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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 4 (Ch. 31-42)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 19, 2014
    9:00 AM
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and we will have him and were we left off Job serfs and fifteen my brother Hernando deceitfully as a broke and then twenty one for now here nothing you see my casting down are afraid and I talked about that so he's saying you're betraying me you think you're helping richer betraying me and twenty seventy eight the over welcome the fatherless and interdependencies of friends why is jeweled fatherless why does he feel fatherless he isn't really feels that his father God has abandoned him he feels alone Scott ever do that allow us to feel alone Calvary in many ways Job is a Christ figure sacrifices first children etc. okay so Job continues trying to help them understand what is going through and it's tough here I am I'm I'm I'm going to be my danger to be short flushes clothes worms and clouds of dust skin is him that way therefore I will not refrain my mouth loses seven eleven I will speak of the anguish of my spirit gets to talk the slave is one capital is not the eye will complain in the bitterness of my soul and then he says starts on twelve into a fairly controversial passage OSCE or a whale of a social watch over me when I say my bed shall comfort me my cultural use my complaint the mouse scares me with dreams and terrifies me through the one of the reasons I have you look at this in their own Bible and not in the Norton anthology is that at this point there's a footnote in the Norton anthology which says Joel now speaking to God claims that God is setting a watch over if there were no such footnote how would you know where is it in the text that says moreover Job spake to God and said Rosemary he's clearly talking to his friends in chapter six and it looks as though he's continuing to talk to his friends in Chapter seven and then suddenly twelve seems to many commentators to be attorney speaking to God but there is no textual evidence will recognize the other possibility whom else could he be talking to what he says NYSE are aware Lavelle settled to watch over me to who else might he be talking and getting no eye contact from anybody well a couple of brave souls is only one other possibility if it isn't God who is it his friends get sure they been sitting there for seven days look at Madame Goodman like setting a watch over eleven that don't good thing but not least saying and what my potential comfort me my cultural views my complaint than thou scarcely with dreams it is not talking to God whom could he be talking to audio Italy sure Eliphaz has given his breathing so it's entirely possible in the absence of any transition that says now Jewell was talking to the Lord not air but he just continues talking to his friends and he says your scare me with free himself as anyone watching me let me alone and then he says in seventeen something that works very well and is talking to his friends what is man that thou shouldest magnify him and that should satisfy should set their hearts upon the him every morning and try a Marine moment how long will not depart for me nor let me alone so I swallowed my special guest you could read this is totally gone but does it apply to the friends to do so how visited every morning flying him ever who's trying is God accusing them a lot of wrongdoing I was friends are there putting him on trial should not they should not do I have sinned he says that perhaps sarcastically as he started was friends what shall I do unto the oh well preserver of men the other possibility is observer of men the Hebrew is a little unclear fellow observer of men last tossup is a mark against these women burden to myself now what are they doing they are telling him that he has us send that they can't name and he keeps saying I want talk to God and what's thereafter Job wants to talk to God what's his friends answer to define Santa Rosa talk to us we will tell you what's going on in other words his friends were standing in place of God he wants a clear line of sight between himself and God have a face-to-face conversation with his Lord and they are jumping into the middle of that and say wait a minute will tell you what's going on because were wise people to see their stepping into the middle between him and God therefore they are taking the place of God to say I'm now in this reading Joel gets sarcastic wireless pardon my transgression and take away my name according for now I shall sleep a little use you are going to act like God then pardon me which is his job if you are my friends and ever to pretend to be God than being on an pardon me he knows that God is long-suffering he knows that God forgives sins these guys are registered using if you were to stand in the place of God then act like God and this is why he says what is man that thou magnify him however magnifying now they are elevating themselves to the status of God magnifying themselves what they should be doing is keeping her mouth shut and staying humble and the fate this awful stuff was going on and drove them making sense because there is no textual evidence that is talking to God it is entirely possible and I think likely there is talking to was friends all of this go in and in which version is a God American Standard well known to the community the King James does a different thing but they are operating on the same theory yes that's a very widespread theory and I am presenting a counter theory until again a theory I do not look at you and say this is how it must be because it doesn't have to but my point is in fact I talked at one point when I recognize this I went to a jeweled scholar on campus who was here then and I said here's my theory you know there were the original Hebrew text you've done a lot of research and scholarly stuff on Job am I all wet does the text as I have interpreted it that those objects bear the interpretation I put on it is not talking at this point that any money but his friends and he took a long time in a Sergio within the text the text would support the but I don't believe it but there is it seems to me the Job particularly hear what he says once a part of my transgression was being sarcastic and the problem is program custom offenses how long will you be pleasing to God pervert judgment bill dad thinks he's talking to God he doesn't get it in off frustrating matters I was once heated debate at Collegeville church with people who believe very differently from the way I did and finally in his desperation I said okay if we follow your thinking to its logical conclusion here's where we wind up as it was a terrible idea to just follow along what you're saying and here's where we wind up in an awful and the guy exploded and accused me of aiding the position that I have just said is the awful position I just said is thinking would lead to write over his head the sarcasm the attack didn't work at all because he was I don't know to dull to realize what I just said and self righteously he comes back at me and says you can't possibly believe that that's a terrible thing to say how can you possibly say something like that about God so I lost that argument not because I was wrong but because the opposition was sold to use there is bill that if I'm right and Job is simply talking with friends and as though mockingly as though they were God sarcastically as though they were gone then billed as answer is Shaw 's excruciating the Robert Dodge one no you should love your goal I like the literature there better because of what happened to me once again as a matter capable of debate but I present the side as what I think is the better choice if he because first of all visual textual of the city is talking to God specified figment of somebody's imagination one to is obviously talking to some one who is in his or his acting Godlike seed episode choice for me this is better because here we have this find sarcasm which goes awry over the head of bill that and so we see build that as a maddening Schlabach and that's very much in keeping with the then living in the text this version keeping with the theme is the book of Job these guys are maddening she loves a book they mean well but the getting it all wrong another traveling the well if I would seek under garbage one big basically he is seeking to God Bill that is exactly what he is doing he wants to talk to God because of jumping into the place of God that's maddening for and then he goes on with with all sorts of all sorts of platitudes which seem to be a good idea to him the phone chapter on if I'm right Joe realizes that his sarcasm has not worked and this is normal right over the heads of his friends and so he speaks now in that case who speaks warily faced trying to explain insulin his friends will understand chapter nine then Job answered and said I notice over truth yes yes always platitudes your say the right but how should a man be just with God it was a gift to the bigger question is why ahead of these guys who think they are teaching him they don't see anything is way ahead of them how shall a man redraws with God she will question smashes straight into the question if you will contend with them he cannot answer more of a thousand is wise in heart and mighty in strength with hardened himself against MS prospered which removes the mountains all Chapter nine fourteen how much less shall I answer him and choose up my words to reason with them as Isaiah says let us reason together but you can't you can't go debating with God except by grace how much less shall answer them and choose up my words to real reason with them whom the lower righteous yet I would not answer but would make supplication to my judge by the way who is our drug sorry I guess was our judge internally although there is real which one of the amount I was in your what's happening right now at this moment in heavenly sanctuary was half when you go through Atlanta schools it on all the stuff is called the visit he's visiting our case but he is also it's called the investigative judgment on who is conducting that judgment Christ the one who died for us Jesus is my judge 's men would lose Christ conducts the investigative judgment he looks at your sins and my sins and then please with the father my blood covers this no question should fear the judgment nobody under gracious or the judgment we want that because under grace that's vindication for us I may be a new thought think it through Christ is our judge exists you'll be difference the whole term judgment when we are along the victimized one one twenty our judgment front comes from Christ who rescues us from our victimization and through grace saves us that's our judge is not going Christ is our job twenty one very important moment verse twenty one of chapter nine though I were perfect he doesn't know is perfect or not now he's been proclaimed so early on whether that's true now with all of this is a good and is a good question but he was perfect at one point because God said so though I were perfect yet what I'm not no more so I would despise though I worked were perfect I would not normally so there was a slogan that was a engraved on the over the doorway to the Oracle of Delphi which you've heard of it says Knowles vice cells know myself ever tried sure are somewhere around age fourteen or fifteen we begin to try and figure ourselves out I'm sure you get it to its exhibits a standard adolescent event we set there and we say anyhow I'm a good person a mild-mannered person what am I I do these crazies remember when you were fifteen you were doing naughty things adolescents do anybody ever taught early teens I was cool done lots but there also terribly introspective wondering what about and that goes on fifteen sixteen maybe seventy but at some point maybe around age twenty we stopped at we've given up for me was about age twenty I realized that I was never meant to figure myself out by by by trying to get inside my brain and look like brain surgery done by yourself A and so we given up as a badge of his worldly fine way underneath as we pull apart the little park like a million contradictions and got it all away down the bottom which finds contradictions and never get away from the contradictions at least that was my experience and I'm led to believe that it's most people 's experience as a Lakewood and go on the Y WordPerfect yet what I'm not so the world says that this is wisdom know thyself no it's an invitation to disaster because you can't figure yourself out so what we do instead what's the answer the Bible says that it's not our job to know ourselves the Bible says no the Lord prime no Lord concentrate on the Lord not brain surgery your on your own by beholding we become changed building what Christ not by introspection eleven notice that already I invite you to notice it now introspection will get you nowhere of view of Christ and the prayer to be more like him as what's going to get you along and it you even see it humanly I had a young maybe have told us already I don't know maybe think so we have done our first baby on the last day of school at GCA and so all summer I had I was with that baby when whatever try to get used to having a little boy and that makes September when I came back to class after about the third day of class one of the seniors within a junior capital bold kid sitting up front held up her hand looking bemused and she said Mister Hollis figured this out like you were in those untenable paws and she said your nice are you sick and I said good I didn't make myself a nice flight manipulating my brain cells like silly putty I was changed by the home and I became a little more like Christ is not really an earlier thing like that happened from the minor from PUC I was really baptized me to hear so we wish to eat lunch together every Wednesday at seven one Wednesday said you know you're different or not sarcastic anymore her tone doesn't have the sharp edges it used what's going on I said medical discovered that she flicked on the safety catch to my temper and I was never angry with her and I was never sarcastic once again it was a relationship brought by Christ and of course naturally I'm how reader so that was a good the point is we become changed by getting outside of ourselves and it could be the girl that God has all the spouse that God has ordained for us to be the baby all of these are God 's you are training us to get us out of ourselves and that relationship changes our hands well I'm going out study your Bible every day get to know Christ closer and closer and closer and you will become changed as I have on the Hawaii was ten years ago in the reasons I have gotten closer to Christ that are the ones thank you Jesus but that's the way know thyself and here's what he says I though I were perfect I wouldn't know myself outright I can't figure myself out neither can you want to be a better person and a grip on Christ look at him there's another big line here down thirty two will really important chapter nine thirty two four she is not a man as I am that I should answer him and that we should come together into judgment it is impossible to take gone to trial ludicrous bonkers why do the trial is a process during which we figure out whether someone is broken the law what's the problem that will take in God Detroit he is the law the law is nothing more than a expression of his character ten Commandments and all of the implied the trial that means the great controversy is impossible and yet it happens and yet the Satanic being comes daily to accuse God how can a manifest absurdity be possible through grace grace allows the trial to go on before the universe grace allows Satan to come forward and accuse God the great controversy to which we contribute on one side of the other yes impossibly absurd but allowed and happening because of grace the very fact that there is a great controversy is a miracle given the fact that caused a law he can't be acting contrary to the law two in other words people some people say that the delay of the Odyssey are more profound than the Bible the book of Job ridiculous we have just come to the bottom of our understanding and there is there is a whole lot more there would come to the ultimate absurdity which is actually the ultimate blessing because this impossible trial is being allowed to continue at our salvation is tied up in the great controversy is a wonderful gift completely impossible and yet happening in blessing us right now click on the trial as well he goes on for then finally in chapter twelve I think that's where we'll go next in jewelry in my theory returns to sarcasm and says no doubt but ye are the people and wisdom shall die with you he's being sarcastic in my view again the plea didn't work so far comes back so some things and then a chapter thirteen we just have time for this chapter thirteen fifty though he slay me yet will I trust in him but I will maintain my own way of me that is one of the most important texts in the Bible but certainly in the book of Job chapter thirteen verse fifty and Roger Johnny there's a problem text because the original doesn't read that way your original of this comes down to is raise God will slay me I have no hope that's the original but no Bible translation takes up the matter is reached and believe it the ones that copied the Bible so carefully they didn't believe because the difference between God will slay me I have no whole and so he's meanwhile I trust in him the difference is one little dot in the text one whom the mix all at different and has a rates decided they'd they were they left it there the original text reads as I told you but they decided that this was an error until they put a commentary that said we think that the fly spec and and not an original part of the writing and the Bible translators of all gone with them as a rates that it's okay though he slay me yet will I trust in him but I will maintain my own ways before two things to say about the silly slang the FY trusted when I first found out I had cancer was quite a blow and we couldn't we couldn't seem to get on operation we went we were told you have very fast cancer you have to cut out right now with the Johns Hopkins University and after a month or two they said were not operate on you you're too old and so my wife and I stood there wondering what we wept together for about three minutes and then we prayed and I remember this to actually sling media will I trust them my life is his what happened after that was that after that prayer we made one phone call to a friend the next day I will find myself without pick up appointment with one of the busiest radiation oncologists in Chattanooga I came in this it is just that a cancellations are going in and everything worked from there until I wound up at Vanderbilt University getting my surgery and has I continue to pray about this and continue now not just the kilometers on the last I be brought merely to check mail but I decided to trust but I will maintain my own ways before I'm not going to lie I'm not going to say if I'm feeling angry at God I'm not from us I always love you with all okay I will say I'm angry at you today that has not happened yet it may God cannot use a liar when I went to PUC as anonymous they asked me of a children's do drink etc. residue ten movies big deal that I kept answering yes to a bunch of these questions I thought I didn't know much about God but I thought he can use a liar that year they took lately turned away two hundred Seventh-day Adventists they didn't have room for an accepted me despite what I have written the truth but I will maintain my own label for I will not lie to him I will not lie to anybody else except thank you


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