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Creation, Evolution, and the Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

Art Chadwick
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In our social interactions, we are certain to come into contact with the theory of evolution, which even casual consideration suggests is in conflict with the central theme of the Bible. How does one respond to this perceived conflict? What difference does it make regarding one’s belief about origins? How can we meet the arguments others may advance to influence our faith in the God of the Bible? What is the role of science in our decision? These and other questions will be considered in this presentation, which has been designed to strengthen our faith and provide us with the armor and weapons worthy of a warrior for Christ




  • August 7, 2014
    3:30 PM
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the writer is requesting very number-one why is there a controversy today on orange and white is placed as a central role in our experience why isn't it every time we turn on the television or if we don't turn on television we pick up a magazine they're all talking about something that happened billions of years ago or hundreds of millions or billions of years ago that has nothing to do with the story in the Bible the moment of it will cover what is the cost to us of accepting evolution and I believe in evolution also believe in God and that number three how we respond to Hardy 's use of origins and there will get into the nitty-gritty of the science but the first part will deal with some of the other issues why is our controversy on origins I think the answer to that is as varied depending upon where you're coming from but the review verse twelve through fourteen and idea fourteen fourteen is one of two chapters are there fourteen and Ezekiel twenty eight the field specifically with Lucifer in the fall in heaven of this is directed to Lucifer how are you fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning are you cut down to the ground you who weakened the nations for you upset in your heart I well ascended to heaven meaning I wanted getting God 's place I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will set in the amount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north Sunday you and I will have the privilege of buying out what that means what North means in the kingdom of heaven right now we can only we can only anthropomorphize the talk about what North is the last thing he says it's in verse fourteen Wallace and above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high I will be like the most high certainly it was not the character of God he saw so what was it about God that he wanted he wanted the ability to create beings who would been worse of him by making this up this is my theology map the Bible for anybody else's fundamental you will store here listen for the light bearer was the one in heaven who went to the newly created beings to tell them that God was the one they worship and so he would see them turn their initial attention away from him two and somehow over time this came to be for him on a something that he desired and so we saw that he could create me they would worship him how do we know that what was his greatest temptations of Jesus in the wilderness that it was I want to have it all here you won't have to go to the cross you won't have the you won't have to stand for anything in this awful world that I messed up I will give it all to you if you'll just fall down and worship me I will give it all up if you'll just worship that's what they wanted because worship more than anything else preeminently worship is about worshiping the one making your created and in Revelation four eleven makes it very clear there's also a big corporate controversy and that has to do with us as a church and we can read about that over here in this very unpopular chapter in Revelation chapter three some popular because it's those if the three fingers pointing back at us when were pointing at someone else it's right there in Revelation chapter three in what is a say and incidentally this is no accident I'm sure I didn't write it but it seems like it's no act verse fourteen is this the angel of the church of Laodicea write these things says the e-mail the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God the area say the only place in the end that revelation where this is this is emphasizes right here in the story about the later decision chart is that a coincidence I think not I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish that you were cold or hot because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot I will vomit you out of my mouth today in the church we are related this seems we are unwilling to deal with the issues where afraid to confront controversy and so we allow the issue to stay in the church rather than to deal with and I think you'll see what I'm talking about later on other thoughts on a personal controversy first Peter five eight this one shouldn't surprise us be sober you says to be vigilant because your enemy your adversary the one that is against you the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour that store up against if our pieces the star by controversy it can be because of his manifestation prophetic in the two thousand two zero undercover Romans chapter one I never knew for many years that God had predicted in Romans one the situation we confront today but here it is in this is on the heels of Paul's comments about what what's right before that chapter one the just shall live by faith and then he says in verse twenty for since the creation of the world has invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse so what we see here a statement of the complete transparency was of God 's creators no one can go to God in judgment say I didn't know you made your life because even a little child to go on the field until you made the flower like that provides a sophisticated scientist can't say the same thing why do I have to try to make up some story that doesn't involve God it's clearly seen by the things that are made so that they are without excuse because although they knew God people this is inside the church to hear that they knew God although they knew God they did not glorify him as God how you glorify God of God his worship which is very true that creator that they did not glorify him as God nor were thankful but became futile in their thoughts and therefore charges were darkened professing that singularly call processors professing themselves to be wise they became fools and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of man and flying things before footed beasts and creeping things what is that that's evolution their training the creator for a process of change and evolve the formation of man from non- living things therefore God gave them up to unclean those in the lusts of their hearts to dishonor their bodies among themselves those who exchanged the truth of God 's readership for a lie evolution and worshiped and served the creature the process of evolution rather than the Creator who is blessed forever amen the second death I'd like to share with you is Roman in second Peter chapter three and one of the arguments that made against God 's creators of this all that's in the Old Testament that's in the Old Testament we learned by the New Testament you're that argument what does it say in chapter three verse one and two I write you this second book in both of which I struck up your mind by way reminder that you may be mindful other words router falcon before by the holy prophets that's what old government and the Commandments of LC apostles Lord and Savior the there there are both of them there you're supposed to know the bulk and then he says knowing this first memo last day zero const offers last days when the Gillespie began seventeen ninety seventy ninety eight in the last days overcome stoppers walking after their own licensing where the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell slight as far back and this is I like all things continue as they were the beginning of creation where is the promise of his coming because the evolutionary process occurs over billions of years when were those words first put into writing seventeen ninety six book was published by James Hutton in which he enunciated those very things since when I look into Vietnam-era I see no prospect that the beginning and no no vestige of a beginning and a half that the linear of saying the same words that are right there inside computers of office for this they willingly are ignorant of there we haven't you willful ignorance means they know these are people who know the truth for this they will I will the heavens wormhole by the word of God and your standing in the water out of the water with it talking about creation whereby the world of them was the overflowing water there is not what is the blood that willfully ignorant people today that are willfully ignorant when talking ignorance regarding willful ignorance of people today as it was no original creation then there was no global flood destroy the world absolutely got the prophecy this will fill the vacuum encourage depth of that's why we have a controversy on origins but the cost of accepting evolution and I believe in evolution and also believing God you are you know you had to get this right now let's take a look at why I think there are drive biblical grounds there is a good answer to this we already covered the first one there Matthew four eight fifty and the story of Jesus and his temptation and how Satan wish to worship him because say anything was the worship Satan because Satan wanted to be the creator and am now we go to revelation for ten eleven and that this is that a marvelous I hope I hope you all were there to hear the sermon last night the message last night truly beautiful of four ten eleven the twenty four elders fill down before him and sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever and cast their cry all for his role saying you are where the Loire to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things why is a worthy to receive version of because he's the creator God and by your will they existed and were created so if the basis of worship is God Creator zero what happens is when just outside critters what reason do we have to go to chart all remember God has put the scenes of worship and every one of us and we do not ignore enchantments creator we end up acknowledging something else and those people who choose the blame and thinking about my evolution worship evolution that's the process by which they came in to existence not creation of evolution so they worshiped the process of evolution we have no basis for going to church in the Seventh-day Adventist church the Roman Catholic Church Episcopal Church Baptist Church of any other church if we do not ignore all age God is our Creator now do millions of people do that yet again they justified out in Scripture no leaking is worse than met its much worse than that because not only do we lose the basis of worship we lose the hope of our salvation Romans chapter five skills that by the way read this passage the remainder of chapter two when you have a chance of how many times it was chapter Paul goes over the same sentiment it's by modifying a little of the story here was seventeen for by one man's offense that is out of the upbringing through one much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will rain in life Jesus Christ therefore is through one man's offense John McCain told them resulting in condemnation even so through one man rises at the free gift came to all result in justification for life and are not to say that because Adam was made carpet and because Adam chose to sin and turn away from God and as a result of what happened there we all inherited or not one of us not one in this room had a choice about what he reveals center not right you have a choice not one of you have no choice so it's right for God to send one person Jesus Christ died for all of us to make atonement for all of our sins and to give us righteousness and justification that formula only works if there was a cure holy Adam in a pure holy world begin if you take away the garden and the perfect man in the creation account in Genesis one and two if you take God out of the picture there is no basis for home is the basis for anything because why did Jesus die if Adam was the as certain one of these happen for you hominids it was a hominid that evolved over long periods of time even if God help them along a major joint may be processed work she survived on the basis of the destruction and death of his ancestors and his relatives everybody else the whole story of evolution is one of the success of person evolutionarily is the one of these the most offspring the one who has the most copies of genes left behind that's the story evolution tells us about me needing in life you want back on a light meaning of life don't you want that's the story that evolution tell you and destruction are a part of so wanted to tell us about God if God chose evolution is the means of bringing manager existence and who is responsible for sale don't even answer the question to think about it makes the one who chose that process responsible for the consequences and God is only fixing his own problem to Jesus and the whole Gospel goes away there is no way around that there is no way around that one more verse Isaiah forty three one because it's one so beautiful I have trouble passing the fly you should know that Walmart now that serve the Lord that created video of Jacob form video Israel here are not I have created you I informed you are not for I have green beans you I have called wandering you are mine 's anatomy anything is your Sears I got certain because you are hereby creation goes through our human one for without creation there is no hope of redemption the whole story of the cross becomes meaningful meaningless really pretty bad but it's worth Exodus thirty one twelfth to eighteen by the way some people might not be familiar but when you turn in the Bible to learn about the South Exodus twenty that in Exodus thirty one has been a more powerful statement of the Sabbath houses read the last part of your verse sixteen therefore the children of Israel since the Sabbath observed the Sabbath throughout the generations is a perpetual covenant it is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever for insects they were Lord made the heavens and the errors and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed declare but that's not all the next verse when he had made in the end of speaking this is God speaking when he had made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai he gave Moses two tablets of the testimony tablets of stone written with the finger of God from God Rutland is very very installed many with teenage kids than failures son or daughter that's written in stone that mean your chains in fact when Google and find someone else all you got the but when something 's wrong installed it's not going to change and God said he wrote it with his long finger installed their behavior and since twenty four hours days even physically for six days if that's not true that he wrote it with his finger install no one else given through an ill death what else or God said is the truth or maybe Moses made up the story in which case what hope do we have been anything else Moses made up of Monroe history so our sense of the integrity of God is shattered therefore a role in stone with his own finger is not true is that right like Isaiah twenty nine my wife is a positive so I relate to this imagery well I did twenty nine results out to a very interesting read it sometime when you have yet fine but I'm been picked up verse fifteen sixteen both of those who seek game to hide their counsel far from the Lord and their works are in the dark they say the seasons and who knows us surely have things turned around Sheldon Potter is deemed as the clay so that they may save him who made it even makes me Internet anything more absurd than a potter pulls up in him on the phone turns out this evening can imagine how absurd it must be to God only turned to him and so you did make me how that was give life to him where does where do we get the honest laugh so there's always lots we've lost our basis for worship we've lost our sense of redemption and we lost our belief in the integrity of God that's all you know you can have everything else and still believe in evolution but if you want to believe in creation you have to accept it down of the creative there's only one position we can take the preserves of a contact who believe in a literal Fiat creation of the surface of the earth and life forms on that happen in seven days of about twenty four hours a few thousand years ago that the world was made perfect for the perfect enemy it was followed by the fall and later catastrophic global flood the purifying reform the surface of your goals are the doctrines those of the things important I get that out of Genesis that's right there in Genesis that the basis of our belief in creation it doesn't come from science we don't go to the Zionist incentive site where we come from work on answering then again about something else you have to the Bible learn about the prehistory of the art because this is this is cliché but understated anyway none of you were there to see it happen none of the scientists were there to see it happen in the God of creation Genesis account what we got a telling indictment when he asked is why we denied the story of Genesis one organization while he knows radiometric dating a kind of confused me and I thought he must have meant something else by what you said and done will hold back the curtain and show us perhaps show us why we didn't understand it correctly and then he will allow us to read the windowsill because how can you tell God I didn't believe what you said that what you want to tell God in the life this trust to give my thoughts were wrong I thought maybe you didn't know what you've done down account point by point is there carefully thought out what you keep that in mind little bit later we comes in others life this is the message our church has been called into existence to proclaim this is the message this church was called into existence to proclaim how I have the basis for Rivera last night did you hear about revelation chapter ten and what this chant Chapter ten talents it tells us there's going to be a great disappointment that the end of the twenty three hundred days which ended in mid- October eighteen forty four the right in that's one thing until an NFL time the beginning of judgment the voice in heaven about something I can't see inside the cabin on the basis of state but there's something else that most people miss when they read that passage in Revelation chapter chancellors turned back to read and and this is a diversified and six specific to run out and about way it is verbatim from Daniel in the logbook is open that's the book of Daniel and how I know that because this Angel 's same exact words are used here in Revelation that are used in Daniel in this verse Angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven is swarmed by hand to answer an hour that's right out there that there shall time no longer the one that I skipped over in the middle that verse who created the heaven and the things that are in your inherent in the things Internet and the seeing the things that are and have sufficient time no longer the final longer partly adjustment began in nineteen forty four for the middle part of the verse what's that about it's about creation of what happened has been doing creation in and in October eighteen forty four felt the book was published by London book publisher by the name of Robert Chambers published anonymously he didn't want people to know that he had these thoughts for this block espouses an entirely godless story of creation of everything from the University may and it was probably the most widely read book for the nineteenth century the most widely read book for the nineteenth century was read by Queen Elizabeth when Victoria was read by Abraham Lincoln it was widely disseminated in one modern scholar by the name of Robert Secord for the Buccaneers two thousand about Robert Chambers in this book and he says the most important thing that happened in the nineteenth century was not Darwin 's origin of species it was Robert Chambers book called vestiges of creation and the distributor published when in October eighteen forty four the very time when the church was called into existence and it would turn over to the chapter fourteen I think it is set in France you should know this chapter then I saw another angel flying in the myths of heaven having the everlasting gospel to everlasting gospel is gospel good news guy didn't it was bad news to share with the world he gave us good news everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell in every nation kindred tongue and people those words are found in this first thing in the last verse of chapter ten check it out this is the message that caused the disappointment and forty four this is the this is the reason Jesus didn't come back because this message had been proclaimed yet what's the message fear God and give glory to him for the harvest judgment is come that has to do with something that happened in heaven and worshiped him whom made the heavens they are a disease without the waters as regards creators of the met something to happen on earth in that October eighteen forty four so the two parts to this message God is the creator and coming back soon is any bad news absolutely not that is all good news historically this is very interesting with anything that I what people believe about creation Seventh-day Adventists have had an impact once the specials and American seminar and creationism in a meeting of the geological Society of America two thousand four two separate speakers named and figured this person is individually responsible more than any other for the modern big creationist movement pictures of the author George McCready Price Ellen White to separate speakers independently I assume have a picture of alibi on the screen they didn't say anything bad about it they just commented that she had the most profound impact of anybody on the development of the ideas that led to the modern creationist movement of course the geological Society of America is out to two squirrels that will they want to get rid of but that's that's interesting someone is doing her homework somebody's doing the job and that Ellen White is certainly is the impetus for this church to promote both the second coming through the beginning of judgment and God is creator that brings us to part three how can we respond to the heart issues of origins that's a tough one how do we deal with things don't understand there are serious problems residence creations things that we have no clue how to handle how to explain radiometric dating is probably the most important one the most challenging the most difficult for us to deal with directly there hasn't been any particular insight over the last fifty years that has contributed to our understanding of radiometric dating is a problem until everyone is absolutely no if somebody comes up to you and tells you that morning and it is about radiometric dating to probably say what he can do about carbon-14 dating is applicable common people say I'm really radiometric dating is a bigger problem it encompasses radiocarbon dating as well so so some items I can tell you that what even the site are a good idea when it where you can steer them what life can you give them at so I'm challenging you with their other dating methods as well to seem to suggest that the Earth is older or life on the earth is older than a few thousand years then there is the problem of the fossil record we have all these hominid fossils for example when we do with them where do they fit in what's the story of that in the orderly nature of the fossil record how is it that we can find the same creatures of the same position in these layers of rock anywhere we look around the world how can you expect them Anthony I was surprised I I would like to have an explanation for that right now I haven't heard one of them works very well I think part of it is none of us knows what the world was like before the flood we can pretend we do we can play games with it but in fact we oh well I will be very busy right now I hope your together this list this is regardless that the visitors list this is regardless think of the things for which abolitionists and people to believe the standard model is the long ages model I have no answers for origin of life where did life come from after almost after eighty years of study by some of the most prominent scientists in the world we are no closer to having any insight as to how life originated on this planet and we were only started eighty years of scientific research billions of dollars of your money supporting the research and what do scientists tell us but maybe it happened somewhere else along when they choose somewhere else what would they say all you can cannot universe somewhere or maybe it's on Mars laissez Mars because they want to go there and they think that will help but somewhere else else in the universe why would anyone suggest why came from outside this plan because it can't figure out any way we could happen here is that clear to see that that's a problem and when somebody comes than you may say what you do about reactivating I say you got there I know I don't have a clue but I probably will do the same thing you do with origin of life and at the end of the conversation so rather than try to throw out something middle given the chance to argue with me I just give them something that's unarguable and that's origin of life however there other things fossil record Beverly the problem that were talked about it is a challenge for revolutionists the sudden appearances of lifeforms in the basin became breathing virtually every major group of organisms that we know of today including the group we belong to the coordinates is present in the lowest part of the game brand the very first layer above the pregame brew hat which has no fossils so you have no fossils and get away a rock has fossils and now they are rock over a period of very very reasonably short time we have representatives of every major fun of them everyone at sudden the needs of all the diversity all the major body plans have them all come into existence all and wants with no milk drinkers and then there's the problem with general absence of intermediate forms if you look at fossils and if you spend your lifetime now working on the fossil outcrops of some paleontologists do you'll find out that you can't show me a sequence of animals in the fossil record or one form changes into another instead you see one four-minute stay there during the entire exhibit its entire existence then it disappears and something else occurs and goes on up I give you one example of this is a man and follow pro-Israel who probably had a religious upbringing as many of these people do about it he's a rabid anti- creationist I guess that's why while Sierra brought them to their campus several times to speak to the students there I don't know why anybody would invite him to come to their campus but he's been the last year several times he retired recently was at Oxnard University Oxnard College of Southern California is the his entire career studying lineage is available through the fossil record is not in a hundred and sixty different mammal fossils from their first appearance in the fossil record to their loss from the fossil record of a hundred and sixty when it is there was only one that showed any change from the top and bottom and that was a slight change in size it's called stasis it means they don't change and it's the basis of the Golden Eldridge 's model of punctuated equilibrium of punctuated equilibrium sentence is an organism appears and then it stays the same until something happens and the way her changes minutes gone and something else is there to assist the description punctuated equilibrium is the theory that the description of what you see and want to see if there's no change abolition is not what change somewhere at the evolution where is the evidence for evolution I'm not saying there aren't some problems I'm just telling you in general the case is very much in favor of creation than that Doctor Leonard Brandon I've been working for the last ten or twelve years on this problem of sedimentology and catastrophism we've been looking at layers of rock him in mostly new time that areas in the southern states where you can see the rocks and not somebody is not enough rainfall to have plants growing there some connection see the outcome women going through those outcrops in a meter by centimeter by centimeter through thousands of meters of sediment looking for evidence of time receptors time that we should be able to see and so far without finding time for finding is that one layer of rock with all its internal structures still there when the next layers deposited on top in elevators there this was positive on top there's never any store enough of the other layers by organisms are any indication that there was a vast period of time is required by my noisiest so we see a general lack of evidence upon geologic record that's that counters the argument of of rudimentary videos suggested maybe Reagan agitating means something else sites time we don't know what it is I don't have any answers for yet another great wisdom on that I bought it but we do know that we don't see other things that look like they get along like I could picture of what you come down the last of molecular biology one oh molecular biology what is that about fire that on this list and on the other better because when I went off to get a PhD in molecular biology I thought it would give me the answers to the issues of creation evolution when I found out when I was done and my PhD in hand with the advice of my time it was all about creation had nothing to do with evolution and when the textbooks mention evolution it was a made up story again it wasn't about abolition of the data were all about this marvelous unfolding of what's happening inside the cells the abolition was all pasted on the top and finally the effects that we're using finally they eliminated the whole chapter is evolution altogether this is nonsense molecular biology certainly in mechanical creations so what happened something like this we have some things over here on this side we don't have good answers for and there's a bunch of stuff over there the dilutions don't have enhances the brother probably a little generous but I believe the valet is not what we might expect maybe we expect this type or maybe some people would like there was this way but in fact it's loosely so what we have here is assumed that celebs like God isn't that amazingly so much like God he doesn't cram truth down your throat he leaves it open for you to decide whether you want to believe them or not God is a good God he's got beyond our beliefs Emily think maybe if we found a fossil man or maybe it was found though are currently found some silver bullet somewhere that we can go on and slide all the evolutionists wicked shall fall and be done with it that's the way we would like I think that's what God has given us the things we might want because you can't trust us to handle that kind of the zones that he leaves us with this but this is good for us because if we have two sides of an equation of the same but all of them seemed apt young geniuses you're not I think I can figure that one out it vehicles being them and they cancel out and for those involved in science will you are acquainted with the things that I just presented up your those who know the data will understand that what you decide to believe about origins as always can be based on something besides the Blackwater that that makes sense that's the way it is also one incident five women on oranges is the science know it can be the science the science is ambivalent the sciences is at least met divided into something that you can look at an balance and you say okay will that Harry takes away the mandate for me to believe one thing or the other doesn't and recently with freedom features freedom to choose is in that beautiful we can choose to disbelieve God we can choose to believe God and both of them have important consequences for that why don't your people are all myths to reject the message of creation they may reject on the basis of a variety of grounds but often is because of their misunderstanding of the science and theology they don't have a clear picture of God a clear picture of the science enables see what I did children's life I I can present this to the secular audience I have many times I've never had anybody challenge what I said they didn't challenge it if you want but I have had a lot of opportunities to be challenged on this presentation is that I don't tell him this please starts on the balances to go through that whole series of arguments and nobody ever stands and says on your that's foolish and wrong so I'm assuming that there's some validity to what I just presented and therefore they must understand misunderstand something about the science of theology subsequently they may reject the evidence they can parlay that will be said that it be consistent with the rejecting the creator to create the creation are that will be consistent all to a in the life encourage the following recently perhaps they were raised in the advanced churches some people have confessed to me that they are they are social and Dennis they like being around the end of his people review comfort comfortable there they get a warm fuzzy feeling the fifth generation Adventist they don't want to they don't want to leave the house of been raised in or perhaps their employment church there Friday lizard job to police revolver or something else people and if this out of the Adventist church rejected belief in God is the creator and that list that I gave you there right out of Genesis I be the first one out the door I would not just stew along with the rest of you out and join my help this never happens in this church but I'm telling you I became an Adventist when I became a Seventh-day Adventist it was because it was consistent with what the Bible block taught and that's the reason I'm here today and if the church were to leave that behind I absolutely need behind also because I noticed they were I feel like there are some of the arguments that I've heard Nazar real ones these are actual quotes they may rationalize something like this the time and how creation is not essential to be a Christian but the belief in Christ and his resurrection and that's all that's needed to fall off for the Genesis text is partly not meant to be read historically for the Genesis taxes problems meant to be read as accurate historical record of his contradictory and incoherent and the author was mistaken hi I move I'm assuming that some of you have seen James Morris quotation what he says about people that that that that vessel vessel Val event except this one he says I don't know Professor N N/A world-class university who does not believe that the author Janice is intended it cannot be taken as the threat he himself doesn't believe it's true he doesn't believe his historical because of the second closed reason you doesn't see it is true but he says the author intended it to be read as history Mrs. Regis professor of Hebrew he died recently in California use at Oxford University so this is no mean scholar so I I I tend to go with him and I think Sodom that foreigners will nurture accounts of creation in Genesis one and two which illegally which is the true one so this kind of argument people used to excuse their disavowal of creation without realizing they're leaving behind everything else unfortunately they often become evangelists for their newfound faith if their teachers for our youth that can be catastrophic people that can be catastrophic to confront these issues we have to be prepared as lately we have to do everything we can to resist the advance of evolution and promote the truth about our Creator God the church unfortunately but it's the way it is will not be change from the top but in what was that the leadership you wanted to then they are the chances for the church the church has to be change from within and that you that's us we're the ones who have to take responsibility for not allowing things to go on that shouldn't go on we have to be vigilant in choosing who will educate our children in science and theology in particular that means you don't visit your teachers and talk to and you ask the question on that list because if you ask them that they believe in creation or the believing alike answers any mingling she was a woman they believe that the creation account is in the Bible you have to pin that down in Houston questions that they have to lie to avoid and you have to pin them down I remember somebody told me a story about theologians that were being examined for positions in the church and they were practicing how to answer their constituents without leaving your position away I left obviously that's not everybody I'm just saying that was a story is recounted in we must carefully screened pastors of our churches if you have a new pastor coming if he doesn't believe the creation account what you think of anyone therefore you house and can convey the gospel if he doesn't have an insult screen your pastors find relatively that our pastor now going talk them sit down asking those questions do you believe this and that the nothingness and that he may feel silly doing it but if we don't do something were doing nothing if we do nothing were responsible for the problem we have to raise our voices to to those who promote an evolutionary viewpoint anywhere in our way up the private God will vindicate his name it's all on him after all we are vessels we are schools willing to be used by God we are not God and the change will have to come through him are remember this by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible God says you will have to use date when do you decide what you're going to believe about the origin of the world in this next business from Chapter 11 the fake chapter in the very first beginning of the chapter he says there and have to say that these faith when it comes to believing where you came from locating the nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really find faith on the earth is this a business can be a problem is an obvious short supply if they when Jesus comes back on I think it's unquestionable that faith is to be sure commodity when Jesus comes back but you better have your WAP phone your oil bottle full and better be practiced the same as myself we have never been practicing for now on a daily basis so that when Jesus comes back we got enough in despair I don't know how to do it's important and helpful breast-feeding as nonscientists to know what science can tell us again we sent science can give you the answer but what does science tell us about the world around us and science can affirm and strengthen our faith in the the University what is the root of our faith is grounded in the Word of God that right is grounded in the Word of God but science can also affirm that so I never show you are just a little bit about molecular biology and what it tells us about where he came from and I hope you will enjoy this this is a presentation that I've given as I said at many campuses secular campuses and the the logic has never been challenged and it's not because it's coming from being people you know that at the driveway this is a fake cops rate of pickups rock answers that I bought from a trilobite dealer in Spain 's and Dennis physician who was a practicing medicine in Martin Sorin fossils and I went over there to go to Morocco in court Sunday he sold some out of his collection because Brock who was very dangerous to be in that time and I bought this when I have to like trilobites I don't know why this is the really special this is that this is the logic were to follow here is a trilobite here trilobites show up at the bottom of the Cambridge this is the line this thought alignment across your separates no data from David there are no metazoan fossils down here above this line we find as I said earlier we find representatives of all the major groups of organisms right and just above that line so what were going to do is a little experiment here we don't have any trilobites today Rex think so we can't know how complex of molecular biology by by direct observation however if evolution is true worth is not true you are one of its true then evolution tells us that this organism has something a certain way at the molecular level this one has the same way in the common ancestor of those two must of had that molecular biology complexity to follow that anything else would let would falsify modern molecular systematics fodder molecular systematics assumes that if you have a complex protein in this organism the same complex proteins in this organism in the common ancestor those two must have that and therefore the trilobite first organism to find the fossil record mustn't have that molecular biological complexity exactly how do you look at what some of these complexities are Mrs. is enough to stop the show right now this is a this is a motor it in the membrane of mitochondria it's what makes all the energy that keeps you alive ATP is produced by this and turns around it spins around like a mother just like the motor that uses hydrogen alliances fuel hydrogen ions come in and they have to get on this this apartment to hear and they travel around the other side netting to get off on the insights of it from outside inside they have to go around merry-go-round the hop off over here and when the miracle around goes around it turns the shaft and the shaft in this part of years held in place so when shaft turns it perturbs those molecules of the rules you would have to submit that the next experiment for the most elegant beautiful experiments Iris on five this is a glass slide this is that tiny particles on the inside for your with the Seth and scientists have attached a the longest protein in the body to the top of that so this is the macromolecule it's very long as long as protein the body actually see if the light microscope and then they are colored that when they die fluorescing dye that glows when it's exposed to ultraviolet light the were now going to see this motor and operation and here it is not amazing it has a lawyer it's a good merely says it's a moan on what I should say with a motor is this because this came first I want one I miss her he now is a model of it of how awareness and you'll see the hydrogen ions on the outside and they will jump on over on the side to see them go around physical realm to help off over here go on the inside of yourself in the event happens the shaft turns and moves the shaft turns ATP is created you see here's the hydrogen ions through the shaft turning is it as it turns a Janzen AVP in an organic phosphate makes a complete list little motor is present in every living organism is present in every little living organism so we know is already there on the trilobite the first organism we have the fossil record high outlets that lets the market something will more complex uses cell division this is a chromosome and the hips attached by microtubules coming from both sides and this is in a human cell this is one chromosome that has doubled so that they can divide make yourself every every one of our chromosomes are you see a wholesale human chromosomes is called karyotype and that back in the old days we used to have to do this analysis paste them together now we just use Photoshop but you make a karyotype that the spread of all the chromosomes in oneself this is a human set so it has twenty two hundred some and then the X and Y chromosomes that make up a full set now all these chromosomes there are two of them notices to hear one you got from your Mama wanted government that in there now double for each of them is ready to divide to make the holding cell so in order to divide his own half you double the DNA and then you can separated to have I can see what those chromosomes were on detergent has been added in the feedback on the chromosome is release the DNA listing quality cDNA in the school squares blown up over here you can actually see the DNA molecule there coming off the chromosome will have mass is not DNA in the nucleus of every cell that if the nucleus was the size of the Earth they were going to the sun and back eight times thirty two meters of DNA in every cell and when the cell divides it has been doubled so there's four meters of DNA in the nucleus that is ten microns across but like having two thousand kilometers of of kite string in a shoebox imagine trying to sort it out that let's is a phenomenally challenging thing to do that what you see how the DNA gets replicated this is one of the most amazing molecules in the cell made up of many proteins and what it's doing is copying to be in the making two strands one seconds long-standing here and one strand of the DNA is called the sense strand and it is copied straightaway or the questions straightaway over here but there this problem is through what the OS X is backward so that the strands are going in opposite directions so they understand in order be copied has to be lived out in copy backwards so that's what's happening over here so you make two strands are two different methods in the form two different chromosomes without a mistake in it gets the job there's a lot of says that when mistakes are made are stifling their effects also this is our DNA is copied now look at how complex messes in real-time by the way is nearest to you is how you organized of the innate this is a complex of a proteins for different kinds of proteins to molecules of each ecologist films and histones wrap the DNA around themselves one and a half turn you'll see that happening in this video to see the DNA strands and then you'll see the proteins coming down and grabbing hold of the DNA and pulling it around into a loop so that they combined it now those goals form into another structure called the solenoid which is six of those in the role and then those form into a condensed and then that forms into another condensed move and have forms into another commencement he finally enough with a chromosome and to watch a lot to stop the violence you think about that not at all chromosomes come to the center of the cell and then there's some signal given in advance of that signals given the two sides separating the also directions were to investigate that is just a little bit here now you have two self renew had long before other you have the chromosomes regenerative separate epicenter near and you'll see it happen here were going to go back in and condenses DNA again just because I think with lots mother wants these illustrations although my drink very in and his crew for Harvard University so these are extremely accurate is it hard to use medical Institute can see the histones in the middle and the DNA condensing around his films and now you got that chromosome structure this is all just one chromosome in the nucleus in our organism out of the nucleus of them go out to the nuclear pore up through the membrane now the nuclear pore in our outside and were watching that thing so the vibrancy of the divide again so you can see that happen notice the chromosomes come to the center are drawn to the center by the microtubules microtubules attachable sides of that middle part cold centromere of cultic medical and then they knock the tube is pulled from both sides infants are pulling from both sides in the middle and then when everybody there and how do they know when everybody's there are then the three separate good opposite sides how in all years of looking we never found little man in there this time what do you know policemen there's no know nothing in the organ of lots is happening down there were divisive manner one of these consultants out of here in order to take a look at how that process works again gratis to two drew very there is the microtubules attached to their genetic or in the middle of the chromosome from both side the organism and think a closer look at those those elements and how there attached first two hundred different proteins involved just in attaching the students to other proteins individuals has to be generated by Jean and has been recorded for my DNA and organizing man to take a close look at the mechanism itself and thus again this is even though this is all animation beautiful animation it's real it's what really happens as far as we can into the microtubules extending the manufacturer here and what cells trying to gain germs when all the chromosomes on the center went as a cell to divide one is everybody in line so that we can separate blocks away to watch that happen to turn green and that's an indication that all the all the chromosomes of their faith other turning green and now those green molecules will go outstanding off on the microtubules to tell the other people to read watch him I know this is an animation it's as real as we can make the microtubules are the highways of the cell to get from place to place in the cell you don't just float around you walk on a highway family walking processes just visits depicted using why I can say that evolution is not a candidate again now and take a look at the nucleus is one more thing I want to point out on the nucleus nets is that therefore there is the nucleus itself this is the nuclear pores if airports parks presently complex they are responsible for deciding who gets in and out of the nucleus all the molecules that are in the nucleus and all of the all I control everything that happens is also fully supported are very important was that you look at one of those pores here's a close-up just the poor and here is a expanded diagram this is a USENET group or foreigner and fifty six proteins of thirty different times and make up the new group will now I can watch this talk goals will be reported every time a cell divides the nucleus is all in all the reporters disperse in them on the new cell is formed in the nuclear membrane forms back again all those nuclear pores after reconstituted membrane and is not little man is doing as far as I know it's all designed into the proteins themselves it's one thing to say on this particular protein is important it's another to say this happens by itself all that complexity that you just saw him cell division and an hundred times that lets complexity that I know about and probably a million times a complexity that I don't know about all that stuff is already present in the trilobite first makes his acquaintance with the fossil record because it's all present in humans and prove what so trilobites have all the complexity of the modern self at the molecular level where did all that complexity can figure at abolitionist if you're an abolitionist you are going to tell me that it all happened along the dotted line and I noticed they would have any evidence of that what you say around learning to you believe me they're looking there trying to find something down there but there are many data the will of his life so I never say so you're telling me you believe on the basis of faith blind faith in all their complexity present and the existence without leaving any trace the fossil record and have to say yes and I know say what I believe that both things were created by an intelligent on this method will not know what he was doing my explanation is thank you a thousand hand with my audio morning at five yeah if you would like to learn more and I find a shot a point I will outline sermon please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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