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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 2 (Ch. 5-14)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 14, 2014
    9:00 AM
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only a C over that he gives his word this is her remember is because there are no third world countries who believe in a few numbers want to have a service tactfully that was an example of a pagan response what would be the Christian response it was unlike John D Rockefeller and therefore said that's enough of shrine but how is it possible to get exactly five hundred days animals and Provencher member of a profit-sharing and still refuses an example you simply tell your herdsman I'm that I have five hundred in these things and that's all if you make it a really healthy heard and is a whole lot more of them besides five hundred you have so I'm not saying that's what happened that's on the text but this illustrates why it's possible for that to happen and there are people who say those those exact numbers of animals roll call early in the business section and you can believe that that's almost intellectually honest you believe that but the truth is that it is absolutely necessary for those five hundred those thousand whatever it is to be to have them sexual profit-sharing would give the herdsman the opportunity and the motivation to keep that right of five hundred and everything above that goes to them so profiteering makes it possible so when people say no it's not possible you exactly a thousand camels are you crazy if you think you have a thousand one laser this is a fictional number no not necessarily so you can believe that it's fictional you can do that honestly but were not forced to believe that and when the Bible says there was if we decide to does the think well there wasn't really as I said about us using people say that we read the Bible and the right but the Bible also reads us and our reaction to a thing like there was tells more about us in the narrative so I is you is over I is in a period in time you could you could you could argue that as I say I'm number of the rabbis do not they use those numbers to show that must be fixed a friend saying no you could say that is rounded up around that am I still like there was he had that many and there was no reason why equipment that exactly that many given profit-sharing show them our decision to say well you know I did the Bible doesn't really mean that who okay but that's our reaction and doesn't come from the Bible Bible says there was so as I say the Bible reads us as to how we respond to it and if we say dogmatically and in fact even in extreme I believe it was exactly one thousand camels somebody else can't say when you're a stupid idiot who doesn't understand literature no as possible and the Bible is more than literature was actually I'm trying the book of Joel Williamson Joel was being tested here as but is he the defendant in the trial is a witness is being asked to testify under torture who is on trial goddess that trial is about God God calls Joel was a witness so you can say that God the jewel was on trial but not really because Joel was presented as a witness and he has of course tried is what happens when women went when a regular witness in a courtroom comes in the guy cross examines a is a kind of trial yes but the witness is not on trial the the trial is remembering the point who was on trial sometimes we hear the question what do we live for the purpose of the Christian life and people want to say well to get to heaven of course that's true but it's not the ultimate truth what is the job of a Christian on earth sorry okay telling Barack tried Chrysler Ligurian heaven to yes we want as many people joining us in heaven as possible as true but there's a more fundamental truth shows love lands okay still more fundamental truth I'm sorry this is one of those little times when can you guess what the teacher is not what the teacher is thinking is actually well-established theology it just isn't talked about much Cecilia to be an example of Christ yes to others to witness to them so they go to heaven as to be an example of Christ what purpose Christ was better okay your word were getting closer to it the purpose of a Christian life finally is to vindicate God 's character we are witnesses oh God 's character God is the one on trial he needs character witnesses who will stand up for him like the three Hebrew children and say we don't know whether God is in the service or not but we know one thing right about on vital and then in the story and Daniel two or guesses maybe three have forgotten in the story they are joined by the son of God in the fire this vindicates God 's character is God 's character that's under attack Satan doesn't care to pins about us intrinsically where little creatures who cares what we are away to bring pain and misery and victimization to God on reason why Satan cares about us is that he wants to attack God we are here to vindicate God 's character that's the ultimate duty all that follows is nothing wrong with saying we need to go to heaven with you to bring as many people have as we can all natural but it's not dead rock bedrock is vindicating gobs character it is an about us ultimately it is not about us to think it is about us is an adolescent thing is a fourteen -year-old thirteen -year-old think it's all about them left over no no him perspective here we have been sure to indicate God 's character I noticed a number of people texting I hope you text you are taking notes for the class I was as a vacation from the classroom please rejoin us onto which are doing but if you are taking a text vacation the class please come back to us the fourth line hand now this statement is of Satan 's toward God is a claim is both true and false explain how it's true I is in a is done some limited so when we say what we say that Satan has power if God is omnipotent outcome segments of our giving I guess works whatever God is keeping Satan alive and one of the great questions of theology is why we don't know the CS Lewis as we just have to accept that God 's keeping Sigma lives at the price of infinite misery is worth of and when we say so I will be trust so we're helping them to get God 's character he maybe we had choice anyway in the garden and even when it was when it was before sin that was actually only a choice segment choice is now a tougher choice Blu-rays will so tempted all the time I'm not I haven't got a good answer for you on this but I know in whom I have believed and he is wonderful it will I all I and he and I is an way you will and I will say I is still on fire and what is I and I and I will be wondering how and why of you say things as well as you and you and you and you are that's very good and that is in fact of what Mrs. White says the Zed 's dead center Seventh-day Adventist theology that the once it's this is happened God needs to let it take its course what a horrible disease so that in the and the evil of Satan and the righteousness of God 's character will be proved to the entire universe and send will never again raise its head so yes we are giving God is giving a long time but finite time this trial once it's over there will be an eternity without sin and with glory thank you that's that's exactly right and I don't know why it forgot about three out of three what do you think several good on it and have even gotten past the quiz yet that's twenty minutes after and I missed him in serious trouble let's go to line fifteen or or or verse fifteen or not to get as far as I would hope I hope that's all right as I really remember what chapter one we haven't got my chapter one folks we got a little further because it was just me talking and there was no conversation so we had moved farther sometimes the only manifest chapter five verse six so negative fifteen is pretty good well okay so there was a day and again was there that we keep seeing this there was a day and people who believe that this is fictional again that's intellectually honest to believe that his fictional if you do I have no quarrel except to say I disagree but there's no way to say no one is but it's better literature if we say there was a very when Job sons and daughters actually were eating and drinking in their eldest brother 's house and there came a messenger Job and so they ask auction were plowing and the asses feeding beside them in the Sabeans fell upon them the morning at this leader slain the service with engines or and I only am escaped alone to Jolie to see not we'll see it again and while he was yet speaking there came also another and so the fire of God are gone missing they're not sure where the evil comes from as of the fire of God well in one sense because God 's omnipotent but it's we know what Satan Sam doing this vision is the fire of God says that that that messenger now because the messenger says it is that holy writ of the messenger saying it what you know the fire of God 's fallen from heaven and burned up the shape of a servant and consume them see nobody knows about Satan and this is word Satan until the book of Job and so this this guy sermon reporting doesn't know what an only and I only am escaped alone to tell the and while he was yet speaking there came another and so the cold deal was made of three bands and fell upon the camels and carry them away my service with is into this order and I only was capable of towing notice out the keep saying these things and when he was yet speaking there came also another and said my sons and my daughters were eating and drinking wine their eldest daughter from his house and Nicole became great win from the wilderness and smote the four corners of the house of fell upon the young men and their dead and I only am escaped alone to tell me I only am escaped alone to tell the reminds me of the Gurkhas and whatever the Gurkhas is your too young if you would live to World War II you're hurt about the Gurkhas or World War I they are tribesmen from the Paul and the service of the British Army in there one of the toughest units in the British Army they are famous for their lives which are aware in the current what do you seem bent Grace and their World War I World War II they specialize in going between the lines of night and finding German soldiers in the trenches or the foxholes and killing them so silently that the other soldiers in those foxholes or trenches would not melt and they would wake up in the morning or they would be on watch and see in the morning and the friends are all dead whole trench will hold foxhole holder but they would leave that one and you don't these guys how would they know when the dark well sometimes I get it when I like trench and then in World War II you would you be sitting there thinking you were alone you would feel a tap on your helmet British omelettes felt different from German helmets or American helmets and is a light tap would tell any fewest top on your helmet and that's all and you would know that their vinegar cover right there with his knife at your throat tapping to see with your allies or germ was terrified why would they leave one man one German allies enough oxo or that trench intimidation yell Charlotte they say yup they come in as I hear anything I didn't see anything and and my friends were all that was openly like the next night and I think I pressure tactics often were syntonic along with other tactics in the war so this is pure satanic only I am escaped to tell you the only reason I'm alive so I can give you more pain in the story then Joel Rosen wrenches mental and shaved his head and fell down on the ground and curse God right I would size was at say King James is worshiped with your resolutions simply worship was worship mean price though give thanks our word worship comes from the old English whale ship which means worth the visit of North means value if you are worshiping God you are ascribing value to God is to use the old Saxon the old English word as a pretty good way of thinking we are ascribing value to God we are praising God we are thanking God there is a is a quote isn't there for special needs five eighteen in every thing give thanks it's a little throwaway line in Thessalonians but think of the enormity of what say when I got a call from Doctor Renée said yes you have cancer and it's spreading pretty fast with my first instinct to say prayers Lord well when I came to myself I said women are better think better and so I did thank you Lord I don't know why this is happening to me but I know that you're in charge and that everything you do is for my benefit and can be made into my benefit yes this is a Satanic thing but God can bring good out of it and thank you for the good that stands behind this guy get but it wasn't the first time first instinct not I I can't pretend that here is Job and the first thing he says is every he worshiped and he sat naked came I out of my mother 's will I'm a good show I returned that of the Lord gave an order taken away blessed be the name of the Lord what a Satan site it will curse the delay face droves as blessed be the name of the Lord I believe this is literal not just a little fiction I believe that this man was close enough for the Lord to be able to say that under these very words what he said yes I think so blessing and cursing with different curse with the blessing of the Leslie Harding was tapes says a blessing is an enabling a blessing is a and enabling enables you to do what you were intended to do and he are alliteration he said as there was a Irishman raised in India he said I cannot a in order to sing beautifully needs but seems and what I've been he can sing these the blessings of seeds in water and protection from Fox's and then he can sing that the blessing to sing beautifully cool would need a miracle difference between a blessing and a miracle blessing simply enables you to fulfill a God implanted of destiny God implanted on function accomplished like a canary and whoever the blessings of food and water so long as treatment is that canaries do when a and elder son was blessed by his father in ancient Israel the elder son had had the ability to have the double portion but as the elder son not ability was intrinsic to be released by the blessing to so when we bless God we release him to do his good when we bless God we open the way for him to do the good he would do so what I wasn't slams the door when we curse God we are by our will will and him off from doing us good they feel good person but finally it cuts us off from the good he would do for us and Satan has said he will curse you to your face and instead with all of this horror Job says blessed be the name of the Lord bless the Lord O my soul in all this Job assumes not nor charged God foolishly so Job at this point is still perfect according to the narrative again there was a day was there yes in my belief yes there was a day and I think that they happens every day I think it's constant and one day it's entirely possible that God will look at Satan and say has thou considered my servant I either will be a scary day will or my servant Caitlin servant Rachel there came a day to see if this is just fiction him my friend Stephen King the more moral professional or the Lord of the rings reread the Lord of the rings real good job with it we don't really think there's such a creature as sorrow for the Mount doom exists somewhere this is the delicious frightening this is a roller coaster you'll know that the roller coaster is actually pretty safe doesn't feel that way you get a thrill but you know that there is no life-threatening rules while we go bad but mostly not okay and you worry about that will it's really fun to be scared it's a fictional kind of fright if Joel was fiction that's always doing but it has real if there really is a day and if one of us is righteous enough and close enough to God so that he can name us as a witness knowing that we will witness under torture that's a sobering thing I again was a night when the sons of God can present himself before the Lord and Satan came also among the present himself before the Lord Lord a set of the same these are formal speeches this is an epic is a formal speeches God knows very well who Satanism worries come from but he says it in order to make the official moment happen once from whence spelling segments of the Lord and said from going to and fro on the earth and from walking up a government same answer same idea the restlessness of Satan and the Lord said of the Satan hast thou considered my servant Job there is none like him well you know well move this to me against him you have to understand what the situation is Elmo was me against now you're using my power as your hand but my power is a very important distinction to make you understand the situation is here to destroy him without cause course Satan rebelled with calls to me crazy and segments of the Lord and seventy years since skin for skin yank all the man hath will he give life or pour forth fine hand Mallon such as bonus and he will curse the delay face on the Lords of the Satan behold he is in hand notice the Satan and God doesn't argue for fourth Linehan codgers tells the truth is in your and Satan doesn't argue with except too bad Satan tried that one didn't work your Christian relations is in by hand but save his life notice the barriers there are barriers so Satan went for some presence of the Lord and smote Job was sore boils with sole is foot was crowned I took them apart sure described himself with full and he sent down among the ashes what misery we can go through the misery is not the final truth is it I love what his daughter the church from intrusive she found her husband have rapidly progressing brain cancer by law and a deteriorated rapidly as she sent to them at one point while he was bedridden but why in the center of that's not the right answer is not the right question the right question is how and of course she wasn't sure what he meant and he said how come this experience glorify the Lord magnificent answer is not about us it's not about our suffering or our joy shot him vindicating his character that's the first job that's the mission it isn't about us than his wife set a limit he's got to be abandoned there are people who are terrified of being alone of standing alone the song there to be a Daniel there a standalone stroke if you're afraid of being alone that's what Satan 's got to do to certainly by threat don't you say that don't you be a Christian to be alone what he will hate you answer is yelping alone just me and Jesus but that's the threat and people who are terrified of being ostracized or very vulnerable your prayers so his wife says dost thou still retain my integrity curse God and die to our spouses sometimes speak for Satan sure if I spoken for Satan to my wife yes God help not to do it again sure we need grace for this curse God and die there's a picture that I find interesting I'll say it that way a needle is coming down claws out about to grab a mouse that is in and the mouse stands fully erect looking up at legal and has one hand raised in an extremely rude gesture which I will not imitate that's what Satan would have us do in regard in relation to God that's the idea yes God is coming down and doing this to you the defiant curse God and die like that mouse the course is not true at all is it is God 's clause Satan 's God is a God of love a picture regarding God is all wrong and we are here not to make such a rude gesture to blog indicated character to stand for him heavens for that's the deal they said under her blouse because as one of the foolish women speakers to give what shall we receive good at the hand of God enjoy not receive evil while not one takes some explanation because it sounds like an elliptical sentence doesn't shall not receive evil good from God and surely not receive evil and it stops but we are tempted to add the next two words from God it feels elliptical but Job not knowing the great controversy not seeing the frame story at least doesn't know where evil comes from later it looks like through inspiration he finds out about the outside of the frame not now Joe but I thought moment inside the frame doesn't really know were evil comes from apparently whatever look what he says shall we receive good from God he knows where good comes from and shall we not receive evil and then after the word evil he shuts his mouth he does not continue he lives in a elliptical at again many people read that an site visit using the will we don't know what he's thinking it had only hours when he saying I was saying is stopped to write short notes will receive good from God and we receive evil we know we receive able from somewhere and hearing those of them at the edge of a cleft and he does not jump over he stops with the word evil he does not make a statement that about were evil comes from and this is a huge huge theme in the book of Job when you don't know don't say don't pretend you know when you don't know don't let your speech to go beyond what you know if everybody followed that rule gossip would be impossible don't say what you don't know an awful lot conversations would be a whole lot shorter to shout we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil comes right off like slipping a piece of string and notice the narrator in all this did not joke the sin with his lips the narrator does not tell us what his mindset why it's not our business all sorts of things are not our business intellectual sends involve going into things that are not our business I will follow proof world leaves sorry no we do not speculate following proof speculatively where we are not to follow truth the retros which we are not supposed about was I right I am not supposed to know and must not know must not even speculate what goes on behind closed doors in my neighbor 's bedroom the right my neighbor has a right to privacy even from my thoughts my speculations my fantasies no my neighbor has a right to know that I'm not going there is intellectual sent we cannot go into where and so well you know Joe must've been thinking I will Joe is thinking therefore we don't say all we know is what the narrator says it all this did not joke soon with his lips we have just time for defendant this chapter let's do it now when Job 's three friends heard about all this evil was come upon them they came everyone from his own place I will present you might build of July Zohar the laminae in the fight for they had made an appointment together come and mourn with an uncomfortable and when they lifted up their eyes afar off and when not they lifted up their voice and wept in the rent everyone is Flemish when does the gold dust one has for them so they sat down with them upon the ground seven days and seven nights and him speak a word to him for only for this office grief recovery at this point the this have done nothing wrong they are simply sitting without a morning for seven days and seven nights they just simply never I have friends who have been afflicted however and sat with them wordlessly this is in fact the Iliad answer as a Priam and Achilles we together that's the Iliad answer it's not a bad answer this is not the complete answer is not answer the glorifies God ultimately but it's a good start to let us be very careful and I guess the time is over so I can continue but let's leave it at that point the street comforters are doing fine at this moment is recognized thank you it is no


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