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There are many issues that our church is facing today, and there are also many questions and concerns in church members’ minds. This is an historical event where ASI Convention attendees have an opportunity to ask church leaders those questions. 




  • August 8, 2014
    2:00 PM
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him a welcome you all to a special town hall program that is coming to you live from Grand Rapids Michigan we were having our annual AFI convention and our special guest today our pastor Dan Jackson the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America known also as the North American division and pastor Ted Wilson who is the president of the world seventy on his church also known as the General conference and we are very pleased to have you as special guests gentlemen and I want to on behalf of the AFI officer group welcome you to our convention and glad that you are here and I would like to have you give a greeting if you'd like you two are both our audiences watching my television and the live studio audience we have here in this hotel well it's great great privilege to be here at the ASI convention and to see so many friends and those who are very strong supporters of God 's precious word and the last thing message for this troubled world of art that will be a privilege to chat with you today about some of those things were looking forward to that past Wilson Jesse Jackson that's all that will auto parts of my job is to meet God 's people and so it's good to be here and am thankful for the opportunity to sit and talk and discuss issues that are very near and dear to the heart of seven billion and of course those who are in the audience they don't need to be told to ASI members are with those who are watching on television you may need to be reminded just let you know ASI members are Seventh-day Adventist lay people who are business people or operate ministries and these individuals are here gathered in a convention a series of conferences and meetings that are designed to help them know how join together more effectively with the leadership of our church and out one of the things that in case someone was watching may not even know you may not be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church I'd like to have your jacket what is the Seventh-day Adventist Seventh-day Adventist Islam Bible believing God hearing individual who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and who is committed to the proclamation of the grace of God in the context of three very special messages found in Revelation fourteen that we call the three angels message okay and that's individually now from a world perspective of Wilson what is the Seventh-day Adventist movement well that it involves over eighteen million baptized members and many many more children and those who feel somewhat connected to the Seventh-day Adventist church the world church has thirteen world divisions which are different regional areas one of which is the North American division and we operate in about two hundred eight countries of the world are so multiple languages helping in the area of better health social activities helping with young people and the challenges they face in helping in a few occasions and most of all spiritually and of course that emphasis is falling in price footsteps where he ministered to people and help people where they were hurting and so we emphasized the physical social mental and spiritual realm and the Seventh-day Adventist is one simply follows God 's leading and realizes here on this Earth it's time to share with people as I imagine one of the things that we have been known for his daughter her raising of course wrong they were the best Seventh-day Adventists are people of the book and we say that you were talking about Scripture and were Seventh-day Adventists how important is the Scriptures tax house on the contents in reality comes out of all and when the reformers back in the sixteenth century I talked about the Bible they talked about as the sole rule of life and faith and practice and for the Seventh-day Adventist how important is this book to us we find the grace of God and goodness of God in this book and we find those messages that are unique and specific that God has asked us to give to the world so it still is the sole of faith and practice if I can visit with only one of the biggest subject is the demo has used to neutralize the effectiveness of the word of God and any can do that different ways of helping people who pick apart the Bible using their own educated status and believing that they know how to somehow rearrange things or decipher what is not another way is simply to get people to lead nor the word of God so you can do it in different ways attack you for helping even seven a.m. as Christians to ignore the need study God 's word every day how can I I I believe the time is coming when all will not be able to trust their senses that the devil is very clever and very coming he knows how to fool us and if RLI seminar understanding of God is not based upon this book we can so easily be deceived so we can trust our senses we have to rely on the word of God says to us every day in the course in the world were living in there is a cultural shift is almost like a runaway train in some descriptions I've heard and where people are looking at experience in in their lives their actually charting new courses without the word of God is around this in the culture but also in Christianity and churches and where things were going to hear there are elephants in the room and we are going to be talking about the elements that are in the room because these are real issues of the things that we've all seen this summer is the announcement church after church I'm not the most of it down after some talking about other Protestant denominations there have been news release after Ms. reason of different groups that are now saying we are going to embrace what is commonly talked about the gay marriage issue Maurice L DVT issues and all that popular thing effectively one denomination it did not go that way among the announcements of the Navy some of the thirty seven p.m. to stand with regard to issues of life I guess I would talk about it in terms of the larger the whole arena of human sexuality we have people that are talking about pornography and pornography addictions especially among certain age groups of people also the gay lifestyle the gay marriage etc. how does that relate in Seventh-day Adventist thinking and leadership how you look at and I got your first illness as well interestingly the M&M 's world church had a conference in Eatontown South Africa in the month of March of this year him where we focus on this particular aspect of human sexuality and in particular homosexuality and some of those aspects and the Seventh-day Adventist church is very clear on its position regarding homosexuality and areas related to that we stand firmly upon word of God we stand firmly upon what Scripture says that variants of what God 's ideal is they are not what God wants we are opposed to that type of lifestyle now that doesn't mean that we come at it from a very self-righteous position because there are people who are involved in heterosexual activity that is very much out of line with Scripture and so we have to be very clear that we support what God intended for human beings and that was a man and a woman he married and form a family and God will bless that family and that relationship now regardless of what situation people may face God has a solution and an answer bring them back into a wholeness and so another aspect of the conference that we had indeed found was to help our church understand that we need to reach out to people everywhere who are facing challenges and difficulties and to remind them and ourselves that Jesus has the power to help us to live a big glorious Christian life in him and so I think the seven there was church is quite clear on our biblical stand and also on how we want shall I will not have the self-righteous way of pointing people to the one who can give us victory and that Jesus Christ got one of the things I love the Scriptures is that God does give free choice have you read Romans chapter one is a very serious discussion of what happens when men take their choice and run contrary to the will of God I thought I don't believe that I will ever come when the Seventh-day Adventist church will or should move away from this book but I think to every human being we only have another mandate that it expresses the that when Jesus died on the cross he did two things I get more than two things that do things that I want to mention the overcame the power of the great Soviet matter what happens in my life I die in the faith of Jesus I know he will raise me again the second thing that Jesus did it Calvary was to overcome sin so that for every personal matter how they are right now how challenge they are right now the reality is that Jesus offers freedom to every human being I think in our approach to this whole question we need to any direct knowledge that that if there is any hierarchy of sin the number one on the list is probably however we reach out to every person acknowledging that the word of God set the standard for us and we ought never to compromise on the standard so we we pray for those individuals who may be hot in certain sexual problems whether heterosexual homosexual but it's a problem with mammography we need to pray and we help them with the love of God and him and I has in Jackson made a very important point is that we need to reach out the love of God of compassion and love is very important but then again God 's word says something is God has to to help balance that in a beautiful way but never should we spirited or angry we should reach out in true Christian love pointing people to the source of all victory and of course one of the things that the devil has done in his entire great controversy plan is to try to normalize any way to begin and I'm thinking right now Jackson you mentioned you know someone who might be struggling with pornography addiction and is incidentally does not just a male only issue is the children there are a number of e-mails regarding that as well and there's someone here in this audience as someone who's watching us right now it may be struggling with that feeling of shame were on our sorrow and not one of the what would you say to that person well first of all I think one has to recognize that there is a DVD and that is God himself who wants to create a recent restoration of holiness in all of our lives in so God first of all needs to be looked at as someone who can really help in a situation like this and anyone who is suffering from that kind of an addiction when I challenge they need to recognize that the first thing they need to do is to come to God and accept that God will help them and give them assistance and encouragement but I'd like to encourage anyone who is facing some of those challenges to be able to go to some of the addresses websites to be able to also contact the Seventh-day Adventist pastor or church we will leader him and then put them in Thailand with very competent individuals who can help them work through some of those challenging situations because one of the worst things that a person face in a situation like that is if they feel rejected cutoff or that there is no hope and there is a lot of as there is not exactly like I did my story about years ago Dell Doctor Ursinus on an important resort on the chorus was never given up Jesus is coming to the darkest just before dawn and it is truly live in the context of the imminent return of Jesus but for the person who is struggling and feels as almost decided on their own and isolated you're not alone you're not alone because Jesus has promised to be with you in that situation and he will give healing if you surrender your life to him in all the Scriptures say you will certainly be posing for me and you will find me when you search for me with all your heart and I will be found of you says the Lord so no matter how deep the problem or how enmeshed the habit God can give deliverance amen I want move onto another topic these are timely away from us one of the areas we got many questions had to do with the women's ordination issue that is before the church right now and I have a question I would like to ask in this way you know many of our laypeople may not be fully understanding the process that the church uses to wrestle with these kind of issues we know that there are commissions that have met we know that this coming fall there will be annual Council run certain that this will be discussed and of course next year at this time we will have Artie been through the general session two thousand fifteen in San Antonio my question I would like for both of you video responses this is what will be the impact upon the church numbers start with your past projects and what will be the impact on the church in North America a you that you're supposed to ordain women and the adventurers votes not to ordain women what would be the impact of the decision upon North America and I want to preface my comments by saying that I believe there are God-fearing God honoring Bible believing Seventh-day Adventist who find themselves on both sides of the equation and I think we need to look at it from that perspective and no matter what the outcome of the annual Council and the General conference there will be individuals in North America and I'm speaking only for North America but I'm assuming in other parts of the world to that will be highly disappointed regardless of the young there is not just one point of view I don't think and in most elements are getting but but in North America that it is not just one point of view so no matter which way the discussion in there will be some great disappointment I will tell you plainly that the two things number one I I I believe that God has given us the inalienable right to make choices to look into his work the study and understand and have me do that we need to surrender our lives to God and give our lives to him but when it comes to this matter of what will be the impact I might think that there will be some fundamental decisions that all of us will have to make him want to matter which side of the equation one might say that is we will have to make a decision in this austere tourism and while call me into this movement so the impact I believe around these the impact maybe there's a lot of disappointment maybe some anger of the Navy alienation and so on and yet what do we do about that that is my issue at this point in question what do we do about them we anchored in Jesus Christ we acknowledge that this is his church this is his movement and we come to the place where we say I want to be a part of the movement that heralds the messages of the three angels and no matter what happened at a general conference or an annual counsel let me focus on the driving mission of the seven million at Wilson from a world perspective what is the implication when we vote yes to ordain women or no not working well in a preface that by saying that we're carrying out a very careful process to make sure that what is done is the fair all parties concerned and those who hold we have groups that have of course especially one group recently that is very carefully studied from Scripture and from the writings of Ellen White and in much prayer to decipher exactly what positions are well people end up holding different positions so how do you move that process along and we will be providing materials of different perspectives and all the delegates coming the annual household those who are official representatives at the annual Council members of the General conference committee and we will be engaging in some very careful prayer approaches and a listening to each other and one of the main things we want to do is to make sure that people don't become too over anxious any motive because this is a very challenging something people can become extremely angry at on either side of the the question and we want the Holy Spirit 's presence in a very careful way as as I think all do so the process will be very carefully done we will be listening we will be praying we will be talking and no one by God 's grace will be shown any kind of depreciation for their own self worth and their own position are looking towards a situation where we will probably have to take some kind of about we don't have the luxury of having the high priest the euro men Manas the question we don't have a living prophet with us to pass we do have the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth what I think is the most important thing even beyond the what will be decided is as best Jackson has said how will you read one way or the other regardless of decision the state will use understand that you are part of the body of Christ and that there is a bigger challenge and opportunity for the church and that is the proclamation of the three Angels messages are you willing to be part of that even though you may not read with a decision that's been taken him one side or the other is that I think as we move into this we're going to be emphasizing more and more unity in the church and not for disgruntled groups to run off into one corner or off their own direction and day you know one wonderful thing and recently has been Jackson and I got together and we had a real time and we just talk to each other 's hearts and we may not agree on every single little thing in life but we are agreed on the very important that that we must be united in the mission of the church and the perfecting mission God has given to the church and so were excited about that aspect so I ask for your prayers as we move into this whole process and ask that the Holy Spirit will give us true compassion and understanding for each other but then to live in the state and I guess I would ask our audience today how many will be praying with Doctor Jackson Houston Wilson on this process thank you all these people here I'm sure those who are watching from home you will be praying as well on to another question the command line which is a you know we've had a sixty or seventy questions that have been submitted to us were not able to get everyone we group them in different one the one that came up is interesting and the question is what about this rumor that we hear that the NAD for North American division may be moving or planning to move out of the DC building of Jack's lactoferrin question and I I I don't think it needs any speculation you know every organization needs to grow and needs to do what I call self differentiated the General conference in the North American division and I think I will him or him have enjoyed for many years that symbiotic relationship I don't see the need for that to end I don't believe that a desire to move to another location is a reaction to the General conference order on four how a wild child send regular going to only one but every organization has in the oriented bone structure and is on delivery of mission the North American division you know just as it says it right when you look at the formal title of the NAV it is the North American division of the General conference of Seventh-day Adventist until there is a natural symbiotic relationship and that ought not but yesterday Frank we are contemplating a move to another part of either the area that were in right now or somewhere in the United States and where we feel we can deliver a mission of God 's church in North America is about mission is not about rebellion it's not about pushing away it is about mission and mission delivery and does not affect anything that we are working hard word because we believe Jesus is coming and we need to do what is most effective and most efficient for his work okay and Marriott were not pushing them out we'd like for them this day but they're looking at it then we want the best for the mission of the prophetic mission here in the North American division and will just leave it in God 's hands will see what happens is what I want is a letter the brethren have sent to us we don't want to help but we will support you in your move so so we're not leaving in any kind of animosity or am I not leave me your and him the other story okay well now we know we've heard is right is right testimony is normally sent from the horses mouth I don't want to talk myself the question do we still believe in the prophecy of visitors as a Jackson amendment but it will you know I I I have believed for so many years that the rate is unifying force Seventh-day Adventist church has been the writings of Ellen White and I believe that at this very minute we mean the mean mean the Council we do believe in so let's look to let everything that God gifted us with from the writings of Ellen White shine some light on this one and so for us to say in any way well we can just lay those writings is not that would be very wrong and inappropriate and that would be a in my opinion a trick of the devil that you was given for us to the day that Jesus comes it is a blessing to us and then and it is again like as I said on the word of God is one of the very specific characteristics of God bless the church is outlined in Revelation twelve seventeen and two of them I keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and from Revelation nineteen versus hand we understand the testimony of Jesus Christ to be the spirit of problems and we believe that the writings of Ellen White were inspired fully my God and that they are just as relevant today in two thousand fourteen as they were a hundred years ago or more of the Lord I think is using today even more those precious writings point is that the my will you give us the right to counsel in almost every area of life including missions of the cities which we may talk about a few moments how to reach the millions of people is huge metropolitan areas so yes spirit of prophecy as I like to say is one of God 's greatest gifts to the Seventh-day Adventist church it is just as fresh today as when it was written in the single area that have the most question that came in during the time when people were able to the questions in this town hall gathering had to do with the whole arena and ongoing use several different words contemplative spirituality spiritual formation and etc. the whole idea of the blending of different different elements together in kind of a new age kind of the thing I guess I want to ask is this one about movements house its house in the South we hear other others relate to movements that draw us away to give beliefs in the prophetic vision that God has entrusted to us in on the start with the past Jackson can I tell you story we love stories funny little story years ago I was a naked I used going to debate the first thing the morning and I would make men starts and the men starts you know were sent from the victory to the rest of restaurant in downtown Victoria British Columbia where British ladies with seventeen and the men starts Monday when I went in to make amends prior to taking them out they felt a little spring in but I nonetheless felt that the materials away and then the second day in the same and it was little more spring by the third day I said something 's wrong with them and you know I will get out and I got a big friend nice to get out onto the tray and discovered there were seven dead mice in the middle of the other ladies in the FTC in downtown Victoria they were sipping their tea and they thought they were eating regular minister they will like and starts they smelled like mince tarts they tasted like men's thought that they had the addition of the entrails of seven mice in this is true confession time I want you all to hear this is true confession time you know you may these things that look like they are proof they may smell like they may feel like but if they do not set based on this board they are not proof so when there are calls or enticements to embrace some other teaching or some other word we tested on this book and we don't we are never to move away from the plain teachings of Scripture no matter whether somebody tells us they've got a uniquely to pray for or there's a church that is his building kind of a syncretistic way of embracing Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism and Christianity nonmelanoma relies on what is the reliable non- sport about it okay after Wilson as we need to be prepared that in the very last days of Earth 's history which I believe we are living in right now I believe fully that Jesus is coming soon in these days the devil will try to throw every possible curve at anyone who is interested in truth and especially the Seventh-day Adventists so there are many all kinds of wins of those strange apparitions understanding of what you think is true also there will be renewed efforts on the part of the devil to DC people into thinking that there is a revival when in reality the revival is not based on the word of God is that Jackson is mentioned but it is based upon emotion is based upon an existential kind of approach we need to be very careful about anything that cannot be proven from Scripture that is not based on a cognitive understanding of the word of God because from day to day you can feel all kinds of different ways so there is this tendency today especially with certain charismatic and Pentecostal influences as well as a new age influences that you need to experience something yes Christianity and an understanding of Christ is an experience but it must be based upon a firm understanding of the word of God now I want to caution anyone who is gambling in aspects of belief or understanding that could take them away from solid pillars of God 's truth that will focus on only one particular area of truth and not see it in a big picture that will say well if you just repeat these words over and over again or just fix your mind on something or allow your mind to become vacant and allow God to fill you you've got to be very careful about that prayer is a directed kind of understanding it is not just a fake eating of your mind because if you think it really out of your minds you know and I don't think it will be the more I see you got to be focusing on those things which are honest and true and pure as Paul tells us in the book of Philippians money we need to be very careful about areas and movements and that are going to take this away from a very basic fundamental understanding of what is truth Jesus said if you love me keep my commandment you didn't say your mother be saved by keeping my commandments that if you love Jesus and you understand who he is then through his righteousness which is another subject we need a child he will than through the Holy Spirit help us to live the Christian life justification and sanctification and movements are a foot which will take people away from this precious word and a liberal understanding of God 's work and I were told we ought to read the Bible as it is not tried to impute all kinds of different ideas doing if there is a mixing of truth and a mixing of human understanding with the Bible say way from if there's something that's overly emotional and taking away from a cognitive understanding of God stay away from it staying with God 's word and the spirit of prophecy will not be this point okay now I would assume based on the answer to both of you just have just given that you someone hears someone say what was in let's go for a whole year of your profits the only talk about the stories of Jesus not the teachings of these the stories of the what should you be red flags going off for that individual when they hear something like that why would you ever want to limit yourself to the amount of truths that God has made available I think that we need to be individuals who will draw everything possible that is fully proof in order to have a full experience in price okay and I tell people all the time and it is my belief there is only one true North and the Seventh-day Adventist church and his name is Jesus however having said that I think it's important to know that Jesus said he would give us the spirit come and see the spirit of this he will guide you into altering so to limit ourselves to just one aspect of the talk about the stories of Jesus are not the teachings of Jesus to say I accept you as Lord but I won't let you leave me wait a minute yet you you you are limiting not only your own exposure to fumes but your limiting the access that God can have your mind so for us to say in any sense I'm only reading the stories of Jesus but I wouldn't then go ahead and take the application that the word of God makes of those stories and then implement those things into my own life certainly is I think of limiting God 's ability to work in my life so and the same is true of the spirit of prophecy to say now I'm hundreds exclude a moment to do this one thing and I'm good with this this and this I would like to be able to give an illustration is coming to my mind but it would be unfortunate and I can think of right now okay but the may also try and encourage people to stay away from the fallacy that somehow the doctrines of the church Seventh-day Adventist church we have twenty eight fundamental beliefs that somehow those are dry and legalistic and really have no relationship to Christ and that all you need to do is talk about Jesus and that's really about the extent of what your experience should be I want to tell you that in three a single one of those twenty eight fundamental beliefs has at the center at the core of that belief in Jesus Christ he is the Lord amen I be if we teach them or we understand that in a way where Jesus is in the center than we need to restudy them again I tried I I think there's a lot of people to agree with that now going back to talking about the contemplative spiritual formation hospitals when I specifically asked the business questions come in the back in two thousand one there was some kind of a committee I think the initials were IBM GE maybe can tell us what that is about this committee met and supposedly passed resolutions promote the teaching of spiritual formation throughout all of them would you please address that situation well that is absolutely positively incorrect the IBM TV stands for the international board of the a lot of a ministerial and theological education it is a board which was essentially set up to help bringing all seminaries and theological schools in the Seventh-day Adventist church back to a very firm foundation of what Seventh-day Adventists believe and make sure that teachers who were involved in that seminary seminary professors are very loyal to the teachings of the seven a.m. back to the end two thousand one and I was part of that as were many many others and I'm still a part of that board they deal with exactly what I was explaining to you Friday help keep seminaries and teachers very focused upon the word of God but that alien some of those days in the early part of the V twenty first century you are in right now people him know what spiritual formation met him and the words of spiritual and formation were simply which sounded good like this is a way to develop your Christian character and only a number of a few years ago were these words meaning a particular thing I can categorically absolutely telling that if that language were found in any document coming from the general conference and the world field that it absolutely had no relevance whatsoever to what people interpret to be spiritual formation today unfortunately somebody who reported information coming out this particular meeting use those words in a press release and people have pounced on that to indicate that somehow the general conference was promoting that that is absolutely categorically wrong I've Artie stated how it is that we ought to relate to God 's word and stay away from those influences which are going to compromise or neutralize God 's precious word and I can tell you absolutely that's where I stand personally and I know that the general conference does as well okay thank you for that clarification we mentioned this moment ago the idea of righteousness by faith and the IEM I I want to raise the question this will number to give it to you first pass to Jackson Wilson jump in we obviously understand race words grace we are all the beneficiaries of God 's grace how do we relate to the concept of grace in our lives together with the concept biblical concept of victorious Christian Grace is gone in his graciousness that reaches out to each one of us in our natural state we are debtors the law and we can't live that long so what will what was a weekend of play but the flesh is not the God did by sending his son Jesus Christ and he made us yet another way we were daughters of the law but through Jesus we become debtors could write gone never gives us anything that he does not intend us to share or to utilize in their own personal growth so as God 's grace comes into my life there must be a response you know all Ephesians chapter two for by grace are ye saved by faith not of works it is a gift of God lest any man shall both know some folks stop right there but Paul goes on doesn't he says or we are his workmanship created by God unto good works that we might fulfill his purposes so as we accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ it becomes a motivator for us to grow a lot into what the apostle Paul says in Ephesians chapter three into the fullness of the stature of a man in Christ Jesus so writing not only cleanses us and makes us whole it becomes the basis upon which we grow up the defense and that's not legalistic because you and I know that's why started that way you and I know that naturally speaking any time we take our lives on him we can turn anything upside down and backwards become outright legalization right as we can live without the presence of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Holy Spirit leaving us into the good works that God has created in advance for us that we should do so will be at least one part of an answer okay asked Wilson many times Seventh-day Adventists have been accused of being legalists perhaps because we focus upon keeping the Sabbath of the ten Commandments but in reality we can never achieve eternal life through a legalistic approach to keeping the commandment this is a magnificent subject to price our righteous and I'm so glad that the ASI convention is featuring that here at this convention right here in Grand Rapids you know in the Ephesians chapter two tells us by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves the all encompassing righteousness of Jesus Christ he is the only way that any of us will achieve eternal life it is based upon what price did for us and what he is doing for a it is based upon his justification placing a robe of righteousness over us which we have nothing to do about and then at the same time sanctification where the Holy Spirit begins to work in us so that we become more and more like Christ it has to do with what Christ did on the cross and what he is doing in the most holy Place in the heavenly sanctuary it says in Hebrews chapter seven and verse twenty five he always lives to make session for them what a privilege to know that we have a high priest we comes we can come boldly to the throne of grace because a high priest Jesus Christ has gone through the process of being the sacrifice and now he's the high priest this is a subject I love every John the all-encompassing righteousness of Christ our dependence totally upon him is one little quotation I want to read it's a one sentence quotation from the book by Alan light compilation last date events and its page two eighty three some are marvelous quotation crisis only Christ and his righteousness will obtain for us a passport into heaven I'm not that's not to minimize our daily lives in sanctifying process that the Holy Spirit works in us in order for us to become more and more like Christ is not diminish that in the least but it is all Christ's righteousness and know that I think about myself and I'm sure that many of the people in our audience many of those of you who are watching on television at home or on on YouTube one on the Internet we wrestle with things this is real life like because the grace of God and he is all sufficient for us can we expect to live the Tory asleep towards justifications like litigation are great words may mean things like me what is the need to move the glorious I believe I heard you say it in almost those words may not I mean I don't help only statement in Philippians chapter one being confident of this very thing that he who has begun a good work and you will also complete him the Son of Man is so can we grow up in Jesus that his plan and when we just open our life to him and say you take me and you usually one little quotations of Christ page one hundred and eighteen she says Christ will never abandon the soul for whom he gave his life so that no matter where we are no matter how we feel with the resembling of the fallen God doesn't give up on us we can grow up into Jesus he will finish what he began in using that book the Christ if you look and read carefully chapters seven and eight carefully read chapters seven and eight you will find answers to almost every question about this beautiful all-encompassing righteousness of Christ men you know one of the things I wanted to hold up this little book this is the desire of ages which you can get the camera can pull in on this this is a special AFI edition of the desire of ages which we focus on as a giveaway in fact everyone who attended the AFI convention here this year in Grand Rapids received one copy of this as well say that these are available by the case giveaway because the righteousness of Christ is beautifully portrayed in this little book as well as the crimes on help is to segue into global mission and in the missions of the other search compatibles and what is the role of our Adventist health message in the whole arena of global missions and we'll talk about it more definitive down to the nitty-gritty of what coolness means that how important his health the health component of our mission well third John verse two tells us that God wants us to be in physical health just as we are in spiritual health I price that more time feeling him in other words the physical body which God made is an absolutely important vessel for which God which God wants to use in order to reach other people our minds are part of the body that's why God has asked us to live healthy lives we do not earn our way to heaven by being a vegetarian or vegan or whatever you a plant -based diet that helps us to be in better health so that our minds will be in better condition to receive a delicate information on the nerve endings in the frontal lobes of the brain from the Holy Spirit is so vital that we understand that for us personally and that our lives need to be fully live so that we can benefit but also to share with others that God is in the business of complete restoration and physically is one of those distinct points also everyone seems to be interested in health so God has asked that we use that especially in reaching those who may be resistant in other ways and that's why it's one of the most important ways of reaching out as we determine today comprehensive health ministry reaching out to people in the community and what is also termed medical missionary work something that everyone can be involved in health professionals and pastors need to be working together in a blended ministry but three one in the Church can be part of a comprehensive approach simply sharing with neighbors simple health tips as to how something is make them feel better walking exercise diet sleep and water whatever it happens to be held is the health message in the right arm of the gospel and recently we had an incredible meeting in Geneva where representatives from all the world divisions met we had about twelve hundred people so much excitement now about using this as the right arm to the gospel entering the cities and helping people to better understand they can have a fuller life physically mentally socially and spiritually while I do unreal to farm the health message is the right arm when you look at when you look at the ministry of Jesus and the compassion with which he reach out and touch broken and bruised people where he healed them in the restored then we find a model for ministry in the north of them the North American division recently we've seen some amazing amount sponsored one of them by AFI to pathways to help out pathways to help you hear a lot more about San Francisco and Oakland where almost four million dollars of free medical care was given to the community and people lined up they lined up streets of that city to receive free medical care people couldn't afford you know I think that's the process whereby we reach into people 's minds to say immunity is interested benevolence where we save them God loves you and so do we and and and so the health methods not only in a personal way where we take care of our bodies and we do our best and and and health is a continuum is not everybody is sitting on the same mile marker we all grow at different rights but that not only is it vital to us for the reasons over Wilson is given but it is vital that we share the great news that we can him have a better life we have wholeness in our lives spiritually and physically as well and I wanted to thank ASI for so many organizations within the ASI family promote the right arm of the gospel they are valued and appreciated and the church wants to work more closely with those entities they may all say many that soul you mentioned to reduce health right that is actually be taking place again to happen in San Francisco wants to in San Antonio in April of two thousand fifteen ASI members together with everyone else who will join will be doing that same health outreach in the great city of San Antonio leading up to a large evangelistic meeting in San Antonio just prior to the General conference session and were just delighted that this is being partnered with North American division southwestern union of Seventh-day Adventist it's been a be a phenomenal success in the name of Jesus amen and then this is a good time for a man to be needed doctors dentists and nurses physiotherapist to participate in a nonevent because it can only be successful on that basis but I were making a broad appeal to people to come need as many volunteers as medical profession but were hoping by God 's grace to see how wonderful outpouring of disinterested benevolence in the city of San Antonio and for those they know that you might be watching them here in our audience would like to be a part of that great events if you are a professional wicket add some value to that event I want to encourage you to contact our ASI office and we will have to get a super rough because I wasn't prepared for that at like that we want you to contact our AFI office in Silver Spring Maryland if you want to participate in the event now that we one last question here for vitamin C that question because my time or times getting away customers I want you to talk first about sour the whole idea of local mission is especially missing the cities and give you a broad global perspective and pastor Jackson bring their homes in North America this will be probably the last question were able to do today about four years ago five years ago the world ask the mark more people living in metropolitan areas than living in rural districts at the first time it's ever happened it will only grow greater by the year to NT fifty or so if the Lord has not returned I believe he'll come very soon yes but by that time it will have increased to at least seventy percent of the world 's population living in these large metropolitan areas the church has initiated and has a very wonderfully accepted the challenge of missions in the city of reaching these large metropolitan areas here in North America all over the world we are seeing divisions and unions and local feels safe the responsibility of trying to organize in a creative way following principles from the Bible and specific counsel from the spirit of prophecy as to how we can be able to penetrate these great cities it's just so gratifying to me to see that church members are taking hold of this in a very dynamic way and we do have areas of the world which are heavily influenced by the seventh day on this message and other areas where there is hardly anything just to contrast this in some places we may have seven they got this for every fifteen or twenty people in other places it is an incredible ratio in the Middle East there are five hundred million people with perhaps only two thousand five hundred seven a.m. so you see the challenge is not only in the ten forty window but also in the developed world in fact Europe itself is now becoming a great challenge because of its materialistic secular approach North America Australia and New Zealand places where development has taken place and where people have lost perhaps their first love of the Lord we are seeing great challenges as well so the Lord is using so many people to be able to reach in to some of these very challenging areas so the mission field is not just over there anymore it is everywhere at Jackson specifically while whatever else you say how can individuals be involved in global mission in North America let me begin by saying that that this summer has been an amazing summer for me I've been able to be in contact meetings this summer and in those camp meetings you know what I find when I travel across our division I find that God will want to be involved they want to be a part of the ministry of the church so in every union conference in North America by the way we discovered in the North American division not like it was a great discovery all we had to do was to go to the road that the people who knew what we discovered there were fifty cities in the North American division one million plus people is an amazing statistic yet one of the other things we know is that in the North American division whether it is Caucasian more him we are not a friendly individuals who were born in this country to the church we have a huge issue here so what can people do well first of all we need to have an outpouring of prayer for the Holy Spirit of God to give us a level of understanding that we need to rethink a willing heart to say man with reversing a great focus coming to our city or our community how can we participate we have recently been reshaping our media ministries we did that not to save money but the focus of media on the largest cities in our territory along with a comprehensive health approach to homelessness talking about we want to combine in a grand collaboration everything that we can utilize you zero in on the city 's to reach out to the men and women of North America for Jesus Christ for the with the message of the three angels so we are being very intentional about it we have started a process called transformational evangelism which looks at two things how may we transform the church into an evangelistic agency not just a place where once every five years we hold twenty eight lights all how do we transform the church there and by doing that out maybe transform our communities by the grace of God and that really is a kind of patchwork quilt of where we're headed in North America we are very very earnest and very desirous to complete the mission that God has given amen I'm we have just a few more minutes on the slip one more question in here there's been a lot of discussion about publishing Jackson especially in the him we know that they are on one of our publishing houses is closing in please does report that we all read and things are changing you mentioned media you mentioned health awareness publishing for North American fit into this global mission not offers the Balinese saying that online makes the comment we believe in the publishing world will go on right time when Jesus returns as you say the printing work will go on but she says publishing will go on so we have a new arrangement we have a publisher in the North American division known as Pacific crest publishing our dream and we are just in the process we we headed down the road and then we leave because we're trying to understand how may we reintegrate into the minds of Seventh-day Adventists in the North American division that is important for you and for me to be involved in literature ministry how can I think that tracks how can I get involved with that social media where I can send things to fascinating that ASI vehemently did I put in slip and one of these in every packet they can do it again they did it at that giveaway so you can give it to someone out but the ball in the North American division is how many we utilize the great movements that had begun with our young people in particular the last few years have given out sixty eight to seventy million pieces of literature how can we bring us together with event in a broad perspective but involve more people even in the local church giving out literature from the field literature their neighbors and friends Jesus is coming soon we can't afford to leave anything out of the picture when we talk about reaching our community for Christ him about forty five seconds faster Wilson give us a word of encouragement well one of the most will sign that Jesus is coming see what he's doing in the lives of thousands of people all over this world Nancy and I have the great privilege of visiting many countries have just come back from a fairly long trip recently and it is marvelous to see what the Lord is doing to re- energize his people and people in other churches as they focus upon the last day for so the hope that we have in Christ is truly a remarkable encouragement for all of us in the Seventh-day Adventists I think we can absolutely have great assurance that the best days are ahead even though they cannot be the most troubling and challenging but it means we can lean on the Lord in a more powerful way and that's what he is longing to see happen by God 's grace I'm excited and I hope others are because soon we're in the sea that glorious return amen amen now I just want to make this small statement we go to a prayer written special prayer just want to say that you know new things happen it is like inventions the DVD project was born here that is gone all over and many other things you can point to your iPhone I didn't get to a third of the questions that we had put in here so maybe this is the beginning of something that will do more often maybe my fears more questions on time we this is been extremely valuable and thank you both for participating in this and I'd like to invite Pastor Jackson you will pray and then if you will do a short prayer that just pray for each other four minutes before the ASI numbers for those people will be watching this on television him thought our heavenly father we thank you and we praise you for the magnificent gift of Jesus Christ your son our Savior heavenly father you have called this church into existence to carry out your great evangelistic enterprise on planet Earth I pray for our colleagues in ministry I pray for Elder Wilson for his leadership I pray for our colleagues all around the world in North America and heavenly father please take us into your hand and bless us with your presence and with the outpouring of your Holy Spirit amen thank you Lord for the opportunity of coming to you in a direct connection to heaven help us to remember that prayer is always available to us and we need to lean upon you more and more as we come to the very end of time we earnestly ask that you will bless the ASI organization and all of its various parts as they see to share the precious love of God with others we thank you for the righteousness of Christ the all-encompassing nature of God 's righteousness which can bring us into a right relationship with the Lord now and for eternity Lord I ask that you will bless every viewer today on three ABN bless each one who is hearing these words and we ask that you will bring them to the foot of the cross and a complete understanding of what truth is as the Holy Spirit leads their lives so Lord we look to the future now we place it in your hands and we rest comfortably there even though we don't know how to proceed we know that you do and we rest I believe in your affair I thank you for hearing us bless the North American division and every division around the world as we work together for a soon coming of the Lord who is our Savior and our game in Jesus name we ask you an e-mail unless you might not have only been an industry learn more and I find them out as a working mind is free online newsroom please visit www. on my numerous


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