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Transforming the Mind

Dan Gabbert
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Amazing! In His life, Jesus experienced the repentance that enabled Him to physiologically develop the righteous character He longs to impart to each of us—the character He longs for each of us to experience through faith in God. During this presentation, Dan will unravel the practicality of this profoundly encouraging and healing biblical concept.


Dan Gabbert

Mental/ Spiritual Wellness coach at Black Hills Health & Education Center




  • August 7, 2014
    3:30 PM
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gracious father what a special gift it is to have this quiet time together in your presence to contemplate some of the beautiful gifts that you offer each one of us in order to actually enable us to cooperate with your special work for our hearts in preparation for Jesus and return we ask for your Holy Spirit to do what only he can do for each one of us including the in Jesus name we pray amen I wanted to start with just a couple of statements focusing in on the absolute importance of God 's word in the work of actually the cooperation that we actually have to do with cooperating with Christ to find healing and restoration easiness of this statement therefore review and Herald the science of overcoming as Christ overcame is the science of salvation if we will unite with Christ in the work of developing Christian character if we will maintain unwavering faith in God and in the truth of his Word we shall be given strength to overcome every evil thing in the life praise God but notice it's all centered around maintaining an unwavering faith in God and in the truth of his Word now under that statement I have to conclude that every evil thing includes those in negative hopeless helpless feelings that we struggle with whether it's anxiety or Sharon for fear or unhealthy anger this covers it we've seen this before Scripture all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine that's a doctor and what God is like what he sees things for reproof tells me what's wrong for correction tells me what to write and instruction in righteousness it actually tells me how to get right and stay right with God amen that the man of God might be thoroughly perfect thoroughly furnished on all good works about that here we go songs a hundred and seven twenty one my favorite texts in the Bible simply because it gives me hope he sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions notice what he sent to provide healing for his people you see it there he sent his word this is by education page eighty one watch this close Christ's teaching like his sympathies embrace the world never can there be a circumstance of life are crises in human experience which has not been anticipated in his teaching and for which its principles have not a lesser societal good prints the present teachers his words will be found the guide was coworkers to the end of time to answer the question who are its coworkers on it all of us absolutely gorgeous second Corinthians chapter five verses eighteen and nineteen we are ministers of reconciliation and the Julie's given us is his word signs of the Times October third nineteen hundred the word of God should be our counselor in all different all things our guide in all the relations of life I like that don't you just as solidified in our minds how valuable and important ideas when we start dealing with the problems of life in particularly the emotions and the anxieties and fears and the feelings that are attached to know that the word of God should be our counselor regardless of age health conditions circumstances here we go now were to move into looking at what I believe is one of the greatest gifts of God 's goodness not only faith but also repentance there's two absolutely necessary ingredients for anyone to experience the eternal three-dimensional healing and hope the likes of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ there they are the apostle Paul testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ notice what Jesus preached the time is fulfilled in the kingdom of God is at hand Jesus said repentance and believe the gospel of course here if you looked at the great Kershaw 's concordance the word faith and belief come from the same Greek word repentance and faith vital there's no true salvation without these notice this statement from inspiration conflict encourage page forty one thus the plan of redemption is laid open to us so that every soulmates see the steps he is to take in what everyone repentance for regarding faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ in order to be saved in God 's appointed way faith and what repentance repentance is not doing been given a lot of attention these these last few years and yet it is one of the most vital ingredients to a saved healing experience with the Lord Jesus Christ in spite of the recognize of these two precious gifts from God actually determine also watch close the extent and quality of healing and health that a person experiences in his physical mental and spiritual life in your every day walk of life the matter what you do where you go though studious faith and repentance are our primary factors unused and just a few moments on faith before we go back to repentance and will be spending the rest of the time they are Ephesians two eight by the people have this memorized the notices as for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift of God on grateful for the gift that you want to statement from education to fifty three faith is trusting God believing that he loves us and knows best what is for our good bus instead of our own it leads us to choose his way in place of our ignorance it accepts shares wisdom in place of our weakness is strength in place of our sinfulness she his righteousness often faith is trusting God I so appreciated Elder can bring that out as he was sharing thing is what verifies the reality this is just as unique and special special gift from God no one can produce it isn't different again but what it does it enables it verifies the reality of what God has promised us in his word this is where Hebrews eleven one comes into the picture faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen faith is what verifies the reality of what God has promised us in his word extremely valuable watches review and Herald eighteen eighty three five J phase saving faith is what is separable from repentance and conversion and will manifest the fruits of the spirit it is a continual conscience conscious trusting Jesus the sinners only hope was in the merits of a crucified and risen Savior and what could Nexium to that risen and crucified is a risen Savior is saving faith and repentance and conversion no there's something that sometimes I wonder if we recognize that I haven't caught this all my life but I'm beginning to realize that there is a catch to this that is very important to examine and recognize in our personal experience how many human beings have faith according to that everyone even atheists atheists didn't have a measure of faith they would be unable to actually accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord God has given us a measure of faith so that we're actually able to put our trust in a loving Savior floor the watches coax here's what we often forget patrons and profits for thirty one faith is the gift of God but the power to exercise it is whose amazing here's what happens everyone's got the gift of faith but notice where we put faith sometimes chariots I suppose that would be automobiles and RD wealth and riches people put their faith in their own heart we put our faith in our own ways to do it my way I kind of beats me faith and other men vanity people choose to put that you have that incredible measure of faith the gift of faith in other things besides God true false but I love this when someone chooses the exercise a gift of faith and put their trust in a loving Savior through faith in Christ every deficiency of character may be supplied every defilement cleansed every fault corrected every excellence developed C what does it is anything there that that doesn't cover but there's another reality about faith that causes many sincere Christians to struggle in their experience with the Lord we've seen it at passing I work over the years here's the reality we actually have to learn to keep our faith in God it's a learning experience it's necessary to learn the believed to learn to trust again instead of someone or something else with you Harold Budd and God there is strength to overcome all temptations praise God when you are tempted let your heart go out to God in prayer for strength to resist the enemy learned to believe in Jesus in the circumstance that you are facing in life learn to believe in Jesus and take aim at is what is learned another one size of the times eighteen ninety five I must trust in Jesus Peter respective of the changes of my emotional atmosphere I must not trust him now and then but always we must do what everyone we must learn to believe the promises notice how the word of God is intimately connected here with this learning experience of putting our faith in Christ we must learn to believe the promises to have an abiding faith so that we may take them as the sure word of God please please humor me and you have mercy on the boat you know this is probably more for me than it is for you the powers of darkness gather about the soul and shot Jesus from our site 's and at times we can only wait it so I and a easier until the cloud over the seasons are sometimes terrible anybody agree with you hope things the fate of this prayer seizes upon us in these dreadful hours we must learn to trust to depend solely upon the merits of the atonement and in our all our helpless unworthiness cast ourselves upon the merits of the crucified and risen Savior and I love the last sentence I hope you love it to we shall never perish what we do this never but understanding that Internet are you following and you don't learn in the sunshine he learned under cloths Christ object lessons at the very outset of the Christian life I had to bring this in here because you know what we teaching our our precious friends that are just newly been baptized look at is so beautiful and at the very outset I wish someone could pull me this when I was I was living in Hollywood at the time just convert to Christ just in love with them and just a mess at the very outset of the Christian life every believer should be taught it's foundational principles he should be taught that he is not merely to be saved by Christ sacrifice but that he is to make the life of Christ his life the character of Christ you can read at SKUs appears this is me what you see is what you will from here on out focusing on probably one of the most neglected and yet one of the most powerful healing gifts that God is offered us to Christ and his righteousness this amazingly wonderful gift needs to be more clearly understood and given more credibility and functionality and in other words and more usability our cooperation with the Holy Spirit 's work to bring a CNA in all three dimensions of our syndrome it's not just one all three and of course Jesus is our example of the repentance that I believe he wants all of his sincere followers to experience not because she but because he is our example in all things pertaining to life and godliness would you all agree the men were interviewed in getting on this a lot more but I want us not to really understand a little bit more about the beautiful gift of repentance that God is given Jesus our example first Peter two twenty one forty even if you want to put your call because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps another one first John two sixteen see if you abide in him ought himself also to solo walk even as he walked ministry achieving four twenty six as Jesus laws in human nature so God means his followers to be in his strength we are to live the life of purity and nobility which the Savior live dialogue that don't you be awesome horizons of hope and joy we have as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and less obviously applied something here I'm going to dress a little later but some is his will how can Jesus repent when he never said well ordered be thinking outside boxer later on move farther now but we're focusing in on repentance testimonies volume nine the life of Christ live in this world men and women can reduce power and under his instruction in their conflict with Satan they may have all the help that he had praise God they may do more than conquerors through him who loved them and gave himself for them in other words is it possible according to inspiration for someone to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the news cannot tell you what as you learn to walk in the footsteps of Jesus get this what happens to your to your IMO should align you see the signature shortly here it is the gift that Jesus gave us not discover I give my business with people that's not been working at the before coming out of pastoral ministry and then stepping into ministry at a health center we been working off of people whose people for a long time and all kinds of experiences and backgrounds it's been a gift to us I think we've learned more than anyone else says but we discovered that they were there are not a lot of people who really understand this gift and that Christ is made possible for us it's incredible repentance Jesus as God exalted in his right hand to be a prince and a Savior to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins ungrateful is given forgiveness of sins but you know what I'm just as grateful that he's given me the gift of repentance regrets for repentance you can look this up Strong 's concordance just want to give you little background here stars understanding what repentance the great enemy to think differently or afterwards that is reconsider morally feel compunction we got Strong 's concordance appears they are discrete dictionary another definition but same lines a change of mind as it appears to one who repents in other words that person 's repentance is a change of mind is a change of a purpose that is formed towards something he has done I used to before it became a Christian I had a bad mouth when I repented I had no more desire whatsoever to use a word that would dishonor my Lord much closer repentance is a gift that enables us to make godly changes in our responses to things that trouble us to experience a change of heart I change in our thinking of course produced by the Holy Spirit as we can send you cooperate with those his work is enclosed true repentance is a change in the way I'm thinking about the circumstances that troubled me the things that bothered me the things that worried me the things that bug me about some other person it's what a change report it's a change in my thinking I love this statement from steps to Christ very simple profound but very important repentance includes sorrow for sin and a turning away from it we shall not renounce sin unless we see its sinfulness until we turn away from it in heart there would be no real change in the life of the board became a Christian I could be real nice guy was a bass player lead singer for fairly well-known rock group in the Midwest and the evening that we didn't and it was amazing how nice I can act outwardly whenever something I wanted to get for myself outward behavior change longer play but guess what didn't change the way it was thinking everybody got it so this brings another reality to light with this gift of Christ called repentance the heart change that brings to prove freedom from guilt also opens the doors to freedom from the other unhealthy feelings that sin has brought see guilty then one done it's eyes feel rotten and there's nothing I can do to change God couldn't write something like this and just happy with feelings of sorrow and sadness and disgust but still trapped repentance the heart change that brings true repentance frees a person that leaves a person to recognize regardless of when mistakes are made in the past regardless of how corrupt and rotten their life was before hand the matter how many mistakes they've made in their response to other people no matter how much damage the cost repentance actually is a gift that gives me the freedom give someone else the freedom to actually change my whole view of the experience I went through I will make this clear true repentance does not get me to thinking on allotment terrible rotten person it's just the worst thing to ever happen to me and I'll never make it and etc. etc. true repentance listening out of the out of the dungeon into the light of freedom the crisis offered us notice where these feelings begin though I want to actually go to God 's word just for a minute and some of your note don't have a Bible along with so I I'd I put it up on the screen just done you see this all over the Bible this is very very important in second Kings five when the leper 's name and knocked on the profit Israel's door expecting Elisha personally appeared receiving member the little servant girl from Israel that told me amend that he could be seen from his leprosy he got his group together all of his stuff and went to the prophets door expecting a lot of sugar personally appeared human and instead of Corso Russia Serbia appeared with instructions to go dip in the Jordan river seven times and be healed by watching our notice name an emotional reaction to this experience but may amend was brought extremely angry and went away and said behold I thought he will he will surely come out to me I watch it will surely come out to me a standard call on the name of the Lord his God strike his hand over the place and recover the leper are not up on a far far rivers of Damascus better than all the waters and his roommate I not wash in them and be green so he turned and went away in a rage but notice what was causing the rage anybody see what was causing the range I thought it was his thoughts you seem to have allies are common the name of the Lord and then doing a special thing that something he couldn't get back home but to just get into water that's something he could have gotten with all this expense and travel and everything else loses thoughts New Testament now you see this all of the Bible is not just make you aware of the fact because science is really validating the sound seed you can catch the thoughts and that were producing the feelings the disciples experienced in the storm remember when they were taking Jesus across the lake and he was sleeping in the back of the boat just tuckered out and the storm came up while watching us when he Jesus was entered into a ship his disciples followed him and behold there arose a great tempest in the sea insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves but he was asleep so I figured out how to do that and his disciples came to him and I woke him saying Lord save us we perish but he said to them why or why are you so fearful of you little faith then he arose and rebuked the winds and the sea there was a great call anybody see if but when the disciples experiencing what was the emotion they were experiencing fear and why was it what were they thinking the parish mercilessly parish about the parish and they were in a situation they had put their faith for years in their abilities to deal with storms with their sailor 's ability to write and now they're in a storm that is over and above their ability to handle it their resources were not working by the way you know when people actually come to you for help design pages page three hundred the Lord can do nothing for the recovery of man until convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self-sufficiency he revealed himself to the control of God then you can receive the gift that God is waiting to bestow that something not until I have an alcohol problem I just don't really admit it you name it drugs alcohol but alcohol was my monkey but it was not it was not until I had you heard the term reach the bottom of my barrel for all my resources were not getting the that peace and freedom from the missing ingredient in my heart that I finally said you know my God if you are really real I talked to the ceiling I said you really really got a better plan for my life reduce the template of the Gospels testimonies volume five can we verify the fact that feelings are produced by our thoughts from the spirit of prophecy it's her thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up or develop the moral care notice validation we find a secular research famous book this state has been used by many many people but it's valid the researchers all focusing on this reality your feelings are created by your what everyone your thoughts and not the actual events all experiences must be processed through your brain and given a conscious meaning before you experience any emotional response I've often wondered on those disciples when they were all worried and Jesus is back in the boat sleeping iPod I've often wondered if they would have gone back and just laid down within and just looked at him and said Lord I just wanted to mention to you if you have a moment that is getting a little your road to get wet and the bullets filling with water I'm just wondering if you have a solution but quite often what happens is we get into circumstances that are where we're below waterline are you following and of course we start reaching out all right if I really want a healing solution on healing freedom from negative feelings that I'm experiencing anybody tell you what's absolutely necessary for me to address the what I think everybody got that now there may be some kind of physical condition something else you know that is making you feel bad -year-old you got the flu or something you that sort of thing however for the majority of things where we are worried concerned etc. etc. it's what I'm thinking about the situation that I'm facing that causes the problem so this is vital I've got if I want to see me healing change that's actually a Christlike healing change I got to change the way I do the things I'm facing we call this heart change this change in sinking the Bible calls it bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ some of you probably have second Corinthians ten four and five on the rise there's a lot of needed that but bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ and that's where it happens Philippians two five that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus I must be willing to actually begin seeing things the way Jesus sees things I must again be willing to actually begin seeing myself the way Jesus sees me not as other people see me not as I see me but as he sees what a healing piece that Jesus offers us to actually practice thinking his thoughts concerning the challenges of life who do they face so once again here it is again the benefit of choosing to practice bringing your thoughts into captivity to the obedience of Christ here it is unlocked this statement five testimonies five working by steadfastly keeping the well on the more inside every emotion will be brought into captivity to the will of Jesus by the way who is it that decides what I think whose choices is in need to know that everyone a motion can be brought into captivity to the will of Jesus I sing praise God this is so awesome particularly when you're working with hurting individuals to recognize that there is freedom that Jesus can free them and you and the impact thoughts have upon a person 's life I just wanted nail this down just a little scientific research in Albany and the Bible this book I love to do Sheridan research also use some of you probably read the book change your brain change your life by Doctor Daniel on but here's what their discovery every time you have an angry thought and unkind thought a sad thought according to thought your brain releases chemicals and make your body feel bad I love the alternative every time you have a good thought I happy thought all hopeful thought was a kind thought your brain releases chemicals that make your body feel good in I'm kind of thinking that God had in mind when he inspired Paul to write Philippians four eight when you say funny therefore brethren whatsoever things are true and honest ingested prune lobby of good report virtuous and praiseworthy do what by the way into Greek I got to share this you're not a Greek scholar but I have done my share of studying Greek through brings the University of all places in the great man over there sink on these things using the present tense in the great present tense means not only something contemporaneous something happened just now it means a continuous action practice practice so what is godly even written look-alikes roof through faith towards her look like well I'm in runs you this very rapidly considers a couple of other things one issued on before this is over first Corinthians chapter five the experience of the Corinthian church allowing one of its members to be an ungodly relationship with his father 's wife on the church to the Lord 's counsel to Paul to heart and they earnestly repented and dealt with their precious brother in God 's ways praise the Lord appears on a little picture of what Paul wrote to them after they had followed through with his counsel watch close this is very important because there is a concept about repentance here that is thrown a lot of people off now I rejoice policy is not that you were made sorry but that you sorrow to to repentance for you were made sorry after a godly manner that you might receive damaged by us in nothing for godly sorrow work of repentance to salvation not to be repented of but the sorrow of the world work at death notice I had those highlighted this is very very important notice of both godly sorrow and worldly sorrow has one attached to Scott Rolen you might see something else but the point is there is sorrow connected to both of them that words are the great sadness happiness and pain sadness happiness and pain bullets with false repentance and true repentance what's the point and why would I be sharing this what's so important about this well they both have emotions connected to one produces repentance to salvation the other produces death was his teacher as being the result there may be emotions involved in both godly and worldly sorrow listen close IMO Sharon is cannot be trusted as solid evidence that someone has repented did you get that this is vital because we get to Christ's return the more vital this is Luke twenty one twenty six as people 's hearts failing them for fear of looking at those things which are coming up on the world the closer we get to Christ's return and more in emotional responses you are going to see from people who are struggling but just because someone seems oh so sorry I say that to themselves or I got caught I have emotions but there was no change of heart notice what testimonies ministers and workers says repentance is not a desirable emotion there may be emotions attached there may not but don't use that as the criterion to prove the summons to resort so then what proof that a person 's experience is truly experiencing repentance by the way before we go to this can anybody tell me then what would be the proof that someone is truly experiencing true godly repentance absolutely what they're thinking lots is close for behold the selfsame thing that you salt after a godly sort what carefulness of body awareness carefulness start what part of my anatomy what clearing up yourselves where it is a start what indignation were visiting the what part of my anatomy what fear what vehement desire one seal what revenge in all things you prove yourself nuclear in this matter the change in thinking that I should say a godly change good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good so life I hope that I've hidden this enough for all of us just to recognize again true godly repentance always includes a change in a person 's thinking about this and that's been converted always there is again seen before South Osuna turning away from it we shall not renounce sin unless we see its sinfulness until we turn away from it in heart there would be no real change in the life very very important and I going too fast so remember this fact on the repentance begins with the change in my thinking to agree with God 's solution to my struggles and problems not just a cheerful emotion and not this poor me on such a rotten person on never get it I'm just the worst person in the world nobody likes me nobody can accept me that is not godly repentance that is focused on I mean myself and I and I've caught myself in the strap old for me what you think of me now I I send it long I get it wrong true God repentance is you know what Lord I'm so grateful that you love me with an everlasting love and it's a delight to know that I don't have to fear the charming Isaiah forty one ten field are not frightened with the new year with I don't have to be afraid you're my God I don't have to be dismayed amen and I want to get on this and playing with the move the shirt is first John three twenty two anybody quoted in our heart condemn us God is greater than our heart no less how many things if those thoughts are truly God 's thoughts the thoughts that a repentant person is experiencing they will not condemn me as a person they will not condemn me as a person I will see myself now I made a mistake but I'll also recognize the value that I haven't got site all right well some of the problem we understood everything I've shared with you as far out one to give you a foundation now wanted to give back to Mark chapter one verse fifteen Jesus words here and give you a little insight into repentance that has that has user is it an escape it's a shielding factor that so many people been trapped not understanding here is Jesus speaking saying the time is fulfilled in the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the gospel but here's the good news this is something probably never heard before maybe you have been analyzing both those great birds are parsing is a called repent and believe we discovered that both of them are in the present tense imperative mood it's a command to continue to repent continue to believe this is so awesome I say unto you and it's the same way you can look up the word repentance and you are parsing those words you discover that in the New Testament the birds are in the present tense present participle 's the only place where it is just present tense was just happening just now and nowhere else is what is in the indicative mood anywhere else in present tense is a continuous process this is so vital this is a continuous process repentance is while all continuous repeated action not the contemporaneous something is happening just now this means like bullies like faith or trust repentance for sin is an ongoing process not just a one time event are you getting this lease it is a ongoing process and auto one time event eight times you want someone heard someone say all white mid- Missouri got booed when I asked God to forgive me and two days later I went and did it again never heard never experienced it Bible commentaries volume six repentance for sin is the first fruits of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life it is the only one everyone is the only process by which infinite purity reflects the image of Christ in his reading subjects another statement from the spirit of prophecy Bible commentary volume seven the life we live is to be one of continual repentance and humility we need to repent constantly that we may be constantly victorious the enemy can never can take out of the hand of Christ the one who simply trusting in his promises notice near ones that when I'm continually repenting I'm constantly victorious how what am I doing according to the statement I am constantly trusting in his promises in my thoughts are not thinking about the problem in my songs I am focused on the solution on the problem under the solution on the problem under the solution yes or yes or no another one for my life today repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ are the fruits of the renewing power of the grace of the Spirit repentance represents the process by which the soul seeks to reflect the image of Christ to the world anybody tell me why continual repentance is such an important concept in God 's plan to save and heal us anybody tell me him a him it certainly does is for how long anybody else I would agree right on the others plan did you get that is the birthplace of humility and in faith the embryos I awesome thank you I know what it's like when was when the speaker asked the question you're sitting there in the kind of thinking answer but yourself right if you share Jesus are dead wrong sorry you let your pets have many so I just commanded to do thank you very very much look at this nephew one twenty one the definition for salvation God shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins Jesus came to save us not only from sin 's guilt and penalty but also to deliver us from sin 's power to rule our lives but in order to do that he must have our page on cooperation he just doesn't remove something from me that were to talk about in a moment in what way what we all have in our lives that can give this power to hold us in bondage even after we've accepted Jesus as our Savior Lord anybody know starts with an H the answer there is one most people have been taught and I wasn't taught this either I am thankful the Zeigler when I accepted Christ giving example of my own life except in Christ as my Savior Lord and I was so excited this is wonderful Savior had been forgiven for me for all my past and you and I was living in Hollywood I look different than I do now and I started going to churches it didn't make a difference what kind of church was as long as it had the name Jesus somewhere and I go into that church and I just sit in the pew and I just leave uncontrollably because I was in the presence of God I believe that and I knew that he forgiven me that I was free and just go I just who just weeping uncontrollably and someone come up and start Palomino and try to comfort me intercourse is little caution they did that Eric Hastings everything okay everything again and start telling him in tears and so telling about my love for the Savior who forgiven me and I was using language that I'd learned in the bar and there were explicit it's coming out of my mouth that should've never been hurt in any church that I know I embarrassed a lot of people I was so grateful to God hold that against that that time notable but what happened is this one there was reading the book of James chapter two I came across a statement that says that the cursing and blessing on the other the same aperture at that point in my experience I realized I was convicted and at that point I just forgot I'm sorry please forgive me I didn't even know I was doing extended forgive me he did not let me ask you question from that point on did I quit swearing many outside again from that point on did I have any desire to swear anymore I had the idea of swearing disheartening to the cost so the lessor I did but I have no desire to but I get tricked or surprised your all of a sudden something you take me and my mouth I carried it to my Christian experience my born-again new heart experience old habits of responding old habits of thinking and I didn't take all of those away from me when I became a Christian it didn't it was a process that's the reason why repentance is a process and not an instantaneous the one-time event Romans seven nineteen just a little Greek again in verse nineteen there's a couple spots in Romans seven for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that I do now what's interesting is this the phrase that I do that you see in bowling up there is translated from the Greek verb crossover which means I practice habitually and it's my habits that's what the apostle Paul was struggling with it was struggling with old habits in his new born-again experience of old habits attracted the same with us my character and personality bug two five forty every man has corrupt and sinful habits that must be overcome by vigorous warfare when you say is it worth it it's worth it let me ask you another question when you first went to school did you learn how to read and write one week to learn it in a month the you had to develop habits Bellamy S request how long until you to replace an old unhealthy habit of thinking in responding to something that bothers you how long does it take to get when you thought about that that same way for many many years and you have formed a strong habit how long does it take to replace it they were to venture a guess I won't put a timeframe on it and I know that you use your science since of same you know certain number of days and you know you've gotten you haven't listened because of our different upbringing is our different backgrounds and different life experiences a different habit patterns that we form am reading for every person I think it's different I following so don't don't tell someone on salt intake twenty three days because what if you will make it the twenty third Dana gone I'm still struggling to rather rather you just tell them listen if you continue in my word John eight thirty one thirty two of you continuing my work if you continue practicing the mindset of Christ practicing thinking what he says about you about that situation over and over again what's happening audio forming in your nervous system chair dining and everybody's talking about it now praise God because is so vital in righteousness by faith everybody's talking about that is why repentance is an ongoing process and not just repent once you will never do it again experience that God sometimes grants us are things I took alcohol away from you the minute I accepted Christ hunting when I lost the desire it was gone however if you and other sundry things and I won't mention by the way and you know who's in the process of sanctification yet the process of putting off the old and putting on the new anybody guess who is in the process what about me please need to allow testimonies volume four this is good news bad habits when opposed to offer the most vigorous resistance but if the warfare is kept up with energy and perseverance they may be what everyone they may be concrete and not say what when you conquer one of those when you're putting off the old and putting on the new putting off the old putting on the new in your practice practice practice that bad habit when it's conquered in other words when it's replaced with a new habit guess what if it's a Christlike habit it never needs replacing PS for eukaryotes you carry it with you into eternity amen about the web got mentioned this owner get on to some harder structure but you know what lifestyle is so important three-dimensional lifestyle particularly for someone was in a wheelchair and their crippled and they can't do anything since or someone who's imperfect Galvan can do everything except do not want lifestyle three-dimensional lifestyle so vital now because the habits that you and I are forming now in the care of our body and mind those of the habits were to take with us into eternity and so what we're doing is we're practicing I was bonding that is slowly aging we are actually practicing and developing the habits of the care of the new body that women get when Jesus comes I hope that makes sense someone saying that this is okay and okay here's what overcoming sin full of habits looks like it was missing the smile after they unlock this statement this is so awesome the child of God will not rest satisfied until he is clothed with the righteousness of Christ and sustained by his life-giving power when he sees a weakness in his camera jerk it is not enough to confess it again and again you must go to work with determination and energy to overcome is the vexed by what by building up opposite traits of character praise God busy and put off the old foot on the new he will not shun this work because it's difficult untiring energy is required of the Christian but he is not obliged to work in his own strength divine power weeks is demand anybody's amen it may cost a severe conflict to overcome habits which have been long indulged but we may try up to the grace of Christ praise God getting the picture everybody got ongoing process not an instantaneous event very seldom make sense okay call it the day that this walk honestly as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness not in chamfering in one business not in strife and ending but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh may cannot present tense on going process I what is really fun of this entire surrender of your waves which seems a very wise and tempting Christ ways is the secret of perfect rest in the slot it is by learning that what it is by learning the habits of Christ his meekness his loneliness thank you thank you sister for bringing up the humility and faith is meekness in his lowliness of self becomes transformed there is no one who has not much to learn praise God the habits of Christ is not good on about through this quick put off the old put on the new put away line that's the old speak every man the truth is putting on the new collective replacement true godly repentance will always include a proactive that means sword onward ever forward replacement of the old habit the old way of thinking and responding with the new Christlike way of thinking and responding old habits of stealing new habit labor working with his hands on his work to learned helplessness on I just want make a comment now in the years and that's enough it worked with hurting people we discovered something most of them quit too soon they got the keys they know exactly what God says about their condition and needs and the practice of no experience victory for a day a week or whatever but then something wheelies and something happens it bothers her worries and stresses them out and they forget to keep practicing and so they get railroaded don't quit once you know what God 's will is concerning that part of your life you keep practicing and regardless of feelings regardless of circumstances you keep practicing and notice what Christ does for us in our determined efforts to cooperate with the Holy Spirit grace and replace an old ungodly have been thinking with the new Christlike one I love this look at this one is in the heart to obey God when efforts are put forth this end Jesus accepts his disposition effort is man's best service put your name there who's best service your best service and he makes up for the deficiency with his own divine that is not how far you advanced how many habits of Christ that you formed it has nothing to do with that are you willing to stay in the process of practicing the mind of Christ selected messages volume one three thirty seven we are to grow daily and spiritual loveliness we shall fail often in our efforts copied the divine pattern we shall often asked about on the weep at the feet of Jesus because of our shortcomings and mistakes count on it brothers and sisters as you get into this growth process count on it there be times when you will just fall that the fall in your face and just wait oh God again all please have mercy on watches but we are not to be discouraged we are to pray more fervently believe more fully and try again with more steadfastness to growing to the likeness of our Lord and the narrow research tells us very clearly that when you fall back into an old habit pattern it doesn't you don't lose the advancement the development in your nervous system that you were developing by practicing the where are you following than the double comes this is one generally doesn't censor you board your never going to be the same when you can have to start over it's a lie reality is you you don't knows what you gain it's just waiting there for you to go right back to the habit that you're trying to form right after practicing what you don't know to be Christ will for your life that make sense saying that if you understand that steps to Christ which a lot asked about on the weep at the feet of Jesus parallel passage but were not to be discouraged even if we overcome by the enemy were not cast off were not forsaken and rejected God praise God know Christ is at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us said the beloved job these things write I unto you that you sin not and if any man sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous I like is going to bitterness in this awesome the father himself loves you I've heard people say about it when we're working with them you know Jesus I can follow and trust that you are where an awesome thing to know that God the father loves you and if you believe yourself to over and over and over again she that had begun a good work and you will carry it forward to the day of Jesus Christ amen and summonses you are preaching cheap grace to let him question when someone is to reprint repentant heart must desire they have to go back into the old thing that they used to do serial desire any of you here have a desire to contain saying or doing something that's because the human will and ways of the one who is willing to give his life up for you I hope you all can say no way this is what I've experienced is quite possible Derby moments when I'm surprised overcoming the following back to my old way of thinking about and responding to a situation that's worried by Bible commentary you through manifold temptations we are surprised or deceived indecision he does not turn from us and leave us to perish know that is not our Savior Christ prayed for us he was tempted in all points like as we are and having been tempted he knows how the super nose to help those on help those who are tempted thank you Lord I'm grateful for that I needed to see this if that happens where your trick too surprised to attract fallback and when old habit of responding the moment you become aware of your full excuse the typo that's where bands that go to God for forgiveness go right back to practicing the new human Christlike thoughts and responses over and over until they become the new habit of response in that area exactly what everybody okay I think were almost done almost but not quite Philippians two five the Greek verb that there is present tense this means continue to let the mind of Christ continue to have the mind of Christ you can't have his thoughts this is God 's ideal for us let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus praised the Lord first John two five and six but whoso keepers present tense his word in him verily is the love of God perfected on I should mention something about the perfect tense perfect tense is unique in the great because it has three actions involves reactions involve perfect tense of the great when you see that you got the love of God perfected it means it's a action is something that's happening it's an ongoing process and God looks at it as already finished can I send it are you getting it perfect tense this is happening in the present it's an ongoing process but God looks at it as already completed when you are in the process of taking on putting off the old habits and thinking on the habits of Christ and you are in that process doing the best you can with a willing mind is not only accepted of God but God looks at you as already the process is done is finished the love of God is his characters protected in your life even though you're just in the process yet in and do I have any desire to knowingly choose to continue in sin no none whatsoever so great news I love it you've heard it before here it is again once the new Christlike category in response to any specific temptation is formed that part of your life is guarded by the new Christlike act because the moment they trigger cons but the moment that stimulus that stimulated Judah fall back into sin the moment that comes when you've got the new Christlike heaven in place you've been practicing at the moment the trigger comes immediately what happened takes over the the new Christlike response the company has lost his power in that part of your life habit by having practice practice practice is who is being formed within Christ Galatians four nineteen okay everybody want to stand up on looking at the time we got I got about five more minutes but it's probably the most important five minutes stand up and stretch a little bit if you like take a stretch to be on your to be chosen if you want to do this route adjourns forward and backward which can abide your head this is not a holdup this is just to stretch and stretch across the top your chest and give yourself a tight hug and give the stretch between your shoulder blades these have their awesome just imagine yourself being hugged by the one who loves you more than anything else in the world is okay at promised and their might they're probably be some room for some questions if there are questions okay I wanted to get deeper now in understanding the repentance of Christ that eternally delivers a person from the bondage of sin and makes it possible makes possible complete healing apart this I believe is just as so vital I believe Jesus is calling his followers to experience the same unique type of repentance for sin that she experienced while he was here under what you like all in repentance for sin that transforms the repentance forcing women and Paul Vogel Jesus soul where you getting the idea he experienced repentance will listen folks here's a question that Jesus didn't experience repentance and repentance is a part of God 's plan of salvation from sin how could he be our perfect example of the salvation he wants us to have but he is a perfect example amen aspects and everything that is three remember when he was baptized John the Baptist said listen I need to be baptized by you what is this new baptizing you and Jesus said Jesus answering said that begin does it become with us to fulfill how much righteousness that he suffered John baptized praise God Christ our example there it is again that you should follow his steps I get a pointer in here I think so which of their news but sorry I have been using is not fun don't mind me I'm just moving into my second childhood first John two sixteen SAV abided in him ought himself also so the walk even as he walked Christ is our example and how many things all things including repentance in heavenly places when Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted he was led by the Spirit of God had taken the steps which every sinner must take in conversion repentance what he repentance and baptism he himself had no sins of which to repent therefore yet no sense to wash away blots why is our example in how many things and therefore he must do that which he would have us do use instructor again he Jesus identifies himself with sinners as their substitute taking upon himself their sins numbering himself with transgressors and doing the work of the adversary is required to do in what in repentance faith and willing obedience what an example is here given in the life of Christ for sinners to intimidate dissecting the but Jesus never said so on the world that he experienced repentance Matthew three eleven says that John the Baptist was administering the baptism of repentance if Jesus hadn't repented his baptism with the boldness to a false I know you're all thinking by now I hope so praise God it's true Jesus never sinned so he never had to repent for since he had personally committed and yes he did repent for us but listen close enough as the perfect model for our experience Jesus chose to experience the highest repentance there is no repentance for sin but repentance be for sin remember wanting Bobby forcing Hebrews four for we have not a high priest talking about Jesus which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities but was in holiday points everyone ballpoint standard like as we are yet without sin so awareness temptation happen that's what happened Damien the moments I temptation to sin entered Christ's thoughts Jesus turned his thoughts away from the temptation and placement on God 's thoughts concerning the tempting idea that that would place before you following you can read it in Matthew chapter for the devil tempted him if you're really hungry command these dollars to be made bread what came out of Christ's mouth it is written Man shall not live by bread only but by the everywhere the proceeds from the mouth of God company came out of his mouth because that's what he was thinking he gave that idea that tempting idea zero time in his thinking it immediately his response in his thinking was man shall not live by bread alone he turned his thoughts away from the temptation place among God 's thoughts concerning the tempting idea of the double place before remember the definition of repentance I give it to you at the beginning to think differently to change the train of thoughts so what Jesus actually was doing the repentance he experienced he chose to experience a repentance before seen a change in thoughts before sequencing a repentance that happened people agency gets what is called yes praise God the power of his grace through faith in his word and determine proactive practice you and I can experience the same kind of victorious in achieving repentance repentance of Jesus choosing to change our thoughts the moment we are tempted like Jesus to think God thought before we see turning repentance for sin into Christ repentance repentance we wore seat I believe it's the call of God Philippians two five that this might be new which was also in Christ Jesus and that's the battle that Griffey is ten three and four for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds where the strongholds that casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing into captivity how many thoughts that before like Jesus that replaces the four like humanity is anybody that can read that Reggie had some happy to read it out loud that okay thank you very very much by the determined pro active and consistent practice of choosing to bring our thoughts by the grace of God into captivity to Christ thoughts concerning the situations we baby face by faith practicing over and over again until it becomes our own personal habit of thought this is what ultimately will ultimately transform our repentance for sin to habitual repentance before seen just like Jesus just like who I like the idea of being like Jesus how about you ministry as Jesus was in human nature so God needs his followers to be in his strength where to live the life of purity nobility which the sacred heart is his transformation happen there is again you've seen it before it is by learning the habits of Christ his meekness is loneliness itself becomes transformed by taking Christ's yoke upon you and then submitting to learn manuscript releases volume twelve page two thirty and all along the ceiling journey of cooperating with the Holy Spirit and faithfully training our thoughts bringing them into half vegetable captivity to Christ we had this precious assurance my life today when it is in the heart to obey God when efforts are put forth to this end Jesus accepts his disposition and effort as man's best service and he makes up for the deficiency with his own diviner my life today page two fifty Christ looks at the spirit and what he sees as and are burdened with faith is perfect holiness atones for our shortcomings when we do our best he becomes our righteousness praise God faith and works page one oh two and there is Paul's counsel to the Corinthian church Paul's counsel to the this awesome lasting movement now therefore perform the doing of it whenever you said you were going to do for the Lord that as it was a readiness to Wales so there may be a performance out of what everyone performance out of what you have knowledge you don't have do the best you can with what you've got forth their first be willing mind is accepted according to the Manhattan that a man has not according to an house not on the something is young with my Hotmail address only and not having to maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a shot a whore as a online newsroom is www. nonbelievers


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