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Myths and Legends

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • September 10, 2011
    11:00 AM
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I was thinking about the story of John chapter four where Jesus comes across a woman at the well and that she is talking to him about the idea of worship adhesive something is very interesting she says we worship over there on the mounts and the Samaritans had a special temple where they worship God and then he says but you Jews worship in Jerusalem and Jesus said Terry said the salvation of the Jews the Jews have a right but then he said that he says one and believe me the hours coming when you will need a worship me on the mounting reports here in Jerusalem but then he said I look for people who will worship me in spirit and truth I love you saw the transition Jesus was saying that worship was not to be all complete confined to a place what that worship would be where his people amen or the models they went to her theory are gathered in my name there I am among see the sidebar the Lord Jesus is here so right now we want to stop with a word of prayer and welcoming is give me open up the word of God with our heads right now father in heaven we thank you so much again Lord we want to open our hearts to your spirits now we know that this morning 's message is a holy message because your word is the spoken it is this very famous issue this controversy that women talk about we just want to pray and ask that you would bless us with collinearity with insights father in heaven we just thank you so much because you are God was far better what we can imagine the Lord as we jump into this morning 's message we pray that he would help us to be attentive focus and now your Angels will draw near we know that Satan will try to saw this method can be increase we pray and ask that you rebuke him away from this place got in Jesus name amen this morning 's message is entitled myths and legends myths and legends it was interesting when I was younger relevant to long ago since the help when I was younger I used to be very interesting in that supernatural house very much interested in you know all pics will act in your walls and aliens at all sorts of things and that this is when I got a high school and I had a lot of questions about these things and I was searching for more than just the reality that I thought were looking for the supernatural I never forgot that you know one day I attempted to form a séance after reading a bunch of book about witchcraft and so I thought wow this is very interesting it wasn't too long ago actually that I was driving with one of my friends and that we were in the Santa Cruz Mountains event and he says something to me out of the blue he says there is a Bigfoot Museum in these mountain and a set of Bigfoot Museum in these mountain is that yeah I said we check it out and so weeks ago you turn in about forty minutes later how this little musing out and it said the Bigfoot Museum and so we got out of there and there is little man in a long beer and use my list of his desk and we went around in this field is little room and moving around in their and there is these tasks the big footprints there was pictures of the weather was that the Patterson Goodwin filming of the Bigfoot walking like this that picture is not video me at all sorts of things in there and we began to talk to this guy and just tell you something okay this guy was so convicted our actions they committed kinsmen about all the existence of the the scene is meant and how were trying to justify his believe in Bigfoot I never got a new and green are evident these are green out this audio he believed was a big language and elitism that's when I just completely lost it right there I mean it was unusual I'm in is what it sounded like the one he wanted he was not like I can still imitate the sound these amino acids legal means that we've actually been able to get to the sidebar some of the language that evening but all were speaking to each other on this recording was looking at him and I'll try to smile okay and these and that is actually a mixture of the ball and Spanish athletes only I thought you might find this mile none of what you hear it when it sounded like a bad and that he is like a lake while let's hear it he reported on no joke it sounded exactly like this then this is just and just doing this just for the sake of illustration the family felt I will think that just like that and I looked at him and I said that before language is that yeah we believe his people language and there was no smile on his face he was dead serious look me straight in the eye and I thought to myself wow this guy believes in something that he has been seeing too much proof I asked them of the epilepsy seem to reflect the sample questions that he has spent his entire life trying to to sort of the defendant 's IV of this existence of this creature that many people haven't seen before there's a sort of foggy pictures and videos and he really believes that this creature exists we believe that exist to the point where the you raise there was a expensive lifetime you know jumping in and out of school client of signing up daily and haunted scientists studying the anatomy of these creatures never saw one before and I thought to myself wow interesting rolling estimates convicted about their God has this guy is about big flat this world would be a lot more different I walked away no joke convicted actively developing for the existence I lawfully convicted that I should be doing more for the cost and if this amount was willing to do all this because of the little shop to prove this hairy creature if possible existence how much more am I going to have approved of this world the existence of the holy and righteous and just go a man than in this message is called myths and legends myth and legend and has anybody remember the death of the news reports from 9/11 that very morning that it could place the member that is very interesting I select on a fresh in my mind I got up one morning walked out and turn the TV on and instantly I saw these in the newscast there was confusion anywhere and there was these videos and it was a set of very interesting local my mom she came out then we sat on the couch and watches her couple hours straight videos replay and just that the possible law of the suggestions about where this is coming from what's happening the theories behind it and I thought wow this is this is amazing that this is happening for world one of my relatives ask them why constantly said that he said this is that America has been brought to its knees America has been brought to its knees this very event struck at the very heart of the American Society since that time since 9/11 our world has changed drastically not just talking about how we viewed the Muslim world that we view our own government there's a lot of questions regarding 9/11 was an inside job was it something that the government was behind us shadow government that exists within our own government I've had people try to convince me up if all these documentaries that sort of money you know the video source about about 9/11 that it is a government cover-up that this was something that was caused by the government and very interesting I heard all these conflicting reports about 9/11 who called nine eleven when a magazine that I read that really kind to help me settle in sort of the the direction of what I believed about 9/11 was this part of his magazine called popular mechanics because the dollar you ordered online you can order the Sabbath and felt this magazine litigating with the real it began to dig deep on all the conspiracy theories regarding nine eleven and they went through a very methodically initiated several fast food eyewitness reports they not they got the signs instead and they presented a whole bunch of evidence that supported of what took place with it we took place and then filled it was still always met that existed around 9/11 people are saying that it was a government job it was something that was done by our president didn't like that I thought to myself wow I'm some people who are debunking these myths and then your people were trying to debunk the debunkers and just went on and on and on and on and off as optimism wow you know the truth about this not until the kingdom comes amen but here's the thing there are a lot of myths concerning God a lot of myth that exists in this world concerning God you want to see the direction we're going this message may not there are a lot of myths and legends concerning God I spent an hour talking with my philosophy teacher actually on Thursday and let me tell you something it leads a lot of matters concerning the nature of God brought up at the Gospel of Judas brought up the idea that you know Judas was in it with Jesus and I thought wow is very interesting about these things he began to talk about the idea how you don't need at me with lots in Sunday school that God destroys people for all of eternity penalties something there is one teaching that gets to me more than any other teaching and assist teaching regarding hell there are a lot of myths concerning hell and what we wanted UK we want to take a deeper look into the doctrine of hellfire they may take as of now I been doing evangelistic series I know what the teaching is nominal I promise you might abandon this message you're going to have a deeper and greater understanding of the biblical view of hell and is a mentor that God 's word is powerful and yet some things in there for us now look at this quote that is mine unknown author but this is where that's from the towers that shrinks from nudes with my laziness that is content with truth and from arrogance that thinks it knows all truth O God of truth deliver us can you say amen to that this is the calling card of Seventh-day Adventist we are not afraid of questioning the things that we have to so that we may better understand needs when answering questions at the same time were not afraid of new truth that may be revealed to us I really believe one of the great things that will need to send the advent of them was the very fact that we do look at these cute and we could scrutinize sentence in our biblical both when it comes to the teaching of how I love you like this because you can know right on the head she said this teaching of how has led more people away from God in any other business entity on their teaching because this upholding doctrine and help paint the picture of God where he appears worse than Satan himself as the woman be doing with one's ability to a biblical look at the doctrine of hell I want you to also noticed that there are a whole lot of scholars now that are questioning this teaching of an eternal burning hell now this is that the opposing view and unfinished it would be really quick as I understand it supposing the lapel the fifth that immediately after death based upon that individual 's choices bought either send them to hell where they are burned and tortured for all eternity where God sends them to heaven when they can live blissfully with him for all eternity that is that the slip that is the majority view when it comes to hell but I believe it went to see something very interesting there a lot of scholars right now who are now rejecting this teaching and they are saying is not a biblical teaching when I was at that rosy the top New Testament scholars died not too long ago but this is when you set annihilation is certainly an acceptable interpretation of the relevant New Testament passage eternal conscious torment is incompatible with the revealed character of God you anything you think eternal conscious torment is incompatible with the reveal character of God this guy is not a Seventh-day Adventist but he realized that the polls of doctor is complete incompatible with this idea of a God of love one another scholar said John saw a guy not too long ago to I do not go on the type of the vision which I can't only tentatively I believe that all men are now lazily just explain what annihilation annihilation is that how acquired God exists but it is a limited process were gone alternately will destroy sin and sinners forever where they will not be a eternal conscious limit the finality of sin and look what he says I believe that the ultimate annihilation of the wicked should at least be expected as a legitimate biblically founded alternative to their eternal conscious torment about this one darlin' and see actually multiple call New Testament Greek essentials well-known Greek I actually use this great book when I was in and at college if you all were called to the use of that PVC because I was an Adventist liberties that I feel the time has come and I love this quote when I must declare my mind honestly I believe that endless torment is a hideous and unscriptural doctrine which has been a terrible burden on the mind the church for many centuries and the terrible blot on her presentation of the gospel I should indeed be happy here before I thought I could help you sleep me away anything that most of all I say rejoice as the economic theologians joining in researching this great topic I want you to understand something is happening all over the web world when you are a lot of scholars were saying now that this teaching is well known and well believed in the Protestant world is not a biblical teaching is not just Seventh-day Adventist and probable monitoring things a mentor that there are a lot of people are starting about they way it affected this is not compatible with the God of love this is not a scriptural teaching and what we need to understand if it were not getting the truth out .org one somebody else who will amen God will find somebody else who will I want to tell me who this person is right here he actually quashed in final warning torment doctrine the ones that but I noticed that our Lord while stressing the terror of hell with unsparing severity is amplified the idea and duration of finality can finally do the destroying of fire season treat at the end of the story not at the beginning of a new story at the law school is eternally fixing the diabolical attitude we cannot doubt but whether this eternal exegete implies endless duration or duration at all we cannot say on this last year Lewis even CS Lewis could see that this doctrine was not compatible with the bottom left-hand window like this she says that that this teaching will go against the inmate justice on men and they will either have to reject the teaching or be reject God I want you to see this but even this man feels less well-known Christian philosopher even if you question the idea of this it infinite iLife network centers are burning for all of eternity when it comes to the punishment of God folks we need to understand that the Bible has all the answers in a statement that you know this man if his name is Juan Bell is that all these videos for our youth ministry he's been around last several years very popular until recently is now being accused of being called a heretic and this is his view he believes after looking at this doctrine that support that out in the world that God forges people for all of eternity he believes that this is not a biblical teaching fee in fact fully in fact believe that God will ultimately save everybody so instead of accepting this extreme he swings all the way and he goes to this extreme and moderately beautiful like oxide of them the other windows on faith I think I can prove it do you want in a twelve L a Y axes prophesied about this guy Gypsies said Rob Bell is going to come upon you and do this once it a large closet need to talk to them internal format is revolting are driven to the opposite what air bases at the Scriptures represent God as a being a loving compassionate and I believe that you can find his creatures to the fire of eternal burning health the holding of the soul is naturally immortal they see no other alternative but to conclude that all mankind will be finally say maybe by the writings of the Bible is designed merely to frighten men into obedience and not to be literally fulfilled things that she talked talked about how come to pass she's in a large class of people that will reject this eternal mourning traumatic it incompatible with that the God of the love described in Scripture and the lonely on the window frame and a second is nothing everybody is no way to do that but both when he studied the biblical model which is found Seventh-day Adventist and you see that this is the most just the most truest and most balanced view anything that I thought were going to be doing is limited in a biblical look at this but I have some questions I want to ask you I want to have a chance if you can I want you to tell me this is an appropriate biblical yes or no is this our biblical how many people say yes raise your hand people say no okay everyone needs a razor half otherwise the remainder to help the end of potluck I also enable no idea how then and since biblically appropriate razor had a feeling yes it how many people believe it's not okay but this one is this something physically appropriate sign raise your hand if you believe in it how many people believe it is not okay very good I like this one now you guys are laughing that I went to the majority of Christians believe that God will eternally twenty people what if I was to tell you there are Seventh-day Adventists the majority of Seventh-day Adventists that have an biblical views about hell but I was challenging on and went to challenge you today that I believe their presuppositions that exist within Seventh-day Adventists that are not biblical they may think I'm now all now and now before we get there but it shows to show you some more things it is a biblical and is this a biblical approach appropriate charts like do you believe that there is a balanced view being presented here yes or no how many people raised a man believe that this is a balanced view razor how may people do not believe that this is a balanced view razor hat the home is paid out on the front they let this one is this a biblically balanced view I want to pay attention still to pay attention to what I'm asking you guys is this a balanced view of Scripture regarding health and the appeal of Scripture I want you to raise out if you believe 's two three four five six seven Google bleed is not raise your hand and fingers assigned to pick up on something what were we talking about then this time that remains is this there are myths that are held regarding the teaching of hellfire and they are listening out by Seventh-day Adventists regarding hellfire and I believe that I want to show you some business right now as they are missing one hell is about what you picked hell is about what you get with number two that God inflicts the pain he intentionally inflicts the pain myth number three God alone will make the judgment myth number four who will actually burn number five hell is the opposite of heaven myth number six the desires of God regarding the destruction of the wicked I'm going to challenge you that some of these fields that are held not just by mainstream Christian Seventh-day Adventists as well and I believe as we jump into the Scriptures right now you're going to see a little bit more regarding the truth about these myths and by the way I love Winston Churchill says he says the two is the most important thing is the most valuable thing on this planet is so important that often protected by a bodyguard of lies with my now with the anyone think about enacting Chapter forty nine to fifty Matthew chapter thirteen versus forty nineteen fifteen was for the rapidly Matthew chapter thirteen site with personally now we all their same and every nanny chapter thirteen Sunburst or not only on their watch and the ballast is right near and so it will be at the end of the last so this is talking about the very end the Angels will comport separate the wicked from among the jobs and tasks and into the furnace of what fire noticed that the task of the furnace of fire does not take place immediately after death it takes place at the end of the what at the end of the age right or happy and I'm time right so hellfire obviously is not a place that is the existence right now the destruction of sin takes place at the very end of time I didn't pay attention to a certain detail that's mentioned in their first fifty in the furnace of fire there will be weeping and what weeping and gnashing of teeth didn't really know what that phrase means there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth that Jesus is a three times in the gospel of Matthew is visibly weeping and gnashing of teeth there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth to be weeping and gnashing of teeth and at times he is describing the destruction of the wicked he is referring to the sprays there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth now normally we think to ourselves about the wicked things burn enough why they're just grinding your teeth are grinding their teeth and they can't stand this pain and this is why they're just there to suffering does anybody know why they are weeping and gnashing take your Bible and go to the gospel after I began to read that all were not thought to myself wait a second it sounds like to use this is going to cost them to help us understand something about the destruction of wicked during health there will be weeping and gnashing of people left causing the weeping and gnashing of teeth of the God they didn't look at Luke chapter thirteen verse twenty eight on the other the twenty fifth there will be weeping and T gnashing of teeth now notice Jesus continue when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God and you yourselves across out what is causing the weeping and gnashing of teeth the weeping motif calls when they realize what they have lost in other words hell isn't about this fortunate in receiving hell is about not getting what they could I want you to understand why that is super one percent hell is not this idea love you choose something you get something over here and her head and you get something over here tell us about what you're not going to get being lost is about what you are not going to get and what is it that you're not going to get into the eternal life and eternal life with no which is in other words what causes the weeping and gnashing of teeth when they see what they received an assimilated into their torment agent on this idea this is brazenly being asked to think of the New Testament term does not originate in the New Testament it actually originated in the Old Testament they come out of a song one file after it appeared in evidence amen praise the Lord blessed the man who fears the Lord will delight greatly in his left now take a good look at verse nine is going to pursue nursing his heart is established he will not be afraid inside these of the fire one is any he has espresso grind is given to support his righteousness endures grammar is born will be exalted with nonentity oligomers that the wicked will see and be green and you will nastiest deep and melt away the desire of the wicked shall perish a wide and weeping and gnashing anything about the righteous they are seeing the honor they receive them this is important to understand the dichotomy house is about what you do not hit it is not about what you are seeing is about what you do not get in fact this is how Jesus described the destruction of the wicked these is what you want on the worst thing about being distorted in the time is when I realize what they couldn't have that wanting appointment when they realized they could have this continuum in one the Bible says I have not seen or years are the things that God has prepared for both loving there's only so much in heaven for many sold one way might have an post we are surrounded by the very presence of Jesus when where there will be so informative for missing having is cheap that I would give everything up to stay with you whenever one of these in his name as well I will continue public judgment of God can judge the wicked all you can adjust the wicked B Molina in a holy God will judge the wicked policy does not believe God is going to judge the wicked razor regularly got a seven silicate only clarify the question how many people believe that God alone will judge the wicked glasses involved in the judgment of the wicked blouse on the righteous are involved in the judgment of the wicked with the mouse as you not know that the saints will judge the world do we do not know that we shall judge angels so who else is involved in the judgment of the wicked now here's another question what you want to raise your hand if you think you know the answer why does God include the righteous in judgment the offender may have questions okay very good but while smiling and relatives and a controversy she says that the righteous will even matter docent but the righteous will be involved in many out the punishment of a controversy can we do for yourself why does God want to involve the righteous and judgment of the wicked one and we just call him in hell right now I get them down he is once endeavored your questions any reason they can see his failure is on their exonerating nonreading got it was a beautiful about this altogether write about this is that even before God destroys the wicked he wants to make sure that the righteous are on board with this in other words it's so important to God that humanity be Paul in the judgment of humanity you know there's another group of conducting the wicked okay job you have the right to is another group that energizes Lincoln but we did themselves digital downloads have the wicked judge himself right before their display a wall they will completely say they will thank God we accept your decision we believe that what you going to do is just just and true are your ways now this is something very interesting question when asking why is it important enough to wake it big knowledge the justice of God wanted exotica was an important event knowledge the justice of God razor is not known Daniel found okay anybody else if that you bear to prepare to his being fair to the wicked you believe God is fair to the wicked do you believe that God can before it destroys installing the wicked one than to acknowledge the fairness of God why why is it important that they know he was just out of talking about the right to self or the other unfallen angels I'm asking why is it important for that weekend themselves to understand justice if not okay you're explaining exactly what I just said the question I'm asking the question why is it important that the wicked themselves acknowledged the justice of God why is it important for God to the wicked to be understanding this insults yesterday that so this is very important like compliments it's important to God that even the wicked are satisfied with the claim of justice is very orderly queues were satisfied because it is a human right the highest actually sent me how does we want to senses that justice we want to know about what was happening to me is like this is more than just think well what do we just want nobody nobody wants to make sure that the wicked are satisfied in the judgment that's why he revealed what he does to them is not just for the righteousness see id. Falwell to see what the Bible has even a heart still for the wicked and he wants to make sure that when they are being destroyed affairs satisfaction about the judgment of God not even terms for those who are going to be destroyed but there will be one being who will not be satisfied with that because opinion turns again during a conference on trumpet your homework by the way in the last few chapters great controversy nothing more could be revealed to Saint there is nothing whether got to get there's nothing more in this capacity to love God he was a greater capacity than any other creature he was able to log on a hiking death that no other creature will never know but at the same time with his capacity to love God was his capacity to hate I want you to understand this is great controversy regarding this teaching that this teaching about they just want to insult so I'll presented in the wink in the most wicked thing in the most we can make a window well look I thought we see this accident and no one really wants to look at but this is the most fair and you will see the love of God in this one moving away these layers of this deception we begin to see the love of God clearly manifested in his just now this is very important relation twenty four six figure monolith building this is not enough a thousand have the Bible says right here Blessed and holy is he led part in the first resurrection over such the second death has no power but they shall be one of God priests of God and of Christ and they shall reign with him a thousand less one thousand years what will be hot in the in the end you have and what would be the Bible say about our wall during the thousand years analysis will be priest is anybody know what a priestess on other races but the priests with their biblical proof for that young man at a biblical proof was appraised analysis will be a priest within priest with him for a thousand years in the judgment of the wicked my question is what is a priest I'll be different from any other position in the kingdom represents God 's character love the Bible tells us sexy when the priest will build on the Deuteronomy chapter seventeen for sixty seven S deserving of what I don't want optimism and I think again I can walk found out that very same weekend the past of the local mega- church vision some you may be familiar with this provision in this vision was taken to help you think of the Hallinan he saw people being tormented and tortured he saw people crying out in agony came out vision involves congregation I logged in your vision of hell the very same weekend we are presenting the Bible teaches about it but I want you to know something the devil does not want the world to understand this teaching because when they do they see this beautiful picture of God Deuteronomy chapter four verse twenty four benevolence amen for the Lord your God is a what a consuming fire HLS God is a consuming lab fire right if you look at the work consume you finally being used in the destruction of the wicked God will consume the wicked wicked are going to consume this land is to be consumed in its destruction but I want you to know something anything God is a consuming fire the unit so maybe is a consuming fire notice it does not say God causes a consuming fire it is gone is a what consume me fire one based upon this new chapter twelve verse forty seven and that servant who knew his master 's will and did not prepare himself or do according to his will shall be being with what many stripes but she would did not know yet committed things deserving the stripes shall be being with what do everyone to whom much is given from him will be required and to whom much has been committed of him they will ask for more than ask a question what is the destruction of the judgment of the wicked based upon that they never so those who will face greater punishment during the destruction will be the also owes a for those people those who knew to ask you question who are in a greater visit will usually be more cautious about Seventh-day Adventist Christians or Buddhists who live in China who are going to be more accountable in we know this because Jesus said I will tell you the truth it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah and will be for you so we can look at the people in San Francisco we can say wow the middle of homosexuals because guys to burn in hell one day this to you because you know more you will be held more accountable in our talk my philosophy teacher again I'm going back to him and he was very shocked when I fall then I thought would just Native Americans before there was a single missionary God will judge Native American based upon whatever life they possess those who have a little bit of life gullible judge them according to just that amount of light but to those who are more God will bless more accountable and master question which Christian group will gobble the most accountable for all of history the Seventh-day Adventist church the house of God both in want you to understand something we spent and spent much of our Christian experience judging belongings of other men but God will does more accountable who knew better but were rejecting what God was showing to us this is why when people criticize the church the first thing I think in my mind this power may be forgot home I forgot this is the first place I need to look at you yourself or the first place you need to look at a man with one must think one more thing Deuteronomy chapter four you want to know why the siege and assault lines of inquiry with an evangelistic series of glass only did not eat if you are there one night I presented the doctrine of hellfire from the Bible I talked about this is a dead-end hellfire was deathly sick sickness came on him nowhere and then through the creation left little droplets of November two thousand I don't want optimism and I think again I can walk found out that very same weekend the past of the local mega- church vision some you may be familiar with this provision in this vision was taken to help you think of the Hallinan he saw people being tormented and tortured he saw people crying out in agony came out vision involves congregation I logged in your vision of hell the very same weekend we are presenting the Bible teaches about it but I want you to know something the devil does not want the world to understand this teaching because when they do they see this beautiful picture of God Deuteronomy chapter four verse twenty four benevolence amen for the Lord your God is a what a consuming fire HLS God is a consuming lab fire right if you look at the work consume you finally being used in the destruction of the wicked God will consume the wicked wicked are going to consume this land is to be consumed in its destruction but I want you to know something anything God is a consuming fire the unit so maybe is a consuming fire notice it does not say God causes a consuming fire it is gone is a what consume me fire nine of himself part of who he is surrounded by a consuming fire it is part of who he had missing with your point and no why is it that the wicked are destroyed in the presence of God and not the righteous wanting a Scripture verse God is a consuming fire God is a consuming fire Whisenhunt that the wicked are destroying this presence and not the righteous Scott praise the Lord said I love you better say it out loud the Bible study when newly last night they would lamentations be mostly due okay another translation these are automatic he read the rest why is it that the righteous are not consumed what's up on them God 's mercies by living a few question for me is not without he said that the people were throwing Danny R Jonathan ejected in the know into the furnace of fire what happened then what happened to the people were inside the fire that was thrown in they live in a linear view isn't that they live and the others were destroyed I want to say that Jesus was not in the fiery furnace with those three in the parish in other words those who are covered by his mercy anything that in fact when it comes to those who are going to burn I want to show you biblically is not the wicked will want to burn for all eternity it is the right just think about a little Isaiah chapter thirty three Isaiah chapter thirty three more of a class and is sermon I think it's very important for us to make sure we understand these things I feel thirty three through the one thing that they read verse fourteen their estimate the sinners in Zion are what is that some of the righteous of the wicked bottom of the widget there are Friday through philosophy as an immigrant know what the questions are asking cool mongers shall dwell with his devouring fire they shall dwell with his everlasting burnings the window asking the question isn't wool is going to be able to land with God is present and sand is present the fire and the answers given he walks righteously and speak up right and he who despises the gain of oppressions with jesters with it and refusing broad to hear from the hearing of bloodshed and justified from Siebel he will dwell on high now watch verse seventeen your eyes will see the King in his what beauty the waiter asking the question will burn forever the righteous the righteous on a burn forever can you say amen to that were going to live in the very presence of God and were going to see the King is noting without any coming chat without the mail mail we will see the team 's beauty we will be gone in the fire can you say amen to that want you to understand some the world is a misperception regarding the fire of God it is the right isn't going to dwell in buyer can you imagine how Hawaii never want to dwell in is the righteous are the particulate is not the wicked is not the wicked is the righteous the righteous are going to dwell in him when it comes to the destruction of the wicked I used to think that part of the adenine of the wicked when they're being destroyed is when they see their own lives before them when you have rejected Jesus when they see the many times that God reached out to them they walked away from his great evening while that they're going to realized right then and there home math I've rejected God 's goodness and grace but they're interesting the book great controversy describes the scene a little bit more in detail jiggles Revelation chapter twenty inches at the books are going to be open and I went to see where they have rejected God which he says something very beautiful immediately after she says all of a sudden the King will be lifted up on his throne and the wicked will look up at that very moment and they will see their last moments will be the life of Christ they will see him being born two thousand years ago a lowly manger they seem growing up being tempted by the devil they see them entering into his ministry and calling to find what they see him while being manifested to the fact and the dying they see and preaching the gospel he then describes at that very moment that we get a walking this all of a sudden they see when Jesus is taken captive by the mall is being she sees when she said the wicked are then seeing Jesus being nailed to the cross and then Jesus lifted up before them and with his last few breaths says God why have you forsaken me many cries out it is finished the sale of the wicked are seeing at that very moment right before their utterly blotted out there seeing love manifested before their office they will cry out we have given this all in a God gives them showing them his cross one last hug folks you realize that this injustice that is going to come upon the world one day going to see the love of God manifested hell is not the author bit of heaven is not being internally law and never seen God having a conscious stock is the opposite hell is the process that leads to that I myself I made several mistakes when I say is going to heaven or hell I was not a location location is either being with God choosing a life choosing that life with God or not having like that all present a false dichotomy when we say it's either heaven or hell that I'm going to long those are not to pull and opposites his life with daughter death folks Jesus has paid a price for every person to be there to be in heaven his mercies are for each and every person every person can have access to heaven you don't have to be lost no one have to be lost no one have to be long all can enter into his beautiful place with Jesus to live with him in the everlasting fire to see the team 's beauty spent a lifetime with him gave up everything for you folks God is offering you a rebound has a word of prayer father in heaven look at ourselves God am seen the direction that our life is heading in father we don't want to grow away from your logo to grow towards you whatever it takes Jesus we pray that you would make us fit for heaven you would put happen in our hearts that we would live one day to see you in your beauty father in heaven I pray for every person here somebody here is making a decision perhaps the fall you are not to fall you got me they realize the motive for falling you they get to live with you see the motive for them not to fall you got they would realize that they would miss this beautiful opportunity for them to live for all of eternity God heaven is with everything to us we pray he was faithful telegraph paintings this is your thank you Lord Jesus this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like this is more certain please visit www. audio verse .org


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