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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 3 (Ch. 19, 21, 27, and 28)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 17, 2014
    9:00 AM
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him go to the end of chapter two I hope you brought your Bibles we need to recognize that these vilifying people people ready rag on Job 's comforters and they should but until the end of chapter two are doing better than most of us would let's do a thought experiment let's imagine that a father and his two children taking his two children to school this morning I hit by a train and all three are dead and let's imagine that sometime today or in the village market and the wife who this morning was a wife and mother and now is a widow and the rest she's in the village Mark you know she's a friend of the family she's just turning the corner down by the milk you are hereby the producers by the note just turning the corner she doesn't see you what are you likely to do where most people likely to do part nothing you're glad she doesn't see you annual leave it at that and you make sure that your somewhere else in the VM and she is most of us would react that way why behavior well why why avoid her a situation like that how you don't know what to say when if somebody breaks his arm is not that big a deal is a well sorry about your arm no got a dented fender was sorry about that no problem but when something this in the warmest something that is absolutely devastating we want to do referred that anything we say is very inadequate Job 's friends do better than that they come and sit with them and weep and that's not a bad answer as I say it's better than most of us would do just go into that woman with two years and embracing that will assure one otherwise went with her little wordlessly it was the worst thing to do family lost their little baby three months old or something lady came up to the church and said you know what happened that little baby was so perfect that God wanted to have a little baby with him right now this makes Cottonwood child murderer this lady was trying to do good but she overall I'm those of theology on a number there is another answer will see in the book of Job and even better answer but to begin with what these men do is better than what most of us would do it to see that clearly and then chapter three Job opens his mouth and curses his birthday the day of his birth doesn't curse God but curses the day of his birth and he said let the day perish wherein I was born in the night in which it was said there was a man child he wants not to been conceived certainly not to have been born if you look at it mathematically is a pretty good goal but at this moment all taken away he feels severe depression let darkness but that they be darkness but they're not have been a day there are all as one might to another night and that's all no daylight let darkness and the shadow of death statement but a cloud dwell upon it let the blackness of the day terrify as for that might let darkness seize upon it will not be joined unto the days of the year that amount the number of months but that might be solitary let no joyful noise voice come therein but the curse of that cursed the day already to raise up the Rooney wishes he had never been born have you ever wished you would never been born some in this class have it's always true it's always true God 's blessing remains though and if we open to that blessing that day of our verse will have been a blessing hard to remember that in some circumstances under grace we can I've been suicidal twice in my life praise God is doing away a little it looked like there was no good thing that was going to come to me Lord let me through and through grace I'm very grateful if you're feeling suicidal left the Lord have grace is sufficient for you and the life he has for you is so much better than you can imagine that if he told you all about it would be too sweet to their and I say that from my experience but he's feeling suicidal and he goes on why don't I drop my from the womb why did I not give up the ghost when I came out of the belly eleven to the knee is proven to me and not some old English word it means global for me in welcoming know what happens the babies were not welcomed in the world I don't Russian orphanages the baby repaired for but never felt the loving touch and they died why was I welcome to the world what it might just die apparently Job understands something about for now I should blame still and quiet I should've slept that I have been impressed with kings and counselors layer of which bills desolate places for themselves they're going to rule over princes of unfulfilled arousal with silver there the wicked cease from troubling than the weary be at rest yes twenty wherefore is light given to him that is a misery of life unto the better console for the great there is no answer this is the way it is were all victims which long for definite not pending for more than hidden treasures which rejoice exceedingly and are glad when they can find greater in a lot the lantern down here for car will very old people who pray for death likely that we face trying to prepare for my own death of course the odds are that is hurt like crazy trying to prayer I saw I pray that I will never lose my hold on Christ and will never lose my trust of his timing is a prayer against we will see how you die is the last great witness so Emily says something very interesting twenty five for the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me is afraid of us than that of which I was afraid his coupon I was on safety either and I arrest it was a quiet troubled when you afraid of everything as something euphoria there are people who are so afraid of losing friends of being friendless young people particularly they follow the in crowd even though they know that it's wrong when you afraid of why afraid of whatever were afraid of disease danger the future always refer to the future under grace we can be steadfast regardless of the temptation of fear Daniel three three kids walk at Nebuchadnezzar and say we don't know whether God is to say less or not I'm about out of idle and Waterloo for the joined by Christ wonderful thing to remember wonderful thing to remember anywhere with Jesus I can safely go through if I am destined to lose all my friends because I stand for the right many have done well so be it there's only one fear to have a sister of the Lord well Job has opened his mouth so Eliphaz the demonized fields that's okay to talk about after seven days and then he says something it always makes me smile as if we are say to commune with the will not be grieved and a friend of yours looks at you and says no no don't get angry but you know one thing for sure what's that it are to be met Kate you know it's coming if we essay to commune with the width of the aggrieved one who can withhold himself speaking you'll apparently for seven days that are the most prone luger hold on your virtue who can withhold himself from speaking and now suddenly what he says is very damaging he had three from until this week I'm how the friends will be withdrawn to is going to be very alone Satan wants you to feel alone can you stand it when it's just you and Christ the holy says almost the smear thou hast instructed many of the strength of the week hands of the wonderful things noticed by words of upholding him was falling about the strength of the feeble knees but now it has come upon the ends out phrases renewal bells in the back of your head cool comment that you remember from somewhere else in the Bible that accusation you help other people but now it's come upon you and your saving he saved others himself he cannot say it was a quite true is not this I fear the conference I hope the uprightness of my ways remember I pray the school ever perished being innocent of Zeus was questioned with the whoever whoever perished being innocent what's the answer sorry Christ perished being us I was an old office beforehand we all but it's a good question and again of Zeus 's question why men how many blame the gods it's mostly their own fault where were the righteous cut off well Christ was even as I have seen made plowing under the plow in equity and soul which so wickedness read the same by the blast of God they perish and by the breath of his nostrils are they consume the wallet of the lien on the voice of the first lien in the teeth of the young lions are broken the old lion parachutist for lack of prayer will all is very nice what's he saying in such eloquence what's his message you brought this on yourself how some Zen now does Eliphaz know of any settlement Job was a committed melt so he is going to be accusing Job and his two friends are going to join him they're going to would join accusing Joel of a sin that they can't name and don't know about because the evidence of his suffering means to them they must've sent the film and it turns out the theology is very faulty we know already God is pronounced Joel perfect and upright why does Eliphaz think he knows better and now we get to a very interesting and often misunderstood portion of chapter four now a thing was brought to me and minor received the little thereof always living modest I I heard a little of it I got a little out of Israeli modest in thoughts with the vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon all men fear came upon me and trembling which met all my bones to shake so he's had a dream that scared him to death the spirit passed before my face the hair of my flesh stood up and whatever this thing is it scary it stood still but I could not discern the form thereof an image was before my eyes there was silence I heard a voice saying shall mortal man be more just than God shall amend the more pure than his maker behold he put no trust of his servants is a newly charged with folly how much less in them that dwell in houses of clay whose foundation is in the dust which are rushed for the more there destroyed from morning to evening they perish forever without any regarding of the father Excellency which is among goal way they die even without wisdom that's quite a speech and of course it goes on chapter five but let's just stop at the end of chapter four last few versus the spirit came to Eliphaz in a dream what you know about that spirit vague can't quite see it kind a lot of focus which audio hello I will write a line is if you can trust God if God is evil why not make them evil if if if God himself is unjust of course man's sins what specifically in these verses tell you this essay yes first of all the general tone of accusing God Satan means the accuser is accusing the things specifically he put no trust in his serve anything about put no trust in Mister is a evangelist charged with following a theirs there's a lot of bitterness services the bitterness of a fallen angel what about the specific charge you put no trust in his Angels 's roof I think you are you are okay Cecelia I think you made rumor but in the business income and contains the that he knew their way was better but would love to the fact is how can you not have trust in God Jules yes okay that's cool as can be pretty mad as a newly remastered but the question is did God trust his angels sure you can't you can't swindle someone doesn't trust her to the sin was possible the devil 's sin was possible because of God 's trust he allowed them that choice such trust so this is a bold faced why WAP sigmas the father of lies what else would you expect so we have a dream which is clearly Satanic again how much lesson than the dwelling house of clay and as Moses Rufus pointed out his trusted Job Satan no longer worthy of trust Satan probably jealous among other things you could their crushed before the law to see the cruelty of that word crushed what's just happened his children because he thinks about the horror of how they died and now the word pops up to give them even more pain calculated cruelty in the online and I was walking chapter five call now if there be any will answer the years insured of links all of this based on suppose of wisdom that he is gone from a Satanic drink call now mocking see if their behavior will answer the those echoes of the crucifixion here to call upon Elias soon with her allies look unbalancing and which of the saints without turn for wrath till of the foolish man in the display officially silly one I've seen the foolish taking root that's Joe but suddenly I cursed his habitation that's true elephant as it is in fact cursing gentle here is discouraging Joe effectively trying to limit gods ministry to Job and a gun goes again he says I somewhere curses habitation yes his children are far from safety and they are is is the word again crushed in the gate neither is there any to deliver them since almost smearing goose harvest the review is up and think of the value of the thorns and the robbers while the assumptions of affliction cometh forth from the dust yet neither does trouble spring out of the ground yet man is born on the trouble as the sparks fly upward when you think that Greeks will tell us that stroke is where a border to avail of tears but we're also born with the potential given Christ's blessing of glory not available to Greeks great thinkers who do not accept Christ unavailable there's only one way one might whereby we must be saved and that is the name of Christ man is born trouble the Christian born-again is born to eternal life support the Greeks have it half right and fifty percent is enough most rating scales man is born of the trouble was sparsely upper mount having said all this about God God put no trust in the service and he won't know involved and call now and see if there be any at answer the implication being Walter mouse suddenly in the first eight of chapter five he says highest way I would seek under God and of God I would recall why a God like you just define it as described on the number single adopted dog CS Lewis quoting somebody said hell is inaccurate hell doesn't have to make sense held can be self-contradictory sure having just excoriated God as an unworthy God given suddenly steps over into self-righteous piety as is I would seek undergone of God what I commit my cause maybe you should do that help us you've got yourself a satanic dream here that you're thinking it was wisdom you are working with the wrong powers take your own advice which was great things unsearchable marvelously number who give us rain upon the earth and as always wonderful things lobbied on it and save this and those that the average of just given us a very different picture of God which wanted to believe and he says finally at the end of chapter five social know also that thy seed shall be great for my offspring is the grass of the earth special like gray little folate is like a shock of course thinnest season-low list we have searched it is talking for his two friends but is not talking really from anything that the Satanic crew we have searched it so what is herein and know what is now in front by going so self-satisfied self-satisfied thinking of the Satanic finger he knows everything no it do wrong what is Job answer chapter six my grief was the really way to my calamity later in the balance implication is you have no idea of the misery you are addressing so glibly jewelry is learning something of these men have no clue about this this suffering he's going through his teaching them something about the world hasn't learned that but the depths of this misery are teaching and they have no idea what it's like they don't understand so we try to follow for now it will be heavier than the sand of the sea therefore my words are swallowed up for the arrows of the Almighty are within me the poison whereof drinking felt my spirit and the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me they apparently do not know about Satan everything comes gone are close to an organization is not as it occurs of the whole thing I wish this is depends he speaks as he finds he thinks it's God 's arrows in the poison the raw not a personal it doesn't curse that God was done this he simply cries of our own at home mom have my request verse eight all that God would grant me the thing I long for even that would please God to destroy me that he would let loose his hand and cut me off he wants God to destroy what's the difference between Job and George's jurist trying to be in charge of Christ four seven to declare his kingdom with thirty pieces of silver and when that didn't work Judas felt terrible and Judas decided that he would kill himself to see the difference between this and Job Job wishes that God would kill him but he does not kill himself he does not pretend as though he's in charge of his own death trust him him return that is in charge of his own death he prays that God would see fit to killing but he does not kill himself it's like his first statement he wishes he were dead but it does not kill himself and then he says and fifteen something very interesting about his brothers these three guys have dealt deceitfully as a brook and is the stream of Brooks as a way which are blackish by reason of the ice and we're in the snow is and what time they waxed warm they vanish when you come to the summertime you are ready Thursday is intermittent streams right up these were fair weather friends now even as fair weather friends they do better than we do sitting six days sorry seven days but still when they open their mouths they betray him and their deceitful as a broke that disappears in hot weather and then he says twenty one for now year nothing you see my casting down and are afraid years ago I was a flight instructor at Andrews another flight instructor was killed in an accident with a student and I was right puzzling accident I will go through the details and so the rest of us got together when we were around and discussed what Darrell had done wrong why we came to some conclusions that we didn't know there was no knowing that the NTSB couldn't figure out why the crash but we pretend that we know why would we have gotten Joe says so for now you see my casting down and you're afraid here's what you've done wrong and done something wrong implication I haven't done can happen to me we were afraid we were worried to say when I became a flight surgeons will so the nicest guys are trying to do was true every fifty or hundred hours a student of mine would do something that is life-threatening couldn't get insurance so we decided that we would figure out narrow because we were in that same situation I wanted comfort of knowing that we wouldn't do such a thing now don't try and figure it out the great great one of the great themes of the book of Job will leave it here one of the great themes of the book of Job is silence when you don't know keep your mouth shut regular is


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