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Lift Him Up: Evangelism's Last and Only Hope

Will Pergerson
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How the message of Christ our righteousness saved me and transformed my evangelism ministry.


Will Pergerson is an ordained pastor and evangelist who while in college yielded to God’s call to become a fisher of men. Eight years into ministry the message of Christ our righteousness changed his life and added new life and power to his ministerial call. William has witnessed the power of this message change lives from Alberta to Ghana to Long Island and many places in between! William, Sharon and their two children hope to bring some joy to the heart of God by encouraging others to enter into the kingdom of Heaven by lifting up the Savior.




  • August 8, 2014
    3:30 PM
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offer good afternoon holiday hope y'all had a full and fulfilling day as you know this seminar is entitled the lift them up as the legitimate section of our ASI seminar and the title of my sharing with you this afternoon 's lift him up how the message of Christ our righteousness saved me and my ministry so how shall we begin I thought long and hard about this and I think it's best to stick with God 's model and how God likes to explain things but was go back to the beginning you're very familiar with this passage in the beginning God did what created the heavens and they are so is God teaches us about things that are outside of our understanding it appears to me that often God uses this model of giving us the big picture first in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and only after you got a chance to talk them absorb the big picture does the zone the Cam Ranh and give you more details as it was in creation God said God formed God breathed this is how he did it but the first thing to give you the big picture created the heavens and heirs and now that you can't absorb that the midday I didn't he doesn't over and over again the Bible says in Matthew chapter four and verse nineteen Jesus told his disciples follow me and I will do what make you fishers of men and only after you told and this is what I want to do with you that he spend the next three and a half years going over the details and the experience of how that was to be done in my haste to begin on time I forgot to have a talk with the most person in Rome our Lord and Savior let's pause here father in heaven I thank you so much for this time and I am anxious that your word be clear this can only happen if your spirit is our teacher pray that you will impress our minds and our hearts with your word that none of me will be seen in all of Jesus will be what we remember in here and we thank you in Jesus name amen and so follow me I'll make you fishers of men at the big picture and then the details I work that out over the next three and a half years he did it again in John chapter thirteen in verse twelve so after he had washed their feet and had taken his garments and was sent down he said under them know ye what I have done unto you do it first then I give you the details of what I visited and help you understand the significance of what just happened big picture first then the details so as we talk about the gospel it is such an expansive concept that I was reading a cause something from something ally says he says of this this concept is so broad it is so high that it reaches into heaven and it spans the eternity in analyzing you grasp this by faith this literally will take you straight to heaven and stretch your lifetime the last for eternity now bring on a moral something that large down to thirty minute talk UK and so what God says this verse does just step back and grab the big picture and the snapshot and gets my attention and that got my attention and that literally rescued me from apathy and and probably ultimately destruction is is my favorite hero the Bible outside of Jesus it is the apostle Paul have you ever wondered how this man a captive in chains conquered the way he did conquer James invaded courthouses rescued people from jail and often as I was coming up as a as a young pastor I'll soon wondered I wish I could have worked with the apostle Paul I was second in his protégé heard what he said and did what he did but of course I wasn't there yet thank God for the spirit of prophecy she sells us some of the ways that he was able to do all that he did and here she says his cheerfulness under affliction was so unlike the spirit of the afflicted of the world that they talk about the pagans either the Romans could but see that there that a power higher than any earthly influence was an overall binding with him when they be that man back till it was almost like hamburger in and laid them in that rat infested prison and he broke out with singing they said that is unnatural that that's afraid he's going to quit about five minutes but he tempered a hour after hour broken up with testimony went back to singing until heaven came down and you know the story though the walls came tumbling down they said that is that that's the spirit about God that there is no way that man is merely operating under human power and so they didn't know what was operating in him but they could see something of a higher than an earthly influence was operating in him again and again as these standing before Nero all with seeing and is rising crisis level and point out and that Christ operated the same way God when he saw priced Lisa said that he had the image of God without involved reflect Christ so so much so that the prophet says thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the because he does what trusted and they so whatever Paul was operating on it wasn't it was an idea of trust of faith in the end someone in the court of this text in their lowlight speaking here this gave him happen born peace and this piece came through 's expression and that's what draw in one so many souls to this thing that he talked about called the Gospel so here Paul is not really felt about an idea Paul literally trusted in this person Jesus Christ this same Jesus whom he was preaching his Gospel to the extent that he had such a pace that even under a collection he would win souls to the gospel of Jesus Christ what was operating and that may what was operating in him as he stood before Nero are just about to be sentenced to death and then ending into the prophet says never had they seen a man wears such a look of holy calmness as did the prisoner before him when he was permitted to speak in his own behalf all listen with eager interest is worth what got their attention they've never seen a man's so-called silly piece so on afraid and when he opened his mouth everybody wanted it we had to say when he opened his mouth with more than human eloquence and power he urged home upon their hearts the truths of the gospel that and that's where the Lord began to give me some understanding what did Paul talk about then moved cities in an Shaler Zen and even kings on their throne is urging the control of something called the gospel his words strike a chord which vibrates in the hearts that even the most hardened soldiers cursing and look over to listen to this man who seems to be inspired and whatever you are saying vibrates in their hearts and they feel a twinge that they haven't felt since they were ten and the materials in unison with the mission of Angel 's never before had the company listened words like these the Jews were destined to shake the nations they were endowed with the power that would live through all time and as he stands as God 's representative and his words are as the voice from heaven the cause of true do which is devoted his life he makes to appear as the only cause that will never fail though he may perish for the truth saying the gospel will not perish and he's triumphing that God lives in the truth will try off as I listened out what is the gospel that is motivating this guy disguise about to have his head cut off and yet he seems unafraid he seems concerned about us what is this gospel his countenance glows with the light of heaven as though reflecting the rays of the sun tears and in many eyes it it never before been seen to weep the gospel message found its way into the minds and hearts of many would never listen to it but for the imprisonment appalling even Nero on his throne that man whose soul was staying with matricide even to heal the imitation of mercy was extended to that guilty and hard in the row is even NARAL for quick moment and open and as it sees as a field day I'm yes no-name you know why and how they are murderous incestuous self can be say and terrorize me row the thing that he would have to stand before God and yet there's not listening I don't want to destroy you I'm not willing that any should perish but that also come to the knowledge of repentance yes even you can respond to Paul's God Nero slammed the door on Paul and when he did he slammed the door on his own salvation because I discovered in this gospel is the issue on which every soul that's ever been born will rise and fall he then believe it and is baptized will be saved either believe if not shall be damned I want to look at the description of policy describes what he did in that courtroom and then will focus in on the details of what he was actually saying look out she describes he was speaking with more than human eloquence he urged home upon the hearts the truth of the gospel his voice was as the voice of heaven but the short-term and long-term effects of this message his words would strike the court even in the heart of the most hardened that was short-term I don't know what they did do it many of them surrendered and became Christians some perhaps did not the long term effects of that message where that they would destined to shape the nation 's ladies and gentlemen it was an longer after much longer after Paula died in all the profits and the apostles it sealed their testimony and blood in this gospel was preached to the known world what was the effect of Paul's countenance and his message upon us here's what one is here is not that in and they reconcile the space 's face reflected the light of heaven as though it was reflecting the raise of the sun his words were not just intellectual word as you are and dangling down the way as Christ was evidently set forth before them crucified in this message called the Gospel found its way into law of many who were there even Nero was affected now when a fast-forward thousands of years to another time Melbourne Australia some Armadale meetings are taking place October November eighteen ninety five we weren't there but there was an eyewitness that we can have a lot of confidence in that is Ellen G White and she describes over and over again God has given a young preacher was preaching that can't meaning brother Prescott a special message for the people this message came from God the truth that come forth from the human list in the demonstration of the Spirit and power he is speaking under the impression of the holies go we are hoping and praying for an outpouring of the Spirit of God upon the people we think that the best class of people are attending the meetings the interest awakened exceeds anything we hadn't yet had here and can't meetings best manners under the inspiration of God people are catching this inspiration of the places that I've just been listening she goes on the right to a discourse given by Professor Prescott it was a most powerful appeal to the people not those not of our facing deeply interested they said there is no life in our churches everything is so cold and dry we are starving for the bread of life and God does when the pause here and I get a chance talking just bit but I just want to say lazy jump too many of our churches had their condition turned up too high it is not God 's will that his message be called when Christ follower even the disciples in the years after years ended heart burn within us Christ methods give you heartburn excuse the expression it doesn't allow you to be keeping temperate it will fire even in the very depths of your soul and one brother Prescott was of the Spirit of Christ they said our churches and try hard charges of called you at minutes have more and you have Brad and she rides these people are the very best class of society all ages sit and listen as for they are life some men who are superintendents of Sabbath schools are eager to get the discourses as they see our report is taking notes in short and they say I do not want to lose one idea all the words are precious and when they saw a white secretary taking notes they monitor Dennis thousand else what he just sang and I looked over those notes again and I'd say that was a powerful message that brother gave it now I give you chance to know where you can find it lazy gentlemen Professor Prescott sermons the words are spoken in the demonstration of the Spirit and with power and look at these terminology the terminology she uses his face is what we know what were the rear than before I think I may safely say I have never in my experience seeing so large a number attending meetings not of our faith he was so hungry for the truth I have never seen an evangelist meeting a lot less this is not just the five non- admin is infinitely adamant as they are this is a large number of non- Adventist think I may safely say I think it was on the job without reading program uses all right and then look at this statement the interests does what steadily does what now ladies and gentlemen we can be raw family here traditionally are our evangelistic meetings start all large and in the path and his likes there is like an episode of survivor in who is not to be left on the island after I get down with the market-based know she said not air this man is inspired if space is a blow and we don't get what he's talking about but let the crowd starts here and hands up he what was he talking about that made such a difference in his meeting versus any other meeting on what it sat under she had sat under the some of the best she says in every sermon will have a severance for your year lazing down for purpose and God wants to help us understand how our evangelism public or private can turn around and become much more effective in every sermon what did he do Christ was what for each and as the great and mysterious truth regarding his presence and work in the hearts of men and women a clear blame the truth regarding his second coming he has relation to the Sabbath his work as creation his relation to man and the source of I hope you have a glorious unconvincing life that same convention in the arts with solemnity the people said what they say when it walked out at meeting place in Jonathan M on the candle and I have to tell you I'm burning and I'm burning now as then around a little bit and I were again and I'm an evangelist how often does we have to remind people that were breaking the trail I recently aired a deer story revived from back in the seventies of a before the Sabbath message was price the story was told of how the you know to lost his closer member this story is an old story to losses calls lactose to disclose why he was skinny-dipping women in the County told a lie into his clothes and how he had breached and bridges that night I appreciate the naked truth when Pastor Prescott got been his preaching and have to say now you have heard the truth when the people that they say that we have listened to about ten I Prescott preach Christ the audience said we learn the truth and what Preston Prescott did it and when he did not do he did not say tonight I'm one talk about the state of the dead hinges sixty checks on this day the dad ended up in the about Jesus that's not preaching Christ that's preaching doctrine and spicing it up with Jesus Christ Christ is not a spice rhizotomy the main meal somebody said have a little salt have a little potatoes with those your salt looked very carefully even talk about sadness and end up about Jesus we talked about here is that that makes all the difference in the world I am a manager might does not admit I'm sludges then back to see the big picture so Paul is rocking kingdoms Kings arriving in their chairs soldiers are working in center to make invented as this man is about to be sentenced to death his face is going the gospel is reaching the Prescott comes Australia where admin is at this time had a bad name nobody believed that we were even Christians he comes in preaching and the people saying that man is inspired Batman 's breach in the grip look in his face glowing like the sun can we had those notes remember you two gentlemen were coming to a Sabbath afternoon service one remarked to another they want to read this Wednesday wait what is it positive right it is that little bit too true that it didn't have a stag party to an outright all the years Moses and Mount Sinai wrapped up in prophecy nothing Rolla Moses was a man Moses is where Regina go on a problem outside or what came from a but that's what they say that's all we're going here there's no get a whipping Marine on what happened read with the gloves is what after the meeting all yet what and what shot what a shock we don't put any here nine outgoing years Moses and nice mouse on a bullet and added what that he could hardly believe busy what they're not anyone without playing gospel car along our and social Prescott 's meaning is going from strength to strength word is getting out never masturbated like that may we never heard cries like this man is originally never seen related to so many different subject in the Bible we thought it was a little baby born in a manger and admin but he is connected with every electronic in the sixties as well as talk about Christ I've read I read one of his original pretty regular decided this thing is change my life and my ministry this brother would preach the gospel he had a sermon entitled the gospel install the debug of sunlight installments the first found Jesus Christ Gospel was being presented when people were being unfortunate stone and yield tested for breaking the taken as I know you all can figure out the Gospels being pushed back please is what God is trying to teach you is that any time a center runs in direct contact with the law all the laws going to his cognitive you come in contact with the law in Christ and in those stones will be made into bread it will save me and the people just can we get actually get that can we get that many wooded tended the bright meeting two years ago that he supposed that it sat there was a revelation seminar seven banners Revelation seminar they know where we were coming from the SLK you will have a lot of good information on unbundle back to my churches share with my church I heard that more times than I care to doubt that they were now present Armenia meeting they went through the meetings without deciding to obey the truth but are manifesting a greater was interesting year as Saul Landau so what that obedience to the truth funny word what better the people who sat through meetings before and heard this they never like that and were baptized she says over and over again the people were eager to hear the word of God is under the direct demonstration of the Spirit of God we've heard many say I've been told that this people do not reach Christ but I've never attended meetings were Christ was more manifestly taught and exalted in the sermons and in every line of work at these meetings and Alan White gives her statement and what is and is rated together how can Seventh-day Adventists preach any other hard doctrine according to the prophet especially after she underscores here in Prescott is to be Christ in connection with every other truth in the Bible and so I see a direct parallel between Paul and Prescott they're both very clearly under a hard under the influence people listen as if spellbound Paul points into the great sacrifice Prescott in every sermon Christ is preached their faces are going Paul found loaded the God of the gospel down the way to the minds and hearts of many the invitation mission was extended even to the guilty party Nero and Pope Prescott the same thing some of those who attended the meeting were baptized our Sierra Cinema testimony so I was a languishing along as a pastor in one of our conferences iced started pestering and the Duke as way down in the middle of nowhere and went through traditional educational training member getting on sermons from all the great evangelist all of us were called to do evangelism and it would scare me to death the thing that I do stand for it on fifty sixty seventy hundred people and and hopefully at the end of it somebody would give their hearts to Christ so I tried to mimic all the great preachers in all the sermons I used to get some of the service from one of the great evangelists who is now resting and you have sermons entitled Adam 's mother 's birthday and great chicken supper that's when the birds and I need all the lost old dolls of the sermon designed to get people to move out of their seats I remember in evangelists share with my mean date with a group of us that the best way to get people to make a decision is is this is to frighten them with sudden-death and if they sit long enough you start telling stories on how people die when they did respond to the baptism of appeal and he had a lot of stories from people getting their heads hit open X two and that was my method of evangelism night I guide guided no anything else but I knew that it was losing its ability to work my wife and I long to other evangelists were out in Las Vegas about a few years ago and I met a friend who knew somebody that could help me and even I know I needed help at the time he did in additionally to Amanda was going to share with me the gospel of Jesus Christ I was what I was breaching and as I sat and listened to this man is you share the gospel my heart was melted he began to share with me things that I never read before in context thoughts like before I was even us RFI says Jesus love me enough to pay for the penalty of my sins and fall I learned that God 's love was unconditional I knew that in theory but not in practice that while I was still his enemy God was not waiting for me to do one step when he would take two so people know Jesus would take all the steps come to where I was not on my door and the only thing he would not do was force his way into my heart and as I began to listen to these choose my mind was stirred and I began to assess Minnesota think these things are too good to be true but against share with me where I can learn about and I rented to others who were friends of his hours sharing books that had this message called the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ they said look this thing is how it's changed my life is changed by the admired my interaction with my children is to raise my ministry and I said well look into this thing in the study discovered that this was no new phenomena want to share with you I began to study deeper into this everlasting Gospel this message and I'll share the just admitted exactly what it is willing to share with you the impact it's had since that time that I learned how to preach Christ in connection with every doctrine I have seen God transform my ministry my baptisms have gone from helpless Lord to baptizing nearly seventy percent of the second night on and I've seen it over and over and over again it's not the main this message with my wife we were not in Tacoma Washington we just started learning this message went out there and they had a meeting with a friend of ours 's in his church opening I worked eighty nine advantage that was a miracle because it was held in the church six weeks later we baptized sixty next year went to Minneapolis Minnesota had about a hundred and fifty on opening night hundred twenty five on opening night six weeks later baptize and ninety started a brand-new charge only three we only allowed three Seventh-day Adventist to come over everyone else was brand spanking new only the handheld the musician and his wife are and how that was widely Adventist and nobody else was brands making them we had chaos for a while because they never heard of Sabbath school and in all those things my wife was superintendent of the sound school and in a few years God is so transform those dear brothers and sisters our children were studying how the great controversy for Sabbath school some of those children went on to preach in connection with one of my evangelistic 's campaigns and twenty young people gave their hearts to Christ and were baptized went down to St. Louis the year after that did another meeting on the final sound made our peel eighty people came down for baptism in them to the list just goes on and on and on his Fresno resistance spring and not allow much time we have I have a testimony that the wife gave out of no file you you have time to hear all this but she is just marveling not it may she's marveling at the power of preaching Christ and what it is had the impact it has had on her church and on the audience and we had a long large baptism in connection with that campaign this is her singing and talking here it here instead and I can give you that video a little later after so let's get into lots nuts and bolts of what this messages and I have much in the audio Bibles and have tense okay you do one for him and take pictures off just a second and I want to share some quotes with you in some Bible texts Ephesians chapter wine and verse six if somebody has like you to read it Ephesians chapter one and verse number six the money have that someone can read that divorce where he has made us what everybody accepted now so according to the text we just read are we accepted because of how good we are are because of how good someone else's ball what you think that Texas and avoided meeting at six we think that success God has made us accepted where who was the beloved in Christ so Christ has done something there is doing and I that has caused God to accept the entire human race and dogs one of you made a few notes on the screen on this board and just wanted what you will read another text go to second Timothy second Timothy chapter one and verse nine of my semi to read that these are things that I never heard before but when I understood it began to believe in and try to experience it in the shared that has broadside tremendous tremendous results somebody read that forcibly second Timothy chapter one verse nine all right now I'm asking you this question is asking audience what sense is Jesus talking about in this text secondly just one person I was a past president of joining the board of your all right past tense okay so according to this text somewhere in the past he had done what is called us rise of the first thing I'll say this all right okay and where do they do all this yes he has read the decks again for it was given elsewhere not when where and cries and when was it given to us so when did you begin before the world began or after the war began okay so you started after the war began I did as well but before the world began God did what to us in Christ and he didn't want to us he has called us and he has saved us in Christ that's why fire any dividend be for the world began so when I meet a drunk on the street cannot sell him with Scripture assures that brother in Christ God has already saved you from the penalty power and presence of this and yes or no can I delve a drunk that so-and-so was indefinitely down the job God has done it and well if you come to my church God might say he was visiting that was wanted to be more helpful to that person that God has done in our that God could do it God has done your better than the sun you're not really a draw you just have a drinking problem but God has called you God has saved you in Christ accepted you have them on saying that and this death was not given to you when you join the church this gift was given to you according to the Bible when before the world began and what part people do that get 's up to them but God is given it to them before the world began as of this becomes then the bases of our discussion as I do evangelism I've been preached what this gift is and how this tip works so this go to move gently to an verse ten a quarter we want to read it is called as the state is in Christ for the world began to slip in the details on how that works out Luke chapter two verse testamentary that sex worth recruitment have all right person was a good joy the good news everybody verse ten okay so according to the angel that Jesus Christ was the Savior on a people this was good news out of people to the Muslims how about good news atheists about to those who don't believe he still their Savior they just don't believe this is what the angel told in the side one the other day the shepherds shepherds were of course to tell the world that Jesus Christ was the Savior for all men and policies and over and over again now the same as from what what you know I don't get all the sticks what he sees the same as from how do you know Bible says so and thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall what save his people from their what sin all right as soon as we know and I like to share this and am sharing this with you soon as a penalty it has power and has presence so what is the penalty or the wage of sin all right what is and Indocin and the power yes Paul says that when I would do good evil is present with me and the thing that I don't want to join in doing and sin has a presence the Bible says the law of sin is in our members Jesus came to save us from our and said so can I tell a throng that when you received Christ in all his fullness in Ali has paid for the penalty of all your sins be as enough power to keep them from drinking the night then I tell them that Cheney believe that certainly experience that can expand that tonight and any other masses ladies and gentlemen is not setting people free I had the privilege of sharing this was said Judy zero together Fresno California after six weeks of seeing Christ and him crucified and seeing his love thing is power say howdy he initiates out against pursuing an alley how I doesn't wait on us he always comes in the door not unbeknownst to me there was a lady who was very consistent in coming on some miracle how she even came are however does the money on a video but unbeknownst even to us after we heard testimonies that she was a twelve year she was the top seller of Dyson vacuum cleaners in the nation still lives she also is everybody but what we didn't know she had a twelve year myth had met is worst in crack twelve years she was a high functioning drug or she had pleaded with God to get her off of Matt and had been successful she came out and she heard how Christ can save on the penalty and the power and ultimately at the second coming for the presence of said as she decided to trust God surrender completely to his arm stopped trying and just trust God surrender fully damn it she wrote me this this testimony ninety four days later she e-mails me since Pastor God is kept me off of Matt ninety four days and she quoted even the sun is set free is free and the God can set us free this is the gospel that will end the people to lay hold on that fund penalty power and the presence of sin and done so these are the things I was sharing them share with me first of all and then I began to share night after night and I don't even touch when I do evangelism I divide my evangelism into two sections the first half of my Elizabeth I got this by looking at what Prescott did and by and by establishing what Paul does amuse talk when you read the book of Romans the first half of my advances the meeting or my Bible studies I spent entirely and exclusively on talk about what Christ has done to save us and I although they'll do the list of all the things it is done and what he is now complete that salvation is and only after about halfway through I invite people to receive this Christ to let him move in Internet life and to live out his life in them and only after they had made this decision and they made it only after they've had to accept the Texan evidence of evidence of what Christ has promised that its price said he had done and they believe that then I began to share with them what Christ will do when he lives in now when Christ comes into the heart of the Senate who surrenders what day do you think he's going to keep when he moves in if he's allowed to have his way what Davies executive wildlife exotic sex goodness and badness why do you think Jesus is going to keep the Sabbath when he comes in his the Sabbath keeper of Allison in New Testament times right but he's what that's saying that's what I want to hear you what say yesterday today and forever so do I need to try and convince able to be called the Sabbath keepers or do we invite them to let the Lord of the Sabbath commie on it makes all the difference in the world you see when I use decreases that I would give you hundreds of well hundred and forty tax or thereabouts that the seventh day is the Sabbath that you want to keep entry mosaic I do very much that's good information I'll take it back to my church maybe we'll start even sat but now when I reached the Senate as I told my owners of the church that is to pastor no longer not long ago that God you can preach the Sabbath without even talking about the temperament the ten commands are to be just icing on the cake I was talking with with the passive things and how you do that so well you just go to Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter one in the beginning God created the what is anywhere that is taken down I certainly did all the work God David and after God does all the work and man does not do the work in the next thing we see is God sitting down on the seven day and doing what resting breath because he start no rest and because his work is what finished it's done its part to any invites Adam I didn't even help me but you get to sit down and celebrate with you get to rest with me on my day of rest because I did all the work so I share with the audience that the seventh day is always Christ data were when he demonstrates that his work is now perfect and finished second in the New Testament God gave him a new job because of sin man is fallen into a deprived of the praise situation God sent not his son to condemn the world without the world through him might what I say is always worked for thirty two and a half years was the same why his name shall be called Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins and after thirty three happy years of living out a perfect life so that we can have a perfect record now had to die that debt that you deserve any goals of the dead man sailed he gives his life policy Isaiah says he pours out his soul ended and his final words on the cross before he expired were in is what and in the very next thing the same it does after saving the world is we find him doing what resting in the tomb on Monday seventh day because that's always his day on when his work is now what finished in so-called brings us into the New Testament and says we which have believe the gospel do enter into rest even as he says the Lord rested on the seventh day so when you connect the Sabbath with Christ of Christ with his savage then people don't walk away from the same well you all keep Saturday we keep Sunday we all love Jesus and all the cancer than in now they realize now the Jesus you love and the Jesus I love is the Lord of the standard that is his sign that he may not without any help from us was a man and he saved us without any help from most of what is a man it is all his work which he started and it is God 's work which he has what finished and when he wrestled the seven phases not now believe that rest with me on my day of rest Christ in use the hope of glory and as people begin to embrace Christ in all of his fullness since his day it begins to transform their life party present the health message in connection with Christ I hear live as we talk about the message and is always wonderful to talk about how we if we'd better will live longer lazy John is at the motivation for us to embrace the help message and are not the only little higher than that when we connected with tries you don't have to talk about well it's because you know is a vegan resists the connected with Christ it has is all motivating for Jesus considered his body to be a Temple to destroy this temple and in three days I raise it up as they concerning his body when that Christ is brought into my experience I understand how Christ views his body when Christ comes in how then will the new believer view his body as what has the temple of the Lord and just as we would let anybody desecrated church this new believer when he finally understands that his body the laws of this saving was given in this complete inexpensive salvation and he ought not let the devil desecrate his temple all whole new motivations comes into play for clean and unclean foods I'll call tobacco and all these other things go to see them and you say amen and so lays in German this is what Christ has given us in this message was given to the church and I could just go on all the doctors they are all connected with Christ in just that same way God sought to give this message to us in he gave it to us over and over again I want to read a text passage from you that you may be familiar with it's it passes it on White says in the wild wonderful writing about this message you are never heard of the history of the church in eighteen eighty eight year alabaster morgue probing question how many of you had the privilege of want to Ron's Rhonda Field seminar this morning okay if you didn't get a chance to go to that you have to pick I don't know this thing is on CD but you need to get that seminar this is not a flash in a plant Canada's just have to God has sent this message over a hundred and twenty some odd years ago through June young man named Jones and Waggoner and this message was to help us lift up Christ more evidently before the world it was to restore our eyes back to Jesus as our only Savior Noel White Road hanging upon the cross Christ was the gospel now we have a message behold the Lamb of God was taken away the sins of the world this is our message our argument our doctor are adopting is to be working just describe in it we would do that and let him up and connect all the Scriptures was examined it would literally transform our lives our churches and the world around us while these men were preaching this message I just for those you that don't know God sent this message and the policing of this book called the return of the lettering okay those of you have not the guy to get it in cat 's was a where's the movie of those in all four thirty nine skull the glad tidings eighteen eighty glad tidings publishing group and I know most of you have not seen this how do you have this book are just a few this is called soft start won't get in the house of his friends this was called the return of the latter rain but one of the latter rain believe it or not I the Lord began to pour out his Spirit when they were studying this message and beginning to experience integration along with pouring out his spirit in the early drops of the latter rain revivals were sparking up all over the America and Battle Creek in Australia and New Zealand in Russia fifteen -year-old missing the latter rain is beginning to fall laws of the insurance remember reading about some folks up in Battle Creek they were nonadministrative charred bodies and is having some meeting down there in their tabernacle they want to go here these evidence breach they were thinking about making any decisions they just walked in and the spirit of God was moving so powerfully in that meeting that Ellen White that someone was totaling alike that people were converted they went out to their homes telling the neighbors would God it done for them and they immediately began to campus keep the seventy seven even though they had her in his arms arms their hearts were so tender and just a little with the Holy Spirit they said yes Lord not only a hundred and forty tax I see I'm not arguing I am yours you are mine if the Sabbath the longer you in the long stem the analyzer being change lazy gentlemen and L and as the spirit of prophecy the lidless or the testimony Jesus says over and over again Jesus if that had just been maintained and increased Jesus would have come back over a hundred years ago in Oregon the World War I World War II Iraq and this delay God is suffering mean those those poor people in Syria I watch a document is good watching more every time those children will be on cry out to whoever they crowd to calling on God God hears their cry he feels that pain none of this needed to happen if we had kept looking to Jesus Christ in this message but the book is encouraging because it says the return of the lettering we know based on the spirit of the Bible in Revelation chapter eighteen that this world will be enlightened with the glory of God which is a vendor that and I believe you are the generation that is going to rain this experience back into our homes and into our churches aren't you tired of legacy make you sick were so laid-back so lazy so full of sand so worldly I may even come to a aside it's a safe place to come but most of the places that we have the call home you almost have to skip the praise and worship God it is so all worldly and I'm not putting down anybody I'm just saying that the environment in which we live but button blazer Jim and God wants this thing to change in the message that God is sent to the church you're not want to get the loss Moses you're not running it by just wishing you got Prescott didn't have any added here and then studying the evidence are rendered to bursting he liked it a lot because when you hear this message that Christ is our righteousness it lowers your glory into the dots when you hear that it has all of Jesus and not a new your job is simply to say not high but what not my will but what his job was to do the work you don't get any glory you don't get any points you are willing to be up back here in the sight of God if you willing to being wretched and miserable and naked and God has a rope for you God has gold for you as I said so that you can actually see things as God sees in this message is what we need as as as as a movement as a people I've seen it happen in evangelistic meetings I want to see it happen and churches and more so in my life around the world so there's some unique things that well is this gospel the same thing that the Sunday focus with a talk about how someone asked Ellen what a question is justification by faith the third Angels message she says it is the third Angels message in Verity what was being preached by those men Prescott and Wagner and Jones in Daniels and Olson yellow light was the third Angels message in Verity what is being praised by Sunday churches ladies and gentlemen is not the third Angels message you all know that the Marseille so their version of the gospel is corrupted it does not deliver from sin it gives you a license to continue on in the life of sin they focus on the penalty of sin without focusing on also being delivered from the power of sin and one day from the presence of a doting focus on penalty that well they say Jesus might do it if you come down here speaking to you might be saved if you have the Holy Ghost so Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve once a mighty read that I want up a lot of point in this because my client got away from you fashion I thought I would give you time for questions Revelation chapter eighteen the forty first does the gospel do away with the commands of God no do we make void the law through faith God forbid day we do what that's the only way the law of God is one of the cats is in the law ever moves into our lives no one can keep the ten Commandments better than the one who wrote it so God doesn't ask you that like Jesus is not taken actors Devon is taking people in whom Christ actually layouts and when Christ who is in you when I lived and died the same way Jesus lived yesterday we would live forever so as not for me to figure out how to be good how to stop being bad time to depend upon the promises of God promised Philippians chapter one verse six we confident of this very day that he that hath begun a good work in you will what perform resting on the promises of God is how we enter into this conference presently keep the faith of Jesus that's one of my favorite topics faith of Jesus faith of Jesus expressed towards his father as a man as the Son of Man and the faith of Jesus expresses towards you as a son of God he thinks you were dying for artifact he thought you weren't that before the world began and he said that the best time in history for you to exist is right now you can do more for him right now than Daniel could if it would been are you living now and you bent down and all of the switched .com playing dances on a winter must say that my noticing you will serve me better now in Danube I believe that like Paul we are gone I hear that heavenly call will rise up and grasp all that Jesus is my system was a man sent off this old world view of our fathers this is so I want to encourage you with my body every morning and maintenance services and industry to learn more and I find a coming out and I is the word this 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