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How God Saved Me from the Devil's Workshop

Gabriel Arruda


Unaware of the hard trials that awaited him, at the age of 21, Gabriel Arruda enrolled in an art school.  In his fourth year, in the midst of struggles, he felt God calling him to something greater! Join Gabriel as he shares his story of God's power to snatch him from the fowler's snare.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries



  • August 8, 2014
    7:00 PM
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like to share a portion of my testimony I call save you from the devil 's workshop before I get into his I like to say an additional WordPerfect please just our heads my father in heaven I still compelled to again ask for your mercies and ask for your spirit please come to the particular instructor was using his instruments teach us how each and every one of us to walk away with that which you were hoping we would walk away with help me Lord as the sword receives to be open to your are working in your power and help us all as learners and listeners to be opened to allow that seem to enter into our hearts to journey them on bear fruit unto eternal life we ask in Jesus precious name amen so I grew up as a seven out of the site up in a loving Seventh-day Adventist home can anyone say praise the Lord for letting Seventh-day Adventist homes praise God I was so happy the honor and privilege to have grown up in a wonderful loving home like that however there was a problem I was not converted I had not given my life yet to Jesus and so after Academy and after two years of junior college I was really asking myself the question what do I want to do with my life and I am I really wasn't sure I knew I was that two things I was good at snowboarding I was good at arts and at your age of twenty I was cracked my skull open on the back foot gone bad snowboard trip and so I figured is probably not the direction I'm going and sell at the age of twenty one I worked out the guts and high I signed up and I shipped out I went to art school as you pursue my dream as an artist and I enroll in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco which wasn't too far from where I grew up in Sacramento area and my major was an illustration of the illustration major and my specific concentration within a major was to be a concept artist now for those of you who don't know what a concept artist is that the person who gets hired by a big motion picture company or beginning company and draws all this amazing stuff that it is wanted to do some searches and other ones that actually design what we are is going to look like the characters look like the guns and I would like before the accident make it on the screen or the naked on the game or the comic or whatever it is an enormous was either really cool thing to do an illustration apartment as illustrator because they threw gobs of money you do not work for some no high profile company or motion picture company and they pay you to draw me stopping your something movies and yes the premiers and this was exactly what I wanted to do I was completely enamored and captivated with this I like to lose just exactly what I wanted to do as an artifact of the school I went to they had something at the end of the year call this spring show and when all of the artists you have to qualify to enter but only artists especially the senior students would show their work the new illustrator working companies would come and they would hire students on the spots and as America had a special room for George Lucas for those you who don't know we as Star Wars guy is the director of ILM industrial light and Magic and he would come in year before use and there were some kids that we hired our software violent and so you know I thought to myself man this is my chance this is my chance and I was only eleven make money and arts and you know you're really been out with a lot of money going to that school and beyond enough room wrong I'm a little doing and Cisco be awesome and I'm the enough money to do what I love to do and so I was working really hard and I was on the fast track to becoming a consummate artist for some motion picture company some some gaming company perhaps but little did I know what the time God did not want me to work for the entertainment industry and he would make that very clear and he would radically intervene in my life if I got not done this is very likely that I is exactly where we ended up in entertainment as he working somewhere because that's where all of my old school friends are today like the show of unity and here's an old roommate of mine I truly discover your Marter said he is a animator at Pixar he worked in the movie there but several years ago and on the blog of his and easier talking on some animation website announced this seat was the animated for some pics or movies to see who the enemy to the devil in any of the download is talking about Eileen notably this is these that is why was talking about this how he was often reminded of really good for years and is working at Pixar access omitting the scene there also can you not see was also an illustration major really really amazing concert artists even as a student and he works as a concept artist for Pixar now as well is working that another friend Nick I couldn't find pictures of him but another friend who was is another enemy to their niche and this I hear he was actually mentor of mine Doris the really household my skills as an artist and now he's working for a confidant for videogames and was required to network doing projects for them another friend of mine with and on the same dorm room level together and with young single friends they counter and he does special that Hansen behind my island works at George Lucas 's company and his first project to recounting hotlinking on two thousand nine and down the tiny Martin decided to read up on him because he knows that the success graduate getting hired by a lender working with them and some of the more recent movies he worked on Transformers two parts entered into things that will brings everyone knows about sending us of these guys my old classmates out there producing the movies that are not aliens are testing my to watch and that probably were I would've been that was my house my courses were wanted to be when God did something obsolete amazing for me while living at one of the most liberal wicked cities in the country once one of the most liberal work in schools and city are with converter God got a hold of me and radically changed my life now that particular story is a whole different story of limited opportunity to share how that all can announce another very interesting story but God opened my eyes for the first time in my life and showed me what a wonderful person he was and what a terrible person harmless and he helped me to see that everything good in my life was because of him anything that ever happened in my life was directly because of him and yet I was rejecting absolutely rejecting him and I revealed to me into a series of painful but wonderful circumstances that Jesus was indeed the best friend I ever had but no one everyone is well Harris let me know never Jesus Jesus and despite this however I still have lots of junk in my head from decades of TV education and despite this the conversion experience I went through in San Francisco I was still very determined to work as a concept artist and so God had to do something else very radical to get my attention in the area of my life was needed in my third year of art school woman in backup the first two years I live in downtown sentences got me right in the middle of all the buildings as really an Internet person as they came in the suburbs and all Israelites but about the turn of my second year I absolutely hated it's just the craziness in the ways the homeless people hitting your constantly in and just I couldn't stand anymore so I decided to get out of there and move the more I was enrolled for services though I'm a more suburban area of the city outside the outer Richmond and my third year I moved to a quiet place and this is actually it right here on the forties forty nine Fulton and a friend of mine at church I told me he was in the bottom level this place in the first level any civilian bombings available your comments he is known as later laments usually really nice landlord and everything worked on her face sweet little lady landlords just wonderful woman and it was a very comfortable place and I didn't sign the lease paid my first and last in an iMovie and while continuing to live in this place I continue to pursue my goal to be a concept artist for the entertainment industry and around this time a little before that my wife and I can start recording and you shouldn't come over and I be doing homework as you know my stuff enough to draw stuff to prepare to make stuff for the motion pictures and unfulfilled so I was drawing lots of what are a lot of monsters lots of people killing each other in a stuff like that to looking at something just a single agreement ends no not really Christlike and an out and I think I figured out you know the way my family I'm not a dog shooting anybody anything like that you know this is just the latest drawing interest is what I have to do and I'm not really into this stuff the number of your business is just what I have to do to prepare to know what was my goal to doing now and I kind of disorder that he does understand that this is what I told myself in my head and shortly after who've been there my friend from church to live in the level below me who got in there he came up and knocked at my door one night and eleven and eight was going on he said hail I tell you when the problem here in the apartment complex I thought we did I certainly recently drove electricity here's a link that with the problem is that while it's coming on the spiritual nature as this is interesting was going on he said when the landlord rights methodology has to she's so sweet he said he her grandson is so sweet so I know the reason the grandson hasn't yet yes I got you he's a devil worshiper he literally worship Satan presently I really didn't know that he is yeah I'm he's actually practicing his double worship here at our apartment and while I didn't realize that living in Indonesia and the black families my how is there and he said you know things have actually been happening around the soulless medicine like what any so well for instance prior to everyone coming over for Friday night Bible study night and I will level the first one though that's where we would have our young adults group would mean just like this from a certified policy should look hard everyone will the real from the proven high she got there early there was talking the hallway and down that I didn't want to process these arrears talking the hallway and is a dark shadow on the right on the wall went to the holy one and through to the other wall and since we do something demos open and shortly after that things are coming and we didn't tell anybody about it everyone would enjoy playing in my study and so I'm telling you now what's going on and I said what was this guy in the slammer dismantling where the Nazis and well you know that's actually the reason is because my content meeting of his grandma and so I called the police and using yelling to left feeling a certain bias this stuff even though he nonstop is still happening here is that I was praying on my bed the other night and this is why all hardwood floors old hardwood floor says as a reminder of your night in this guy 's bedroom action was right above that is the area where this young network practices double portion just as I was praying there is a lot of anger and turmoil down there so much so than the fact that when I was pretty much been my mentor started hopping around the harbor floor just to destroy them I can look a little record was hoping to start moving all over the place because there was this intense anger down and so I know that United 's dominance happening in our and in this apartment complex unit of myself when my minister habanera maybe we can't live this way you would do something and so we talked about a week we decided to invite you us small group of people working the church and we know what to do so we just praying this prayer over the whole place started on the top of what room to room this freedom was just or just dedicating the place of God asking God to please remove the evil spirit or does evil spirit out of her apartment complex what is the top of the site going down to the bottom and finally we ended right at the door to the entrance of this room where this young man was practicing his evolution and you know I thought to myself you know him or his goodness in him and pray what I trust the Lord when walkway next you will see what happens but my friends that I have done in their last minute he said he welcomed the legal character to the property I have the right to looking here to see if everything 's according to fire scene inspection homes as of the recent is in the window pane any different or nominee assignee holds it open and we all walked in to this question that I was about six or seven of us in her mouth good room for minutes no one said a word because as we walked in it was a visual onslaughts I mean there were just solicitors fill the walls all kinds of stuff and he had a lot of Satanic death metal bands a lot of largest Satanic paraphernalia in your black candles crystals schools and the whole thing of it is classic year each scary Satanic place it was terrible and we also all were shot in the separate words looking around and just one horror movie pictures and just real sick person even pictures of people had been murdered and gotten an interest on the wall just crazy weird creepy stuff that we resolve looking at this and knowing today and as we were looking at the stuff I started noticing certain things along I started noticing their release fantasy characters like Conan the barbarian and with the will only a big sword and he had had a monster or some guy with the with the gun going like this and some that the sphere in going like this is over a victim of this fantasy stuff and I recognize even some of the artists there were some of the artists who I have been emulating in my own studies and as I was looking at this stuff is like his big bullet from heaven is being maligned and went into my head and I spoke to me so powerfully also I was looking at one of the species he said Gabriel if you continue on the path you're going on you will be working directly for the devil it was so clear I couldn't deny from the context of everything in the context of those the specifications ran and I was so convicted I thought my local human rights click to work for Satan works of the devil and style slowly everyone started C7 someone finally said we should pray and so we all hold hands and we're all militants don't we just got a circle and all of us took turns we went out of inspiration it was incredible as we prayed our shoulders that was the super times just also been slowly relaxing all of us altogether until we resolve fully relaxed and by the end of the prayer I almost felt comfortable enough this was an incredible it is what it was like this oppressive presence was just not there anymore and we pray we could we looked a little more and we walked out and we would let the case of the Lord and we never had another spiritual problem at the apartment complex the presence other than that those evil spirits were not working out forever but right after that I went straight upstairs and my my growth another time I like no following and I got my books out my most of those in the master fantasy artist just living the pieces since I am not looking for the devil and his painting one of our projects in whatever classes we had a copy of a master and a copy of this type of representatives is really incredible I have the artists myself twenty five hours on this painting was beautiful I got a honest and I thought it went to shuttle my neomycin that's it I'm done I'm not looking for the double longer be convicted in my wife's in limine due to his question is achieved by major Sweetman of the Christian illustrator and so I created a new major within the Academy of Art University I became a Christian illustrator my teachers are like okay that's interesting well an engineer moment of silence is a defining SOI allows efficient illustrator and you know there was not hardly anyone out there for that and after I finished my studies Academy of arts for a year I struggled is a just a freelance artist and number for Ms. Weaver year and I worked at a desk wondering what my doing a desk here after I spent the last four years in art school and then we got hired at amazing facts and I got to draw all the awesome cool Christian prophetic stuff that I just honestly logged in it was a total dream is true but I realized something different like to share with you this evening make no mistake Satan himself is the director of the entertainment industry and I even believe that there are people at the top who know exactly who they're working for and the fact is we are in a spiritual body this battle is over your hearts the battle is over your mind and gone is doing everything he can to gain possession of your hearts and your minds and on the other end Satan is doing absolutely everything he can climb to the nail to capture your heart and your minds these two forces are competing and we're sitting there in between in a God can use media technology and but Satan can use it to angle we have to be honest and look out at the field we can honestly say that fortunately safe what is the best use of the medium and he's using it like crazy in the entertainment industry is one of the most powerful tools I believe Satan is what he was in the last weeks but there is something just so alluring about their such a highly hypnotic power alone what he's talking about seizing power lastly she says he has a bewitching power among the people you probably heard the term Hollywood the question when we call Hollywood Hollywood is just a random name that is a very good reason for that in the dark ages which is would make their ones to cast spells on Hollywood from the Holly tree and they would use Hollywood wants to cast spells and you probably seen this guy before or obliterate damages in the poster Harry Potter and basil and I will guess what would his wanted me out of a holy know this is all something that he was able to assist with his friend I like to submit to the database reasons wages are still using Hollywood to cast spells today is not like being a woman accused back in the dark ages but it's the incredible machine nothing is using horrible people to sleep now why why why does the big agenda wisely using Dragon entertainment industry to attack our minds let's go to the Bible study portion of our talk this evening I must turn our Bibles to the book of Psalms chapter one oh one first three I hope you brought your Bibles that he didn't pay attention and listen along and I'll read the verses I love you but if you have your Bibles please turned to Psalms one oh one verse three Psalms one one verse three David inspires I'm sorry God inspires David to say one oh one firstly I will say how much friends know when getting anything before my nice I hate the works of them in turn aside it shall not cleave on me why did God inspired David to say this is not sent any living thing before his eyes are also ten twelve twenty nine Jesus is going to unlock this for us himself Matthew chapter twelve verse twenty nine to find the reason why he inspired you to say this why we should set know what you think before our eyes Matthew twelve twenty nine outlets will look at verse twenty eight but if I cast out devils by the spirit of God and the kingdom of God is coming to you twenty nine or how else can one enter into a strong man's house as well his goods except he first bind the strong man and then he will spoil his house note that Satan cannot force anyone to do anything even unconverted people he cannot force them to do something we must consent how much freedom of choice God has given human beings we must consent to his to his is promptings on us and Satan knows that he can make us consent by sneaking into our house our minds and binding are strong or wheels and if you get sneak into our house and help them find her strong that he can make us concerns without necessarily even getting her permission as we understand and so Jesus therefore says don't you wickedness because if you let it happen Satan will sneak into your house will find your strong and he will be able to afford to get you to consent to his will my wife and I we love what programs you know what you need to program and it was these Buffalo salmonella seller something that heard it had a bunch of babies and the need is another one around when it was so beautiful and the butterflies are going with the wonderful and making that point where the wolves come over there and obviously in love and rules workshops with her to Buffalo for three days and finally narrowing after they tried to incite a lot of confusion the pack started fleeing started running and the wolves were able to separate a mother and a baby calf away from the rest of the pack and as they got them away from the rest of the pack these loci to just doing these incredibly choreographed tactics on this mother and the calf and what will come in the mother the attorney getting another will come from the other side and just start ripping on the cassoulet and then the money would turn out to get out of the way and then a third will come from the back something on the other and this went on for like minutes it was hot to watch I mean this chapter was getting bit was crying out in the U notes five hundred and cascading twenty pieces knows that she's trying to know that not all the schools but as soon as he turns of the hearing was written account of the heritage has there been another one comes and it is one on and then something happened that changed the entire game a wolf came to distract the mother and she turned another look into second and fourth time in writing about the next half reared up with the latest a.k.a. last I will write her face will like that and as soon as I have been the wolves in the Buffalo understood that things had changed in the mother will just go outside the mother and the baby just about the wolves started pursuing and the mother and baby were able to join up address the heard and be happy to know that it was not one of the ones and witnessing of them will be made anyway say right now so I know there was some really nice we realize that the baby bottle have to cooperate with the parent in order to get out of a difficult situation has actually resisted the wolves that want great with the parents and the old friends we don't have to buy all my ourselves but we need to start while operating with God 's irresistible sweet and cooperate with guy friends still not and how organized and free us from the double snacks noting that wasn't credible those moves were so strategic was amazing the government also is incredibly strategic and one another that he is enemy is using in these last days it can make people unprepared of his revolution making twenty three were from the Babylon and the life of a candle shuttle so shine no more at all in the voice of the bridegroom and of the drive shall be heard no more at all in the fortnight merchants were the great men of the year for bioscience sorceries were all nations deceived the public prophesies in the last days of Satan when you source reviewing is a bewitching Howard to deceive silhouetted in the Bible says all nations such a large group and software the apostle Paul to say first Thessalonians five versus four and six therefore let us not sleep as do others but what is watching the silver while my possible but you brethren are not in darkness that day should overtake you as a thief printing of Jesus is going to come and they're going to be millions upon millions were to be completely unprepared for the crisis millions of Christians friends in Cynthia 's on because Satan was successful in my sorceries deceiving this afternoon and friends the idea is that one the scenes this is a destruction destruction Satan can position busy when the stop of this world long enough for provision closes if you distracted is not the often long and crazy England bars twenty one different extract he's got you in scraps I like comments on this she says Satan leads many to believe that God will overlook the unfaithfulness and the minor affairs of life but the Lord chosen his dealings with Jacob that he will in no license shall tolerate evil all who endeavor to excuse or conceal their sins and pregnant them to remain on the books of having unconfessed and unforgiven will be overcome I see those who don't lay a preparation for the vehicle cannot obtain it in the time of trouble or in any subsequent time the case such as high hopeless she was on the same those professing Christians who the Alaska conflict was on their will in their despair confess their sins and worth of bringing long-awaited exult over there stress us Satan if he has distracted in France he has destroyed you just by distracting is that another angle he also wants to change you must have known I was against second Corinthians three eighteen first he wants this job also he wants to change wants to transform that God will transform you but Satan wants transforming was well second Corinthians chapter three and verse eighteen the apostle says three eighteen probably familiar with this verse is a vital principle but we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are less change into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord 's this is a unreliable principal friends that have gone the application as we continue to meditate in the well on the things of God what will it do you want to disperse the changing visit on your desired transformation of character milestones do that but she has also has a sinister label application as well if you reviewed things that are approved we do things that are not free listen the things that are private letter frivolous that are areas within a conformity to that same image which is concentrating is going to transform him but not forgotten the characters received and Satan wants to change you know soliciting and Daniel N if you look at chapter we have four Hebrew boys were taken out of captivity has been our home court and the Babylonians tried to assimilate those Hebrew boys independent culture and these two things Asian diets and he is a name beginning the names and it's hard to press a diary on to assimilate those humanoids those God-fearing Hebrew boys in the Babylonian culture missing is the same two things today for us to assembly and culture of violence was running into this evening and ending character he's trying to put a name on your friend is trying to put a character on you as a missionary who told a credible story that I like to briefly repeat he was a bus somewhere in Florida and he was going on with you on the bus and there was a gentleman sitting next to him and he struck up conversation here the missionaries visit running a and I says to the guy hyena my name is also known as a higher so-and-so and the guy says to the missionary so we do for living is as old I go around and I preach I only want to so yes I know that I wish I does when you do an analysis on which you want and six using as they are on my moments when you do as a witch I said I do a lot of things I I I cast the spell 's leading was really popular lately people come to me and they say you know what I want to do with that woman I wanted to an admin and Mary can you work something out so that is what gotten when I can move in is is an identity and money I do my thing and I'm not beleaguered to the relationship is broken up again this is not good to anyone I want people to give legal missionary position is so sexy to know you just said yes I can I can do it anyone I I I can tell you is a know you are definitely not good to me I cannot prove it to you missions to go over to me he said dual you watch movies Mister Sonoma okay using around music now Elizabeth avenues of no duty in with his whole list of things do you get them all then you these things and I think that he says doesn't like watch soap operas at last he says to watch soap operas and he said no and resulted in significant to point your friends I could tell you story after story references help people might have sorry my parents helped people article for Satan works on a principle of legal grounds the amount that you allow him into your life MLS stuff you have in your life is the amount of influence is going to have upon your life and safety noses and so he is trying to sneak in behind your strong well so the less a beautiful entertainment you know what safe and God know Scott is looking for Versace is a very woman prescribed after reading anyways the Philippians chapter four and Versace wonderful principles that help us to understand what we should and should not watch the book of Philippians chapter four Versace apostle Paul tells the church what to concentrate on what would be blessing for us finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest as learned things are just whatsoever things are pure with limousines are lovely whatsoever things are the reports that there be any virtue and if there be any praise what we do those things and concentrate on sex and so I will give us a list of what is true and honest and in Arkansas the issue arises is whether the shootings in on a single and are pretty nasty and pretty ugly it also just think you're lovely of the report on those things you know we heard the idea that you are looking right in a famous usage is when you choose to focus on is going to change in transforming former mind in fact scientists tell us that our brains are literally changing every moment you are never the same person the single you continually transforming anyway to heading in one direction or another got houses therefore the increase on these things as there is wonderful good alternatives out there wonderful nature things that we can contemplate on the decision upholds cold stone room and start of my wallet to be a Christian is one of the things that we can letter my feast on the creative works of God is fun years and they say a million years ago in a wonderful things I love looking at sacred history there's less therapeutic controversy solicitor history I love learning about this things is wonderful educational things to watch out there things that are actually telling things that are beneficial for us and you might say but in America the young actress because I was a little bit of secular entertainment you know this over this stuff last text friends was the will transform acetylene that was surprising to me and I place to stay and you know would you realize this as my wife was funny so long ago which is the girlfriend of the time that you should need on these things nothing on she immediately and unconditionally when he doesn't drive his things notice first starting in verse twenty nine Paul says he's giving a whole list of things that people are going to be lost for being filled with unrighteousness fornication wickedness covetousness maliciousness TV murdered invasive deceased when the team was Bruce and Ross sang together some pretty bad also blood and I'm almost a letdown at verse thirty two gives a list of stuff in between who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same but notice how the pleasure in them that do them so the Bible brings out the principle your friends that you have to do losing but if you have one he watching your entertained by watching those things that according to having your registered as sharing in the guilt of those acts because you have pleasure in those that do unrighteousness watching those things so you have to not do those things yourself but if you want more entertained by the Bible registers you sharing in salon is trying to help us to avoid the double snacks is a battle over hearts and minds in God is doing everything he can to get you in attention and was doing everything he can clung to the nail to get your loving attention essay has this huge machine called entertainment industry to try to pull you this leaves in the unprepared to try to change you in the middle of persons that I don't even desire to substitute out possible about real estate close to God if you'd like to learn more about this and resources I highly recommend some websites some of some material like to write this down and the later with afterwards I can show you these materials and websites we can get them maybe familiar with them I highly recommend those of you like to learn more about it but friends know in this regard has to be up and before we do something before we listen is something we need to protect ourselves to avoid the double snares ask yourself these questions do I want to be conformed to what I'm about to watch it was his two oh one and changed into when Stasi what I like to ask the way the people are acting in what I'm watching because the Bible tells us to transform how would you spend time meditating on this is a great question I comfortably my sister Jesus that's when LA brings about to go to the place which is very good principle and of course those persons was on Philippians for adversaries so Tour de France and also lastly but especially only thing we needed the power got to keep us from this necessary without power God gives in and for listeners is going down and we need to stay close to Jesus to avoid becoming an entertainment slave friends Jesus came from heaven down to earth he had a hard life he suffered so much he died reported on the cross so that you can say no to send you to have that power to isolate our dwelling within you casino decent I'd like to ask you is it your decision tonight to say no wicked thing for your fax before you nurse visiting physicians nice to be a servant of God and not an entertainment slated that you desire I'll give you an opportunity as we pray you know perhaps as with the talking thing even realizing that you know there are some things and my my music collection are some things in my entertainment collection I need to make some position sometimes because I don't want seem to have a foothold on the Hill one of the apparent as we pray you do not respond to God and to tell him that you like to be his sentence in of the sins of the story is father thank you for warning us there are rules and I track there is a devil who is seeking to devour us the Lord you are there any one mighty and you are more powerful than the devil and you can protect us if we cooperate with you Lord thank you for giving me the experience and allowing him to share with others what you've done with me saving me from working the devil 's workshop and I asked him for that there are any who are walking in the path who are walking in the enchanted ground of the devil that you will have lovingly worn them tonight and that they would make an effort to lobby with you then free from the stairs but maybe there's something here that are convicted of a distinctive and watching these things DVDs they have their CDs they have there's something about book season that they have that contain material that is of safety that is not you and at this time if there is anyone in here I would like to tell God today in public landlord I want to free myself of the slow what I want to be free unless that legal ground of the double island lately on your site this raising this raise your hand and tell the Lord Lord I'm responding to you useful and to me tonight and I want to tell you this evening keep your enemies I want to free myself that stuff and I want to make the decision to give us I want to dedicate myself a vessel of honor to you friends thought is appealing few nights don't resist don't know if I spoken to eleven years of letting go it is not what tell us what if God is speaking to you and you are desiring to be free from Scott County thank you father for working with us for speaking to us being with any others in here that I made the decision free us from the grasp of themselves and we want to ask incident of power and the glory on the name of Jesus in all God 's children says a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is good like the more certain and please visit www. .com universe .org


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