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The Gate

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • March 6, 2004
    9:30 AM
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if they promised to be with you that I was there some place to talk about Jesus like to take you back to Springer another year twenty nine A.D. it was the beginning of Christ's Galilean ministry and spent a year into the he was preparing to send his disciples out on a missionary tour the work expanded helpers were needed it shows a hillside just north of the Sea of Galilee and there in preparation for the disciples important work he ordained the twelve and preach that powerful sermon that is coming down with the title of the sermon on the Mount toward the end of the sermon on the Mount he said to versus but the disciples I don't think I understood and I don't think anyone and that large crowd understood you heard it this morning let's just read it together again into her he in Federated and third GEN at the strait gate for wide is the gay and broad is the way that lead us to distrust and and many there be which go in there at in the next verse because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leads an underlying and few there be that find it but I think they could understand at the time because this is it was springtime in springtime the world is always full of hope no workaround for following Jesus at this time Ms. the disciples looked over the huge multitude in their minds they saw the future conversion of all of Israel based on Jerusalem accepting Jesus they saw the charges have the synagogue 's path to welcome their message the multitudes were in favor of Jesus in fact is behind is this better concern now is a clear the multitudes were in favor of Jesus in fact some were calling for him to be a king John's disciples were a little jealous of all the success that Jesus is having when he made few there be that find it makes all John the Baptist risen Rabbi Steve that was with a beyond Jordan whom thou barest witness behold the same baptizes them what's that next phrase all men come to him fear there be that find it but they would learn better over the next two years in fact in only one year the fickle multitudes for suck him John six sixty six from that time many of his disciples went back and walked no more with them never again would they follow Jesus never again when his is being in town create even and flicker of interest in fact if a friend was going to go they would speak against the man that had so stirred their hearts on the short time before it was two years later the Jesus made his final visit to the villages and towns of Israel thirteen thousand as story verse thirty chapter thirteen verse twenty two and he went through the cities and villages teaching and journeying toward Jerusalem where he was to be crucified then send one on him Lord are there few to be saved what a difference two years and made then they wondered if they would be lost but now it was time for Jesus to repeat when needed given there in the sermon on the Mount that should come as no surprise to them and so he said verse twenty four strive to enter in at the strait gate for many I say unto you will seek to enter in and shall not be able where were the people how come there were no enthusiastic crowds now in this final time of Jesus visit to Jerusalem for Jerusalem how come just a few in each village appeared interested in his message and these were mostly poor as in fact some a mark one kind is stranger than embarrassed to have them part of the crowd not even the disciples realized that this is the final visit of Jesus 's final tour through Israel no one knew that he would never in person be in their village again how soon we take advantage and take for granted of the blessings of God the multitudes had been reduced to run why will you of the multitudes really care they were too busy he was no longer a curiosity most didn't believe in you with standalone using if you are going to follow Christ you risk being considered fanatical it was to invite the wrath of the Jewish leaders it was a certain way to be kicked out of the church is John nine twenty two the words these words spake the parents of man who had been healed from blindness and even though their son had been healed though they had prayed to God for healing for years when he was video these people wouldn't even than confess Jesus they feared the Jews for the Jews agreed already that if any man did not confess that he was Christ did confess excuse me if any man did confess that he was Christ it should be put out the synagogue so many had their belief in trying to believe in secret like Peter denying him publicly this is particularly true of those who are in leadership and he who did not want to lose their position John twelve forty two forty three nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him but because of the Pharisees they did not confess lest they should be what without of the synagogue for they did what love the praise of men more than the praise of God whose praise do you want this morning rake controversy page five ninety seven has a very interesting couple of sentences many are the ways by which Satan works through human influences to bind his captain sometimes we worry about his direct influences but how does Satan also work just as God I have human influences Satan has been human influences and finds them as captives there's how he secures multitudes to himself by attaching them by the silken cords of affection to those who are enemies of the cross of Christ whatever this attachment may be parental appearance a Lily LR siblings conjugal our life 's partners or social the effect is the same the opposers of truth exert their power to control the conscience and the souls held under their sway have not sufficient courage or independence to obey their own convictions of duty 's sake it's not alone when the United States the image makes an image to the beast and tries to compel people to follow Satan right now there are many who attempt to compel and would keep us bound to say that we don't have sufficient courage and this is been true throughout history many are called Matthew twenty two forty of what few are chosen of the many who first responded to Noah only one family ultimately boarded the boat of hundred twenty years later only three individuals apartment one family escaped inside of of the three million excited Jews Moses led out of Egypt only to enter the land Romans nine twenty seven though the number of the children of Israel because the sand of the sea what is that last phrase all remnant will be say to this whole parable of the net Matthew thirteen forty seven the kingdom of heaven is likened to and that it was cast into the sea and gathered of every kind which when it was full they drew to the shore and sat down and gathered the good and the vessels would cast the bad away socially bit into the world the angels shall come forth and sever the wicked from among the just and shall cast them into the furnace of fire there shall be wailing and gnashing of the gospel net brings in zero but the true gospel separates the amount not everyone who is baptized will go to heaven not everyone who says Lord Lord at shall enter into the kingdom of heaven this is just a few verses after what we have read this morning about how few there be that find it not everyone is Seth and me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he did do if the will of my father which is in heaven not everyone who begins the journey to heaven will finish it if you take drug addicts they go through a program their chances of staying off well under fifty percent most programs maybe not even ten percent and that's true of every kind of addictive sin people won't be able to take make emotions to stop but ultimately their willing captives not letting Jesus given the victory and so Jesus said when the Son of Man cometh shall he find faith on the earth Luke eighteen eight and the verses we looked at it the first mentor union at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that lead at the destruction and many there be which go in there at the Broadway because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leaders on the life and with that you there be that find Paul gives a warning to us Hebrews three beware brother lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God you come in then what do they do depart like the multitudes walking the more within but exiled one another daily while it is called the day lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin we become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end while it is said today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion for who having heard rebel indeed was it not all who came out of Egypt led by Moses now with whom was he angry forty years was it not with those who sinned whose corpses fell in the wilderness in the home did he swear that they would not enter his rest but to those who did not work obey so we see they could not enter in because of unbelief therefore since the promise remains of entering his rest let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it less than the promises of God less than the good that God would have given us why so few first brigade is straight and second the way is narrow but look at this strait gate the word straight is a word standoffs from which we get the word stenosis and it means tight or narrow I gave is an entry the only answer is narrow and illustrated by spelunking where you can get into our caves some cave and you have to squeeze through that's the only way to get beyond and then there's the narrow way this comes in the Greek word liberal in these rough bumpy obstructed as well as without space narrow the trail is long arduous difficult strenuous so why do people not enter the three major reasons the first reason people don't enter is they love the pleasures of sin Paul said in second Thessalonians to twelve people have what kind of what was that unit unrighteousness pleasure pleasure a second Peter two thirteen unrighteousness as they counted letter Hebrews eleven twenty five enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season and a second major reason why people don't enter is the hate the cost and pain subdued sin is a has pleasure duty has cost Matthew nineteen twenty two of the bridge on roads as he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions it is great what he considered great possessions were worth more to him than having so he bartered away his opportunity to be with Jesus the key possessions the third reason except false theories traditions and standards as just look at these inclined for the pleasure of sin what is are we like to have these are forbidden activities do want to continue is a harmless amusement but they take time and attention from that which is most important the good as one person said is the enemy of the best forbidden friendships God 's word forbids it but they're not willing to follow God 's word friend on earth is more important friend of heaven and then some people want the pleasure of hating an enemy when God says love your enemies and so they want to keep the pleasure of feeling vengeful thoughts and hateful thoughts so they won't go to heaven because it's too much fun to hate others have pleasure in the praise of men for the abundance of their possessions all these things high pass through this world then we can be inclined against the pain of duty the condemnation of men our desire for flattery interesting quotation I read testimonies God has a work for each to do it is no part of his plan this is Saul also be sustained in the battle of life by human sympathy and praise some people want to have to haven't sustained by human sympathy and praise remains that they should go without the camp pairing the reproach fighting the good fight of faith and standing in his strength under every difficulty God doesn't call for us to stand in our strength but it does offer his strength is sufficient for our weakness the pain of duty and sacrifice of time possession or our inclinations or the renunciation of purple habits of life I was flying in to Ontario in my seatmate to my surprise was the wife of the captain of our play it he was telling me she was having a pain problem is my specialty includes taking care of people with pain and the one of the problems of obtaining includes some of the lifestyles that we adopt and so I asked her some questions about summer lifestyle habits and she told me she didn't smoke in one of the questions that I ask her and so on just as Norman on smoker is all I smoke occasionally so I asked her what that meant all but occasionally when I'm under stress or something like that a lot how often do you feel under stress well couple two three four times everyday and yet she regarded herself as one non-smoker Ida got well acquainted with there we had a very good contact I shared her with her when I'm sharing with the with you we had a wonderful prayer she grew off not a Seventh-day Adventist of the Sabbath keeper and and so we just had a very the Lord puts together but what was keeping her one of the things that you didn't thought as a child she knew she shouldn't smoking in her mind it was just a little thing that she was doing essentially she wasn't a smoker like many people are smokers so she was a non-smoker anybody ever been tempted to feel that way with some favorites of yours is it just may could identify with statement then we are tempted to accept false standards I just that I was my brother loves gave me this quote this morning it is through false theories and traditions that Satan gains his power over the mind 's desire pages six seventy one by directing in the false standards initiatives the character all the time in school even in college were directed sometimes to have standards that are God 's standards but what is God 's solution through the Scriptures the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart the essay exposes air and expelled from the soul it is by the spirit of truth working through the word of God that Christ subdues his chosen people to himself and wonderful quote I want to have these false there is these false traditions this fall standards that are in my mind taken out and I can't take them out but God has a plan it's called the word of God and it's called the Spirit of God and when I ask the spirit of God to apply the word of God like a surgeon he begins to cut those things out and feel me see the reason why the majority will not be in heaven is that they want a way to go to heaven without denying a pleasure or requiring a they want to security in San without effort trial or sacrifice and Satan promises them just what they want a popular salvation without persecution a salvation without hardship or pain a Jesus who carries our cross but the real Jesus said this Luke nine twenty three if any man will come after me let him live deny himself and what they his cross daily and follow me not just during the cross it's following Jesus daylight the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness illustrates the Christian 's life their hardships their difficulties up all set now all these things happened under them for examples they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world ago straight date from what has been showing me but a small number of those now professing to believe the truth would eventually be saved not because they could not be saved but for another reason but notice because they would not be saved in one God 's own appointed with the way marked out by our Divine Lord is too narrow and the gay to straight to admit them while grasping the world or while cherishing selfishness or sin of any kind there's no room for these things and yet they are but you will consent to part with them the darling indulgences that they may pass the narrow way and entered the strait gate Jesus it strive that word they are in the Greek is an Islamic valve I don't know how to pronounce great too related your pronunciation as the word we get agony antagonized from it means to agonize a fight including this reference is use seven times in the New Testament and generally it's translated by it means to have a sincere struggle is there anything between me and the path of life that needs to be cut loose strive it says John eighteen thirty six Jesus answered if my kingdom were of this world then my would my servants it's that same word strive white and I should not be delivered to the Jews first Timothy six twelve fight same word the good fight of faith lay hold on eternal life whereunto thou also art cold second Timothy four seven I have walked a good fight I finished my course of Captain the faith this is life-and-death struggle interesting quotes Central advance of nineteen oh three we are to strive to dinner in at the strait gate but this date does not swing loosely on its hinges it's like a little expression it will not admit doubtful characters we must now strive for eternal life with an intensity that is proportional to the value of the prize before us it is not money or lands her present position but the possession of a Christlike character that will open us the gates of paradise is not dignity it is not intellectual attainments that will win for us the crown of immortality only the meek and lowly not ones who have made God their efficiency will receive this gift but I would not have you think that they gate is straighter than it needs to be or maybe journey tougher than it needs to be Jesus makes the day else why possibly can any makes the way to heaven as slow as they possibly can he is not there making out rougher for us we make it rougher for ourselves it makes it as easy as possible my healthy scissors is a my burden is light because you see the obligate is straight in the way narrow there is one who stands beside us urging us forward choose a forest like a wise shopper chooses the path she choosing the very safest path even though it may seem the most rugged and the mail all ye that labor and are heavy laden this is an I will give you rest I saw one Christian author put it this way had been the stone to eighty one I saw that Jesus knows our infirmities and has himself shared our experience in all things but incident therefore he has prepared for us a path suited to our strength and capacity aren't you glad for that like Jacob has marched softly and even notice with the children as they were able to endure that he might entertain us by the comfort of his company and be to us a perpetual guide is not despise neglect or lay behind the children of the flock he has not been the snowfall and leave them is not traveled so hastily the way of us with our children behind oh no but he has even the path to life even for children and parents are required in his name to lead them along the narrow way God has appointed us a path suited to the strength and capacity of children reason why you see it seems a hard is because our strength is so weak and we rely so much on that week 's drink I conclude that I want to be among that remnant ones that get through the gate and stay on the path that your desire to the among those that don't just get up to the gate and looked in like a window shopper shop window shop window shopper one that takes Christ and his word and enters into that narrow way and they're holding hands of Jesus policy and safely to the gates of heaven no not policy him safely to the gates of heaven but thank God follow us and safely through the gates into heaven such a commitment to be that remnant striving to the narrow gate spent a regular if it is just valiant businessmen father in heaven were thankful that though the gate is narrow it just wide enough for you and for me in fact Lord were thankful is no wider than that which we wouldn't want to take with his anyway thanks for the safe path the path it is led by Jesus we want him as our Savior God we want to be kept close to you throughout life 's journey we thank you for this opportunity to think of Jesus and to make these commitments bless us now as we go into the more sacred service of the spoken word may your spirit rest upon us as we listen upon your servant pastor Africa's and speaks at all dear Jesus Minna Holy Spirit fall may revival followed by Reformation man not a jester a desire that we have the commitment that we make it just for a few feeble hours while we trust in our strength and rely on our feelings of May we purpose in our hearts like Daniel that you are arms now and forever we don't know why you want us we can understand why we want you we want to make that trade ourselves of no value and you have infinite value we thank you for hearing for answering this prayer in Christman and


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