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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 1 (Ch. 1-4)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 12, 2014
    9:00 AM
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him good afternoon or evening or whatever it were up to today on this is my first experiment was doing it this way a person of snow has forced this I don't want to lose another lecture so were doing it this way now let's say a prayer gracious father in heaven thank you for the gifts on this time together even though it's being done electronically still your Holy Spirit will be with us as a group thank you in Jesus name amen so what was starting out was if it was an old story how that will be no surprise to alteration looks like probably written by Moses asked what the traditions is around thirteen hundred BC or maybe as early as fifteen hundred BC depending on the dates for Moses and if you loved it would've been perhaps to three hundred years before that idea the possibility is one possibility is that Job himself if he lived might have authored himself on spiffs up as a frame story which measures that is like a picture frame and that the plot of Job Job 's friends are inside the frame and God in the Angels and Satan are outside the fray there's also different to look in the people inside job not look out so they don't know what's going on gone Arabs and so we use the Wilson chapter one verse one and would immediately run a natural can't get past the first two thirds without discussion there was was there is a section is a nonfiction actually is a history or at least nonfiction undivided like there are two businesses a great difference in Job criticism those who believe that this is simply a fictional story on those who believe that Job actually lived and you actually send this observation has been shown to be very accurate doesn't change hundreds of years so it's entirely possible that if Joe is and if the conversation was like this we have the conversations at least substantially was there so living in the land that was well fictional argues respectively is nothing wrong if you want to think of inspection is intellectually lost to say that I guess there is still the section is simply a teaching jail on Michael city Belize Las Vegas or some and it will teach out of the Hebrew hubby or golfing on how to live in the shadow of God 's majesty of mercy it illustrates man's eternal situation especially in him who was victimized since I don't like the way out of the Austrian rail when the victim much nonfiction argues also restricted perspective that you did happen on while these are all teaching possibility we just talk about is enhanced because this is a real story about a real man who had these people experiences and cool by prophetic insight perhaps later began to understand about what taken place outside the frame so as prophecy does the book of Job is seen as nonfiction becomes a garment processing MS kernel court later life you'll is that it's nonfiction and the these events happened I think the management literature that there's nothing we'll see how that works okay there was a man there was in the land of Oz when nobody knows when the land of Oz was most like it was east of Israel perhaps to the north perhaps of the South nobody should but existed on the certainly run around two hundred years maybe more before Moses is a list and that man was perfect you see why it's important for us to come down on one side of the other if a suspension amendment WordPerfect is fiction if this is nonfiction than perfection in one sense or regionalism is just to be very tricky and very quickly for example Matthew five forty eight says we need therefore perfect even measured only from throwing on the perfection is not possible except through grace that is the grace that gives us the power to clean up in the case that stands in the floss far as the righteousness of Christ so perfection is possible is not a fiction okay and he was perfect and upright and one that feared God network sphere is important in the Bible word fear sometimes translated respect for the word is nice and you means she has never been to a gallery where the is a link of prayer and fellow was talking about the speaker is talking about how God forgives us we needn't worry about all of the symptoms don't present at the back realism standard evildoers back later and they'll waiting dirty notes of the Michael's visual and he to hear from them the idea of a God forgives them and they can be comfortable with that is not to be very helpful but not about sitting in front of God his figure as the Bible says that serve the Lord is the beginning of wisdom is beyond absurd always says the beginning of wisdom him so there is God will really what how could how could we not secure the great Howard University sat next to us on a given at the bottom of a dam and thought about thousands of homes is a war going through that thing produces immense amount of electricity room so legacy is the next in this thing there's a certain amount of uneasiness next all left our well what about our instruments God is omnipotent God is an important first step we need to understand what were dealing with different God and is to be of an evil okay Southwest think reason for meaningless as and if we assume that Joe lived then it was much and I was finally going to seven sons and three daughters as possible is not possible and have some seven sons and three guard from strain the imagination is that that's a perfect number seven is a perfect number three is a perfect number and their total ten is a perfect number of involving perfection and then answer a number of the rabbis who comment on this we get in trouble believing that Jones nonfiction substance also was seven thousand sheep and three thousand camels and five hundred milliwatts of in two thousand households over this man was the greatest of all men of the East another indication that the land was in the east somewhere on the one hundred and three rabbis and many are saying his wife say what will be on the list but there were actually seven thousand three thousand Tamils by the way there is a crooked numbers again and five hundred yoke of oxen than five hundred she has also getting to be a perfect almost perfect numbers that Johnny fiction all it means is when it was a very much got okay that's a legitimate and respectable idea that his only idea possible is it possible that Joe had exactly and precisely the number of the abundance the number of camels seven thousand sheep resells seven thousand to three thousand camels five hundred go-go oxen five hundred she has of course medical oxygen is going to lose a thousand so on the is present moment is impossible it is unlikely that Joel will have exactly as number well why not women actually take a medical to make those numbers we need to remember that in some parts of Africa farmers are particularly lucky number on animals no more long as you are they think they'll prosper better what are is is about what the monkeys will get the is impossible for man light shall might have found an answer to how to be rich and still like Johnny Rockefeller was once asked for how much money is a mouse and he answered just a little bit more ten Commandments of Moscow Johnny Rockefeller just want a little that means it was a kind of slaves to the idea of getting warm John King a perfect and rich man maybe has to figure out how much is enough once was enough money from personal wealth because one needs to live within limits is why there wasn't a tree of good and evil on the garden and there have been the only much how we limit rich man how we limit what the ownership is the man of God he would've identified perhaps with God 's help that those numbers would constitute enough he would set bounds on my Johnny Rockefeller on their on his possessions now how many keys make sure that he had exactly those numbers that also you regain you successful with several things the family are was very very sold very well but also they decided to adopt a policy of profit sharing beyond a certain amount they would take the normal profits of the company and instead of distributing those of the family are plowing them back into the operation they would give them as gifts to employees of reason every September you would have a certain amount beyond what they defined as normal process and that amount would be divided among all the thereof employees at the effect was on the employees which includes a London in fact it's a major reason for staying employed at parties even if you don't like your job very well working thinking you'll come September this will be this nice little sweetener is the Christmas coming early on though I very often people stay on the job at McKee foods even perhaps jobs are not as comfortable with because of these is that Sharon supposed Govinda is it possible he was okay to his regimen my flocks and herds we don't think anything over one thousand of these is moving towards a extra building of your own flocks and herds are at least twelve hundred and soon you will be rich people as these are a portion among what is when those people are involved in rendering blessed by God is pretty cooperating with God on what people think at the very very very accurate count of themselves unreasonable and would they have kept them there longer than is the flock three of the twenty so they would compose no sure they would why is it impossible I ask the Rabbi 's wife is even possible as numbers to be perfect numbers to be perfectly accurate numbers one and Lucy if we say they are perfect numbers don't have fiction we don't just have well is a rich guy instead what we have is how is your which God we are rich people by the way everybody on this class views included although we don't look at sometimes in America contrast us to what people and you are living on Woodland how can we know with our riches by setting limits by saying I'm a journalist size and I'm going to an offer to end as God shows me a mission field I need to contribute to our house with my time on the UC you say that the book of Job is nonfiction we have a wonderful sermon about Ruth in Richmond was just handwaving when we say our guy okay well this is what increases in our house is all numbers for everyone is very efficient they sent and called for the three sisters to eat and drink with them so they are celebrating their wealth is okay to celebrate your well why not is gone the licensee were informed within limits within boundaries within complete devotion to him to the Seattle winter and so they feasted everyone on Thursday in the coldest resistors and they all got as a family is wonderful when you see your children acting on acting well wonderful I speak as a father is proud phone and so not true I was so than laser fusion were going about Johnson's and sanctified them and what early in the morning one seventy seven seconds Mormon and often offerings according to the number of all joins that it may be that my sons of sin and trust God in their hearts and dust to Digital content that is something to stop and think about the story remember the obligation sorry to reason officers troops refined or legal fight according to the order because their own vitamins and issues owns his seventh and he loses them like cattle the obligations of starting and I can't complain the obligations discarded go out in the news like Christ's acting out an obligation down the people the children he owns using as a type of Christ Christ made the world where one bad Christ came and took responsibility for the world that you did not emphasize in having combat was misled but he gave his life for the creation that he agreed in the same way Journal sacrifices for his children he sacrificed for him sound like the Iliad the policy and insulin people will pay for our story people will pray for the amount Peter story down to an obligation on the part of those songs still yes and the shortage now you have a Bible the Clintons of section is downward as sacrifices to snuff his company for his children you are my sons is in the sums as are known for his daughters know he doesn't know what is the possibility and to guard against ourselves the possibility is sacrifices is the obligation of spoon under God 's government quite different from the pics are learners Earth Institute is now present-day now there was a day closer you think this is fiction looking at offensive flow picture of God is in heaven fans the Angels coming around to see him and Satan coming to him last fiction we know have to think of God as an old man on the white through anthropomorphic link saying the fixes people but if that is such a thing that God is personal and we are being crunched to think of him anthropomorphic I don't know about the finally true God visiting the red parts of the Bible God is presented anthropomorphic resume myelin was going on and on as is somehow manlike this is going is a great thing because thinking of God that way saves us from pantheism which will talk about more later the idea that God is some kind of universal soup no we don't encourage what improvements we are in curriculum now the thing of God anthropomorphic phantoms a man patriotically and currently after you get the idea that's how the Bible wants us to think about God and that's held by the laws of the best of what God I suggested we do it because they were reasons even if we don't understand so in my view there was such a day when the sons of God angels came to present themselves before the Lord the idea is that these are the phone these are the angels of the present of various notes sent came also among the people who object to this they say Satan could not be in the presence of God this section why couldn't see in the presence of God under grace please visit the grace of Christ wouldn't apply him a you see in allowing Satan to do this has in fact representing you is allowed to come this impossibility is made possible by a loving God by Winslow again is the grace of Christ what the that was just the last but God is being very gracious in allowing this rebellious thing to come and talk to so this is Satan and that a formal speech this is a fabric that except for most recruiters one of the lands under the Satan once comest thou doesn't know what the final question like learning that this woman to be married to this man than does the creature knows the answer to the questions being asked for a formal purpose is an event going on here and it begins with that recognition of what's signals status is designated in the Lord and said going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in no question is to question the penguin is once style and comfort how perfect creature may perfect many joyous main complaints so we swept around the other way with no doubt the jewels make a mess of the earth is molecular signaling ministry when trying to answer because lost motion tries an answer not bad but is actually better than those slowly below the second one is what location and you've just been to you just come from them Satan answers that question just fine from walking swimming tennis and up-and-down walking up and down wasn't answering saith and channels territoriality and metals maintain his territory that will well and what is walk around and he was marking my territory and distinguishing marks his territory will leave that to your imagination is the ownership of your walking to and fro in the financial means that Satan was restless it is not since he does not like Downey does not go to sleep you will will will will utilize all of the so we swept around the other way with no doubt the jewels make a mess of the earth is molecular signaling ministry when trying to answer because lost motion tries an answer not bad but is actually better than those slowly below the second one is what location and you've just been to you just come from them Satan answers that question just fine from walking swimming tennis and up-and-down walking up and down wasn't answering saith and channels territoriality and metals maintain his territory that will well and what is walk around and he was marking my territory and distinguishing marks his territory will leave that to your imagination is the ownership of your walking to and fro in the financial means that Satan was restless it is not since he does not like Downey does not go to sleep you will will will will utilize all of the me I'm great at the Angels will protect you where you are from well the stock 's hateful the follows you wanted to touch acceptors is a high praise and glory may protect you from the site walks and walks and walks and walks after it happening now watching this ten years after item one hundred is happening now unless the Lord is coming the results showed a certain vessel considered my servant Job you have marked them as your children is not like in the nearest a perfect and an upward madwoman Ferris Bellows was all has to be as one antichrist figure two is not welcome likely perfectly except under the power of Christ grace and two kinds of grace one different positions and to think I was enough to send even when tentatively tempted by the Satan walks after he's a perfect minimum fragment analysis of section fiction work but if it's true then perfection is possible and cannot victims find no rescue from our victimization him glory signature the Lord Satan doesn't say is he says God Fernandez joins God for no good question asked on from there and you other room yes I had your Angels standing between you and Satan yes praise God for that is over Megan Angelo about his house and about all behalf on every side I was blessed out of his hands as substances increased in the land and blest and are willing to bless those who are faithful and blesses you those one countries soon as the rain sends the son keeps them alive they will finally follow I one zero one the blessed people who have committed to him however uncertainly however slightly and then Satan was of course the accuser is the first use of the word Satan on the Bible and land use the adversary the accuser what we have here is a trial run is the judge the Angels are witnesses the launcher jewelry whether witnesses God judges Satan is the as you are during the turn was on welfare now eventually was on Troy the program God is on trial diocese the judge was to write that Satan is accusing into his face are acting evil God is on trial celestial Jehovah's Witnesses have my witnesses say a witness is not the same as a number of theology it is worth debaters doesn't say that your work was when we must do a witness testifies as to what he or she has seen personally this happened to them for instance when I became an English major by writing Orlando with my life and the Lord sent me a bunch of strangers talking to all his about how Obama will interpret English house in aviation major at the time of symptom and sent more more weeks of the links until finally was rescued for next quarter because I'm functioning as I didn't want to the miserable is going on what coming in like each of them before you send them just another good idea like that is not as it happened to me as I said you can't lifestyle experience is with so many reason why have you booked your his nonfiction this is what is nonfiction then today perhaps signal strings flaming eyes on me for what nonfiction modern fantasy where you are saying here is a righteous person I wanted to witness now under torture including happen today at this moment to you or to me this is really happening is somewhat not is being called as a witness for God best films business with him doesn't know this isn't something was going on simply has no work all of the witness a character witness for friends being soon have to testify and lose a day 's wages were sitting there are important when you called me to maybe three days late him and him him to be to encourage Olympus for somebody under those circumstances most people say it where it will depend on how good a friend this was on the friends gone to June Mitchell and filling beginning and if this is original story level even ends in June later the perfect insight and what happened beyond the frame I'm than Joel wouldn't have consented on for his great friend God thinks how much are you willing to give up in order to witness it and when St. George's eyes but the flashlight in hand now eleven in touch over the half and he will curse thee to thy face is an accusation accusations actually don't contribute phase and the floodplain and now only as God 's hand is going to this means you won't deliver and perform the answer first is a message can together we the piece was gone as well colorful as the rulers is most at coffee every minute of our fourth to the mighty Fortress and Lynch the lines goes about Satan 's past and power are great Satan of any power of God is omnipotent is not complex is not a contradiction in terms the answer is that God is allowing Satan to provoke God 's power is letting these using his power God is allowing his problem to sustain Satan embossing Goodmans as I am thus Satan is in a ridiculous position is then hanging from a class I is any meeting is the first signals of suicide and he wasn't drinking was out of my hands it's God 's power isn't caused when seven percent behold him have his right hour is on the present and is normally what happens in the role on the upon himself not fortifying socially went for the presence of the Lord and Jones is the first of June enjoy the snow good evening


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