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History of God's Intervention to Bring the Latter Rain

Ron Duffield
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“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history” (Life Sketches, p. 196). In this seminar, Ron Duffield discusses how the Lord desired to return soon after 1844, how He began to send the latter rain, and how He gave the loud cry in 1888. Although the proclamation of this message around the country brought about resistance in many people, positive results still took place. In this session, we will glean many lessons from our past history that are beneficial today.


Ron is a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist. His great-great-grandfather even attended the 1888 General Conference. Ron and his wife spent nearly fifteen years at Weimar Institute where he served in the NEWSTART program and as college librarian. There he began his work on "The Return of the Latter Rain", published in 2010. The second volume in the series,"Wounded in the House of His Friends," will be published in 2014. Ron currently works as a respiratory therapist in Walla Walla, Washington.




  • August 8, 2014
    10:45 AM
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and then today lets our hands than half the Lord bless we really want to be here as we talk about the Holy Spirit father today we're starting this meeting as others are as well asking the Holy Spirit be here and Lord were not doing that just as tradition we truly want you to be here not just in this meeting but in this whole weekend with ASI Lord we desire your presence and your guidance help us to understand I pray Lord especially I pray you will guide my words that I will say that which only you want me to stay in Jesus name in soreness start out where I mentioned this last night an introduction to the speakers Christ the great teacher had an infinite variety of subjects from which to choose but the one upon which he dwelt most largely was the endowment of the Holy Spirit what great things he predicted for the church because of this endowment and that's really a been an interest I think the evidence is the Holy Spirit the latter rain if you look at Ellen White's index there's thirty some pages just a loan on references for them the Holy Spirit so the Holy Spirit that the subject the Christlike to dwell on as been an important subject for happiness since the very beginning .net until your breath until you put on your seatbelt because organ went through this program and I don't do hopefully will make it through it as far as we can now want to spend as little time as we start talking little bit about the laddering identical to the Bible verses were familiar with those but I do want to emphasize this one point and that is how the wild N allowed prior or really closely connected and sometimes we talk about them separately we say you know the loud cries and message the laddering is the power that sends that message and that's that's a good way to define it but like justification and sanctification you can talk about them separately but really when you find righteous by faith there you go hand-in-hand we really cannot separate them when it comes to the practical experience of righteous by faith and I believe that's the truth about lettering allow private go together so closely that sometimes those lines or even blurred and I want us to maybe see that we move beyond the idea that the laddering is just as nebulous power that is really connected so closely with this loud cry that it has to do with truth enlightenment and illumination revelation nineteen one even though he doesn't use the word ladder in a loud presence is reversed probably the cabinets look at when it comes to talking about the latter ran a loud cry describing that time in which the Holy Spirit is poured out and this final message goes to the world Revelation eighteen one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority or power in the King James says in the earth was eliminated or lights and with his glory now you notice other than some I will just look at this one Deuteronomy thirty two verses one and two it is from the song of Moses right before Israel crossed over into the land of Canaan on the banks of Jordan he began working here all you heavens and I will speak and hero Burress the words of my mouth my doctrine shall drop as rain in my speech shall distill his new as the small rain or we would say early rain upon the tender herb and as the showers upon the grass A so again that the early and latter rain is connected not just to a nebulous power but is connected to doctrine truth to illumination about that truth so when the latter rain and the loud cry and they may come as a package influencing the Isle of Wight talks about this throughout her writings which the novel I was looking at something way different I should mention you enjoy chapter two verse twenty three the former rain is referred to there the marginal reading is the teacher of righteousness so that concept to get there again in jolt that this early latter rain is more than just power it says the Holy Spirit comes as a teacher of righteousness to illuminate analysis outline writing about the early learning experiences sooner near that when the Holy Spirit should upon the disciples in full measure their minds would be illuminated and they would fully understand the work before them and take it up just where he had left Soto disciples spent three half years of Jesus somehow because of their unbelief some of those things didn't come through but after that prayer in upper room experience in the latter and the early rain was pouring out wasn't just hard their minds are illuminated to understand those things which Jesus had been trying to tell them for three and half years plus much more that he was trying to teach and others do not like the latter rain comes upon the people of God you must have a preparation to press right on because those whose vessels are clean whose hands are free just when the latter rain comes get the power as I was she says notice its people lights that comes from on high and their voices are lifted up one once claimed the command scrub test is so bent that the latter rain and Halperin Holy Spirit has power that is because is connected with light and illumination unless statement here we have now the invitation of mercy to become vessels unto honor and then we need not worry about the latter reign all we have to do is keep her vessels vessel clean and right side up prepared for the reception of the heavenly rain and keep rain sleet and it was the word picture here and this is the prayer notice here born the latter rain come into my vessel when the light of the glorious angel which unites in the third with the third Angels shine upon me so again you notice that connection here no agent Daniel Syverson and what I did what many others but it is Daniels in nineteen twenty six after twenty two years of general conference president in his book Christ our righteousness connected solid connection in this as he studied the subject of righteous by faith this places the laddering visitation with a loud cry revelation of the righteousness of Christ and the flooding of the earth with the light of the third Angels message it is evident that the beginning or opening of these events is the same time the parents of wine is a signal for all to appear in the reason I emphasize this point as there are some that have suggested that well you know the latter the loud cry came in we've accepted that were just waiting for the latter rain but really the loud cry in its fullest sense cannot come to be accepted and proclaimed without the latter and being there with it from the beginning now I don't believe that even even in the early rain that was just a one-time event the latter rain begins to fall and light begins to shine and as the rising sun becomes brighter and brighter until the earth is lightened with his glory well understanding our past will help us unlock the future in a very well-known statement here we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching her past history and that's what were doing they were looking at the past for the purpose of moving forward without fear now the introduction Google explanation in the brochure talked about presentations starting with your aging forty four and actually in my book a return letter and I do start with aging forty four but I don't have time to do that today is a rising star limit later but in eighteen eighties I see an emphasis in increasing emphasis of Ellen White in regard to the coming of the lab trying a lot of rain it was as though she realized what was happening on earth at that time God was ready to move now of course we understand that that there is evidence that no price could come before that needs interest but I believe a new generation come in this was God bringing light to the church and Ellen White was sensing out and she says it's eighteen eighty five the spirit which characterized that wonderful meeting on the day of Pentecost is waiting to manifest its power upon the people upon the men who are now standing between the living and the dead as ambassadors for God the power which stirred the people so mightily in eighteen forty four movement will again be revealed the third Angels message will go forth and not whispered tones but with a loud voice another statement is eighteen eighty six checks he wrote this couple years later but anything sexual in Europe she had a dream or vision about what was taking place of eighteen eighty six conference and in entering an angel or her guide me the statement said my guide there is much light yet to shine forth from Long Island Gospel of righteousness again unwanted gospel combine this message understood in its true character and proclaimed in the spirit will lighten the earth with his glory closing work of the thirties of message will be attended with a power that will send the rays of sun of righteousness and all the highways and byways of life again I see them in connection therewith the message Russians by faith this is an eighty six even before the Minneapolis general conference now the summer of eighteen eighty eight oh one and return home from Europe she was in Healdsburg there dream never really troubled her know what this little bit of this dream she had I was in an assembly when a man of noble Matt majestic stature came and took his position on the platform and unrolled something which looked like several long leaves fastened together and as he turned the pages his hand round down the pages and his eyes swept over the congregations convicted the picture that there is a scroll there been ruled down in this Angels going through that scroll I saw their different names and characters and sends that were written down these cells were right among the ministers and the people page after page was turned well how was this the White House and a voice said that the time had come when the work in heaven is all activity for the inhabitants of this world the time had come when the Temple and its worshipers had to be made but she's quoting thereof and this may have the Temple and the worshipers thereof is from Revelation Chapter 11 and we could spend an hour just well this dream troubled or somewhat she woke up no great drops of perspiration dripping from her immense something something God was working to bring about something and yet when he came among his people everything was not right now a couple years later several years later Ella has similar dream I want another one she just noticed how much he connects this with in my dream a sentinel stood at the door of the important building and ask everyone who came for entrance heavy receive the Holy Ghost a measuring line was in his hand the notice she says all who builds and through this door have on the wedding garment woven in the womb of the loom of heaven that garment being the robot righteousness a serious majoring had I was Holy Spirit and women are so after this dream and included all I was so I think impressed with the importance of this she sent a letter to all the brethren who were going to assemble together there the general conference in nineteen eighty eight interests wrote in this note we are impressed that this gathering will be the most important meeting you have ever attended all selfish ambition should be laid aside and you should plead with God for his spirit to descend upon you as it came upon the disciples who were assembled together upon the Pentecost notice that emphasis is as if she sang get ready for this meeting we should be praying for the last array like the disciples were praying for the early rain and that during the time of Pentecost well thought why it right after this became so troubled over that the stream and other things that she actually was on her sick about you and I for two weeks yesterday hope she was going to die and yet people in Oakland particularly the camping there they prayed for her in the Lord raised her up and on October two she got on the train headed for Minneapolis she right there on the October ten when the ministerial Institute began which was kind of the early meetings before the regular general conference and eighteen eighty and there was approximately nineties ninety plus delegates gathered there I've read as many as maybe five hundred other attendees or total attendance during the three weeks at this meeting went on and they were representing about twenty thousand seven thousand church members at that time mostly of course church members and church members from the US course of that time was probably ninety percent I understand whatever the place of this meeting would then go out to the rest of the church because this was the leadership body of the church now I declare this point we are not looking at this to take potshots at our pioneers or the leadership or anything like that is not an us versus them attitude and we don't portray the way but I think we have to be honest with our history because it has been written down by inspired writings for us today and I think it's important for us now the first meeting this is the fellow I spoke about twenty times during this three-week period and we have I believe fifteen are available to read today maybe it's less like fifteen I believe this bill this is what Ellen White said October eleven this is a very next day was meeting that she had now as we assemble as we have assembled here we want to make the most of our time that we too often let opportunity slip away and we do not realize the benefit from which program which we should if ever we needed the Holy Ghost to be with us if ever we needed to preach in the demonstration of the Spirit is at this very time and of course that's because what was going on the world as well she the world was coming to a point of crisis and God was ready to move the baptism LOI continues the baptism of the Holy Ghost will come upon us at this very meeting if we will have some value can read through LOI 's writings and there are many places where that term baptism holy ghost is associated very closely with the latter rain and I believe that's what she's talking about here let us commence right here in this meeting what will this have to be what the Spirit of God here now and we needed we wanted to be revealed in our characters the brother and I have felt one of the most solemn burdens she says just in a meeting here this is that next week since I have returned from Europe and I will tell US I told my friends in Oakland how horribly afraid how I I feel horribly afraid to come into our conference I have been awake at night after night with a sense of agony for the people of God that this sweat would roll off of me some things fearfully impressive were presented to me and then she told a story about her dream that summer so I see that dream made and powerful impression on her mind now is G.I. Butler the general conference present was not there you sit at home because he was mostly because he was so concerned that there was conspiracy going on to literally undermine the church and he actually felt on what was caught up in this conspiracy along with Johnson Wagner and he rotor thirty nine page letter and on Sunday October fourteen she responded with a twenty page letter and this is what she said now this is only four days into the general conference the spirit and influence of the minister generally you have come to this meeting is to discard light from this nice work that will arise false imaginings cruel and unjust misunderstandings that will work like eleven in every church and close the hardest to the striving the spirit of God the influence of this meeting will be as far-reaching as eternity and I believe you know we wish to attorney yet I believe that meeting still affects us today LOI four days in a conference realized how serious this was Evian just glossing over some of this history I think this is important so that only look at the revivals and replaced we won't be able to compare this is on some kind right after October fifteen is their section of the day but I believe that section how the sticks and as I look at all the other elements in this meeting it is high time always says that we awake out of sleep and that we seek the Lord with all the hard I know he will be found of us I know that all heaven is at our command just as soon as we love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves God will work with us how shall we stand in the time of the latter rain who expects to have a part in the first resurrection now that time the latter and was taken from Zechariah ten verse one work talks about ASCII Lord rained upon flattering was a fellow white indicating is this the high-end of the latter rain she was speaking at age needed will several years later she said years ago in eighteen ninety nine the time came for the Holy Spirit to dissent in a special manner upon God 's earnest self-sacrificing workers I believe that years ago at least apply to hey maybe before Jeannie star minister that spent ten years with no white in Australia as a Bible teacher and he actually attended the General conference this is what he wrote the manuscript later I it was my privilege to attend the General conference in Minneapolis Minnesota they are the subject of righteous by faith was emphasized as it had never been before that never before been among SDA ministers sister why was present in NP healing through influence undecided words with the presentations of the subject she stated that this marked the beginning of the latter rain and the loud cry of the third Angels message the the developer published his ninety three he wrote a letter to safety jobs right during the General conference of ancient history and this is what he said in his letter at that time sister wife says that we have been in the time of the latter rain since the Minneapolis meeting well on the October seventeen the General conference proper actually began with business meetings with some of the religious meetings are that the spiritual meetings are followed through the whole conference and so this is October eighteen the first day of the actual general conference and this is what Ellen White said that morning meeting brother and sisters there is great need at this time of humbling ourselves before God that the Holy Spirit may come upon us May God help us that his spirit may be made manifest among us we should not wait until we go home to obtain this blessing so again this is an emphasis right into the general conference the next day she said October nineteen we should seek to have our actions of such a character that we will not shrink from having our Savior look upon them Christ is here this morning angels are here and they are measuring the temple of God and those who worship therein what you referring to that that dream she has before well October twenty nine day here I tell you what a terrible thing it is if God gives light and it is impressed on your heart and spirit for you to do as the Jews did God that will withdraw his spirit unless his truth is accepted and again notice how the truth and the Holy Spirit outpouring of go hand-in-hand if God brings truth the Holy Spirit brings truth and that truth is not accepted is the Holy Spirit continued well October twenty four this is the last time normally would speak and this is what she said in that talk now our meeting is drawing to a close and not one confession has been made there has not been a single break source was the spirit of God in now I was saying that what was the use of our assembling here together and for ministering brethren to come in if they are here only to shut out the spirit of God people may need a release on things don't want to say to those people there will so why actually was so discouraged on the twenty fourth of October that she planned to leave because not only from the leverage that the lack of reception of the message it was brought but because her own inspiration was called into question and she felt wise spending more time after she was exit planning to leave all that night she had a dream and notice or this is what the angel told her from this meeting decisions will be made for life or death not that anyone needs harassment spiritual pride and self-confidence will close the door that Jesus and his Holy Spirit 's power shall not be in but I am so thankful for this next sentence they shall have another chance to be undeceived and so notice here that even the angels telling her that the Holy Spirit is trying to come will not be admitted now I think we need to realize this because you know often we hear about it can we think about well they were talking about long relations and arguing over the ten Kings and the resulting personality issues and yes that was part of it but the bottom line was that God was wanting to pour out the Holy Spirit at the time will only would write about this event I mean there's four volumes is real for him this emphasis in this she really need six summarizes I shall never I think we called the stand under the direction of the Holy Spirit are listed in Minneapolis the presence of Jesus was with me all assembled in that meeting had an opportunity to place themselves on the side of truth by receiving the Holy Spirit which was sent by God in such rich and rich current of love and mercy but in the rooms occupied by some of our people was heard ridiculed criticism jeering laughter the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was attributed to finesse and has a whole other thing that I would like to spend pullout just on that and just trace in the wind when the Holy Spirit is truly poured out his identified as fanaticism what can God do at that point well LOL I would summarize you know over the rest of her life she wrote this meeting has been the saddest experience of my life the position and worked on gave me at that conference was disregarded by nearly all rebellion was popular their course was canceled to disprove God and then she wrote this putting Zachariah thirteen six Christ was wounded in the house of his friends in a section where the title came from them now I don't you think at this point I'm glad we still more time because this is just the bad news was sometimes I think we need to know that the banners of your well before we can appreciate how good the good news really is no Paul doesn't Romans first three chapters I mean by timing and there is like while held for the whole human race but now the righteousness right well not everyone who came to Minneapolis with them I want to give that impression many receive that message and were blessed FH Westfall was one of them I wish we could go through many of them this is what he said the you became most precious part of Westphal it was sweet music to my soul he said he went back to Plainfield Wisconsin told the church that the flattering and started as a result one farmer sold his farm but is moving towards work that the canvassing is finally working so many people they send flowers at work and how we word were to go outward work well in our last meeting that only gave talks on October twenty four at the General conference she made this comment now this is the last ministers meeting we will have unless you wish to meet together yourself if the ministers will not receive the light I want to give the people a chance perhaps they may receive so for the rest the time I went to look at what happened when at LOI 's direction this message when to the people around the country as she joined with other ministers she went directly to Minneapolis to Battle Creek don't look at that will look at Southland Castor and amazing results that happened there Southland Chester County January eighteen eighty nine it was good to be just a weekend meeting for three or four days and it ended up going extending into a week and half there was it the ministers came and I was kind of a general meeting for the numbers in that area it was held at the school so the students also soon became involved now Haskell was there AG Jones and Helen White and this is how Haskell describes this weekend very interesting during the meetings instruction was given by Elder Johnson the subject of church and state and also on the duties of church officers but it was the religious meetings that were so characterized by the outpouring of the Spirit of God and you really have to go read this these entire articles to get the sense of what was going on no pressure was brought to bear upon any but when the best song of praise and thanksgiving which followed was refreshing expressions like the following even from all Sabbath keepers were frequently heard I never experienced anything like this it seems we have a new gospel I never understood the love of God as they do at the present time his character appears so different to me from when I ever did before now this was a message of the goodness of God righteousness by faith that was being presented a solemn impression rested upon many that it was a few drops of what will be experienced by those who have a part in the closing work I am a library in a loud cry of the three angels message that will ripen the grain for harvest can it be Haskell asked true that the hope which has apparently been so long deferred is about to be realized can it be true that we are really in the midst of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which will increase in power and extend until swells into a loud cry of the third Angels message and I think his answer was yes well Ellen White Road quite a bit about the slant South Lancaster meetings and her statements were furnish the same notice the meetings continue to win beyond their first appointment the school was dismissed so they said forget let's forget having classes must disallow the students to come in and participate in these meetings held adjusting for Boston labored most earnestly for the people speaking twice sometimes three times a day the flock of God were fed with soul nourishing food the very message the Lord has sent to the people of this time was presented in the discourses there were many even among the ministers who saw the truth as it is in Jesus and a light in which they never before they a senior fellow business as a sin pardoning saver Savior and the truth as the sanctifier the soul she continues I have never seen the revival work go forward with such thoroughness and yet remain so free from undue excitement and you will see this in her description of these meetings and events over the next few years there was no urging knowing or inviting the people were not called forward but there was a solemn realization that Christ came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance we seem to breathe in the very atmosphere of heads of heaven angels were indeed hovering around the church the Lord had visited his people and Ellen White was not speaking against altar call she driven herself but there were times when there was no need to make an altar call because people were all up front already militants and they were giving their testimony ensuring well I would continue to write about the somewhat south south of Lancaster meetings for years to come through this page ninety those who were at South Lancaster last winter no that the church and school were moved upon by the Spirit of God nearly every student was swept in by the heavenly current and living testimonies were given that were not surpassed even by the testimonies of eighteen forty four before the disappointment starting of the midnight cry and by the way in that time period eighteen fifties all I wrote about the future when the latter and went and in one statement it's that the lettering would come like the midnight cry with ten times the power and in this era in Canadian can nineties referring to comparing the eating reform movement began for only made this comment one place we were laboring in America and there were was every use in our college in South Lancaster Massachusetts converted as we were telling them the simple story to come to Jesus just as they were now sometimes I think were dumbing down our young people by thinking that we have to entertain them and produce things like the world in order to keep the miniatures we been doing it for many years and I I see the percentage still climbing nothing is working so I think we need to go back to the simple stories across and thank God for programs like Jesus right the glory of God came into that meeting only continues it did not come only to a few but at this time like a title that swept through the congregation and was a time of rejoicing Fred Bischoff has done a study on word phrase tidal wave you can download it on his website from Bischoff .com very interesting emphasis on white she use that term several times during this time well run and jump past the eighteen eighty nine risk campaigns would expense of ours really just on those cabins that you're an amazing results agent ninety one Wagner gave sixteen presentations on the book of Romans when you look at one paragraph in his last sermon March twenty five eighteen ninety one hour discounted catching mainstream that this last sentence or when you notice then we submit ourselves to him and the power will rest on this in the word that we preach will go in power and the loud cry of the third Angels message will be here in the well this I rejoice tonight in the belief that the loud cry is now beginning and what was not the only one there were other people all during this period of realize God is working upon his people in the loud cry is beginning now as was altered his history if you want to find rejection you'll find out if you want to find those that were praising the Lord you will find out I think it's good to look at those youth aged Daniels was not at the ninety one for prophecy is in Australia but they got the bulletins from the General conference with all the sermons notice what he has to say ten years later I was at the conference of eighteen ninety one when the ministers who were greeted preaching that message gave such stirring sermons and messages here in this Tabernacle behind Tabernacle in Battle Creek do you know that the mighty pulsations of your meeting here in this tabernacle were felt around the globe we felt in Australia and when we got the bulletins and began to read our heart stirred and I have seen brethren sit and read those messages with tears streaming down their cheeks I have seen them fairly composed with the power that was in the message even though only printed although they cannot have their attention called to the message before as they read the bulletins they went down on their knees they found righteousness which is a human but like you said not everybody even at age ninety one conference receive the blessing notice Ellen White's statement in her last sermon there marched twenty four reply will work that has been going forward here during the past winter we have had no fanaticism again is important because obviously she's responding to those that said this is fanaticism but I will tell you only says what I have seen I have seen men who were so lifted up in themselves that their hearts were enshrouded in darkness all the light that has been graciously sent them was interpreted to be dark now and again we should walk softly when they read this because these were people who were very sincere and what they were rising up again and I tell you are made of the same substance and we can do the same thing in Lord help us well the I need to add here that the feelings towards Ellen White had grown to a point that became very critical actually eighteen ninety one she actually had a dream for once before in November that she was preaching a sermon before Lars gathering the brother and in this dream she saw herself preaching from first Samuel chapter eight the first annual chapter is a story of Samuel and Israel where Israel decides were tried and tired of having profit leader we would rather have a key well on March twenty four that were just read that last statement Helen White preached for sermon including from first Samuel chapter eight and I believe God was warning his people at the heart of the work there not to repeat what Israel has done three weeks later it was voted I will write you again there was sincerity there I don't doubt there was working in Australia and it only would later say I don't want plan it took her out of the heart of the work in the Confederacy as she called it or kingly rule came into no freaking way never seen before and the results lasted for years and their icing maybe even in our day to day well six left before age nine one oh one eight and is recognizing this backlash dealing against the testimony of the testimonies spirit of prophecy she felt like she herself could hardly guard travel around and say things because there was so much unbelief and so will grow they were moving from California he was one of the pioneers that had been there from the early days and he was a support staunch supporter of Mister proxy and rather than sending them to Nebraska Illinois knows what she decides said should be done I hear everywhere I go objections to the testimonies quoting Elder Smith and Butler they do not believe the testament unless General conference present it for former president and editor of the review I consider the position and work of Elders Butler Farner Smith and numerous others is to unsettle the faith of the people of God by things which they say which they are about the same things that left unsaid which they ought to say and this state of things is leavening the church elder lover has stood firmly for the testimony should not he be placed in a position where he can do the most good the Lord would have his voice heard as was John's telling the things he has seen and that which he is heard and he himself has experienced in the rise and progress of the three now Brother Olson find someone else for the bread I will stand in his right place as a T-1 coming to the front enduring a decided testimony in the face of unbelief and doubt and skepticism so it would devalue yellow white once in the borough to have one just be tied down in one place I was not his calendar worked on one of them so in the next year eighteen ninety one the camp meetings Loughborough joined with Jones Wagner Prescott Olson conference presentation and Alan White in the camping circuits and the idea was that Loughborough would share the past experience of Adventism the rise of of the movement this is how the Lord used us the testimony of Jesus and Boldin all of that so is the past message shared along with a fresh batch fresh messages online we call it and where to take a look at some of these events here in the nineteen ninety one Jennings as these two things were joined together Elvis was written by W W Stebbins he's encouraging people to go to the camping Sarita ninety one my lonely brother make a desperate effort to reach our campaigns and destitute at least it is reasonable to believe that in there in very near future at some of the general gatherings when we are all in one accord in one place the latter rain drop upon us any marked degree attend our general meetings pray without ceasing drinking the lettering helped swell the loud cry of the third Angels passage now GAA hurling was president of the Ohio conference and were to look at the Mount Vernon cam meeting now only one candidate from that summer and he was also encouraging before the meeting those to come from his commerce to come to this campaign we have the promise of the presence of Elder Loughborough Nikki Jones hello rollovers Mister point of service among us as a people 's early experiences and reminiscences are very interesting and are calculated to inspire faith and message and the spirit of prophecy that attends it was encouraging people to come we are planning to have the meeting conducted in harmony with the suggestions of sister white in her recent articles in the review now this was another point three interesting away have a four-part series in review June twenty three June thirty July seven in July fourteen ninety one title spiritual benefit the object of ten meetings and so in these articles she was saying that we need to get away from so much of the business and focusing our campaigns more evangelistic we and at leading people to simple experience of Christian living in the event Jerry Gerald saying come you know the blessings may be poured out upon us and this is Ellie Smith reporting on this camping after it was over notice this meeting was held a number was in several respects the most remarkable which it was ever our privilege to attend from the beginning until the close the Spirit of God was present in a wonderful manner and was witnessed in the power of the spoken word and outpouring of spiritual blessing and a few sick graphic pictures of the early days and of the power of God which attended the proclamation of the first message were furnished by Elder you get the idea micro sharing the past message professor prospective timely instruction on the nature of faith and as addresses on education as well the subject will notice the subject of righteousness by faith was the one grade central theme of the meeting so it went throughout whatever the subject was topic was righteous by faith was his family as the wonderful truth relative to the subject were drawn from the storehouse of God 's word and help out in all their beauty before the assembled campers divested of every obscuring tradition and a vision was obtained of the blessings which where there's through the righteousness of Christ many were led to human cells fully into the hands of God claiming his blessings and promises never before Smith says have we seen a camp so permeated and pervaded by the sentiment of praise to God that the early-morning meetings of family worship at all the meetings of a social nature it was the theme of every testimony in the father every heart and as the incense of praise arose in its fullness to heaven from the tender drove the blessing of God descended in richest major upon the hearts of his joyful people the testimony of many ones I love this we never saw on this wife before putting from the test well Mount Vernon there something else that happened there it was his actually held close to the senator that was the initial short distance therefrom the camp meeting and Ellie Smith again tells us of this heart of the campaign since I thought things were interesting a very short intervening space between the camp from the Mount Vernon sanitarium the hospitality which contributed much to the pleasantness of the situation as well known health resort it is at the present time filled with patients so now these patients were invited to come to the camping not the least remarkable feature of the meeting was one of which we have already alluded the manifestation of God 's power to heal the sick and those otherwise physically afflicted so you get the idea here people hear the messages presented righteous by faith when they got there they realize you know the Savior that were learning about whether it's for the first time or in a deeper sense and we ran can also heal our bodies as well thirty persons express the healing of divine times in answer to the prayer of faith and it was again made literally true the blind see the lame walk the deaf hear so wonderful a token of God 's nearness to his people now I am the light comments about something very similar in a vision of the night this was later by the way in a vision of the night representations passed before me have a great rest of the rest four forty among God 's people many were praising God this sick were healed and other miracles were wrought a spirit of intercession was seen even as was manifested before the great day of Pentecost hundreds of thousands were seen visiting families and opening before than the Word of God hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit and the spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of truth the world seemed to be enlightened with heavenly influence great blessings were received by the true and humble people of God I heard voices of Thanksgiving and praise and there seem to be a Reformation such as we witnessed in eighteen she went she wrote this later but noticed now live in burrows description of this camp meeting very similar to Ellen White would write later as Christ was lifted up in his loveliness at this number and Tammy the blessing and power of God seemed already and waiting to respond to the faces of people the Lord drew her hand was deeply moved shouts of victory and song of praise the rejoicing of those who had found peace in believing and joy in the Holy Ghost were heard on every side continues as the power of God was especially manifested many of the afflicted were encouraged to see Ken is the great physician and has the rule in James five follow over a score of persons or anointed with oil name of the Lord and declare themselves healed soul and body through the goodness and power of God I can bear witness says Loughborough that the Ohio cam meeting was the nearest approach to a Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit of God I have witnessed since eighteen forty four was not saying Pentecostalism it is my aim out a early rain in a outpouring of Holy Spirit like as it can now just a few weeks later only wrote this and this is at the Lansing campaign this can look at this one statement she made she says a third Angels message is swelling into the loud cries eighteen ninety one and you must not feel at liberty to neglect the present duty and still entertain the idea that at some future time you will be the recipients of great blessings when without any effort on your part a wonderful revival will take place to say how is it time today you are to have your vessels purified that it may be ready for the heavenly do writing for the showers are so again you can see the subsistence American I'm just really glossing over this now notice at the end of the summer of eighteen ninety one Loughborough took a lot of what he been presenting and put it into a book rise and progress of Seventh-day Adventists in that book was sold them for till nineteen oh three when the review burned down the plates were there and the story of the Adventist pastor was told no after the nineteen oh three then he revised a little bit and it became the second redundant movement now that book is probably one you saying which is been reprinted nineteen ninety two with the effort of the various group and I'm very thankful you have not read this book it's very worthwhile because I believe it strengthens our faith in this movement from the very beginning by the way our lives like bears Boone has this in audio form that and you can also download and download it online so stumbling a flavor boost and you can find out more about women's of the fence here to eighteen ninety two and this is April sixth eighteen ninety two online writing to SN Haskell from Australia where I would get a few slides on this letter it's unpublished letter so I'm assuming you've ever read what Ellen White wrote to SN Haskell April six eighteen ninety two what more can I say my heart is filled to overflowing only those who are fit for this work who are imbued with the Holy Spirit the light has come the light that will lighten the whole earth with its bright rays has been shining from God but versus she referring to her when were sent were to come Revelation eighteen she continues Brother Haskell I present this to you that you may present it to others old in the world would convict and converse souls that the light now shining may not be removed from this because we do not walk in the light and lead others out of darkness I did give them rest not until the all in all a glow with the brain means of the sun of righteousness those who make no use of the light in which they have not only failed to receive greater light but they will lose that which now shines upon notice how many times she is using the word now like Capernaum they have been exalted to heaven and pointed privileges unless they respond to light it would be left in complete darkness I tell you only continues God is testing us now just now the whole earth is to be aligned with the glory of God the lines is shining now and how hard it is for proud hearts to accept Jesus as their personal savior how hard to get out of the rut of legal religion how hard to grasp the rich and free gift of Christ those who have not accepted this offering will not understand anything of the light which feels that whole earth with his quarry over six times she read she uses the word now to describe the light that was shining upon the church at this time and three times she references in Revelation eighteen one in the statement now Haskell took Ellen White's advice and in that July and August he wrote us a six part series can't really know that writing that it was his series title was watchmen one of the night and that she quoted this eloquent letter to him and he went over the loud crying laddering this is from his number three singles look at one paragraph here who cannot discern even in this movement of this specially calling the attention of our people to Christ as a personal savior parting present salvation the sound of the going in the tops of the mulberry trees if so should we not ask the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain which if we do he has promised to make bright clouds and give in showers of the A to everyone Grassley has not the time come for this Paschal asks we verily believe it past and you really should read these all six of these articles well I'm running out of time quickly so I'm going to might have time to go through the eighteen ninety two camp meetings but I want to kind of ends here with a story that John asked me their story at all have you heard of John F that can hear me talk about before my daughter camp included as an Jonathan Taylor born in eighteen forty Europe New Jersey United States with his family at the age of four his mother died at twelve and they were living there in New York because his father couldn't afford to take care of him she had to kind of give his children to other people that take care of and so John F Naylor in it going to a family now he was raised Methodist but I don't think they were practicing way they raise their family that he went to the man was a bar owner in so he can than ours I guess is he is a younger kid and then he moved to Wisconsin and we started working action factory on the software and made candies and things like that and when he was able to working at this factory see developed an eye infection and within twenty four hours you know his eyes completely swell shut and his father course took him to the oculist I guess in the day to try to find relatedness to place over about a two-month period and one one of the doctors of course this infection of course wasn't taking care of in the film Grover Zion so they actually in trying to scrape the infection of pierced his pupil and the course I would take the infection fighting to Zion and he was totally blind and finally out of desperation he removed his entire I because of the pain you can imagine in the days before real anesthesia at least as we know it well about a month later same thing happen with the other I and they had to remove it as well completely so eighteen years old totally blind this is what he says in his own words in the first wild anguish of my young life when realizing for the first time the darkness was my doom there was no more bright sunshine for my poor eyes I saw God 's help plumbing engineers and for the first time in my life and my petition was for physical signs physical site and did not obtain but the eyes of my mind became enlightened in a major so I saw myself in the finger of God lost without Christ I realize my condition so forcibly that in guilt and shame I fill from my kneeling posture to four so you know I think on uses experience to bring this young man to his blind spiritual condition will they went to the school of wine in Wisconsin and for several years he worried glass eyes but then I was making such a pain it just more dark glasses to cover the holes in his head and she got married and has a son and in eighteen seventies he met a second Avenue someone that had come out of nowhere and she began to believe in the second coming of Christ will then soon after he met Seventh-day Adventist and Jan Andrews wife actually read her husbands books to share our and see became Seventh-day Adventist his first wife died in Merida and how misleading and they became close quarters now she hired a guy who didn't have a seeing eye dogs I guess like they do today so he would hire a young lad in humans tells little bit of the story used jump on trains a one-sided town would jump off when he got inside of them imagine in one day he actually is Geiger 's lab that guided him around jump off the training and then he waited will that jumped well it have to be going over a trestle if you can imagine not quite as high as about twenty feet and the Lord spared his life well in eighteen eighty eight he wrote his book thrilling incidents life experiences and giant dollar and comes his wife wrote poems and some recipes and so forth and they would sell this as they went door to door by the way you can still buy the book on Amazon so they were coal porters and I suppose maybe something like this in the box of books and go door-to-door will they probably sold as a Cold War in nineteen eighty eight and after that would be the great controversy now I don't know for sure but in the great controversy I'm wondering if Jim Ballard redness or honestly someone read it to him Helen White when she revised the story project going for in the great conversations needed she added this statement about the latter rain the great work of the gospel is not the clothes with less manifestations of power God then markets beginning towards opening the prophecies which were fulfilled in the outpouring the former rain at the opening of the gospel are again be fulfilled in the latter rain at its clone servants of God with their faces light up and shining with holy consecration will season from place to place proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of voices all over the earth the warning will be given miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed and signs and wonders of the believers well I don't know again if Jeff Miller rendered obviously she read something indicated to him that during the latter rain there would be manifestations of God 's power in the spring of eighteen ninety one he went to a Bible school in Los Angeles in the director 's off also those that God 's mark was the director and this is God 's March the writing about this time the early spring of a tiny one well-connected with the Los Angeles California Bible school whether Baylor and family spent several weeks with us during which time his blindness was often a subject of conversation and being interested in the study of medicine I paid special attention to the condition of the stumps which was all that was left in the sockets from which the entire loan of each I have been Robert Mailer stated at that time anyone that it was his belief if he remained faithful to the end that during the special outpouring of the latter rain his eyes would be the things that analysis wealth four days after Eleanor was eighteen ninety two wrote to SNL school and says and that one letter or six times now that light is shining now just now quoted developers revolution eighteen one four days after that the Selma California campaigning ended in Selma California it also must find that the last evening meeting and people went back to their tensor they went back to the town of Selma and someone back to motel or hotel there may look like this in one of the rooms as evening drew on the set top of the campaign is just experienced about the message that was rising about God 's power to heal someone lit a lantern in a room and as it is in today's hotels or motels sometimes there's two rooms with door between the two adjoining room and the person could look at lantern open the door and the light from that lantern shone through that door onto the man sitting in the seat and an extra sitting there was John F Bailey eighteen nineteen how your members will send you believe that he was flavorful and flattering for now notice what he would only say in his words for the frail for my wife daughter and myself were talking on the subject of hearing an answer to prayer when suddenly the light of the lamp made such an impression as to cause me to explain what is it was the land sixteen feet away it was the adjoining room and the door between us had been hope for some months previous I have been exercised in reference to the possibility of having my eyes restored by divine power I knew there was no other source of as my phase increased balls have gradually been growing and citing increasing I can see sufficiently to distinguish light from darkness some colors movement of persons I can see now walking history they appear taller trees my site is best to try like I reasonably hope that my site will be stored now don't ask me to explain this medically but he's quoting here from the story of Jesus where Jesus healed a blind in one time and didn't fully see there something in the story of significance here is how it continues this way the leading and oculist examined and investigated my eyes to successive days and finally reluctantly admitted that in all history no keys has been recorded that man ever seen after the eyeballs and taken now I don't know the significance of this story I really know was no one to share because I know I don't fully know what this means but I can tell you what it means to me the cameras of any kind do I wish we had a few more hours to go through the kidneys we can do it is amazing on doing in this country and that message get going all through the summer into fall revival in Battle Creek at the college credit into the town of Battle Creek with a prayer not only in Battle Creek but around the world is people read the message in the week of prayer meetings for eighteen ninety two spillover into eighteen ninety three and I believe the thank God that if you have a three God was bringing the latest in message to his church and saying I have this message for you I brought it four years ago and it was spurned now please accept that message now repentance was made by David Atlanta had a favorite story about an elegant fighting against the message Jones and Wagner Prescott awaited written letters wrote them off at the Lansing Camp meeting he stood up in front of three thousand people and said I finally see the light you know you he did for that step back down was that if you sit back down but he got convicted again if she hadn't been clear enough so he stood back up in front of all those thousand people he turns to eating Jones and personally apologize in front of thousands of people it also describes it as electrifying on the congregation like open the floodgates of leadership standing up and saying no I have been wrong amazingly the results will I have to tell you that I don't have time to go through all this but Satan note no single knows what's up Ron four things against the church and I know this can read them here too fanatical criticism two men decided the church is babbling now with the message loud cry the truth album believe me that's not the way to go through worldliness in the church in our schools eighteen ninety three you can read about what happened all of these things push back the Holy Spirit through mistakes of the messengers themselves analyze situation if you heard about the story you haven't really heard the whole story dig into the story there's a chapter wounded about them in the last but not least and I think the most damaging as this happened all along through pharisaical blindness with which continue to fight against the Minneapolis message and its messengers even attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to extremism excitement and fanaticism Satan succeeded in bringing about the way and by the way that that accusation of fanaticism was leveled against this revival movement of eighteen ninety two in eighteen ninety three and I hate to say but to this very day two thousand fourteen book published by our church statements eighteen ninety two ninety three revival meetings with the root went right into the holy flesh and that is a lot this was a true movement of God and identify it as fanaticism pushes the Holy Spirit way we need to be honest with our young people today even if it means admitting that everything has not always gone has told we're here in two thousand fourteen hundred and twenty five years after not going to bring into all of this over twenty times between eighteen eighty eight in nineteen fifty one said Christ could compare this and will so what is the job now or story to me I'll conclude with this finally I have to go back to my last slides link at the notes will these revivals came in they were identified as fanaticism now you're saying always brings in fanaticism to discredit but we have to be careful you don't throw the baby with the bathwater eighteen ninety six oh White said no Satan succeeded she makes a statement she talked about things coming into the temple of God and thus bring in delay in the eighteen ninety eight four eighteen ninety five there's an article about an hour his eyesight is continuously improving aging ideations mentioned that nothing stated wind or not nineteen hundred eighty ninety eight by the way was the first time how I saw in a dream that she probably wouldn't live nineteen no nineteen hundred there's an article or there is an mention of dollars book and the mentors mentors and as a blind man nineteen oh one of course all my rights we may have to remain in this world many more years because of insubordination I believe she was applying more than just Minneapolis but definitely that was included in the years that followed nineteen oh nine brother Baylor was mentioned twice as our blind brother and our blinds whenever I think so that at least this is what this story tells me to believe that when the latter rain came God story site but the lettering doesn't just come in its here it against the draw is to train a light began to shine brighter and brighter for the five dollars eyesight improved and then she died and I know maybe a aside as a worse place to say something like this because as a group of missionaries been doing work all of world folks it is two thousand fourteen and God wanted to come along so I was finished the money and with this quote we often we may have written this before those who think of the result of hastening are hindering the gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world think about how to access but few of a few to think of its relation to God to give font to the suffering that sin has caused our Creator all heaven suffered Christ agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity the cross is a revelation to her dull senses of the pain that from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach his ideal brings him grief our world is a vast later house a scene of misery that we do not allow even our thoughts to dwell upon did we realize it as it is the burden would be to care yet God feels it all in order to George Streisand and its result he gave his beloved and he has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring the Senate Mister and I believe that we need to have nothing to fear for the future and lest we forget and being willing to acknowledge the victories and the mistakes of the past will open the door are ours as well finally will open the door so that the true witness can come him as he still standing there in the still saying I have all of these remedies I have a roof of righteousness and I said all this richness that your description of yourselves and mine are not the same well I pray the Lord has touched your heart and somewhere today and my desire is that we sense the time they were living from God 's perspective and not in a month just so will you please talent management father I pray to the that you will help us as a people Lord you brought all of these folks here at the ASI people that are working around the world seeking to bring your second coming and hasten that day and yet learned it if we are honest with our past and our history we realize that we're here much longer than it should have been or to open our eyes to see the full implications our own personal involvement or forgive me if in any way are in the ways that I misrepresented you even today in presenting this Lord I pray that you will bless us through the rest of this weekend my our hearts be drawn to the Lord me that latter rain crime and you saw the grass along turned to estimate a is a you with my audio and not having to you like to learn more and I live I will and I is a word our minds are please visit www. on my favorite


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