating is that you don't know the other person and their chubby say idiosyncrasies we all have and what happens is that you don't know if you can live with them the thing is when you do Skype meetings our Christian singles dating or any other honest matter whatever it is that you do the thing is you present your best side you will write all your e-mails in the beginning and you pass them by you your best friend was a good grammarian is and you make sure that every as they are in every every and everything you present your best side and they come and see you for a weekend and you present in one weekend you can be on your best behavior and so convict but as the day in day out grinding of life that you just don't see you don't associate with and when you get married guess what twenty four hours a day fifteen sixteen years of your life there were the person and am telling you for some people it's a life sentence and that's the case as the case of this virtual got this guy he is spiritual and he told me he told me that he had matured in his Christian walk it majorities and this is a time when I was just getting into heaven opened UIC and another you conference ministries are starting up and I was a part of that separates thing and I was try to get this friend to join me in God 's movement to join this great thing that was happening among God 's people and the distant signal I would send in service of this interview would just refuse to listen to them on audio risk came up I would send in sermons for money versus would listen to and the reason for not listening to them in Austria the conferences was because he knew that he became you be convicted and then I would bring him in conflict with the Mrs. and he discretely with it is delivered and I just seen him like a star like a star in the sky that slowly begins to lose its power and become less write a less write a funny collapse on itself you want to start classes on itself it becomes a black hole from where even light has difficulty escaping and and in his case we'll see how it goes I'm still praying for him and working with him but yeah the chances of that working out its slip so unholy alliances long-distance stuff not getting to know the person really knows those things can can drain you of your spiritual vitality and so here they were so step number two was inverse for Jehoshaphat said unto the king of Israel Inquirer indeed the word of the Lord today the problem with witnesses of the step number two of how to lose a battle before it starts is consulting God with your mind made up they had already decided to go aware derivative it are inside to go to war it already decided my people are your people whatever you wanted to Brooklyn to do it it already decided to it and now they were saying what is God 's will there are some people today that when I preach somewhere though to me and builds a pastor which I'm not but when you present front they associate you with being a pastor some of this goal with a pastor I'm struggling I'm struggling to find out God 's will for my life as all asked them are you Christian yes I am are you seven evidence yes I am along a mess on them as well as born into it great how old are you now in twenty two years old so in twenty two years there are six billion people were groping in the darkness try to find God and you read the Bible and despair prophecy and you still don't know God 's will for your life when we sit down this figure it out the thing is the problem is that sometimes I sit down and try to help them figure out what God 's will for their life is I find all of them already decide what their will for their life as an biggest one got to come along and the problem is that God is does not work that way and by the way is not on this talking about a career stuff I know that a lot of us are in the University or past postgraduate postdocs in the Timothy but if some of us who are still in college but no getting our funnier way but Mrs. say that your urine college or year in high school or whatever and you're trying to figure out what God 's will for your life is and is something that I hear a lot and I'll I'll I'll tell someone like for example I'll tell some girl what you do nursing but always have a job you will be able to help anywhere and you'll be independent the least amount of effort that you can put in moneywise and you get a job for life and then from there you can move on and do whatever you want NBC RNA Doctor a surgeon whatever you want or you can just move into some other line MDA anything in your that solving are nothing to do with blood blood enough I could do about either nobody does nobody does know if they can deal with blood until they deal with it right anyone after you've been dealing with it I've seen or heard of residence general surgery residents who passed out while operating on somebody you just happen right it can happen in a sawmill but don't let that stop you from pursuing a good career in healthcare and he got anytime at the iron of it will work on its me it's me what is it about me why does it have to be about me I have a sneak so sunny they confide they consult with God with their mind made up therefore the king of Israel gathered together profit four hundred and said unto them shall we go to Raymond Gilead to battle or shall we forbear now imagine there's three hundred fifty seats in this room there is more people more profits in one room that day than in the entire that it took forgot to write the entire Bible to let his will known to man but use less profits and they were in that room that day four hundred men and what did they say is a Gola God will deliver it into the King 's hat there is no shortage today as it was in a there's no shortage today on Yasmin and guess what you find them everywhere to find them on committees that the team players to look to the chairman what are the children want and don't do exactly terrible what is your suggestion built look one way tourism the brother and a look at that brother is sitting of it as a chairman and don't make a suggestion and if you got a frown dismissal changes suggest just a little bit to the front was windowless continue and go find their way through the sooner decision they just don't have an independent thought their whole ideas to be a team player now there's nothing wrong with making consensus decisions and coming up with good ideas and things are that the problem with being a yes-man is that it doesn't work in God 's work sometimes you just have to say no sometimes you just have to speak your mind I member when I was fourteen years old I was teaching the dust settle class of the Protestant Union office and all on my class students were over forty they were this a general secretary of the union the president of union and the treasure of the union and everybody else and so I was using this class and be going to this discussion about the Lord 's prayer and the fact that in Pakistan be recited after the service in from memory and the reason why we do that because of the other something that we do in Asia culture that varies but over there the reason why we do that is because the predominant meant majority of members are uneducated they cannot read and so the only way that they can participate in the service is by memorizing some portion of Scripture and insanely together sound like responsive readings but you can't responsibly and it was a really big one week backing yes I think the cannery so what we do is we would talk them the Lord 's prayer at the end the service for the benediction the pastor starts up and everyone decided to get not the presence why the reunion presence wife from England did not like this negotiate not expected in England she thought it was a waste of time it may have been a waste of time but she thought it was and while she was added while she was making this comment she also went on to say that she felt that when she washed her feet are some that communion she just didn't feel humble and so we should do away with that as well as it's an archaic custom the problem with that is that fools who said that we should wash our feet Jesus said it right it doesn't matter if it's inconvenient it doesn't matter if it's in an archaic customer doesn't matter me don't feel humble whatever you do it because Jesus said to do it and so we were having this discussion back and forth back and forth and of course I I was standing for what I thought was right and I decide that I don't think it's right and she liked the discussion she felt that will be run out of time so she reminisced to get home so that supplement together so we all got together for a potluck to decide to talk about this position and the thing is while we when we went to the house my father wasn't there he was inside the wood and glass but using the the nationals and so I told him about it and he was just as in Christ this is I was and we shall have other of the potluck and my father took over the conversation and he argued with the problem wasn't the guys around that lady in our class all the nationals role yes and everything you know that the thing is our union office is a multicultural church in and we need to respect the need to incorporate all cultures into our church and even human addresses the thing is there is only two international people on campus and everybody else's brown it out so what what was the point of the point of us incorporating for these two people because they felt uncomfortable but yes it may be because going back and forth in this discussion finally my father got tired of it and he just put his I member this very clearly yesterday as it was yesterday he put his hand on the coffee table and he said Mrs. so-and-so you are the union president 's wife if you want to do it it will happen your will be done right you lost the argument three months later the unit is interesting meeting they voted him out to goal up from his position and he was sent three hundred miles away to pastor in the northwest province of Pakistan right there's a silver lining to not being a just man and that is that too some were unfortunate unfortunate events I had appointed dorm and then ended up coming to United States and eventually as a seniors later save my life because advised of the Pakistan and I got cancer the stage that I did the chances that I would survivor than milk the thing about the yes men is that they're very very prevalent today especially in our conservative circles it's fashionable today to preach about evangelism without doing Friday was vision but it looks rainy about it below people will train you though do everything but they won't do it neither will you yeah thing is that it's fashionable to tell people that it's easy to get things done that their shortcuts now there is out there is a place forgetting some quick training by Jonathan said if you want to quickly get your hands dirty I you want to know about medical missionary work start with a week maybe maybe a career doesn't allow it to take a full break or whatever or if you're like Carlos to develop you devote sixty years of your life studying the human anatomy seek and become a surgeon is extremes right but on the other hand there is no substitute the real practice and hard work there's no substitute but yet people preach that there is the native sound like there is I once under church and that some guys that can be passed like a pre- psyche as it really that's an honor but I'd like you to preach like you don't recite me you please like you write so I told them I said that I did the thing is you don't have a stage presence and you need to learn how to stand on stage about getting nervous method think I've been doing this since I was three and preaching since I was twelve but messages started by preaching in a nursing home and you want to he wanted that the prime spot limit flop in the morning at the front of the church for his first sermon in others there is a place for that from time to time but I'm telling you best not to place the ball right you can try out you can try out in different places and slowly build up to the point where you're ready to preach and in front of a lot of people know he wanted to start out early why because some other brother had told him that wouldn't submit the minimum training you can also do what I did that's a problem same thing happens when we take this same principle of shortcuts to Bible study do you realize that it took Jesus twelve years to come up with answers to come up with questions that people couldn't find answers to realize that twelve years of wireless in the first twelve years of his life he would ask questions and people and have answers it took him the next eighteen years of Bible study to come up with answers that people than have questions to people could come back to when he said something was as it is best because the solid biosafety 's new descriptors backwards and forwards if you look at apostle Paul he had equivalent of a PhD in religion and on top of that he had a JD in law and still when he met Jesus Christ after he met Jesus Christ was converted he went to the rating bonus for three years for three years and he went through Scripture Scripture after Spector prosecutor prophecy he studied it inside out the entire Old Testament and he figured out exactly what Jesus role was in prophecy and what he was trying to accomplish and then he came back and it is our preaching no he spent another seven years in Antioch building a church is a first laser people start all Christians whether workers in concert he sent seven years preaching there and finally some brothers went and found him and they came back and then Saul would become Paul really became Paul and he worked for the rest of his life forty more years and he wrote Scripture that we have to do it so what makes it much make it what makes you think that in three months it would annoy everything right three months is a start but it is an management and know everything now here's my school is a lot of schools out there but here's my school and good to tell the truth I've had no takers to this point no takers here's my the Bible say if you really want to be of good Bible student take my advice go to Amazon.com two hundred ninety dollars will buy you the whole set of the seven-day Adventist Bible commentary take your Bible start with Genesis chapter one read Genesis chapter one verse one think in your mind what does this text say and then open up the commentary read the commentary note tell you what the text says and you go to verse two verse three I guarantee you that my tenure reads a half the Bible what you think in your mind will be in the commentary because it will train you to think properly about the pilot the reason through God Scripture and if you continue all the way to the end you will no more than ninety nine nine seven percent of people in the seven governs church but if you want to actually make it a hundred percent menu but the circa share what you've learned if you share as your learning you will be done much ahead in your Bible study any takers review people working people that's what it takes it I'll tell you how long it will take until you a lot it took me it took me with a phone call his load of classes and playing chess all night long I simply just as they just want reading on the computer and listening to Napster this is long long ago but it took me four and a half years to get to the Bible with the SDA Bible commentary for hackers it took me three years to read through all the Mrs. White's writings in the CD-ROM all of them measured releases as well three years but I can tell you this without Ryan or anything like that I can hold my own against anybody in a Bible study anyone but more importantly than that when the storms of life could you like they hit me last year when I had cancer my Bible study my face was sustained because of my files investments most important as able even though I couldn't open the Bible Sunday that's it on the hospital bed came running through my veins I remember that metallic sweat on my sweat widths would smell like metal and it all is that this is really bad to turn your face on that on the billing you get that smell you wanted throw up a journey of a silly way to get a delegate is like get escape we just got escape there's no escaping but all that time all I could do is remember Scripture and guess what even though I'd say the entire Bible all the way through with yesterday commentary and the spirit crossing everything I have really memorized so I could remember passages vaguely saw what I needed was to have a Bible right next to me told in the Bible and look at it but when you vacuum a range remains and you just look at something the words make you throw up the only thing you can do is remember and so now I've decided to start memorizing the Bible completely like Randy skeet someone is memorized the Bible completely so what was on the year that's an ethical telly when it might have finished but the school my school is that there are no shortcuts to Bible study times that pass anyway you might as a possible so here we are they have far gone and consulted God with their mind made up about four hundred prophets and all single up and do this thing but there's just something about those profits that may just post about fonts and he turned they have any set isn't there a prophet of the Lord signs isn't there just one guy and as I got is one guy the problem is that he always prophesies against me and he just a downer but I'll get them if you wanted zoning they went and they got and while they were gone wild at sent again and it was one guy in person it's a Zedekiah usually bullish about the whole event and he made himself some horns of iron and he said thus says the Lord that you will push Syria until their consumer is feeling bullish about the prospects of success in verse thirteen the prophet says in verse twelve a measurement of the property said look this is what all the prophets of God has said and please if you want to save your life say the right thing and so he said in verse thirteen and is the definition of a true prophet as a Lord limit even what might God say it that will I speak the difference between a false prophet and a true one is at the true one will only speak when God tells him or her to speak otherwise over silent they won't say anything from the so in this case they brought it forward and they asked him in verse fifteen the king said to him verse fourteen at the king said unto him shall be going to Raymond Gilly had to battle for or shall I forbear these employee up and prosper and they shall be delivered your hand but of course in the way you started it made and say to him only times it shall abjure the dead thou say nothing to me but the truth say nothing but the truth to mean the name of the Lord and then he said the prophet said I did see all Israel scattered upon mountains as sheep without a shepherd and the Lord said these have no master returned therefore every man to his house in peace so he said doing so it is cellulitis right the problem is that the Bible tells it like it is but many times we just don't want to hear it and in this case they wanted to ignore as a step number three is that you ignore God 's work and ignore the spare prosecutor ignore the warnings as a set yourself up for battle to convince you ignored God stated will it's one thing to be ambiguous of obligation to nursing the dental hygiene of initiative medicine or dentistry when you should do pastoral ministry or you should do business as that's one thing was another thing to ignore stated things of God 's will sometime ago I developed a friendship with the with a nice girl she was driven to successful beautiful everything that a guy could ask for the only problem as my good friend reminded me was that she was an Adventist right that is a problem it is a problem because we don't have compatible face and the thing is my friend is a business of my business partner is a Bible workers I don't hate you the converter for me to guess why is against my principles from you converter is a competent interest but he would converter for me right is that is on the way to go of course not we were joking of course of course not of course not this person should find gone on the wrong and they should decide whether they want to follow God on their own initiative evidence of following God on their own and then if God brings you to together and by getting together by marrying each other you can see that your ability to serve God will be enhanced in some ways then you can pray about it masking this is God 's will for you be married but fighting someone they don't believe in God you do and you think the July convert them this is 's assassin for disaster so they go forward and to he tells a story little background he says that the Lord was sitting there on his throne and there was ten thousand angels on both side of him and he said who shall I send to convince a happy going to battle and a lying spirit came up and he said I will go and entice Ahab and the Lord said go in and what a story even give the background see you see the thing is that we forget sometimes that we live in a world where everything in front of us is not real right to talk about crazy things and talking about the reality of the spiritual warfare there's someone there's things behind what we can see is the unseen and their agencies that are from good and their agencies that are for evil and the thing is that God allows both agencies to do what they want it does not restrict evil just because you happen to follow him he allows things to happen see God said who can I entice Frei had to go to battle an line skirt up and said I will buy the same time God also sent his prophets to warn Ahab at the same time if they had had taken his the prophets word that lying spirit would have been of no use if the same thing with us if we chase it we take God 's word into our life and we live it matter what happens around us the matter what agency surround us God can keep us safe because we are following within his will but if we step outside is well and we do our things than when circumstances around us the concert December decisions around us there's nothing I can do is absolute nothing God can do with her something that God can do and will get to that a little bit but in most cases God 's hands are tied in step number four step number one is to make unholy alliances etc. to consult garbage of my made up September three straight nor busted wheel and the last thing is to go to war alone verse twenty eight it says so the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah went up to Raymond Gilead and the king of Israel said unto Joseph that I will disguise myself and I will go to battle but they'll put on by roles that interesting under a common soldier would you put on expensive quotes and will write about and that's exactly what they did I'd Jehoshaphat asked them to change his mind or not but that's what they had to do now the king of Syria he just gave one commander is commanders and he said to the captains of the chariots he said fine she not been small or great save only with the king of Israel they had his number and they were looking for him and so they they pursued him and he came to pass in verse thirty one and the captains of the chair is such most of that is that it is the king of Israel because he was dressed in all his fine robes he was commanding is meant to battle and they surrounded him and inversely licensed by Joseph X write out and the Lord helped and God moved them to depart from that is the hope that we have for today perhaps you made mistakes in your life perhaps you've deliberately gone against God 's will God stated with him assuming unholy alliances now if you're married to a nonbeliever the best thing that you can do is to stay with them and to continue to work with them and pray for them and make them your mission field you can't leave them some biblical right you have saved but if you're not married new still unattached now it's time to break up hard as it might be right I can tell you I used to isotope counting on hours at one of the churches that I worked up and people would come in people been married for fifteen years twenty years thirty years four years and it was sit there and cry in the office and tell me what their husband or wife is doing and I dismembered one quote from Mrs. White she said that marriage can cover a multitude of sins and they are in that office only sins were laid bare to so perhaps you made unholy alliances now the times to break them off if you can maybe you made a deliberate mistake in all the circumstances and the consequences of your actions under decisions have now surrounded you perhaps you realize that you are yesterday while yes one and you've never stood up for yourself you never had an original thought there's a whole free today trial to go on like Joseph I did that day and God will allow you make a way of escape for may not be the perfect escape but you make a way of escape for you to give you a chance and that's what happened the Jehoshaphat first came to pass in verse thirty two when the captains of the chariot perceived that it was not the king of Israel back from pursuing him non- war certain things happen people go crazy people do things people get scared as happened and it so happened that a certain man drew a bow adventure at random he just drew his bow and let fly again and again drew his bow and one of those errors smoke the king of Israel between the joints of the harness can imagine right between the place where the breastplate meets the bottom right there right and a spot that perfect spot that Brenda Merrill found its mark in Joseph I began to bleed Irene and the king of Israel began to bleed and began to bleed and he said turned at hand is that the chariot man that you may take me away from the host Ryan wound and as a battle increase however a daily they propped them up in the chariot server look like he was fighting it out but in reality was a draining his blood away there's nothing that they could do to save any diets at the evening he had many chances to escape from this from Vista many many chances God sent them a prophet got even sent him his own brother loss of the speak it all to ask of the Lord to inquire into find out as well all those missed chances all the way up to the and he meant into battle and he did his thing a good without God and the result was defeat my prayer for each one of you is that you won't go into battle alone but you won't ignore God stated will that you won't go contrary to God 's will for your life and that you will make sure that your alliances and friendships you make the person you marry the people you associate with our people that will need you to have a something wrong with having friends were atheists friends of other faiths or no faith or whatever is nothing wrong with having business associates and that type of thing but the closest advisors the people that are around you the people that have the greatest effect on your life you need to make sure that each one of those people their goals and their aims are upward in heaven because if they aren't you will join in efforts with them and pursuits with them that heaven does not approval and you will find yourself going into battle alone and you'll find yourself getting defeated again and again and again until finally you do that one final battle as finished regardless each one of you as you cry out to God today and ask him to save you and ask him to show you his will is no shortcuts when same time to study God 's will study his word responsibly carefully prayerfully God will make his will known to NOV as clear as day so that when you see people who wield May God bless each one of you and me as well as a media with broad audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain you www. on universal .org


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