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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 5 (Overview)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 21, 2014
    9:00 AM
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one of our gracious father in heaven there with us as we work to Vale crispy well and wise as we work thank you for your watch Carol Morris and blessings on taking readiness quiz wisely the only conversation over your word help up to be particularly inspired and blessed today in Jesus name standby after this class I'll be going into the inner copper discoverers of my office and doing the rest of the Job lecture that we don't have time for in class because of the snow day so you need to pick that up online because of course the quiz on Monday will include material from the cell we have chapter fourteen now and I'm hoping you'll come with me to the King James version are to whatever version of Chapter fourteen and we have the first verse Mohammed was born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble and if that isn't a statement of universal victimization no one is so it is too facile to say nominal Christians are not victims yet we are relevant in this world that's lousy bucks but as Christians we are under grace as well and Grace provides hope provides an escape for us as wonderful so yes we're in universal victimization but we are rescued not rather wait till heaven now are we the sons of God says St. Paul but we have to assert that in order to be free and you know something at us that happen everyday also I die daily we escape or victimization daily hormonal it's daily every day and then he says boys are so human death verse seven for there is hope of a tree is cut down that will sprout again if another gender branch thereof will not cease the route thereof wax over the earth and the stock thereof yes to the center water it will bond and bring forth I was like a planet is anybody seen since posts that are growing I didn't see them in California when I got to the South Pacific a visit suddenly all of those posts were bushes will cut down stock in the ground icing of them here to protect the South Georgia you can see them and the hope of a tree ten but a man die off and waste is the way a man give up the ghost and where is the Azores failed from the city and the flood to chaos and drive up so mental at the rise of not so I must be no more shall not awake what does sleep in this case that means forever we die and we ain't coming back he says in chapter fourteen keep that in mind because at this point rose something he doesn't know or at least has forgotten anniversary wishes that God would hide them in the grave so that he would be no more and now we go to Job chapter nineteen is a lot were skipping but we have to joke after nineteen then Job answered and said how long will you vex my soul and breaking in pieces with words he is trying to get through these guys that they're messing up these ten times and he reproached me to post them for a while for being afflicted because of selection means you send that theory are approaching the innocent pixels are you you're not ashamed that you make yourself strange to me ever see people who should be ashamed of themselves are maybe every day even yes on a Christian campus yes they should be ashamed of themselves auto prolong blithely unhappily I'm doing just fine now sorry don't judge me try we don't judge people 's fitness for heaven you're going to hell on on on on on on on on on on fitness for Evan now that's judgment that's gods are but can we recognize and react to open soon sorry brother you're going wrong way sorry brother this is the right way sure of course that's Christian support everybody needs it I discovered rebuke this morning by the academic Dean as for the righteous about something wrote an angry letter he wrote back and explained to me the reality is a very nice guy Bob Young I wrote to be the reality wrote back and I said humble Hollis a stale this is why I'm not academic Dean and you are is the what I did in that letter that I wrote to them was was self-righteous although I angry all away general set okay or should ever lose and don't charge me your right to judge me she has a right to judge me is right not wrong even if you weren't academically sure it's a little letter was no forget it you're not assuring the director so strange to me this was because friends and indeed it could be that I've heard minor removal of myself as a hidden sin of our approaching people versus that you can't see and send it between you and God and you won't go so what are you in Christ when their open systems that Christian brotherhood says and sisterhood says say something help that person for judgmental splashes if indeed you magnify yourselves against me and plead my reproach know now that God has overthrown me he is compassed me with his net he's deprived me of justice is another way of saying it that's a little obscure the text again mentioned on relevant fluids you're what it clearly means what the the video and absolutely okay have pity on me verse twenty one have pity on me have pity on me all my friends for the hand of God have touched me as a person got was complaining just why you persecute me as God as though you were God that takes us back to the original thing or I I believe it is talking to Eliphaz as though we were costs okay is Ruby God than pardoning that you first why do you persecute me as God as you think God should be satisfied with my flesh am already arriving here and now something happens that's extremely interest for me this is the high point of the whole book of Job is a solo my name words were now written oh they were printed in a book this takes place before there's writing who invented writing for the rooms are most Moses invented right that's what people say Moses wrote down the book of Job he didn't even also read as an oral tradition of a wrote it down so and apparently that was between fifteen hundred and thirteen hundred BC scholars are mixed on that but Job then we'll taken place the actual event will take in place several hundred years before that have been carried down by oral tradition so now he doesn't know it over my words when our brother were part of the book of course that is a prayer that will be answered over stands in our hands there were great with an iron hand and led in Little Rock forever isn't quite sure how writing takes place is heard are they graven in the rock the words sorry it's in the Bible and Lovelock is ascribed and carved into who was a rock unaware relent my Lord the book of Job is carved into the heart of Jesus just as all rest of it is he carries this every story here every word here he carries Raven a network of the walk I think reminds him of something else and he says this is twenty five for I know that my Redeemer lives but an official stand of the latter-day on the upon the earth and that and know after this skin worms destroy this body it's inevitable yet in my flesh shall I see God whom I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold him on another though my raise money viscera to consume within the words that come from just recently he's been saying a tree lives again pushes out but will we will love again and now look for I know that my Redeemer lives of other he's rushed down to the latter-day on the earth and I'll see you with my own eyes and not another's eyes of the whole theological thing right there and even though I'm all corrupted all turn to dust my flesh is coming back and I'm a see them on the flash will come from and how from were not as good as a tree does this associate the house first well know is that the one it's clearly inspiration as suddenly a prophet knows and repeats to everybody else prophecy this is prophetic here and it has been shot in like a like a hypodermic needle and will watermelon suddenly there's new stuff in there as inspiration simple what brings it forth what causes it how do you have inspiration now nineteen chapters and notice it comes just after a prayer that my words were now written what's the virtue of having your words and in good generators and forever he says is another virtue a more important one but it comes from the effective generation if you can reason with guy happened to tuna stick around it can be read it can be shared it can be witness generation after generation after generation after generation so essentially this is a prayer for somebody else up until Job nineteen he is absolutely assessed with what's happening to it we can blame them for that it's awful he's fixated on what's happened to them and now suddenly with this prayer isn't much but that is the least crack that opens up and get him outside his own head in his own body and it gets them out into a wish that other people might read this witness and of course distribute it's going to be realized this prayer will be answered in ways that he can even guess yet it got he's got this this this prophecy about to come in the next person but he's also got the French story is when I have and so these people were reading it and reading it and reading it on the generations first by oral tradition they're getting it and there understanding about Satan first the Bible website they understand the great controversy in the trial going on and who is on trial God is on trial Job is being cross examined through torture but is a witness is kind of on trial in that way but the big one on trial the big target is God and so what is our role as witnesses what's our basic job as Christians sorry can hear all of it so somebody answered the old man candy stand up for him to vindicate right this down somewhere is from this is what date was five which are Riverside to vindicate the character of God God is righteous and true altogether to indicate the character of God that's your job and that's my job and in so far as I don't do my job today right now I'm failing of it's all about him however much we suffer it's still all about him but because we are witnesses not the defendant in this this this this goes a long way toward vindicating the character of God does not for I know that my Redeemer I got a Redeemer Stargate goes backwards he is paying for me even though I'm a miserable sinner 's plan for me and if I were the only person alive and if you're the only person alive is the limit on it for you walk right doesn't that say something about God 's character when we realize that until our neighbors are we vindicating God 's character and if we do this will torture you don't already have enough Kathy Goddard was his daughter told Church of weeks ago her husband dying suddenly of cancer she said why he said that's the wrong question with his wife how how can we use this for gloves glory how will God uses for his own glory indicate the character of God that fit now all see for myself okay it's going to be a whole lot of other molecules probably all stuck together to make you on the last day always original molecules are making you right now will but the template to you is in God 's memory is what you put the molecules don't have the same ones right or true me still to be my eyes for sale so that's a question is if outdoor people as they are about to be buried in a and a casket because I got the grave also people millions of people who never have the chance of a casket with the diet of senior something God is able doesn't mean go ahead and do something else I myself in agreement cleaner load God can put me together just fine at the last day who worry about but cheaper to anyway important my wife's money anyway IMO after so I went to a funeral sometime in order was being presided over by a Presbyterian minister and because I had a part in the program he invited back to the office where my theological drug discussion welcome to come talk to Evan is very much in the middle are much but we thought and I he said no right now she is in heaven looking down and seeing us and I said is wrong with you red jeweled nineteen twenty six energies of the law he looked and he said I have never seen that before I don't what to do about this one pray about it same as I do over Texas are unfamiliar Russell observed that children destroy bricklayer on the state of their and on the bodily resurrection regular wonderful so that piece of inspiration comes out of the moment when he comes out of himself very very important he's going beyond the self-centeredness and he has been rewarded with divine inspiration once again this tells us that God shows responsibility for Joel Beverly Hills Christ takes responsibility for sin there was not guilty of committing any takes responsibility you cannot delegate responsibility you can delegate authority but not responsibility of it read Eisenhower 's announcement on D-Day they held in his pocket and gaze and work the responsibility for this failure is entirely my own to suck as he was submerged remember upset the buck stops here set April brought responsibility that's why Christ had to come in thy because of his virtue why was he made the world they went role not his fault but his responsibility writer it was his responsibility he made the world and through no fault of visit went wrong but he still pays it because he was in command he was in charge finale go Chapter twenty one and again were skipping more stuff and I'm sorry but that's the way it is in chapter twenty one says ask a question looms and fast was chapter twenty one say Reddit two days ago but it have made an impression now one of the wicked prosper I don't know that I diary telling the story of this guide the willful Wall Street is living a happy life having stolen always people 's money the wicked are often happy in this world happier than you and me sometimes violently want to it's an empty life and they should be ashamed but as we sat there all kinds of English should be ashamed of our living is going fine some reasons of God grades on Kirkland one okay does God grade on a curve no sure it doesn't ten Commandments here of shall not steal at the local stealing chapter twenty seven answers of what the site even in this life there miserable even if they don't recognize it is impossible not to recognize the for referral for real drunken light download and in the pen with the pigs go at your real drunken anonymous get drunk on yourself I lie down with the pics you will first eighth twenty seven eight what is the hope of a hypocrite so we have gained when God taketh away and so will God hear his cry when troubles come upon this question is this presupposes that God will not hear the cry of the wicked he knows he is not wicked please hasn't been thus God will hear his cry he believes he says earlier we saw the text though he slay me a lie trust in him but I will maintain my own way before I'm not align with pocket for ten I think or feel something I don't find this is the portion of the wicked man with God thirteen his children will be multiplied if this will be multiplied as for the sword brother kill each other ever heard of these terrible battles over inheritance rich families the pieces so impressed with my wife's family when the parents died all daughters got together after all telling each other you need to take this and when he looked at my wife and said you really think the piano for my film there were one of the panel doesn't know you plate of most this is most special to you you need to take the piano wonderful thing I told them I I haven't seen families that have been that generous with each other over inheritances out of the wicked friend is offered will not be satisfied with those in remain of him will be buried and death permanently later and so the leave of silver as the dust of Rivera Raymond is the play he may prepare it but the just shall portable and the inessential divide the silver one will have the anonymous life but after the resurrection the general of course anything that's good comes to us after the resurrection all its pie-in-the-sky by-and-by it's not on the sky folks it's here in the world made new in it terminating the blessings paid for by faith amid victimization works okay for the salt he may not know it like a drunk amid pigs but he's poor and blind and naked and miserable even though it got himself all so renew your next yes then okay then we get to extremely enfold you twenty eight I didn't have read this I don't think the idea but everyone he should know Chapter twenty is the wisdom chapter is one of the most favorite chapters in the book of Joe where you find wisdom is beautifully written surely there is a vein for the silver a place for gold with a finite iron is taken out of your brass is multilevel round stone and so on and so on and so on stones water place seven there is a path which no foul no of which the vultures I have not seen the Lions whelps of not trodden it from the first line passed by where where is that where is that place when the line comes someone why is the government mineshaft and see that this hidden place under the earth mineshaft and that's fine but an where is wisdom twelve but where's but where shall wisdom be found and where is the place of understanding Mandela mocked the price thereof neither is it found in the land of the living the deficit is a lot of me the CSF is not with me that cannot be gotten for gold and silver we weighed for the price thereof it cannot be valued with global for precious onyx the camp by God I get it somewhere else where can we get it and of course the answer is twenty eight and on demand he said behold the fear of as yet another word for terrified the fear of the Lord that is wisdom and depart from evil is understanding it starts as men starts with understanding the Normandy family complete otherness of this God we serve have a good time I'll probably goes well I sure it out depart from evil is understanding will start us from from from from departing from evil to realize how scary it is to live in evil right I'm lost to do about it companies next step well it goes on until it hits Chapter thirty one others more to do with twenty eight forgot to go Chapter thirty one forty two text thirty one forty Lexus will grow instead of weeds cockle instead of barley little metaphor there throwaway metaphor and then comes the sentence the words of Job are and does anybody notice what has just happened it's in Mintz the words of Job are the Guantánamo what has just happened with the end of that sentence from Satan has just lost half doesn't you and you and you still have a number of guys complained his bend his is inflicting me at one point he says you made me you love me why are you doing this to me not a curse occurs is what occurs is a blockage when you curse God you are stopping them from blessing you is never personal and now the words of Job are rendered and Satan has just lost that trial he will car seat I face the mouse in front of the legal milk never did now we have a problem and his name is alive who recalled a LSU but it stelae who were actually in the original confession Michael was alive you doing here nobody ever mentions in the beginning we have history friends never mentions a libel at the end God never mentions ally who and yet areas one theory is well as his fiction lesson whoever wrote the fiction stuck in a live look as if somebody later starting a libel is a photo will be a good idea highest Jews are the least people on earth to tamper with the Bible text fifty years after it's been written that's completely bonkers we still have the problem that it if the these chapters are four chapters of the dealing with a libel if they weren't here we wouldn't miss them it would say the words of Job were ended and then I would say that God answered Job out of the whirlwind the liar we would never message how do we explain I've been episode here in which someone is speaking who was not talked about anywhere else there's no illusions my answer is who is alive what is a couple minutes are you a quick thing up online he is a young man he has no status of his conversation we can easily picture Job 's conversation inside his house but it doesn't have to be these people loved public conversations the kind of entertainment the people were that the elders were at the gate they talked about everything the kind of trial and litigation at the gate well here is Job and his friends and is sitting somewhere maybe not the gate but there's sitting outside somewhere in there drawing a crowd I've done the two of us I was bargaining in English for a couple of carpets and stuff rugs and there was no five or six times richer than any was telling me how good the goods were nice and but that's fine but I'm a poor young man I don't have the money I I'm sure it's worth it but overlook the prices that have to come down any sales you crazy American we had a great time five one twenty three minutes back and forth with your crowd underwent a tennis match that will it was it was entertainment so I picture the analyte who can't stand is a young man and he says I've got the answer of nobody's listening to me once I was a junior college and I was running the judicial committee which was involved with parking was a rough parking rock on so I I I I went to the Chamber of Commerce of this area as I said at a significant was a spiritual student was like that I gave the students perspective on why we should be allowed to park in front of their stores only workers there all day to a tough sell and was so his finish was ringing things and a call for questions and some guy said why should we go out of business so you can park would question and I know what to say I ever guy stood up moderators to upset Harry leave the kid alone they listened to me politely but they were not able to engage in debate I was I was clueless I was defenseless I was a kid in a letter can talk but you don't treat them like an adult the angle bashing Adam and this is what's happened here alive who says what is semi- Job fast was going to say about you he is doing wrong why this will be the last question but why is wireless what was the one whose criticism of Joe he's justifying himself and not God because why because as witnesses we are here to watch vindicate God 's character it's not about us about him and why who is right and this but nobody talks to them not even God because why in this debate over debates of his gadget is allowed by grace to speak but is not treated as though you know you're in your record jokes of and fight it we won't make sense so we don't have to say as the fictional lists say that is been stuck in my later God enough that we could originally happen and still have no illusions back and forth because he's a kid thank you Vermont


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