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Latter Rain, Sunday Law: What Comes First? Part 1

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 2, 2007
    6:30 PM
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I find there him and him did not know where there was so there was someone that was walking looking for me there I saw a hand and I didn't know where there was that I wanted to be there with all my heart and so he led me there so I'm happy to be here a net you know why you're here what are you amen amen while not talking about him talk at the Mesa there were this many people here for that pain how can I get a good good slow you down easy must have an interest in the subject amen very good very good I want to share with you just a little bit of why I am doing this particular study this evening how many of you have current operation global rain okay excellent excellent excellent as you all know neither going to the whole history of how it started but nonetheless it's listening to on a Peter Gregory 's message remedy when Peter Gregorys works out this year in as he was speaking I was just thinking about this generation you know that God is raising up a movement of young people not only young people you know older people as well that are really wanting to choose see and to do whatever they need to do to see the Lord return you know operation bullring in this context meaning in it just like Y you know this because the time it is not now when you know what else do we need to wait for at some I guess since I have some concerns are rather awesome people raising concerns to me that you maybe operation global rain is out of order you know certain things needed to take place before we could expect the rain to be poured out at the start of thing in particular was the Sunday law and soul you know need to stay on a lot of research went into what was why cannot you know basically the question was always setting the Seventh-day Adventist church up for a fall on if we are moving outside of the order of events that make sense and I let me say this as well you know and one of the problems of ascendant BSM business have is that once we disagree with someone who you know they are they are from the pits of hell and while honestly say before you begin the messages this is not justice I wonder that even started there may be people in here on both sides of the question what you think I think the meeting but the most crucial thing is that whether we agree or disagree we must love each other in an and one other thing that amazes me about the early church the administration is that website and is not together and are lot size of their ideas didn't agree with one another but they would love each other so much they were willing to study always on hand to finally come to a conclusion time I think I was unable to come here tonight but what I'm saying is that you know how tight you that what is not history right against me in particular and I was just totally in the past miles it operates in global rain is the counterfeit revival that is take place before the actual revival you know I mean things that have the most amazing thing to me was that this came from from this came from the conservative element and I was totally dumbfounded notice is amazing that's our okay this is much better so just at the foundation of our study out this evening reading a lot of spirit obstacles women looking at a lot of Bible and I don't know for them to do this because I do have to end by seven thirty because I be speaking over any other over there him and seven forty five so I will see you in the name amen so that the status off on one written if I want to take a little portion of something that will because I think it stated so perfectly that I wanted to say that in any differently so that just means you bear with me for a moment we have a couple questions we need to ask concerning this issue of Sunday laws in the lettering errors first must be made on thinking to bring about the Sunday law before we take the field to pray for the battery 's number one alley waiting for God to give Satan permission to pass the Sunday law so that he can then pour out the latter rain and feel things they him will not help I have a son-in-law taking place in our way Satan is not only waiting on God gives Satan permission to do something and I have given you permission is installing in the Sunday law is the Pentagon is going is the feeling that the tests on the Y is based on Pentagon if you have not given permission to go delaying this is a knows that this will string used people into action to pray for the battery is on the other thing that finally based on God 's charge so that we will pray that arraignment plea for me why is not delaying the passing of his son-in-law if the Sunday law is the way that Satan believes he can ultimately destroy the people of God why wouldn't he cause it to happen before God could pour out his Spirit and power his people to warn the world Katie read again to the son-in-law is the way Satan believes he can ultimately destroy the people of God why when he caused it to happen before God could pour out his Spirit to empower his people to warn the world came in other words why wouldn't say they have done that half the fun within the last one hundred and sixty three years is stalling is Satan installing or always going so that their mother the paragraph was led out to you somebody stomping and the question is we have to figure out is that God is a faith in what is this him at the doorway while letting me living in a couple of things you know so we can have a right understanding of correct understanding of the latter rain not arguing the argument is that something off all beef and website doesn't look that rainfall before the Sunday law will after the Sunday law I think that question is will begin the faulty premise to begin with and here's why the driving rain the rain is simply handling the Air Force in Oglala are a range not knocking something you may not thought about before but the crappy rain is not a one time event the economy in a season and again DCN acts chapter two we often that something was very very that the fulfillment of the Army may however if you have tentative you can write these down to the floor there is another outpouring the Internet when when the disciples pray because they were being prosecuted in a prayer Lord I'll grant us boldness July to preach our and in the last as the San Rafael and the place was shaken what was that what was that outpouring in one part of the early rain the early rain is based these then it is not gay so if we're going to cannot shut to date versus fourteen to seventeen we would find more forming of the rain early rain upon the people of God if we look at acts chapter it on my number seventeen chapter ten versus forty four to forty seven subject eleven verse fifteen acts chapter thirteen verse fifty two I will send all of us I is about when the Holy Spirit is all done in different places on different people working in the early rain in fact and remember when Peter realized that God had blessed the Gentiles members when he was a Cornelius 's house I saw then on he is not let me know what you sent God had given them the spirit as he did not beginning so he identifies the filing of this very nice I believe it's not pretend and eleven the act with the spirit the same event I haven't instructed to the Iranian orbit early rain is a season it is not a day therefore the Iranian is also a lot seems then not a novice reader versus the workers page three eighty three John says I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory they are at the Pentecostals and then the people will hear that showed spoken to them every man in his own tongue when she call me when she called Pentecost season the Pentecostal what do you think most reasonable point to the Bible and the spirit of prophecy so what is it eliminates the question of the amount of rainfall before or after because were looking bleak and expect the labyrinth of all more than one one half amino list everyone was in the last phase must receive the lot without any of you who is a rating point out upon hours people that are antioxidants of the entries to the world and what you think will happen all I will say there are the start about an important one as people are things missing that is not the soul of man is not a one time and then anything is what everyone is his which lets us realize that it is possible is that this am I think it's true that understand it is possible for the rain to fall both before and after the Sunday law then exact and what is not about who's right and who's one of the labyrinth will be far under this law after negative or negative and you know those were ten minutes ago series on the word and I will only tell them to do something like that so I will not shut okay I shall even now stumped some reasons why I believe that the rain is not dependent on a Sunday law is so important because I believe that for a long time many of us have subconsciously been waiting for something on therefore generation after generation has now hunkered down in four Eunice that we can gossip was a transpired that stuff and action and the Baldwin Avenue the ten virgins you are not here's an interesting about that horrible fiber lines fiber one date all telephone have oil have you had one of his and saw how long had an RIAA way experience on a network and then resell the spirit of God Bible and then waiting for a crisis Julie before baseball the final handling of this theory now learned that sunrises don't represent the warned that these represent the cream of the crop advantage and so it was amazing to me about some people say what and when we pray for the battery now the second environment has been able to know everything you need to know what God asked for the oil now the price is happy when a crisis to hit and then we need to hospital oil vent about against school they so elicited a covered reason why I'm giving you some money number one in eighteen eighty eight we were told that almost precious message came to the church through Elvis Jones and what position to what why says about this message first met in the streets to bring forth an unwillingness to yield out pretty good preconceived opinions construed the foundation of a large share of the opposition manifested Minneapolis against the Lords messengers through Bregman DJ White ninety two don't might sign opposition Satan succeeded in shutting away from our people in a recognizer that special power of the Holy Spirit swing parts of them beginning and prevent them from obtaining the efficiency that might have been there and chatting the so will the apostles proclaimed after the day of Pentecost that light that is not in the back when his glory was really busy and by the accident on brethren has been a great weekend away from the world do you been drinking anyway on that was given to discharge him we are told that to a break and read that message was resisted as she compared that message to the life that was lightning of his glory was a clear reference to Revelation chapter eighteen not questioning whether something law passed in nineteen eighty eight Maryland Sunday Ramallah Sunday Bob Taft in nineteen eighty eight on nationals unable our global son below there is not incidentally Denise eighteen eighty eight there was that famous issue of the outdoor classic cobble warfare where the Sunday law came into prominence in a few zones actually went to court to fight against Aston Villa and that is good is largely believed that the economy administration had rejected that a Canadian is the Sunday law was would've come right on his heels never crystallize no something all when the message was given in Minneapolis like the class that message to me the life that was along the earth with his glory so that's evidence number one access to me when it in if you were back in a lifetime of music you're wrong no something awesome is that I send them out right now son and I ask you then a sense this is what she says review and Herald March two eighteen ninety seven now all in the freezer and hotshot hearts pray most earnestly that now similar with me now in the time of the Valerie missiles and brains may fall upon us when the sun without rain the single eighteen ninety seven reviewing our March two hundred and ninety seven and nineteen ninety seven and ninety seven Windows I want now is the time of the highway but that same now then where is my question was that same now that back in nineteen ninety seven was that saying now the time of the Sunday love sonnet one international Sunday longer seen when she wrote this set on most money and also I want sausage that is before us on my mind and passing seven comments on anatomy now if I said no A but now is not the son-in-law it will be evident in the amount of rain must occur before Sunday the Daniel Chapter 11 the reason of it to Daniel chapter eleven eleven oh two versus forty eight forty through forty five Daniel chapter eleven versus forty through forty five for the sake of time I'm not going to get very deep into this but was recently had me very quickly Daniel eleven verse forty miles says there at the time of the end sound that came on the South course at him and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind is talking about the common language economy and everyone seventeen ninety eight thousand and twelve hundred and sixty and we are now living everyone in the time on the time that was not available if you are looking for is the king of the North North represents who they did in the final power in Daniel eleven forty Diwali forty five and she cannot represent that they see someone you know is what the papacy does is forty one he's not enter into the glorious land in many countries shall be overthrown but these shall escape out of his hand in an even more conceivable shall not have been disastrous for this and also upon the countries in the land of Egypt shall not escape verse twenty three but he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver overall the president of Egypt and Libya New York and sagas that matters forty one through forty three simply describe the pain of the reading gaining the Dominion that once held during the dark ages was not that this is happening I want to start for the incredible Boris but I also think he's out of the north child struggling sound trouble the papacy therefore because of these one findings that come out of the north I think he's become resigned his job with Greg you're reading to destroy utterly made away with many that was written on the leaving of times in the Bible when things news you think is going to trouble the papacy news in the newspaper condos academic adaptive but the correct path there in the gospel those I will pass it off to listen to Ginny and if that is the gospel needle was in power by the array in a loud cry in fact if you read Revelation chapter seven I sent an angel there is pain coming from the layer from the East having the seal of God read Revelation chapter eight he is an Angel that in this time being from an understanding from what we might say that while men are it is a combination of this games when revelation eighteen that we identify the product will not rain shower in the three Angels messages that travel and see an otherwise beloved that he doesn't even know banning all we are right and not doing anything to travel in the Madonna president is usable waiting for the next generation I hand the baton often than not reason and then he will finish somewhere we want to give them the legacy that sounds good but the longer we do not get the longer we remain here so what happens without it is when people realize wait a minute we are the ones that God is waiting on me are the ones that are starving when we begin to pray for our part of the Holy Spirit and nothing happens follow us on the papacy is not infuriated and let me tell you why I think things will become infuriated the losing their him out of the cinema and God 's people all around the world are praying is the Holy Spirit and their install in a while why is the analytical and millions of Koreans wasn't how I was going to happen is that many people are learning company long the world is gone on and that's when everything is moving front and center stage in but before they leave and looking at you will when I fell flat on the wall were vegetarian him and saw that it was last year was forty four kind of the easement allows us to open the way and William Miller when he began to preach the ease organizers in the eighties in me so there you reason anyone is talking in a quadrangle and divine message of America is questioning in eighteen eighty eight where was the message in the rightness of what is my favorite color from what was sitting in Minneapolis do you realize in Minneapolis is in the northeastern quadrant of the United States of America is ever do anything I know they need out of the know ourselves probably in the room and remained to him what happened is that the message is as always as seen in trouble ninety seven then I saw anyhow where multiple knowledge of the trauma it wasn't the trouble of eleven and one so mercifully for the more because of this design don't want to infringe if you're into destroying unlimited weight with ninety nine and twenty five million and I attended the gaze out the tabernacle is between disease and in the glorious hobby mountain yet he's our conversation is that the mental health one in his tabernacle and the glory of disease between the holy mountain income not a reference if you can't remember when Jesus when he saw therefore seemed out what abomination of desolation standing on a plate that is a reference to the passing on the one everyone got Sunday now that's what it means he's not as obvious tabernacles in the midst of the sea mind of he's on his tabernacles in the music of the disease because using your relieving a route we believe that using your related group of people who are preaching a message with how similar women presenting messages amen but it that Angel from the north have not yet defending Tom cell phone is three has been preaching working on the wall when that angel the same power that is what will that all the time of trouble him and him and is sorry I found on Daniel seven behold I thought from NOK yes a couple of things here in England oh twelve one notice what one time shall Michael stand up for what's Michael Zande at that time yeah I'm a work in that time yeah yeah Renaissance in the greenhouse what is our goal what really destroying the need to increase the same time he looked at the creative Jesus Stanzel which will signify a victory for those who are against eating so I'm not Michael Sando okay not notice a pattern power to the message or power with the notice on the Nexus will power to bring the anger and therefore persecution through a Sunday law and then Michael said that not one to religion I read that's what you listen to how and why continue with the UN and the very same pattern in her writings they are not usually thirty that but sending the message will only net goals what is that Daniel eleven forty four sides appeals to the strong arm of civil power and in this work as Protestants unite the movement for Sunday enforcement becomes more bullet and decided that laws will be involved I can come and keepers so how what is raising is the author instructions and they persecute the people of God by passing a standing on is another one I heard the full armor speak for the truth with great power it had a fit I asked when they does rate change in angle sensor in the lower frame the refreshing from the premise of the Lord God or Angel okay so what has happened so for them but like the thing I actually thanking your group when I'm great how are you doing these jobs in one day said the angel lucky no one is looking after she see that the people of God have mercy in the wine that I sent and alumni Mike Janzen must turn signal blinking or unbelievers not according to Daniel eleven forty four and forty five kilometers and eventually within a problem with you they were almost there the video and power with the people of God had around and in reason Christmas presentations page one seventy seven one seventy confusing confusion will never thought I solemnized in the company life and the power of God but even those that are Sunday and all that victory in the two oh one I'm not a happen in stages but decided not often the Navy into the country and in which he says so when I heard the voice of God and should have the new year Michael said you know that among arena Wathen levels one one and type and type fighting over his right on in spring twenty down to very quickly we can look at the story of Daniel will find out how things work Oman ten days interesting ten days of prayer and fasting because you know the story they don't want to eat the king 's life machines need and so they prayed attending the attendees that are given special privileges by the Nassau they appeared our lives and all those things in ten days and God bless and then specializing so that in Daniel chapter two we had Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon having a trained Daniel and his friends have power to understand dreams and visions I do not know ten days is not hard to understand dreams and visions and then I thought about a lot and preached a message that I alone King had a goal just love this over and by the mass lead the lines economically victories that you and Daniel three you have the setting up of an image in the game is set up the nasty business this was in Atlanta was in his never have been set up if you never had a dream than a refrigerator that can do is set up as a result I recommend that also what you know sad the word of God declares a dream to be as sudden you know I'm born today in seven innings and just calculated on the announcement on the nation him in the past time you don't happen is that he wants that that that that is not written down in the word of God clearly stated in you know about visiting as you will be jailed in the very same way but when God 's people are empowered with the Holy Spirit and bang on forth preaching the fact with morpholine shall Babylon a result Babylon also need and I will say if you don't bow down to the nonpartisan Madison is unable to see humanity as they can withstand a little uneasy but that will understand that the people of God the time is coming we just like Daniel will not be identified as such no as I filled out pass along is when they say that any man crazy about the next thirty days you don't blindly is the same principle watching window onto the command innkeepers were present at the heart of son Nemo is not revealed in the face of the issues and son-in-law is a guide and a half upon Seventh-day Adventist is not just a byproduct alright all you said they are enraged at the end of all the son-in-law is involved I get commandment keepers and info objects commandment keepers this is another sign of the last accent or two before the jewelry that that that that is not why I figure that every May and abatement uncovered what coverage is in bad now I know why because they have no problem that only after the one power that was even when it am able to talk to the disciples and Muslim segment is a you and him and they gave him an intermittent pain in all likelihood lifelong a while the disciples got together to pray based upon activation gene doesn't get together and pray based upon a promise not upon here did you get that it was not a crisis that catapulted them into their candidates of prayer that was no problem that she had given them down you will and I think that the promise when I'm going to write now you pray the Holy Spirit 's job upon them and what remained into the van allowed to watch the Prince then integrated with power and mountains who was come into the bottom left side and they have now captured the attention of their Jewish brethren him desolate again what are we waiting for many of us are waiting for son-in-law when God is waiting on time I felt that the reason why the church is not suffering persecution in the house were not landing what is and is having a recognizable and bad and the revival of primitive communism and the prosecution will be showered to be rekindled that says to me that it is not until we gave the enemy something to fear that they will need to move so as long as we saw their game their stolen status as one woman breast-feeding the morsels we can have bullets into the print edition is run whenever the morsels was okay that's fine we want to continue on with Wanda Briggs thinks when and already there in an attempt and bring those things what is my belief in America source is likely not moving on the road with Sydney stared at each other and inches and another that after the persecution arises in the carnage charge dedication you know years ago nonetheless it's only meant that you have the abomination of desolation standing in the hall replacement was not sent me anyone will remember Lieutenant some decimation took place the prosecution again at the place after an argument was partner in the very same way God 's people must come together and pray no one is looking at him I honestly happen when we play a humble ourselves God will answer us my point is very globally become on demand on people moving train will be seen as an conflict is a global conflict and ended in early May God move will be in one place because all cycles where there is some people are well and is going to be in one place using the be there and you can do their same time around will and you can swag together later I will want to stand out in an amazingly and him and they give it to solve unsolved people receive the spirit then they go out and millions of preaching the gospel with power and a ten day air will be people coming out on Babylon bondage rules in ten days will own all the anger out on the lawn and eleven until you are going for the necessary Babylon is fallen on the address that in my next message okay international message is not Babylon has fine Shetland in addressing the Palestine plan can need absolutely critical to him and him and him and is stationary him will him will I ask this is that you and me and did not know seasoning so no need directories and where it wears where's my out that you are my kingdoms of men like citizen and is not on him I want to go in okay is okay Annecy seven thirty at the industry forty five percent forty five to forty five okay you are the same nine o'clock when they were smaller I is him not go on in our government customers is measured in the area you are right while not long and easy my wife does the real nicely in the same as an agent is okay nine o'clock tonight if I still have a voice after this is where involved in a suit him time him on his work that is him and pray heavenly father we thank you for you are the things of the spirit of prophecy and norming is asked as we hung clothes that he made these things be upon our minds what if we are not convinced or convicted nor I just pray that you love that you love us anyway more than you bring us integrated knowledge and religion because as we grow and progress Lord how does help what you have on our minds open to whatever you have to say and that we thank you carry our prayer in Jesus name amen


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