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SWYC 2007 Question and Answer Session

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • September 1, 2007
    6:30 PM
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I like to invite our speakers of bronze not here Gregory Aster or Doctor Pitman E3 can you hear I don't think we need to myself a introduction for the minimart Wilensky of introductions we are ready nobody are you want to know more about them there's a little blip about them in your program one thing we will ask them is where the anathema couple of questions on Peter will start with you you can take the Micah here we just want to note is that Matthew is each each one of you what are you doing out is in three minutes or less what ministry or what passes you have in going to places where you need to your truth is like China Cambodia but my my recent passion has been somehow training more people become competent Bible teachers in prison Lord occupant of end devices one etc. by our high addressing issues no one wants to settle Rio vice city actually is draining womanizing and empowering young people to use my passion right now is twofold number one trying to keep congregation together and happy and that's not a challenge it's a wonderful church in the second is leading a ministry called secrets unsealed or purpose is not only to reach out evangelistic we bought our especially to repair material that will strengthen the people that are in the church our foundational beliefs and also to encourage those who have left the church because it is fully understand our beliefs as well as to reach all the sincere Christians who are the Bible students and are interested in not in-depth study Bible preview Lord will we do appreciate your misery each one of you and if young people we do against you reviewer the first question that I have and if one of you three go compelled to take this you're more than welcome or you can all common elements the question is what can we do a young adult in the church regarding the presence of Christian contemporary music in the church the worldly use of mediums such as puppet ministry Christian rap etc. I know you might have a lot to say about this one does so because they don't have the option Julie stated that there are people who are seeking a romantic is because they haven't been so is solely all very much of educating the second you must also have an alternative of sometimes people see the positive and they want it out so let's cut your new interface for example some materials I just have a website of everything before I took the materials out there is a decrease people and then encourage people interested there's something that people will see that this is a week it is not enough if this is wrong show us a positive alternate and you knew else look like just add that many times of being that it appears that those who want a more reverent style of worship are outnumbered that we have a tendency to why not my recommendation is always stand up and be counted on when you see something that goes wrong in the church talk with us music or whatever it is I doesn't mean that you're gone again during the sermon and again all there is a proper place in a public proper time to do it but don't just stay quiet standout recounted talk express the reasons why you would like to see a change and then pray a lot but the Lord will touch the hearts of those who occurred so that people see the weight of the monsters go in music church needs to be replaced by good music group education guiding them what good music you speak what wine good solid biblical messages because you did get it if our young people get paid in goods the messages that they will see all show them to you posting are really empty the different comments but that is from a sincere individual I've recently been considering getting baptized and I was wondering what requirements the Bible mentions for baptism had this is a bit of a hot potato these days but the know that that tendency Thursday's CSI to baptize people shortly after they read the request to be baptized and we don't really prepare them well or for church membership of this reciprocity is clear that we need to give a full series of Bible studies so that people can understand what's in the Baptist believe and they can show an as conversion of their life I used to be in probably this was an excess that the people study for months or years before they enter church membership and so I would say that what needs to happen is there needs to be a study of the fundamental belief of the Adventist church so that people know what the Seventh-day Adventist church believes and slightly angry with the biblical teachings and then I believe that the ready for baptism some people use the argument while in the New Testament you find out baptisms immediately but we need to remember that in the great majority of those these were Jewish astronautics and though they were already practicing you know the health laws of the land they were keeping the Sabbath course without understanding fully its relationship to Christ and saw anywhere in the case of the Philippian jailer it says very clearly that the apostle Paul study Scripture with their with the family and with the jailer before he actually baptized them so I believe that there has to be a series of studies repair people well for Baptist alumni and additionally and what about business times in a new new special and thorough countries a lot of younger people young children maybe eat nine ten the monthly meetings and they want to be baptized they seem sincere how would we approach a situation when well I feel very uncomfortable about baptizing children that are real real young I saw children are very bright at seven or even eight years old I never baptize any junior in Fresno Central church without going through a whole series of Bible studies with children even if their parents are addressed in our sure we understand fully what the church believes and I want to make sure that they love Jesus Christ and that Erhard has been converted to Jesus Christ I can't take it for granted that just because the children of SMS that convert MPEG to understand the teachings of the church and saw I believe that with children we need people who will series of Bible studies and sometimes if we see that the children are mature enough we should wait for it was many times let's admit it were caught up in the numbers game in were intimidated yet always say well you know we want we want to number Israel and therefore were anxious to baptize a lot of people look good it got some motivation to baptize were seriously drop diminutive coons the next question is is common on the three woes was 9/11 prophetically significant in relation to the third woe at theaters to come as far as I know but there will is connected to the seven trumpets and seventh trumpet primarily it is talking about you Mister Joseph and the first two wolves are connected to Ottoman Empire in the fall of his Roman Empire in terms of dedication to nine eleven all personally know biblically no what does 9/11 has some type of an time significance yes before they question how should one approach allegations of plagiarism and Ellen White's writings are given flight is it okay to me that people still some of these is indeed hardly read and write themselves I day challenge anyone who is serious just read her and you'll discover there is nothing new under the sun in front to make you every research anyone can write their papers for certificate of registration you know that you ideas of people and inhibit the inspiration that will disregard the five over seven via material going to ultimate source of information is little but the princess that it is white the Jerry's is what she left off in oh so I always respond that people read and out after the person you think for example an outcome we try not to baptize it yesterday and do not disintegrate on the vital cities they also recruit controversy through Wu and he will be along the east is what it befriends evenings we know so simply read and you'll be surprised to did it is that he was a better costal before and he is holding was to tear down the Adventist church and he went into a Christian bookstore and was never this one and found a bunch of Ellen White quotes and he was going to see how she's a false prophets and of reading her writings and became convinced this is a profit him and the ventricle 's All-Star becomes Seventh-day Adventists simply by reading and what an IHOP it is safe you will will present the next question is actually a follow-up question to some of what you have commented it says here I see I mean all three is why Apple that they can be used to teach kids about Christ and salvation and just what is penalty not talking is a problem when Arnold fifties about I is defrauded I will probably be a little taste will buffet for the White House up in the console will outsource the topic is okay for them okay for them and God have become this from that enable auto and got this letter from the nice is if I could just add something about a related topic minds you know I'm not a very bright person and when I have to see somebody trying to mind something and guess what they're trying to depict epic is a problem I was supposed to make the message of God absolutely clean and diagonal to confuse identity Trail I guess that's one thing that happens with puppets puppets trivialized I especially with adults of the message of the wonderful message of the seven Baptist Church and I saw it it's much better to just open the Bible and and paint pictures in the mind of what God is trying to teach I believe that we need to go to having two children our own I believe it is important to so the spirit of reverence and respect to spiritual things and these all use amid almost like pastor mentioned that is okay for three months old he is my holder and editing but also in terms of a note when they didn't like eleven months twelve months one year things like Constitution the simple way and things like this till or office lessons that spiritual quality so right this is a prophecy question is a brigade at this view on Daniel eleven I is no reason I should like Daniel eleven and is referred on to know more about Dan eleven the audio verse .org we have an awesome sermon pastor board did and hope on ten eleven by our next question so here it while describing the challenge is it take to feel you have a chance to be one of the hundred forty four thousand how you overcome sin and stay close to Jesus what does it take a very good question and very important one and the raw question I think of the experience that you have as it is illustrated in the holy of people children and the candlestick and the altar of the world goal embodied the Holy Spirit to shine you and that personal intimate her life you know they many of us are looking for some fantastic method some incredible ways to become spiritual both processors God has already given us very simple methods to be spiritual and stay spiritual and can find the answer in this ensure and of his ongoing discussion I recognize and tonight I'll be covering someone he thinks next question is I see one that I actually have a question on as well in this day and age of time is a good idea to go to med school or attend school or MBA school or fill in the blank well maybe I can just pick up on that one I thought University and in Columbia for six years theology and this question was surfacing back in the eighties when I taught on the ideas were so close to the end you know maybe I ought to go out and evangelize out to become involved in mission work but the fact is that we can be missionaries while working on a degree the Lord wants us to continue with life he wants us to dedicate our lives fully to the Lord and wherever we are whether it be a S S clueless or whether it be in our job or whatever we should be witnessing the other people we should be sharing the gospel in our life and also in in our words and saw it all I would recommend someone fair to say quit med school and go out as a missionary it all just witnessed what you are you not we recommended that everybody do that Sam Pippin would be about a job as a web anybody at the University of Michigan I realize that that's all religious institution but what really I don't think that's it is necessary due to quit going to school because you feel like Christ is even out the door to the argument of his strategy is a different quality trucks one fifty wherever you are excel it is very easy if you are doing well to revise one of your friends teachers and Ofoto you simply because you are doing well I think the mindset us to be settled that each one of us is a missionary wherever you are and if you cannot be a missionary whatever you are what makes you think you can you be serving outside so we must start somewhere we now and then custard filled aware that the rising years there will be instances where you dig below to make it absolutely clear that in your case Deloitte expects you delete everything and call on a different assignment unfortunately we tend to think it is only when you are out there in a mission field somewhere that you are doing God 's work rather well that's nice you must use often where Google wants us to be next question is in evangelism Biblical and we don't understand and dating evangelism is it's when someone is on a higher spiritual plane and try to convert someone so they can date it in person I will stay on a California this is not a fit of updating evangelism so I like my California is exempt using evangelism is not effective join everyone wisely you may think is that Mister Gore I have no further wisdom tell you what you doing from the ingle dating policy the irony is in regards all the intentionality of Gaza companies everyone but you and make sure people are studying the Bible yes I think the spirit of prophecy to the extent that quite frankly digging out of the question but then my beloved is this by the time the about graduates they discover whether right this is where we create an environment where everyone is three to goal on evangelism streaks in a split their well we may need to reconsider our YouTube so-called aging is something to think about they did break on next question what is probation closer Seventh-day Adventist to the close of the national son-in-law writes just try and say a few things about this in early writings page job pages fifty four fifty six Illinois I seems to present three groups she says there's true but really when the vision and serve three bears the world things there are those people in eighteen forty four who remain in the holy place and there are those who entered with Jesus into the most holy place now Leviticus chapter sixteen it seems to indicate that the process of the cleansing of the sanctuary actually also follows a threefold process the cleansing of the most holy Place comes first with those individuals who entered the most holy place and then there's the cleansing of the holy place and finally there's the cleansing of the court so there seems to be process of judgment when it comes the cleansing of the century seems to indicate that were much light is given God 's people are held accountable first this is something I'm still studying but I believe that there's some merit to the fact that judgment begins in the house of God like the Bible says and that's what easy to chapter nine I seems to indicate as well okay next question what would you suggest on how to take things that we have learned here and presented to our churches I think you should just go on to allow you to experience a definite character changed in your life at an end live the life of Christ pray that not for self pride or glory appraiser people may see a definite change in your image I believe that you come first and then perhaps people ask you what happened Google will give you opportunity to speak we all people three faiths we all emphasize the old M3 things one week old and I went for it second we owe them our example and favorite tweet for them there's no weakness don't underestimate the power of prayer it is not consistent you also ensure that needs to be brought to bear in your local congregational your home begin with prayer and local sets the conditions right then as you will see it is not example Romans still tells us to be transformed of being a change week on multiple mission to go and check well what should exist we are to be changed when we are change inevitably results in impacting our surrounding this wife is not example always think of the second lead author you can then ask Google opportunity to say what you're stating when people see in your life and it was recovered by the ground and it is much easier to accomplish to the next question is whether short period of time the Chrysler not be our intercessor under the time because provision we will still be protecting us what will be the difference or effect of this trying to understand the question will be more slow a better way of putting it is maybe will be the functional difference is not a mediator in protecting us so how is protecting his or how has rule changed well his intercession for sale at some financial information closest but then he is going to protect those who have claimed him as their intercessor so you know and that's what the standing up of Michael means in Daniel chapter twelve in verse one says Michael stands up and he is the great protector stands guard over his people and there will be a time of trouble such as never has been seen since I was a nation so for those with claim Jesus as their justification sanctification for those who have truly received Jesus as their sense of inclines from the site sorry this is nothing in the world that can touch them during the time of trouble it will be protected because if God did not protect them during this no one would be left alive the next question is what happened to the tribe of Dan how does that fit with a hundred forty four thousand is interesting to notice that the tribe of Dan is missing in the list in gross and separate seven and when you study the tribe of Dan based upon what Jacob said Jacobs said that Dan electro snake that attacked by its Dan means judge according to your language and that means if you should have good name judge you're able to judge all somehow Jacob was able to see the evil side of the other side of that characteristic of judge that he did he becomes speaking equine so I believe that's the one of the reasons why then is not part of the hundred forty four dollars and because of this text in the book of Psalms chapter fifteen again the question is who should be able to stand alone before the holiness of God is unable to apply together with Jesus in Psalms chapter fifteen verse one more who shall abide in thy tabernacle who shall dwell in thy holy hill of course each connected to revolution chapter fourteen one hundred for four thousand standing on Mount Zion holy ill or holy mountain they are able to step up Christian you know what this uprightly and what does righteousness is to guess the truth in his heart he got back by if not with his tongue and that was a characteristic of tribal or federal sticks of debt perhaps that has spiritual lesson for us that if we have backbiting spirit we cannot be part of the hundred forty four thousand and your member one hundred thousand to have no dial in the quartile is the Greek word singles which saw some versions translate his life so there's no lie in their mouths next question how does a conservative avoiding spirit of criticism with a Laodicean attitude in the church for my to do us a lot of good to avoid the notice text conservatives and liberals theologically we are a feature-rich competitors there's nothing that I been his liberal in the past when it has been his deliverable is a theological liberalism has a lot of abilities this is not important in the Bible and in all fundamental beliefs there physically out in the past when you are illiberal we call it a box right in a backslider is essentially out of a church that is a great analysis on what social group it cannot release label so that now I can call myself a liberal I think and by adding the wetly brought companies we are basically legitimizing Fox sleepiness a hallmark of being another vibration of authentic so there is no such thing as an Adventist book eater you are not enough in your kernel that is I don't get into the spirit of prophecy you are not an Adventist at best you'll have to ask leading but what has happened is when we start using these days they brought up and did what we are saying is you can't be a plus slider and okay so this is a response to the question last day away from the labels we understand what it means in a you are in the Adventists are not listed with the real question then how can a person if Bible believing offense of the UK now a Bible believing Adventists present state shall without sounding judgment up with other person less face it we used to be intimidated by these things don't be offended is to be judgment at the safety will be on offenders is to be judgment the notion that you should be the judge and mentor in my old union is misguided because once you pick is I you are basically saying once that is right all role dissects you you are making a maharaja McCoy judgment tells the week of being false to say in judgment is parole but secretly speaking is knows this so we must recommend it if you go to my website I have an article don't judge me know that the gospel of tolerance when I have shown that one is nonsensical it is to become an eternal son because of logic unfortunately legal assistant people get integrated and we all talked and just with I don't want to be judgment about not being documented in all as I saw him but I think the real thrust of the question is how can we be nice I think in all your convict catchiest Yukon be modestly in all your activities and I think it is a biblical obligation but don't get into the bootstrap that if you make a judgment on a database and it is wrong and consequently that is being judgmental that the recruits of white liberals liberal competitive second don't buy into the notion that being judgment is necessarily wrong the real issue is that you agree with the person and be disagreeable biblical Christianity you know calls upon us even when you disagree with a new one to be nice and catchy is about it there's nothing wrong with that I like to have a last question no question I have brought review 's club of other times in the e-mail them until he won't minor questions dear Doctor Pitman passive or we make you so much you been challenging us and to make changes in our lives that do this your first stop was you commented in this generation many of the youth you want to see Jesus in this generation our question for you and I like each one of you to make a statement about this what can we do to finish this work this is him I what you do we are accustomed to Julie she go e.g. we must be in Oslo this is just to IC is about the G when the cover of Christ is perfectly reproduced amongst those people that he woke up and shouting for rescues we must be Council I believe the following Jesus is an all or nothing commitment you know Jesus gave the parable the couple Perl he said that we need to sell everything that we have the purchase of four and if I'd like to ask how many of us would be willing to trade everything we have for every vendor Jesus S so the trade-off sure yell we really think that if we sell all that you hotwire given up a lot but the fact is that by getting all we gain the Perl and Perl is Jesus and we have everything I think what God is waiting for in not only the use of it in his church is a total and complete commitment to Rice realm of our lives not only our resource as our talents our time our energy our influence he wants us to put everything on the altar of sacrifice in only will that happen I only will that lead to finishing of the work others we need to return to the spirit of the pioneers you want to read some amazing stories read the story of the other dark ceiling Joseph Bates and read how James White literally worked himself to death because he was committed to this message and so it takes a one hundred percent commitment on our part and that's what the final generation is to be all about they're going to give everything to the cause of Jesus in the market hold anything back and that's what I'm praying for you happen to be a church we need a generation of youth and old beer to live but Christ in this modern age you committed to be faithful with small and do your best but always ready to do things or gone dream big do not satisfy with Lola 's strong for the glory of God and with all shows you something to do that which is beyond your capability ability then grasp greater faith accomplishes and willing to sacrifice anything to make it happen some bolded and young people 's will be a man with this concludes our question-and-answer session we will be meeting at 's next meeting seven forty five back at Ponderosa before you guys take off on the asset each one of you stand for a closing prayer occupant and you get us the honors pray for our South with you conference and the people who are represented here say organizers officiating on a semi hot something very touched to see how initiate in California and judiciary world by bringing some of it up best most dedicated stages of update and possible to share with us this is what happens as a result about and photos you send out I think we are witnessing general reason of the generation of their factories you'll is free a father we are so thankful that you have doing it again we are thankful that we can steal several state companies in our generation we thank you Lord for the organization of this meeting explains you are teaching us already I believe you've already been speaking clearly to answer one of fuss there are areas in our lives that we once you'll help to overcome it is very easy to hide behind questions as a cover-up to our own S&L florals but we need your help we want to be what you've told us to be as only three that in the coming days you even make things clear before we leave this place each one of us with you you what do they make us winning elections are you left us no peace I'm so relieved it all on the altar and go wherever you feed us to go get each one of us faithful faithful until the phobia in Jesus name amen


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