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Lessons from the Two-horned Beast

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • September 1, 2007
    11:45 AM
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him will not work this afternoon I would like to make a short announcement I represent a ministry called as an art invention is not only to evangelize outside between that July 's insight and his church sometimes the greatest evangelism is inside and so we produce materials that are not primarily for outreach older good for that also but for what we call in reach and we haven't moved here and we have a marketing director and her husband with us as well as several of the presence of the church members and they would like to meet you at our booth after lunch today upstairs for everyone who will inspire whose you will if you sign up on our mailing list you will receive a free complimentary copy of the DVD were such that Satan still which deals with the theological foundations of why we talk so much about not worshiping the way many churches are worshiping today it's all centered in the message to the church of Philadelphia and so it's a two hour presentation by the way on DVD and it's free do you if you go by our booth and you sign up for our mailing list also has other goodies out there and so I invited above by Doctor Eileen Eileen knows no not no loss of words she is a good marketer in the good sense of the word and so we hope that you will make a point to visit our booth no one asked Lord 's blessing so that's our answer to prayer father in heaven we thank you for the awesome privilege of being in this place we thank you father for the rain all everything was sold Ryan Peter but we thank you so much for the rain and father I ask that you will pour out your rain upon us now in this meeting the abundant rain of your Holy Spirit I asked Lord that you will open our minds and give us understanding and open our hearts and giving us give us a willingness to stand for you though the heavens fall that means giving up our life because we love Jesus thank you father for being with us and for hearing our prayers for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus amen I want to review as we began what we studied in our sermon last night very briefly let's go through Daniel chapter seven Daniel seven we have a lien what does the line represent babbling very well then we have a better weapons of them represent the old version of male leopard what was the leopard represents Greece then we have acquire these weapons set forth these represent role how many stages does romance romance four stages in Dragon these might sound the Dragon beast within horse the Dragon beast of the little alarm and then the final stage of the little Western in our Bibles to Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation thirteen is actually repeating what we find in Daniel seven I'm using some of the same symbols but also using some different symbols Revelation chapter thirteen and I want you to notice verse two crispies that rises from the waters from see him at first to know these which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like me they are in his mouth like the mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power is thrown and great authority now it's here that we have the same beast of Daniel seven we have a lien we have to bear we have a letter and when a dragon beast and by the way to go back to Revelation twelve you notice that the Dragon these tasks and more so you live in a bear or a leopard on Dragon Beasley and hearts and then I want you to notice at the end of verse two what this Dragon Beasley had horns on its chapter thirteen in first to the last quarter member since the Dragon gave him that his game this beast his power his fellowmen and great authority so this verse is talking about the transmission from pagan Rome to papal Rome I want you to notice the time that this little horn of Daniel seven this beast of Revelation thirteen Governor Bush Revelation thirteen and notice verse five and he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies isn't the same thing the little horn been absolutely that we not read the last part of verse that's just over seven for a moment it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them is of the same thing the little Oregon most certainly not less a crime at the end of verse by and he was given authority to continue how long a new forty two months which is the same as prime times that seek time one year times the duel without qualifier means doing times in the in the biblical year has three hundred and sixty days I won't point out in April that the Bible with the biblical year has three hundred sixty days of biblical month has thirty days as a multiply three and a half times what three years times three hundred and sixty days per year and the total is one thousand two hundred and sixty not the biblical euro three hundred sixty days individual must month must have thirty because three times twelve thirty days next twelve months is what three hundred sixty second forty two months usually multiply forty two months timeslot I'm starting and where the total one thousand two hundred and sixty so basically were told that the beast at least in its first stage of existence rules are one thousand two hundred and sixty years and noticed first three something happened according to verse three it says and I saw one of his hands as if it had been mortally wounded so what happened to this piece by the way each can governs consecutively they don't all govern simultaneously so when the head is moved and the beast is wounded and science as I saw one of his heads as Sony have been mournfully when that by the way when was the mortal wound given it would have to be after the twelve hundred sixty years right because of it after the twelve hundred sixty years then he governed longer than twelve hundred and sixty eight excellence has to continue saying and she is very warm was what was healed and all the world marveled and followed the beats how many as Lisa Marie's pastoral stages of existence I'm according amongst its mold and then incidentally what is my shield and the whole world marvels and wonders after the beach here is a very important question that one acts what was this beast won't get with that took away its authority and its power and its rulers Revelation chapter thirteen and verse ten Revelation thirteen and bursting she released into captivity shall go into captivity the disassembly got people in the captivity yes what does not say she is going to go into what captivity and how Lawrence few channels with a sore must be channeling with a sore selectivity still he killed with what with the start and therefore he was going to be jailed with sort of a business or represent we usually say that the sword represents the word about but in the Bible symbols are flexible depending on the context in which they appear this cannot refer to the word of God can't refer to the Bible the sword here and you say why not simply because the sarin that killed the beast is the Cesar that he used to kill and the papacy did not use the Bible to give that register select the seller represent the Bible tells us go with me to Romans chapter thirteen Romans chapter thirteen and will radiate our diverse first four verses of Romans chapter thirteen it impossible is discussing for the civil power and he says this letter every salty subject to the governing foreign cheese that is the respect to civil power for there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God therefore whoever resists authority resists the ordinance of God and also resist will bring judgment on themselves for rumors say narratives again the civil power for rulers are not a character that works but evil do you want to be unafraid of the authority do what is good and you will have praise from the same nihilistic universe for he is God 's minister mask it is the magistrate are the rulers blessed instruments yes just for he is God 's minister to you for good but if you don't enable be afraid for he does not bear he does not bear that started in May wasn't that there's a sort the civil power the rulers what was the papacy used during the twelve hundred sixty years to slay the saints of the NGOs the civil power and by the same unit after a spirit of dominion the side effect used to persecute and to say God 's people is the side that was going to rise I didn't notice the sign was going to be removed from the system did that happen in seventeen ninety it most certainly did and actually from seventeen ninety three to seventeen ninety seven seventy ninety eight was really the aftermath of the French Revolution and Salt Lake to the power away from this speech from Wilmore after its first phase of Dominion was the fact that the sarin than it used to persecute was removed from its hands and it could no longer use power of the soul yes it could not longer to settle power and no longer use the power of the state to prosecute once people now I say something else of this might be surprising to many of you have you never heard that the deadly wound was healed in the year nineteen twenty nine some of you you raise your hand some of you have heard that it was healed in nineteen twenty nine the fact is false that you study history and as you study the Bible you discover that the deadly wound was not healed in nineteen twenty nine now there might have been the beginning of a process but it wasn't healed in nineteen twenty nine and you say why not for two reasons reason number one according to Revelation chapter thirteen what nation was going to get the side back to me so they could persecute again was funny that in a few moments the United States the beings that license from where they are what nation returned the power of the papacy in nineteen twenty nine Italy I seen the discrepancy is that the United States will return to soar so that this power and persecuted in nineteen twenty nine it was Emily who returned that at least the people state they are the Vatican and on some other properties nearby to the Roman Catholic system secondly the idea that the deadly wound was healed in nineteen twenty nine comes from the fact that after the famous cornet was signed between the papal representative in the representative of the government of Italy article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle where the headline the very next day in a headline set in this way the will I pray for so many years has been he as are spent on boundaries and what you know the feeling of the deadly wound the problem with that is that that woman that the San Francisco Chronicle is referring to was not that anyone that was given in seventeen ninety eight it was a success on one that was given later in eighteen seventy one victory manual Italy was divided into many papal states and like many many countries in newly Italy was not united by Victor Emmanuel United handling he got rid of all these papal states and the bolts in progress shut themselves up in the Vatican for fifty nine years and they never let the Vatican in protest of the fact that the papal states have been taken from them the San Francisco Chronicle article is referring to the wound that was given in eighteen seventy it is not referring to the World Wide Web which was given in seventeen ninety processing clearly indicates that the variable is going to be healed when the United States of America returns to the Roman Catholic papacy the about the two use the same power to persecute no less total revelation chapter thirteen and examined that a little more closely Revelation chapter thirteen and is one particularly felt in verse eleven that I want us to dwell upon said there in Revelation puts on a woman's here that won't help we just read from Romans thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen and notice verse eleven then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and Angela Lawrence like a lamb and strong like a dragon I went to notice here that it doesn't say this is rise from the earth asteroids like a lamb bullhorns are broken off and then it speaks like a bride that speaks as of the writing while at the Lawrence influenced it is going to be a schizophrenic beast because it is like a professional thing that it is actually going to do another yes I have these the horns by the late twenty nine times in revelation the word Latin is used every single time it's a reference to Jesus Christ which means that this means these dorms represent something Christlike that the SPC professes but wireframe is a profession and another thing is in actual practice while it still sustains that it's better than it is in harmony with what those two horns represents it is going to be speaking at the Dragon now the question is what do those two horns represent eleven as we have traditionally thought that the two horns represents to principles in harmony with what Ellen White has the same great colors I must say that I agree with Ellen White of course but I believe that there's something deeper here than just saying to principles because the two principals are actually something that comes from something greater behind these two principles now you notice it says it has two horns like a lamb now what do horns represent in symbolic prophecy horns represent what kingdoms that correct represents a notice what the police represent they represent nations how many beasts you have your revelations are we invest in property in verse eleven how many bases one based by how many arms has to harm 's isn't just perhaps possible that when you have here is one nation it is composed of two kingdoms of equity to Daniel chapter eight Daniel chapter eight let's examine this more closely Daniel eight notice verse three Daniel eight verse three where we have something very closely parallel to what we have in Revelation thirteen notice revelation I mean Daniel eight adversely this method my eyes and saw standing beside the river was the right no one around this it's a male sheep right arm ran with Chapter one thought I maybe steer one piece but what the heck you are such interesting SOS of course that and the doors were high but one was higher than the other and the higher one came up last night what is represented by number the RAM represents one kingdom it's one beats but that's what Asian that while patient was involved up to one two kingdoms no as verse twenty chapter eight and first one it says the ram which you saw having the two horns they are the kings of what of media and Persia so you have one nation but that one nation is divided into two into two kingdoms what relation to kingdoms now we go back to Revelation thirteen verse eleven where it says that you have this this beast and has two horns like a lamb the lamb represents will Jesus Christ will represent what do you know it's selling we immediately ask what to do now is the disease that recognized are you following me are not the items you that the Lawrence I like lawyers although I write and plan represents little Jesus but the horns represent kingdoms the question is which two kingdoms did Jesus know recognize well let's go to several specimens on Chapter eighteen John Chapter eighteen verse thirty six John eighteen and first thirty six Jesus is speaking to Parliament in the last twenty cents Jesus answered my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world my servants would fight so I should not be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not how many kingdoms of Jesus recognized this to their kingdom that belongs to him it's not romance from heaven and their second number that is worth which is the sample power or the kingdom of this world nonetheless John Chapter nineteen and verse eleven John Chapter nineteen and verse eleven Jesus once again speaking to find Jesus answered you could have no power at all against me unless I left it had been given you from above wireless pilot ruling will get in the power I saw established the state blocking West families the church God did by the way is the church spoken of as the kingdom Jesus as you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and I will need the keys on the kingdom the church is looking at the kingdom of old the kingdom of Jesus that's right in this wireless the church is about fighting them but this is also what the state is also pointing Jesus recognized two kingdoms in other words well established by law Bellamy Matthew Jumper twenty two Matthew chapter twenty two and verses seventeen through nineteen Matthew twenty two versus seventeen through nineteen and this is a very famous episode I'm sure most of us but if not all have read it before you know Jewish leaders particularly the family audience come to Jesus and they want to entrap him according to verse fifteen August first seventeen thousand and four what do you think is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not but Jesus perceived their wickedness now Jesus know that if you answered yes to all Jewish nation would be against them because they hated paying taxes to Caesar and if you send all there would be reason to accuse them before role as a taxi later so if you answered yes he was in trouble and if yes or no he was in trouble saw Jesus of the indirect route verse eighteen the Jesus perceived their wickedness and said why do you test me you hypocrites solving the tax money so they brought in the dynamics and hose animation and inscription is this the most face and whose name is on this point they said to him Caesar's and he said to them render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God 's making the villages recognized to expect when the battle offered him all the kingdoms of the world what did Jesus say he said no way Southwest church established by God as a genius was the same as families visiting to my God yes but they are to remain one we give to God what is not and we give to Caesar what is Caesar's for example let me ask you do have a financial obligation to Caesar what we called taxes than financial obligations of the insolently called time feedback kingdoms have to be sustained but they are sustained not together they are sustained how separately so I'm saying is that this beast of Revelation thirteen which is one beast that has two horns like a lamb rent and the horns represent kingdoms they must be new kingdoms that Jesus Christ recognized as legitimate business in this nation and we already notice in Matthew chapter twenty two what are those two kingdoms that Jesus recognized the kingdom of Cesar and the kingdom of God by the way you'll realize that today as we sit here were citizens of two kingdoms how many of you are citizens of the United States okay and if you are citizens but the church what are you thinking saw were members of cocaine right were members of the kingdom of God and were members of the kingdom of the absent authorities and the religious duties but these two powers are ever to remain where are ever to remain so now is a plasterboard is there any historical corroboration to what we've looked at from Scripture the fact that the two horns horns of a lamb the land represents Jesus horns in Scripture represent kingdoms which means that this one nation represented remote by one of these is the natural kingdoms that Jesus Christ recognized you know as we go to the history of the United States we discovered that the founding fathers the same in an extraordinary view that they had was that in this nation which was being born in speaking about constitutional America there was going to be a writer for that single governmental exams as well as for the church to exist and that they were going to remain separate separation of church and state in other words in constitutional America in fact this was a revolutionary experiment do not agree United States was the first nation in the history of the world that embraced these two principles the principle that held like called republicanism and she calls Protestantism the founding fathers that ousted constitutional fathers of the United States decided they were going to establish a nation that was different than any other nation in the history of the world basically that the church and the state were going to be separate they were to be of a function fully and completely but separately the reason why they decided this is because they have the benefit all three things that they know very well number one constitutional fathers when I say that constitutional bounds I'm talking about Thomas Jefferson James Madison Benjamin Franklin George Washington goals of the founding of constitutional America they knew the history of the Middle Ages they know what happened when churches statement jointly than a benefit in fact have you ever sent on the plane that the founding fathers of constitutional America actually lived before the twelve hundred and sixty years were over there in Internet they will not happen to join us know what happened to Jerome they know what happens when you join churches that they sent in this nation that is not what happened is not going to be another John 's the church and the state are going to remain separate they let secondly they know what happened in colonial America when you join church and state that will seem you know that wasn't the sixteenth once you know the history of pilgrims in the United States from England they wanted to establish a church where people more freedom to worship God according to the dictates of their contents and then they became oppressors up everyone they did not agree with them if you want to talk to occupy a position in the government you have to be that brand of Christian Quaker could the Baptist could not be could not occupy a place in the government I also belong to the official Christian religion could actually occupy a place in the five were returned to the government and the government paid the preachers and will deal if you didn't return your God because that was not only a religious offense that was a civil offense and that God would punish you for it might not be about ninety are you some I will happily pass invisible agent in colonial America they know that there was persecution by the way if you didn't tie first of all you could be fine for second offense you could be thrown into prison for not returning your marketing in the church on Sunday which they believe to be the dam were set that would find you first then they would imprison you want to stay in colonial America has a law to present to be executed for not attending church on Sunday nest in the United States of America during the colonial period is on the founding fathers they will happen in colonial America when church would join the state in fact they know very well what happened with Roger Williams Roger Williams was probably the first fully and completely understood what religious liberty is all about in this new country you know he came to the Massachusetts Bay colony the bastard of a large church there sixteen twenty nine in sixteen thirty started getting into all kinds of trouble because of what he was teaching concerning separation of church and state paying the Indians for their lands rather than killing them in confiscating the land things like that you not only believed in full religious liberty but in full civil liberty as well he got the travel I think it was in in in in sixteen thirty five or sixteen thirty six Massachusetts Bay colony banished him in for three weeks across your snowdrifts in the dead of winter was in January and he flat he says that even have any place to sleep a second hollow tree he didn't have any full army during that period and eventually he ended up in what today is Rhode Island and he established the capital which is called Providence for the special reason province and he established the very prosperous economy we sent out word anyone who was to come here and is willing to work hard and is willing to obey the sun a lot I could care less what your religion is so Quaker as an atheist in Julie's and Native Americans and anybody who wanted to come back on the good and enjoy all religious and civil liberty but the founding fathers also learn my name or an Bible readers they know their Bibles backwards at bars and a new from the Bible what happened when church is joined with Saint present when they know that Jesus had been let across by a union of church and state and Arizona I'm just most notable you know they bring Jesus to Pilate the bridges bridges violently say this man is is a criminal violence is okay let me exam exam exam incomes I says I don't find this man guilty of anything it hasn't killed anyone yet as far as I know you mistreated his parents he hasn't borne false witness against anybody else's stolen in the property so as an answer now is not Thursday by all this madness is a privately the idea of separation of church and state what's clear that they use SJ if it's the case that nickname that he is violating your which is a logger that you can adjust my journal but then they saw what they wanted they said we cannot execute what they think what they want to execute the death penalty but they couldn't do it as the charge they have to use the sign of the him us is a lavender in the latest you heard of the Inquisition in the something into the place where John Haase was burned at the stake in only the first of the Cathedral and the Inquisition did the exact money and they pronounced him a heretic and he was delivered to the civil power for the civil power to execute the founding fathers also know the story of Daniel three nine six by the way not still chapters Daniel three hundred and six illustrate the first two clauses of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States in chapter three Nebuchadnezzar is attempting to establish religion he's raising entries as you have to worship Ralph to get you bedded Daniel six what that change is forbidden is the free exercise of religion you can't read for you thirty days to any other individual during thirty days in other words you have to similar stories that link the persecution when the state gives religious degrees but one has to do with establishing religion and the other one has to do with forbidding the free exercise of religion in that king says you have to worship this way and the other things that you can't worship in this way the following by the way I never read the first two clauses of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment gradation knocked off camping but what the free exercise thereof is a contradiction of what happened in Daniel three ninety six absolutely the government cannot establish religion and cannot prevent you the senior relation according to the constitutional principles of the United States by the way the First Amendment also guarantees for civil liberties interesting that the First Amendment would include all religious and full civil liberties Allen White called to Republicanism and Protestantism and by the way Ellen White says that he and in the end what's what happened is first of all I suddenly lost his gun people think that is an establishment of religion but that she also says that in a little while there can be there going to be laws forbidding the observance of this in other words the United States is going to repeal in the principles of the First Amendment is not a scratch the First Amendment which guarantees full civil and religious liberty what it's like to do while it still has the First Amendment which says that Congress shall not establish religion or is alert forming the free exercise of religion the government United States is going to impose a son-in-law and end by Sabbath laws at the same time it keeps the First Amendment to the customs of the United States it will have to Mars like a lamb but simultaneously it will what it will speak at a Jamaican that's what happened in these United States of America by the way the United States has a three branch government like many other nations we have legislative branch we have a executive branch and we have a judicial circuit at this horrible what is the purpose of the legislative branch the legislative branch right slots right whether the executive branch to enforce is the loss what the judicial branch judicial branch interprets the laws to say whether they are constitutional or not what is the final court of appeal in the United States on whether a law is constitutional or not the Supreme Court of the United States beyond that there is no court of appeal except blown enormous is a map of the Sunday law thing this antitheft monthly in a time of incredible global economic and social and natural calamities and crisis in order to sustain the Congress led it doesn't disappear so the human race doesn't simply disappear and disintegrate the legislative branch of the United States is going to write a son say this could never happen was in fault it was reinforced for the eighteen eighties we have the benefit of history this is happened once before so I is nothing new under the sun about it was right after the Civil War when it began right around the time of the Civil War and some estimates an anachronism the legislative branch of the United States is going to write a son-in-law and of course they are going to be organizations that will so you know like maybe the ACLU that Wilson government because they're not against the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States but at the Supreme Court it's that with individuals that belong to a system whose history has always been to join church and state and finally it is that now is that I didn't even watch that Supreme Court of the United States and sank even though everybody in the world moment is unconstitutional it's a brave archivist says this law is constitutional once when I happen staff 's that's right and what is the executive branch when it is the executive branch is going to enforce by law this national Sunday law which will eventually become also anti- Santa loans in the United States has begun to speak is a drag as a result of 9/11 questions about civil liberties and religious liberties due process surveillance etc. you know what happened what is liberty overnight in us not that today we have liberties in tamale on the liberties the devil is in the swell but relentlessly in a way that when we as we don't even know that we've lost because it's been a slow and relentless profits allow me to region statement from Ellen White is very very significant statement by the way when she wrote this when she wrote that the great controversy the portions were to give the United States joining with Protestantism the United States did not want to touch the papacy with a ten foot pole because mainly on the pontificate of Pius the ninth it only was the one who brought the syllabus of errors that the pestilential error he said of the separation of church and state and it is wrong to say that the church cannot use force is the one also under his leadership I mean Don of the Immaculate Conception he was also the presiding bowl will proclaim the infallibility so I have time to present one one in thing to do with Roman Catholicism and yet Ellen White said that Protestants would join hands with moment with Roman Catholics is people back there thought he was insane because you couldn't see it in the newspapers you can see that time but I went and got my newspapers she went by what God revealed in visions and dreams and in holy Scripture non-Muslims he had to say right conversely page four hundred and forty one Republicanism and understand what I mean by week but she means by Republicanism Republic does not talking about the Republican Party some people knew that they see the Republicans are the ones even exist on actually the only ally ourselves with the Republicans are the Democrats will be shot from the left and from the right the right to shoot at us because of our viewers marriage being between a man and woman and because our views concerning the Sabbath the LAT is finished let us because of our view of gay marriage I find it interesting that conservative Protestants will say we need to return to God and we need to keep Sunday as a day of rest NASA how come while because the Bible says that is a benefit that was supposed to rest in the fight against marriage between a man and a woman between a woman and woman and a man in a map I say why are you fighting for our marriage between a man or woman one of the man and woman alone is only message this assessment on me and while I am married and I have spent and what else does Genesis and is that you will message is that point in the relationship between God and his people you have this and you have marriage I used in the Bible does speak and describe the relationship between God 's people no longer that it wasn't acting both of these institutions because he wants to disfigure our relationship with Jesus by the way without whitespace of Republicanism to speaking about Republic style of government it is a republic went where the power without children from Atlantis will rule the key infections in persons at high because all a powerful looking downward and people simply do I can second that was a in religious matters the pot smoke in the public say this with a car you want me to jump as an religious matters what the pop said his final law with the church that was vital but the genius of these two learns these two kingdoms that Jesus recognized civil and religious liberty the genius lives that they are powerful from down is a government out of people by the people and five people but instead in the church by the way who elects the local church representatives the conference as the president has no mismanagement of the dugout head elder in this management be the head deacon and this one is to be the darkest leader is not the way it works now the power doesn't blow them up now the power close them down although we would like to have a little more power down there in the him become more hierarchical as time has gone by and less Republican in our religious style of church government but I won't get into that as well boiling potatoes not failed in the face is almost as Republicanism Protestantism by the Republican republicanism is simply a statement clicking and Protestantism is a church without Republicanism and Protestantism became the fundamental principles of the nation and homelessness these principles are the secret of its power and prosperity what is the secret of the power prosperity and I said well what we had better weapons we have will have a better economy with smarter people know what the sequence of the power and prosperity of the United States Republicanism and Protestantism separation of church and state flow somehow and religious liberty revelation chapter thirteen says that this is all that come down to a crashing end motherland in her north of the second beast does everything to please the first beast he makes an image to the beast he imposes the mark of the beast he does miracles in his presence in the United States in the future is going to do the bidding 's upgrades about misunderstanding there's a lot of sincere loving Christians in the Roman Catholic communion Protestant churches as well with talking about systems were not talking about the individuals within those systems finally most of us to be wireless sidedness and amateur that I bet grandma Jari and Ellen Wang says that this will be a polarization not stumbles are inside and outside the system of you might also come from outside in model no minute but I will be one of those who remain inside and allow me band with the story this whole scene of Revelation thirteen actually comes from an Old Testament story that we find in Daniel chapter three unweighted Nebuchadnezzar Lynn is a beast for one it's a bit like those last night was a big incentive that will clear up this think I am of you were here last night it also there are different what biblical ways of proving veganism I'm just kidding that's what you would call Doctor Clinton I think Jesus so Nebuchadnezzar for a while it is a beast rise up an image anyhow my commander everyone to worship that indicates that his results in the image of the beast I said well not worse the image by plasma which is the number six six six is hidden in the dimensions of the image and Sunday is found also there because the images all of gold and the Yankees used to call goldendoodle son of Revelation thirteen and a there behind the symbolism of Daniel chapter three so I raise up us at least as well is not worth it this is the beginning is that the state enforcing religious observances absolute for everybody's is there from every nation can read the people probably if you feel hundreds or maybe thousands and the King has the instruments on the band play everybody kneels down except three members and you might see an image editor here's a knotty set but their throats because they were accused back by the princes of these perfumes and get rid of the Hebrews because of the religious right there because of Robin and an excess is still what I hear that that you did not you do not worship the image of the beast that's not what he said that I have raised the industry then I said yes that's true walking we did not and we don't have probably everything that they said in scripture we have the foundation the basis of maybe they said we don't accept your perspective of history of prophetic history because you know very well that the defendant is one of the family meal Persia Greece Rome Rome will be divided and then God will establish his everlasting was your first opera I just knew that we accept the fact that that should represent the Sunderland module therefore we will not bow down and worship no one to share with you very interesting detail is Ellen White saw in vision the face of Nebuchadnezzar she says that Nebuchadnezzar when he heard that he was carrying and she sat with this high with this happened when I entered I haven't anyway this is looking more like the face and that a human and in and out in the fiery furnace and God will be able to deliver you from my son is three young men were standing in the presence I the humans that legally reporters renew our minds are made up through before the crisis at all retriever requests what you think of suddenly when you're in a process called one of the new staff know what work that would we develop principles not with enough character not because I is executive in a crisis but it's insolvent banking of the three Edmondson were knocking about one hundred hours this is because the God we serve he's able to do but came if he chooses not to we still serve singleserve the lows and the fishes that contain anything gone we certainly not what's in it for us when you can do for us because we soon enough as I wish I'm gone we laugh a lot we'll send you because he's got his our God we don't need any reason to do it other than the fact that he and you know the conclusion of the story they were falling to the Firebirds and significant as it looked in the Ferguson is a lot excessively to three young men in the furnace uses on looking I'm looking through that killed window there and peaceful and appears in the form is like a son of it without any know that the fourth Olympic dissent about it only says that because in Daniel two Daniel had described the angel of the Lord Michael the Archangel review please and therefore Nebuchadnezzar I answered Nebuchadnezzar you know calls access check is the other way you know that they never use their Babylonian names when they referred to themselves they always use their evening Nebuchadnezzar comments directly she had individual but whenever I love himself he said that they refused to recognize the connections that have been given and so the Bible says they came out on me when God delivers a really funny no savvy work on the part of the files and burn with aromas which with the not him there was this is an practice that I didn't even smell likes Honeywell delivers it to the letters in and out of our significant others still did not understand full fully what religious liberty means because after this episode Nebuchadnezzar says how everybody better for your Madonna sent me second amended automatic copperhead organ to demolish their Atlanta father appraisal or insignificant as you can looking forward to meeting them in a Stefano was a in the same parent listen young people and old the time is coming very soon when this is going to happen again I firmly believe that that's one of being this generation are not setting dates but by a lot when I see happening in the world when I see happening in the church I believe that this is the entire generation this is what happened in Glasgow a group of young people a group of people want to stand before the powers of the world when everything is against them that all appeals Lockhart opulent and they will have both admitted faith in that group is described in Revelation fifteen which I will finish the day revolution chapter fifty in verse two Gallagher called modern forty four thousand notes revelation chapter fifteen in verse two and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and the also have another note during over the beats over his image and will mark and on the number of his name standing on the sea of glass having harps of God by the way God does not guarantee that you are going to be translated from among the living there will be people who resisted these his image and his mark in the number of his name will be slain Revelation chapter twenty verse four makes it clear there were some who would be added according to Revelation chapter twenty therefore because they start the fourth image and before the beast and refused to receive the mark that will happen there in the little time of trouble shortly before the close I question if this morning have we reached a point in our spiritual development leader willing to say Lord Jesus I love you I'm willing to obey you even if it costs the most precious thing in the world which is my life are we willing to really given up all reduces not only things by life itself to be faithful to Jesus Joanne Ingersoll founded upon the word of God and communion with Jesus through prayer that is so close to such a passion for lost there is passion of sharing this message with most like perishing and then only when crunch time comes not even to be able to separate you like me to pray this morning that the Lord will give us that kind of faith and that kind of determination and that kind of focus in our lives if you want me to have that prayer this morning I asked that you will use their one of the Lord 's prayer because trying times are ahead in the United States we become accustomed to the easy life outside assuming the company we must make sure that our relationship with Jesus is unshakable and operate not heaven earth or hell will be able to keep the mortgages ministering love in heaven we thank you for the more sure word of prophecy that you have given us thank you father that you've already delineated exactly what's going to transpire so that we can prepare a character that will withstand the test is to come up on his work father I'm saddened as I see so many of our churches languishing on many of our churches under the effects of anesthesia sleepy Hollow unaware that in France are soon going at all in this world like an overwhelming surprise like a tidal wave like a tsunami Lord I ask that you won't wake up you been father that you will give to each one of those words this morning that necessary stamina focus of their lives so that we can develop an unbreakable relationship with Jesus Bible study through prayer through witnessing and dedicating our lives to spiritual things bother there might be some here who are struggling with habits in their lives some perhaps was not even given their lives to Jesus I asked father whether this very moment for your spirit you will come and you will speak to their hearts into their minds you will bring comfort will bring all that you will get the courage that there is victory in Jesus we thank you for having been small we ask him you will hear and answer a quick form has been processed managing human


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