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The Uplifted Lamb

Steven Grabiner
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The book of Revelation is like none other. The sights, sounds, odors, voices, and thunderings mix with a jarring juxtaposition of images and Old Testament references to create a continuous assault on the mind. This seminar will help you see the Great Controversy as the key to unlocking Revelation’s meaning. By exploring the pivotal role and position of Revelation 4 and 5, it will become clear that the crisis in heaven is only resolved through the Uplifted Lamb.


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International




  • August 7, 2014
    3:30 PM
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as I was saying when we look at Seventh-day Adventist and revelation the oftentimes usually we look at it in a fairly narrow sends you what is this symbol mean in a prophetic way how is much broader way we can look at Revelation is talking to a friend of mine yesterday and we were discussing how Ellen White deals with for example the seven churches she makes reference to the church in Ephesus in a historic context she talked about the first the church in Ephesus Revelation two in verse one and following initiate talks about how Paul found that church but she also talks about the churches in Revelation two and three in a prophetic way that they represent the church throughout successive time periods in history and being of course with the last church which is Landis and which represents us today but she also looks at the seven churches in let's call it a spurious spiritual or personal way of example the message to emphasis you have left your first love applies to me as well considers she looks at the text of Revelation with these three levels so it's very important for us particularly as Seventh-day Adventist a movement of destiny to understand our prophetic foundations and revelation probably do something different this morning this afternoon and you want to look at revelation particularly Revelation four and five from the angle of what is this story John is trying once no I like revelation as a story because we know how it ends and it ends in a good way right and I don't like stories that don't end in the good way because really and don't plan there is a final good ending so when you look at Revelation and I will try to get our attention him terms of the setting what kind of background in Revelation four and five are the characters for the actors on the stage if I can use that perhaps uncomfortable analogies reread Revelation to CC Mary and then different individuals come on the scene so what's the setting revelation four five four the characters are actors where the main players that come to view and what is the plot what's happening in the story line in these couple of chapters and just very beginning it's my argument my contention I believe that rightly understood revelation in his largest fence is talking about the great controversy is a great issue that needs to be resolved not just for humanity 's sake but for the universe and John as he wrote Revelation down clearly John had a vision he saw incurred all the things that he wrote but we understand from our conception of inspiration and inspiration works on the person and so Isaiah writes differently than Ezekiel David writes the songs differently than Solomon considers his personality when she wrote the book of Revelation really it's an amazing composition hardly any part of the book of Revelation is chosen in isolation from another part by donating them away from the metaphor of stage scenery and actors and use the metaphor of the tapestry and think of revelation as a verbal tapestry and that the words that John uses our verbal threats that connect the entire tapestry together that I want to explore this morning is how John uses this in three what are you sure he's putting together and once the underlying story of John's trying to bring out the question again how should we understand the setting and characters and the plot in Revelation four and five kilometers take that as we look at these two chapters together with Eunice and advantages and there are different views concerning some of the details I believe some of those detail questions aside and if we get through everything we have time for questions and answers we may look at some of those details in greater length but you may have a question that comes to mind off how does this legislative question write it down holding off to one side as returning computers certainly should start five I like to say another metaphor that these two chapters form all literary detecting a show filled picture which provide the interpretive key to the book of Revelation Revelation four five really is the Fountainhead of the entire book of Revelation why is that so how do I say that's over relation for a five we had this heavenly seeing the scene with a book the scroll the scroll begins to unfold it which leads us to the seagulls which leads us to the trumpets which leads us to the opening of the sanctuary revelation eleven and all throughout the block of Revelation John draws us back to revelation for five in the carefully the characters the actors in Revelation forty five continually reappear throughout the entire book this setting continually reappears throughout the entire book thoughtfully approach these two chapters impacts the interpretation we put on on the entire book of Revelation visual illustration for you on the actual dividend this is a from the ivory of the year it was then at corroded this is a picture of the crucifixion and then the other half on this panel is a picture judgment that the two-pronged picture it goes together Revelation four and five are there to panel picture I can you can use that expression is true if you have your Bibles to Revelation chapter four revelation for and reread through verses one to six in or just get up and ask some questions and post some ideas never to come back little deeper than step back and in the believer throughout our time together certainly since you are starting in verse one and I'm reading from the new American Standard relations four one after these things I love and behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I had heard the sound of a trumpet speaking with me said Peter and I will show you what must take place after these things immediately I was in the spirit and behold their own withstanding in heaven and one sitting on the throne and he was sitting was like a jasper stone and a Sardis and appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne like an emerald in appearance around the throne were twenty four thrones and upon the thrones I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white garments and golden crowns on their heads out from the throne and flashes of lightning and sounds and shields of thunder and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God and before the throne there was something like a sea of glass like crystal and in the center and around with around four living creatures full of lies in front and behind and John continues any describes these four hundred four living creatures will come back to that in a moment chapter four verse one starts went after these things after what things after the seven churches John is just seen the seven churches and throughout the letters to the seven churches are encouragements I know your deeds I know your poverty but you're really rich and I know your situation I know you dwell where Satan 's throne is there for these encouragements and there also cautions you left your first love there are some among you who follow the teaching of Palin teaching my people to eat things sacrificed to idols and commit acts of immorality and within the seven churches are also appeals to be overcome or to him that overcomes I will grant to eat some of the hidden manner and I will get a new name is a white stone rather than on your name in the stone which no one knows except he receives it so the seven churches are really dealing with situations Your Honor that we switch and where are we right have we had this heavenly view I asked one of the big things in the revelation is that there's an earthly veil and a heavenly viewing earthly perspective and heavenly perspective is what John sees this heavenly perspective our first reading of Revelation four and five is like wow we been taken out of the turmoil of the world and all of a sudden we're in heaven with a nice place to be right Mister got on insulin we read that we come to this conclusion in a quote a few the Bible writers commentators and ninety nine Re: Charles you are well known commentary the beginning of the last century anything when you come to Revelation forty five you have a new name from the failures troubles and darkness of this world into an atmosphere of perfect peace winning the turmoil the seven churches and now you're in this heavenly situation another writer on probably mispronounces name Laszlo pal Lewis he's just recently written a book called the throne motif in the book of Revelation and Symbian ministry teaches in Bulgaria I believe I said this measure the vision shows that the indisputable supremacy of the heavenly power center so from this point of view when you believe the chapters two and three and you moved to heaven this shows the indisputable supremacy of God 's throne room of the power center in heaven for me in his book God cares business when you make the shift from the seven churches to chapter four and five you find out that there really is someone upstairs who is in charge and spend the way that Doctor Maxwell wrote his book podcast which the tremendous resource and unwanted thoughts or what is this correct is it really were John's trying to get across that were moving from earthly turmoil to heavenly peace well the first time you read Revelation is quite natural to come across that but the movie read Revelation or as we become free readers of revelation when we find about heaven funding important happened in heaven what the will we get that you don't learn that until you come down later into the ventilation and so it is quite natural as we believe encounter chapter four and five were talking removed from the Journal Albert and I know are in heaven where everything is indisputable power and causing Sergeant God ultimately is in charge but we know as we read to revelation that there's really a war that began him for another Bible commentator suggests in the context of the apocalypse and particular revelation as a whole it is clear that the problems facing the heavenly council is the rebellion of Satan which is paralyzed parallel by rebellion under in other words instead of the opening scenes in chapter four and five simply being a wild Norway from the turmoil of her were in this common heavenly peace really the larger backdrop in Revelation is will see this morning afternoon I hope we'll see this afternoon really that the larger issue of is that there is this conflict taking place and that rebellion on hand in front to the rebellion on earth has its source and origin in the rebellion and have the turmoil on earth is a reflection of the situation that originated in heaven itself in the Council on so let's see if we can decide which one of these two paths we should take as our larger framework the first question forces on afternoon is once the setting for this vision what's the setting the thread revelation four one two six received a few things in here we've seen something like a sea of blood are you living creature as soon as twenty four elders missing a few other things when this setting of this vision is thrown out this seemed than God 's kingdom elements that some larger setting in the passage what's the timeframe will naturally question is amused and asked what the time frame let's take that question and put it aside for now there's three short answer is one it could be a timeless staying I could be an essential scene it could be adjudged insane let's just leave that aside for a moment and think what this setting here sticking places where are we roaring the throne room enough in his elders and intrigue we have lampstands to glass sanctuary we have a sanctuary setting it of course is a questionable winner in the sanctuary army is of the whole sanctuaries the most one place with me that question aside for a while as well you don't want some of this setting the backdrops here is clearly the throne room in heaven the sanctuary whether the entire sanctuary or part of it but for that assignment that's the background here as we enter into chapter four and five and has become more important as we go through the next question is what was the first thing John sees when he gets a the first thing he sees what okay you get weary goes into the open door the first thing he sees in heaven if you cannot and two different answers your with the first Nations the throne first thing John sees his throne so the question we naturally the first one on the throne he first sees the throne so then the question is why is John's attention drawn to throw the dart is a very important article of furniture in the book of Revelation is used some forty seven times in the book of Revelation which is about a third of all the usage in the Scriptures are found in the book of Revelation the firm was founded in nineteen times in these two chapters so just a real focus on the throne and what's taking place in serious question Caleb John what's so important about the federal wealth depends on how we read the story how we hear the story how we look at the picture it could be okay God indisputable supremacy is one of the other authors say or it could be that there's something about the room we think biblically if we think in the book of Revelation we learned a lot about for example in the revelation itself God has a throne doctrine for elders have the truth of God is enthroned God 's associates have a throne which will include God 's people but someone else has a throne in Revelation as well turn with me Revelation chapter two relationship verse thirteen speaking to the church and permanent that I know where you dwell where safety rules what are the pins are translation printing James it says it sees actually it's the same Greek word for the word throne where Satan 's throne is so Satan has a throne and it actually move the embassy 's throne to his associates Revelation thirteen where in verses two and three Satan gives his power and his all his great authority to his associate these the first beast of Revelation chapter thirteen Babylon sits on the throne Revelation eighteen so it is going in the book of Revelation it's important for us to understand is contested territory but think of an Old Testament text on the book of Isaiah Isaiah chapter fourteen in verse twelve Satan wants to do what she wants to set his throne above the stars of God the foregoing revelation to me read and reread Revelation and as we look below the surface and look at how John's communicating to his imagery that he draws the throne is a place contested territory is somebody that wants to take customer and here we find all right arguments think a little bit more about the throne track my time I would think more about don't you think of the throne what images biblical images come to mind as you think about the throne what is the throne convey take a power authority judgment obtained a think of the Bible text that has thrown drones and judgments Daniel seven verse clubs and seven gimme five Bibles with you you can look it's an open book test where Old Testament images that that picture this throne in relation to judgment and seven dozen nine in ten inch of days came and sat on the throne the books were opened the Daniel seven ninety ten connects the throne there are other Old Testament images in relation to their own if we think your example from the sanctuary what article of furniture in the sanctuary is connected with the arc of the continent on with me to second Sandel turned their second Samuel chapter six seconds and chapter six verse one zero and in a gathered all the chosen at Israel thirty thousand David arose and went with all the people who were with him to balance you had to bring up from there the ark of God which is called by the name hush sound very name of the Lord of hosts who is working to convince those who sits in American Standard says who is their own above the cherub so in a sanctuary imagery there's a direct connection between the ark and the throne and there's a judgment imagery the tween the throne judgment as well there's another biblical thread that we need to leaving here for a moment cholesterol to first Kings chapter twenty two first Kings twenty two interesting chapter King of Israel China get some guidance and legal calls one of his prophets in the profit is a false prop any challenges go to battle and any calls in the true profit my cat out and he doesn't prophesy with the King wants to hear but notice what he says in verse nineteen first things twenty two verse nineteen Cas said therefore if you're the word of the Lord I saw the Lord sitting on his throne at all the homestudy him standing behind him on his right and on his left in this story goes on and how that profit hears this conversation taking place where God on his throne says welcome to go do such and some don't be a deceiver and one of the angelic beings getting there it's as long-winded and then he goes he doesn't but sleeps on the crest students to the appropriateness of the deception taking place but let's just look at the setting what's the setting here where is God on his throne and who standing all around was around host of heaven heavenly beings of sometimes the cut of the picture of a heavenly household sometimes insolently sear the word throne there are three biblical threads they come together there's the sanctuary and the art bears judgment taking place Daniel seven there is some kind of counsel meeting taking place in heaven always see the throne is a much bigger image and we understand from the book of Isaiah from the book of Ezekiel that it was a member of that household mistress decided he was going to overthrow constant was Lucifer the member of that Council and the highest angel in that counsel who decided I want off place for John right away start company opens a space of the first things he shows us is thrown them in revelation the throne is disputed territory secondly that the setting was the direct revelation four and five and look at some of the characters for lack of a better word there is participants in the story that John outlines how the members of the divine counsel that junkies how is he described them so let's look at the first one was the first after seized the throne was the first person he sees revelation chapter for them about their relationship to four in verse two whose first receives Helena Christensen twenty four elders first he sees Don first house she described Galatian chapter four in verse two K even before the jasper and started selling I saw one sitting on the throne that expression is used thirteen times in the book of Revelation referring to the father and she is seven times in these two chapters and in six other places in slightly different forms this is one of John's favorite descriptions of the father probably his favorite description I saw one sitting on the throne saw him who sat on the throne over and over again he uses this language to to bring out this important aspect here is a list of the Bible versus if you're interested in joining them out when he seized on this is how he describes it primarily throughout the book of revelations is the father there are some other titles as well Kim who was and he is and is to come Lord God Almighty as are all used about six or seven times in revelation in slightly different forms but this is the premier title font the one sitting on trolling is contested territory until Revelation Chapter 11 under the opening of the seventh seal where it says that God has begun during his picture on the subtleties of it raining yet his fullest sense why is the throne is contested territory there's someone that wants to overthrow him how was the next of the people that we see a relation for inverse four four three and numbers for around the throne were twenty four thrones and upon the throne I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white garments and golden crowns on their heads so the next group that's brought out here are these twenty four elders of course the first question we asked when we see the twenty four elders is who are they another question might be what role they play in the story is really not clear who they are and different people have different opinions to main opinions are they are either resurrected people from this world and there's some arguments for that other arguments would be well known these are angelic beings of some sort of give you a quote in a moment that might help us discern which reveals to palace is more accurate but really the bigger question is what are you doing of the closing light house of gold on her head and where they sit facing on throw they are part of the ruling barding their part of this heavenly council in this judgment sanctuary check share the John's putting together but what do they do with their position on the throw little bit later on in Revelation chapter four they get off the thrones take all their crowns crowns in John's they were a symbol of dating they take all those crowns they get all their thrones and they worship before the one who is sitting on the throne there are some members of the heavenly council that are already convinced that God is worthy of worship problem is are we convinced from this inhumanity convinced that in Revelation story and then he doesn't get convinced until the end Revelation nineteen and then the brides ready for the wedding and she's convinced Jack God is worthy of worship in the summit here is twenty four elders who are they well on three ago to answer with a revelation chapter five briefly in Revelation five John and myself too much John begins to cry in verse four and in Revelation five in verse five one of the elders tells John to stop crying many gives an explanation which will come to you in a moment versus quotation this is from the twelve manuscript release page two ninety six commenting on this console console was drawn up to such a point of agony of suspense that one of the issues that strong angels of the text says one of the elders as important for us to understand a bit twenty four elders are always involved in heaven the activity eight participate in worship in heaven they participate in whatever's happening in this part of the story there engaged in a heavenly council there with the four living creatures largely throughout the entire story they certainly have angelic heavenly qualities so here's a quotation where instead of saying one of the elders had compassion on him and then is a anonymous surely said we did not name continues quoting from Revelation five in verse five behold the lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed to open the book on my here calls the being that said Mister John a strong angel the quotation from signs at times November twenty second nineteen oh five referring to Revelation chapter seven where again and soldiers speaks to John Ellen White says the angel answered these have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of lambs where in the context it's an elder that says that seems to be that nonwhites in harmony with the overall thread movement of the book of Revelation that these twenty four elders are some kind of heavenly being certainly they are part of the heavenly divine counsel who they are exactly is really less important than what they do what they do in the story they worship they recognize there is somebody worthy of worship and it's a similar time today by any means but really really get into their songs what they sing as they as they dealership there really connected with this being question in the book of Revelation who was worthy to sit on through to the twenty four elders must go back to revelation chapter for me all still with me I lost you going to question the question is a significant and twenty four this is the only twenty four in the book of Revelation twenty four elders in the old in the book of Chronicles there were twenty four courses of priests maybe there is a reflection layer note that if an individual one can argue that these represent redeemed from here they could say they represent no from the twelve tribes of Israel twelve disciples that's why there's twenty four hundred again is not real clear definitive statement that's good observation facility twenty four in the book of Revelation and numbers are really important in Revelation so we go to the next character group in Revelation chapter four and that is starting in verse six and before the throne there was something like a sea of glass like Crystal and in the center and around the throne our new group of characters who are they for living creatures full of lies ask for lives in front and behind and then they are described one is like a lion would like a calf unlike these the man one like flying Eagle verse eight and the four living creatures each one of them had six wings are full of eyes around and within an day and night they do not cease to say and he goes on to make things on which will connect you with the later but it was just this challenge the four living creatures on thinking chances for beasts are not correct living creatures is a better translation men and beasts for sure and so who are they what we think of the beings on there's certainly a lot of connections to the Old Testament to the book of Isaiah Isaiah chapter six verse diocese seraphim around the throne and in fact in Isaiah chapter six but students at Isaiah Chapter six is a much as I chapter six this is the predominant source of the John connects with inverse chair there called seraphim and got six weightings verse three this will be important for later on remember the first relation sixties six three and they cried at one another what holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts the whore 's full of his glory here's this image these living beings made to the book of Ezekiel just quickly approve of Ezekiel and Ezekiel one John also sees skinny Ezekiel sees living creatures but in verse ten is H chapter ten he describes these living creatures Ezekiel ten in verse twenty and twenty one and he describes this least be splitting creatures as what not seraphim but Ezekiel ten after summit register different Hebrew names for the same group of angelic beings maybe their different angelic beings as we get to heaven will find that out faculty who they are they are heavenly beings for sure what some really significant is twofold one is the description of their eyes and what they do they are twice John says lies around and within they are paying attention really paying attention to well what's their focus of attention the area will throw them in the center of the throne in I think it's very hard consumption in the mist around the area right there they are watching everything that God does in heaven counsel in the book of Revelation is a revealing is that it's an unfolding it's an opening of what God does and he realities and John means therefore while I sat there watching they want to see how God is going to handle the accusations of Satan the controversy interestingly enough found is a quotation and story redemption came across as for heavenly angels always accompanied the art in all its journey not interesting where the ark went there were four angelic beings with these four living creatures in a emblematic of that in the implement of the entire heavenly host the questions that what is clear is that they're watching everything the one on the throne because we know that Satan has begun to undermine the things has planted down there there there watching they saying they worship before and around the throat so there's another major character actor in this too folded story chapter four and five and that's the lambda will will get to that later runs we continue throughout so the main survivor documents say actors and what you think Hollywood players known participants the main participants in the drama is the one sitting on the throne twenty four elders around the four living creatures you mean you will come to that of course there's all these other angels that will come to some of these are the main players in the drama so the question what happening in the story we seen the seeing with things transported from earth to heaven we see the throne that's our object of attention the one sitting on the throne is Israeli primary there is some kind of worship taking place that is very clear to us but what's really happening in the story at Lawrence chapter five verses twenty four Chapter five if you look at it closely is really broken into four sections each one each section starts with the words and I saw in your translation the chapter five in verse one verse two verse six verse eleven are the little sub sections in Revelation chapter five is one of those parties were those verses start with the same words and I saw the verse five chapter five other first one I saw on the right hand of him who sat on the throne there is that phrase again a book written inside and on the back sealed up with seven seals he sees this book the scroll what is it connected that is great at writing on the back and the environment sealed up your things can be sealed in different way to think that Isaiah is a school that sealed some people say like and understand because I can't read what people say I can understand it because it's you there can be in you the unbound and item and yet the activity still be known as we'll see as we got to verse two I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice really really really throwing July go to revelation like a worship service saw another angel proclaiming with a loud voice summoning deep booming voice like thunder stands up and says he has that deep booming voice you know who is warned me to open the book and break ask you this I goes throughout the universe is just son who was worthy to open the book this steel reverberates throughout the universe what I don't ever stay and no one in heaven or on the earth or under the year and was able to open the book or to look into it I began to weep greatly and just deep sorrow weeping agonizing cry because no one was found worthy to open the book were to look into it then strike is on verse five and continues but we fear is a crisis point in the story and reading through this what's going on in this enemy seem to have the throat and all of a sudden there's this Angel there's a member of the divine counsel and he speaks with those loud voice that reverberates throughout the entire universe was worthy to open this book this book must be very important and nobody's worthy heaven and earth under the earth nobody is worthy and John just breaks down and cry and cry and cry over this what's taking place what is the question before the heavenly council with the question who is what who's worthy who is worthy of interesting award worthy on flies is down seven times the book of Revelation into three were tens you will walk with me in white because you are worthy found in chapter sixteen those that follow Babylon will drink the blood of the saints as they are worthy and the five times as found in these two chapters it has to do with how the more ingenious to be on the way who is worthy to open this scroll why is this book so important why is it so hard to find somebody that's worthy and questions that we could ask this tax before we answer them one at a step back I can let and and try to draw attention to some more details in the story said earlier that that the entire book of Revelation is written in a masterful way you really want to conceive of how the book of Revelation came together and save how I conceive of it in him John saw the visions on the all attachments clearly he saw them he heard them but then he went and sat down he thought to how motor express this he starts writing and he begins to think that is good for things down any thinking Old Testament he incredible wealth of the Old Testament is mine the images that he saw a connection with Old Testament versus theism we use this incredible tapestry force which is not revealed the first time you read Revelation than more you will reread it the more you sit down to share some things and it still cannot step back and he asked the question again who is sitting where God 's title was the one that is sitting on three minute revelation for we just rated moments ago John was in the spirit he was taken out and he saw the one on the throne will a flight Jasper and Mike Sardis was a emerald rainbow around the throne which is full of comfort for us and emerald rainbow amid drug myself if I can read something to an idea encouraging somebody someplace just get to do a search for rainbows promised are just so many beautiful promises are you filled with sorrow today fasten your eyes on the sun of righteousness still trying to adjust all the difficulties but turn your face to the light to the throne of God what will you see there rainbow of the covenant just beneath it is the mercy seat seat faith is what you need you are having a hard time have difficulty a child don't try to adjust everything but the rain around through films contested territory but there still is understanding on and he ultimately went cementing of the end of story so I like it so much encircling that Oregon is the rainbow the continent a symbol of the pledged word of God that he will receive it in very sooner who is up all hope of eternal life on ground of his own righteousness and except the righteousness of the world drinking see that rainbow cannot find yourself in terms of on in America somehow it became completely on the righteousness of Jesus Christ of the Redeemer believing that Christ as his personal savior able to save him from falling a lot of beautiful promises about the rainbow in chapter four I received Johnson the spirit is taken away he sees one sitting on the fraud he seized you all this is sort of things after receiving the rainbow there's another place in Revelation where their something very similar except as somebody else sitting as a ruler let's look your relation for verses one to three molesters Revelation chapter seventeen versus one two four Revelation seventeen versus one two four then one of the seven Angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me saying your I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who does want whose on many waters within the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality and those who dwell in your three main trunk with the wine of her immorality verse three I was carried away how in the spirit relation for one in the spirit sounds taken away from Kerry in the Spirit into the wilderness revelation for he sees one sitting on the throne Revelation seventeen in verse three he sees one sitting on a scarlet colored who's sitting where the same woman Babylon Revelation eighteen in verse seven she says I said as a queen no one takes my place and on gamer however you want to understand is whether John decided to communicate this way or this is part of his visionary experience both places the spirits involved both places she's taken away both places there are jewels in Revelation four there is the just for the Sardis the emerald in Revelation seventeen is the gold and the other jewels in both places his attention is focused one who is sitting throne Revelation is contested territory there is somebody else that wants to rule really the question for us is whose guru in our hearts who are we really need to put on the throne with another parallel I mentioned earlier also that revelation four eight five twenty relations order five is a literary get tickets you had old picture if you will there's another one another to handle picture in the book Revelation where two chapters matchup together asked chapters twelve and thirteen in fact is I hope you'll see in a minute Revelation four and five have a distinct literary parallels with Revelation twelve thirteen they are mirror opposites if you went in relation for involvement will look at some of the details and then we'll look at at twelve and thirteen selects that this is the curious in Revelation forty five you have a threefold union what do I mean by that yet the one sitting on the throne you have the land we haven't done it yet permission five six you have the seven spirits of God commentaries and father and son and Holy Spirit threefold union the one sitting on the throne the lamb and the seven soulful spirit in Revelation chapter five there is one that is slain that's the lamp ultimately in Revelation chapter five the lamb receives great acclimation molarity is connected with the one sitting on the throne is connect now comes to the throne he is in the midst of the throne as we'll see in a moment he receives ACM song to the lamb as well in Revelation chapter five actually both the father and the one sitting on the throne in the Lamb received that Sam Revelation five twelve thirteen and this is a summary of the details of this passage looks totally astounding look closely revelations that is one of these has a counterfeit in chapter twelve thirteen that is a threefold union in chapters four and five years of threefold union in chapters twelve and thirteen who were those three actors players characters what is the Dragon who goes to get his first associate which is the beast that comes up out of the sea many of the second Associates which is the the beast that comes heavily again don't misunderstand me there are definite historic prophetic connections we can make the lets not lose the bigger picture of the story that John is trying to tell us here in chapters four and five yeah three chapter twelve and thirteen eleven thirty in chapter thirteen inversely there is one Slaney just like there is in chapter five these tentatively ruled put to death sex in the exact same Greek word talking up a way who has a wound comes to life in chapter thirteen in researching the the second player you need in the drama received great acclaim just like the land does in chapter five the beast receives permission to sit on the throne I just as the Lamb is connected to the throne of his father in Revelation thirteen three there is a certain song was released just like there's a theme song filling coincidence or start trying to draw our attention to something it's not just the revelation that's talking about the great controversy it's the whole book and as we read during read and go on pretending me begin to see these connections who was sitting on the throne is a time responsible for what we really are supported to give our allegiance to fairly seamless connection between these two chapters of that relationship before the trial one more parallel here they do this relation for direct relation for verse eight the four living creatures around the throne and we argue that we notice that these four living creatures have connections to the book 's utility connections to the book of Isaiah particularly in the book of Isaiah we read that begging in Isaiah 's vision he sees the throne he sees the living creatures around the throne and in Isaiah chapter six is the first three days single song as well what do anything back in Isaiah to remember holy holy holy Lord Jeffrey editor I told you should remember Isaiah chapter six the louder the whole or this film with his glory and praise from the book of Isaiah is recorded numerous times by Jewish writers known on canonical nonbiblical Jewish writers in John's day before John state it was well known well quoted all over the place holy holy holy Lord the whole earth is filled with his glory figured Revelation chapter fourteen verse eight we see these four living beings they had these wings are full of eyes and nights they do not cease to say what holy holy holy is the Lord God White House the Almighty her was and is actually that was and is one of the new residents to come some things wrong but maybe not wrong but some things different one is different let's think about the story revelation from when does the earth become full of God 's glory in the story of English regulation eighteen mighty angel comes down when you're the glory Revelation chapter twenty one the holy city is filled with the glory of God but in this context the Earth is not yet full of glory of God according to Revelation story because there's a war taking place how often do these angelic beings the song Dave and Dan noting right relation twelve first there's somebody else that says things they enact Revelation twelve ten for me else saying things they enter that teachers are saying he him all day and night so we remains are reading this we see all the connections in the throne and was sitting on the throne in parallels between chapter four and five and chapter twelve and thirteen and the sonic people are singing holy holy only but who really was and is to come there's someone else you are using what goes into a bottomless pants chapter seventeen of the Taliban 's glory and the angelic beings the four living creatures they do this very night because Satan is accusing Don Dillion what is one of the accusations with no chapter six quickly chapter six under the breaking of the fifth seal Steve and the Lamb wrote the fifth seal I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God chapter six verse nine and because of the testimony which they maintain verse ten and they cried out with a loud voice saying how long O Lord holy and true new American Standard accurately translates the underlying Greek how long will you refrain from judging and avenging our lives point here is that Smith people under the altar of these individuals are these market beings images on them at least they are crying out how long until God you do something why are you letting people trying notice really say how long O Lord what's the first work holy and true the question of God 's holiness in the book of Revelation thunder hole in the how come you're not acting well later in revelation relation fifteenth they do think you know just and true are your wasteful area finally doing something heart of the great controversies this question why is there so much freedom in the universe I got money is all this happen that's doubling calls at the undercurrent in the book of Revelation now there's a surface reading of a short but then there's another theirs is the story of John's trying to tell the story the great controversy thoughts was the back relationship to five and can look at these questions know what is happening in the heavenly council what is this question why is this book so important why is it so hard to find one worthy and you see that gonzo worthiness stands or falls with finding someone that can open the book that's why John's social and thanks think he's trying times worthiness is connected with finding someone able to open the book is there someone that can do that well first let's can ask questions and what is this sealed book here's a couple of Bible verses you can jot them down Isaiah twenty nine eleven and twelve in Old Testament passage where books yield and someone can't read because they don't know how to read and summoned can't read it because it's CL Daniel twelve verses nine to twelve we know that portion of the book of Daniel was sealed right and Daniel received it he knew what it started he knew what it said was Daniel 's problem in understanding the problem of understanding the problem comprehension if it's a problem of what is taking place the something to be sealed we can still know what the words are think of Dana Chapter five no they can read many many tickling farce and they can reinvent him him hold a revelation isn't disclosing its disclosure constant mystery of the universe how does God make that clear but Ezekiel chapter two verses nine and ten Ezekiel describes a book filled with Lamentations Enloe and sorrows in this book in the hand of the one on the throne is also written inside and outside in the book Christ object lessons page two ninety four likes it makes a poor comment about this talk about decisions that he made that are recorded in this sealed scroll that will be opened in a time of judgment this sealed book signout is connected with ultimate judgment destinies mysteries what God is done in the past connected with decisions that will be made in the judgment so the question is not really fit to Alaska Revelation chapter five starting verse five again in six stones cry weeping seriously amazing how John just enters into the story sees it all but he's also in it as well one of the elders said to me stop weeping behold the law and medicine the tribe of Judah the root of David has overcome as braille has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals the lawyer from the tribe of Judah the root of David to Old Testament messianic military images of one fit to rule why incomes in the book of Genesis chapter forty nine talking about Judah his scepter shall not depart from Judah him ruling and David Isaiah Chapter 11 verses one through eleven talking about seeing that's going to come these are moving images here is someone that is ready to rule her sex I saw in the midst of the throne with the four living creatures and the elders a Lamb standing as if slain having seven horns and seven eyes symbol of power single knowledge which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the missing military authority ruling image is the introductory error reinterpreted or turned upside down and it had as John has two very short ring juxtapose those checks to images text episode have to get the word justice decisions against one another knowing you were broadening your Phrygians they are wrong and it just gets worse and worse and worse still images opposites try to tell us we don't rules the universe is through self-sacrifice was on rule is not fit to rule really worthy of ruling John Burns things upside down he takes the work how weren't in the book of Revelation is time to go integrated transport power the layout and receives power what on the throne receives power the beast was seized our address universities power against power but John reinterprets power for us Howard isn't authority and might and you do it my way power self-sacrifice in the book of Revelation into here is this one that really is the tool and slain my reluctant Bible images and is the Passover lamb him chapter fifty three years and was very imagery of the Lamb there is there is the resistance to evil brought out in the image of the lamp so many humans is rolled into one I know for our purposes this afternoon the reason John focuses on this public land is because this is where we see that God is really worthy to rule and sixty four nanometers versus open about who is working well here somebody that's where the newsworthy simply because seamlessly monitor the here revelation chapter five percent and he came he took the book have the right hand of him who sat on the throne and when he had taken the book the four living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the White House can't do that with a falling out for before the lambda worshiping the land book of Revelation theory important point for us in gain age for people question whether Jesus Christ is really worthy of worship Revelation makes it abundantly clear each one holding a harping golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the saints verse nine in the same seasoning eggs and a new song saying words he argued to take the book and to break its seals why number one yours Swain number two you purchase for God with your blood and from every tribe and tongue and people and nation number three you have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God and they will want free to sit on thrones they're part of God 's Associates nitty-gritty neither the kings of air through the Associates of the studio so cheats attract small part of the great controversy imagery but this one is worthy the slaying because you purchased rescue because he formed a team down of priests there is a controversy taking place there is a crisis taking place in heaven and that crisis is resolved by the slain man like to share some quotations with you bathroom a really heartwarming to start pages page thirty seven my lunches see here I said earlier that the question the issue before the heavenly council this setting this courtroom drawing room from judgment scene of Revelation four five the question before the divine counsel next day or which is able to ask questions think of Job chapter one in two different places the questionnaire is gone why do you getting so much freedom to these rebels how come you are not doing something gone why don't you act notice these quotations right on my design they just page thirty seven with entrenched interests the unfallen world wants to see John Oliver a walk arise and sweet for a the inhabitants of your right before the incarnation world was brought down to a tremendous love and want to the heavenly council look to see to God and do something difficult to do this statement was ready to carry out his plan for securing to himself the allegiance of heavenly beings the cocoa thought he was ready to spread rebellion and then he would fast the blame on God continuing to sorry just thirty him very crisis when Satan as seen about the Charan the son of God came with the message of divine grace indeed he was glorified by pouring upon the world a flood of healing grace that was never any obstructed or withdrawn to the plan of salvation should be filled with happening in the councils ready gone to and destroyed was God you synthesize sinfully this is how I he pours upon this world this slide onto my healing grace that is never to be obstructed until the end it's still here and we look at the world and we see why this is happening why is taking place in Ukraine and in Gaza and in Grand Rapids and in my whole life why are all these things happening God still acting is trying to draw us to the cords of his love review and Herald July seventeen nineteen hundred five a crisis had arrived in the government of God the earth was filled with transgression that heavenly intelligences that's the divine counsel again were prepared for a manifestation of divine power and remove was watched with intense anxiety the exercise of justice was expected even a heavenly beings are just waiting for this to take place within the quotation different reference signs of the times August twenty seventh nineteen oh two all have been waiting the bidding of the commander to pour out the vials of wrath one word from him one sign in the world will destroy the unfallen world but I'm saddened and you can have you ever wondered what you destroy everything want to have this conversation was really destroyed everything and nobody really know it's true that's not to godliness one thousand audience body destroyed everybody it would solve that problem that bigger question is how does God want to handle the crisis at maybe and visit amen you're right just because you have exterminated rebellion but God doesn't want to do he sends his son might have been designed to condemn the recent and to save no words can describe the effect of this movement on the heavenly angels with wonder and admiration they could only exclaim here in Islam the crisis is not only do for what's happening here on earth but of course the wonderful world of all the world that God created would be affected by how this conflict was played out but we think it turned relation for five seeds from the book of Revelation is what contested territory got has a throw his associates on the throne Satan as a dog his associates after question is who is really worthy to rule that heavenly council meeting and the undercurrent page the big connections within the book of Revelation itself point us to the great controversy process on a throne as the beast is the Hacienda harlot sitting on the beast and she sits as a clean holy holy holy pure and is not yet full of your glory but one day it will be the question that goes out the heavenly University Council house where they answer except that lifted my in any twenty four elders and the living creatures basing this on let's continue to back revelation chapter five in verses eleven and reviewed in this net I looked and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders and the number of them was myriads of myriads thousands of ballots inside wishing to hear it saying with a loud voice noticed one loud voice there in perfect harmony and in unison worthy is the letter that was slain to receive what's the first thing how more easily interpreted power force the book of Revelation riches interesting study find out where else that used book revelation wisdom my honor and glory and blessing is not just an opening angelic beings to to sing a verse thirteen and every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and on era and on the scene and all things in them I heard saying to him who sits on the throne unto the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and dominion for ever and ever four living creatures kept saying medicine handles chorus on their same on the twenty four elders fell down and worshiped that should be our posture before the uplifted knife into realized that there is nothing in office that can again us to be part of that group that is we read earlier that rainbow around the throne should call turn away from every hill particle self exaltation just fall down before the uplifted lamp who shows us what it's like for God to rule the crucified Christ shows us how God rules in this world that he rules through self-sacrifice that he rules through surrender and that is where real power is the book of Revelation the layer is the is the example of how God rules the results of our example as well where to follow the Lamb wherever he goes where to learn to exercise power the way he exercises power with openness and fairness justice and clarity willingness to be made manifest before others so revelation four five book of Revelation from great controversy perspective 's prophetic information they are unquestionably there is personal information there without any doubt but the big story of revelation that the somebody that's questioning whether God really worthy of worship and God is revealed as the one that is worthy of worship to be uplifted like a spread together none if anyone has a questions we can take some heavenly father thank you for this opportunity we pray that I can do a miracle in our hearts and take away or help us turn away from the distractions of this world and focus more on the crucified Christ who is the clearest revelation of what you're like the clearest picture of how your government operates a week father one day join in this tremendous song reviews in one sitting on the throne are you a hand with my hot and horny and hot having maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I live in a you and you and I is the more as a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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